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  1. hyson green

    Bet he didn't live there though! Wonder if he was related to Alan Whicker? He certainly looks like him!
  2. hyson green

    I prefer to remember it as it was a little more than half a century ago, in my childhood.
  3. hyson green

    The vandal should have been strung up!
  4. Royal Ordnance factory - Nottingham

    My grandad, Ted Sparrow worked at ROF during WW2. He'd done his bit in the Royal Artillery during WW1 and was 48 in 1939. Exactly what he did at ROF I'm not sure but he was in charge of shipments of military equipment and on occasions when he was needed urgently, probably because some supply ship had been sunk, a car would arrive outside 12 Chapel Street in Beeston in the middle of the night to transport him to the ROF. This made him feel very important! He also fancied his chance with the ATS girls. Grandma Kate soon put him right about that! Ted was supplied with all his meals at ROF, plus a cigarette allowance. No wonder be virtually lived there.
  5. Chulla - the nickname

    Interesting. Chulla says his name should have been Newton. My maternal auntie married a Newton in 1938. Chulla, old bean, we could be distantly related!
  6. How did you choose your login name?

    Don't tell us you like cats!!!
  7. April 23rd

    Cry, God for Harry*, England and St George! * Henry V, not Diana's offspring!
  8. Where is This?

    Not a sausage roll or pasty in sight!
  9. Photos to cheer us up

    Yes, loved Eric Morecambe who made me laugh without saying a word but I couldn't stand Ernie Wise. As for Ronnie Corbett...Grrrrrrr!
  10. How's your day?

    You need a white trenchcoat and a lamppost stuck up your back for that one, Ben!
  11. How's your day?

    I wonder what our Ben's theme song is? Possibly "I fall in love too easily," as crooned by Frank Sinatra! I fall in love too easily. I fall in love too fast. I fall in love too terribly hard For love to ever last. My heart should be well schooled, Cos I've been fooled, in the past. I fall in love too easily. I fall in love too fast. Certainly describes our Ben...and we'll overlook the split infinitive in line 4!
  12. Photos to cheer us up

    The Oxfam shop was just across the road from where I worked at 24 Low Pavement and I remember the first floor for its book department. In addition, much of the timber frame of the building could be seen exposed on the first floor. A fascinating building, centuries old. I don't know what it houses now as I've not been in that area for many years.
  13. Chulla

    Don't you believe it. He'll be busy interviewing scanties for his latest project: Dalai Chulla's Heavenly Tibetan Tipple Emporium. By the time the rest of us get there, it'll be a chain to outrival Wetherspoons!
  14. Yet to change it's name...

    I remember both the Wheatsheaf and Whitemoor very well, having grown up in Bobbers Mill. Last time I passed, the Whitemoor was The Snooty Fox but, otherwise, little altered externally. I rarely visit the area now. Find it painful to see how it has deteriorated.
  15. How's your day?

    I've been laughing all the way home. As I was leaving the office tonight I overheard one of the cleaners telling another about a funeral she'd been to. "It was really good," she enthused, "and his son gave a wonderful urology!' No....surely, she was taking the *iss?