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  1. Yes, he was chiefly known as an actor.......and apparently a drinker and general hell-raiser, on a par with Oliver Reed.
  2. I have a similar attitude towards Richard Harris (mainly known as a singer for MacArthur Park). He couldn't sing in the traditional sense, but he made a couple of albums and I really like them.
  3. It's a question of whether the BBC can continue to pay for programming from individual areas. Having separate stations for every city is a nice idea, but it’s expensive; listeners may want it but aren’t particularly prepared to pay for it. Commercial Radio gave up the idea a long time ago; many people here will remember when Radio Trent first appeared in the mid-70s and was genuinely local, but by the early 2000s most commercial stations had merged to become one big national/regional entity. And that was before the internet, which made things even more difficult.
  4. The temperature outside is still more like winter than summer.
  5. I wonder how many 'normal' people are actually interested in the story. I suspect it may be that journalists think people want to know - or have decided that everyone will be told, when in fact it's only those working in the media who have any interest in the matter.
  6. I remember Duddoos; and I thought the word was embarrassing even when I was a kid; likewise Tegs. My grandma in Radford always said Coursey for pavement; I never heard anyone else use it. With frozen jubblies you'd suck the flavour out of them and then be left with a lump of ice. I could never actually eat one in the normal way.
  7. On the subject of Booker T & The MGs, guitarist Steve Cropper has changed somewhat over the years. Two photos of the same person.
  8. Getting rid of a few surplus high-earners.
  9. I bought Soul Limbo as a single when it was first released - before it was adopted for cricket purposes - and I still like it today. But I always thought Time is Tight was dull and boring.
  10. I don't understand the technicalities of it at all, but it looks impressive whatever it is.
  11. Just when I was getting used to the new type of weather, I've had to dig out clothes which I thought I wouldn't see again for a few months.
  12. Big excitement yesterday. I drove my car through a car wash; first time I've done that for at least 25-30 years.
  13. It produces the FB message saying that it can only be seen by certain people - those who may be friends of the person who originally posted it. It can't be copied around to anyone and everyone.
  14. That's rather a condescending attitude towards others; and also a very politically-biased statement. (And I'm definitely no great supporter of the current Tory Government). Some people - although not me - would say that those 'Tory machinations' are exactly what the country needs at the moment. They fully understand what is being said.
  15. I don't see any point in getting worried. You can find whatever you want to find if you think it's there, and you go looking for it. It depends on your political/social views; something which worries one person is the sensible, obvious solution to someone else.