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  1. Sounds good, Ian. Definitely a bit warmer than SK. Careful if you go to the Everglades, though. The Alligators and Pythons are not really friendly. Did you drive down or fly? Enjoy your holiday.
  2. I reckon you've still got a soft spot for big Maude, Ben.
  3. I find the Yanks really like my accent. Some have told they like to come when I preach because of it. I don't think it would matter if I read Mary had a little lamb. Makes me feel accepted anyway. Mrs L was once told (jokingly) by a co worker she only married me for my accent. A lot of Nottingham has come back since I've been on here. Always refer to my dogs as Meducks.
  4. I was accused of being everything from an Australian to a Scotsman in Canada. I just used to laugh and say something like No, they wouldn't 'ave me.
  5. That's right Oz. Somebody warned me before I left the UK. "Don't tell 'em, this is how we do it in England, you'll get told, so go back there, then." I never did. I always wanted to try to fit in and be accepted. They're like most folks. Meet them halfway and you are soon accepted. Sense of humor and ability to laugh at yourself is a big help too.
  6. I wanted to go to Oz in the late 60s. I had an old pal there who did well and loved it. My late wife would not go. She thought she'd never see her folks again. She was a smart woman at compromise, though, and said she would consider Canada. I'd never given it a thought. I thought only Eskimos and Peguins lived there. I did a bit of research and was pleasantly surprised. Long story short. Off we went and never looked back. She could fly home to see mum and dad if she wanted, and I adapted to the winters ok. Nowt against Oz. I often wonder how it would have gone if we'd emigrated there. I'm in the good old USA now, but my heart is still in Canada. We became citizens. That's all another long story, but I'd do it again if I were 25 again.
  7. I'm glad they weren't waiting for you outside, Ben.
  8. My wife is on it Trogg. So if I really want to I can see stuff there so my attitude sounds a bit hypocritical. I just don't like the cynical way in which they seem to use their subscribers to gain advertising revenue.
  9. No interest in Facebook here either.
  10. I just hope that if he decides he wants out he would put some one else in charge or sell it. It would be a crying shame if it closed. So many good folks and good memories on here.
  11. One problem that seems to be worsening in recent days is log in troubles. I find when I try to log in from the top right of the page I get a message, "Something went wrong." This is followed by another login screen almost 50% of login attempts. Not disastrous I realize, but irritating.
  12. I think women are generally more 'clothes' oriented than men. I know I have lttle memory of what folks were wearing at any given time.
  13. I find my long term memory is much better than my short term. I have vivid memories of school years and early dating and courting years. That's why I wish I'd learnt to play an instrument years ago. Since my stroke short term memory is more of a problem. I probably would have a hard time in Nottingham in these days as probably many of the places I remember in detail no longer exist.
  14. Friend of mine in Aus' married a Jill. I always thought it was a short form of Gillian. Well known lady organist was Gillian Weir. Not sure if she's still alive. There were no Jills in my early school years. I've always thought of it as nice name for a lady.
  15. He's more determined than a Beagle on a rabbit trail.