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  1. Jill Sparrow

    Hyson Green and Basford

    Looking at the old street map bigrob has posted brought back memories of walking up Berridge Road with my mum in the early 60s. On the right, between Lambert Street and Camomile Street, is marked an Embroidery Works. I remember this building. It looked prefabricated in construction and I'm trying to recall the name of the firm. My mum's older sister, Edna, worked there prior to and just after her marriage in 1940. Edna, apparently, was something of a magnet to the males...a sort of female equivalent of Ben! She was, I'm told extremely good looking and the boss at the embroidery works had a son who was besotted with her, much to the annoyance of Edna's fiance and later husband, Raymond. I'm told it came close to fisticuffs on more than one occasion, much to Edna's amusement. She wasn't averse to arranging dates with several chaps and then not turning up, leaving them all standing in a group staring at each other! She thought this was hilarious until their irate mothers starting knocking on grandma's door, demanding to speak to her heartless daughter! Her actions caught up with her in 1955 when Raymond died, leaving her with 4 children to bring up alone. Her life after that was a struggle until she remarried in the early 60s and, again, they were still fighting over her even then!
  2. Jill Sparrow

    Hyson Green and Basford

    Excellent work, bigrob. It's a shame there aren't more surnames on the back of the photo as, undoubtedly, some of those people would have lived locally. Berridge Road is now truncated and the street pattern has changed but I remember it as it was in the map you've posted, including Cammomile Street, where our chimney sweep lived! Also remember the works on Bobbers Mill Road, as will MercuryDancer when he next pays a visit.
  3. Jill Sparrow

    Coronation Street - Coro Nowadays

    Me too, Catfan! TV licence chap called here and was amazed to find no t.v. which could receive live transmissions!
  4. Jill Sparrow

    Hyson Green and Basford

    You could well be right, Catfan. Opposite Hazelwood Road where I spent much time as a child and where you once lived. I can't think who occupied that building in the 60s.
  5. Jill Sparrow

    Whatever happened to......?

    Send the apprentice out for a tin!
  6. Jill Sparrow

    Hyson Green and Basford

    Welcome to Nottstalgia, bigrob. Interesting photo. I was born and grew up on Bobbers Mill Road and attended Berridge Road School so knew the area well. Not sure where Berridge Aircraft actually was but often heard my father mention it, although I don'think he ever worked there. I'd be interested to see the names written on the back of the photo as some may be familiar to me. This is a topic for our now sadly offline member, Chulla. He would know where it was but, equally, there may be others who do. My father also talked about Berridge Engineering. Same place, perhaps?
  7. Jill Sparrow

    How many early memories do you have?

    Although people say I'm mistaken, I can remember being pushed in my pram and then in my pushchair. One of the places I remember going to is the baby clinic which was next to Hyson Green library on Gregory Boulevard. One occasion stands out in my mind because of screaming children. Vaccinations! I sat on mum's knee and all I could hear was screaming and crying. Don't remember the vaccination itself but could probably work out which one it was because I still have all the little vaccination cards with dates on. Still have my sister's too. Mum kept them all. My word, they're owd now! Not so many vaccinations as children get nowadays but enough when you don't like needles. Of course, there was the smallpox vaccination which is no longer given. Now there's MMR instead.
  8. Jill Sparrow

    How many early memories do you have?

    Dave is a very laid back moggie, Loppy. He lives with some friends of mine. Far too laid back to chase birds...so they couldn't have called him Ben!
  9. Jill Sparrow

    How many early memories do you have?

    I remember the Health Visitor coming to the house when I was very small, long before I started school at 4. In those days they wore very smart uniforms, coats and hats. She turned up this particular day and I was playing at nurses as I often did. Running around with a blue and white striped dress, a tiny apron and a pair of white knickers on my head to represent a nurse's cap! I collared her with my toy stethoscope and probably talked her to death. I remember her saying to mum "You'll be glad when she's gone to school!"
  10. Jill Sparrow

    How many early memories do you have?

    Nowt wrong with a dog named Jill. Actually, I know a cat named Dave...and one named Nigel...one named Craig...one called Charlie...one called Graham (he's grey!), one named Fred and one named Humphrey. They're all gorgeous! One of my earliest memories is waking up in the middle of the night and seeing the full moon, low in the sky, shining in through the bedroom window. I was frightened and started crying. I was sleeping in my cot in my parents' bedroom, so I would be very young. Clearly remember looking at this round, glowing object through the bars of the cot. Dad went downstairs and made me some warm milk after which I went back to sleep. I've never forgotten it.
  11. Jill Sparrow

    Whatever happened to......?

    It can also catch a man doing summat useful...1/100 000 000 of a second!
  12. Jill Sparrow

    How's your day?

    Didn't know our Ben was a polyglot!
  13. Jill Sparrow

    How's your day?

    Stop showing off, our Ben!
  14. Jill Sparrow

    hyson green

    I remember Plimsoll Street quite well. It was on the left, just past the few houses next to St Stephen's church. All gone now.
  15. Jill Sparrow

    Catfan's Blog.

    If the number had been 310, Loppy, I still wouldn't have taken em!