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  1. MargieH. Re. the Cocker pup. My rescue, Bailey is part cocker part lab. He is extremely well behaved and I never have to raise my voice to him. A simple, "Don't do that." is enough. Jake the Beagle is a totally different proposition. Stubborn as a mule. Much to my shame I do yell at him on occasion. I have to stop immediately because if Bailey is anywhere near he thinks he's in trouble and gets a very miserable look on his face. I have to go and give him a stroke to assure no hard feelings.
  2. A rotten spud really stinks. So do these continuing mad dictates from the pc crowd. When will folks stand up and be counted? Just read this a.m. that stores are going to be fined if they have separate boys and girls toy departments. I'm gonna run my dogs for high office. It couldn't be much worse.
  3. Feel the same way BK. That's why I don't want to replace my old Ipad. Works great for must things except NS. Not only that I'm cheap!
  4. Hi Carni. I hope you and hubbs are continuing to get over the Wuflu. Yes Canon Watson did use those words to us. It is standard in most denominations I think, as a general address, not only to the couple, but the congregation as they are considered witnesses to a legal covenant. Used it myself as a Baptist, but I only did a couple of weddings in my career. Did you ever hear what happened to Canon Watson after he retired? We lost touch. I doubt he is still in the land of the living now. Can't find any mention of him on the web, except as a former minister of Gedling churc
  5. 'Guys' is standard over here. I don't like it when used to mixed company. I've often wondered if it descended form the Jewish term, 'Goys' used of Gentiles. The term 'Youse Goys' (New York slang) Could have easily become, "You guys' over the years. Bit like Blokes, in the UK and Aus' shouldn't be applied to the ladies though. Movies, has been the standard term for the cinema in North America as long as I have been here. Simply moving pictures recorded on film. Do they even use film anymore? Even so called movies are digitized and played on a digital projector today.
  6. I can't speak too highly of rescue dogs. Our dog , Bailey, was technically a rescue dog. He belonged to a teenage family member. She got him as a pup and didn't really understand the responsibility she was taking on. She left him with us while she took a trip. Then told us she didn't really want him any more. We couldn't give him away, or take him to the pound. We knew what would probably happen to him there. We didn't really want two dogs at our age, but what can a dog lover do? He didn't cost us a penny, except in vet bills. He needed neutering. He was al
  7. Thanks BK. I will give that a look if I decide to buy another. Mrs. L has an HP colour printer which we share. I have an old HP laser printer 20+ years old still going strong. That's enough printing capability for two old codgers. The one that gave all the trouble was an HP 6830. Just comes up with a message "Print-head problem." Had one before it and it died with the same issue. HP replaced it. The second one lasted about six months. A lot of bad reports online about it. All with the same problem. Bought a Canon 'Selfie' a year or so ago. Designed just to print 4*6 photos. S
  8. We're a long way back now, Ben. I do remember Billy Cotton. Usually on Sunday lunchtimes after family favorites.
  9. Jack Jackson (remember him?) Liked to play Belafonte on his TV record show. Late fifties. Jackson had a big black cat. Remember?
  10. The old Canon camera's were excellent. Not sure about their printers but I might give one a try next time. HP inks are ridiculous in price and always trying to push their inks via auto updates. I cut those off. The printhead problem is well known but they don't seem to care. Shame to have to dump a printer for what should be a fairly easy fix.
  11. Gave up on HP some time ago. Had two printers both with the same print head problem. Second time they didn't even have the courtesy to acknowledge my letter. So no more HPs.
  12. So sorry about your loss. Us dog lovers can especially sympathize. Try to remember the good times. Dave
  13. Hi SG. Just hoping Kai is doing better. Haven't been able to respond due to site upgrade issues. There have been some problems with some kind of dry dog food over here. Not sure which brand. Something to do with mold harming dogs. Not saying that's your problem but you might want to check it out.
  14. Just dropped in for a pee on the lamppost and a bark. Hoping you are all ok.. Just wondering, Den. Did the new tablet clear up all the issues with the site or create some new ones? If I could just post on the Ipad I guess I could live with it even though I don't like it. No upgrade should stop anyone from posting. Login is still iffy on the Ipad but it always was, the upgrade didn't make it any better. Cowd ere today. No dog with any sense wants to go out there. See! it can get cowd even here in sunny, hot, humid Ga.
  15. . 'Orrible music on me phone trying to get an issue sorted out. Why can't they let you wait in silence. This world is no longer my home