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  1. I’m not sure what it was officially called, boxing or packing sounds about right to me. As far as I recall Radford Grove Lane end (Bobbers Mill end) had an old people’s home and the rest is housing. I’ve just looked on street view and it does look pretty flat, certainly enough to play football on. https://www.instantstreetview.com/@52.960939,-1.181156,138.6h,-6.33p,1z
  2. I was just having another look at the map and had the very same thought as you CT. I’ve just logged back in to post but you’ve beat me to it. My only reservation is that the ground is inclined down towards the river Leen from Churchfield Lane especially St Peters Street side named here as Churchville but the church yard Area is pretty flat so it’s hard to say without checking but I recon it’s a very good candidate. As children we used to go to what we called Players wood yard where they had a lot of wooden boxes. It ran between Radford Grove Lane and St Peters Street Behind the Church yard. You could buy a crate for a few shillings to make a den in. We’d access it from Radford Grove Lane and the wood yard area did seem quite flat from memory but it was over 50 years ago.
  3. I’ve looked up this map which is about the correct date for your research. Interestingly you’ll note Hartley Road as it nears St Peters church Which I know as St Peters Street is nameD ‘Churchville’. Plenty of open spaces still. https://maps.nls.uk/view/101603265
  4. Hello SD. I would think your best option will be to look at some early maps. I have these 2 photographs which I have filed away as they show the area I was born and grew up in the 1950’s. They also show the area where I returned In 1980 having moved away For 10 years and lived for a further 20 years. You will doubtless make out Churchfield Lane and there are Places where a football field could have been situated. If you know the area, which I believe you do then Truro Crescent was built in the mid 1930’s. The row of Terraced houses across the top of the second picture is Grimston Road which were built around 1905-1910 approximately.
  5. I was in Newark yesterday and noticed this blue plaque which is relevant to this thread. Apologies that it’s not terribly clear but it is readable.
  6. I wasn’t ‘developing an argument’ and am surprised you choose to think I was doing that. In fact I said I wasn’t ‘having a go’. You must know by now that I rarely make any political comments at all and certainly never engage in political argument. Your political comments are usually long and well reasoned and for you sincere. I merely wanted to point out that your comment was imho inappropriate where it was (again) and why I thought that. I did say at the start of my post i was loathed to comment but where else could it go to make any sense and did ask for any response to be made on the appropriate thread.
  7. Lady Jane doesn’t think it was spiral either Jill. I may have dreamt it as she reminds me often that she is always right.
  8. I’d forgotten it was downstairs. Now you’ve reminded me I seem to recall a wide spiral staircase.
  9. I’m very loathed to put this comment here as we’ve previously ‘discussed’ political comments being made on threads other than the anything political. It’s a shame that you had to end a very good reasoned rational post with a stab at Thatcher irrespective of its truth or otherwise. I will say though that it’s far to complex to just single out Thatcher as the problem as I’m sure you well know which is why such a flippant jibe slipped in at the end of your post is just inappropriate. Please don’t think I’m having a go at you Col, I’m not. The ‘loony left’ with their control of the Marxist Unions in the 70’s have nothing to be proud of and cannot be dismissed. The 3 day week, Red Robbo, power cuts and destruction of the British owned car industry and manufacturing generally. Weren’t they all me me me. Something had to give, times indeed were changing globally. I suspect you may want to respond so on the anything political thread. Please.
  10. I think these were know as mock auctions. Used to pop up here and there. We bought a set of saucepans on holiday in Scarborough when we’d not been married long from one of these places. They were quite cheap and we had them years. Good buy.
  11. I think the confusion with the Kardomah is it moved. This topic has been discussed recently on Facebook. The Kardomah or places trading under that name have been located in several parts of the city centre. A group of us used to meet on Saturday mornings in the early 1970’s in the KD and at that time it was towards the bottom of King Street, on a corner with an alley way. But Kardomah’s have also been on Parliament Street, just around the corner from King Street and also somewhere else was suggested but I don’t recall where exactly.
  12. I recently had a letter from nhs. I was selected to do a self administered test as part of a national research project to see if I’d had coronavirus. The test kit arrived yesterday in a Jiffy bag. I had to prick my finger with a spring loaded pen and put a drop of blood in a small plastic device. Add 2 drops of activation fluid and wait a few minutes to see if a coloured band appeared. Take photo of result and complete an on line survey and upload photo. My test was negative so I haven’t had the virus Although the test is not 100% accurate. Selection is random apparently.
  13. You’ve mention Mr Acton before Jill. I honestly never had an issue with him. Kept at that practice all my life until about 18 years ago. I can’t say I liked going there but never had a problem at all. I think the front crowns I have were done by him years ago after I got kicked playing rugby. When Acton sold it another Irishman took over, a Mr Hanrohaan who was very highly qualified.
  14. I was desperate Loopy. Not brave as it didn’t hurt a bit.