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  1. I think that list says a lot more about Ben than about anything else
  2. You certainly don't need to apologise for etiquette (and that might be the first time the word has appeared in Nottstalgia). You've generated a number of posts on the subject and produced new information. A lot of people browse this site without diving in and actually saying anything, so even if they could contribute something, they don't bother. It's nice to have someone who was passing by and decided to actually contribute something.
  3. Almost the same photo from slightly closer to the centre of attention. The Lloyds building has been demolished, but the building on the other side is still there. I know what you mean about memory. The older you get, the more you're convinced things were different.
  4. Top of Pepper Street is just after the shop named 'Lloyds' in the photo.
  5. The closer you get to Broad Marsh - from any angle - the more of a ghost town it becomes. I think I remember it, but which side of the road ? This is Bridlesmith Gate looking towards the top of Drury Hill.
  6. That's interesting, because the signal box in that link could be the same one in DJ360's photo on page 2 of this thread. (I know they had standard designs, but those two are clearly the same design).
  7. It would mean OS were wrong when they originally mapped the area...and the never corrected their error ! On the Old Maps site, there are 6 maps showing the mineral line, and in all cases the signal box is west of the mineral line (and north of the main line). The mineral line disappears when Western Boulevard was built in the 1920s, and then the signal box is always east of Western Blvd. This shows just after Western Blvd was built and the signal box is visible.
  8. Albert, I searched AA 1.2 and got these results which seems to give a lot of choice.
  9. I can remember a lot of those, which makes me feel old. In some of the photos, I can remember the earlier version of the subject. The Woolworth photo is only in Vic Centre, whereas for me Woolies was the big one on Lister Gate. And the Broad Marsh bus station photo shows the only-just-gone version and I can remember the one before that. BHS before they went into Broad Marsh Centre. Friar Lane before Maid Marian Way cut through it. Gee Dee models when they were at the bottom end of Hockley.
  10. The newspaper item fits with the two paths on the map. The path with St Bart's Stile is the one which went past Cherrywood; the one going to Lambley is the other path which went through Gedling.
  11. What happens if you click on the three horizontal bars to the right of the Search symbol ?
  12. What are you seeing at the top of the page ?
  13. I think I've found the answer. Looking at old maps from various dates, the signal box moved from the west side of the mineral line to the east side, some time around 1900-1910.
  14. Looking at a few old maps, there seem to have been two footpaths in that area. The one passing Cherrywood (before it existed) started in St Anns, crossed Porchester Rd, Standhill Rd, and Foxhill Rd...but then seems to disappear. However...there's another path further east which ends up in Gedling, having crossed Westdale Lane, Cavendish Rd, Foxhill Rd (further down) and started on Carlton Hill near the old Methodist chapel.