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  1. As a young boy Dianna Rigg was my first crush. Watching her in the Avengers I was in total awe. She stirred parts of me that I didn’t know could be stirred. A fine actress, beautiful and a thoroughly nice person by all accounts. She died today after a short illness aged 83. RIP Mrs Peel.
  2. Not certain of the date, about 1967. Photo courtesy of Jeff English. Back row L to R. Michael Chomyn, Robert Gilman, Malcolm Flowers, Jeffrey English, ?, ?, ?, ? Front row. ?, ?, Jeremy Whitchurch, ?, Lindsay Webster, Steven Wheat, ?, Robert Wyer.
  3. 1951. Apologies some are decapitated. It’s how I found it.
  4. I am not at all convinced that these face visors are of much use at all. They sit several inches from the face and when you breath out then the breath just exits all around. It may stop some droplets from someone you are talking to but not the sides etc.
  5. I would suggest very strongly that you sort this out between yourself. If you start legal action then even minor disputes like this can get very and I mean very costly. DO NOT GO DOWN THAT PATH. As far as I am aware you are entitled to trim away any growth from adjoining land that overhangs your land. Check on this and use it as a threat to get some compromise. Surely 2 adults can sort out this nonsense.
  6. I’ve recently made contact with an ex Berridge boy, Phil Colver. He was the year above me so a pupil between 1958-1965. He has sent me all his class year photos and has given consent to post them here. There are 7 photos below representing one classes journey through the school. Phil has supplied a long list of all the names he can remember which Jill now has and she will add the list below this post, no doubt amended with any additions she has wheedled out. Thanks to Phil for taking the time to take the time to record them for us. First year infants. Miss Staton. Second year infants. Miss Granger Third year infants. Mrs Jones. First year juniors. Mrs Taylor. Second year juniors. Miss Clark (not shown) Third year juniors. Miss Stockill. Forth year juniors. Mr Turner.
  7. I misinformed Jill as Ricky Smith is not on this one. However I recognise Mandy Shipman 5th along L to R seated row with her hands clasped. Her elder brother Terry was in my class. She doesn’t recall the teacher but is going to see who else she can name.
  8. Hi Mess. It would see that I more or less followed you as I started there 66/67. I hated my time there. Early on I was ill and I got behind particularly in maths which I would have needed for the science I had in mind and just lost heart. It was quite intense and hard work and in truth I also discovered that I preferred girls and motorbikes (I had one on private land at when I was 13) to homework and couldn’t wait to escape FFGS. Left at 15 with no qualifications. The only name you mention above is Jepson. Could have been this one or a brother maybe. I’ve done pretty well since although blighted with health issues now.
  9. Another Berridge group taken in the junior playground, the backs of houses on Kenslow Avenue in the background. Mr Williams the teacher with a student teacher end right. A few years younger than my year but I recognise some. Jill will fill in the details below.
  10. I agree Phil. I’ve been in Norfolk for a few days and although the wind (weather not me) was the worst I have ever experienced at times it was reasonably warm. Back here today my wife who doesn’t normally put her coat on until it snows, put the heating on and told me to light the log burner. Really cold.
  11. Yet another Berridge class photo.