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  1. letsavagoo

    A few random photos - 5

    Just read some of the comments re Southy Street. I worked in the area for about 7 years in 1990-97. Many of the houses in the area would have been very grand indeed at one time. I've been in a lot of them. Most, not all, quite run down and split into flats. Even in the run down state some retained features of their past grandure. Ornate plaster ceilings and some basements having the bells on springs marked with the rooms above as they had been the servants quarters. Forest Road and area was of course we'll known in the 50's until recent times as Nottinghams vice area where prostitutes now more politely referred to as sex workers operated. I knew many of the regular girls, not in the biblical sense I hasten to add. Some were there for drug money, some pimped and some just because they could make some money quickly. All sorts of reasons often with rather sad histories that led them into what is a sordid lifestyle. A few of them were really quite pleasant and likeable. Many not so. I don't think it's so well know or used as a vice area now. Perhaps the Internet and modern slavery and pop up brothels have taken over.
  2. letsavagoo

    Foters Wiv' Motors.

    The street sign on the corner is Ewart Road so it is Forest Fields.
  3. letsavagoo

    The Old Market Square

    My maternal grandmother worked as a librarian at Bromley House for a number of years prior to marrying my grandfather in 1918 when she retired. I've been a member of BH for several years and they found and showed me her name in their records. They bought her a tea service as a retirement gift apparently. It is a wonderful place and I love it, an oasis of calm in the heart of town.. The attic was the site of one of the first if not the first photographic studios in the city. It is currently undergoing a massive repair and restoration to the roof, part funded by a lottery heritage grant. It's covered in scaffolding at the moment. They have had to move several tons of books to off site storage while the work takes place.
  4. letsavagoo

    Notts County

    Yes it is sad. My late father was a life long avid Notts fan. Always joked that the ref would wait for him to sit down before he'd kick off. I got dragged along when I was about 5 but I never got into it and was bored to death so I stopped going when I was old enough to speak up. His loyalty to the pies though has rubbed off on me a bit and I listen on radio Nottingham most weeks. It's been a disastrous season and I'm glad that dad isn't here to witness this. He'd be heartbroken. Ive got quite a lot of Notts memorabilia inherited from my dad. Signed photos badges etc. Is that worth more or less now?
  5. I drove past Oxton today and the travellers that have been there for several weeks have disappeared with trace. No rubbish or mess evident at all.
  6. When I worked at Bulwell late 70's I got to know a lovely old couple who were ex fairground travelers. You couldn't have met kinder, nicer more honest people. Their main sitting room had been knocked through so was quite long and narrow and always reminded me of a caravan. They had lots of brass ornaments. Unfortunately the same honesty cannot be said of all travellers but society in general are no different. There is currently a small group of travellers set up camp on a tiny triangular verge near ye Old Bridge Inn at Oxton.
  7. Definitely mentioned Players on the news I saw. I wasn't paying attention but when they mentioned Players I looked up. I'm actually quite impressed with Players as I worked there for 18 months 1973-4 and they recently traced me via an agency to my current address as apparently I'm due some pension contributions back. I started browsing new cars until they told me it will be about £98.00. It's the thought that counts but the cash would be better.
  8. I think the someone else would sue your dad who would sue his dad who could sue Players. I guess you might need a good medium as in spiritualist though.
  9. In the early 70's I worked at Players for about 18 months. I caught on the news today, the tail end of a piece that someone or a group of people are suing players for the health implications of the free cigs that employees got given as a perk. I think I got 200 a week. Anyone else here worked at Players?
  10. letsavagoo

    Cheap tickets to Notts County anybody?

    Super Notts up 1-0. Keep it up Notts. 30 mins left.
  11. letsavagoo

    How's your day?

    I agree with much of what you say here or at least understand and respect your opinion with exception to the final paragraph in that the referendum was a vote that could and should have been honoured. That is what was promised and failing to deliver on that promise is a scandal. It's a complete utter disgrace. I really don't know how they've got away with it so far. It is a breach of our democracy. I will close on this and make no further comment. I'm in town and it's cold, windy and pouring down.
  12. letsavagoo

    How's your day?

    Certainly there was a proportion that voted out for this reason. This being seen as racist has been jumped on and highlighted and used to justify an out vote as being just wrong and has probably promoted the racist leaver to a status not warranted. I believe that the proportion that did vote for this reason was relatively small and many people wanted to leave for perfectly 'honourable' reasons.
  13. letsavagoo

    How's your day?

    I've just looked at the forum rules. I was of the opinion that political discussion was outlawed here yet didn't see anything in the rules to confirm this. Not having a go at anyone. Just asking. People have strongly held views and conflict will without doubt ensue. The referendum was ill thought out and the campaigns on both sides very poor. Clearly the result they got was not the one they expected or wanted and had no plans for a Brexit. There lies the problem. Like it or not the public were told that out means out. No customs union etc. I can't recall being told of leaving with 'a deal'. The recent viral video showing many of the leading remainers promising to honour the referendum result just shows the two faced hipocrassy of these shallow self serving elected individuals. I don't believe a second referendum (why call it a people's vote) would solve anything and on the contrary would be disastrous. I doubt that a decisive result would ensue and we'd be back to square one and furthermore if we overturn the result of the 2016 vote where does that leave democracy. The whole event has been a shameful sham with the worst government in living memory, possibly ever. It's divided the country and made us a laughing stock abroad. There was a vote. In or out. Get over it and get on with it.
  14. letsavagoo

    Newark and its history

    If anyone does visit Newark the Prince Rupurt which I'd quite close to the market place does very good food. Pizzas are very good but it's not cheap.
  15. letsavagoo

    Newark and its history

    Thanks Rog. I have been in the museum and ballroom. Not the offices though. Some nice paintings. I'm aware of the thin house but nothing about it. Is it inhabited I wonder. I'd imagine it's not incredibly small but the position sandwiched where it is and height may add to the illusion.