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  1. Posted on behalf of Dark Angel, who will be along to explain it.
  2. And this is another photo which Dark Angel has asked me to post in this thread.
  3. It's easy to find a list of Elvis singles and chart positions.
  4. I think this might be the film denshaw is referring to.
  5. I went in the March Hare a few times when I worked nearby for a couple of years. Was the topless pub the Clinton Arms on Shakespeare Street ?
  6. Preparing to take car for MOT. Can't contain the excitement.
  7. The organisation has its own website.
  8. And perhaps underrated as a songwriter. It's surprising what she was responsible for.
  9. Congratulations on still being one of the younger Nottstalgians
  10. The solution is that both should exist. Card is useful and convenient for many things, but there is still a need and use for cash. I still prefer to use cash for small less than £10-ish.
  11. I've been in that kind of scenario quite a few times over the years. Some shop assistants are obviously engaged in that kind of activity full-time; they work on the basis of 'win some, lose some'. They never question or challenge your comment about the fact they short-changed you; they don't want to draw attention to what they're doing. Just write you off as one they lost. There will be many others who don't notice or won't query anything...and the shop assistant is making a fair amount out of those. There aren't so many opportunities for that if you pay by card.
  12. I've put all the comments about Cash/Card in their own thread.
  13. For the Red Balloon, look at this post from a few months ago......
  14. I never saw the film back in the day, but I have the DVD and have watched it several times. I'm not normally interested in jazz, but the music is by Johnny Dankworth and it works really well as the soundtrack.
  15. @Dark Angel has asked me to post this photo of the coach mentioned a few days ago. I'm sure he'll be along soon to explain it all.