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  1. My father was an avid fan of chitterlings, as he called them. Along with brawn, cow heel and collied head.... whatever that was and, being a vegetarian, I'd rather not know. I think a lot of these dubious items disappeared when CJD came on the scene.
  2. I'd just like to point out that there's absolutely nowt wrong with our Ben, mentally or physically. It's a little known fact that he promised Chulla to keep up our former member's good work by visiting as many hospitals as possible and chasing the nurses around! He's doing a sterling job of it, too. Chulla will undoubtedly approve of his worthy successor.
  3. Take care, Carni. One day soon the cough will disappear and then it will be CREAM CAKE TIME!!
  4. I think Margie has the right idea, Ben. You need to meet the cats and get to know them. I've often thought of names for a cat but never met a moggie whom they would fit. My cat, Tarquin, was only a kitten when I first saw him. He, his mother and his 3 siblings had been rescued from a skip when the kittens were only a day old! I'd like to get my hands on the culprit. They were around 2 weeks when I first saw them. Mum and 3 kittens were asleep. Tarquin was jumping around, looking very naughty and whacking them all on the head with his paw. The name just came into my head and I knew he was for me. Brought him home at 9 weeks and he behaved as though he'd always been here. Just love the naughty boys!
  5. Excellent news! You'll love them to bits and they you. How about Ben and Maude?
  6. The sun is definitely over the yard arm. Hawser boat a tot of rum?
  7. Sounds like a load of old rowlocks to me, matey!
  8. I wasn't angling for an invitation. Boats hold absolutely no attraction for me!
  9. Well, I'm a bit disoriented. I was just putting some toilet water behind my ears and the seat fell on my head!
  10. Christmas has become a tacky, commercialised spendfest. For many, it's a can't afford it but daren't do otherwise due to peer pressure spendfest. Christmas, as Dickens points out at the end of A Christmas Carol, is something that the old reprobate, Scrooge, kept from that time onwards every day in his heart. This is what those who identify as Christians try to do. Getting paralytic, over eating and running up credit card bills has no relevance whatsoever. I've put this on the wrong thread!
  11. Bah! Humbug! I don't do decorations. Maybe a few sprigs of holly from the garden.
  12. I knew you'd have a handle on it!
  13. They must have been bowled over!