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  1. letsavagoo

    Here and There

    Boo-its=boots. I read a book by a north Notts police officer recalling cases he had dealt with and one of the chapters was when a locals best boo-its were stolen from the doorstep.
  2. letsavagoo

    Soon be Goose Fair........

    I have been on the fair at least once every year of my life so this year was my 63rd year. My mum loved the fair and took me in the pram as a baby, pushchair as a toddler and under my own steam ever since. I almost missed one year when I was ill but rode my motorbike there and had a quick visit. I had a mild panic this year when I realised I would be away goose fair week on holiday but being open Sunday saved me so I went. No one else wanted to go with me so I did a Billy no mates and went alone. Certainly doesn't hold the magic it used to for me but I'll keep going while I can. No mud as there's lots of walkways down.
  3. letsavagoo

    Seagull Outboards

    Wash & wipers me thinks Rog.
  4. letsavagoo


    If I had to pick one item of tech to keep it would be sat nav. I worked in the 70's as a tv service engineer covering all Notts, Derby and Leicester. Loved the job but trying to find a specific address in an area you didn't know drove me mental. My car has sat nav but the best I've found without doubt is the 'Waze' app on a smart phone. Spots jams and routes you around. Brilliant.
  5. letsavagoo

    Seagull Outboards

    I think Ray Pettit made a lot of bodies for Austin 7's and other vintage cars. Didn't he have one himself. An all alloy sports Austin 7. I had the primary chaincase of a Triumph TR6 motor cycle welded by a guy in Bulwell. Right next to the 3 Horseshoes pub. Can't recall his name but he did a good job. Ray was a supurbe craftsman but could be difficult to deal with I heard. Personally I always got on fine with him.
  6. letsavagoo

    Motorbikes of old

    I had a friend who had a Norton Commando, 750 fastback. I love Nortons and had an ES2 for years but didn't like the Commando. Tried to make them compete with the big jap 4 cylinders and the crankshafts flexed so much they had to have what they called 'blend' big ends to allow for the flex. A real bodge. i remember Dave Needham the boxer who I knew well had a Dunstall Commando. I think it did about 60 in first.
  7. letsavagoo

    Seagull Outboards

    I was on holiday in Dorset years ago and snorkeling. I saw a seagul outboard on the seabed not too far out with some weed growing on it. Obviously been there a little while. I managed with some difficulty to get it out and bought it home. I found it had a small crack in the crank case and got Ray Pettit to weld it. Without too much difficulty I got it to run well. It was a short shaft and water cooled 2 stroke pulling water up the shaft. It was an old model with a simple choke, just a blade closing the air intake. Sold it.
  8. Thanks Phil. It seems all the council want to do is refer you to the on line pay per view site. I went to Wilford Hill (see my opening post)
  9. I think part of the problem is that the General aka Canning Circus cemetery is unused and has been so for a long time. It's in a terrible state, overgrown and with homeless sleeping in tents and needles and booze bottles lying around. I don't think it's had any attention for years. Wilford Hill is used and therefore frequently maintained. I don't think I've ever been without seeing someone working in the grounds. I asked at the library re a map and they claim not to have one. Re the grave being in date order Jill. Fair point although my relative is in a plot above 2 strangers and then her husband popped on top some 20 years later. I can only assume she went in a 'second hand' grave. I don't know the date of the 'strangers' burial. Hope they get on with each other. Philmayfield. Do you have a map for the General cemetery. Are we talking of the same one aka Canning Circus? If I gave you the plot/grave numbers could you see if they are marked please. Any clue would be a step further.
  10. letsavagoo

    Bring back any memories?

