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  1. letsavagoo

    Stop-Start on cars

    In relation to stop start. The start system is engineered to withstand the increase in use. It's not a standard starter with just the SS system in place. It is designed to reduce fuel consumption and pollution. My previous diesel car had it but my current petrol car does not. I still average about 65 mpg. I miss stop start which you soon get used to.
  2. letsavagoo

    How's your day?

    My wife's grandmother, Kate was lovely. She wasn't terribly active and kept the home where husband Alf was always out and about, busy in Players sports club as umpire for cricket and anything else he could stay out the way for. He appeared home at meal times and that's about it. He came home one time and noticed ants on the kitchen floor. "Kate. There's ants in this kitchen " . "I know" she said. "I've asked em in for company"
  3. letsavagoo

    Last gasp - Players factory demolished

    I'm not sure I have understood you correctly but the Radford factory was operating in tandem with Horizon while I was there early 70's.
  4. I think it must be the same field MD. I would think the name it was know as changed which is why I dated my time there. Perhaps Nuthall Road was just a name we used and not the official name.
  5. letsavagoo

    Wollaton Hall Museum

    I too have happy memories of Wollaton Hall. We used to go quite often on a Sunday afternoon, an oasis to my Radford home and to many from the built up suburbs. The 'adventure playground' with the zip line was a great diversion to the usual swings and slides found on other playgrounds. My dad was friends with one of the Policemen on the mounted section and we'd go to the stables occasionally when the mounted section horses were based there. For almost 20 years I could see the hall from my back bedroom window on Truro Crescent. At night the twinkling string of amber street lights marking the route of the ring road in the middle distance with the illuminated hall glowing a mile or so away on the horizon. We used to go quite often when the grandchildren were younger. They always like to see the gorilla who they called 'big Willie' , don't know why! We went on a guided tour with Berridge school about 1964 and remember the class joker falling down the stairs as he was so busy ogling the naked woman painted on the stairwell ceiling. Not been for ages until last week when we called in on a whim. Thought it was looking quite run down. Grass very long, no flowers near the Camellia house, fish pond at the back drained and all just a bit scruffy generally and not quite how I remember it. I was involved a couple of years ago in a project to do with the history of Raleigh cycles. I worked in the Raleigh design office 1970-73. The buildings in the stable yard where the industrial museum is have several floors and are surprisingly spacious. They have quite a lot of historic items stored in there including a lot of cycles. I had access to the stores there plus an off site store in the City. Some very interesting stuff in there but perhaps a bit niche for general display.
  6. Thomas Hardy is one of my favourite fiction authors. Far from the Madding Crowd being my favourite work of his but as it happens I'm currently listening to the Mayor of Casterbridge on iplayer radio. I've read it but a long time ago and can't recall the incident you refer to Jill. It will take me months to listen to it all as I fall asleep after 10 minutes then it takes be ages to find where I was up to the following night. I've got a jam jar full of old coins with some foreign ones in too. I threw my 'once' penny in there and it's been there ever since. Wonder if it once covered a corpse eye and who lost it 200 years or so before I found it.
  7. I used to play football for Berridge school on this field. It was always referred to as Nuthall Road playing field (1960-66). I found one of the thick heavy very old pennies on the field when it was muddy and churned up with our boots. I got tackled and fell over and it was just lying there. I still have it. You can't make out the date it's so worn but I think it's 17??.
  8. letsavagoo

    Help needed on grave at Nottingham Church Cemetery

    I tried the local studies CT and they deny having such a map. Wilford Hill admit to having a map but said words to the effect, it is too difficult for a mere mortal like you to understand, no you can't see it but pay us £90 and we can find it for you. To be honest I gave up in despair and finding a tent village of druggies had taken up residence in the Cemetary didn't help my mood. In fact this post has inspired me to get off my backside and I'll have another crack at the local studies. If it stops raining that is.
  9. letsavagoo

    Help needed on grave at Nottingham Church Cemetery

    I want to trace the grave of my Great Aunt who is buried at the General Cemetary (Canning Circus). I have the grave number but when I enquired at the Council (Wilford Hill) they claim there is no map available but for the bargain price of about £90 will send someone out to find it but no guarentee of success and the fee is required whether they find it or not.
  10. letsavagoo

    Top House - Coopers Arms

    I went to the Coopers Arms in the early 80's. I can't recall your Fox. I can recall the agrovation when the landlady did a flit with a married copper.
  11. letsavagoo

    How's your day?

    Blimey. You do get about on that trike.
  12. letsavagoo

    How's your day?

    I'd tried to stop several times. I recall one holiday when I'd recently stopped and was miserable all week with cravings so gave in finally and I felt that the misery had all been a waste of time. Once I happened to be in Ilkeston and saw a stop smoking book called 'kick it' in a shop. I didn't buy it that time but few weeks later decided I would get it so picked it up next time I was over there. When I read it the first chapter instructed you to chain smoke all day, dozens of cigarettes until you felt sick and dizzy. I thought no way so put the book down and just stopped. That was it. The book was so good you just had to buy it. Seriously it wasn't so easy but I did stop. I have a cigar my son gets me every Christmas Day after dinner and that's about it.
  13. letsavagoo

    How's your day?

    I stopped smoking in 1984. It was a dreadful struggle for a long time and the final try of several previous failed attempts. 99% of the time it doesn't bother me at all but now and then for no apparent reason I could kill for a fag. I just remember my lovely dad dying at 67 slowly and painfully of the cancer a lifelong addiction to tobacco had given him and find the strength to resist. It gets easier but for me hasn't completely gone. I'm now only 3 years away from the age my father was when he died and certainly hope I overtake him. It's not easy but stick to it. My advise would be to stop completely. The odd one is nothing but a set back and the craving clock resets.
  14. letsavagoo

    A few random photos - 5

    Just read some of the comments re Southy Street. I worked in the area for about 7 years in 1990-97. Many of the houses in the area would have been very grand indeed at one time. I've been in a lot of them. Most, not all, quite run down and split into flats. Even in the run down state some retained features of their past grandure. Ornate plaster ceilings and some basements having the bells on springs marked with the rooms above as they had been the servants quarters. Forest Road and area was of course we'll known in the 50's until recent times as Nottinghams vice area where prostitutes now more politely referred to as sex workers operated. I knew many of the regular girls, not in the biblical sense I hasten to add. Some were there for drug money, some pimped and some just because they could make some money quickly. All sorts of reasons often with rather sad histories that led them into what is a sordid lifestyle. A few of them were really quite pleasant and likeable. Many not so. I don't think it's so well know or used as a vice area now. Perhaps the Internet and modern slavery and pop up brothels have taken over.
  15. letsavagoo

    Foters Wiv' Motors.

    The street sign on the corner is Ewart Road so it is Forest Fields.