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  1. The Wimpey near there was half way up St James Street, on the corner with Maid Marian Way. If you scroll back in this thread there are several photos of it.
  2. In winter, as I've got older I suffer from Raynaud's disease, in either my feet or various fingers (it's not fussy). In my feet it's only there for 15-20 minutes at a time and then it goes away without me doing anything; with fingers it can be for longer.
  3. Listening to the song in the original post, it's not bad and very 1980s, although I don't recognise it. I agree with the Youtube comments that the vocalist sounds very Germanic/Scandinavian. There's probably no Nottingham connection other than it was played on Radio Trent.
  4. There's a FB Group for school photos from Clifton, and photos there show a lot of examples of age-mixing in infants schools. I wasn't aware of it at the time, but I can now see that in my three years at infants school I was in classes where half the kids were the same age as me and half of them were a year older than me.
  5. The person who started this thread (lifebeginsat45rpm) hasn't been back here since September 2015, so the trail may have gone cold.
  6. I've often found that when you get a manual with an item, it could be a fairly large book of around 100 pages......but it will be the same thing in 25 different languages. The english part only occupies a couple of pages.
  7. This area ? Note there are two Woodthorpe Drives. Apparently there used to be a toll gate at the end of the southerly road, so people would sneak up the back alley (the northerly path) to avoid paying.
  8. Crikey. You know how to live and push the boat out !
  9. One problem is the word 'Alien'. People have prejudices, make assumptions and jump to conclusions when they see it. Alien really just means 'different to us'.
  10. You're only as old as other people think you are.
  11. I've always reckoned that life out there is so far ahead of us that they wouldn't bother trying. We're too primitive. They see us in the same way we look at worms.
  12. If you look at this old thread, scroll down to the post from Beefsteak in September 3, 2008, and you'll see a photo of the site after the school was demolished.
  13. I've never in my life paid to have my shoes shined by someone. That's obviously the explanation why I was never as successful as Ben.
  14. DAVIDW has sent me a photo of the Dovecote in question, and asked me to post it in this thread. It's not the best quality photo I've ever seen, but.....
  15. Not exactly a feature on cars, but connected with it. Remember Ziebart.......anti-rust treatment.