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  1. Bet you could still sell her a pound of tub butter!
  2. If it has two X chromosomes.... Ben will be there!
  3. That would be Man of the West, would it? No...I didn't Google it!
  4. She will no doubt have met him at one of his grab a granny nights!
  5. Peter Sarstedt, Peter Skellern...also deceased and Lyndsey de Paul...again, deceased. All three were played incessantly on T Wogan's radio programme every morning in the early 70s when I was getting ready to go to Manning. Where do you go to, my lovely. You're a Lady. Won't Somebody Dance With Me? Those and many others, instantly bring back memories of that time which is why I can't bear to hear em. Not to mention the irritatingly cheerful Wogan!
  6. Perhaps we ought to rewrite that one for young Trogg. Where do you go to, my hubby. When you're alone in your shed?
  7. I'm surprised you still talk to me, the way I'm always pulling your leg, our Ben. However.... laughter is the best medicine!
  8. Her name was Carni She was a looker. She came in after some cream cakes and Ben asked her for a date. "You're just a shop lad! Go mind your Hovis!" And while a tear came to Ben's eyes, Carni fingered the pork pies. "I'll let you ride me bike." "Just go and take a hike!" Flicked her ash in his corned beef pasties..and she'd wrecked his life! Shop at Marsden's, Vernon's and Farrand's, Annes, Dorothys, Maudes, Janes and Sharons! Melting Moments behind the freezer. Didn't go for his gherkins either! Down at Marsden's...beep, beep, beep, beep! Can't win em all!
  9. Can I add a verse? His name was Ben - Oh! He was a grocer. He'd slice your bacon with a squeeze. Slap and tickle with your cheese! "Let's see your haslet. Don't tell me husband!" Those women queued down Denman Street...and it weren't for potted meat! But when the blinds came down Our Ben would hit the town. Loafers, Levis and liberty bodice, Oh, boy did he look sweet? Shop at Marsden's, Vernon's and Farrand's. Dots, Shirley's, Pams, Lizzies and Karens He'd got crackling...under the counter! Tea bags were rationed but never the passion, Down at Marsden's.......beep, beep, beep, beep... Ben fell in love! To be continued......
  10. I assume that means you spent the rest of the night discussing quantum physics, Colly? And very worthwhile too!
  11. Ay up, our Ben. This isn't good news! https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50124102 Bet you're glad you gave it up now, aren't you?
  12. Look forward to hearing your opinion, CT. I think, at some point, the diary mentions the ornamental fountain/tiered structure in the garden, the remains of which were still there in my days of working in the property.
  13. I didn't know that, CT, but it doesn't surprise me. The chorus sounds almost like a Russian/Jewish melody. By the way, is that Big Maude, Ben's former terrifying landlady, in the photo?
  14. Strange how songs bring memories instantly to mind, isn't it? I've never had any interest in pop music but my sister used to watch Top of the Pops every week. I can remember Mary Hopkin appearing on that programme and singing that song while my sister was packing her suitcase for her first trip to Spain. At the time, 1968, she worked for Horizon Travel on Parliament Street, just up from where the Victoria Centre was being built. She and her best friend, Su Pollard, went to Estartit for 2 weeks. Every time I hear the song, I think of them and that holiday. She came back loaded up with loads of dark wood candlesticks for mum and dad, a black lace shawl and a wooden fan with Spanish dancers painted on it for me. Still have all of them.
  15. Couldn't resist rewriting the lyrics for our most famous grocer's lad. PARK TAVERN SONG Once upon a time there was a Tavern, where our Ben played footie for the team. With his shorts and muscled Granville-bike legs, women thought he was the perfect dream. Those were the days, my friend. Ben thought they'd never end. He'd flirt and play for ever and a day. The ladies formed a queue, Their husbands never knew For Ben was young and kept it up all day. Then one night outside the Lyons Cafe, in the alley right beside the bins, Ben came face to face with Mr Nasty. Was it time to pay for all his sins? Flashing knives, they glinted in the moonlight! Many blokes in terror would have fled. Not our Ben. It was a debt of honour. It involved a budgie in a shed! Those were the days, my friend. Ben thought they'd never end, In such demand, so debonair and gay!!! As at the break of dawn, His clothes all ripped and torn, Slides down the drainpjpe, Keen to get away! Now the years are flying, Ben grows older. Footie at the Tavern long since passed. Bones too stiff for jumping out of windows. Fractured pelvis landing on the grass! Conquests of the past still shout "Ay up, Ben!" Outside Gregg's in Bulwell, or the doc's. Donna knows her husband's in his 70s...but he's still as wily as a fox! These are the days, my friend And Ben's will never end, Dressed in his Guccis, twinkle in his eye. He's lived a life so full, No day was ever dull And now his tales are wowing you and I. He's worked in every town, Flogged sugar by the pound, Wrapped up in greaseproof butter from the tub. And after closing time, Made good each chat-up line. Our Ben's a legend... Dammit..life's been good!