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  1. I'm guessing that would be after Mr Cook/e was head teacher, Catfan. I'd estimate he left around the early 80s.
  2. That sounds dicey in the extreme, Alpha! How long did she live?
  3. Welcome to Nottstalgia, Sonia, and thanks for your information which I will pass to my friend whose ancestors also lived in one of the cottages many years ago. It is always nice to find a link with vanished places. We would love to hear other memories you have of the area which has changed so much over the last few decades.
  4. Quite likely, Malcolm. Captain Lewes isn't related to me. Photos and papers relating to him form part of the family archive of a friend of mine. I look after the archive. A photo of Captain Lewes hangs on my wall. He looks years older than his chronological age. I always think of him on this day and on 11 November. http://www.the-sherwood-foresters.co.uk/l_names/lewes_frederick_henry_meredith.html https://astreetnearyou.org/person/800361/Captain-Frederick-Henry-Meredith-Lewes
  5. LEWESCaptain FREDERICK HENRY MEREDITH 01 July 1916Age 29THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 10 C 10 D and 11 A. VIEW RECORDSherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)United Kingdom
  6. It has been established that Mr Cook/e was appointed head of Rufford Primary School, which was on Quarry Road in Bulwell around the time he took up the post in 1966. The school was later rebuilt on Hoewood Road, where it still stands today. Letsavagoo may post a photograph which shows Mr Cook/e. If anyone has any memories of him or can shed any light on his first name/s, this would assist my research into Berridge staff of years gone by.
  7. Mary, I have lost count of the number of people I know who have ordered things from that brochure and experienced nothing but trouble. They include an elderly lady who lives around 300 yards down the road from me and who ordered, several years ago, a set of chiropody items. Easylife mistakenly sent them to my address. At the time, I had to make enquiries to find out where the lady lived and I then took the parcel to her house. She was housebound and told me that she had been waiting months for the order. Although I rang them and asked them to amend the address, I still receive brochures from Easylife. They go straight into the recycling!
  8. I very much agree. I love crosswords and codewords but they have to be difficult. I'll often memorise a piece of poetry each day and frequently mentally recite the titles of Shakespeare's plays if I can't sleep at night!
  9. I'm sure you're right, Nonna. I am no exception to the rule. Both my parents had phenomenal memories right into their 80s and the day they toddled off into the wide blue yonder. My father also had excellent eyesight. I'm almost 63 and don't need glasses as yet. I think genetics has much to do with it. My older sister, 70 in a few days, has always had a poor memory and has needed glasses since she was 20. I must be lucky!
  10. I've been wearing out paint and paste brushes too. I've decorated just about everywhere! Moved all the furniture round. Hard work:nowt from IKEA in this house! Shampooed carpets. Spring clean just about accomplished.
  11. As I don't have a sat nav or a tv, Beekay, I couldn't say. I've enjoyed lockdown, if you don't count the sadness of the passing of a dear friend from cancer. No one ringing the door bell. Utter bliss!
  12. Well said, Beekay! Alexa? I talk to myself all the time. When I go to the shops, my memory tells me what I want or need to buy. I rarely forget anything. Why do I need Alexa when I have me?
  13. Your husband is a kind person, quite clearly, to feed the cats. Yes, uncontrolled colonies of cats will do much damage. That goes for uncontrolled colonies of anything. Just look at the filthy mess left behind on UK beaches after visits by hordes of uncontrolled humans in the heatwave last week! There is still too much of the attitude that says female cats should be allowed to have at least one litter of kittens. Then, when the cute factor has worn off and the cost of food, litter and medical bills arises, they and their unfortunate mother are turned out to fend for themselves...and breed! I and many others who love cats feel that all males should be neutered and all females spayed. The CPL provide vouchers for cases where genuine hardship prevents payment. Unchecked breeding is easily remedied. The reader can decide for themselves whether that statement is applicable solely to felines!
  14. Better still, why not stay away altogether? Leave those places to the wild creatures whose home and habitat it is and afford them the dignity of getting on with their lives undisturbed. They don't need us, our armed guards, our cameras or our pieces of fruit. They need to be left alone.
  15. Believe me, Beekay, I say it very frequently!