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  1. Mrs. L said there's one headed up here. Better tie the doghouse down.
  2. I wouldn't do any of that BK. Kindhearted Beagle I am
  3. Not much barking. A bit of snarling growling and whining though.
  4. Thanks for the tonic, Willow. Bach's genius is always a blessing.
  5. Hi Ian. After starting out in Toronto. 1970, four years later we moved to Calgary, Alberta. Houses were more affordable there. Spent 15 years there. 1990 moved up to near Edmonton. )ived there until first wife died in 99. Lived alone for two years until the current Mrs L from Georgia showed up. Long story short we married and I moved to Georgia, Been here 20 odd years now.
  6. Thanks y'all You're making me feel better already. One of the nurses asked me if I'd learned to say 'y'all' yet. I didn't try to teach her 'ayagorraweyah' Thought it might be a bit much. I think one of the first questions each one asked was, "Where you from."?
  7. Got back from an overnight in the hospital yesterday pm. Friday a.m I was having breakfast when Mrs. L said, "I've called the ambulance." My response was WHY? She said you were unresponsive and you threw up. I had no memory of such a thing. Seems I was unconscious for several minutes. spent some time in emergency and a test showed I was CV positive and severely dehydrated so they kept me overnight for observation. Mrs. L tested positive with home test kit. I had a sore throat the previous day or two. Now cleared up but left with a cough. Barking with the dogs. Feel weak now, I think
  8. Congrats BK. You beat me by 7 days. We were only together for 33. Oh well, such is life. Wishing you both happy times.
  9. Same here and I was based there at the EMEB in the 60s. Used to get the bus right outside on Hanley street. Could not see any trace of it on CT's google earth pics.
  10. I think it was a yorkshire saying I heard years ago. "Never do owt for nowt." Then, "If tha does owt for nowt, do it for thasen."
  11. Happy birthday, Lizzie. From the doghouse.
  12. Good point, Jill. I'd forgotten about the budgie.
  13. When I saw the heading I thought you bought yourself a parrot.
  14. Where did 60 years go eh? Ben. 60 years ago next year since I met the first Mrs. L in beautiful downtown Nottingham as it was then. Took our photos in one of those auto photo booths in the entrance to Vic station. Aaaaah! memories. I'd do it all over again if I could.