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  1. Things you don't see anymore

    Yes, NBL, Fullers Earth is still available but it lacks the healing power of Matthews. It just isn't the same. It probably was carcinogenic but then so was talcum powder back in the good old days. It contained something akin to asbestos!
  2. Things you don't see anymore

    Matthews Fullers Earth in a flat tin. In the days before central heating, I recall the Matthews tin being placed in front of the fire to soften the ointment which was then rubbed on dry, cracked skin. It worked like magic. Sadly, no longer manufactured.
  3. Things you don't see anymore

    My mother always kept a tin of Andrew's in the pantry! She was never a tablet taker but if she felt under the weather, out came the Andrew's. If that didn't cure it, it was summat serious!
  4. Things you don't see anymore

    Does WW mean Meloids? I thought they were throat lozenges. They were strongly liquorice and I disliked them but they came in a flat metal tin, as described.
  5. Beeston's Cinemas

    My father was born in Beeston on 15 November 1924 at 21 Church Street. As a boy, he lived in Middle Street and Chapel Street. None of the properties are now standing. Dad loved Beeston and went back regularly throughout his life. He was not impressed by what befell it!
  6. Catfan's Blog.

    And well deserved!
  7. Nottingham and Beeston 15 years on

    Yes, welcome Sarahjay! Looking forward to reading your posts. My father was from Beeston and was always talking about it. Today would be his 93rd birthday!
  8. Toys and comics

    Yes, I remember Milly Molly Mandy. Not keen. There was also Little Black Sambo...bet that's not around today! I enjoyed Alison Uttley books. I had read the Little Grey Rabbit books by the time I started school but loved A Country Child, A traveller in Time and A Ten O'clock Scholar, Etc. Any books, really. I have always loved books. Still do!
  9. What was in YOUR sandwich?

    Dog proof grub, Loppy? You should patent that!
  10. How's your day?

    Careful, KJ, he'll have you doing a bit of dog sitting!
  11. Portland Junior School - Glaisdale Drive

    I could never understand why some people think money equates to intelligence. As a teacher myself, I found that some of the brightest children were from poor families. The problem lay in convincing the parents that their child's route to a better life depended on education. A few could see it but many could not. Many of The Manning girls were from Hyson Green. Their parents had very little but their daughters were given a first class education of the type that would cost a great deal of money today. Sadly, many of them became teenage brides as soon as they left. I have also taught in the independent sector and encountered parents who, because they were paying fees, had decided their child HAD to be a doctor, even though he/she didn't have the ability to aspire to such levels. Sad but nonetheless true.
  12. Students

    The Dalai Chulla won't tell you if it's owt worth drinking...cos he'll want it himself!
  13. How's your day?

    It's a good thing you don't live next door to Carni! She'd never be out of your kitchen!
  14. Sunday dinner

    My dad always made the Yorkshire puddings and oversaw Sunday lunch. Mum would have admitted that she never really learned to cook and dad was much more able in that department. I don't like cooking. Not really into food. I eat in order to live whereas some I know live in order to eat! Don't eat very much. Always had a small appetite.
  15. In my experience, the parents were ALWAYS more trouble than their offspring!