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  1. Like your style Loppy! Met my future husband in the Flying Horse pub, he’s never been a dancer and in lots of ways he’s cramped my style over the past 48 years, he will never get up and dance.
  2. ONLY 0.01% of the World’s population has died of Corona Virus. Those people who’ve had the virus have mostly suffered from symptoms resembling the Flu. It’s time to accept there’ll be a nasty virus lingering about for a long time and we should be permitted to just get on with our lives.
  3. What a fabulous post Albert, I really enjoyed reading about your de-mob drinking session and I can remember so many places you mention, it was like a Pub Geography lesson. Hope you and Barbara are keeping well, hope we can catch up one day soon.
  4. My friend’s Dad was the main contractor working for Westminster Brick Company who built Cranbrook House, and also Walton House on MMW, and in fact also the estate I grew up on in Arnold. When they were digging the foundations of Cranbrook House her Dad brought home a human skull, complete with teeth. My friend took it to school (Haywood) and it was then subsequently stolen from the Biology Lab, later to be found buried by the nearby old railway line. Someone found it, it was somehow traced back to Haywood School, then to my friend, and the police were knocking on their door, investigating a possible murder!!
  5. Gem, I’m so sorry to learn about the passing of your aunt, I‘ve missed that, (if you’ve posted it on here) Pleased you’ve come out the other side of self-isolation anyway. I’m not very good at not having something to look forward to and remember back at the beginning, whenever it was ..... end of March I think ...... I was so optimistic that we’d only be in lockdown for 2 weeks and so rushed about, keeping busy, sorting our library out in Author alphabetical order, cleaning the oven (!), doing jigsaws and ‘bottoming‘ the house. Just hope I don’t have to start that malarkey again, I want to get out and be free to enjoy life again without suffocating behind a mask.
  6. When the Carlton-Le-Willows panoramic photo was being taken I only remember the long wooden benches from the Gym being used but there must have been chairs used too, or benches on top of benches. Just looked at one on the school FB site. The front row are sitting on the floor, next row kneeling, next row sitting on chairs, next standing behind, next are all a bit taller pupils, then I think the gym benches were used.
  7. My phone rang just as we were about to have dinner earlier this evening. I saw it was a FaceTime call from our son, typical ...... always calls when we’re eating. When I answered it I discovered it was our 7 year old granddaughter who has gone to stay with her other granny in Czech Republic for a school term, until Christmas. She’s got her daddy’s iPad over there with her which is why I thought it was No. 1 son calling. We had a great little chat, she was trying to teach us a bit of Czech and showed us how to write words etc. The schools have closed there now, due to Covid, which is a shame as school was the reason for her to go. My son is missing his little girl so much but he knows it’s doing her good, she certainly seems very confident and happy, for now anyway. Full marks to Czech granny though, I don’t think I could cope with a little one 24/7 for 3 months, it’s been a long time since I had to do that. When the FaceTime call finished she sent me a text to say she loved us and speak again tomorrow. Bless her.
  8. When I had a Mercedes I never took it to the main dealer for servicing, I used MB-Nottingham on Lenton Lane a couple of times and then took it to a little local garage in New Basford. This chap had all the stuff to deal with the in-car computer etc. and was a lot cheaper. My Audi goes there now when necessary.
  9. Yes, the pharmacist also listed black pepper In his magic potion.
  10. Seems so LL. just remembered it’s Apple Cider Vinegar he said to mix Turmeric with. It seems it’s quite the miracle ingredient when used on its own too.
  11. Our local pharmacist, a very lovely and helpful man, has had such severe arthritis for many years, I’ve known him for 16 years and until I took time to chat with him I always thought he’d been a polio victim as his hands and feet are terribly deformed. He makes up and drinks a concoction of turmeric and some sort of vinegar every day. I’ve discussed this since with his wife (who is also a pharmacist) as my husband has arthritis in his back. She said it’s not necessary to drink his recipe but to just buy the turmeric capsules, which I did. I can’t say whether they work because my husband isn’t very good at remembering to take herbal/alternative remedies. As for the CBD oil, they’ve started selling that in our pharmacy too but the dose is very low and the pharmacist reckons it will help if your brain wants it to work!