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  1. One occasion I remember many years ago, I was driving on a country road near Kegworth. Went round a bend and I saw a rabbit sitting in the middle of the road minding its own business. As there was no other traffic, I centred the car over the rabbit with the wheels either side, and drove over him without touching him. As I drove on, I looked in my mirror and the rabbit was still sitting there, probably thinking “what on earth was that just went over my head?”
  2. The Google link works and I (and others) can see the photo. Was it a different photo you tried with Postimage, or the same one again ?
  3. I've now deleted the problem post. As I don't use Postimage, I'm afraid I can't help in identifying what might've gone wrong. If there are options in what you can click on, try clicking on one of the others.
  4. Did you use the uploading feature built into this forum (at the bottom of the reply box) ? It's useless. To upload a photo here, you need to use one of the free image hosting sites. Depending on your technical knowledge, that may be easy or difficult
  5. Not a lot of information, but something from the BBC website.
  6. An interesting video with a great selection of old photos - although obviously biased towards the glorification of the Contemporary as a building and an organisation. Personally, I’ve always thought it’s a hideously ugly place, unsympathetic to the surrounding area. One of the worst sore thumbs ever to stand out anywhere. I struggle to see any link between it and the older Lace Market buildings; the lace pattern on the outside seems like a pathetic attempt to make a silk purse out of the ear of a very ugly sow. But I’ll watch it again because of the old photos.
  7. Was your house on the dog-leg end of Whitbread Street, coming on to Mosley Street ?
  8. Photos number 42, 51 and 52 in this selection are Whitbread Street.
  9. Fernwood gets a few mentions in Nottstalgia, but buried in amongst other threads.
  10. I should've looked first. This brings back a few memories.
  11. I remember playing Newmarket at my grandparents place on Grimston Road; obviously a big thing in that area ! However, I don't remember anything about exactly how the game went.
  12. I think it's something buried deep in the operating system of the forum. A bit like asking how a television works. You don't need to know....just watch it.
  13. Can you give an idea of how far you are getting, or where you get stuck in your attempts ? What equipment you're using, and which programmes ?
  14. Sue, I've run a test with a PM from Carni, and I didn't get a notification about the message she sent me. I think the answer to your original query is that the message you referred to (where you got a notification) was part of a Group PM which was sent to several people. If it had been sent only to you, you wouldn't have had any notification.