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  1. letsavagoo

    Motor Cycle Enthusiast Page

    I bought a new 350 Indian Enfield in about 1983. I enjoyed it but had its failings. Was quite reliable but electrics were a pain. Kept burning out the rectififier regulator until it was changed for a Lucas zener. Seized up well nipped up once but it was up a very long hill and not run in. I think the new ones are okay ish.
  2. letsavagoo

    Hyson Green and Basford

    Could it be the place opposite Berridge school a little further up that made ships horns in the 60's/70's. You would occaisionally get an ear shattering test from one.
  3. I now live in a rural village and see less wildlife than when I lived in the heart of Radford. At the bottom of the Radford garden beyond my fence was a narrow strip of land and then the ground dropped away in a steep bank to level some 25 feet lower. The bank was very overgrown and vertually impossible to access and contained an active badger set. The Badgers, foxes and all manner of birds were frequent garden visitors. I saw a several fox Cubs and a cat playing very nicely together in the garden watched over by the vixen one day. Here in the sticks apart from the usual wild birds nothing much seems to visit the garden. Get the odd rabbit, squirrel and once several ducks and a peacock, escapees from the pub garden nearby. I the fields nearby we've seen foxes and hares and recently Deer. We hear an owl, cuckoo and woodpecker.
  4. letsavagoo

    Old Radford in the 1950s and 60s

    I beleive that a large house with a tower in Sutton on Sea, now a retirement home was built as a convalescent type place for Raleigh workers.
  5. letsavagoo

    Nottingham Evening (sic) Post RIP

    I've just read through the posts on this thread re Mr Acton. He was my dentist from when I started going to the dentists as a child until he retired. I'm really surprised at the negativity as personally I never had any problem with him at all. I recall one of his nurses had a false arm which when I was young was a bit scary although she was very pleasant. I heard he retired to Ireland and passed away years ago. I continued going to the practice when it became the Boulevard Dental Practice and Mr O'Hanarahan took it over. I even carried on going there when I moved away from the area as there were no NHS dentist in Southwell but found one closer to home in the end. So all in all that dental practice served me for over 45 years. I believe Mr O'Hanarahan was extremely well qualified. Top of his field. Like Jill recall coming home from school and finding my mum lying on the settee with a bowl at the side of her with a towel over her head spitting blood in the bowel and constantly repeating 'God fathers'. Not sure if it was Mr Acton as I don't know where she went but she'd had all her teeth out in one sitting.
  6. letsavagoo


    I remember my father coming to meet me at Forest Fields Grammar School. He had been to the same school although it was High Pavement in his day. He stopped me in the playground and told me that he had had stood on the very spot we were and watched the R101 fly over. Obviously not the craft that the original poster saw as the 101 was long gone by then.
  7. Good point BW. Robs records and I used to get my hair cut there too. Although I've been to Hurts Yard, I can't say I've looked up and studied the buildings properly. I'll do so soon as it seems likely they were similar.
  8. Thanks guys. So it looks like there were rows of terraced houses squeezed in there.
  9. Thanks cliff ton and catfan. My Nephew supplied this info to me and I've just had an email from him saying quote I have spoken to some of my colleagues and we have decided that the 1891 Census was from Woodland Place not Moorland Lane. The others were fine. Hope that helps. So Moorland was a false trail. Sorry about that. Woodland Place then. Any ideas please?
  10. I am researching the family history, just scratching the surface at the moment but have found the family at these two address's The 1901 Census is for 3 Carrington Terrace The 1891 Census is for 19 Moorland Lane These are both in Nottingham. Any clues where please. Thanks in anticipation.
  11. letsavagoo

    Hottest June day in 41 years

    I wish my grass hadn't started growing yet. It's been cut twice in the past 10 days and needs cutting again.
  12. This film is on tv again tonight, freeview 81.
  13. letsavagoo

    Motorcycle shops

    Bernard was a great chap. A little odd and quiet but very helpful. My wife used to work for a joiners who had the shared the yard and my dad knew Bernard somehow but I don't recall how. I had a Norton ES2 and cross threaded the inlet manifold which was aluminium and quite delicate. Bernard spent ages sorting it out for me. When his workshop was cleared I got some BSA workshop manual given me as I had a BSA by then.
  14. letsavagoo

    Bromley House

    That's my maternal Grandmother Ian. Miss Maud Ellis. She was one of the daughters of Samuel Ellis, bakers in Arnold, quite well known for their excellent cakes. She married Charles Edward Clarke when he returned from the war. I may have quoted the dates incorrectly from memory. I beleive there is a Kodak exhibition currently on in the attic.
  15. letsavagoo

    Bromley House

    I too joined Bromley House a year ago. My renewal has just come through and I intend to remain a member. It is not terribly expensive, less than the price of a decent coffee per week and well worth the fee. I joined primarily as I was involved in a project relating to the letters my paternal grandfather wrote home from France in WW1 and it was a calm pleasant convienient place to meet others involved and work. It is a wonderful place with many interesting books both ancient and modern. My maternal Grandmother was a librarian there from 1913 to 1919. The building is in the process of having some major repairs particularly to the roof. The staff are very helpfull and I would thoroughly recommend anyone considering joining to do so.