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  1. The right one can take some tracking down, Loppy, but you'll sniff it out. You have lots of dogged determination!
  2. I've not been in Bridlesmith Gate for years. I once worked just across the road on Low Pavement. Lovely shops on Bridlesmith Gate in those days. Sad to hear of its decline. Interesting buildings, aside from what was sold in them.
  3. Oh, yes indeed, Oztalgian! Wonderful memories. Thanks.
  4. Little John in the Market Square, striking the hour when weather conditions were right. Shipstones horses gaining speed up Bobbers Mill Road, on their way back to the brewery with an empty dray. Salvation Army band marching along Alfreton Road on Sunday mornings. Workers Playtime and Housewife's Choice on the radio.
  5. Windy night forecast!
  6. Mum was 2 and dad was 4 when the building opened!
  7. Could be, CT. It would explain use of the word NEW in the name.
  8. And I'll bet you chatted her up too!
  9. You've either got it or you haven't...and our Ben's got it!
  10. I wonder whether there was an earlier version somewhere else, CT?
  11. The name states The New Victoria Hall. Perhaps the old one looked a little more aesthetically pleasing and less brutalist. Any photos of its predecessor, CT?
  12. My mum had arranged to meet a female colleague from the office at The Victoria Ballroom. The colleague didn't turn up. My dad was there that night, asked my mum to dance...and the rest is history. He forever after teased her that she hadn't really been stood up but was on the prowl for a chap! They got engaged six months later. Married in 1949. Reached their 57th wedding anniversary. Good old Victoria Ballroom!
  13. Correct, Margie. It was the Victoria Ballroom. My parents first met there one evening in February 1947.
  14. Sipping a Tibetan Tipple, resplendent in his saffron robes! Enjoy it, Chulla. He's probably got a chain of Chullaspoons Emporia by now...with the odd scanty!