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  1. Look at this item on eBay for a similar item given as a prize. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=123837923558&_sacat=0
  2. Over reaction thoughts. If I drive in my car with my wife to a nice place, let’s say the Peak District and park up, maybe a little walk then what possible harm is that to me you or anyone. If thousands do it then yes, it’s a problem. The police use of drones, putting dye in the blue pool! Ridiculous. Give anyone a bit of power it will always be abused.
  3. Jills suggestion of medals got me thinking and I’ve done a bit more research. I’m fairly sure this is a pocket watch fob and it seems these were often given as prizes for all sorts of things. Cycling clubs, cricket clubs, bowls, you name it. Clubs and societies were very popular in the days before tv, radio etc. Sometimes engraved on the back with what it was for.
  4. It looks like a fob for a pocket watch chain to me. I assume the initials would be that of the wearer.
  5. Welcome YeOlde. My mother’s family were from the Arnold area. Grandmothers family was Ellis and the family ran Ellis bakers which was where Birds now is. My grandfather was the youngest of 5 having 4 sisters. The family name was Clarke and they were a Daybrook family. My Great grandfather was a van driver, horse drawn of course for Jacobees lace and eventually became head of the stables for the firm living in a company owned house next to the stables. My mother was born over her parents shop on Front Street now a hairdressers. In about 1983 shortly before his death Grandad was staying at my mums for Christmas. I had a new cassette recorder, a Christmas present so I sat and ‘interviewed’ grandad on tape. Now we’re in lockdown I dug the tape out last night and am going to make a start on transcribing it. He talks of his early life in Daybrook and in some detail about his experience in WW1 as a Stokes mortar crew member with the Highland Light Infantry.
  6. On the 13th March I posted ‘Boris didn’t look well to me. I’d get checked out.‘
  7. I received a letter today informing me I have to renew my driving licence. I knew it was due. You can do it on line costing £14.00 or at the post office £21.50p. Seems quite a price hike for not using the internet.
  8. I intend having my 2 grandsons over to stay with us. They’ve finished school and will be careful in the next week or so with contact others. Mums working from home so assuming they’re well they’re coming to us. Maybe for a few days or weeks. See how it goes. I’m in a rural location and there are nice walks over quiet footpaths and the river nearby. Easy to avoid close contact. I’m being careful, wearing gloves when out, washing regularly and avoiding close contact but until ordered to do so have not locked myself in and don’t intend to. I spoke at length yesterday, face to face that is from several metres apart in the open air to a recently retired doctor. Very highly qualified from a London hospital. Avoid close contact, keep washing hands well and don’t touch face unless you’re sanitised.
  9. Assuming it’s true 750ml Dettol £19.99 500ml £14.99. We need ration books. A few years ago I walked into a certain shop in Sneinton. The 2 guys behind the counter had the charity donation container, one of those tube ones, on the counter shaking and poking with a knife. They clearly hadn’t noticed me walk-in and looked very furtive. Went on about needing some change for the till and would put it back. I used to call in for samosas. I told them it was a disgrace, illegal and have never been back there again. People will always take advantage of adversity. Old as time itself. Spivs, black market etc.
  10. My wife and myself have not bought a single extra item. Nothing. We refuse to be drawn into the current idiocy. It may be a mistake we regret but at least our conscience is 100% clear. I am not the least bit worried about the current situation. I have some health issues and ‘chronic pain’, the by-product of an injury and woke up one day with the realisation that no amount of worry, stress, sulking, depression etc made a jot of difference to the situation. It will remain exactly the same. Common sense and follow advice. Concern yes but I won’t worry. Que Sera sera.
  11. LizzieM. This must have been in the 1970’s when my mum was a smoker. She said to me one day that she’d sent her zippo lighter back for repair as it was still guaranteed and was a bit miffed it hadn’t been returned several months on. After some investigation it turned out she’d sent it to Boston in Lincolnshire not USA. Never saw it again.
  12. The serious rumour squad has told me today that one of the Doctors and a receptionist at my local surgery are positive for the virus. I assume you use the same surgery as me Phil Mayfield. Get well soon but stay away from the Docs.
  13. Not only were the beams brute force jammed but also engineers worked out how to bend the beams, the fear was that simply jamming them then the Germans would change the frequency and it would take time to find the new frequency and readjust the the jamming equipment. Professor R V Jones book ‘most secret war) details the battle with the beams.
  14. My daughter in law is Slovakian, been here a long time but makes frequent visits to family. The family are close to the Hungarian boarder so she flys in and out of Budapest which is her nearest airport. She’s just returned here yesterday from a family visit and had a hell of a job as anyone crossing the boarder out of Slovakia (Slovakian subject that is) can return but must self isolate for 2 weeks and failing to do so results in a fine. Her friend could not drive her as she has to work so couldn’t afford 2 weeks off. In the end she borrowed a car and left it near the airport and a friend who doesn’t work is collecting it soon. It’s policed very strictly apparently but not sure how.
  15. You have a fair point there AG. I am in the danger age, just, but a long term underlying health condition with my immune system means I really need to avoid this virus as I rather like Christmas and would like to see another. We look after grandchildren and pick them up from school a few times a week. So if I isolate either voluntarily or forced what happens if my wife carries on. She could potentially infect me. she has already cancelled going to a concert today due to this very reason.