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  1. loppylugs

    Langar Log RCAF "magazine"

    No, never went there, Ben. Heard about the Canadian village at R.O.T when I worked at the EMEB mid 60s. Just never had a service call there. Never dreamed of going to Canada. Always thought of going to Aus, but my wife didn't want to go there. She suggested Canada instead. At the time Canada was running big ads in the paper for British tradesmen. so we decided to give it a go. Never looked back.
  2. loppylugs

    Langar Log RCAF "magazine"

    I know! I was sayin' to Elvis just the other day............... There must be summat in them dog biscuits..
  3. loppylugs

    Langar Log RCAF "magazine"

    Take a look at her hair, it's real If you don't believe what I say, just feel. Gonna lock her up in a trunk, so no big hunk, Can steal her away from me. All from memory an'all. Not Mr. Google. Must be those peanut butter dog biscuits I'm on.
  4. loppylugs

    Photos to cheer us up

    If it can't understand a word you used it tries to put in what it thinks you meant. It can be turned off in your control panel, but then it won't correct ANY spelling.
  5. loppylugs


    Same here, Gem. Happy birthday Carni. Hope you have a goodun with all you wish for yourself.
  6. loppylugs

    How's your day?

    Bit debateable what actually constitutes politics. I've lived in three countries over the course of fifty years. In each one the people are allowed a vote approx, every four years. We vote in one lot. After four years, sometimes more, one lot is thrown out, often in disgrace. The previous lot are voted back in, often forgetting that they were voted out in disgrace earlier. This goes on, ad infinitem, ad nauseum. The only thing they all have in common is that they get progressively worse each time. I've about had it with the whole bunch. Talk big until you get in. Then feet in the trough and business as usual.
  7. loppylugs

    How's your day?

    Do girls still send love letters, Nonna? I thought in these days a lad should consider himself lucky if he got a text message with a thumbs up sign.
  8. Late wife had the fainting problem in late teens and twenties, Sue. No doctor ever figured out why. She seemed to grow out of it later or maybe it was the Rocky Mountain air. I was scared she might pass out when we were standing upfront on our wedding day. I kept muttering to her, "are you o-k". Canon Watson probably wondered what was going on.
  9. loppylugs

    How's your day?

    Tough going Fly. Hope you are soon feeling better. Let us know how the shed goes in the shed thread. We'll all have to come over for a shed warming. Bit of a long way for me though. Beautiful day here. Clear blue sky and around seventy five. I cut the front lawn with the push mower rather than the ride on. That way I could exercise me back leg. Sloooow going but it looks like a golf course. I'm about done for! Feeling of satisfaction though.
  10. ' Late wife's piano teacher was a Mrs. Williams. She lived not far from there. Her husband was a ham radio guy. Used to talk to him about it while she did her lesson. Small world. Wonder if it was the same lady.
  11. That whole little block was Co-op when I was a kid. One was like a mini department store. Me mam used to call it the co-op emporium. Had a bit of everything from clothes to toys.
  12. loppylugs

    How's your day?

    They do tend to be making the consol almost portable in some of these locations, Brew. They built one in the performing arts center in Calgary. it was connected to the rest of the systm by a single co-ax cable using some kind of multiplexed signals. That way theycould easily move it off stage when not required. That was 30 odd years ago. probably use wi-fi today.
  13. loppylugs

    How's your day?

    I have same problem in the same hip, Phil. It was starting a bit before the stroke. Now it's worse. Nobody seems to know what to blame. Could be physio exercises in the right leg. Could be an effect of the stroke. Could be an effect of the BP meds. I'm just trying to ignore it.
  14. loppylugs

    Brackenhurst College

    Used a lot here, Rog. Its mainly used as a facing on frame construction to make it look like a solid brick house. Seems to work well. A bit cooler in summer, warmer in winter.
  15. loppylugs

    Water Meters

    Never saw a water meter until we moved to Calgary. Always payed a flat rate when we lived in Nottingham.