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  1. I found this recently on a Facebook posted by Glennys Fitzpatrick nee Wells an ex Berridge girl. I sent it Jill S as it depicts the top of Bobbers Mill Road not far from where Jill lived. Jill suggested I post it here as it may well interest JohnS and mercurydancer. The quality is poor. Glennys is on the left.
  2. Sold so pictures dimmed but you get the idea. https://www.onthemarket.com/details/8323904/
  3. Jill. The slogan ‘5 a day’ refers to fruit and veg NOT bottles.
  4. Another small Berridge group courtesy of Carol Bridgeman on a Facebook group. It’s listed as Berridge infant school. Jill will comment with some details.
  5. Another winning team photo. This time a chess team. Jill will follow with some info. Apologies for the glare.
  6. This appears to have been taken around the same time as the netball team photo I posted on 24th October. This time a winning stoolball team. Miss Shaw the proud teacher. Can’t quite read the date. Maybe 1973
  7. My involvement with Linux started when I acquired an old military spec Panasonic laptop years ago. It had originally been supplied with Windows 95 and didn’t have the legs to run anything much newer so was very out of date so I discovered lightweight versions of Linux really out of necessity. I still have it and it still works and can fetch email and browse simple websites. It is a very capable word processor and I have used it a lot for this purpose as it is passively cooled so silent with a nice clunky keyboard with a decent feel. I now run all my computers on Linux I have about 8 of various vintage including a couple of high spec newer machines too but I only keep one of them on windows 10. When I do turn it on it is unusable for ages as it installs endless updates which sometimes change settings that I don’t want changing. Last windows update the sound and WiFi stopped working which took a while to sort out. I find Linux extremely reliable and I’ve hardly ever had an issue. Linux or a Mac for me.
  8. I use Linux on all my pc’s and LibreOffice is pretty much standard issue with the majority of Linux distributions.
  9. I’ve just looked on the original download In case it was any clearer. It’s not but as Beekay states it appears to say dormitory award. The raised block in the middle looks like it’s a separate piece and removable so I assume that the name can be changed. This one looks like Chilwyn or similar. Did the various dormitories have names?
  10. I know that some members of this forum attended Pinewood Camp. This photo is labelled as Pipewood school. Is this Pipewood camp! Not sure. Anyway here it is.
  11. You should be careful. Years ago I had the police round threatening to nick me for criminal damage when I cut a big branch off a tree. It’s a long story I won’t bother with But I got a bill for several hundred pounds. I returned it with my bill for my time and effort preventing damage to a retaining wall and didn’t hear back. It can be a legal nightmare.
  12. Re the Netball team. Apologies I forgot to add that the teacher in the photograph is thought to be Miss Shaw.
  13. Here’s a nice team photo of the winning netball team early 1970’s. I acknowledge Susan Poxon nee Hodder who posted this elsewhere and thanks to Mandy Pike nee Shipman (not on the picture) who helped with the names. Not certain they are 100% correct, it’s been a while. Back row L to R. u/k, Monica McDonald, Beverley Oliver, Sue Hodder, Beverley Anderson?, Claudette ? Front row L to R Helen Christodolo, Shelia Sanghera, Julie Mantle, Gillian Smith, Linda and Gayle Wing. .
  14. I think that’s correct Phil. As you say, not thought through properly if at all. Typo in my previous post. ‘Their’ not they’re. Too late to edit.