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  1. That would tend to confirm the location of the photo on the Berridge thread which shows a football team with what jonab thought could be Gerard's in the background.
  2. What's this? Loppy not barking any more? Can't have that! Come on, Loppy , dig up a few juicy bones and tell us all about them. Denshaw, too!
  3. For almost 14 years, I lived in Brinsley at a time when many of the residents were indigenous. They could be difficult to understand at times due to their use of dialect words I'd never heard of. MY duck, as opposed to MI duck and even now some of it escapes me. From the gossip of years gone by, I understood there had been a lot of inbreeding which led to some rather strange outcomes but I suppose that would apply to any small village in times gone by. When I first moved there, virtually everyone I spoke to was related to the next person I spoke to! Quite disconcerting. The sit
  4. Watch out for the mozzies. You don't want malaria in the present circumstances!
  5. Must have been lucky yesterday as no snow here but snowed heavily less than one mile away. I also heard that Bulwell and surrounding areas were heavily covered. It was too cold here. I did see a couple of tiny flakes mid afternoon but no more than that.
  6. Interesting photos. I don't recognise the teacher on the second one. In the final year of Berridge, we went on a trip to Castleton, including an excursion down the Blue John Mine. We also went to Dovedale. Mr TTW took one of his female 'cousins' along! Mr Chandler and Miss Stockhill were also among the party.
  7. Bless her! A true batty cat lady! Just like me!
  8. Very true, Oldphil. My father's photo is also displayed in the sitting room. It will soon be 15 years since he trundled off to brighter climes. He wasn't really a flowers person, so I keep his photo next to a wine rack!!
  9. Wise words, Ben! Far better to adopt two litter mates than one kitten and then introduce another cat later on. Just as with people, the introduction of another cat to an established number can change the dynamics completely. It's not always possible but if someone knows they want more than one moggie, litter mates is the best solution. As to Syd and Babs, they're very lucky Moggies!
  10. Dear Gem, I am so sorry to read about your mum and so soon after your auntie. There aren't any words to help at such a time, except to say that without you, your love and care, her life would have been much the poorer. In a couple of weeks, it will be eleven years since the passing of my mum and I know how you will be feeling at the moment. However, I always say that you can't lose your mum. She's with you from the moment of conception and if, like you and I, mum is one of the most wonderful, she never leaves! Not everyone is as lucky as we have been, to have a wonde
  11. Headline: Ben in a stew over female! Nowt new there, then!
  12. Pleased to hear you've recovered from the scourge, siddha. Meditation and yoga are brilliant for deep breathing and relaxation. So easy to do!
  13. Apparently, lots of little boys are born with weaknesses that will potentially become hernias as they grow older. Anyone old enough to be on this forum would have been left to take their chance but now they're fixed while still a baby to prevent it happening. Whatever next? Brain implants!?
  14. Odd that. Someone I know had a hernia op at around the same time, privately. May have been the same hospital. He ended up back in there...twice! It was a double hernia and the first stage was done on the NHS with no problems, pre virus. He has a house in Cyprus as well as one here and needed to get the op done as his wife has MS and relies on him to a great extent. The friend who had stage 2 of an inguinal last December at Kings Mill has experienced no problems at all.