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  1. I have recently discovered that have a Great Aunt buried somewhere in the General Cemetery at Canning Circus. I have had little luck finding any sort of plan to trace the grave although I do have the plot number. Anyway the other day on a whim I wandered in there not having been for many years. The place is in a terrible state generally overgrown and no maintenance at all. However what did shock me was the tent and camping of what I assume to be of homeless or immigrant group. They all gathered in a group and obviously resented my close presence but I ignored them. I understand what a difficult situation dealing with these people is for the authorities and don't suppose they are doing any harm but I just feel that this lacks respect and should not be allowed. I was really quite shocked. Is it me?
  2. Alfreton Road

    Thanks Jill. Top right in the 1937 I'm pretty sure is Radford pit. You can see people walking at the side of the Leen to or from it. I may be wrong but I think the cows are in fact horses. The resolution is poor but certainly look more horse like to me. Horses would still be common for carts etc, maybe even to do with the pit. Lynmouth is partly built on the later picture.
  3. Alfreton Road

    A couple of great photos, thanks for posting Cliff Ton. I haven't seen these before. They are very reliant for me. The first in the centre about 2 thirds up shows the lolly pop shaped excavation that became Truro Crescent off Newquay Avenue. I lived on Truro for 20 years. I recall when I moved there one of the neighbours, a Mr Perkins who have moved there when his house was new told me he remembered looking up at a roar in the sky and saw three German bombers going my house which had scaffolding up still being built. The second just about shows the house where I was born namely Grimston Road which can be seen parallel at the very top. My house was to the right at the Churchfield Lane end. When I was a boy the next door neighbour, Mr Mayfield used to say when he moved in he could cross Churchfield Lane and it was all fields way out to Sellars Wood and beyond. I thought he was barmy and wish I paid more attention.
  4. Players Girls

    I was born in the mid 50's and grew up in the shaddow of Players Radford factories. The smell of raw tobacco filled the air. I always found it a sweet pleasant scent, nothing like the smell of cigarette smoke. I worked at Raleigh offices for 3 years when I left school but applied for Players. They rarely advertised for staff but wanted about 20 men for what they called 'the pool'. I was encouraged to apply by my dad and father in law. Job for life, you'll never look back etc. Hundreds applied as Players were acknowledged as a decent firm to work for and I was lucky and taken on. This was about September 73. The idea sold to me was that you were in a pool of men that could be called on if someone was off sick etc and fill in for short periods. I thought this would be pretty good as you would get moved around and not get too bored. The reality was you were stuck in one department doing a crappy job no one else wanted. My job was in the 'stripper'. When the machine starts making cigarettes the first few hundred are mis-shaped or too fat/thin etc until they get the machine calibrated properly and those reject fags were sent to where I was and tipped into a long machine which split them and extracted the tobacco. It was in the basement, no windows and I was on my own at the end of a vibrating chute collecting the paper into a big sack. It was noisy and dusty and I had to cram the paper down and swap sacks when it was full. I had been at Grammer school and was enquiring and bright and it was so mind numbingly boring I couldn't believe a human being was expected to do it. When I enquired how long I'd be there he told me the last chap did it 4 years. I was horrified and on the third day I went to the personnel dept and told them I was leaving. To their credit they told me they would move me and did so. I went to the primary where the dry raw tobacco was steamed and cut. I was with a number of other men and on a mornings and evenings shift system with early finish Friday's and although it was boring still it wasn't so bad with others to talk to. There were several different tasks and so I got moved around doing similar but not the same job constantly. One day I came out at 2pm and found it had snowed heavily. I hadn't noticed all morning. I don't know why but it came over me at the that moment that I couldn't be stuck inside a factory for hours on end and I left soon after. I'd been there about 18 months. A few basic jobs followed but I then went on to have a rewarding but stressful career elsewhere and outdoors. The management may have been male dominated but my god to a youngish lad several hundred Players angels could be quite intimidating and very rude!. Sexual harrisment or what. The girls outnumbered the boys many times in the factory where I was. I didn't particularly enjoy my time there but strangely now have fond memories and in a way I wish I'd stuck it out there as I'm sure I could have got on. Over the years I've met a few I was there with who did quite well there. Having grown up next to the factory I'm glad I worked there and saw what went off inside. All gone now.
  5. Whatever happened to......?

