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  1. Brings back memories in the 70s watching an air display on the old train embankments of bulwell hall just as you enter as if going to bulwell hall park , the Blue angels jets flew right over us , and my brother ran away with is hands over his ears , the noise as they flew over was so loud , the jets flew over , then the thundering scream came , blummin exciting that was !!!
  2. How about bill and ben the flowerpot men ? Flubbalub !!!
  3. Going off topic abit , i stumbled across the creation of Jackanory on youtube tonight , how many off us sat down to tea and listened to the likes of Bernard cribbins , james robert justice, and hatty Jaques tell us a story , brought back happy memories !
  4. You socksy thing !!!!!
  5. In british horseracing they use furlongs , 8 furlongs to a mile !
  6. We used to have a coal shed in the kitchen when we lived in bulwell hall ( Grindon crescent ) incidentally i looked at that street on google maps doesn't seem to have changed since i left in 1974
  7. Remember that bottled orange of the milkman ? I love that stuff !
  8. A girl in every town that is you to a tea ( pardon the pun ) Ben !!!!!
  9. @MargieH normal service resumes , as ive been forgiven for the sopping wet washing , because here in the Philippines it's so hot the clothes dry fast even after a monsoon rainfall !
  10. @plantfit interesting collection you have there !
  11. Did anyone work at Rolls royce factory in Hucknall ? From bulwell hall golf course you could them testing the engine of a DC10 might be wrong on that , it's only what i was told in the 1970,s
  12. How about when we'd buy staples at the hardware shop and fire them from a elastic band from our hands it bit like a catapult or gaddy as we called them .