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  1. Can't walk mine now after that rotten stroke. Right leg is gammy. Just take 'em in the yard and they go like rockets. I get my exercise just watching them.
  2. I saw Cathy come home on tv when it first came out. Mid 60s. It scared me at the time as we'd just bought our first house with a big (to us) mortgage. It shook me how quickly they went from relative comfort to a real mess. Made me appreciate my job more. I think it shook a lot of folks at the time.
  3. In the garden this morning. I've planted Lettuce, Cabbage,Carrots and Cucumber. All cool weather stuff. I hope it makes it before we hit the nineties. Mrs. L did the shopping online thing. I think it took longer than when she goes over there. For myself I'd still go tothe store. If I got it I might get better or die. Not worried either way, but I wouldn't want to infect Mrs L or anyone else. Soooo! I just 'sit' and 'stay' like a good hound or go and have a dig in the garden. Think I'll go bury a bone out there.
  4. Thanks D A. I don't think the problem is on my end because the problem is random and doesn't occur on other sites. It's just on NS and has been for months now I'll just have to lump it I guess.
  5. Three attempts to log in just now. Twice it was "Cannot parse response." Yesterday it was "wrong password." Password is set to load automatically so it was not misspelled. This a.m. it worked. I log in several times a day to keep up. 50% of the time now it is "Something went wrong," It gets frustrating.
  6. It was Loppy! It was Loppy!
  7. He'll need to watch it. I read somewhere this thing has a nasty habit of causing a relapse.
  8. Glad to hear it, Nonna.
  9. Do you know if the vet survived, Nonna? It sounded like he was in a bad way the last time you mentioned him.
  10. Seems like when I was a kid a lot of the kids took piano lessons and many homes had a piano. Now seems much rarer. There are good used electronic organs on the market because even churches are letting them go in favour of a guitar type group. Oldsters like me are dying off and families don't know or care about the old organ grandpa played so give it away or send it to the dump is often the attitude.
  11. If you have a musical instrument in the house and you've never learned to play it now is a good time. There's even websites that teach the basics of counting and reading music I've never regreted it. I'll never be a great musician, but I enjoy it for it's own sake. You never know, you might get really good.
  12. Yes, he's doing great, Jill. we have to be careful we don't show him more favour than Jake. Don't want to make Jake feel inferior. We love 'em both. Jake is just more of a handfull, (translation.....Pain in the rear ) Wouldn't swap him though.
  13. So does my rotten Beagle if he gets half a chance. . Have to watch him at night. Leave a bathroom door open and he'll go and pull Kleenex out of the trash. Gross! I'm afraid he'll get plugged up one of these days. He's his own worst enemy.
  14. They are the closest to a cat that I have come across, Jill. I truly believe they have a real sense of humour, though. Jake will just stare at you then make a lunge at anything he can grab just to make you chase him while yelling, "Drop it, you rotten dog," while your BP goes off the charts. When he's not doing that he likes to sit on the window seat and yell abuse at anybody who dares to walk by.