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  1. My Dad had 2 Shredded Wheat every single day of his working life for breakfast. I’ve never been keen on it.
  2. The fact that Guinea Fowl roost in trees is the reason we got them, with no need to lock them away from foxes every night. When we fetched them home, in cages in the back of the car, we let them out and the first night they decided to sleep in a willow tree right next to our bedroom window and as dawn broke they made such a racket and obviously woke us up. So we struggled to catch them using a huge fishing net, this took several hours, and put them all down the bottom of the garden, in the boys treehouse, on the edge of the wood. When we released them a few days later they realised the surr
  3. We had a dozen Guinea Fowl that wandered around, laying eggs in flower beds (so we never knew how long they’d been lying there so never risked cooking any and we occasionally had to buy a few more birds when Mr Fox came visiting. They were very good security guards and made a lot of noise when visitors turned up. But your photo has reminded me @plantfitthat occasionally a Peacock popped over for a day long visit, he never stayed overnight. A chimney sweep came one day and asked me if I realised I had a lot of peacocks in the garden, he thought the Guinea Fowl were peacocks!
  4. A recently deceased friend has a Gertrude Jekyll beautiful climbing specimen in her garden. Would it be wrong for me to nab it when nobody’s looking?! My Dad was an avid Rose grower and did his own budding, usually pinching them from Wheatcroft or Gregory’s fields. Our garden was absolutely full of rose bushes. I’ve still got all his Rose Annuals on our bookshelves, going back to the 50s and 60s. Unfortunately roses don’t grow very well in the soil where we live. However, we’ve got a few brave little daffodils blooming already, the same clump that flower every January.
  5. Loving our newly installed wood-burning fire. It’s not yer traditional type, we went for a ‘cassette’ type that sits inside a hole in the wall and it’s just gorgeous to look at and sit beside.
  6. A schoolfriend of our son has been on fishing trips with Paul Whitehouse several times, their fathers were close friends, (maybe still are, if they’re alive). This was in the days that Whitehouse was mostly on TV with Harry Enfield. I love Mortimer and Whitehouse, they come across as real genuine decent blokes and the programme is so funny.
  7. I like Bradley Walsh, I accept he’s on TV a lot but for me he’s a good all round entertainer. In fact I’m watching ‘Breaking Dad’ as I browse Nottstalgia at the mo.
  8. We’ve had a busy time since NY. We took the Christmas decs down early and drove down to London on 3rd January, had 2 nights in the Goring Hotel, went to see Les Miserables, then dinner in a private dining room in the hotel with 16 good friends from our previous stomping ground down south. Then we drove over to Dorset and spent 8 days looking out at the wind and rain, we even had thunder and lightning on Thursday night. Yesterday morning (Friday) we drove up to a golf course near Heathrow Airport to join around 70 family members celebrating my husband’s aunt’s 100th birthday. And I must sa
  9. O ye of little faith Oz!
  10. My son, who spends most of the year working in Tanzania, today sent me the entire 471 pages of Prince Harry’s book, on WhatsApp! I never had any intention of buying the book and probably won’t be reading what’s arrived via the internet. From what I’ve seen and heard so far on TV he’s put all our military, Royal Family and the entire British population in danger of retaliation from the Taliban. What a sad, mixed-up young man Harry has turned out to be, I won’t comment on the woman pulling his strings!
  11. We’ve never been successful growing lupins, they seem to attract greenfly, wherever we’ve lived. Despite that I do love to see them growing in the borders, and persevere every year.
  12. Not under a bridge, but many many years ago I crinkled the roof of my Land Rover Discovery by driving into a too low area of a multi-story car park, breaking the roof windows at the same time. Then I had to drive nearly 100 miles home on a wet February night. It was a real bad-luck car actually, because a few months after having a new roof an old lady reversed at great speed into the near-side, while I was sitting in the driving seat, and wrecked the whole side of the car. I soon got rid of it once it was fixed up again!
  13. Has anybody seen ‘Without Sin’ on ITVX? It’s taken us a month to fathom out how to get that channel, but it was worth it in the end. We binged on 3 episodes last night and left the finale til tonight. It’s all filmed around Nottingham, the Square, Vic Centre, Clifton, Bestwood, Daybrook, Clipstone, Nottm Prison. I spotted The Major Oak pub in Arnold, where I spent a few evenings 50 odd years ago pulling pints, and the house where Stella’s (Vicky McClure) ex husband lives is a few yards from our house in Mapperley Park. The film crew parked their portaloo outside our gate, cheeky sods! T
  14. Happy New Year to all Nottstalgians. We normally prefer to spend NYE quietly, in front of the TV, but this year we were persuaded to go out partying and I’m so pleased we did. We had a brilliant evening with good friends in the most spectacularly beautiful home in The Park. A house of significant interest, being the childhood home of Capt Albert Ball and probably a place my granny and her sisters would have visited as they and Albert were good friends. I had to stay in bed late this morning, my head didn’t feel too good. Please let 2023 be a much happier year than the one we’ve jus
  15. Well a smidgen of faith has been restored with the Royal Mail ……. my granddaughter has finally received her Christmas card, intact and still with a £10 note tucked inside! Only taken 25 days to get from Nottingham to Milton Keynes, first class.