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  1. I'm with you on that, John. Just seems like everybody here makes the biggest noise about Termites. From insurance companys to pest control companys seem to get really upset about them.
  2. Over here they call them Termites and they will eat your house if they get to the woodwork. New houses are sprayed before the sheetrock goes on. You have bait stations around the yard to kill 'em off. Have to keep all that current if you ever hope to sell your house. In the 90s again here. It's been that way for twenty days straight. I did my shopping and filled my tank. Now I'm staying in my air conditioned doghouse for the rest of the day. Rain is forecast this weekend. Sure hope so. I've about given up on my garden.
  3. Probably because of all the thieving idiots that will take advantage of you if they can.
  4. Back to the doc's this afternoon for a different blood pressure med. Hopefully the new one will have less side effects than the previous ones.
  5. One of 'em's Mrs. L. Thinking she'll keep an eye on me, I reckon.
  6. Not as far as I know. I've always believed the boy scout motto, "be prepared," and its a long way back to Alberta. At the end of the day it makes no difference anyway.
  7. I like that. Then I can get one of those electric shopping buggies and drive around all day. Went and bought meself a cemetary plot yesterday. Down here in Ga. My kids will probably have a fit, but I'm not hearing much from them while I'm still in the land of the living. Guess I should drop in and walk up and down on it once in a while. Get a bit of use out of it while I can.
  8. Root problem is in the mindset and upbringing of people. The more rules there are the more there are to break and more enforcers required. They often whine that they don't have the resources to enforce them anyway. So it goes on. Growing up I don't remember many petty rules, but for the most part folks cared enough about their neighbors and neighborhood that things went reasonably well. I think it was called common sense. It's been a long time since I've seen much of it.
  9. Same in the Rockies in Canada. You come around a curve and here's a bunch of cars stopped halfway into the lane. After you've managed to brake without hitting somebody, you see a bunch of idjits tossing cookies to a big black bear. Little do they seem to realize that if that bear runs out of cookies he could easily nail somebody. Never ceases to amaze.
  10. I bet Ben would tell us, keep away from widda's. If they get yer, yer've 'ad it. I should know, I married one.
  11. Thanks BK. It didn't look quite right. Yeh! I'm doing ok, thanks. Just a bit older and dafter.
  12. Reminds me of the time when we were visiting from Canada. We went to Wollaton Hall with my mother and her second husband. (my dad died in '72). Her new husband was a big evolution fan. Most of you have probably seen the Gorilla there. My mam suddenly said to him, "Oh look! there's one of your relatives." He seemed to take it well. They stayed married for years.
  13. Probably pulling your leg, Brew. We've got to remember they poop too. Ours all hang around outside. Thankfully no inside ones. Dogs would have 'em.
  14. Never went there. I knew too many lads who got a punch in the mouth for no other reason than just being there as far as I know.
  15. Lot of Lizrds here too. We don't mind 'em too much as it is said that if Lizards are around there are no snakes around. Keep those bins tied down.