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  1. I have just noticed that @george whyler was placed in the Gordon Boys' Home. My great uncle, Thomas William Sparrow, born in 1881, was placed there after his step mother, Sarah Sparrow, died in 1893. His father, William Sparrow, emigrated to Canada, leaving Thomas William with the Gordon Boys and my grandfather, Ted Sparrow, aged 18 months, in the orphanage in Imperial Road, Beeston. Ted was rescued by his mother's relatives but Thomas William went straight into the army from the Gordon Boys' Home and died in France in 1917. Many years ago, someone on the st
  2. Welcome, George! It is indeed refreshing to hear of someone who benefited from their time in care, was happy and emerged undamaged. I spent several years, before I retired, attending meetings relating to the formal investigations of child abuse in residential homes. It made for very depressing hearing/reading, I can tell you. As they say, we very often don't hear the positive side of people's experiences. Albert O Broughall was born in 1911 in King's Norton. He married his wife, Mabel in 1935 in Birmingham. He was a Brummie! I can't find an entr
  3. That area of Basford was known as Little Egypt. My great grandparents lived 24 Suez Street.
  4. Well, it's certainly melting thanks to countless scores of people, coffee coloured and any other shade you care to mention. We've wrecked the place.
  5. Seems Mrs Saccoolas is scared of the English version!
  6. Let us not forget that the lucky winner received a very nice letter of congratulation from a lady whose grandfather changed his name from Saxe Coburg Gotha.
  7. If he only waited an hour to be handed over from paramedics to A&E staff, he did well! As for the access to computer records, it's a farce. The Patients Know Best debacle, likewise. I hope he's soon feeling better and sorted out.
  8. I am partially French!! Huguenot ancestors. I keep it quiet, naturellement!
  9. Interesting news article pre WW2 with a central Nottingham connection. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-nottinghamshire-58341335
  10. When you don't have a tv, such drivel doesn't bother you!
  11. Welcome, hallamp. There are Jacksons as an offshoot of my family but I think its @benjamin1945benjamin1945 you need here. He'll be able to guide you.
  12. Who remembers Ilie Nastase? Pickleface, of the Manning School 'sports department' certainly had a thing about him in the early 70s. He'll never know how lucky he was not to have met her!