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  1. I once drank too much. I used to make my own. Powerful stuff. The Lord took that desire away in 1981. Never touched it since, don't miss it. I'm not critical of anybody that enjoys one. Just not for me anymore. Had a good dose of Bach yesterday afternoon as suggested. So uplifting.
  2. Wheight is my next issue. Since the stroke I've lost about thirty pounds. Not too bad, in my own opinion I was overwheight at 180. Lower is good for my blood pressure which is my main issue. Dropped my waist size to a 36. Need to drop a further size to a 34. I think some of it is just due to aging. My parents were not big people either. Mrs. L fusses about it. That makes me growl and raises my blood pressure. B A D! I think I need to get Carni to send me a few cream cakes. Camera's in strange places has always brought a twisted smile to my dog face. My very first camera was a box Brownie. Not the sort of thing for intimate photos of one's innards. Seriously though it is truly amazing the way good images in real time can be done today. Probably saved a lot of lives and pain as well. Still can't get over that big screen on the end of the operating table. I don't think I would have liked to have watched it though. Maybe they just like to watch old British sitcoms while they work. Alf Garnett comes to mind.
  3. I think I'd rather have what i had than a colonoscopy, Ben. There's just some places I don't want anybody sticking a camera. Yer a brave ladI
  4. Thank y'all your kind wishes. Maybe I mentioned it while you were taking a break, Col. I didn't want to go on about it. Lot's of folks have far more difficult issues. As a couple of you noted I'm planning on taking a few good doses of Bach. It will have to be on cds though. I won't be back on the organ for week or so. Haven't played much for the last week or two. The hernia got to hurting if I got too active with the pedals. As regards American hospitals I can't speak to highly of the one here. All of the staff were friendly and helpful and seemed to enjoy a bit of banter. Especially the black guy who came in to shave me, and I don't mean my face. We had a good old laugh. As noted surgeons nurse, Connie, treated me like a long lost cousin when they took me in . What surprised me was a big monitor at the end of the table. I aked if they were putting it on Youtube. It was actually for the surgeon to have a look around inside of this old dog. Ended up with just a couple of small incisions.. bit sore but really no worse than the hernia was before the surgery. Currently eating breakfast, poached egg and cornflakes. I haven't eaten much since Monday. So far so good.
  5. Just got in from the hospital. Had hernia surgery. First surgery I've ever had. It was a good experience if surgery can ever be called a good experience. The surgeon''s nurse told me she'd hold my hand as I dozed off. She did too! Ben would have loved it. All for now I'm a bit sore. Going to bed pretty quick..
  6. They are all a lot smarter than we give them credit for.
  7. Our two tend to sleep in the corners, one each side of our bed. We put their beds there. When we first got Bailey we put a baby gate across the corner because we didn't know what he would do during the night. After a week of this he started to cry in his bed. We couldn't understand why. Finally I wondered if he was scared the gate might fall on him. So we took a chance and took it down. He stopped crying immediately. We've never put it back and he hasn't cried since. Trustworthy too. He's never been destructive, unlike Jake the Beagle.
  8. I can see both sides of this issue. A dog will use a crate like a doghouse. Our Lab used to like to wander into his and have a doze during the day. The door was always left open. It was never used as a punishment, but we did shut him in sometimes as a youngster when we went out. Otherwise he would have a chew on anything. Bad for him and bad for us.
  9. I remember at least one in the old central marker that bought and sold trade ins. Got a few bargains there. I wasn't into hi-fi in those days so put up with a few pops and crackles.
  10. Yes, those houses were damp and pretty cramped too. As Lizzie noted, I think the indoor bathroom and drier surroundings were great incentives to moving. I know I sure liked it.
  11. I grew up in Netherfield. Never noticed anything wrong, but as we know, when we're kids home is wherever we happen to grow up. We moved out when I was seventeen to Willow Rd, near the Ritz. I've never missed it but have dropped in a couple of times since. No desire to go back. Interesting to read of it's history though.
  12. I don't think they've disappeared as they just may not have anything to add at that point. we all find periodically that we do not know much about a particular issue so we don't post. I think we all like to read and learn from those like yourself who have some new stuff none of us knew before.
  13. Labs seem to be really good at finding the stinkiest place in twenty miles.
  14. Time to nip out and buy a bunch of flowers. Must be common practice as one time the checkout gal said, "What've yer done?" I occasionally buy a bunch even when I haven't done anything. It's like a few positive points in the bank for when I do.
  15. I guess the little narrow gauge would have carried gravel from the pits to Trent concrete on the other side of the main line. As you said, a world full of excitement for us young uns of that day. If I remember rightly my dad worked as a shunter in the rail yards there after he got out of the navy. Dangerous job I think. Probably safer in the navy. He soon left it for other options.