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  1. Finally something may be happening..... radfordred has noticed a piece in the NEP announcing that the building is going to be restored - although don't hold your breath.
  2. If you start at No.6 are you then holding the line ? After maybe a minute the voice will say that you are now No. 4.......then after another minute it will say you are No. 2. Is that what's happening ?
  3. This came up somewhere else earlier today. It could've been too schmaltzy, but it stays on the right side. And it's amazing how many people have fond memories of the comments.
  4. Several people on other forums have said they've had their heating on this afternoon/evening.
  5. My GPs use a similar system, and I've rung exactly on starting time but I've never been higher than 6. But at least I've always got an appointment. Mine are actually pretty good at handing out appointments; the system works pretty well.
  6. That's nostalgic for a strange reason - a reminder of how the internet and websites looked 12-15 years ago. It's surprising how much web design has progressed and changed over such a short time.
  7. In a new interview, Sunak is trying to demonstrate that he didn't have a privileged childhood because they didn't have Sky TV. An interesting set of priorities and standards. And staying with Sky TV, Rupert Murdoch has got married again, at 93. It registers quite highly on the cynicism scale.
  8. @Rachel Allen Unfortunately rexyrex has not logged in here since August 2014, so you may not get a reply....although I hope I'm proved wrong.
  9. You could almost argue that a high number of recalls is a good thing. It indicates that the manufacturer will fix a potential problem before it happens, resulting in fewer on-road breakdowns.
  10. It demonstrates that if you go to Youtube and Search your way through the works of Leroy Anderson, you can relive any childhood from the 50s and 60s. I know because I've tried it.
  11. Here's another which falls into the category of '......reminds me of the Light Programme when I was young.'
  12. As the winter temperatures continue, this morning I had to turn up the heating in the car. Normally at this time of the year I expect it to be on zero for several months.
  13. An indication of things improving........since this thread was first posted midday Thursday (i.e. 3 days and 6 hours ago) it has been viewed by 365 people. That would've been impressive back in the good old days; by more recent standards it's bloody amazing.
  14. I've always liked Elizabethan Serenade; I think it's nostalgia for my young days when my dad played it on record, or hearing it on the radio. To me it instantly brings a cosy feeling of being at home in the early 60s. I have the same reaction to this......