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  1. To post an image you need to use a picture hosting site and then post the link to it. I use postimage.org which I find fine.
  2. Mine isn’t for insulin either. It’s an immune system suppressant for severe arthritis. This is an interesting Covid related story I’ve just found. Jose Maria Fernandez Sousa-Faro, president of European pharmaceuticals giant PharmaMar, has been charged by police with being falsely vaccinated against Covid-19. Dr. Sousa-Faro has been caught up in a scandal in Europe involving people being added to the National Immunization Registry in exchange for large sums of money, with many of them familiar faces and household names. Police allege that Sousa-Faro arranged to be inje
  3. I inject weekly and have done for many years now. I use the spring loaded pens. Not keen on doing it. Sometimes there is no pain at all, other times it’s quite a sting. Just luck whether you hit a nerve or not. Used pens put placed in a yellow sharps bin which is collected when full.
  4. Could I have a copy of the page with ‘Clarke’ on it please. My maternal grandfather, a First World War veteran was in the home guard.
  5. It’s my wedding anniversary today. 48 years. I wouldn’t change a thing. My wife says she doesn’t regret a single day, she regrets them all.
  6. Protesters, for example the current stop the fuel type, are well organised with legal advisors and will know exactly who and where to complain and if you as an individual wished to complain about police conduct you would soon be directed to the IOPC. Try complaining about a doctor. I did and that is fun. I too think Mrs Henry will have to go.
  7. The police authorities were the body for overseeing the police prior to the introduction of the PCC role. Brew. There is the IOPC (independent office for police conduct) which isn’t the responsibility of the PCC. I agree totally with above comments that political influence should be removed from the role.
  8. I have no idea what the official duties of a Police and Crime commissioner are but do we need them. Complete and utter waste of public money.
  9. I was a very keen cyclist before my body gave up and so being interested in cycling I have read up on the history of the bicycle. Not quite in living memory but not far off, it was not uncommon for someone to be born, live and die without travelling outside the area they were born in. Consequently marriage to close relatives was quite common. When the bicycle became popular, cheaper and available, young men in particular would get out of their immediate residential area and meet girls from more distant towns and villages. So the humble bicycle is acknowledged as improving the gene pool.
  10. I have several old laptops. The earliest is a Panasonic cf-25. I installed Windows 95 from floppy disks recently. I have 2 versions of Win 95, one on 14 floppies and the other on 22. I also have MS word on floppies and office suit which is on about 35 floppies. I collect software on floppies and it’s amazing what can fit on 1.44 mb.
  11. It must be over a year since I went to the Carrington one. It was excellent but f & c is something I fancy occasionally so I’ve not been since.
  12. The Cods Scallops is the go to place for fish and chips now. I went a while ago and it was very good.
  13. Is the hard drive you wish to access sata or ide. I have a dock you can borrow and I visit Eastwood frequently as my grandsons live there. Also have you seen this. It may help. https://www.getmailbird.com/setup/access-virginmedia-com-via-imap-smtp
  14. I’m not 100% but aren’t males sometimes referred to as ‘love’ in Yorkshire. By other males that is.
  15. I gave some talks to several local history societies in recent years and it was suggested that I avoid using the term ‘ladies and gentlemen’ as gender assumption is a can of worms. As my audience were general older people I didn’t perceive a problem but it was given when at a ‘council’ venue and I complied. The term ‘duck’ was very common in the Radford of my youth but with the young now it seems absent. Referring to friends as ‘fam’ is common where my grandson lives in Eastwood and elsewhere I suspect. An older woman in Birds at Eastwood always serves by asking ‘now then my duck’ never ‘me du