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  1. And as a reference to Nottingham ................. the Thomas Cook agency on Long Row has opened under the Hays Travel banner too. I don't think I've been into a travel agents premises for at least 25 years so it's a good job they don't rely on the likes of me.
  2. I’ve been in touch with Nonna, her operation went well and she hopes to be back home in a few days. She asked me to say “Hello” to everyone.
  3. Sorry to hear that Trogg and thank goodness you hadn’t had a stroke. Take it easy now,get right before the next meet-up and keep taking the tablets. A pile of ironing won’t harm you though
  4. Well done Ben, hope the bullies hadn't trashed your car when you got back!
  5. Neither C&A nor BHS are still on the British High Street Ian, although I think I’ve seen C&A in other European countries, I think they originate from the Netherlands. BHS went down the other year, one of Philip Green’s businesses. I remember buying a woollen skirt suit from C&A in the late 60s and on the first wear I got a rash around my thighs (it was a mini skirt) Turned out there were fleas in the hem!! Got my money back, no quibble!!
  6. A trip to Burtons in the 50s and 60s with my Mum always entailed a bit of cheese-tasting and the purchase of a big block of mature Canadian Cheddar.
  7. They all park in Mapperley Park
  8. I heard the ‘Cock on a stick’ chap interviewed on Radio Nottingham the other morning. He’s still there at the age of 89, but is discussing retirement soon.
  9. Viewed your pics on Facebook Compo. Look like a nice couple with nice tight bums!
  10. I can’t see you photo Compo. Strange because I normally can, even when others have problems
  11. Close by then Margie! We’ve just been in Doctors Orders for an hour or so. Even though the Fair is only about half a mile away from us we really couldn’t be bothered going this year, must be getting too old for it. EDIT: The athletics were worth watching, much better than that very tired offering on BBC1.
  12. Throw away society ....... wish someone would tell my husband that though, he’s forever attempting to repair things around the place, by the time he’s gone out to buy the special tools and materials required we could have bought new. Feel better soon young Albert, be good to see you again.
  13. The main (new) Police Station at end of MMW is apparently the only one in the area with a Front Desk now. St Ann’s Station was very quiet and eerie the other day, I couldn’t get in the door, had to pick up a phone outside in order to tell someone why I was there, finally an officer came and opened the door to let me in. It seemed very cold and dismal. It somehow doesn’t encourage the general public to get involved and approach the police about problems we encounter in today’s society.
  14. Brew, it was a stressful situation for me, the very first time I’ve sat in one of those little rooms in the Police Station!