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  1. It's nice to know it's listed, but I wonder how many people ever see it, notice it, or wonder anything about it.
  2. I saw that one yesterday - it was dated 1965. Maybe there's a strange kind of nostalgia about those programmes - and I've watched a few (or part of them) - but I don't think they've stood the test of time at all. Incredibly dated, dull and corny. If that's what the so-called good old days were like, I'm glad they've gone.
  3. I've borrowed this from the FB Group 'Nottingham from the Owd Days'. Apparently it's Skinner & Rook who were on Long Row, and it looks very much like an early version of Ben.
  4. If you're into unusual architectural features, the rear of the Judge's building has something which has survived from the old days - although I'm not sure exactly what it is.
  5. Is a boy wearing a knitted (?) hat an unusual thing ? I don't recall seeing it anywhere at any time, although you obviously had a thing about them.
  6. Ben, I don't think the top one is Long Row, I reckon it's the town end of Carrington Street. In front of the trolleybus you can just see the name of Sawyer's Arms; and the building on the right with vertical lines is Woolies. Great photos though !
  7. Jill S you're correct. The sign is still there and visible.
  8. This might bring back a few memories. Scroll down a bit and you find a list of now-defunct supermarkets.
  9. I remember the name Elmo; there was one on Maid Marian Way near the junction with Friar Lane.
  10. That would make it one of these Ben
  11. According to information on the University of Nottm website, Sneinton Asylum closed in 1902 when it was replaced by the opening of Saxondale Hospital.
  12. In all the years I was buying LPs (and I had 100s), I've just realised for the first time that I never looked to see if there were any record stalls on Vic Centre market. I remember at least a couple on the old Central Market.
  13. I had a vague memory at the back of my mind about the subject of Friesland in Radford. And there was indeed a thread on that topic.
  14. You might've missed my update on my previous post. I think I've found the photos you're referring to.
  15. Pepys got around a bit. I've read a version of his diaries. His reference to the pox indicates how he spent a lot of his time - when his wife wasn't looking.