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  1. Police on point duty

    This could also be posted under 'Things you don't see any longer'. I wonder how many police actually liked standing in the middle of the road in bad weather. 1960s in Theatre Square; looking a bit hectic. A few years earlier in the same place; what exactly did he have to do? Another easy job. Looking up Wheeler Gate. 1920s at the top of Chapel Bar, controlling wandering pedestrians.
  2. Nobs & Knobs in Nottingham

    And don't forget hobnobbing. The act of eating biscuits.
  3. Local nicknames for Pubs

    At a guess it was this - the Rose and Thistle.
  4. Membership query

    CP, which topic were you trying to reply to ?
  5. Things you don't see anymore

    You were obviously upmarket ! At least you had fireplaces in the bedrooms. In a 1950s council house we didn't even have the luxury of an empty fireplace; it was either a paraffin heater or a one-or-two bar electric fire. The designers obviously thought that any kind of heating upstairs was unnecessary.
  6. Experian - what the hell is it ?

    A few minutes ago there were 75 Guests. Most of them were Experian. They are still being nosey.
  7. Nottingham & Notts Books

    It's curious because some people could see the second one (although not me). Plantfit gave a Like to the second image so presumably he was seeing something. I'l leave the posts and see if anyone else comments.
  8. Nottingham & Notts Books

    Still seeing nothing in either post.
  9. Sentimental old 'Tat' and liberty bodices

    You only have to look at most of Ben's posts to see that romance and emotion are still alive and kicking.
  10. Things you don't see anymore

    On the subject of Shredded Wheat, by a strange coincidence, someone I know via Facebook posted this today.
  11. Nottingham & Notts Books

    Bubblewrap, in this and your earlier post today, I'm not seeing anything, just a blank box. Your picture linking doesn't seem to be working.
  12. Local nicknames for Pubs

    Am I right in thinking this was the Ginger Tom - and also had another name at some time in its life.
  13. Theatre Days

    As well as the theatre bits I was fascinated by the adverts, so thanks for them as well.
  14. Catstone Hill Farm, Strelley

    lost_the_plots, I assume you've looked at the maps on Old Maps, which show the area in some detail at various times from 1880 onwards. They could answer some of your queries. Looking at them, there were only a few cottages on Strelley Lane, at the southern end, so you can probably work out which census description fits each cottage. And if you haven't already found it, this is fairly relevant.
  15. Membership query

    WW, I'm afraid I don't understand your comment. What are the two emails you refer to ? Who or what is Toreador ?