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  1. Yes he did Col, there should of been a part 2 to see where he ended up , maybe he landed in slab Square, and the locals thought he was an alien so beat the living day lights out of him !!!!!
  2. Not listening, but watching an old French movie short which brought back memories of my childhood, the film Ballon Rouge, or rather The Red Balloon , lovely views of France in the old days too.
  3. I believe they have dwarf boxing matches here too in the Philippines, but ive never witnessed it !
  4. I remember those miniskirts has a boy just turning into a teenager , I had a crush on my sisters friend , they were sitting on a step on a corner street , and I was staring at her legs , and thought my face feels hot , thinking it was her gorgeous legs I looked at my sister who said ha wer , why are you blushings ?
  5. Aww yeah I remember Cresta cabs , a funny thing happen to me whilst I lived in Portsmouth, a policeman threw me in a taxi and told the cabbie , get him home ,he's so drunk he can't even walk , When we got to my destination , he said right mate that's £3.50 then , I fumbled in me pockets and told him I was skint because I've blew it all on beer, He shook is head in discuss and said go on bugger off !
  6. Most likely Ben, it was always kicking of there , I remember malcolm mee chasing us around the pool table for a joke that he didn't get !!!!
  7. I was born in church drive in carrington, I looked on Google maps and it's still there , with a shop on the corner , carrington pottery !
  8. I was a bulwellian chulla in the 70,s and the only crime I remember was a stabbing in the chip shop , yes a fork stabbed a chip , I see you mentioned Hungerhill gardens too, was that the old st anns ? I lived on leicester street top end of the road was Hungerhill rd and bottom was st anns well road , I lived in st anns 60,s Era, love to go back to them days pre demolition, life was great for a mucky kid back then !
  9. Lizzie don't talk to me about tv remotes , once we went to our grand son's house to babysit , and there were about 7 remote controls for various things , so I said to my grandson, Zack how do you turn the telly on , he pointed to a chunky looking remote and gave me a look to say , are you thick !!!!!