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  1. I’m not giving you a ‘like’ because I like your issues StavGirl but because you want to warn others about internet orders. I’ve had a couple of dodgy dealings in the past but they didn’t cause me that much pain in my pocket. I sympathise with you.
  2. In my parents first house in Netherfield (which was rented) we had an outside loo but I don’t remember it as we moved to a brand new house in Arnold when I was a little kid and it had a lovely bathroom, so no need for even a tin bath in front of the fire. Having several loos and bathrooms in our homes since we were married is just accepted as the norm to us, we just don’t realise how fortunate we are …… mind you, isn’t Council Tax worked out on how many toilets a property has??
  3. East Midlands Trains cashing in then.
  4. Happy Birthday Mrs Red. Hope it will be a very happy result tonight too RR. I’ll be watching on Sky of course, I’ll even wear a red T shirt ……!
  5. I’m regularly logging in to the website, just as I have done for several years, and I find it just beautiful watching these new fluffy babies emerge and grow into the fastest creatures on earth. I’ve got my 9 year old granddaughter interested now, she’s in Buckinghamshire and sends me screen shots of the falcon family.
  6. I don’t agree with you Alpha, I love the pageantry.
  7. @MRS B yes of course, I remember see Geno Washington at the Nottingham Tech College, now NTU, on a Friday night in 1968 . @DAVIDWi wonder if you booked Salty Dogs for a gig at Digby? Nottstalgia member Moz was a member of that band, along with a school friend of mine John Briley, who has worked in the music industry all his life. I used to go to the Digby gigs occasionally, in 1966/67.
  8. Nice picture of you both
  9. I’ve been glued to the telly tonight trying to spot my husband and son at the Miami Grand Prix. My son’s team have been working on the track for the past few weeks and it looked spectacular.
  10. I wish I’d kept a diary in the mid 60s. I saw so many acts at the Dungeon, Beachcomber, Boat Clubs and Sherwood Rooms, as well as Dancing Slipper, Rainbow Rooms and various out of town venues seeing so many local groups. Don’t know how I managed to fit school in …….. !
  11. I thought the Rainbow Rooms were on Broad Street and the venue above the big Co-op was Elizabethan Rooms. A friend of mine, who you probably knew @keith gordon because he was in The Beatmen, saw The Beatles at the Elizabethan Rooms. My cousin saw The Beatles at the Odeon but I wasn’t allowed to go, my parents said I was too young
  12. Done it and voted for your grandson’s group Mary. Good luck to them!
  13. The other week we had a fabulous couple of nights in Liverpool. It was the first time I’ve spent more than a rushed overnight visit but we’ve already decided we need to go back soon, there’s so much to see and do there, we loved it. Glad she’s enjoyed her trip Ben, it gave your a break too!
  14. Pleased you enjoyed your lunch @MRS B
  15. Just like the majority here, a couple of weeks ago my husband had his booster (Moderna, after 3 Astra Zeneca jabs previously) and he had a sore arm for a few days and was extremely tired for a day or so. This is making me think I won’t bother with the 4th jab when I’m old enough!!