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  1. I’ll have a flu jab but never having a covid jab again.
  2. I had a slight weep from a seam in one of the heating radiators earlier this year. I got my son on the job who got a new one the same size but all the newer radiators have different pipe fittings to the older style so to cut a long story short he needed to remove a pipe ‘olive’ to change the fitting. It wouldn’t budge so researching the issue I bought an ‘olive puller’. These are pretty cheap on the internet but we needed it now so paid about £20. What a complete waste of time. Distorted the pipe and didn’t move the olive a fraction. Ended up having unsolder the pipe and put a new piece in. Fl
  3. Some delay is caused by the fact digital signals are used now. It takes time to encode the original sound into a digital signal for transmission and then a delay in the receiver (audio or visual) to convert the signal back to analog. There was a debate in Parliament when some MP raised concerns that the chimes of Big Ben were delayed a few seconds on a dab radio. Perhaps upset his gold Rolex couldn’t be set properly. I have an internet radio which is delayed half a minute or more than a conventional radio.
  4. Every stinking time. Now that’s class and education for you.
  5. I wondered if that was the case but was doubtful as…..I cannot see why this should be and am a little surprised it’s apparently going on for so long. Still, I expect we’ll find out soon enough.
  6. This seems to have dropped off the news. Anyone know what’s happened.
  7. This may have been a reason as the Police used some of the building as a temporary base for the policing of the fair.
  8. Details will be posted below by Jill.
  9. I was born just off Churchfield Lane, in the shadow of Players factory. Left early 70’s when my parents bought a new house in Lenton although I more or less moved in with my girlfriend back in Radford.
  10. The terraced house in Radford where I was born and lived the first 16 years had fireplaces in all the rooms, upstairs and down with the exception of my bedroom which had been the upstairs bathroom but the bath was moved downstairs to the pantry and the ‘bathroom’ became my bedroom. The only fireplace ever used was the main living room other than there was a fire lit in my sisters bedroom when she was very ill with German measles. I can still remember 60 years later how odd it was to walk in a bedroom in winter and it being lovely and warm. I regularly had to use a finger nail to scrape the fro
  11. I don’t go in the Full Moon very often. In fact I don’t drink a deal all now. I drank my share years ago. If we do go out I prefer the Final Whistle at Southwell for a pint. I don’t know the Nevin’s but will ask around. As to who still uses coal. Well I do. The ‘log’ burner we have is multi fuel. We burn logs but smokeless fuel is cheaper and more convenient as a single stoke will go all day and into the evening.
  12. No offence but this is a thread on Berridge School. Why is this here when it has no relevance to Berridge at all.
  13. We have had the grandchildren all week so went to the castle the other day. I shelled out my £27 for a family pass. They enjoyed it. It was lovely to go back. I didn’t get chance to look around the ‘castle’ building completely, I don’t walk too well and it was so hot and perhaps it’s not fair to say yet but initial impressions, I preferred it as it was. The grounds are little changed. They have deckchairs dotted around and I sat looking out towards Wilford Hill and had a nice snooze for an hour or so while they played in the adventure park. We’ve already been back, I WILL get my monies worth.
  14. This has been posted previously. Page 28, August 28th 2020. Teacher, Miss Winstanley. Back row: John Woolley, Johnny Kirk, Robert Lee, Michael Hamilton, unknown first name Henshaw, Tony Ward, unknown, unknown, Dennis Turner, unknown, unknown. Middle row: unknown, Linda Whysall, Adrian Ball, Barbara Scott, Carolyn Dunkley, Maureen Fox, unknown, unknown first name Palmer, Susan Staples, Maureen Pye, Maureen Pilkington, Pat Munday, unknown, Sandra surname unknown, Carole Hawksley. Front row: Ena Matthews, unknown, Linda Thompson, unknown, Valerie Pullen,
  15. I’ve just seen that entrance to the castle although still £13 or £12 for concessions (family tickets available) now gives free entry as many time as you want for a year. I think that’s good value.