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  1. New colours

    Blue border with pink background and large S pattern throughout. I can't post a screenshot as I don't use any image posting sites. I'll email a screen capture if you want. I need sunglasses on.
  2. New colours

    Ye Gods. What's happened with the new colour scheme. I thought my iPad had gone wrong. I don't like it.
  3. I'm selling a Dell tower PC system. 2.8Ghz dual core Pentium CPU. Very good quality Dell monitor with mouse and keyboard. Installed with safe and secure Linux operating system which is very 'Windows' like, quick and easy to use. Bargain £25. I'm near Southwell.
  4. My wife, who it has to be said is OTT when it comes to hygiene, refuses to eat at Wetherspoons. The last two occaisions the plates were dirty as was the cutlery. She complained and the staff were Quite unpleasant and the replacement 'thrown' at her was worse than the one she had. Got a refund and never been back.
  5. Talk at Basford Library

    Well it depends how old you are as to your definition of youngsters but no. I think the youngest attendee was over 70 or thereabouts. About 18 in total. Mostly those who always attend the talks there plus 2 who came specifically as they were interested in the subject. One chap did nod off but the regulars assured me I did well as he stayed awake at least 10 minutes longer than he usually manages. There is apparently a local school who are learning about WW1 who have expressed an interest in the talk so maybe that will work out.
  6. Talk at Basford Library

    Thanks for the good wishes. It went well. They have local interest talks quite often.. Not a big turnout but apparently the usual crowd turned up plus 2 extras.
  7. Talk at Basford Library

    Sorry for the short notice but if anyone is interested and local I will be giving a talk at Basford Library 10.30am in the morning (10th October) about the letters my Grandfather wrote home from the Western front during WW1.
  8. Delete attachments

    Ones here https://nottstalgia.com/forums/topic/9061-more-moon/?tab=comments#comment-114212 And the other https://nottstalgia.com/forums/topic/8265-help-with-this-radford-photo-players-radford/?tab=comments#comment-102926 Cant edit or delete as there old posts. Thanks anyway Cliffton
  9. wheres these taken

    Your other (better) half as seen it and commented. You look very fetching in your little romper suit.
  10. Radio's obsolete. Surely not.

    Technically I don't this is a radio Jill. Redifusion actually sent the signal to your house, a bit like an early cable tv system albeit just audio and it did play radio stations. I think you had a choice of only a couple of stations and paid a rental.
  11. If I look at attachments in my profile, it seems I have 2 photos I must have put on ages ago and have used 133% of my allocated allowance. I don't need or want them so how do I delete them please. I can't see an obvious way to do so. Thanks
  12. Radio's obsolete. Surely not.

    Be careful Gem if your tempted to try this. The capacitors degrade over time and if you just plug it in, you may cause damage that is expensive or almost impossible to put right.
  13. Goose Fair

    I used to have contact with one of the fair families but sadly they've died out. There was a Berridge school girl, Teressa Wesseldine who married into the fair and still stands a candy floss stall there. Don't know her married name though. If I were you either contact Jame Mellors as Fly suggests or just wing it and ask around. They're general great people, very proud of their heritage and will likely be happy to help.
  14. Goose Fair

    One year I had a really big balloon. It was in the shape of a zepelin about 2 feet long with fins and a gondola you stuck on. Good job it wasn't that one or the roof would have gone.
  15. Goose Fair

    I got a balloon from the fair when I was about 8. It was clear printed with green vegetation 'growing' up the outside and had a cardboard fish dangling inside on a bit of string. A week or so after the fair ended the balloon was getting deflated and looking a bit sorry for itself and only just able to float. So being a smart boy I knew that gasses expand when heated so I had a spark of genius and tied the balloon to a Dinky car and placed it on the hearth rug near the fire. I then went upstairs and was in my sisters room with her and my mum doing something or other. Suddenly there was an almighty boom and the floor literally jumped. We ran downstairs and were met by the room being filled with a mist of soot and smoke. The hearth was piled with high with soot and the fire out and a cardboard fish laying sadly on the hearth rug. My Dinky car was the opposite side of the room and a decorative vase and plate that had been a wedding present were broken having fallen from the pelmet where we had a curtain dividing the 2 rooms. The next door neighbour was out looking up probably thinking the Russians had dropped a bomb. Unfortunately I wasn't the only one to have a spark that day. It took days to clean up as the soot was everywhere when it settled. I still have the repaired vases on my dresser here at home and always recall blowing the house up when I dust them. We didn't need the chimney sweep that year.