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  1. Crumbs @nonnaB, you must be making a lot of small Christmas cakes!
  2. Lie low Mrs B! Several years ago we were in Nassau, Bahamas and we were on the edge of a Tropical Storm which was scary enough. However another time my husband flew into St Maarten when a hurricane was fast approaching and as he booked into his hotel the Manager informed him that he must not leave his room until the ‘all-clear’ was declared. He sat in his room as the patio door onto the balcony was bowing in, so he spent 2 days in the bathroom, as it had no outside window. When he eventually was allowed outside he found devastation and destruction, with boats that had been blown up out of th
  3. For a few years now I’ve harked back to summer nights in Spain and had a large Bacardi and Diet Coke when at home …… waste of money when out at a pub or restaurant because the measures are minuscule. In fact I’m just enjoying a B and C right now, having watched ‘The Dambusters’ for the umpteenth time and now a boxing match between 2 blokes I’ve never heard of before because my husband is in charge of the TV remote! NOTE, we didn’t watch Strictly!
  4. The Goose is out of hibernation and in place on the roundabout this morning.
  5. When I was 15 or 16 years my friends and I wanted to be at the Fair as it closed on the Saturday night and another friend who lived up Sherwood Rise said we could stay at her house. So we hatched a plan to tell our parents we were staying at each other’s houses (Arnold and Mapperley) so they wouldn’t know we were out til gone midnight. We watched the Fair close and walked up to ‘Deirdre’s’ house, an impressively large property and nothing like the houses we lived in. We all sat chatting away and then Deirdre’s father walked into the sitting room in his vest and underpants. He was a retired
  6. I used to read books but now the only print I read is the morning newspaper.
  7. Yes Rob, for routine jobs like getting dastardly things like your prostate out, but a friend of mine is a Consultant Anaethetist and on occasions has to sit with patients overnight administering necessary medications to ensure they remain stable following big ops.
  8. Well done Rob, speedy recovery!
  9. I’m surprised nobody’s yet mentioned that giant of a man in the procession following the coffin. Google was my friend during the tv coverage and I found out he is Matthew Magee, the Queen’s Assistant Private Secretary. A man with a great sense of humour and presumably very large feet to help him carry 7’2” around. He previously worked for Prince Edward.
  10. I wouldn’t eat chips when I was little but by the time I got to mid-teens I enjoyed nothing more than getting off the bus from The Dungeon in late evening and picking up a bag of chips to eat on the way home. When I worked in New Basford (1967-75) we had a tenpin bowling league on a Friday lunchtime. 20 of us piled into cars, drove into town and parked right outside the Bowling Alley. We had a game, a chip butty and clocked in work again, all in one hour. I was pretty good at bowling in those days, got a few trophies somewhere still. Think this was at the same time that Katyjay was workin
  11. It’s been a difficult couple of weeks for us. Our youngest son’s best friend tragically died at the weekend. They’ve been close friends for 30 years and been through a lot together, including the death 13 years ago of another schoolfriend from Pancreatic Cancer, aged only 30. The boys were in a very serious car crash when they were 17 and were attacked by thugs about 10 years ago, resulting in our son having his left leg and knee completely smashed. Our son has been working in Tanzania since June and wasn’t due back for another few weeks but he’s so upset and needs to get home. Tonight h
  12. LizzieM

    The Queen

    I first tried to get on Flight Radar but it was too busy so I then found another site, I think it was ‘Plane Finder’ and followed it from take-off and disappointingly going way west of Nottingham before turning towards Northants. A friend of ours took a photo of the plane going over his house in Northants. When Charles flew from Scotland to Northolt to receive Diana’s coffin from Paris we did see his plane going over our house in Hertfordshire. It’s a simple pleasure of mine, plane watching!
  13. The Funeral Director is William Purves, hence the WP on the registration plate. When the car left Balmoral there was a ‘sticker’ on the window of the hearse showing the name and apparently mid way through the journey to Edinburgh the sticker mysteriously disappeared, old William Purves wasn’t allowed to advertise. Wonder if Lymns tendered for the job?
  14. LizzieM

    The Queen

    Well I think Major Jonny Thompson, the King’s equerry, is very gorgeous!
  15. Get well soon @loppylugsand don’t give Mrs Loppy any more scares, sending you a hug!