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  1. My father in law used to say that one of his neighbours who was very bald but had a rather splendid bouffant comb over “he has 3 shredded wheat every day. 2 on his plate and one on his head”.
  2. Well Labour made such a good job of everything last time they were in power, especially the genius selling of a all the gold reserves when prices were so low I have every confidence of a golden age around the corner. There is a more than a hint of irony of course as I don’t believe for a second that Labour will solve the problems the country is facing but the current government of the day are dire. I just don’t find the alternative appealing.
  3. Don’t worry DJ. They’ll be out soon and the country will be on its feet in no time.
  4. Way back in the early 1970’s I worked as a trainee TV service engineer. The company I worked for had a number of contracts for various sales outlets to repair TV’s and general electrical items, radiograms, hifi etc, that in those days were often bought on hire purchase. I think Rumblows (spelt?) was one company we did a lot of house visits for. You would find that there wasn’t a great deal of skill needed in repairing many tv’s as certain models would have common faults. I did hundreds of home visits most of which are lost in my memory but I well recall one. I went to a house on the Bulwell Ha
  5. Totally agree CT. There were a lot of older cars around in the post war years but that does look like a date in the corner. When was Aspley built.
  6. Here it is pp. Black and white only though.
  7. You will be disappointed as regards the castle. It is closed for the foreseeable future as the company running it went bust. As for the workhouse it appears to be currently closed and reopening towards the end of February, the 19th I think. Look on their web page for details. I don’t know where the museum with hearses is. There is the industrial museum on Wollaton park but that is only sometimes open at weekends as far as I know. The framework knitters museum at Ruddington is worth visiting I’m told although I’ve never been. There is the Civil War museum at Newark. I have been there and I t wa
  8. I can confirm that there was not one of the auction type sales today in Newark either on the Tolney Lane corner or just over the bridge on the car park where the Castle barge floating pub is. I don’t think it restarted filling covid.
  9. I was referring to the auction type sale on the car park corner of Tolney Lane not the market place.
  10. Do they still have that market? As far as I know it stopped during covid and hasn’t restarted.
  11. If you read my post then You will see Tom Karen was not the main designer of the Chopper nor was Alan Oakley. Karen did some detail work on it but was far from ‘the designer’. It is odd that when it proved to be a commercial success some who didn’t deserve it laid claim to it.
  12. Exactly what I’ve just had Phil. Lovely……so far.
  13. My mum had an uncle who kept a newsagents on High Street. She would visit him when she was young so 1935-45.
  14. Not going to disagree with you here Col but it’s worth noting that the NHS are in the top 10 of the worlds largest employers and very very inefficient. You could double the current budget and it still be under funded. I read only yesterday that there are 800 staff in the NHS exclusively working on equality, diversity and inclusion and one health authority spent £219,000 supporting the rollout of the NHS rainbow badge scheme  and an undisclosed amount of money spent giving staff African drumming lessons. Perhaps the NHS should look at their internal spending and waste. This is not I hast