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  1. Cliff Ton

    3 randoms.

    On the original old photo, the row of buildings on the left are on the corner of Broadway / St Mary's Gate. This shows them relative to everything else today.
  2. Cliff Ton

    A quiet Sunday in the 70s

    You're right ! Digging around a bit more, I've now remembered that the original Homebase building was green.
  3. Cliff Ton

    A quiet Sunday in the 70s

    I'd agree with that. With photographer's back to Wilford Road. The low, silver building on the left is the original Homebase.
  4. Cliff Ton

    Remembering Nicky.

    Sorry to hear about this Commo. Sympathy and condolences to everyone concerned.
  5. Cliff Ton

    More from the cash cow motorist

    Exactly. And in a slow-moving queue with at least two lanes, how many times do you see drivers who have to be in the outside lane all the time - or constantly jumping from one lane to the other - in the belief that they will travel faster. I usually find that sitting in the same lane and "see what happens" is the least stressful to go.
  6. Cliff Ton

    Nottingham from above - Shakespeare Street

    A different angle on Belgrave Square. Who lived there in the early 1900s:-
  7. That was on High Street (but no number given). Earlier, in 1901, they were living at 11 Front Street, Arnold.
  8. If I have the time, I might learn something from that and find I'm connected. One side of my mother's parents were Widdowson and there were dozens of them in Basford pre-1900.
  9. In Vic Centre market that would probably be named Gues's whos
  10. Cliff Ton

    How's your day?

    I do that quite a bit...but in the last few months - without trying - I've been picking up a lot of £1 coins. People seem to be throwing them away like confetti.
  11. With that previous post, Jill has managed to link all the threads together. 'Pronouncing place names' had become 'Eating politely' and 'Apostrophes' had become 'Male knitting'. Now 'Pronouncing place names' has become 'Apostrophes'.
  12. And just to make the point even stronger, the 'Apostrophes' thread has now gone off to talk about men knitting and sewing. I'm waiting to see if it becomes necessary to adjust the title of that as well.
  13. As Lizzie has mentioned, you obviously haven't read the most recent couple of pages in the thread, because........ The thread got sidetracked in such a big way that I felt it would be helpful to add an extra description. It was either that or separating off the food posts into a new thread, but that would've been more complicated.
  14. Cliff Ton

    Things you don't see anymore

    I'm seeing them ok now (the later re-posted versions).
  15. Cliff Ton

    Things you don't see anymore

    Col (DJ360) quite a few of your previous posts I'm not seeing any image. The links to your photo-sharing site don't seem to be working. You've definitely lived up to the title of the thread.