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  1. Jill Sparrow


    He gives tuition, Trogg! Sign up!
  2. Jill Sparrow


    You've surely realised by now Ben that we females have you lot sussed!
  3. Jill Sparrow

    John Lewis

    W&G was rubbish compared to Gillows which is still highly collectible if you can find it.
  4. Jill Sparrow

    Forest Fields

    Well, you learn something every day! Just noticed this. It would appear that, prior to the building of The Manning, there was housing running across the site...Wilfred Avenue...and Stanley Road ran right down to Gregory Boulevard. I had no idea.
  5. Jill Sparrow

    How's your day?

    Someone told me we're due for a heatwave this weekend. In February? You won't hear me complaining! might even leave the liberty bodice off!
  6. Jill Sparrow

    Tug Wilson.

    Not to worry Trogg. Still in the spare room? I think you need to lodge an appeal for clemency!
  7. Jill Sparrow

    Tug Wilson.

    I didn't know John Hardy, Trogg. I think it was Mary who was asking about him.
  8. Jill Sparrow

    Tug Wilson.

    Welcome Pete. Not sure whether you remember Walter Riley, also tall and painfully thin as a result of his time as a POW in Burma. Lovely man. Had many tales to tell of policing in Nottingham.
  9. Jill Sparrow

    How's your day?

    Yes, it was formerly known as Derbyshire Neck and it does seem to be very prevalent round here!
  10. Jill Sparrow

    How's your day?

    Prof Elkidiki is lovely. I've seen her twice at Kings Mill. The worst thing about thyroid problems is that it creeps up on you so slowly and it's not until it becomes quite bad that you begin to notice there's anything wrong. So many people these days have this problem and I'd love to know why.
  11. Jill Sparrow

    How's your day?

    Very true. Dodgy thyroids affect every cell in the body but as long as you keep taking the tablets, as they say, things will improve.
  12. Jill Sparrow

    How's your day?

    Stick with it, SG. The thing about thyroid problems is that progress can be very slow so patience is needed but you will get there.
  13. Jill Sparrow

    Lost Pubs photos on Post website

    Loved those gollies! Very interesting history too.
  14. Jill Sparrow

    Lost Pubs photos on Post website

    Bring back Robertson's marmalade!!
  15. Jill Sparrow

    Hucknall Highway.

    Including liberty bodices...2 shillings and 11 1/2d!