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  1. loppylugs

    How's your day?

    Only just picked up on this thread again, Nonna. Sorry to hear you and your husband are unwell. Here's hoping you are soon back on your feet again.
  2. Thinking it over, Lizzie. I remember you said they were at the top of Dunstan street. I think I got confused because there is a Norman street between Deabill and Godfrey streets. Cliffs photo is great but I just can't orientate myself on it. The only thing I can pin down is the old coaling plant. the white triangular shaped tower near the top left of the photo.
  3. loppylugs

    How's your day?

    That's why I put my pre apologies there. I was pretty sure some one on here would love them. I love 'em too, just that my experience made me wary. My younger daughter in Canada is now on her second one. She loves 'em and they have always been ok with the grandkids. Just wish the blighter wouldn't goose me whenever I go there.
  4. loppylugs

    How's your day?

    I'm with you on Alsations, Jonab. One bit me on my lip when I was just a toddler. I wandered up the terrace and into his yard so it was partially my own fault, but when you are that age you don't recognize danger. I'm lucky he didn't grab me by the throat I guess. You can still see the scars from the stitches in my lip. Didn't put me off dogs though. I've owned several breeds over time. Really loved ny black Lab. A faithful good natured guy. my current Beagle is as stubborn as a mule, but not nasty. My Lab Spaniel cross is another good natured friendly guy.. I would never take on an Alsation, though. I just don't trust 'em. Apologies to any Alsation lovers here.
  5. Was that the street between Deabill St; and Godfrey street. Lizzie? If it was I knew one gal my age who lived there. Her name was Kathleen Hickling if I remember rightly. Never saw or heard of her again after We moved from Hodgkinson st.
  6. I grew up listening to a lot of them Ben. Like you I can remember a lot of the words too. I wish I could remember where I put something last week as well as I remember a lot of thir songs.
  7. loppylugs

    Who was at Radford Bugole in the 50's

    I won't go on about it, SueB. I suppose in their defense they were trying to turn us into moral responsible members of society. That said, I don't think constant sarcastic put downs and fear of corporal punishment are the way to do it. We don't train our dogs like that. There were some decent teachers there, but too many of the yell at 'em, and cane 'em type.
  8. loppylugs

    Who was at Radford Bugole in the 50's

    Alberta was lovely. Still got two kids that live there. Wait a minute! Maybe I'm barmy.
  9. loppylugs

    Who was at Radford Bugole in the 50's

    I was there from 56 to late 59, Sue. I left as soon as I turned 15. Couldn't get out of there fast enough. I don't know who said, "School days are the happiest days of your life." Not true for all of us.
  10. loppylugs

    How's your day?

    High blood pressure ten years ago? Hmmmm! wasn't that about the time you became admin on NS?
  11. loppylugs

    Who was at Radford Bugole in the 50's

    I think most of us find that not many of our old schoolmates are on here. I often wonder what happened to the crowd from Chandos Academy who are around my age. I hope most of 'em are still alive but who knows?
  12. loppylugs

    How's your day?

    It's all the dog talk Katy. They give us a lot to talk about.
  13. loppylugs

    Things that pee you off

    Sounds like she sorted you out. Lol.
  14. loppylugs

    How's your day?

    Bailey has two rope toys that he likes to chew on. If you step on one of them it hurts even if you have slippers on. Thankfully he doesn't bring them in the bedroom. Gem. I don't mean to make a joke of your injuries. I'm glad they were not worse, but if anybody asks about a black eye you can truthfully say. the dog did it. Edited to add. Jill. I swear Bailey teleports. one second he's standing next to you the next he's gone and you never see or hear him. He just shows up someplace else. If you are outside it can be right across the yard among the trees.
  15. loppylugs

    How's your day?

    Sorry to hear that Gem. Yes, our Bailey is black If I get up to go to the bathroom during the night I walk very slow with my feet close to the floor. He's supposed to be in his bed but you never know. I hope your wrist heals quickly. Glad the dog's ok..