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  1. The problem arises if people can't get on to Nottstalgia, they have no way of finding out what's happening - unless they do it via the Facebook Group - which not everyone is on. Then they discover that it's been running normally in their absence.
  2. You can just about make out the traffic light system on the right-hand wall.
  3. Jill, does that mean you couldn't get in but now you can ? I'm asking because I know of at least a couple of people who haven't been able to get on Nottstalgia since yesterday, and still can't.
  4. There were a number of technical changes made this morning (Sunday) and since then a few people have been unable to log in to the site. Obviously they won't be able to see this message, but we're aware of the issue and trying to sort it. Some members found the site unavailable for a while (including me), but the problem later sorted itself out. But there are a few out there unable to get back in.
  5. And I remember it was also very noisy. Pedestrians who were walking past the ramp had plenty of warning that something was coming down, even if they couldn't see it.
  6. Yes, it was Bennetts (and other things as well I think). I'm sure the subject of the electronic shop has come up here before in a thread somewhere.
  7. Another of Shakespeare Street in the early 2000s. The blue shutter door and gap next to it used to be the entrance and exit for the Police Traffic Division.
  8. Here's another. No prizes for the location; the foreground gives it away.
  9. Just renewed car insurance online. It obviously involves clicking on various boxes, and the one for ‘Date of birth’ always comes as a bit of a shock. Every year I have to scroll down further to find the year in question. One day It's going to come to an end before I get to the one I need.
  10. Also, as we don't seem to have such bad winters these days, there's an increasingly large number of people who've never driven in prolonged, heavy, deep snow. They don't have the skills or the experience, and they just go to pieces if it snows for more than 2 minutes. They are the kind who automatically resort to technology - in this case believing that a different set of tyres will solve all their problems.
  11. Must be something in your water. I've still had to descale the kettle maybe a couple of times a year for as long as I can remember.
  12. The more technology there is in a car, the more there is to go wrong, and it's not something you can fix yourself. Then the main dealer will charge you several hundred pounds to run a diagnostic test to find out what the problem is, and that's before doing anything to fix the problem. Sat navs are useful; reversing/parking cameras are useful, but I've always thought such features as electric windows, automatic lights and wipers are an unnecessary waste of time - and money.
  13. Tim, I've removed your email address from the post because it could lead to spam/hacking problems to yourself or Nottstalgia. If anyone wants to contact Tim, please use the PM system.