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  1. Not the Maze, I know that and it's not the place. I think my mystery Wine Bar wasn't as far up Mansfield Road as that.
  2. I remember a wine bar (but not its name) which was on the lower end of Mansfield Road, approximately opposite the end of Woodborough Road, or a bit further up. It only existed for a few years in the 80s. The entrance was a door at street level, and the rest of the bar was upstairs on the first floor. I didn't like it much, but never liked wine bars anyway. This place isn't mentioned on Moz's website, but it might've been Vino's.
  3. Nice to know you're still here carni. I assumed you were still having problems with your new laptop, which you'd mentioned earlier. Obviously it was something much more serious, but yet again you've beaten it !
  4. Manfield - and others - on Long Row. Seems to have actually been called Manfield & Sons.
  5. I can remember playing on the wasteland before they were built..
  6. This is interesting, and I agree with its opinions.
  7. My memory of them is that they were always this two-tone colour; blue and black.
  8. That sounds like it might be somebody making up his own rules and putting things in his pocket !
  9. It isn't even mentioned on Moz's site about the history of Nottingham pubs and clubs.
  10. Never heard of Erics before. Who/what/where were they ?
  11. I remember the name, and maybe even went in it. But I can't remember its location, and it doesn't appear anywhere on the internet.
  12. In the first lockdown last year, the lack of traffic in roads was the thing I noticed most. The roads have never been that quiet again since. And the other thing is the clear blue skies with no jet trails. In the past, a clear blue sky was a rare thing because it was always full of white lines.
  13. I think there was a shoe shop called Manfield (without an S).
  14. .....although there's no mention of him at all on the Wikipedia page for Paper Lace.