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  1. By a strange coincidence, unaware of this post I came across my slide rules only yesterday at the back of my desk drawer. I have a British Thornton and a Japanese Hemmi. I also have a copy of school edition log tables, a reprint of the 1908 edition. We used log tables at school but not slide rules.
  2. Does the first time I saw my wife count. There used to be an triangular area of ground near my house in Radford sandwiched between the bottom of Kingsford Avenue and the river Leen. It was narrow at the entrance, widening as it followed the Leen on one side with steep banks on the other 2 rising to the gardens of houses on Woodstock Avenue. We always referred to it as the Woodward but the time I knew it there were a few small corrugated iron sheds with a few car repairing garages and a paint spraying place. The remainder was used as part scrap yard and haulage yard. The owner was a local man c
  3. Try series 1 episode 12. About 8 minutes in.
  4. I always buy quality shoes with leather soles. I stick rubber soles when they’ve worn a bit. Last pair I had lasted 7 years and that’s worn everyday. In fairness health issues mean I don’t walk far but the current shoes I’ve had about 2 years. I paid £265 for them but if they last 7 years it’s pretty cheap going. I used to put the heels on but take them to the cobblers now as they make a better job than I can.
  5. I think a major source now is schools. At my grandsons school there are up to 25% isolating. I think the powers that be are just going for heard immunity and letting the schools get on with it which I don’t see as a bad thing. Home schooling was terrible for the kids let alone parents and guardians etc. I’ve been no more or less careful recently than I have been since the start. If anything I’ve been quite relaxed throughout about it. I’ve not worn a mask unless it’s absolutely required but keep myself to myself and don’t mix or socialise much and not had any problem until this. Thank you a
  6. Almost a month ago I saw my grandchildren one of who unbeknown to us had coronavirus picked up at school. He became ill and 3 days later I tested positive for it. I have health issues which class me as ‘clinically vulnerable and have been careful but not paranoid. I have been extremely unwell. Without going into detail which I’m sure you don’t want to know I could hardly move due to extreme pain in joints to the point of being prescribed morphine. I am testing clear now and am up and about but am still far from well. The skin on my hands peeling, coughing a lot now where as I didn’t have a cou
  7. I’ve just received my latest electric bill and am apparently £17,000 in debt. I was about £300 in credit. Yes, that’s right £17k debit. I’m with bulb energy and it’s been a total disaster with them for months. My property is xxxxxxx Farm Cottage and next door is xxxxxxxx Farm. It seems there is an inability of the energy companies to distinguish between the two. I can see they’re similar but so is number 11 and 12. Spent hours on the phone trying to resolve it. Now they have decided that I have two electric meters. My meter was changed as it was very old about 5 years ago and they seem to have
  8. ‘Spying’ on your online activities comes from various sources. You’re browser, search engine, anti virus monitoring. Ditching Google for something like Duck Duck Go is a start. Always reject cookies except essential ones. Subscribe to a vpn service. I met someone a while back and agreed to send them some information. I took their phone number and entered it in my mobile. Within hours I was getting them as ‘people you may know’ on Facebook. I’d not called them or even put their name in the phone, just the number. I’m a bit sceptical that Alexa listens to you when not activated but if I wa
  9. For digitising my LP’s I used my turntable via my Croft pre amp and fed the line out into the line inputs of a Terratec 24/96 sound card fitted in a modest tower pc and record the audio at standard cd bit rate which I’d edit into tracks and burn to a standard recordable cd. This was a few years ago but it was more for the hell of it, as an experiment as if I want to listen to an LP then I’ll play the LP. The only justification is for car play as DJ said.
  10. It was a new one for me too. The trick to understanding this is that DJ’s CD recorder is specifically for a HiFi system. It’s these that need the special discs.
  11. Thanks Col. I did some research and learned what you’ve explained. Rather a nuisance then.
  12. DJ. You’ve lost me on the ‘for audio’ cd’s that are expensive. A cd/dvd is a digital stream. If that stream is readable by your playback device there will be no difference in the quality of playback whatever the disc used. Am I misunderstanding something here. Incidentally I have copies of Nero and another program I can’t recall the name of, InCd or similar. I’ll send you the disc if you want. There is a free program, Image burn which I use on Linux but think there is a windows version. Simple but works well. I still have my Terratec 24/96 sound card and front panel mount box
  13. When I first tried Linux it was a black art but recent distributions are pop in the installation media and it works. Very little user input required. In fact as drivers for many common graphics and sound chips are included in the kernel, it’s easier than windows to get up and running with a working system. It is basically a unix operating system similar to macs and fundamentally more secure than windows has traditionally been. Many hardware manufacturers provide Linux drivers for their printers etc but I’d agree it can take some faffing where Windows tends to be a more friendly experience. How
  14. DJ360. You could always get a usb external cd/dvd writer. I don’t know for sure but I think a new laptop with a dvd/cd writer will be hard to find.