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  1. My mum used to cook tripe occasionally but only Dad enjoyed it. I quite liked the milk and onion ‘gravy’ though.
  2. I saw that on Faceache the other day RR, it said “that’s why pop tarts come with instructions” ...... made me smile.
  3. So sorry to hear your sad news oldphil, condolences to the family.
  4. I’m not at all concerned about going out and ‘mixing’, I’ve still been going food shopping every week, and I must admit we’ve not been particularly bothered about missing our regular twice weekly visit to the local to meet friends. What we HAVE really missed is eating out in restaurants and seeing our family who all live 100 miles away ...... we saw one son in February but not seen the other one since the weekend before Christmas.
  5. 21 Richard Greene 22. ? 23 ? 24Trevor Francis 25 Alfred Hitchcock 26 Arthur Seaton 27 St Barnabas 28 400 and 800 Freestyle 29 David Herbert Lawrence 30 St Mary’s
  6. Expect they’re all from the same family (or house!)
  7. Really sorry to hear about your friend Jill, so sad to lose someone close to you but what a wonderful caring friend you are to have sat with her all night. I heard today that someone we know sadly passed away yesterday in hospital, Covid wasn’t mentioned, we’ve heard he had complete organ failure but we wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t the virus. Several others on here will have known him but I won’t mention his name out of respect for the family. Nonna, hopefully Alex and James will have had a successful opening night, bet it’s a relief for them to get back into the swing. The only excitement we’ve had today was a Cods Scallops fish and chips takeaway. They’re well organised, book and pay online and the food is brought out at your allotted collection time.
  8. Can you give us some more questions please Mary?
  9. If they relied on my custom they would have closed years ago.
  10. I know the answers to all the second batch of questions, although only guess at No.15, I won’t cheat by asking Mr Google My maternal grandmother reckoned the Channel swimmer was her cousin, not sure if that was true.
  11. Same here Col. Somebody will be googling by morning!
  12. Although Margie’s local graveyard looks a haven for wildlife I do have to agree with Brew. Where my Dad is buried, in the oldest part of Wilford Hill Cemetery, the area is not in good shape, a lot of the graves have sunk and headstones are at a dangerous angle, just a good job the council mows around occasionally otherwise it would be an ideal place to break an ankle, or worse. Incidentally, we’ve got an area of lawn that hasn’t been mown all season, there are no wild flowers growing there but the little birds are finding plenty of insects to feed their babies.
  13. We were out clapping at 8pm and then we all sang Happy Birthday to an eccentric bachelor neighbour who is 80 today. He had no idea that word had got around that it was his birthday. We all gave him little presents and cards and one neighbour made a luscious birthday cake made with fresh raspberries and with an exploding candle on top! The cake maker disappeared for a couple of minutes then brought out the cake all cut up. It was a lovely sociable half-hour, standing in the middle of the road eating cake and chatting to those near neighbours who we’ve only seen from a distance for 2 months.