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  1. LizzieM

    Shopping on line

    I’m sure I read something about House of Fraser being turned into a Gym. Blimey, we’ve got enough of them around the city and suburbs but not sure how well they’re used ....... the majority of folk are still grossly overweight.
  2. LizzieM

    How's your day?

    Expect they’re having a lie in
  3. LizzieM

    Enjoying owt on the box lately ?

    Yes FLY, I’m delighted Harry won. For the first time EVER I phoned in and voted for him. I’ve never even contemplated voting on these sort of programmes before but this series has really grabbed me, I’ve only missed watching it on a couple of evenings. Harry was lovely. They were an interesting bunch in the camp, Holly Willoughby was good too. We sat next to Harry and his wife in The Pig restaurant at Purbeck in the summer. Pretended we didn’t know him and gave them privacy, although one bloke went to his table requesting an autograph. Made me cringe.
  4. LizzieM

    Enjoying owt on the box lately ?

    Hope not FLY, I want Harry to win.
  5. Not even noticed them Loppy, and I’m very pedantic too! We don’t care how many typos you make, we just happy that you’re able to give us updates. Just make sure you clock in every day!
  6. My husband’s TIA was the result of Atrial Fibrillation. This was eventually cured after 4 ablation procedures.
  7. LizzieM

    The Chateau, Wilford Lane

    Gordon and his BROTHER Cav were in business together. Cav was the ‘building brain’ and Gordon the accountant. They did extremely well through hard work, Cav passed away a few years ago following surgery. Gordon has 2 daughters but no sons.
  8. LizzieM

    The Chateau, Wilford Lane

    You’re right and Gordon is still alive and well. The last time I ate in the Savoy was 31 years ago when it was my parents Ruby Wedding Anniversary, a few months later my Mum had passed away.
  9. LizzieM


    I agree with those two places AfferGorritt, plus Chino Latino, love the food in there too Six of us went to World Service for my husband's Birthday last month, big bill ...... let’s just say the 12.50% ‘Discretionary Service Charge’ was £54! But it was a fabulous evening and worth every penny seeing as he thought it was just us two out for a meal and then he saw our kids sitting waiting for our arrival, having driven up from Hertfordshire.
  10. LizzieM


    I ordered Brussels sprouts as a side in a Miami restaurant once. They were horrible, bitter and burnt (almost black), they must have been fried.
  11. LizzieM


    That reminded me of when our son was out drinking with his mates. We lived in a village 2 miles outside a market town but even 20 years ago the taxi fare was a fiver. More than once he went into the local pizza place and ordered a delivery then got into the delivery driver’s car for a ride home for nothing.
  12. LizzieM


    Oz, you can see a sample menu on tinternet and despite comments on here re Sat Bains I stand by what I’ve said, it’s a special dining experience for a special occasion. Never had a meal in Heston Blumenthal’s eatery but have dined in Rick Stein’s Sandbanks restaurant numerous times, when we can get a table that is, it’s always full and due to that they only want you using the table for less than 2 hours max, however we’ve never been chucked out. Again, it’s a good experience and is not as expensive as Sat Bains.
  13. LizzieM


    No Loppy, not the Ponderosa, or to give it its correct name ‘Clifton Bridge Inn’. We occasionally frequented that place years ago, meeting some of our Cliftonite relations. Never ate anything in the pub so can’t comment on the sausage cobs.
  14. LizzieM

    How's your day?

    So sorry to hear of your problems Loppy. As further encouragement, my husband had a TIA in his 50s but was more severe than what you’ve described, requiring admission to hospital for a few days. He was on Warfarin for just a few years but managed to get off that. He had no lasting effects really but his memory was ever so slightly affected. Wishing you all the best and hope for a quick full recovery.
  15. LizzieM


    We’ve eaten there 3 times Oz and it was well worth the experience but pricey. Each time we’ve had the Tasting Menu, about 10 courses but tiny exquisite portions which our waiter describes as he brings it to the table. Last time we were there, 2 or 3 years ago, we were offered an extra course mid way through the meal, ‘Quail’s egg’. Being cheapskates we thought we’d have just one and share it, LOL. It’s not easy sharing a quail’s egg. The restaurant is tucked away under Clifton Bridge and surrounded by pylons, not the nicest surroundings but with Sat Bains’ reputation he really doesn’t need to be in the middle of town. We’ll go again but it really is a Special Occasion dining experience.