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  1. Jill Sparrow

    How's your day?

    Sometimes, you can try too hard to see the hidden image. As Carni said, just let your vision blur and it should appear like magic!
  2. Jill Sparrow

    How's your day?

    Yes, it's a giraffe. Many years ago, when those 3D things were popular, I bought my father a book of them. Still have it somewhere. Hope all goes well for you Compo on Friday.
  3. There are often initial side effects, Loppy. When my father had not long started BP meds, I was standing in the garden with him looking at the apple trees. The next moment, he was lying on the ground! Looking up into the branches made him dizzy and he lost his balance. Wasn't hurt and it wore off. Don't worry.
  4. Have you tried fingerless woollen gloves, like Mr Gould? I used to wear them when practising in a cold church.
  5. Hounds have 4 legs. You've got 2 pairs of slippers. What's the problem?
  6. To begin with, my tablet kept calling him Loopy! He still talks to me though!
  7. Yes, get your collar and lead on and fetch the tablets. No stopping at any lamp posts on the way, Loppy!
  8. Positive news, Loppy. Music is excellent therapy and none better than Bach. So, he's discontinued your dog chews. Never mind. I'm sure the boys won't mind if you borrow one of theirs. An ancestor of mine had a stroke in her 20s. Never had another and lived well into her 90s. She loved dogs, too.
  9. Fourteen, eh? He was probably indulging in a little Tibetan tipple somewhere nearby. He's very like his mum in looks! I still think CT's dad may have had a part time job at Christmas.
  10. Where's the Dalai Chulla? Didn't he believe in Santa?
  11. That Santa looks a bit like Cliff Ton! Is he fibbing about his age? Surely not!
  12. Never had my photo taken with Santa. Sitting on strange men's knees was never my idea of a sensible thing to do! I was more interested in the grotto and recall one year where there were tunnels of polystyrene, fairy lights and fake snow with models of fairies, elves and such like. Santa was a bit of a disappointment at the end of all that!
  13. I had a recipe for choux pastry, baked into individual balls on a baking tray then filled with Colwick cheese and diced cucumber. Served chilled. Messy and a bit fiddly but quite nice.
  14. It was also a great place for Colwick cheese which was very popular in our house!
  15. Bought some potatoes in Morrison's recently, wrapped in plastic and wet through when I removed them from the bag. Made me think about mum buying potatoes from Wealthalls or the Coop fruit and veg shop when I was a child. They were piled in a large bin, covered in soil and, after they'd been weighed, were tipped into her shopping bag. Same went for carrots, beetroot and any other root veg. Veggies often had beetles in them. Proves they hadn't been sprayed with pesticides. Oddly enough, we survived eating this produce!