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  1. Compo

    Out and about with Compo

    there's a talk next month at teheCastlehill centre about eleven miles from me. It's being given by a 98yr old former WWII bomber pilot. He has asked that the centrwe video hiss talk because he fears he may not be able to continue giveng it much longer. Looking forward to it!
  2. Compo

    Out and about with Compo

    Stopped at a chip shop with a so-called dining room the other day in Alness, Easter Rosshire. They charged £21 for a basic fish tea for two. That's fish, chips and peas with one slightly stale slice of bread buttered by themselves and a small mug of tea with milk added also by themselves. Condiments consisted of salt and vinegar - no pepper. If you wanted sauces including tartare sauce it was extra! The food was presented in a plain, compressed paper dish and arrived about five minutes after the tea. It was a complete rip-off but sadly, not unusual for Scotland.
  3. Compo

    Out and about with Compo

    You can't beat Cod and Chips open (Not to go!) with salt and vinegar.
  4. Compo

    'How does your garden grow?'

    Had to look that one up Rog!
  5. Compo

    Out and about with Compo

    There's plenty of Poles up here Beekay but not the type you mean Only joking. I woud love to see some Sussex views and I'm sure others would too. I started this thread some time ago to give a bit of a broader view of things instead of everything being totally Notts based. I'm sure others would also welcome your home area pictures.
  6. Compo

    Out and about with Compo

    A walk from Wick to Noss Head lighthouse on sunday produced this Great Skua. Great skuas are piratical birds that steal their food from other birds in flight. Luckily, I had my Canon camera with me.......
  7. Compo

    Out and about with Compo

    Not guilty, Beekay!
  8. Compo

    Out and about with Compo

    A Scottish glen on a busy day:
  9. Compo

    Out and about with Compo

    Beekay: The nearest chip shop where you can get a fish & chips takeaway at under £8.50 is in England! By and large, Scottish chip shops are robbing b'stards.
  10. Compo

    Out and about with Compo

    Living in the north of Scotland occasionally has its advantages
  11. Compo

    Out and about with Compo

    Strath Conon - the end of the road on Thursday. I didn't take my big camera; these were taken on my snapshot camera instead: From here it's Shank's Pony all the way: Still plenty of snow in the Highlands. This is Sgur Fuarr Thuill: Nora Batty approcahing the summit of Beinn Mheadhoin; encumbered by a huge camera bag around her neck: Beinn Mheadhoin summit: Bach an Eich: Strath Conon glen in spring: What happens when you are wanting to get home? They close the glen for half an hour whilst they cut the tree branches away from the electric lines!
  12. Compo

    Things you don't see anymore

    I thought Paddy Tipping was a name for Irish fly-tippers?!
  13. Compo

    Jigsaw puzzle season

    Can't see any of the images from the business card, Rog. can you repost them please?
  14. Compo

    Things that pee you off

    This really P*sses me off. Taken from the Leicster mercury and also an article on the TV news. When will the Health and Safety police realise that Goerge Orwell's "1984" was meant to be a novel - not a flipping rule book! If any group could be said to be self-policing it's the WI. Anyone found baking substandard cakes or using dirty premises would be forced to undergo such humiliation that they would never dare bake a cake again!: "....Women’s Institute members have been stopped from baking cakes for a Leicestershire hospice due to health and safety rules. The Leicestershire and Rutland WI has been told by Loros [Hospice] that they cannot accept cakes from them unless members get environmental health approval for their kitchens. The Leicester City Council food safety experts inspected the kitchen of the hospice in Groby Road on February 27 and told staff about the regulations. This means that Loros can only accept cakes and pastries from people who have baked them in registered kitchens which have received a council food safety rating. Glenice Wignall, vice chairwoman of the board of trustees of the Leicestershire and Rutland Women’s Institute, said: “It is all very sad....." She went on to say that in forty years of baking for the hospice, there had not been a single incidence of ill helath due to their baking. GRRR!
  15. Compo

    Out and about with Compo

    Ok, so long as you don't bring Fat Freddy's cat!