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  1. This has been posted before but Jill has now acquired all the names so will add them below.
  2. “A leading plastic surgeon has appeared in court accused of attempting to murder a fellow doctor who was stabbed in his own home. Jonathan Peter Brooks, 57, is charged with trying to kill dad-of-four Graeme Perks, 65, during a knife attack at his property in the affluent village of Halam, Notts. Mr Perks, who is considered one of the "most highly regarded and respected surgeons in the profession" was stabbed in the chest and stomach at 4.15am on January 14. A court heard how police found retired Mr Perks with knife wounds and the ground floor of his £800,000 property had been cove
  3. Welcome Geoffc. You mention in one of your above posts a stage at Berridge. I was at Berridge 59 onwards and as I entered the junior school the senior boys were being phased out so I recall the older boys being there but dwindling to nothing. I remember there was a stage in the top hall and was in the nativity one year but Jill Sparrow doesn’t recall it at all. You are the first person to mention a stage at Berridge. I was beginning to doubt my recollection so glad you have mentioned it. Jill can generally remember what she wore on any given day since birth. I went onto Forest Field where
  4. I assume you’ve read the Wikipedia entry on this Ian. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Drummond
  5. The first car I remember was my dads Morris 8 series 2 which was what he had as soon as I was old enough to notice. I used to go with my dad to a garage in the Park estate where my dad knew the owner who looked after it mechanically. I believe they’d served in the AFS together in the war. Once we’d got in the park he’d sit me on his knee and I’d steer it as it was private. I’d love one if I could afford one.
  6. “Sadness in community as two bodies recovered from River Trent after search. The search has been ongoing since the start of this month. People in Hoveringham have spoken of their sadness after news that two bodies have been recovered from the River Trent. Police crews had been searching in the river at Hoveringham after reports of a car entering the water on February 1. Difficult weather conditions and fast flowing water had hindered the search, however police confirmed a dive team had recovered the bodies of a man and woman at 10.30am on Saturday, February 13. The fam
  7. What is your objection to chippings Col. I assume you mean stone chippings or gravel. There is a small area in front of my house. When I moved here it was covered in crazy paving and looked a mess. I took that up and covered it in natural stone chippings about the size of walnuts, other than the boarders about 3 feet wide which are soil planted with shrubs. It’s large enough to park 2 cars, 3 at a push. The rain soaks through. I did it for cheapness as the house needed a lot of work. 3 of my 4 neighbours have ripped the front gardens up and block paved with drains to the sewerage system which
  8. Berridge chess players. Mr Parr in charge. Jill has all the details to follow below.
  9. They have some nice stuff but it does seem a bit overpriced by a few thousand in some cases. Still he must know what he’s doing.
  10. This morning on my facebook page a picture posted by Colin Barnes came up on my feed and there before me was a photo of my first love. I’m sure Colin won’t mind me posting his picture here. There was no mistaking the first big bike I had when I was 16, a glorious BSA Rocket Gold Star engine in a Norton Featherbed frame. I exchanged messages with Colin and confirmed beyond doubt it was indeed the bike that I had. I had played with motor bikes from being about 10 or 11 when I swapped a pedal bike for an inappropriately named NSU Quickly moped and was later given an Ariel Leader by a neighbour wh
  11. If they had come from the Lowdham end, then it’s long way to turn back when you get as far as Hoveringham. There no turn offs so it’s back all the way so maybe they took a chance. Literally tested the waters. I know that the road through Hoveringham/Catpythorpe floods badly near the Lowdham end too. A few days age I drove towards Bleasby and the road at the end of Gypsy Lane was flooded with a road closed sign. However 2 cyclists in front of me went through and I could see it was only a few inches deep so I went through fine. Presumably the river had gone down since the sign went out.
  12. Last year the incident where the woman drove into the river at Hoveringham Phil refers to, I had driven along that stretch of road about an hour before. I was on my way to the Spire hospital with time to spare so it’s a pleasant drive. Following a police appeal, I submitted my dash cam footage. There was a lot of surface water but certainly not flooding. Here’s the police statement re the current incident on the Trent. “Police divers find 'object believed to be a vehicle' in search for missing car in River Trent. Witnesses report the car had 2 people inside Police di
  13. I was reading last night when there was thee most tremendous roar. The windows rattled and my ears hurt. There was the thump thump noise a helicopter makes. I looked out but couldn’t see anything. We get the air ambulance fly over quite frequently but this was something else. Phil solved it for me as it must have been the coastguard attending Hazelford. What a noise.
  14. The problem I’ve had with inkjet printers is that I don’t print very much and when I wanted to print it was almost invariably clogged and would need the print head cleaning routine performing time after time. I found photo prints would fade quite quickly and within a year be hopeless. When my last Epson printer gave up I bought a cheap Brother laser. Mono only but fast, reliable and very cheap to run. I’ve only recently replaced the toner that it came with. Any colour prints I get done at a shop or Mail order. It’s relatively cheap, the quality is better that your likely to achieve and th
  15. Berridge Juniors. 1973. Class 5. Mixed year group of 2nd and 3rd years. Teacher is Mr Watson. Photo courtesy Pav Khan facebook. I’ve edited the various replies to the Fb post to include the names. If my memory serves me right, Alan Baker to my right, then ,Andrew Layton, Carlton ?, Mark Chapman, Albert Daniels, Andrew McDermott, ? , Steven Hutchinson Jane Holmes,Sharon Kerraine, ? , Denise ? , Yolanda Ranaczek, Michelle Smith,?,?, Mr Watson Glenda Dooley, Sonia Marchbank(I think),? ,?, Tracey Redman, Michelle Parsley , ? , ? . I think that's Narinder Hari next to Andrew McDe