    Assuming you want to be close to Eastwood, I have heard good reports of the Nelson and Railway at Kimberley as a place to stay. https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Hotel_Review-g186356-d1456696-Reviews-Nelson_and_Railway_Inn_and_Hotel-Nottingham_Nottinghamshire_England.html
  6. Kong Nam Chinese hurts yard 1960's

    I remember this well although I couldn't place exactly where it was. No street level presence, straight up a flight of stairs. I used to go fairly often with my wife for the business mans lunch. Excellent value. I used to occaisionally see the couple who ran it knocking about long after it closed and they would always say hello.
  7. Thank for that DavidW. He was by what I can make out, a bit of a sod to our Gerty so maybe Martha was glad to give him back.
  8. Thanks Cliff Ton. Well that is as far as I know, no one has visited that is but I'm finding relations on my fathers side I never knew I had. In any case if I had a plan I'd have a chance of getting close. I'm going to have a go if I can. There a chance there is a head stone although there was no money in the family.
  9. This is the info I have been given Plot 15006 at The General Cemetery Nottingham. The dates are when they were buried. Arthur Jordan. 24 - 09 - 1935. Gertrude Jordan. 24 - 05 - 1917. Elizabeth Lambert. 04 - 02 - 1905. Albert Wm. Carley 14 - 07 - 1884. Lucy Harriet Hough 11 - 03 - 1868 Gertrude was my grandfathers sister and Arthur her husband. No idea at all who the others are and why they're in the same plot. I'd like to find the grave as I doubt it's been visitted in 70 years or more. This as all come about as I am working on a project to do with the letters my Grandfather Harold Priestley wrote home from the front in WW1. He writes how he is heartbroken when his sister, Gertrude dies and he can't get leave to come home and bury her. He was killed towards the end of the war. Thanks all.
  10. I have found the grave number of my great aunt in the General cemetery Canning Circus. Does anyone know if there's a plan to help locate the actual grave. Thanks
  11. Cock horse - trams

    A little bit off topic but along a similar theme. Ilkeston Road travelling from Lenton Boulevard towards Canning Circus the last row of houses on the right are much higher than the Road. I beleive this is because the road was excavated deeper to make the hill less steep for carts etc to travel.
  12. Brian Matthew R.I.P.

    I read and it was apparently announced on radio 2 on the 5th April that Brian Mathew had died yet on BBC tv news this morning (9th April) they're saying he died yesterday. Is this a glitch in the matrix. Were they wrong on the 5th. Are the BBC tv sleeping. Did I see the future without realising.
  13. Wordsworth rd Berridge School

    Mick lived at number 13. Still does.
  14. Wordsworth rd Berridge School

    Mick is a couple of years older than me so he would be born about 1953. I don't know when he moved there as I didn't meet him until I was about 10 although I had lived there all my life. He has an older sister Janet Jackson. So yes it could well be who you're thinking of.
  15. Wordsworth rd Berridge School

    I spent several years playing in the Woodyard aka Pilkingtons yard and yes the secret den I built in the back of the brick lorry. I really don't know what I'd have done without the Woodyard to play about in and it doubtless kept me out of trouble. Respect to the watchman Mr Jones who was canny enough to know he wouldn't keep us out so let us play there on the understanding no damage and keep the noise down and even lit us fires in winter in an old metal pallet. The dark blue car was a Hillman Minx estate. He never had a Ford. I learnt to drive in that car. Look foreword to hearing from you. ps. Do you remember Jane Flint. We've been married 42 very nearly 43 years. Shirley Wilkinson you may recall, now Shirley Parkin who we are still in touch with. Mick Jackson still lives on Wordsworth. You mentioned Dave Prosser who I knew quite well sadly died in a car crash many years ago.