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  1. The latest for which I can get information is 1984, when there were four in the area. Maid Marian Way/St James St. Broad Marsh Vic Centre Long Eaton.
  2. One of the growth industries since the whole CV thing started has been the increase in the number of armchair experts. They know everything - and criticise it - after it's happened. If they were in a position of power they wouldn't know where to start.
  3. That brought back memories for me because my grandad - who lived in Radford and worked at Players - had a thing about Italian opera. They never had a television set but did have a record player, and one of my memories of visiting them is hearing my grandad play records (including 78s). At the time I didn't really understand what I was hearing (and I didn't particularly like it) but in retrospect I now know it was Italian opera. I'm still not very fond of it, but whenever I hear it, it brings back memories of visiting that house in the 1960s.
  4. Is this the place you're referring to ? I've walked along London Road at that point but not on the canal path. I might take a closer look.
  5. Den, I'm not sure he fits the description of a 'man'. According to this report he was 19yrs old, so probably a student who lived in the house and invited all his mates.
  6. Yesterday I had a text from my GP offering a normal flu jab (like you have every year). As it's almost impossible to get appointments for anything these days I'll probably accept, just for the novelty of going into the health centre again.
  7. I suppose with pizzas - as with many other things - it comes down to “you don’t miss what you don’t know”. I’m happy to eat run of the mill Nottingham pizzas (from time to time) because I’ve never had a high-end upmarket pizza of the standard Nonna is talking about. If I was to encounter one of them I’d probably be gobsmacked at how much better it was and I’d realise what i’d been missing. But as it is, I don’t mind the occasional Aldi/Morrisons/Sainsbury/takeaway pizza of the standard to which I’ve become accustomed.
  8. I wouldn't know what was a high or low number in that situation, but I hope you'll soon be back to tell us how it turned out.
  9. Lizzie has mentioned it on Facebook but not yet on here.
  10. The bottom line is......we should all just sit back and be grateful we're still able to post messages here The time to get worried is when you can't do it.
  11. I wasn't there, but a wild guess......Girlschool ?
  12. That has happened quite often in recent months. The media give big headlines to the fact that an area/factory/pub/restaurant/etc etc has had a burst of outbreaks and everyone needs to isolate (which I don't disagree with). But then you never hear any more about those locations because the problem is sorted without any major drama, and everything goes back to normal. But the media never report that part of the story. When it's not click-bait, they lose interest.
  13. The only small silver coin I remember was the sixpence. I never saw silver threepenny bits (I obviously missed the special editions), I remember them as being brown/bronze/brass.
  14. £398 for that !! That's probably close to the price of the house on Grimston Road when it was first built.