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  1. Jill Sparrow

    Freedom of speech

    Well said Trogg! Nice to see Rog is back. You've been missed. Not been on much myself lately due to internet problems!
  2. Jill Sparrow

    How's your day?

    The powers that be knew it just wouldn't be right to deprive the world's female population of our Ben! Perish the thought!
  3. Jill Sparrow

    Happy Birthday

    Enjoy your day, Michael...and many more to come.
  4. Jill Sparrow

    The Old Market Square

    Don't you just love him!
  5. Jill Sparrow

    How's your day?

    Looks like my wish to work less hours has been granted! I'll be Gadding over to Wethers in Bulwell in September. Ben and young Trogg, watch out!
  6. Jill Sparrow

    How's your day?

    Ben. We've already had a chat but you know I wish you well with the treatment. Speedy recovery and a wonderful convalescent holiday in Spain! Pity those nurses, eh? They're just recovering from Chulla and now they've got Ben!
  7. Jill Sparrow

    Nottingham Palais

    Welcome MansfieldMichael. Ooh, for a moment there, I thought we'd been joined by the eminent lawyer!
  8. Can't resist a bloke with a liberty bodice, us females!
  9. Often seen the vans around. He will be distantly related. Elizabeth Shacklock married my gt gt gt grandad Benjamin Thompson and they moved to Lambley.
  10. I may have mentioned previously that I have ancestral links with Kirkby in Ashfield with some of em interred in St Wilfred's churchyard. Mainly the Hodgkinson and Shacklock families. The Hodgkinsons were wealthy and Catherine Hodgkinson was my 3x great grandmother. Her daughter died, presumably of exhaustion, having given birth to a tribe of children, mainly boys, who all had the middle name of Hodgkinson, except for my great grandfather who was given his mother's maiden name of Smith instead...George Samuel Smith Ward known as Sam and who ended his days at 24 Suez Street in Basford.
  11. Not too familiar with Worksop. Had to visit the police station a few years ago in the course of my work. First time I'd ever been inside a police station. Could smell the toilets from some distance away! If I were of a criminal bent, one trip to that place would cure me!
  12. What a difference 139 years makes!
  13. Jill Sparrow

    How's your day?

    He's the kind of outlaw FLY would welcome!
  14. Jill Sparrow

    Thought for the day

    If you don't want to be criticised, say nothing, do nothing and be nothing!
  15. Jill Sparrow

    Happy Birthday

    Have a wonderful birthday, young Commo. Many more to come!