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  1. Trivia. Nothing to do with Nottingham, but might be interesting nevertheless.
  2. Some people can carry off the casual look - but many can't. The problem is that those who can't are the majority who walk around like that. They think they look cool...but they don't.
  3. A Youtube video of a guy walking round the former Porterhouse.
  4. For anyone who wants to see the source (and many other Bulwell photos).....
  5. Just seen your reaction to where you found it on FB
  6. I'm not seeing any cut-off. All the words are there with complete sentences. It doesn't help that it's a bit of a rant, which might make it appear something's missing.
  7. Aren't you going to also tell us that the lady in the foreground is Beryl who you took to the Palais in 1962 ?
  8. To me this perfectly evokes growing up in the late 50s-early 60s more than just about any other piece of music.
  9. Doesn't really answer the question but there's an NEP feature on old Netherfield which includes a few photos of Victoria Road.
  10. It's this stretch of Victoria Road, with arrows going right to left.
  11. I can see now where the misunderstanding has happened. Victoria Road isn't mentioned in the original post, but that's the length of road in question. It's one-way in an easterly direction. It's not immediately obvious on the map but Chandos Street extends down onto Victoria Road - it's semi-pedestrianised and marked as a thinner line.
  12. This may be the one you'd found; described as Adams Cottages from Adams Street - with Lindsay Street in the distance. Lindsay Street is marked here; the road on the left is Radford Road, and St Paul's church is still there. The narrow road between Lindsay Street and Forest Street is Adams Street, but not named on here.
  13. It was released in 69 and I don't think I'd ever heard it since then, until I was digging around on Youtube a few months ago. And then I found I remembered it really well.