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  1. Never tried it. What does it do?
  2. I agree with the previous posts. I've eaten plenty of fresh picked stuff in my time without washing it first. The problem as I see it is that you may not use any chemicals in your respective gardens. Anything you buy at the store may well have been sprayed with insecticides, fungicides etc. May well be GMO too. Could this be the reason for the big increases in cancer, autism, and other ills that we never even heard of as kids?
  3. WOOF! indeed. My two always seem to be hearing things I can't. Do you bark too?
  4. Drinking wine with the ladies darts team in the bath while contemplating riding a hoss. Ben you never cease to amaze me.
  5. First flight was on a BOAC 707 to Toronto. Nice smooth flight. Lots of legroom and real food complete with knives and forks. Getting through security seems to be the most annoying experience today.
  6. My stepdaughter is a doggy person and says she will take them, which is comforting, but I hate to think of how they would handle it. Probably better than I give 'em credit for. She and her husband both like to run so they'd get more exercise than I can give them these days.
  7. I've had to say goodbye to four best friends over the last 35 years. It never gets easier. Only concern now is over my two current pals. Thing is I might go before them. Then I start fretting about how they will do without me! You just can't win.
  8. Yes. I did mostly residential and commercial so weren't to likely to run into them. Always beleived in learning as much as I can ya never know when it might come in. Last industrial I did was maintenance leccy at CCM in Toronto. Bit like working for Raleigh. They built bikes and ice skates. All their machinery used relay logic. I guess that makes me a Dinosaur. That was mid 70s. Edited to add. The plcs I learnt were Allen Bradley. I imagine they are all pretty similar.
  9. I did a class on PLCs run by an electrical wholesaler I used. It was interesting but I never actually came across any in the wild so it was mostly a waste of time for me.
  10. Don't feel bad, BK. I did a five year apprenticeship as an elctrician 1960 - 65. I probably would have a hard time if I had to work in undustrial electrical maintenance today.
  11. Oh its lonesome away from your kinfolks an all By the campfire at night Where the wild dingos call But there's nothing so lonesome so drab or so drear As to stand in the bar of a pub with no beer. Slim Dusty. An all from memory, no Google. Must have been mid 50s.
  12. I said it already, but I'll say it again. Happy birthday and many more, Jill. Hope you have a great day.
  13. Sorry to hear of the runaround with your watch, Col. Sadly I think your are another victim of the times. Play fast and loose with the truth. Make promises you know you can't meet, re delivery times etc. Make excuses and if all else fails pass the buck. After all that probably try to charge more than the original estimate. Don't lerrem gerraway weit.
  14. Ours just throws it high enough for a Beagle to catch on the way down.
  15. She sounds like an interesting lady. Tell us more, Ben.