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  1. We try to make it a rule. Dogs to be babygated out of the kitchen when medication of ANY kind is opened. It's a nuisance, but rather that than a big vet bill or even worse to think that we might have killed one of them. Even over the counter meds like Tylenol can be lethal for dogs. Glad you had no really bad effects, Margie
  2. Hope you finally get a bit of relief, Col. That sounds nasty.
  3. loppylugs

    Remembering Nicky.

    Please accept my sincere sympathy and condolences, Commo. Words are inadequate to express it.
  4. loppylugs

    Things you don't see anymore

    Nowt like a septic tank to keep you occupied. Especially after a couple of inchs of rain like we've had in the last day or two.
  5. loppylugs

    large scale map - Talbot Street

    Thanks for the reminder CT. Just had a pleasant time reading over that thread again.
  6. loppylugs

    large scale map - Talbot Street

    Interesting, Brew, thanks. I think in time past they may have had a DC generator hall there. In my day it had become garage for repair of EMEB vehicles. Up against Hanley street were offices and stores. Electricians got their work orders for the day and bus tokens and off they went to various parts of Nottingham service guys for cookers and other appliances were all based there and usually drove a vehicle as we were never long in one place. About 1968/69 we all moved out to Bilborough.
  7. loppylugs

    large scale map - Talbot Street

    Has the old EMEB building been demolished by now? If so, what replaced it? It was right up against Hanley street The bus fro Stockhil used to srop right there. It may have been a 22. Memory getting a bit shaky.
  8. loppylugs

    How's your day?

    Compo.... Re. a night in the tent. Makes good sense. Not far to go for a pee. I just pull the covers back and snarl. Last time I slept in a tent was in Algonquin park Ontario in 1972. We zipped our sleeping bags together. Quite romantic it was, except we were scared we might get eaten by a bear.
  9. loppylugs

    How's your day?

    Not trying to be sarky, or clever etc. Just curious. Why do you do it, Compo?
  10. loppylugs

    How's your day?

    Truly sorry about your loss Ben.
  11. loppylugs

    Demolished Memories

    Sounds like an experience I had in Canada, Ben. I was trying to skate in an outdoor rink. A little kid came flying by and stopped on a Dime. He looked at me and said, "What's up Mr. Can't you skate?" "No I can't" I said. He looked at me pitifully for a minute, Then he said, "Where you been?" I had to laugh. Still can't skate either.
  12. loppylugs

    christmas memories

    Mbwaaaahahaha! Or words to that effect. I should have known that living in Canada for so many years. Thanks Jonab and Carni. we can all relax for boxing day now.
  13. loppylugs

    Stuff Just Gets Better!!

    Sounds nice Oz. A bit warm for me though even living in Ga. I'd be inside playing the organ. How's that going for you btw.?
  14. loppylugs

    christmas memories

    I think it must be a genuine 'Carnism' ( is that a word?) Lol I've learnt a new word for Christmas. just when I thought I knew it all.
  15. loppylugs

    christmas memories

    I can assure you I'm sober but thats a bit of Nottinghamese I have not come across before. I'm sure I'll kick meself for not getting it if you translate it for me.