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  1. Do yer remember much about peas hill road , I remember someone saying house got on fire there when a thunderbolt hit the roof.
  2. Yeah I thought the same , but I think we tastes all the other lot as kids , the strawberry jam sponge and chocolate sponge made we want to taste that yummy sponge all over again !
  3. Use to live on Denewood crescent early 1970b, went to that school at the top of Denewood, players I think can't remember , but remember it was the year racehorse Persian war ridden by jockey Jimmy uttley won the champion hurdle , I was horse racing mad in them days , all started watching me Dad on a saturday cursing at some horse because it got beat by a whisker , Got caught at school I was sitting at the back but instead of concentrating on English lessons, I was perusing tomorrow's runners and rider in the nottingham evening post , they had a tipster called Donovans selections I rem
  4. I thought you was a screwing expect our Ben !!!!!!
  5. Many happy returns of the Day Margie , what did you get as presents , woolly scarf , mittens and thermal knickers ???
  6. Does it speak Japanese though ?
  7. Mystic meg with the scary eyes , What newspaper was she in the Sun or the Mirror ?
  8. I see the people of skeggy have had enough of putting these refugees up in hotels , and bloody about time mentioned this , the uk has become a dumping ground for refugees, Yet army veterans are sleeping rough , shouldn't the british government look after there own country folk first and foremost ?
  9. Blimey I am flying in to Heathrow on Monday from the 31celcius Philippines, going to be a shock to the system !
  10. Billy don't be an hero , was the call if yer name was Bill, Billy or William ! Do you reckon they made there name up from nottingham evening post PAPER , And lace market for LACE ? I do .
  11. Was drinking bomber ale or shippos ??
  12. @benjamin1945 thanks our kid , swinging is getting to be abit of a challenge nowadays , I gave it some rice on the roundabout though , until a burly policeman turfed me off saying kids only !
  13. @MRS B thanks dear I am shaken but not stirred , actually it was further south so didn't feel , but funny though as Micheal buble was singing just sway on the radio , so I blame him !
  14. Ben happy belated birthday, you remember that song oldest swinger in town ? That's how I feel at 66 years old !
  15. Alrate youth ive heard said in bulwell .