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  1. I do buy expensive shoes. I find leather soles are the best for my feet. The last pair of Loakes I bought worn almost daily lasted 7 years. I get rubber soles stuck on as needed. In a moment of weakness last year I bought a pair of Chelsea style boots from the East Midland designer outlet for about £40. In less than a year they fell to pieces. I’m waiting for a pair of boots to be delivered that I ordered on Monday. At a shade over £200 they are expensive but they should last years which is far cheaper in the long run than cheapies every year and they will be comfortable.
  2. You may well be right Alpha but this wasn’t the woman at No 5 during my time which was later, 1982 to 2000. She was a very odd lady.
  3. Jill. At the back of my mind I have the name ‘Trouts’ which was a green grocers next to or close to the CoOp. Was the library which you mention part of the toy shop. I don’t remember the library at all. My dad bought me my first watch from that jewellers, a Timex. It was stolen when left on the mantelpiece for pe at Berridge one time but quickly recovered from a lad who was a well know school rogue. You’d know the name Jill. In you’re year I think.
  4. Between the cleaners and news agents was another small shop which was a jewellers. It appears to have been knocked through to be part of the Chilli Hut now. I dare say it was popular with the Players angels. If you look at the front of the Chilli place you can make out where the door was.
  5. I don’t know if you remember this Jill but on the corner of Grimston Road with Alfreton Road was Clarkes of Retford cleaners. It had yellow/cream tiles covering the exterior. I walked past it every day on the way to Berridge.
  6. Phil. I was in Southwell today and saw they have a fresh fish stall on the market. I asked if they do crab and they do every week. I was there at just after 12 and it was sold out and said it’s popular and he usually sells out. So there’s a local option for you.
  7. I must admit that I agreed with Jill in that the photo of Boots may be a black and white image that’s been coloured but I found this enamelled sign on fleabay so maybe it was red originally.
  8. You can apparently get fresh dressed Norfolk crab from the Cods Scollops fish counter.
  9. Don. There are plenty of explanations on the internet if you look. I’ll give a couple but there are many that go into great detail. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/stories-53749800 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nigger
  10. Only words you say. Words are very very powerful and it’s naive to think otherwise. I once had a conversation with a lovely West Indian I worked with (died too young RIP) as to why the ‘N’ word was so offensive to black people. It harks back to slavery and colonialism and objectifies and is wrong on so many levels. It is a word I will never use even in private. I lived next door to a Muslim man who had a white wife. A lovely couple who would both refer to the corner shop as the Paki shop. I’ve worked with men who were called Jock, Taff, Paddy with no offence intended or taken. When I was
  11. We’re on the same wavelength here Jill. My thoughts exactly.
  12. That makes sense Col. It’s quite confusing but as things stand currently I don’t intend to get a forth. Too easily yet anyway but I may be persuaded otherwise.
  13. Short and sweet but thanks. I assumed that would be the case.
  14. I like to listen to Notts matches on the radio. I looked this morning to confirm kick off time etc and happened to notice that the official transport to Dover was £27. shortly before 3pm the match was called off. So having spent hours travelling they are turning straight back. I assume that there are no refund so when they do play again will it be another £27 or is there any recourse either with Notts or Dover who called it off so late.
  15. I received a letter on Thursday telling me I should get a fourth jab. I am listed as clinically vulnerable. Yet the news this morning is saying 4th jabs will not be required. Even though I’ve had and continue to have a pretty bad time since I caught covid in September last I don’t think I will have any more jabs for the foreseeable future.