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  1. Think positive BK. You've had six more years than him.
  2. Ben....I live just an hour or so south of the Appalachians. Mrs L is from that neck of the woods in Tennessee. I often call her a Hillbilly. She uses sayings like, "I'm fixin' to..." Uses quite a lot of English sayings that you would know too. Likes Cornbread and Grits and quite a few foods I'd never heard of until I came here. I think it's because a lot of her ancestors came from the Norfolk area. Seems to be more folks of UK descent here than there was in Canada. There's a lot of Scots and Irish descendants up there too. When I listen to Bluegrass and some of their other folk music I detect a lot of similarities to Scottish and Irish country music.
  3. My late wife and I had a driving holiday in Scotland in 1967. Mostly B&B so we felt like we got to know the locals a bit in each place. We were treated really well and generously, even being invited to join with them for supper if we arrived a bit early. No extra charge. I can't say I've ever met a mean Scotsman. We often wondered if they thought we were honeymooners. I was 22 and she was 21. Folks were too polite to ask directly. We'd actually been married almost two years. If I ever moved back to the UK (doubtful now) I think I'd like to live up in the highlands somewhere far from a city.
  4. And while we're at it. Don't call a Kilt a skirt to a Scotsman. They don't like it.
  5. Just run the washing machine. That'll spoil his whole day. If he got in the motor you might never see him again.
  6. Last time I heard the bagpipes was at the highland games in Atlanta. More Scotsmen there than you might think. They all come out of the woodwork each fall to toss poles around and dance on swords etc. There are at least two good pipe bands as far as I know.
  7. At first that was one of my main reasons for starting it , Jim. To try to stave off the worst effects of aging for a few more years. It has certainly helped eg. Learning to read music, which I still don't know that well. Physical dexterity, (now damaged on right side due to stroke.) I am just not going to shrivel up and die. I've come this far and I'm determined to keep it up until I just cannot climb on the bench anymore. It's good for me and I love the sound anyway.
  8. I didn't start the organ until I was mid 60s. I found a teacher and a church that allowed me to practice on their pipe organ. Bought some books and here we are. Just wish I'd started when I was a kid. This rotten stroke set me back a couple of years musically, but it's gradually coming back and it's good physiotherapy.
  9. Got a couple of mouth organs. I can play 'em too. As long as you like 'Streets of Laredo.'
  10. Problem is, you can't take an electronic organ out of the house. So she just has to lump it.
  11. I caught that flu. Sick as a dog. Didn't care if I did die, I felt so lousy. Took a couple of weeks to feel half decent again.
  12. Thanks Margie. I said pretty much what I wanted to say on the thread anyway. Just nice to have pm available when one wants to discuss issues that could be controversial.
  13. I think the answer to that, Margie is that as kids, life was mostly a breeze and it was good to be alive. As we age we develop a greater awareness of the world's issues. As we progress into old age the infirmities of age creep in and there are few real solutions. No medicine can make us 25 again. In the last couple of years I have become very world weary. I am ready to go and when the Lord calls I will go with joy. That is not morbid, just the product of a real hope and trust. Edited to add. Margie, I'd have sent you a p.m. The last time I tried it said your mailbox was full or blocked or something. Can't remember which now.
  14. Orwell didn't go far enough! That was mild compared to what's coming.
  15. You are pretty close to the mark, Brew. Pun intended. I would not have believed this would come in my lifetime. At least, I hoped not.