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  1. Came in late on this one. You missed your calling, Jill.. Perfect description of our Ben.
  2. Sorry to hear that. A decent guy as I remember him.
  3. I'll answer it anyway. I've got two. You just have to feed and walk 'Em. Lol.
  4. No, but I bet it understands and reports, other things you might say.
  5. Sorry about your health issues, Albert. Hope you are soon better. I've got quite a few of those little solar lights and the batteries no longer hold a charge after a year or two. They are marked 2/3 AA. Same diameter but a tad shorter than regular AA. The lights sell at Wal Mart for just a dollar and change. The batteries would probably cost more than that if I could ever find any. It must be because I grew up fixing stuff. I hate throwing out a light just because of the battery.
  6. I'd never be able to sit and read a book!
  7. We know what Katie did. She ended up in Arizona.
  8. Wish I'd taken piano lessons now. I think keyboard skills seem to come much easier to kids. My dad offered to pay for piano lessons for me, but I wasn't having any. I think school generally put me off. I didn't want any additional classes of any kind. Never understood piano could be fun or even a possible source of income. Too bad that we don't seem to value learning until we are too old. I sure didn't turn down driving lessons, but I had to pay for 'em myself.
  9. Brings back memories..A buddy of mine in the cycling club had parents who owned a chip shop in Netherfield. They had a rumbler. It was our job to run 'em through, then cut out any eyes or bad bits. Then we'd run them through a chip cutter into a barrel of stuff called 'Drywhite'. I guess that stopped them from browning. No pay, but all the chips and batter bits we could eat. 'Appy daze.
  10. I hear he retired and went into the banking business in Italy. He became a the loan aranger. I'll get me coat!
  11. I think you'd better go just to keep things in order, jill. This is shaping up to be a wild party.
  12. Come on, Ben! What could you do with a Hoss in Bulwell? Nott only that, the ladies wouldn't like it. Where are you gonna get enough hay?
  13. Long after my exit from the motherland. Wish the original series had been on YT though. There is quite a lot of good nostalgia. I've enjoyed the 'Look at Life' films. They used to be shown for a few minutes before the main feature in quite a few cinemas. Quite a bit on the mods and rockers and other 50s and 60s stuff.