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  1. Obviously in its last days, just before the line closed completely. I did a fast-forward to 20.45 where the Nottingham bit starts, when it goes through the Meadows and Arkwright Street station on the viaducts. When it's in Victoria Station you can see buildings on Glasshouse Street which are still there today, and further on, all the Basford/Bulwell/Hucknall stations are semi-derelict. Makes me feel old when I realise that I was in junior school when that film was taken.
  2. I'm sure the improvement will arrive before too long. You're still posting on here so that's a good sign !
  3. Melissa, offering chocolate on here will probably go down vey well Make sure you can cope with the rush.
  4. A few weeks ago Nottingham was top of the league in the whole country for Covid cases. Now we're below average.
  5. Bigger view of it. And very close to the site of this old thread.
  6. I don't think of 60 years as short ! To me that's quite a long time ago, almost back to the days when I was very young, and I've probably changed almost as much as your road.
  7. Me neither. I just don't get them at all. When I've tried, I just don't register any taste from them. I absolutely don't understand their appeal. When the subject comes up with people who drink spirits they always say "Oh, try this one, you'll really like it, it's different, not like any others you might've tried." And to me it still tastes the same, just nothing. And think of the money I've saved over the years.
  8. I've tweaked the link to the map. If you click on it now it automatically points upwards to show the Lloyds as BK mentioned. Something connected with traffic; cars or maybe motorbikes, or car spares.
  9. The bank building is still there with several occupants. Largely unchanged apart from the signs on the wall.
  10. This one doesn't seem to have been mentioned before. Marsdens on Alfreton Road.....and the same scene today (although the ugly office block is now demolished).
  11. I buy bits and pieces on Amazon from time to time but don't use Prime. When buying things I notice that the form to complete the purchase is heavily geared and biased towards aiming you at Prime. For someone who doesn't want Prime, I have to navigate my way into the small print and almost-hidden options to make sure I don't accidentally find myself on Prime.
  12. Sorry to hear about this carni, but I'm sure everything will turn out ok. You've come through quite a lot medically in the last few years and I'm sure you'll come through this as well. The virus will find that you're stronger than it expected
  13. If it's a real person making the call - not an automated system - I often play them along and keep them talking for a long time, pretending I don't understand what they're saying or what they want. It's a good way to keep your mental health sharp; gives you something to think about and concentrate on.