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  1. Things that pee you off

    Political correctness is at the root of so much of the nonsense. I read a quote the other day that resonated with me. I think it may have been Orwell, but not totally sure, anyway! "In a world full of lies, to speak the truth is to be a radical." It's time all of decent society would speak up. Right now if we point out the dangers we are condemned as homophobic, sexist, bigoted, racist. All words designed to make us shut up, and the status remain quo.
  2. Hello from New Jersey

    I don't post a lot on the couple of organ forums I am on. Mainly because most of the posters are far better musicians than I will ever be so I don't have anything much to tell them, but I post some. Often with a question or two just to indicate I'm still around and still interested.
  3. Things that pee you off

    Just 'rack' 'em and mark 'em up with a branding iron, followed by a good flogging eh? Jill. Sorry Jill. I could not resist it. I enjoy medieval plainsong, but sometimes as I listen I wonder if it helped to cover the screams of those being reminded of their heresy in the cells below as the inquisition did its filthy work. Somebody once asked, why does the devil have all the good music? If the inquisition doesn't get you the Black Plague will. Sorry to start the week on such a dark note. It's Monday a.m. Chucking it dahn, and still almost dark as I look out. Sometimes it reflects my mood. I don't mean to preach at you so please don't jump on me. If we read Matthew 24,. Luke 21. Mark 13. We see Jesus describing the days just before His return. We see all of this in today's papers. Paul the apostle wrote to Timothy, 2nd Timothy 3. First part of the chapter. What he wrote there is amazing in the light of today. I'm not pushing a religious agenda. Just read it as history, as you would any other history book. I think it throws some light on today's issues. Btw. If you read all of the above it will not take more than 15 minutes. No more than a quick read of the paper. Now for another quick cup of coffee and make fuss of the hounds. That usually lightens my mood.
  4. Hello from New Jersey

    In all the years I have been here it has saddened me numerous times when folks come on. They have a good Nottingham background with lots of potential for good posts. Some post some excellent stuff for a while and then they are gone. Never to be seen again. There has been no unpleasantness or anything like that. They're just gone. You wonder what happened? what turned them off? They had time to lurk before they joined up so they know what we're like. It makes me reluctant to even post a welcome anymore until I see them stick around some. I don't know how to handle it.
  5. Things that pee you off

    Y'ain't seen nothing yet Fly. It can only go down from here. Who would have said a few years ago that we would see men marrying each other?. Pretty much every morning I say to Mrs. L. Welcome to another fun filled day in the loony bin. Only reason I bother looking at the paper is to see how much crazier it is today than yesterday. The day could come when people with our values will be hung as dangerous bigots.
  6. Embarrassing Moments

    Bindare Dundat. TBI. Got half way around Wal Mart one day before I even noticed.
  7. Students

    So can I. Hhooowwwwllll
  8. How's your day?

    You'll probably be home by the time you read this Katy. I'm sure you enjoyed Nottingham and hope you have had a safe and happy trip home.
  9. How's your day?

    Thanks for the pics Rog. They are really characters. . Right bunch of comedians. Glad you enjoy being with 'em.
  10. How's your day?

    just wondering. Did you ever own a Beagle Rog? I suspect you have some knowledge of being run ragged. I love my Beagle, but he is a stubborn, defiant so and so at times. I think he sees life as one big chase game and he can run me ragged.
  11. I didn't know that!

    Probably true of most of us if we were willing to admit it, Rog.
  12. Famous sayings reworded

    Gerroff or I'll punch yer lights out.. Just a saying,Col. Nothing personal.
  13. How's your day?

    You've got that right, Rog.
  14. How's your day?

    Likewise, Ben, likewise. Look where I grew up. Jill. You have a point. Glad you weren't planning on giving me another Beagle. I don't think I could stand another. Lol. Just thinking maybe we should club together and send Catfan a Beagle. They really are a dog with a sense of humor. Of course his login name would have to be changed to Beaglefan.
  15. How's your day?

    Thanks Alf,. I mean Ben. Never thought you'd be the one to do it.