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  1. I think the former Stewart's shop is now Peggy's Skylight, which is a Jazz Club/Bar/Restaurant. I haven't been in the place but I know people who have. These photos show that the interior may not have been totally trashed as much as some other places.
  2. In the couple of hours they were visible, you could've bought a Portable Electric Coffee Grinder, or Pet Nail Clippers, or a Sofa Bean Bag Chair. If anyone actually bought them, we'd be interested to know what you think of your purchase
  3. I reckon Trogg could start working anywhere in the NHS immediately, because he knows as much about medical matters as most of the people already working there.
  4. I remember the name Quadratic Equations. Back in the day I could do them - whatever they were - but I've never used them in the real world. I hated country dancing and that is something else I'd avoid in the real world. I still have all my school reports; Infants, Juniors, and Secondary. There's no mention of the fact that 50 years later, I'd be talking about the subject to a group of people all over the world.
  5. This is from around 1910. Talbot Yard is at the top, and you can see a number of convoluted alleys and passages going down towards Long Row. Maybe there was a way through. The PH at the bottom is The Talbot (later Yates's).
  6. This shows Talbot Yard. The tower building is the pointed end of the block, arrowed.
  7. The link to Facebook at the bottom of DAVIDW's post doesn't work (at least not for me) but this is the photo in question. Upper Parliament Street is going across the photo, and Market St is just visible going down on the far left. The most up-do-date Directory I have access to is 1915 and that lists the top of Market Street as..... 31: R Barnett & Co - Hard Confectioners also 31: William Frederick Cox - Solicitor 33 & 35: Frank B Barnett - Outfitter (related to R Barnett at 31 ?)
  8. I remember that song back when it was released. Even then I thought it was stupidly dumb.
  9. There has been an increase in the number of new people registering; but there's also been an increase in the number of Spammers and Bots registering. Several have been flagged and removed in the last few weeks. If you see anything in a foreign language ignore it, and don't click on any links.
  10. Several times in the 1990s, I saw Kenneth Clarke and his wife in Sainsburys at Castle Marina, which was obviously their 'local' shop from West Bridgford. It was obvious that other people had noticed his presence there, and I suspect there were some who deliberately went to Sainsburys in the hope of having a word with him.
  11. And the belt which made the wearer look like a sack of spuds.
  12. It's because you're using the Google system, which doesn't really work here. Do you have an account with Postimage/Imgur/etc ?
  13. Am I correct in thinking that the entrance to the legendary Burton's lift was the green door here ? ............