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  1. Stupid people StavGirl. So many times the public have been told to keep well away from the deer, I’ve seen it mentioned in the local papers and on the TV, I honestly think that some idiots don’t believe the warnings are directed at them.
  2. Ok Ben, just thought second from the right looked like Hennessy.
  3. We used to live near Heath and Reach
  4. I totally agree with you Margie. I certainly wouldn’t have the patience nor skill to work on the items that Beekay paints so beautifully (despite coming top in Art at C-Le-W I’ll have you know!). I don’t think that FLY’s comments were meant to be taken as they come across. One could say that if you read books on Brain Surgery you could be a Brain Surgeon .......
  5. Beautiful Beekay, I’m sure your sis-in-law will be delighted with that.
  6. Sorry, I admit to doing that quite often, mainly because I’m worried that someone will go into the nearside lane and not realise I’m driving along it at a greater speed than them.
  7. Oh I’ve really missed Chulla, he was a smashing bloke and sadly missed on this forum. Happy Birthday Chulla x
  8. Jessieb29, you have our DavidW to thank for all that info on your ancestor! I certainly wouldn’t have thought that just a few months after David had found all that information it would prove so important to an ancestor’s research.
  9. I’ve just decided that it’s a different Col, don’t think he was a trainee at the new double-screen Odeon in 1965. Interesting though, the two films showing when it opened were Sound of Music and Mary Poppins, with Sound of Music running for FOUR years!
  10. I’ve got a weather app on my phone Phil but it gave us 2 or 3 hours of dryness when we set out. Still, if I hadn’t got home I wouldn’t be listening to Radio Nottm Nostalgia and Nonsense to hear that our DJ360 was making the news years ago, keep missing the year that Paul Robey keeps quoting though, could be 1965 ...... ? Maybe Col will tell us more when he gets back oop north.
  11. We set off earlier to do a 4 or 5 mile walk with Jack near East Bridgford/Kneeton. Sun was shining and it was about 18C. Perfect walking weather we thought. As soon as we started off across the fields the sky looked quite threatening and within minutes we were wet through. As we hadn’t got showerproof jackets with us we gave up and trekked back to the car and home to dry out. Disappointing day but at least I’ve had a bit of exercise. Does anyone know when summer is returning to these shores? I do miss S of F Jonab !!
  12. Probably having a few Inset Days .......
  13. The quality of Waitrose food is undoubtably superior but with a price tag to match. I was a dedicated Waitrose shopper for 30 years before moving back to Nottingham. In our local town of Berkhamsted there was a Waitrose and a Tesco. I never ever went into Tesco. On moving up to Nottingham I wondered how I would cope without Waitrose but no way was I going to trek over to Newark. Then the Little Waitrose opened in town followed by the Wollaton store. I’ve been in neither and have managed to buy good quality food in a variety of supermarkets close by, including Lidl and Aldi. Mind you, when the local Lidl first opened I thought I might have to put a paper bag over my head to go in there, didn’t want the neighbours talking about me! It turns out that Lidl’s is the place to catch up on local gossip, I always see someone I know whilst browsing the centre aisle.