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  1. While Carni lives and breathes, Bird's will never go out of business!
  2. I've not had mine yet but several friends have had theirs. Some were offered the flu jab simultaneously, others were told they couldn't have it until another time. A couple woke the following morning with a slight temperature and feeling a bit under par. Others have been fine. I'm still suffering with tendonitis in my left shoulder and I don't fancy making it worse with a Covid jab.
  3. She's doing better than Henry VIII!
  4. I take vitamin d all year round. It's important if your thyroid doesn't work properly as vitamin d deficiency can mimic hypothyroid symptoms. I would never go near a sunbed, I must admit.
  5. I am also affected by that, to an extent, although it's only happened since my thyroid went wonky. I have a special lamp which does help.
  6. Oh, definitely the other bits! Only riff raff have other bits, according to Miss Colthorpe!
  7. Good news, Rob L. I've noticed that a lot of blokes of my age are beginning to discover they have a prostate. They're having TURPs and all sorts of procedures. Glad I don't have one. Speedy recovery , Rob .
  8. And you wouldn't now be waking up screaming at 2am because of nightmares about the Manning!
  9. He's written a book on atheism, you know, Beekay. He's praying it will sell!
  10. I read a few years ago that the Queen would not be interred in the King George VI memorial chapel because there was no space for any further burials. The chapel is a tiny addition to the original building and still looks a bit like a carbuncle from the exterior. It will be centuries before it blends in. Philip, I believe, had expressed a wish to be interred in the Royal Burial Ground at Frogmore but HMQ wasn't likely to opt for that. Too close to Wallis Simpson! Somehow, they've obviously been squashed in with George VI.
  11. I watched some of both services. Mainly to see what sort of music they were having. Oh dear. Someone needs to teach Liz Truss how to speak in public! Poor effort. Baroness Scotland who preceded her in reading a lesson did brilliantly, by comparison. Dean of Windsor left a lot to be desired in his delivery. I've been to so many funerals where the clergyman officiating had sewing-machine delivery. Not at all convincing. If they don't sound as though they believe it, how do they expect anyone else to do so? He needs some lessons from the Garter King of Arms, whose deliv
  12. If you can remember that, you will also remember when most people were an awful lot thinner than they are now, katyjay! One, I think, influences the other.