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  1. I am needle phobic. I always have been. I've drawn the short straw this month because, the results of my yearly thyroid screen showed that my TSH is too low, making me borderline hyperthroid. The rest of the results are fine but it means my medication has been reduced and I need another test in 8 weeks. Not looking forward to that. My mother had cataracts removed from both eyes at the QMC then developed secondary cataracts on both eyes, necessitating laser treatment which made her sight much worse. I couldn't have gone through all that. I'm too much of a coward. I fear losing my h
  2. A friend of mine has just signed up to participate in the Galleri trial. It involves blood tests. Participating patients by invitation only via their GP surgery. Mine isn't taking part.....yippee!!!!! That's me off the hook!
  3. You're braver than me, Beekay. Hope I never develop anything that requires injections. No can do. Hope I never develop cataracts because it'll have to be a guide dog and the moggies won't like it! Good news this morning. Last Thursday's mammogram is all clear! Phew!
  4. You don't have to go out into space to find a great attractor, of course. Planet Earth has it's very own @benjamin1945
  5. I hope it's all going wrong for that idiot footballer who has been prosecuted for ill treating his cat. He'd be hanging up by his testicles if I had my way.
  6. As far as I remember, I sent it in response to an appeal by the author in the NEP many years ago. It was printed just as I wrote it. A cushy way to write a book!
  7. My father did have the book but allowed someone to borrow it! Fatal!
  8. I don't have the book, Phil, but I contributed the account which took place in Beeston. It will mention the name Sparrow.
  9. One of my primary school friends had a bath in the kitchen. Her father was a plumber and he installed it. When not in use, it was covered up. I think it was not uncommon in houses where there was no separate bathroom. Wouldn't be permitted today, of course! Their loo was also outside.
  10. Good heavens, RR. Didn't you have any syrup of figs? I've heard of being anal retentive but that takes the (laxative) biscuit!
  11. In the Nottinghamshire version, you will find an account of my father's childhood antics in Beeston!
  12. Try listening to the complaints of the poor folk who have to clean the boys' loos in schools. I was frequently told they'd pee anywhere but in the actual loo.
  13. My sister had quite a lucrative Avon round in her late teens. In those days, reps were provided with a blue tweedy sample case, full of samples of perfumes, lipsticks, etc, at no cost. I think that's changed now! When the order arrived, I used to help her sort it out. All the presentation boxes came flat-packed and had to be assembled. That was my job! Then, I'd go with her on her delivery rounds. Avon was very popular at Christmas. Pretty Peach for children was a frequent gift. Over the years, I've ordered Avon from various colleagues at work but most of them eventually gave it up due to g
  14. Yes, Mess, that's true. At too concentrated a strength, Old Spice can literally take your breath away and the same goes for Avon's Occur! In the late 60s, my sister was an Avon lady for a couple of years. Occur was Avon's equivalent of Marmite. People either loved it or detested it! It's not one of my favourites. Mum used to wear Helena Rubinstein's Apple Blossom, which is very pleasant. I was a fan of Mary Quant's Havoc which had a very distinctive aroma. No longer produced. Better than carbolic soap! Smells of school!