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  1. I knew Goathland in the mid 70s long before the tv cameras arrived. Property prices were very low in those days. Not so now.
  2. Who needs exciting? Young Trogg believes in living dangerously!
  3. You're absolutely right, however, about womanising being out of the question. You'd only be compared to Ben and found...wanting
  4. I cannot sleep if there is any noise whatsoever in the background, nor if there is any light. I envy those who can listen to the radio and drop off to sleep. Always been the same and I don't suppose it will change now!
  5. Do you make your own jam as well?
  6. Just reminded me of Carnation corn pads, in a tiny pink box with a red carnation on the lid. My mother suffered from corns. She liked stiletto heeled shoes with pointed toes in the early 60s. The pads looked like pink polo mints.
  7. One of my friends at Manning told me her mother put a spoonful of whiskey in her bedtime bottle as a baby! My word, you'd be in trouble for that these days but it wasn't an uncommon strategy at the time to ensure a peaceful night's sleep. She lived in Bulwell and always had rosy cheeks!
  8. Actually, Colly, I'm just as bad as you. I find it very difficult to switch my head off and go to sleep!
  9. Colly, I think you need to beam yourself down to Boots at warp speed and purchase a bottle of Nightol!
  10. Years ago, chemists were permitted to make their own medicines. Mr Eric Hobson, MPS, who had the chemist shop in the 'bottom shops' as they were known, on Alfreton Road, made his own cough Linctus. I've swallowed many a bottle of that in my time. My mother was always cautioned not to give me too much for fear of an upset stomach. It tasted lovely. There was a chemist on Radford Road, just opposite Bobbers Mill Road who also made his own medicines and was very well regarded. Wouldn't be permitted today!
  11. Our pantry contained cod liver oil, syrup of figs, Beecham's Pills, Indian Brandee and Andrew's Liver Salts. My mum was a great adherent of the latter and kept a tin by her all her life. She was very anti prescription medicine and if she felt off, out came the Andrew's tin.
  12. A friend who is a Geordie used to visit Australia quite a lot. They thought he was American. He also visited the USA for holidays, where they thought he was Australian!
  13. Left with egg on their face, eh?
  14. Only visited occasionally, usually to break the journey when driving up to north Yorkshire. They were always clean, the service was good and the food dependable. I've never seen the inside of a MacDonalds!