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  1. Cliff Ton

    Car dealers

    Not quite. The Cripps empire at its peak was this range of buildings:
  2. Cliff Ton

    Car dealers

    Cripps was the name used for the plant side of things (International Harvester), there was no other name used. The site on Lenton Lane was divided into three sections; one for construction equipment; one for agricultural plant; and one for cars & head office. If you look on Streetview two of the three sections are still there, although obviously not Cripps. In the later years - mid 70s onwards - the car part operated under the Henly's name.
  3. Cliff Ton

    Car dealers

    I worked for Cripps for about 6 months in the mid 70s. They occupied the site on Lenton Lane opposite what is now the university complex. Part of the Cripps operation was International Harvester tractors - sales, servicing etc. The other part was car dealership, which at the time was Chrysler; I was there when the Chrysler Alpine was introduced. The two parts were semi-independent, but ultimately under the same parent company. At some time the Cripps car dept also had the dealership site further along Lenton Lane, which is now a Honda dealer. For a few years they also had the sales and service station on Mansfield Road opposite the junction with Edwards Lane, next to the former Metropole cinema.
  4. Cliff Ton

    Post numbers in Topic

    Take a look at this thread from a few months ago. It's even more interesting than World War One.
  5. Cliff Ton

    Nottingham Palais

    Welcome to Nottstlagia MansfieldMichael. I've moved your post into an existing thread because it referred to a few names and events which you'd mentioned in your post. The thread is a few years old but you might bring it back to life.
  6. Cliff Ton

    Trent Road Sneinton

    That's a very atmospheric piece, Mr M. Have you looked at the area recently, either in real life or on Streetview ? I reckon most of the buildings you've mentioned are still there, although the shops are of a different character. That area had always intrigued me because there appears to have been some kind of mini-market place in front of your grandad's shop. This is the Streetview link for anyone who's wondering what it's all about
  7. Cliff Ton

    Victoria station in colour

    A while ago, the 'Vic Station in Colour' Facebook Page added a few photos which showed passengers rather than trains. Boots workers on a day trip from Victoria to London in the 1920s. Spot yer granny.
  8. There's an old thread which started about LE Speedway, and moved on to Stock Cars.....
  9. Cliff Ton

    How's your day?

    I stopped work several years ago and I’m less bored now than I’ve ever been. For me, time definitely goes faster as you get older. I don’t think I have an incredibly busy life, but the days and weeks fly by. I’m always thinking things like “….It’s already a week ago since I went there….it’s a couple of months since I did that…….it was last year when that happened”. It still surprises me to find that another day has passed and I’m thinking “where did that go, what did I do ?”.
  10. Cliff Ton

    Site slowdown ?

    I haven't noticed any slow down on here. Maybe the rest of the world is going faster.
  11. Cliff Ton

    Things that pee you off

    If the internet had existed 50 years ago, the parents of that time would've been complaining about ".....youngsters today aren't like they used to be." The youngsters on the receiving end of those complaints are now the adults commenting on today's kids. It always has been, and always will be.
  12. Cliff Ton

    Question for mods

    If it was 6th June, you'd never notice.
  13. Cliff Ton

    Where would you live today in Nottingham

    All places which had a Marsden's.
  14. Cliff Ton

    Anyone remember the Railway Club - Wilford Lane

    The interior photo is fascinating, Albert. You aren't going to like what follows........ Was a church, den. By coincidence, I was in that area only a couple of weeks ago and it now looks like this. It's about to be demolished and apartments built on the site.
  15. Cliff Ton

    How's your day?

    Is there anyone in Bulwell (above a certain age) who you don't know ?