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  1. Anth, do you recall the Hirst family who lived in Woodbridge Avenue? I know CT recalls them. Raymond, Kathleen and their two sons, Timothy and Nicholas. Ray drove an Esso tanker. Kathleen was my mum's childhood friend and we lived next door to Kathleen's mother for many years.
  2. Wasn't there a Whitegate or Whitegates Primary somewhere in Clifton? I seem to think that one of my teachers from Berridge taught there after he left Berridge Juniors, although I could be wrong about that. I do know that he lived in West Bridgford and later on, I believe, the Tollerton area, so he would have been much nearer to his place of work.
  3. Yes, CT. Initially, I got a notice re server migration and I'd noted Mick's presence just before that, so reasoned he was doing his techno stuff. Until and including first thing this morning, got a 404 error message and then it was back. Just assumed that @Benjamin1945 was overseeing the operation! Missed you too Ben!
  4. We did have changing rooms: gym changing room, games changing room and a space at the rear of the hall where we changed for dance. The footbaths were opposite this space, at the rear of the hall. Cold water only. No soap! Manning had no mod cons and no state of the art equipment, apart from a tv which more often than not didn't work. It was, basically, as it had been built in 1930/1 during my time there.
  5. Was there a sixth form debating society or suchlike? I didn't enter the sixth form and therefore wasn't involved in any of the societies available but HPGS was occasionally mentioned.
  6. Nipped into Morrison's at King's Mill this morning. Just inside the entrance were 50 buckets containing bunches of red roses. Benjamin1945 obviously hadn't been in at that point. February 14th must cost him a fortune every year!
  7. Why, thank you, young Trogg. Trevor didn't learn his wordsmithing at The Manning...and neither did I! I merely found plenty of subjects on which to sharpen it.
  8. Thought this was novel! Has @benjamin1945benjamin1945 been on holiday in the USA recently? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-us-canada-51498230/quick-thinking-customer-knocks-shoplifter-off-his-feet
  9. Manning was indeed the female equivalent of High Pavement. For those unwary souls who passed their 11 plus in my day, the choice was Mundella, Bluecoat (church attendance was mandatory) or Manning (girls)/ High Pavement (boys). By 1969, FFGS was no longer an option. Manning opened around 1931 and was always a single sex school. At sixth form level, there were joint productions each year of Gilbert and Sullivan with High Pavement but, other than that, no young males were ever seen on our premises. Male teachers were very few. Girls were encouraged by many of the staff in a condescending and patronising attitude towards males, being informed that they were basically a waste of time whose only purpose was to distract us from making academic progress and tell us we were inferior. I do, to an extent, applaud that sentiment and still believe that single sex schools are a beneficial arrangement. Many, I know, will disagree. I never visited High Pavement but if it boasted showers, it was more fortunate than Manning. All we had were footbaths!
  10. Welcome Pitstop. I commenced my sentence at Manning in September 1969. Yes, indeed, Mrs Davy. One of a kind. I wouldn't like to think there was another lurking anywhere. It would be fair to say I hated The Manning. In fact, it would be something of an understatement! Yet, I'm not alone in those sentiments. I know of no one who liked the place. Perhaps you are the exception that proves the rule?
  11. I have taught many children whose parents or, more often, parent spent every spare minute at work so that they were able to take their offspring to Disneyland for a holiday every year. This necessitated the child being farmed out to after school clubs, relatives, friends...anyone who would look after them. So many of those children expressed the opinion to me that they weren't loved, nor wanted. Money was more important. As children, my sister and I never had foreign holidays and, most years, no holiday at all. Our mother didn't work but she was always there at the school gate, lunchtime and afternoons. Always eager to listen to what we'd been doing. Always ready with a cuddle. My parents, like most, had little spare cash but there was always lots of love. That's all that matters. Without it, you're in big trouble.
  12. I think it just goes to show there's a dearth of any real news!
  13. You'll cop it, our Ben. Radford Red will be gunning for you!
  14. Is this to be his new name? Personally, I'm more interested in Paul Scofield. Great actor who took the privacy of himself and his family extremely seriously. Sad loss of a great talent.