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  1. Didn't know it was your birthday too. Have a happy birthday and double the cream cake order.
  2. Thinking of you and praying for you meduck. You'll be fine. Hoping you get lots of cream cakes to perk you up.
  3. I was twenty and Janet was nineteen when we married in 1965. We were young but we loved each other dearly. We'd have still been together if she hadn't gone and died on me in 1999. we learned to compromise well. We looked forward to sitting out on our deck with our dog into old age but it wasn't to be. The word 'divorce' was never in our dictionary.
  4. Driving for sixty years. Only owned 7 and one of them was a van for my electrical business last two were a Ford wagon. 20 years and my current car, Ford Crown Victoria. 24 years. Probably the last car I will own.
  5. Warm here, into the 80s today. Getting me veggies in.
  6. I still have an Atari 4 meg STE. Had a 3.5 floppy and a 4 meg hd. Atari computers never really seemed to catch on. Probably because of their reputation for video games. The Mega was a serious computer and I did all my word processing and desktop publishing on it. Sometimes known as the poor man's Mac. Still gathering dust in my garage. Guess I'm hoping it will become a collectors item one day. I'll probably be pushing up daisies first. Lol.
  7. Good job he had a sense of humor, Ben or he might have had a bit of Turkish Delight in clobbering yer.
  8. As everbody here knows I'm daft over dogs, but I don't trust German Sherpherds, (Alsatians). When I was about 2 or 3 I toddled along the backyards of the terrace we lived in. There in a backyard was a GS. I toddled in to pet him and he nailed me in the upper lip. It took two stitches to fix and I still have the scar. Still love dogs, but I don't mess with Shepherds.
  9. Woof woof woof! Aroooooooooo! Translation: I'm checking my P-mail.
  10. That's the way I remember it BK. It wasn't what I would call a full blown island. Sort of offset, Gregory blvd came in from one side Alfreton rd A610 more or less went straight. I used to ride the 22 from Hanley street to Stockhill lane. Used to pass it every day in 1966.
  11. Thanks for the kind thoughts. We've had a bit of snow mixed with high winds rain and sleet. It's now 7.00p.m. local time and quietened down a lot. I was afraid the power might go off, but it didn't. We have problems with trees falling on power lines when storms come through. They are now forecasting another one by next weekend. As we tell visitors, just don't eat the yellow snow.
  12. 63. Quite the year, Ben. Met me late wife, jusr passed me driver's test and her dad had a new Morris 1100. They needed a licensed driver to ride shotgun. She used to say I only married her for the car. Not totally true but it sure didn't hurt. I couldn't afford a car!