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  1. letsavagoo

    hyson green

    Although I lived quite close I rarely went in the Wheat Sheaf. I went the other way, Pheasant, Dover Castle and Marqoise of Lourne or down the green, Radford Arms etc. I do recall the last time I went in the Wheat Sheaf. Christmas Eve a few years back the motor in the fan oven packed up. I knew what it was as it had been playing up for a while and I had bodged a repair which had lasted a while. Not a good time for the oven to give up. So I rang Greys Electrical (excellent) and they had one in stock. Problem was they were closing lunch time for Christmas holiday in 5 minutes and I'm an hour away. So they suggest I meet them in the Wheat Sheaf where they're having their Christmas do. So we did the deal on the pool table in the pub that afternoon.
  2. letsavagoo

    Unidentified pic by E.P. Short

    The chap in the middle of the group in the black hat and coat looks a foot taller than anyone else there. There's a man at the front (extreme right) closest camera with the cap has his medals on but he looks too old to have served in a recent war. A few seem to have a medal on.
  3. letsavagoo

    Nottm Children's Home Skegness

    A while ago there was a post, I think on the Berridge thread, where a member made an allegation of a sexual nature against a teacher they named. I posted that I felt it should be removed as it was a serious unsubstantiated allegation. This caused some discussion! I don't know if it was removed. I agree with philmayfield in this case. No one is belittling or dismissing any distress or damage that someone has suffered but a public posting of this nature is unwise, especially as a formal investigation may take place. I do have some expierience of investigation in such matters. Moderators please note.
  4. letsavagoo

    Buses in Nottingham

    First new car my dad owned was DAU 71C. Green Morris Minor estate, the type with the wooden frame on the back. Went all round France in it. Part x'd for a Hillman. The Morris was bought by Mr Skilbeck, a teacher at Peveril.
  5. letsavagoo

    World War One.

    Hope I dont cause offence to members (no pun intended) on here but I originally typed 'could that be the bell end resting on his stomach' but realised this wasnt wise. Sorry. Couldnt resist. Yes I see the lanyard and even the mouthpiece I beleive.
  6. letsavagoo

    World War One.

    Could it be a bugle Col? If you look it could be the bell tucked towards his stomach and the thin smaller tube coiled along side the thicker object. Not sure one would be used by then but could be traditional on an official photo.
  7. letsavagoo

    World War One.

    The 21st March 1918 when my grandfather was killed has just passed its centenary yet been completely ignored by the press and authorities which is rather surprising as not only were many thousands on both sides killed, it also marks an important event towards the ending of the war. Following the Russian Revolution in October 1917 Germany and Russia agreed to stop fighting (*1) so Germany was able to move thousands of expierienced troops from the Russian front over to France and Belgium. Germany knew that with the Americans now in the war and getting properly established in numbers they would likely, ultimately loose the war. So bolstered with the extra troops from the Russian front Germany launched their massive spring offensive on the 21st March 1918 over a huge area of the front in an attempt to break the stalemate and carry on to victory. That's a simplistic synopsis and for various reasons Germany failed and capitulated within months. So my grandfather was not alone. It's not know how he was killed. He had the misfortune to be in the line where the attack was particularly fierce near Cambrai. In fact his regiment the 2nd 6th South Staffordshire was all but wiped out. No known grave but his name appears on the wall of a Cemetary in Arras and his name is on the organ screen at St Stephens church on Bobbers Mill Road. I keep his medals, 'death plaque' and photograph permanently in the display unit at the side of my bed. *1 In December 1917, Germany agreed to an armistice and peace talks with Russia, and Lenin sent Leon Trotsky to Brest-Litovsk in Belarus to negotiate a treaty. ... With German troops advancing on St. Petersburg, Lenin authorized the signing of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk on March 3, 1918.
  8. letsavagoo

    World War One.

    DJ360. I note the photograph of your grandfather has the photographers details pressed into the print 'E P Short'. I have a very similar photograph of my grandfather at the side of my bed. It doesn't have the embossed mark but the mount is inscribed ' E. P Short. 35 Derby Rd. (Above Cathedral). Nottingham. It looks like they may have sat in the same studio. Sadly my grandfather did not survive and was killed on 21st March 1918. I have all the letters he wrote home. The letters were subject of a lottery funded project the last year where together with local historian Chris Weir we gave a number of talks to local history societies and there was a community drama written and performed. https://nlha.org.uk/event/angel-row-history-forum-5/ if your interested search 'present location uncertain' where you'll find details.
  9. letsavagoo

    World War One.

    DJ360 I do enjoy reading your posts which are inteligent and well reasoned and even if I don't always agree they have encouraged me look at some of my political beliefs from a different perspective and actually review my previous opinion. I respect you greatly for that. However I have to say that making a post with links to Wikipedia and asking us to 'google it' in the manner you did above extremely patronising. Your clearly a bright chap. No need to rub it in. I'm sure Hitler wouldn't have done such a thing.
  10. letsavagoo

    I'm right badly

    I did post an update Compo and then thought it wasn't of any real interest to anyone on this forum as I'm not a regular poster and hence not really known. However as you've mentioned it the problem I was having with my neck following an MRI scan has been diagnosed as severe arthritis with an osteophyte (bone spur) on one of my vertebra.
  11. letsavagoo

    I'm right badly

  12. letsavagoo

    Old Streets of Nottingham

    Me too. Saturday afternoons I used to go to dancing lessons with my sister, then central market and catch the 7 or 22 home to Radford. I used to sit on the top deck looking over into the electricity sub station with its dials and coils like a scene from a Frankenstein film.
  13. letsavagoo

    Whatever happened to......?

    Smart tills happened which give the amount of change to be given. Recently I bought something 52 pence. Gave a pound but then said I've got the 2 and handed 2p over. Total confusion for the assistant who gave the 2p back and then 48p. Hadn't a clue.
  14. letsavagoo

    World War One.

    Are we to suppose that Corbyns well documented support for the ira is all an establishment plot to discredit him as are his 'alleged' anti Semitic views.
  15. letsavagoo

    Wasp nest under the boat:

    When I was 16 I took my motorcycle test and promptly bought a 650 BSA. It had a big fibreglass tank and I'd been talking to someone who told me a horrible story when his fibreglass tank split pouring petrol on the hot engine. Later that same day I was riding on Derby Road and suddenly felt a burning sensation across my stomach. Oh dear I though (something like that) the bloody tanks split. I stopped quick time and jumped off the bike. It was sunny but I could see no flame nor nothing amiss. A little investigation showed a bee had hit me and got stuck between me and the tank. It was extremely painful.