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  1. Doesn't she realise, young Trogg, that you're a Pedigree Chum?
  2. That must account for those who eagerly request information about places, subjects and people, only to b*gger off, never to be heard from again?
  3. I've heard from Loppylugs, Nottstalgia's well known hound. He sends regards and is as busy as a 3 legged dog with fleas! His words! Gardening and bringing on the veggies in heatwave conditions. Worry not. He's still barking.
  4. You'll be fine, Colly. The Universe can't manage without you thinking about it. You won't be going anywhere yet. Einstein doesn't need the competition. Look after yourself!
  5. I know Loppy was having difficulties posting after the downgrade but he was still a regular visitor to the site. PMs are always answered quickly which is why I'm perturbed. It may be that he's taking a break but somehow I'm still worried.
  6. Has anyone heard from Loppy? He hasn't logged in since 10 May and there's been no reply to a recent PM. Not that I can see replies but they trigger an email in my junk mail. I hope there's nothing wrong.
  7. You mean they haven't been turned into a trendy bistro?
  8. That's sad. When I was a child, my next door neighbour's granddaughter attended Ockbrook. Her parents lived in Uganda until they had to leave in a hurry. During school holidays, Rosemarie stayed with her grandma. She rarely saw her parents. The granddaughter was a few years my senior but we had one ambition in common: to work on the biscuit counter in Woolworth! Neither of us managed to achieve it! Sad
  9. I had a thyroid screen on Friday. Now we all know that I have needle phobia, so I didn't look. The phlebotomist was new to me but I didn't feel the needle go in. I gave her 9 out of 10. The following morning, there was a livid blue/black thumbprint bruise on the outer lateral edge of my left arm with a very painful lump underneath it. It's still there. I admit, I bruise easily but it seems to be getting worse. I'm revising her mark to 1/10 and I don't want to see her next time!
  10. My 91 year old aunt had Covid after being admitted to hospital at Christmas. This meant she could not have the vaccine for some time. She has only just received her second dose and had a bad reaction to it. Both my doses were AZ. Frozen shoulder and neck on the vaccinated side 48 hours after the first dose. Nil reaction to second dose. A friend who had Pfizer experienced exactly the same. It seems to affect everyone differently, even if they've actually had the virus.
  11. Yes, Vegemite is certainly disgusting. I've always been a huge fan of Marmite and I've met countless colleagues who had never encountered it. I was in the habit of scoffing 2 slices of toast and Marmite in the staff room before my working day began at about 7.30am. Those who'd never sampled it often said the smell was like bacon and asked if they could try some. Without exception, they all detested it. Not surprising. They are children of parents who didn't like Marmite, hence there was never any in the house when they were growing up. There was plenty in ours and we al
  12. Now he's a counter tenor . Plays hell with your ornaments!
  13. Sadly, when molto pizzicato, he glissandoed down the stairs and broke his legato.
  14. Never! Wouldn't B natural, would it? Unless it was accidental, of course.