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  1. LizzieM

    Beards and Tashes

    I read the DM
  2. LizzieM

    Recent update

    I see Paulus every 2 or 3 months as he comes up from Kent for the Dungeon Club Reunion meet-ups, he’s well. Mudgie48 has been suffering from very poor health in recent years but I spoke to him on his 70th Birthday last month. He’s a history buff and doesn’t find much of interest on this site anymore. NewBasfordLad passed away suddenly last summer, very sad. I noticed Stephen Ford was logged on a few weeks ago Trevor S’s wife was poorly around the time he stopped posting. Hope he’s ok. No idea about the others.
  3. Is it Rob? I thought that Beechwood Children’s Home was still there next door, all boarded up.
  4. No they built some detached houses near St Jude’s Church, called Carriage Close I think. Too many crammed into the plot. Some still for sale on Rightmove.
  5. Well it’s taking them long enough to sell the rabbit hutch eco-friendly properties up on Woodborough Road, at over half a million each!
  6. I don’t think a school careers master (or mistress) has many qualifications for such a post. Most Senior school teachers have been in ‘education’ all their lives, well from the age of 5 anyway. They don’t have enough experience of life outside of education and in my opinion they are only qualified to persuade suitable children to go into the teaching profession, like themselves.
  7. LizzieM

    Hidden gems of the Shire.

    Yes I’ve googled info about the property since getting home Notty Ash, it seems he passed away before even this house was completed and consequently the others were never even started.
  8. LizzieM

    Royal Ordnance factory - Nottingham

    He was probably doing his apprenticeship the same time as my Dad who was born December 1921. My Dad finished his apprenticeship in December 1942 and joined the RAF and then went back to ROF after the war, spending the rest of his working life in the factory, and hating every minute of it
  9. LizzieM

    Hidden gems of the Shire.

    Walked past this old house today. It’s Archway House, Kings Clipstone, in the middle of Sherwood Forest. Built between 1842 and 1844 using stone from the Duke of Portland’s local quarry. When the Houses of Parliament was burnt down the Duke offered to supply stone for the rebuilding of Parliament but it was declined as it was decided it wasn’t substantial enough. He built this house to prove them wrong. I was chatting today to a lady who grew up in the house. She moved there at the age of 2 with her parents, in 1958. They had no electricity, gas or water. Her father had worked at Rolls Royce and decided they should live ‘The Good Life’, being an only child it was a lonely childhood for her. She went to school in Edwinstowe on a bike, quite a long way for little legs! Just along the lane from the house I spotted this, no idea what it is, other than a BORING POST
  10. LizzieM

    Faith In The Lord.

    There aren’t any bricklayers capable of doing a rebuild. Oh, I think they might find some in Eastern Europe though. Those blokes enjoy working hard.
  11. LizzieM

    Faith In The Lord.

    How strange that the title of this thread is ‘Faith in the Lord’ but this most magnificent Catholic cathedral has been almost totally destroyed a few days before Easter.
  12. LizzieM

    Faith In The Lord.

    You can still go DJ but you’ll have to make do with visiting all the other fabulous tourist attractions, restaurants, cafes, markets. I’ve wanted to stop off in Paris many times in the past few years but it’s impossible with my husband, he’s always in a rush to get to final destination, the nearest I’ve got to the city is the Boulevard Peripherique, moving very slowly and having 3-wheeled motorbikes driving between the lanes and carving us up.
  13. LizzieM

    Faith In The Lord.

    I was joking anyway Brew, I don’t in any way support such PC rubbish.
  14. LizzieM

    Faith In The Lord.

    Work person if you please! So very sad to see such a wonderful building go up in smoke. It’s been many years since I went in there but at least I had the opportunity.
  15. LizzieM

    Nottingham castle excavated?

    You gorra new drone Radford Red.