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  1. I had let it drop as we all make mistakes. However when you posted that ’What I'm offering is verifiable, factual, but obscure info, which people can choose to factor into their decisions once they are made aware of it.’ Then clearly that’s not always the case. Wikipedia on the Guardian. The Guardian – mainstream newspaper which has consistently supported centre-left politics, either reflected by the Labour Party or the Liberal Democrats. I will make no comment on the other matters you raise.
  2. Like the false one you offered that the national emergency test alarm had been contracted to Rishi Sunak’s wife’s company. Also your quote ‘If we both live long enough, and if my 'bit', can help avert disaster, you may one day thank me for what you describe as Proselytising. (Ratherstretching the definition or proselytising in my view, but whatever’. No offence but you flatter yourself way too much if you seriously think you will make the slightest difference. You won’t.
  3. DJ. I think the current government are terrible. It matters not to me whether they are qualitatively different from previous administrations as I have no faith whatsoever in them or in the opposition. As I have mentioned previously the expenses scandal totally shattered my faith and trust in MP’s, that’s all of them whatever their flavour. I see they still claim fixed penalty charges under travel expenses and false claims are still on the menu. I think Labour under Blair were terrible and Starmer is hopeless seeking pathetic gimmicks to curry favour his latest being he’ll stop oil drillin
  4. The principle of hub gears being a 3 speed or one of the more multi gear hubs (Rohloff make a 14 speed) is all the same using epicyclic gears. There is no great secret or break through but the machining and engineering required is complex. Also multi gear hubs mean the drive passes through more internal cog wheels which increases drag and reduces efficiency. They are heavier too and the added complexity is expensive. The advantages of a hub gear is there is always perfect chain line, lower maintenance, protected from dust and dirt and less prone to damage. Derailleur gears are or can be cheape
  5. It is very obvious that we are both entrenched in our respective views and I see no point and have no appetite to post further on this subject so I won’t.
  6. Yes but I did say they got a raw deal on the face of it. Without knowing what if any information the police had I don’t think you can say they were clearly and falsely victimised by the Police. Why should you assume that there was no malignant element among their ranks. The event went off without any security or harm so the police operation was a success. It may well have done had the republican demonstrators that were detained were not so detained. I merely mentioned Hillsborough as an example that everyone is familiar with of people dying in situations where large crowds are gathered.
  7. An AW hub gives a low of -25% and a high of +33%. 2nd is just direct drive. If you’re used to multi speed large range derailleur gears that the SA hub is a let down. Just remind yourself that they were setting records of sub 3 days for Lands End to John O’Groats in the 1920’s using SA hubs.
  8. I have a book by Tony Hadland ‘The Sturmey Archer Story’. It is thoroughly researched and an excellent read. The history is very interesting with some ‘dirty dealings’ along the way. Out of print and I’ve just checked, second hand copies can be had and it’s not cheap.
  9. Sorry. For the late reply. Only just spotted this. I’ve ridden thousands of miles on an FW (4 wide) SA hub without a hitch. I changed later to an FM hub (4 medium ratio) and never had any bother with that either. They do need a real tug to move into 1st gear (2,3 and 4 gears are the same as an 3 speed) and the 4 speed trigger can slip out first if it’s not in excellent condition. The hubs themselves are fine. There are reports that the 4 speed hubs can burst apart but I think they were modified. I was a fairly strong cyclist and never had a problem. There is a lot to be said for a 3 speed whic
  10. Hi Col. Still not well but improving thanks. I think it is important that I state again that the coronation was an extraordinary event. If it were not such a unique event my view would very likely be entirely different but then so would the police reaction too. Can you for a moment consider the planning that must have gone into the security and safety of that operation. It will have been in planning for years and obviously with more urgency since the death of HM Queen Elizabeth II. The security of King Charles and the many distinguished guests and world leaders had to be
  11. Second for Jill. 1968\9. Teacher Mr Chandler.
  12. Jill has found 2 Berridge photos and asked me to upload them here. This is the first of them. Top infants 1965/6
  13. Well I’ve been reet badly for the past couple of weeks but felt a bit better this morning so sat out in the garden while the sun was out. I heard the cuckoo for the first time this year. It was a long way off and I couldn’t tell what direction. Have you heard it yet Phil as it seems to base itself somewhere between our villages. I seem to think I usually hear it earlier in the year. Perhaps the cold and wet has kept it quiet.
  14. This was, and I’m going back 25 years, a daytime ‘cottaging’ hotspot. I’m sure most will be familiar with that term but if you’re not a place for gay liaisons.
  15. The lord moves in mysterious ways, the Archbishop moves faster.