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  1. Jill Sparrow

    How's your day?

    Father's Day is something we never observed in my family. Can't be sure but I don't think it was a custom in the UK when I was a child. Mothering Sunday was always observed and always referred to as just that, never Mother's Day. My father didn't appear to think he'd been deprived. He knew how much he was loved, although being an undemonstrative chap, he never mentioned it.
  2. Jill Sparrow

    Who uses Ancestry.com

    I use the library editions of both Ancestry and Find My Past. Too mean to pay the subscriptions!! I did most of my basic family research before the internet existed when it was a case of traipsing round churches and to records offices to view original registers. It's very easy to see how transcription errors occur: some of the writing is virtually illegible. However, I prefer working from the primary sources because it somehow adds to the sense of history.
  3. Jill Sparrow


    I'm only interested in my own definitions!
  4. Jill Sparrow


    No. I have a ginger cat who does that for me! He's a puddyiatrist
  5. Jill Sparrow


    I have beautiful feet! They don't need 'doing' but, like a certain royal personage...and I don't mean Philmayfield... I also practise dentopedology.
  6. Jill Sparrow

    Who uses Ancestry.com

    Now, I'd have expected you to turn up some Tibetan relatives, Katyjay!
  7. Jill Sparrow


    Sorry, the Tearoom is closed. Permanently! Not fit for purpose and neither was its pedagogue.
  8. Jill Sparrow


    A long shot, this one, but if Jennifer the partner of Paul Grant, Olive's nephew wants to contact me, I have some information....and some questions....about Olive. I know you mentioned you were looking into her background.
  9. Jill Sparrow


    To be a moderator on this site, you surely need a sprinkling of all five?
  10. Jill Sparrow


    The wisdom of Socrates, CT. I know nothing, except I know not. Always thought you looked a bit like one of those ancient Greek chappies.
  11. Jill Sparrow

    How's your day?

    Looks more like global drowning round here! I'm glad I live on top of a hill. Some unfortunate folk will be flooded out with this volume of rain.
  12. Jill Sparrow

    Free TV licences for over 75’s

    Got rid of mine some years ago and have never missed it. Every so often someone turns up unannounced to make sure I'm not watching tv. They seem to think people can't survive without their mindless trash.
  13. Jill Sparrow

    Another one gone

    A friend has photos of his Polish grandfather, who he never met, lying in his coffin, surrounded by males of the family. All looks distinctly mafiaesque! My friend's father, as with many other Poles, was marooned here after WW2. In recent years, due I assume to the influx of Poles working in the UK, my friend has found a jar with a burned out candle on his father's grave the morning after All Souls. Presumably, the Polish community has logged local gravestones bearing Polish names and treated them all to a candle at All Souls, as is their custom. Personally, I think that's rather nice.
  14. Jill Sparrow

    Another one gone

    Funeral customs are not dissimilar in Poland, I believe.
  15. Hello karen58. Were you at Manning with us? I recall a few Karens...or Kaarrrens, as Mrs Wheeler was apt to call them. Chris Chambers posted on here under the Chambers Butchers thread but this was some time ago. He told us he'd emigrated to Canada, as had Denise. I last saw her briefly in Nottingham around 1976/7. Often wondered what happened to her. If Denise and Chris both emigrated to Canada, did their mum go with them? If you were at Manning, you may remember Kathryn Smith another of my friends from school. Her death at 16 from an undiagnosed appendicitis was an absolute tragedy. Do tell us more about yourself and your memories.