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  1. historical Robin Hood search

    Yes, I think you are very wrong. Most people in Nottingham see Robin Hood as one of the main reasons why Nottingham is known and recognised around the world. If you ask someone "what's the first thing which comes into your mind if I say Nottingham" a great number would say Robin Hood...along with Brian Clough or Torvill & Dean. There's also a belief among many Nottm residents that the council and other bodies don't do enough to promote the Robin Hood connection; it's a massively underused asset.
  2. Classic Old Films On TV.

    If you can't watch it this time, just watch any other British film on 'Talking Pictures' - it's almost the same thing !! All the films seem to have the same actors, regardless of the subject and plot.
  3. Classic Old Films On TV.

    Quite right !!! It's Thursday MORNING, so don't blame me if you miss it......
  4. Classic Old Films On TV.

    This might be of interest to certain people The Billy Fury film "I've gotta horse" is being shown tomorrow (Thursday 22) at 10.30am.
  5. Shippos is coming back

    That Ivor Thirst thing also used to be on the pub (various names over the years) next to Vic Station.
  6. Ossington Villas?

    Ossington Villas is presumably where the card was sent from. The photo shows Market Street looking up towards the theatre Royal.
  7. Ossington Villas?

    And I didn't expect even PTP to have's obviously the top end of the T-shape.
  8. Ossington Villas?

    I couldn't resist. Slightly unusual because it was T-shaped. If you look on a present-day map, Ossington Close has replaced it.
  9. Sunday Dinner Memories

    I remember listening to all the radio programmes which are included in that film.....on a radio which had all the those foreign stations on the front panel.
  10. How many Woolworths?

    I bought loads of Airfix kits from Woolies.
  11. Unusual Road Names

    Nearly.......I was aiming at the new housing which has replaced the white curved building, but Davisella House is also on the old photo; it's the long straight building running vertically down Manvers Street. Going round the building on Streetview, I can't see the name Davisella anywhere; but if you type the name in on Google Maps, that's where you it points you.
  12. Unusual Road Names

    You're slightly off the mark ! The white curved building is at the bottom of Newark Street, curving onto Manvers Street. Today it's these houses on the left.......
  13. ...and very good quality too. Starts on Nottingham Road, Basford.
  14. Unusual Road Names

    Poplar Tree is a pub I'd not come across before. And this might be the only photo of it around. For reference for anyone else, the road at an angle on the right is Manvers Street with Carlton Road just off the top.
  15. Unusual Road Names

    "Stag & Pheasant" - not Cock ! - was on the next corner down. It was on the right of the photo the photo above is on the left of the pub here (if you can get your head around that).