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  1. It's probably fixed now, but this was the reason.
  2. When it all started, I predicted you'd be back here before long, like nothing ever happened.............
  3. The Judge's Lodgings - on High Pavement - has been criminally empty and semi-derelict for several years. I'd like to have had a look in there when it was still the home of the archives.
  4. They are held at the County Archives on Castle Meadow Road. When I was doing family history research a few years ago, I spent a lot of time there.
  5. Been in Nottingham city centre this afternoon. A lot more mask-wearing than previously, but it's noticeable that the people who aren't wearing them in shops and buses are almost all under age 25-ish.
  6. I'm amazed how many Teslas there are around, given their price - the cheapest is around £45,000. A 21st century Cortina.
  7. Will it be full electric, or Hybrid, or Part-Hybrid, or all the other variations.........
  8. Surprising there isn't a photo of the Derby Road NAAFI building. It's this......... It was converted to apartments around 2000 and is now known as Park Gate.
  9. One of my all-time favourite songs, but I wonder how many people in the UK even know of it. It can be one of the ultimate hippy songs, but there's a theory that it's about meeting a call-girl.
  10. Another which I've never been in but I remember being some kind of club. Looks like it might be flats now...........on Station Road, Carlton/Netherfield.
  11. I definitely remember listening to those results back then. I also remember having League Tables which came free with some comics. Each league (first, second, etc) was a column on a sheet of card with slots to insert the team names, depending on their position in the league.
  12. It also reminds me that I've been around here for quite a long time. Nearly seven years ago since I said that !
  13. Checking with old phone books, Black & Decker were indeed where Allwoods are now.
  14. I've now noticed if you drive down the side of it on Streetview, you can see its name as 'London Midland Railway Club Association'....which is almost a random collection of words.
  15. Another I remember driving past, which seemed to be slightly in the middle of nowhere. On the Colwick Loop Road at Netherfield. It was something to do with railways, and this is how it looked in 2011, but it's now been replaced by a KFC drive-thru.