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  1. I am not an opera fan, either, although I do like choral music and have sung in several choirs. While I'm not a Verdi fan, I do like the Requiem. Mainly, my interest in music is greatest up to the late 1700s and is mainly concentrated around early music and plainchant. That said, I love Vaughan-Williams, Butterworth, Finzi and some other, later, composers. Stockhausen, John Cage and Einaudi you can keep!
  2. But could they understand a word he said?
  3. Has he done as much womanising as @benjamin1945? Has ANYONE, ANYWHERE done as much womanising as Benjamin1945?
  4. When I was teaching, we had a peripatetic violin teacher who visited to give lessons as an extra. One boy told me his father used to offer him £25 not to practise at home!
  5. You seem to attract them, SG! Your address must be in the Good Accommodation for Spiders Guide. 5 stars! They'll be queuing up!
  6. The last time I encountered him was in 1973 at The Manning Speech & Drama Festival, when he awarded me a trophy. He probably seemed much older than he was, as people tend to appear when you're a teenager!
  7. I have just noted the death of a John Francis Shooter, aged 82, in the online obituaries. There was a chap of this name associated with the Cooperative Arts Theatre and with drama adjudication in Nottingham in the 60s and 70s. I believe he ran a drama group for boys in one of the old areas of Nottingham: The Meadows? He was an excellent teacher.I can't find my old scrap book with Nottingham Drama Festival programmes in it. I wonder whether it's the same person. Does it ring any bells? Just found him mentioned here https://nottstalgia.com/forums/topic/7840-meadows-boys-club/?tab=comments#comment-97891
  8. Learn to play the piano, Nonna! It's excellent, gentle exercise for the fingers and wrists. Enjoyable too!
  9. I know several people who caught Hong Kong A2 or whatever it was called, including my father. They were all very ill but just stayed in bed at home. No one else in our house caught it, thankfully. It killed millions, globally.
  10. Many years ago, I attempted to learn to play the classical guitar. Too harsh on the fingers. In fact, just as harsh as the violin which I had to learn as a second instrument at school. A shame really, as I would love to play the lute. I was a competent recorder player and because my interest is in early music, I enjoyed playing various pieces from Tudor times. Other than that, it's the piano these days. Much easier on the fingers...of which I have 8 and 2 thumbs.
  11. Well, I certainly wouldn't want to go back to being a teenager and do it all over again! Most of my relatives have expressed the opinion, as they grew older, that they'd had a good life and didn't like the way the world was going. I agree. I have one remaining auntie, in her 90s. She has poor mobility but is mentally very sharp. Every time I speak to her, she says she's had enough and doesn't want to be here. Not a nice situation to be in and I wouldn't like it if it were me. Even if you still have good health, I can see how life on overpopulated planet earth could get on your nerves. It gets on mine at times! Just going to prepare the hedgehogs' supper now. My Moggies have made a generous donation of their food...what? Cheek! Giving our food away without even asking!
  12. I think perhaps you need to buy her a plant identification manual, young Trogg!
  13. Never buy supermarket wine nowadays.
  14. Some of the wine's not bad but, given the option, I go for Aussie, Argentinean, Chilean or South African, in that order. Red, of course.
  15. Pizza is Italian and Italy is the home of Il Papa, the Vatican and Roman Catholicism, so I'm sure Barmy Colleen of The Manning School maths department would have approved of it! She would have been quite capable of spending an entire lesson telling us that Protestants shouldn't be permitted to eat it! No matter what shape it was. That aside, I'm quite partial to pizza, but it has to be very, very thin crust and covered with yummy cheese and herbs. The best ones were to be had at The Pizza Place years and years ago, in my opinion. No one else came up to their standard.