    We always used to use the same plumber, an old boy. You'd get your bill on an old betting slip or back of a fag packet. I asked him once 'Don't you use a computer Barry' in a flash he snapped 'pencil dont crash'
  11. I have posted about this same issue some time ago but got no further. I would like to trace the grave of my Great Aunt, Gertrude Jordon who died in 1917 and was buried in the General cemetery, Canning Circus. Her husband Arthur Jordon (who remarried but was buried with her when he died in 1935). I have the all the plot details and approached the Council dept based at Wilford Hill a couple of years ago who were no help whatsoever. However yesterday I had another go at them as I happened to be passing. In a nutshell they said they had a plan but it was rubbish but I could look at it but when I asked to see it they told me it would be a waste of time as a mere mortal would not be able to understand it and seemed reluctant to the point of I didn't get to see it and said my best bet was to look on https://www.deceasedonline.com. The Nottingham council burials website also directs you there but it's all chargeable to download a copy of the register etc. The charge is not excessive. They also told me that for £79.99 they can send their 'expert' to the cemetery who will find the grave and mark it with a wooden stake and take digital photos of the area so I can then go myself. Presumably he's not a mere mortal but a map God although there is no guarantee of success nor could I meet and go with him. I could understand a charge if someone has to physically retrieve a record and copy same but charging for a download I search myself seems unreasonable and why I can't see the records that the 'expert' can access seems a total rip off. Surely these should be freely available public records or is it me. The same department wanted £140 to dig a tiny hole to put my mums ashes in a family plot so I'm a bit peeved with them anyway.
  12. letsavagoo

    Lyons tea house

    One of the first business computers was developed for Lyons. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/LEO_(computer)
  13. letsavagoo

    Raleigh HQ Now Listed Building

    I'm 100% with you on this Col. I lived in Radford and my dad would occasionally drive with me in the car going somewhere or other along Lenton Boulevard, past here. I well remember even when I was very young being impressed by it. The road being wide here with its 'avenue' of trees. It always reminded me of a picture I had in a book of foreign embassy building. As children we rarely strayed far from home on our own and probably St Peters park was as far as we went but when I got my first bike, a Raleigh naturally, the first place I rode was down Radford Boulevard and accross onto Lenton Boulevard and turned around outside here. Not long after I left school after a failed attempt as an apprentice electrician (that's another story) I went to work as an office boy in the concept design department at Raleigh Industries. This was in 1970 and initially the department was based near Faraday Road but was expanding, which is why I'd been taken on I spent my first few weeks help moving to an office in a block immediately behind head office. I was a regular visiter to this main building. The staff canteen was housed in the upper right floor looking from the road, the opposite side being the ballroom which was often used to display a range of colour and style options to the bosses so I regularly lugged bikes up and down to the ballroom. There was a large slowly revolving turntable inside the main central entrance with several new models on it and I was occasionally tasked with changing them or making sure the tyres were inflated etc. I'd also have to collect any visitor from the foyer and take them to Alan Oakley or to our department. I had the first Chopper several months before they went on general sale And worked with some fantastic talented people both from artistic and engineering backgrounds and learned a great deal. I had to visit every inch of this fantastic factory and saw it in full swing in its halcyon days before its decline. I was there for about 3 1/2 years and loved every second. I had to go either cycle or bus to various firms to fetch supplies for the office. A regular journey being to John E Wrights on Huntingdon Street for draughtmans supplies. Left for more money and went to Players. That was a shock to the system. Thank goodness at least this building is being saved.
  14. letsavagoo

    The Red Arrows

    I was in Southwell this afternoon and the red arrows were overhead for a while. Close formation then over in pairs. One came over very low. Rattled the Windows for sure.
  15. letsavagoo

    hyson green

    Although I lived quite close I rarely went in the Wheat Sheaf. I went the other way, Pheasant, Dover Castle and Marqoise of Lourne or down the green, Radford Arms etc. I do recall the last time I went in the Wheat Sheaf. Christmas Eve a few years back the motor in the fan oven packed up. I knew what it was as it had been playing up for a while and I had bodged a repair which had lasted a while. Not a good time for the oven to give up. So I rang Greys Electrical (excellent) and they had one in stock. Problem was they were closing lunch time for Christmas holiday in 5 minutes and I'm an hour away. So they suggest I meet them in the Wheat Sheaf where they're having their Christmas do. So we did the deal on the pool table in the pub that afternoon.