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  1. LizzieM

    Plains Road Primary

    I remember John Luff and John Williamson from Carlton-le-Willows although they were a few years older than me. John Williamson has been a (primary school?) headmaster.
  2. No I didn’t get immediate improvement Geoffrey! Unfortunately it’s a long slow grind. I had quite a few physio sessions, can’t remember how many, but the important thing is to be really strict with yourself and do the exercises at home too. My husband has had sciatica since last November and is still having physio! Good luck tomorrow.
  3. LizzieM

    To Alexa Or Not

    Didn’t know you could tell Alexa to bark, must try it. It only needs turning off at the socket to shut her up though!
  4. LizzieM

    How's your day?

    I lost my Dad 6 years ago but today I rang my remaining (favourite) uncle to wish him Happy Father’s Day. I shall visit him on Wednesday with a card and gift as it’s his 92nd birthday. He’s been so good to me all my life, I remember sitting on his shoulders as a little tot when he and my aunt took me into town on Saturday afternoons to give my Mum a break when my Dad was playing football. They’ve looked after the kids and dogs when we’ve gone on holiday as my widowed Dad couldn’t have coped with it all on his own. A lovely aunt and uncle who I am still able to cherish thankfully.
  5. LizzieM

    To Alexa Or Not

    I’ve got the 2nd Generation Alexa SG. It’s ok for what I want ...... as a change from watching tv or listening to the radio in the kitchen. I often ask ‘her’ to play songs from certain of my favourite artists and she keeps going until you tell her to stop. When round at a friend’s house we’ve played a music quiz but don’t do very well as we’re playing against people in the USA and it seems to be directed at American artists. Now and again she’ll just spout out something randomly which can startle as the word ‘Alexa’ hasn’t even been said (you have to say “Alexa” to activate it every time). I don’t use it that often but for the price it’s good value.
  6. LizzieM

    How's your day?

    It might have Rob, I just drive it and only touch knobs I understand Don’t even know if I’ve got a CD player in the car and I’ve had it nearly 3 years!
  7. LizzieM

    How's your day?

    Mmmmmm! How has this happened? I can’t believe I’ve been driving for 50 years and still avoid ‘parallel parking’ if I can help it
  8. That pub has had a few different names over the years. More recently it was ‘The New Carrington Inn’ and now it’s called ‘Turners’. Not been in there since it was ‘The New Inn’ many many years ago. Sadly the different name changes haven’t helped it, there are still the same sad hollow-cheeked drinkers sitting outside the door faggin’ it. You certainly wouldn’t like that RR .......
  9. LizzieM

    Nottingham Population 2019

    Yes it’s interesting and fairly informative but who’s RODIN HOOD when he’s at home?
  10. Hey Winterlong, sit in a corner wearing a Derby shirt, you’ll get all sorts of desirables talking to you. Welcome to the forum btw.
  11. LizzieM

    Car Number Plates

    Cost cutting to the motorist? Pity the UK doesn’t think about cutting costs for its motorists.
  12. LizzieM

    Car Number Plates

    Meaning you can’t sort out exact money while your waiting ‘in line’ to pay then colly so you get pockets full of change?!! Enjoy your holiday, wish I was there!
  13. LizzieM

    Out and about with Compo

    Good on you for getting out and about and giving us these fantastic images Compo.
  14. LizzieM

    How's your day?

    Today we’ve begun building our Ark
  15. I really feel so sorry for the thousands who’ve bought tickets months ago for the cricket anywhere in the country, who’d have expected this month to be such a washout. We witnessed the queues trying to get off the M1 today en route to the Download Festival. There’s nothing I could think worse than camping in a muddy field this weekend. Not that I’d ever consider going to such an event, even in my youth, I value my comforts too much.