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  1. The latest entrant in the revolving door is Steve Cooper who seems to have come from Swansea.
  2. .....and only a few months before, they'd won the European Cup for the first time; and a few months later they'd win it again.
  3. There is certainly more to the story than just a headline.
  4. For the last few months ITV4 (Freeview ch 25) have been showing old football matches at 6pm every weekday evening. I've watched quite a few; an interesting burst of nostalgia. Today, the featured match - running about 30 mins - was Spurs v Forest from October 79. Forest lost 1-0. One of the Spurs defenders was Chris Hughton. It's repeated at 12.20 tomorrow.
  5. Look on the bright side - the stylophone is also featured on David Bowie's Space Oddity.
  6. Since my youngest days I've always been very aware of music of all kinds, classical, pop, rock, etc etc, and I like it all.....but I've never been a dancer, even for a few seconds. I honestly wouldn't know where or how to start....and it's too late now anyway.
  7. Barton had some services going to Broad Marsh, so maybe you're remembering another route.
  8. We didn't live on Bilborough, but my dad also had a motor-bike and sidecar when I was very young.
  9. I found Charles H Staples, born circa 1868 in Codnor. In 1901 census he's living with wife Elizabeth at Ainsworth Terrace in the Meadows. There are also apparently several other members of the same family born around that time. They all end up living in various parts of Nottingham.
  10. Do you know his first name ?
  11. One possible explanation is that they are named after local dignitaries, politicians, businessmen and high-fliers who were well known at the time. 150 years later no-one remembers them.
  12. The NHS have (at least) two different systems which can't talk to each other ?! Why does that not surprise me.
  13. I'm one of the 60 million. I'm pleased for her and she seems a likeable person, but I'm just not interested in tennis.
  14. Apparently more than 9 million people were watching Channel 4 last night.
  15. I was looking where the place is - and it's here..... It's very different to what was there in the early 20th century. The numbering is odd in that location. Quaser Elite is number 22 Cranbrook Street. But the houses on the other side of the road are also even numbers, 32 - 38.