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  1. LizzieM

    Old Streets of Nottingham

    I inherited a few lovely pieces of mahogany furniture from my Granny. When we were moving back to Nottingham I didn’t think that a lot of this stuff would look right in our new home so I got a local antiques expert (Charlie Ross, who’s often on the telly) to come and give me some valuations. Most of the large pieces turned out to be (in Charlie’s opinion) 1930s Waring and Gillow, and not antique. This actually made a lot of sense because the furniture had originally been in my great grandparents Wollaton village house which was bought new in 1930 and they went shopping for furniture at that very shop. I still have the furniture, couldn’t bare to get rid of it !!
  2. LizzieM

    Freedom of speech

    No idea what HA and HB stand for but I passed my driving test in a Viva, 50 years ago, crikey!
  3. LizzieM

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Enigma, enjoy your special day.
  4. LizzieM

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Michael, hope you’ve had a special day.
  5. LizzieM

    How's your day?

    Michael, it’s hard to imagine the emotions you went through knowing your family was so close to the bombing. Thank goodness they were all safe but so sad that so many were killed and injured.
  6. LizzieM

    You Couldn't Make this Up !

    Nonna, we’ve been watching the news reports all day, horrendous accident and terrible loss of life. I’m wondering if we drove over that bridge when we visited you, I remember we drove along to the Italian Riviera and then turned left up to you.
  7. LizzieM

    Inconsiderate neighbours.

    Do you reckon this is a few chicken fillets Jonab? My starter one day in a La Napoule restaurant.
  8. You’re up the wrong alley Ben! The one you’re on about comes out opposite the Market and the awful Methodist Church (where I got married 43 years ago!). The one mentioned above, photo not on my iPad anymore, is further along, before ASDA.
  9. LizzieM

    The Old Market Square

    There’s only one print per day of the Nottingham Evening Post and it’s now called Nottingham Post. It’s available early in the day and is most likely printed the day before (in Derby I believe!) so the ‘news’ is already a couple of days old by the time we read it. There’s little wonder the circulation is very low nowadays. My Dad bought the Football Post every week, in fact it was delivered and arrived not long after the days matches had been played! I remember across the top of the front page were little cartoon characters of the local teams mascots. The Football Post doesn’t exist anymore, which I think is rather sad, it was good that little local teams had a write up.
  10. LizzieM

    School badges.

    Not at all FLY, I loved school but didn’t like having to wear that green for years.
  11. LizzieM

    School badges.

    Margie, that is a picture of a little metal pin badge they dished out for attendees of a School Reunion 15 years ago. But this is the actual badge I cut off the pocket of my blazer before the blazer went into the bin 50 years ago! Refused to wear bottle green for many years after that!
  12. LizzieM

    How's your day?

    Not giving you a like for the agony you went through Col but because you’re able to tell us about it. It must have been a very traumatic time for you and I hope it never happens to me. My uncle was a milkman in the Meadows back in the 50s. He was off his float doing door-step deliveries and while he was away from his vehicle a little kid crawled under it. He had no idea. He got in, moved off along the road and ran over the child. The kid died, my uncle immediately left his job and found other employment. He was faultless but couldn’t possibly carry on with that job and of course the episode lived with him forever.
  13. LizzieM

    How's your day?

    I remember that incident NBL. Absolutely devastating for the family of the boy.
  14. LizzieM

    Nottinghams best clothes shop?

    You could have had it for nothing if I’d known you wanted one Catfan .....