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  1. Jill Sparrow

    Royal Ordnance factory - Nottingham

    My paternal grandfather, Ted Sparrow, worked at the ROF during WW2. He'd done his fighting in WW1 and rather enjoyed fraternising with the ATS girls at Chilwell, much to his wife's disgust. Precisely what he did there I'm not sure but it was not infrequently that a car would draw up at his house in the middle of the night to take him back to the ROF. He thought that rather grand. It made him feel important. It also woke up my grandmother, the irascible Kate, which was only a good idea if you were tired of living! Kate had worked at Chilwell during WW1 and was playing hookey on the night of the explosion! She had sloped off to meet Ted, who was home on leave so, in a sense he saved her life. He just didn't realise that she would spend the rest of it making his a misery! They went to The Palace cinema in Beeston where part way through the film, most of the ceiling fell in!
  2. Jill Sparrow

    Chapel at Mapperley Hospital

    Such a shame. Exquisite workmanship. Nothing like that will be built again.
  3. Jill Sparrow

    Happy Birthday

    Belated happy birthday, Sue. Hope it's been good!
  4. Both my aunts attended Nether Street. One born 1921, now deceased. One born 1930, still very much alive. Beeston has changed since their day!
  5. Jill Sparrow

    Were you at Berridge?

    Thinking about the residents of Bobbers Mill Road after my visit a couple of weeks ago, I recalled the North family. They had two girls, Katherine who was my sister's age, born around 1950 and Maureen who was younger but older than me, possibly born around 1954. Both dark haired and both would have attended Berridge. Letsavagoo might remember Maureen. Tragedy struck when Maureen was 13 and she died. I believe she'd had rheumatic fever or something similar and it damaged her heart. Everyone was very shocked and I remember wondering if I would die when I turned 13! After Maureen's death, the Norths moved to Summerwood Lane in Clifton. That would be around 1967ish. Somewhere, I have a photo of Katherine, Maureen, my sister and I. They were a lovely family.
  6. Jill Sparrow


    That was on the right hand side of St James Street, walking up from Long Row, just round the corner from the Wimpey Bar. The hairdressing salon always had wigs in the window.
  7. Jill Sparrow

    Attenborough Nature Reserve

    My paternal grandparents lived in Stapleford in the 60s. Sometimes, dad would drive us over to see them on summer evenings and then we'd go to Attenborough Nature Reserve to watch the sun set before going home. I have very happy memories of the place.
  8. Jill Sparrow

    Talking Pictures

    This one does!!
  9. Jill Sparrow

    Last gasp - Players factory demolished

    Did you never ask them who it was, CT?
  10. Jill Sparrow

    Last gasp - Players factory demolished

    Who looks just like his mum, then?
  11. I took GCE O level music at Manning. It must have been the smallest group of any O level subject...there were 4 of us! Grade 5 theory Royal Academy of Music examination was a prerequisite. If you hadn't passed that, you couldn't sit the O level course. Playing one instrument to a reasonable standard was also a prerequisite. I already played the piano but was then required to learn a second instrument. I had violin lessons with a visiting strings teacher but I couldn't take to it, much as I love the instrument. The voice was classed as a second instrument and since I sing reasonably well, that had to suffice. I remember going to Mundella to sit my grade 8 theory exam whilst doing the 2 year O level course.
  12. Jill Sparrow

    Nottingham cinemas

    There is a cinema on Broad Street. When I was a child, the building was known as The Rainbow Rooms and was used for dancing competitions. I took part in many of them. I studied ballet with Patricia James whose school of dance was in the lower club room of what was then the Co-operative Arts Theatre. Patricia James died last year, I believe. A friend of mine is a regular visitor to the Broadway cinema. Chulla's daughter studied dancing with Nora Morrison and would also have taken part in those competitions many years ago.
  13. Jill Sparrow

    Musing on racism

    Visited the grave in the 90s, courtesy of a friend who worked at Scampton on the civilian staff. Gibson was a very strange character but he surely loved his dog! In fact, he admitted that he preferred animals to people. Can't say I disagree with him.
  14. Jill Sparrow


    I'm not a member of the Women's Institute. I have an aversion to institutions. As Groucho said, "Marriage is a wonderful institution but who wants to live in an institution?" Don't make jam either.
  15. Jill Sparrow


    My personal favourite is 'Once to every man and Nation/Comes the moment to decide' which could be seen as slightly topical at present! The tune is Ebenezer, also known as Ton Y Botel. Ends on a striking tierce de Picardie (a major chord). It was a Manning School favourite but I've rarely heard it sung elsewhere. If you aren't familiar with the tune, Loppy, have a look. The words are also fascinating.