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  1. This compilation has been on Youtube for a couple of years, but I don't think it's made its way to NS. The first two minutes show Victoria Station being demolished - then the next 12 minutes shows St Anns in its later years.
  2. Cliff Ton

    Clifton late 50s

    So you lived on Woodbridge ? I'd forgotten about "bringing the tanker home" but Jill Sparrow mentioned in an earlier post which reminded me, and I definitely saw that happen back in the day.
  3. Cliff Ton

    My Landlady Gave Me An Envelope

    Welcome to Nottstalgia Cijey243. The photos you're referring to were posted 8 and half years ago and Whatton - who posted them - hasn't been back here for almost 6 years, so it's unlikely you'll get any response from that source. It must be a bit of a surprise seeing photos (which maybe you haven't seen before) of your relatives, posted by someone you don't know. And then the thread got sidetracked away from the original subject, so the Smith family got lost amongst other people's photos.
  4. Cliff Ton

    Clifton late 50s

    A tad indeed .... you're right about the timescale involved. But I did go to Greencroft Infants and Juniors; and Shelley Avenue was nearby (where Melissa's dad lived) so there's definitely a link.
  5. Cliff Ton

    From the Castle.....

    100 years difference.
  6. Nottingham Castle is now closed for around two years to allow for a £30m makeover. Its always been a bit underwhelming, so any change is probably for the better. One feature which can’t be improved is the views from the top, so these won’t be possible again for a while. People who haven't been in Nottingham for a while can play Spot the Landmark. The high ground in the background is Colwick Woods. Towards West Bridgford, with various floodlights, and the green roof of County Hall on the right. QMC in the centre distance.
  7. In the 70s there was a complete match on BBC2 every Sunday afternoon.
  8. Cliff Ton

    Room 101

    In a previous life, you must've been a cat, with an allowance of more than the usual 9 lives.
  9. A few bits of information adding to what DAVIDW has provided. In the early 1900s, Richard William Gleave lived at 34 Bridgford Road, West Bridgford, and his office was at 8 St Peter's Church Walk (now buried under M & S). A few years earlier, Calvert & Gleave (Architects & Surveyors) had an office at 18 Low Pavement, Nottingham, which has survived remarkably unspoiled.
  10. Cliff Ton

    Uncle John's scrapbook - Forest in 3rd Div south

    I think there's a photo of that area (before building) in another thread (scroll down a bit)
  11. Cliff Ton

    Uncle John's scrapbook - Forest in 3rd Div south

    That's the place I was referring to; we've each described it from opposite sides. This is the place - and the pitch - with the "old" stand marked on the left. For reference, the arrow at the top is the railway bridge at Northern Baths. Note also the coal train going north.
  12. Cliff Ton


    R101 crashed in 1931, (and consequently R100 was abandoned) which doesn't tie in with meeowd's comments about seeing something in 1943-45.
  13. Cliff Ton

    Carlton Hill

    djhibbert who made that original post, hasn't logged in since January 2016, so you may not get a response. But as you seem to have family connections, you could try sending him a PM (Personal Message) via Nottstalgia, which might catch his attention.
  14. Cliff Ton

    Uncle John's scrapbook - Forest in 3rd Div south

    Is that the pitch which still exists, near the railway, over Vernon Road ?