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  1. First steady was an Angela, didn`t last though. Who wants to go around with a guy who sniffs lamposts?
  2. I`m the same way with Shostakovich. Don`t listen to much beyond Baroque. I was born in the wrong century.
  3. 1964.. Great year, Ben. Got engaged to the first Mrs. L. Good music, folks were still civilised. Fond memories. No white socks though.
  4. Don`t know, Jill. Not sure what`s wrong with chocolate, but it is said to be dangerous for dogs, especially dark chocolate. Sorry about your cardigan. Jake would eat through concrete to get at food.
  5. Oh No! Chocolate bad for dogs! Gotta have Peanut butter dog BISCUITS. LOL. See, Brew I haven`t forgotten the correct term. Just been among these Yanks so long it`s rubbed off on me.
  6. Scullery was a word me mam always used. Netherfield 1950s.
  7. Eyeup Ben. Thanks for thinking of me. Still scrattin arahnd as Jill said. Right side still weak everything takes longer, even cocking me leg on a post. Lol. Keep doing though, I`d rather die on me paws than cringing in me recliner. I think this last couple of years has taken a toll on all of us. Dave.
  8. Hi Jonab. Truly sorry to hear of your illness. Trusting things will soon improve for you. Dave.
  9. Born in Mansfield. Lived and married near Nottingham until moving to Canada 1970. Lived in Alberta from 1975 to 2000. Got back to Nottingham for a few visits. Still miss Alberta and the prairies. Welcome to NS. Hope we hear more from you.
  10. Re. DJs post. Good point, did we own them or borrow them? I think we were too poor to own any, except the odd Rupert for me. So we used the library a lot.
  11. Out of curiosity I Googled that Boy Electrician. Amazingly it is still in print and avaiable on Amazon. Now over 100 years old. The reviews were all favorable with the exception of one or two 'elf and safety concerns. I enjoyed reading them. looks like I hit on a good book 67 or so years ago.
  12. First book, Can't remember for sure. Rupert Annuals, I think. Both my parents were avid readers and took regular trips to the Carlton library. I got my own library card early and went with me mam. Once there I headed for the chilren's section. First books I got were the 'William' stories by Richmal Crompton. He was a 'orrible kid, and I laughed at his antics for hours. For none fiction I picked up a book called 'The Boy Electrician' it told you how to make a Tesla coil. ( very high voltages) and how to connect up an x ray tube to see the bones in your hands. Wouldnt be allowed in thes
  13. One of the nurses at the surgeons office told me she'd be in the operating room and she'd hold my hand. She was in the O R, even said Hi! then they knocked me out so quick she never had chance. Probably thought I should have been at the vet's. Lol.