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  1. @HSR i remember when i was at bilborough school players, it was Chelsea v Leeds united in the F A cup final in the 70s
  2. @MRS B can imagine @DJ360 in those carry on films with all those nurses and bed baths he's getting Phwoarrrrrr !
  3. @DJ360 what they got you on ? Smiths or walkers ? Not preawn cocktail i hope yuk !!!
  4. @IAN FINN leo said that or rather sang I'm a one man band , remember it ? 70,s i believe !
  5. Funny to see a guy dahn pit riding a raleh bike shooting a gun !
  6. @IAN FINN pull the other one it's got bells on it !!
  7. @Brew do ya mean they spread their wings like ???
  8. Reminding me now of those sweets parma violets , and lovehearts !
  9. But most of them were either hippies, drop outs or communist trying to bring the country to a stand still , their arses could of be used to something more useful like cooking the old mans tea.
  10. @DJ360 wishing a speedy recovery and getting back to normal....the new normal !!