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  1. LizzieM

    All Kinds of Everything.

    We never had any of those rugs and I do agree with Phil’s comments. Can’t remember what we had on top of the tiled floor, all I remember is that when we moved into our new-built house in Arnold in 1958 we had Marley tiles throughout the ground floor which Mum was forever polishing. We had fitted carpets when we’d been there for about 10 years, in late 60s. Remember Mum being so proud that we’d got ‘hotel quality’ stair carpet, bless her. In fact it really was good carpet and was still down and showing no wear when we sold the house on Dad’s death 5 years ago.
  2. LizzieM

    New today

    Hi there and welcome to you Stavertongirl. Hope you find plenty to interest you on the forum and look forward to reading some of your memories. I’ve just read your post on BGS thread and although I didn’t attend the school I went out with Daryl Barker for a little while in 1966, I’ve still got a Beach Boys LP he gave me for my 17th birthday. I believe he went on to become a school teacher, hope he wasn’t as cruel as the teacher who thumped him in your school recollections.
  3. LizzieM

    Nottinghams Heritage Assets

    Tug wouldn’t have allowed the layabouts to hang around there for long. He knew how to move us lot on when we were teenagers!!
  4. LizzieM

    Nottinghams Heritage Assets

    The Council House steps are always occupied by layabouts and dropouts Mary! A couple I know were married at the Council House on a Friday afternoon at the end of July. When they came out of the building they and their guests had to climb over bodies lolling about on the steps. Then of course they were faced with the bloomin’ fun fair and beach. Their fault for choosing that venue but the steps shouldn’t be a dossing place for all and sundry.
  5. LizzieM

    Did you do a stupid thing

    You’ve checked your bun I assume ?!! Years ago, when airport security had just become a massive issue, my husband was relieved of a Swiss Army knife that he’d kept in his briefcase for years, never used it but it had always travelled with him. He ALWAYS travels with just cabin luggage, even when he’s away for several weeks, and always takes a disposable razor in his washbag and it’s never been taken off him. I was flying to Italy with a friend some time ago and her favourite tweezers were confiscated. She nearly cried!
  6. LizzieM

    How's your day?

    When I first logged on, both yesterday on my return from holiday and also just now, I get white and blue but as soon as I click on a thread it reverts back to brown. Don’t care what colour Nottstalgia is so long as there’s plenty to interest me.
  7. LizzieM

    Did you do a stupid thing

    It doesn’t matter how seasoned a traveller you are but when it comes to going through airport security there’s usually something that causes stress and slight panic. We were at East Midlands Airport the other morning at the unearthly time of 6am. We only had carry-on bags, put everything into the trays provided, having taken iPads, phones, liquids, belts and change out of pockets and bags. I went through the scanner thingy without being frisked but my husband was stopped and had to take his shoes off and then frisked. Meanwhile I retrieved the trays and bags off the end of the scanner and waited for him to get his shoes back on. I looked in his tray and noticed his belt wasn’t there so I went looking for it, getting annoyed because it was nowhere to be seen. Then we realised he was already wearing it, neither of us had noticed he’d put it back on! Doh!
  8. LizzieM

    How's your day?

    We’ve just had a few days in Spain, staying with friends in Sotogrande. Had a busy time eating and drinking and yesterday we went to Ardales to do the Caminito del Rey walk. It’s been on our bucket list for a long time and had to book the tickets back in June as it’s such a popular attraction. The weather wasn’t great and in fact the place was closed on Tuesday due to the weather so we were lucky yesterday that it was only light rain for most of the time we were walking. Not a good place to be if one suffers from vertigo but to be honest I thought it was pretty tame, I’ve done much scarier things The flight home today was more worrying really. We managed to land at EMA on the THIRD attempt. First time aborted due to an emergency on the runway, second attempt aborted about 10 seconds before touching down due to high cross winds and we finally bumped down after circling for about half an hour. Could do with a holiday now!! Here are a few pics of our stroll yesterday.
  9. LizzieM


    I think that if you use a SatNav all the time you miss out on what is around you when you’re driving. You arrive at the destination and have no idea which town you’ve gone by even.
  10. LizzieM

    Reg Guest - Guitar/Vocalist

    Sorry to hear your sad news Mandy. Condolences to you and the rest of his family.
  11. LizzieM


    I prefer maps too Dave, a lot easier to see the ‘bigger’ picture.
  12. LizzieM


    I’ve got a Garmin Nuvi55LM, still in its box, never needed it and didn’t actually want it when it was given to me as a gift. The SatNav in my Audi is the best I’ve ever used but I don’t usually need it anyway. The problem with using a cell phone app is it runs the battery down quickly, surely.
  13. LizzieM

    Local shops or beer offs that you remember

    My Gt Grandmother had an off-licence on Conway Street, Long Eaton but it was early 1900s so before any Nottstalgians were around. She and my Gt Grandfather used to keep The Station Hotel in Hucknall before that. He passed away and she was not permitted to keep the licence for the pub so moved to the off-licence. I have a postcard that was sent to her while she was there, the address is just ‘Beer Off, Long Eaton’ Alcohol featured a lot on my maternal side of the family! Gt Gran’s sister and her husband, the Jennisons, ran The Horse and Groom in Linby for many many years. My uncle had a pub in Shirland and then took over The Horse and Groom when Gt Uncle George was incapable of dealing with the barrels and beer any more. Uncle Charlie Croft was at Linby for about 25 years and made a great success of it before retiring.
  14. LizzieM

    Summer Holidays and Photos

    Americans don’t really drink tea though do they Loppy? When we had a place over there we struggled to buy a kettle, suppose because coffee is their preference and they all have coffee machines to do the job. Couldn’t find a kettle in Best Buy or other electrical retailers, think we got one in Target eventually.
  15. LizzieM

    How's your day?

    The guys in La Capanna asked after you Nonna, and say hello back. Good meal and wine tonight!