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  1. loppylugs

    Three words to sum up your day

    The usual stuff.
  2. loppylugs

    Come On England !!!

    Don't bet on it RR.
  3. loppylugs

    Think I'll holiday in Scotland

    Makes sense, Compo. They're a funny instrument really.
  4. loppylugs

    Things our parents used to say

    I didn't know that, Brew. Now you mention it though it does make sense. I always thought of it as Cockney slang so never used it.
  5. loppylugs

    Think I'll holiday in Scotland

    Loud is right. I once went to a Scots friend's wedding. They had just one piper and you needed ear plugs. He was a good musician but I guess they don't have a volume control. I reckon if you tried to learn them you'd need ear plugs.
  6. Col. ......."Thread drift". I like that. Good description of what often happens here, and I'm as guilty of it as anybody.
  7. Sorry to hear of your trials CP.. Glad you are picking up again.
  8. loppylugs

    How's your day?

    Jill........At least dogs do not usually use their claws or climb on your back. I don't mind ya'll laughing about the butt biting episode. We laugh about it too. At least he had to go through Jeans and underwear before he got me. He was not full grown and I think he thought I was having him on. I didn't get mad, but it did sting a bit. His teeth weren't full grown either. Nonna..... Beagles do have a very unique bark. It's almost a cross between a bark and a howl. It is said the French called them' beeg howls'. This then contracted into the English, Beagles. A pack of them make a sort of yodeling noise when chasing prey. Nice dog but very independent and stubborn. My Lab cross really tries to please and gets very upset if you raise your voice. The Beagle just stares you down. We love 'em both.
  9. loppylugs

    How's your day?

    Be glad it wasn't a Beagle, Ben. They've got no sense of humor. I used to watch the dog whisperer on tv a few years ago. He said when your dog misbehaves don't yell at him. Just turn your back on him so he knows you disapprove. Right! Thought Loppy, good idea. Next time he acted up I turned my back on him and he bit me in the butt. He meant it too. They have sharp teeth. I yelped. Never did it again though, he taught me summat.
  10. loppylugs

    How's your day?

    You just reminded me of the Marsdens on Boundary rd. Ben. I saw quite a bit of it in the early sixties when the company I worked for wired the new grammar school just down the road from there. Expensive area if I remember rightly. I think the school became Rushcliffe Comprehensive or something like that. Edited to add. Why didn't you nick that lady with the bog rolls, Ben. Sounds a bit shady.
  11. loppylugs

    How's your day?

    Just finished a run in with the satellite tv co. Those turkeys upped my bill by 25%. No warning no explanation. So I told 'em what I thought. Nicely as I could, I don't blame the agent she's just doing her job. I'd hate to have to answer those phone calls every day. Anyway told her we wouldn't pay and go back to an aerial if necessary. Immediately she found a "promo deal" and could drop the rate $40 if we'd agree to another year. I don't even watch the drivel anymore. If it wasn't for Mrs. L they could take it out. I said, "I'm always being told that 'this call is being monitored for quality assurance purposes'. Well I'm not getting on to you but this is for your bosses. Have the courtesy and decency to notify us of a rate increase. Don't just add it to the next bill with no warning or explanation." I've had it up to my ears with corporations nickle and diming you to death, except now it's in twenty dollar increments. If we'd been daft enough to just pay they'd be laughing all the way to the bank. Funny how they can come up with a deal when you threaten to quit.
  12. loppylugs

    It's cider making time again, folks:

    Well,. You might have thought that about mine. . It was light years ahead of what passes for beer in North America though. Horrible stuff mostly. Might be useful as a bug spray for the garden. I'm sure they wouldn't come back for seconds. Lol.
  13. loppylugs

    It's cider making time again, folks:

    Sounds like he was bottling too soon before the fermentation was completely finished. Over here we used a bottle capper. You need a bottle opener to open them again. You have to gauge it just right. You want a bit of carbon dioxide to make it sparkle. CD. Is a bi product of the fermentation process. You probably know that. Anyway you want a tiny bit of fermentation in the bottle to pressurize it, but if you bottle too soon it can literally smash your bottles. Very messy! I'm surprised how much I remember about it. It's been many years since I did it. Started in Nottingham. You could buy all of your supplies from Boots.
  14. loppylugs

    It's cider making time again, folks:

    I don't do home brew anymore, Mick because I quit drinking, but it was a lot cheaper in Canada than store bought drink, beer or wine. Probably much better for you too. Minimal additives of any kind. Edited to add... It was a lot of fun brewing your own. You could make the alcohol content whatever you wanted, just vary the sugar content. It was like living in a brewery for about two weeks at a time while the brew was fermenting in a five gallon bucket. The smell would make you merry.
  15. loppylugs

    How's your day?

    Ben.........Re. your earlier post. I sure miss the numbers. You might find one with a little button that says. How're ya doin' sweetie? Just gotta be careful you don't press it when standing next to a big guy. Seriously, Hope you don't need it.