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  1. Ayup gang, Does anyone remember which secondary school served the Dunkirk area, please?
  2. Thinking of losing great people to that scyth carrying horseman, DEATH, one really great man, who died a couple of years ago, was David Bellamy. I met him twice and found him approachable and a joy to talk to. The first time I met him I had been on a conservation tree planting fortnight on the Inner Hebrides island of Rhum. It was late winter and I had driven down from the ferry without stopping in order to get to his talk in the Lake District that same evening. My girlfriend of the time and myself sat in his audience looking like a pair of tramps when his talk turned to "Armchair conserv
  3. Does anyone remember the bus stop at the Market Square (Trolley bus I think), adjacent to Queen Victoria's statue, being called "Queen Victoria"? I seem to rememebr, as a child, asking for a ticket to Victoria and being asked by the conductor "Station or Statue?", although the statue had gone by then.
  4. Does anyone remember or have information about a crisp factory in Daybrook. It was still operating in the 1950s as far as I remember. It was on a lane , possibly Morley Street. My mother used to refer to the crisp factory as "Crookie Crisps".
  5. 1. When in the Cubs I attended an annual Nottinghamshire Cub meet at Bestwood Hall army camp. I Forget whether it was 1959 or 1960 but at that meet we were told to bring a sleeping bag for camping in Scout tents. Mine was made from ex-army blankets pinned into a bag shape with safety pins. At the breakfast table (A trestle affair), a lad called the marmalade "Lady Marma" and ever since that day I have known marmalade as Lady Marma. Funny how easily we are impressed when young. I was so popular that when I hid in a tree for the hide-and-seek competition, I was there for ages and ages. When I f
  6. Even when the weather is like this? Winter North Atlantic storm approaching Dunnet Head on the North coast of Scotland.
  7. Nothing surprises me about Campbelltown!
  8. You almost need a second mortgage to buy them though! One portion of "Regular" fish and chips to take away in Golspie: £9.30!
  9. It has been my custom, for more years than I care to remember, to camp out by my well on Hogmanay to get away from it all here in the far north of Scotland, where the event is a big thing. It snowed steadily all day yesterday and when the sun went down it froze. I managed to get my tent up before dark and retired for the evening at around 2200hrs. I survived the snow and freezing temperatures (-4°C). This morning at 0530 I got up and the tent was frozen solid above me! I took my mountain bike out and went for my usual New Year's Day bike ride. It was quite scary with yesterday's snow all froze
  10. I seem to recall the co-op (and possibly other stores)selling loose sugar in blue paper bags. I was told that the reason for the bags being blue was that no other foodstuffs were sold in blue, so it was easy to recognise. Can anyone tell me the real reason for the loose sugar being sold exclusively in blue bags, please?
  11. I completely forgot about the Arkwright street one, Dennis.
  12. Anyone remember the fishing tackle shop on Hyson Green that got hold of a milk vending machine and filled the cartons with maggots so that anglers could buy their bait out-of-hours? Can't recall the shop's name but it was on the left near the top on the way into town from Gregory Boulevard. rd.
  13. Just received this from my brother: According to someone who lived near the Arboretum for a long time: "The arboretum had a Capuchin monkey, it had white fur round it`s neck and sat on a bird table near the cockatoo. They also had Toucans which would break the legs of pigeons if they got into the Aviary. Do not know when the monkey was there or when it died. Lord Snowdon designed the new Wire Aviary later."
  14. I remember the aviaries in the Arboretum but did any of the cages ever house monkeys?