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  1. I have to ‘see’ a specialist at the hospital every 6 months. The last few appointments have been telephone consultations. I got a letter the other day to say they have got to change my next telephone appointment to.....same day, 15 minutes later. I doubt I’d have noticed. The could have saved a stamp.
  2. We stopped shopping at Debenhams a few years ago. If you ever had to return something, didn’t fit or not suitable etc whereas most high street shops were happy to refund, Debenhams were a complete pain. So we just gave up going there.
  3. Eric’s shoe shop was next door to Flints newsagents which was owned by my wife’s grandparents. The shops here did very well as they got a lot of footfall from Players factories.
  4. I remember when I worked at Raleigh in the early 1970’s one of the designers had one of these. His ownership of it was the constant source of pulling his leg as I don’t think it ever turned a wheel without something breaking or falling off. Absolutely terrible.
  5. Jill Sparrow is in phone contact with Gerald Chandler so I’m sure she will respond. Do you remember Trevor Williams, one of the teachers who I have very recently been in touch with.
  6. You beat me to it DAVID W. I realised it could well be Senior Service. You can just make out the last letter ‘R’ of the previous word.
  7. I meant to add that it seems odd that taken in the 1970’s the shop has some odd items. 78 rpm shellac records, Jack Payne one of the record covers. Not contemporary with that period at all so window dressing or poor sales since 1940’s! You might have better success posting this on one of the Nottingham history pages on Facebook. I’d do it but don’t want to infringe copyright.
  8. Looking at the 2 pictures posted 8.28 on the 18th. The left hand picture reflection shows a row of residential properties, lots of chimneys and tv aerial. The right hand picture clicking on the link giving the best quality and zooming in to the right of the ladies hat I see what seems to be a shop front in the distance with the the letters SERV over the top, maybe service and below some of those mesh wire fronted boards where they used to clip in newspaper headlines etc. So I think this must be on a corner or near a corner as this apparent shop is at right angles to the featured shop front.
  9. I believe listening to a doctor today it is a very small number of clots and there is little evidence of a link.
  10. Thanks for pointing it out Brew. I was unaware. I thought it was a derogatory term with ‘mob’ connotations. I haven’t watched ‘that’ interview at all but the fallout has been impossible to avoid. My wife is far more interested than I. The Andrew/Epstein affair which I followed with some interest has shattered any respect I had so very much sit on the fence as to the Royals.
  11. Just to be clear DJ it was not my words. I realise it’s just the way the forum works but when it reads ‘letshaveagoo said’, he didn’t. It was copied in it entirety from elsewhere. I do not agree with all in there but Harry and Megan should have sorted out this privately rather than in a media interview. Are you showing your prejudice by referring to the royals as ‘the firm’.
  12. Jill has found this Berridge class photo. It has with it a chart giving the date as 5th June 1973 and naming the teacher, Miss Hazel Dodds with the pupils names too. Credit to the original poster of the image, Sharon Singleton who I hope doesn’t object to my reproducing it here. Top left could be Mark Purdy who we used to babysit for.
  13. Sent to me by a friend. An impressive read. Subject: I am not sure who wrote this but it says it all. On March 29 1941- almost 80 years ago- a young naval officer was in charge of the spotters on board HMS Valiant, a great battleship in the Royal Navy. Their targets were 3 capital ships from the Italian navy- they had received information from the code breaking geniuses at Bletchley Park. The search was on. In the darkness above the horizon the young officer noticed what appeared to be metal turrets reflecting off the searchlights of the Valiant. He had spotted the enemy an
  14. The top of Grimston Road at the junction with Churchfield Lane was indeed a general corner shop selling bread, cooked meats, tinned food, cigarettes and sweets. It was always referred to as ‘Hudsons’ being run by Mrs Hudson. It was almost opposite my house and I nipped in there almost everyday to collect something for mum. If it was 10 Park Drive they would be put in a sweet bag as I was underage. The opposite corner, next door but one to us was just a house. That was where the Wrights lived. There were several children all older than me. I recall one daughter, Dianne was a Players angel. Ther
  15. This has been posted before but Jill has now acquired all the names so will add them below.