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  1. That’s normal wherever you live, my brother-in-law moved to Canada in 1967 and his close friends have always been Brits. Our friends who live in Spain always hang out with other Brits, mostly Nottingham folk too. Our Czech daughter-in-law’s best friends are all Czech or Polish. It’s like a comfort blanket. Drive through Hyson Green or other areas of Nottingham and see the different nationalities stick together. None of us can say we haven’t got some foreign blood in us …… apparently I’m only 58% English and even have a touch of Arab in me! Let’s just rejoice that this beautiful, brigh
  2. What a star Emma Raducanu is ……. and what a fantastic win. Real edge of the seat stuff and only spoiled by the mardy Fernandez when Emma needed treatment to her bleeding shin. We thought we were having to subscribe to Prime Video to watch it but then found it on Ch4 and it was worth having a Saturday night in front of the box.
  3. I occasionally go and say hello to him when I visit my Dad
  4. He WAS many years ago but has carried on performing in small ‘intimate’ venues down south.
  5. Yes I saw Geno a few times, I particularly remember a gig at what was Trent Poly, before all the Polytechnics were given a lift up to University status.
  6. You need to do a bit of Googling then CT, I’ve got a photo of me with him 2 years ago but I haven’t been able to post photos on Nottstalgia for a long time, not sure if PostImage has changed or that I’ve forgotten how to do it. His best known recording was ‘Big Time Operator’ I think.
  7. Bruce, I saw Zoot and his Big Roll Band at the Dungeon but not at the Boat Club. Two years ago we went to see him at The Jazz Cafe in Sandbanks, Dorset. He was there again this July, it’s a local venue for him as he’s from Bournemouth, but disappointingly we weren’t down there at the time this year. The evening two years ago was brilliant, a wonderful relaxed event during which we had a 3 course meal, a far cry from being crammed into the Dungeon in the mid 60s. I had quite a long chat with Zoot during the evening and he clearly remembers playing at the Dungeon and the Boat Club. A lov
  8. That would have been Griffin & Spalding shop windows.
  9. Brilliant! I saw Little Stevie Wonder at the Dungeon Club in about 1966. He was just one of many great Motown stars to come to Nottingham. Think it would have been about 10 bob to get in and he wouldn’t have seen how lovely our city was in those days either. Is it now back to the heat of Arizona for you two?!
  10. They’ve been at the Bournemouth Air Show this weekend. Bit of excitement (near tragedy) there yesterday when a bi-plane crashed into the sea at Sandbanks, just down the road from our place. Both the pilot and a ‘Wing-Walker were pulled out quickly with only minor injuries.
  11. It was good to see you and Mrs Catfan, hope you enjoyed your wander around town
  12. Hope it’s going to happen sooner for you Col but at least your name is on the list.
  13. Well it’s been a Labour Council for too many years, we City residents have the highest Council Tax bill in the country and that’s before the latest bombshell of the district heating company in trouble and needing £17.5m to upgrade the facilities. Nottingham City needs to recruit proven businessmen (and women) to take the reins rather than ‘career councillors’ who don’t know how to ‘run a brewery’
  14. I do have scant background information on this fellow. It’s worth googling ‘Jonathan Peter Brooks. Fitness to Practise’ Or, (having just googled it myself,) more specifically ‘Mr J Brooks v NUH’
  15. Didn’t need to pinch any Brew, I got some with my Venison burger! Honestly, this place is worth a try, it was lovely.