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  1. Is it not tatty Valentine's Day first? Did that not used to be ST Valentine's Day? Hmm. Probably offends some people.
  2. @Beekay one of the main reasons why I don't make a fuss of Christmas is because it is the time in my family when, if anyone is going to die or a catastrophe occurs, that is when it happens. My mother lost her own mother on Christmas Eve, ten years before I was born. Although we had wonderful Christmases when I was a child (and they didn't start in August!) we were always aware of mum's sorrow for that loss and others that had happened at the festive season. This went back in time to the days when my mother was a child because her mother didn't like Christmas either, despite being a devout chu
  3. I'm a fully paid up member of the Bah Humbug! brigade but if people want to surround themselves with flashing tat, that's their choice. It has nothing whatever to do with Christmas so far as I can see but each to their own. I don't celebrate Christmas but on Christmas Eve, I sit and listen to plainchant by candlelight and remember the Christmases of my childhood. No tree, no fairy lights and no trimmings. After Christmas Eve, it's all over for another year. To me, there has always been something timeless about Christmas Eve.
  4. They've sent it into a black hole, Colly! It will never find its way out again!
  5. I didn't know that, CT. Disgusting. It's a wonderful old building and the walls were hung with paintings of the period. Even the furniture was properly antique. It was a very handy place to whizz up to in my lunch break when I worked on Low Pavement. If you organized it properly, it was possible to bung your document order in the box just prior to collection time and then peruse the items for the remainder of the time, noting what else you needed to look at the following day. With the order already written out, same again 24 hours later. Spent many lunch breaks doing that during t
  6. I've spent time there, too, but it's not a patch on The Judge's Lodgings where the archives were kept previously. Wonderfully atmospheric surroundings in which to decipher some drunken clergyman's scrawlings in the burial registers. At times, researchers were allowed down into the vaults. Fascinating stuff.
  7. Facetious? Me? Come now, I wouldn't know the meaning of the word. I don't honestly know what the incident was about except that it involved four men in the Co-op and one later died of injuries sustained. Somercotes, sadly, is no stranger to murders. Some years ago, a young woman of oriental connections was brutally murdered on what had been the site of the Viyella factory, standing derelict and overgrown at the time. I believe someone was brought to book for that but it took some time to track him down.
  8. Yes, Leabrooks and Somercotes are still there. Somercotes cordoned off last week due to a serious assault in, of all places, the Co-op! Someone pinched someone else's Divi number, I think. Sadly, one person has died of their injuries so it is now a murder enquiry. Somercotes has changed. The factories, including Viyella, are gone and replaced with the ubiquitous and predictable McDonald's, Aldi and The Range. Probably looks better when it's covered in snow!
  9. It will freeze tonight and I should be able to see the tracks of who is eating the food I put out. Hedgehog or fox.
  10. Looks like I might be building a snow cat later on! Bucketing it down with the white stuff!