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  1. Looking forward to seeing Igor and his family (my local bats) on spring evenings. Their aerobatics are superb.
  2. Pales into total insignificance beside that worst of pests, homo sapiens. Thankfully, the birth rate Is falling in many countries.
  3. Apparently, they were known as Lamson pneumatic systems, invented by William Stickney Lamson who was a shopkeeper. As a child, I wish he hadn't bothered!
  4. Wasn't it tinned fruit? I have a vague recollection of seeing such tins.
  5. I didn't like them at all and lots of places had them: Roughton's, Derby Road, Farmer's on Exchange Walk and Beech's on Radford Road. Staddon's also had one.
  6. More than likely our paths could have crossed, CT. One of the smells you detected in the shop was probably boiling beetroot! Mrs Wealthall worked like a Trojan in that shop and it was always busy.
  7. Can't do things like that now. Risk assessment first. Might get hurt!
  8. My mother always liked to get her greengrocery items at Wealthall's. They were more expensive than the other shops but it was quality veg. Mum was very fond of beetroot and in those days you had to cook it yourself but at Wealthall's you could buy beetroot Mrs Wealthall had already cooked. Mum kept a special basket for potatoes which were weighed straight out of the sack with earth still on them and then tipped into the basket. It was also a place to buy Colwick cream cheese but you had to be quick because they only had a few and they sold like hot cakes. Wonder whether we were eve
  9. I wouldn't go into the local butcher's when I was a child. Wouldn't go into any shop that had one of those overhead cash systems, either. Didn't like the noise!
  10. The most striking element of shops in those days was the smell when you walked in. Coffee being one of the most pungent. They carried the smell of the goods they sold. Nowadays, they smell of nothing at all. Hardware shops had an aroma from an admixture of wood, paraffin, candles, etc. Even Ford's had a smell all its own when we went in there for liberty bodices and socks. Burton's of Long Row was a major olfactory experience.
  11. The Clangers was a tea time must watch. I loved it but it drove my mother up the wall.
  12. There was a family of Brennans at Berridge during my time there. They lived on Birkin Avenue. Quite a lot of them. Maybe they're related?
  13. That's the one, CT. Mum liked it because you could boil things in it and get them really sparkling clean...as Plantfit very nearly found out!
  14. What you really need is a copper! There was one in our kitchen when I was a child. It had originally been coal fired via a chimney but by the time I knew it, was gas fired. No vents. I remember New Basford Lad, bless him, saying how lethal those were due to the fumes. However, my mum loved hers and no washing machine could hold a candle to it. I know Plantfit is someone who knows all about coppers and the risks they posed.