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  1. I'm perfectly ok with injections provided a nurse/doctor does it - although I always look the other way. I've never had to DIY. I suppose if it's a choice of that or not being here, there's not really much choice.
  2. Had my hair cut this morning. For the first time in over two years not a mask in sight either on the staff or customers.
  3. I don't remember Monkey but I definitely remember Water Margin, especially the theme song.
  4. No. Collin Street doesn't exist any longer. Through traffic can't operate around there now. From the bottom end of MMW, all the through traffic (nowhere near as much as there used to be) is diverted up Wilford Road and then turn left along what used to be the top half of Queen's Drive. Then down the side of the railway station along Queen's Road. That brings you out on London Road, and then you go left towards the Lace Market or right towards Trent Bridge. Massive extra mileage along roads which can't handle the volume of traffic. So there's not much point in going down
  5. For anyone who hasn't been in the area recently, the bottom end of Maid Marian Way currently looks like this.......
  6. Is it worth starting a new thread for Monkey Pox ?
  7. I wonder what all the members of Pickettywitch are doing these days ? One day, one of them will be trawling around the internet and Google will lead them to this thread; then Ben will get to meet his heroes.
  8. Cloud Seeding has been around for a while, although it's probably a bit of a fringe science.
  9. Thanks for that information. I'm certainly a member of that generation, having spent a small fortune in Selectadisc in my earlier days. This is a link to the relevant BBC Sounds page. I haven't listened yet, but will get round to it in the next couple of days.
  10. I'm not thinking too much about it now. The numbers are going down; they went up a couple of months ago, and then came down again, all without the aid of any lockdowns or restrictions. It's become something we have to learn to live with it and treat it the same way as other diseases and illnesses.
  11. When it comes to dancing, you can't beat this.
  12. Judging by Ben's experience today, Bulwell seems to be some kind of time-warp where no-one gets older and the past is always there.
  13. Rather ironic...but at least he was honoured for his work.
  14. I'm no great fan of Thatcher but getting rid of school milk was a great decision in the eyes of many kids. The only problem is that I'd left school several years before she made the move, but at least the thought was there. To this day I still can't stand the sight - or smell - of milk on its own.
  15. I've been re-reading the thread about the girl (Sally) who used to sell newspapers on Long Row - with a very well-spoken accent. Made me realise that you don't see newspaper sellers on the streets now. And there's a reason for that; very few people buy one. The circulation figures for the Evening Post are spectacular. They now only sell around 8,000 copies a day. In the 1970s it was in the region of 90,000 a day.