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  1. Looking at an old map I can't see any pubs on Orange Street......Where exactly ? This is the New Bridge Inn on Arkwright Street looking out from Orange Street (and on this photo it was Shippos rather than Home Ales).
  2. How's your day?

    In the 1980s and 90s there was a singer doing the rounds of pubs and clubs who operated under the name of Dennis 'Sinatra' Moss. I saw him once, and it was strangely fascinating. Could that be your man ?
  3. I found this recently. Is it Bulwell garage ?...... because it's not Parliament Street or Meadows.
  4. Cycling Clubs of Nottingham

    Someone not registered on Nottstalgia - only appearing as 'Guest' - has posted a message in connection with this cycling thread by clicking on 'Report post' . As it's a 'Report' no-one will see it unless it's copied into the main part of the thread. My name is John Hall and I am looking for a photo of Marion Robinson nee Spiby and Ilkeston rider in 1945-55. From your posting, you have photos by Nick Loasby and I have been given Nick's name as a possible source. Was Nick his true name. I have found an F W Loasby that fits the bill. If PeverilPeril (or anyone else) wants to reply to that query, please do it in the normal way.
  5. Basford wakes

    Taking a closer look at a few old photos of Basford, I noticed this feature on the bend at Mill Street / David Lane, near where the actual mill used to be. The area is now housing (Firecrest Way) but back then it had a long row of caravans parked up a lane. I'm guessing they might've been something to do with the Wakes.
  6. New Member Roger - Introduction

    No-one seems to have picked up on this post from a few days ago. although RogerShort hasn't been back yet for another visit. There's a large thread on Mellish - - and I'm sure there are a few people who know something about Hucknall post-WW2.
  7. eyup everyone

    Welcome to Nottstalgia WB. Judging by the subjects you've listed in your introduction, you should have found a number of threads here which cover those topics.
  8. Nottingham....famous for.........

    By coincidence, that's around the same time that Marshall Tallart - on Castle Gate - introduced celery to this country. Back in those days Nottingham was obviously the gastronomic centre of England. Now it's McDonalds and Greggs.
  9. If you look at that link again now, I've replaced two missing pictures which show the location in action.
  10. Art Deco in Nottingham

    Now it's been pointed out, I'll have a look at a few repairs !
  11. Nottingham transport

    The one disappointment with the Scarab film was that it didn't show the interior of the driver's cab. I'd seen a photo of one in the past and they were a bit basic.
  12. Tollerton Aerodrome

    I've now repaired some of the missing photos earlier in the thread. It all makes a bit more sense.
  13. Christmas Memories

    The fact that so many people can identify what that "tree" is, must say something.........
  14. There's a thread on the subject which might help.
  15. New colours

    I’ve worked out what the blue line is for. It marks the point at which you are seeing new posts which you haven’t read. Next time you see a blue line in a thread it’s telling you that everything above the line is posts you’ve already seen, and everything below the line has been added since your last visit. Once you’ve read all the new posts the blue line disappears.