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  1. I knew it in the mid 1970’s. I think the chap who ran it was Jack ? Can’t recall the surname. It had a rather poor reputation at that time. I asked if you meant the Bulwell club as unless my computer has gone mad I’m sure this was in the Radford section. It is now in the correct place. Was it moved?
  2. According to Mr Arthur Seaton, the Raleigh social club pumped the beer straight out the Trent
  3. Are you referring to the Bulwell club off Highbury Vale Vic.
  4. Question for Radford Red. What was the Variety before it was your dads place and a club.
  5. This is what I was thinking of. Look about 19 minutes in.
  6. I’m pretty sure that I have some footage of a Raleigh sports day. Not mine but from a commercially shot film. I’m not sure where I got it from. I’ll hunt it out tomorrow. There were regular dances held in the ballroom which was situated on the top floor of head office building on Lenton Boulevard, the one still there. I was at Raleigh 1970-73 and the ballroom was still there and occasionally used. Beautiful wooden floor I recall.
  7. Wardens was the butchers shop on the corner of Wordsworth Road, Radford Boulevard. Quite often my mum would send me with a note to get a pigs trotter or something from Waldrons before school and I’d dread it. I’d enter the shop and Waldron junior would be scrubbing the block. Then after a while look at my note, carry on scrubbing, look at my note again and eventually if I was lucky get what I needed within what seemed like an age, fuming as I didn’t want to be late for school. One time I recall junior who was at least 15 or more years my senior, asked if I had a cowboy hat as he was going to a fancy dress so I lent him mine. Service improved slightly after that. In later life quite by coincidence through work I Met Mr Waldron Junior who was a thoroughly nice bloke. I believe he had heart problems though and heard he’d passed years ago when he was relatively young. My father knew Mr Waldron senior very well somehow.
  8. In the 80’s it was John and Lorraine Yellop. I was at Forest Fields with John and used to row with him. I lost touch after school but heard through a mutual friend he was terminally ill and running this pub.
  9. NHS Cliff. Don’t know why I got sent there other than the QMC specialist I see referred me to Mr Tsegaye who is a top spine surgeon. I couldn’t afford private treatment and I don’t have insurance.
  10. Thanks Jill. Went for the neck but they found the lumber spine problem and something (not sure what, shadows or dark marks) they didn’t like the look of hence the rush and the biopsy. Not worried as judging by the past efficiency they’d have called me by now if there was a problem. Doesn’t feel better at the moment though.
  11. Talking of hospitals. I have been in the Spire hospital at Tollerton for an operation on my back. It’s predominantly a private hospital but they take nhs too. I was referred there initially to see if they could do anything with severe arthritis in my neck. I had an appointment Tuesday, mri scan Thursday, phone call Friday and operation last Thursday. Biopsy’s taken and gunk squirted in lower back. Sore as hell. I couldn’t have had better treatment if I’d been royalty. The specialist Mr Tsegaye is brilliant as are all the staff. If you get the choice definitely snap it up. Loads of FREE parking and it’s modern clean and just lovely.
  12. No general on site parking for anything but blue badge holders.
  13. I’ve just seen the the council are charging blue badge holders £7.00 for disabled parking on the Forest. Really. £7.00. !!!!!