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  1. Compo

    How's your day?

    Well done, PP!
  2. Compo

    How's your day?

    Well, you're not wrong there, Brew!
  3. Compo

    How's your day?

    Took a clifftop walk from Nybster to Buchollie castle in the north east Caithness this morning. three and a half hours in heavy wintry showers and near gale force wind....I must fecking bonkers!
  4. Compo

    Musing on "Making ends meet"......

    I had a coal place next to the outside loo when I worked and lived in Annesley. Had 19cwt of employees coal allowance delivered every five weeks and the coal place was always full to overflowing.
  5. Making ends meet: During the post World War II period many of us experienced life in the "Make do and mend" era. This was a difficult time for all ordinary working people, where money was tight and goods scarce. Many will remember the daily shopping expedition down to the local greengrocer, grocer and newsagent for essential supplies such as 2lbs of potatoes, a few carrots and perhaps a cabbage - you get the picture. In that period, from the end of the war though until the mid-1960s there was no such thing as a supermarket and all food was bought at either the local shop or the town market. In Nottingham we were lucky to have the Central Market, where farm produce was available alongside fresh fish; although many could only afford the fish as an occasional treat. Cars were few and far between and family holidays tended to be either the odd day out to Trentham Gardens, Alton Towers (Before the white knuckle rides were invented), Dudley & Twycross Zoos, Newstead Abbey, Edwinstowe for the Major Oak or if lucky, Skeggy or one of the other East coast resorts. Travel to these places was mostly by bus or train. I think most trips in my younger days were taken on 'Skills' coaches and sometimes the train from Daybrook Station. Local parks, such as Wollaton, held occasional fairs and events too. Towards the end of summer and into autumn the travelling fairs became the focus of attention, with the Goose Fair being the highlight of the season followed by numerous local "Wakes" such as Basford, Heanor, Ilkeston, Arnold, Hucknall, etc.. However, I digress; the memories I am trying to convey are those of having little in the way of material possessions and mothers attempting to make a small wage feed a family - remember, there was no benefit system like we have today, you worked or got your pittance of a dole and nothing else but a few pence family allowance for your second and subsequent children. In order to accomplish this they had to shop daily, making every penny count - and by gum, they did anorl! I clearly recall going down to the shops armed with a tanner (6d or 2½p for those who are too young to remember old money) for some spuds and veg! As for health, had it not been for the advent of the NHS in 1948 many more of us would not have survived to tell the tale. I think my own parents had a big struggle but in my opinion, they did a great job and I wish they were still alive today so that I could tell them so.....
  6. Compo

    Photos to cheer us up

    Newark Castle - where Kong John died from dysentry in 1216. Photo taken about 2008:
  7. Compo

    Talking Pictures

    Talking Pictures is also my favourite channel, Ben. Some great stuff on there; such as Scotland Yard, Gideon's Way and many great films.
  8. Compo

    Photos to cheer us up

    Gretton road, Mapperley, winter 1986/1987. Showing my Series III SWB Safari Landrover:
  9. Compo

    Jigsaw puzzle season

    Thanks, Rog. I'll pass the gen on.
  10. Compo

    How's your day?

    On teh topic of repeat prescrip[tions; I am on a permanent repeat list for Allopurinol for my gouty leg. I asked the paharmacy if I could have an early prescription because, like Col, I was to be out of the country when it was needed. They said "No bother at all, come in a couple of days before you leave." I did so and of course, they had forgotten.
  11. Compo

    How's your day?

    The missis is looking forward to fish in parsley sauce for tea. I took my eyes off the cat for five minutes.....Wonder how she will like the beans on toast?
  12. Compo

    An American's View of England

    Referring to the original post: The American says (Near the bottom of his list) that if you are 60 you get free TV. In fact you have to wait until you are 75 to qualify for the free TV licence.
  13. Compo

    Things you don't see anymore

    Viz magazine advertises All wood greenhouses with no glass. "No more broken panes from pesky kids throwing stones!" they claim.
  14. Compo

    Jigsaw puzzle season

    WOW! My sister collects Wasgij jigsaws and there are dozens of them on that stall. I've sent her the photo and although she lives in Northumbrland, she has a daughter in Nottingham who may be able to get out to Retford to take a look for her. What day is the market with jigsaws held? I notice from the internet that there are markets on Thursday and Saturday but a Bric-a-brac market on Friday - would this have been the Friday marlet, Rog?
  15. Compo

    Tom Strong of Sneinton

    Great post Davidw!