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  1. Cliff Ton

    Recent update

    Look at any threads which started in the early days (2005 +) and they are full of posts from people who are no longer contributing. It's like another world. We know some have passed away, but others - even if they were prolific 9-10 years ago - have stopped visiting and/or posting. Some have more stamina - and tolerance - than others.
  2. Using the "back in time" feature on Streetview, this is the same location a few years apart. Is it Beechwood in the old photo ?
  3. Cliff Ton

    When is a post not a post ?

    Reminds me of the other strange fact..........if you want to get rid of a tree you chop it down. When you've chopped it down, you chop it up.
  4. Cliff Ton

    Fairham Comprehensive

    This was recently posted by Nottingham Hidden History Group, who have their own website and a Facebook Page. A piece of sculpture by Stan Bullard, former teacher at Fairham.
  5. Cliff Ton

    Faith In The Lord.

    Not mine but I thought it was clever. The Pope has sent a donation to the Notre Dame appeal fund. He sent the money via Papal.
  6. Cliff Ton

    Traffic Lights In Notts.

    They don't seem to understand basic human psychology. How to win friends, influence people and get them on your side. Stand in the middle of the road and block anyone going about their normal business. I'll bet they're getting a lot of converts to their cause.
  7. Cliff Ton

    My assembly biffing..

    There may be a case for starting a new thread along the lines of "Nicknames for teachers when you were at school".
  8. Cliff Ton

    Royal Ordnance factory - Nottingham

    What exactly do you want to find out ? When he was born ? or what he did at the factory ? or something else ?
  9. Cliff Ton

    Fairham Comprehensive

    He taught me in my first year at Fairham. Welsh bloke; had a great singing voice (as you'd expect with being welsh). At the end of the first year we all had to play something somehow, to demonstrate an understanding of music. I did the Z-Cars theme on a recorder. You had to be there. The other music teacher at the time was Stephenson, and possibly (might be wrong) Mr Holt.
  10. Cliff Ton

    Hidden gems of the Shire.

    Lizzie, your photo is a wider view of the same location ! In yours, the three houses at the centre-left are the same as mine at centre-left. (Look at the two distinctive trees to the right of the houses).
  11. Cliff Ton

    Hidden gems of the Shire.

    The subject has been mentioned before, but I can't find the photo which I thought I'd used. I think this is the road (maybe not completed) and the adjoining cricket field.
  12. Cliff Ton

    Netherfield photos

    Another NEP special - this time Netherfield and surrounding area.
  13. Cliff Ton

    Buses in Mexico...

    Taking the subject to its logical conclusion, you would have to exclude half the posts on the site. All the word games, all the music threads, black holes, jokes, etc etc. The other problem is going too far the other way.
  14. Cliff Ton


    I haven't looked at Nottstalgia since about 2pm this afternoon. On seeing this thread, first reaction was that we've been hit by a spam attack - first for several years. Then I read the posts and it all makes sense. Mission accomplished.
  15. Cliff Ton


    I think Banksy is definitely art. The difference is that he doesn't do it in the usual way in 'normal' locations.