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  1. I don't know it or remember it, but this is what it looked like.
  2. That photo is also a very good record of motoring history. It's early 80s and the four cars are three Japanese and one Ford.
  3. Even though it wasn't my area I went there a few times in the 80s. I've just looked and discovered it closed as a pub and is now converted to flats.
  4. After Lennon & McCartney, H-D-H must be the most prolific and successful songwriters in the world of music.
  5. The BBC report on the news.
  6. Another which has been borrowed from a FB Group. This is described as 'Late 50s'.
  7. I've obviously led a sheltered life. I doubt if I'll ever be able to write posts like that.
  8. The Magic Roundabout was excellent. Like all good childrens' programmes it was clever because it worked on two levels. It had the simplistic side for youngsters, but also operated on another level for older people who understood the hidden references.
  9. I was also there at that time. My big musical memory of Listen With Mother was the piano piece at the end, which I later discovered is this.
  10. Not every day we see a photo of someone who has recently posted on Nottstalgia !
  11. It's been noticed more than once over the years that everybody who posts on Nottstalgia is probably related to everyone else who posts here.
  12. Back in the day I thought the Seekers were old-fashioned and for 'squares', but in later years I rediscovered them and realised Judith Durham had one of the best voices ever on record.
  13. Hopefully this shows everything mentioned in the last few posts, including Ben's and Hey Arnold's memories. Park Place (as in the old photo) is the double-headed arrow, leading out on to Park Lane The building arrowed on the far right is Standard of England (?)...if not it's the next building along just out of shot. The curved road on the left is Saxondale Drive. At the top centre is the railway embankment, with a bridge leading to Andover Road which hadn't been built yet.
  14. Case sensitive. This one didn't work because it should be upper case E on Engineer.
  15. Phone books are available on if you are a member....which I'm not, but can get free access via a library if I have the time and inclination. Keep watching this space.