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  1. You mean you actually go to Asda Hyson Green Rob?
  2. Just lately I’ve noticed lots of people being interviewed on TV begin sentences with “So” and it really bugs me, just like as Compo states above “Absolutely” is used far too much, although it’s very often professional footballers who say it during post-match interviews, most of these young men aren’t too bright anyway. I also read in recent days a transcript of a speech given by (Prince) Harry , where he used the word “gotten” ....... what’s that all about then, has he quickly become Americanized?
  3. I do still miss Waitrose, when we lived in Berkhamsted I never shopped anywhere else and it took me a long time to come to terms with not having one locally when we moved to Nottingham, but driving to Newark seemed a bit daft.... however when they opened one in Wollaton (since closed as even that lot couldn’t afford to shop there) I never once got the urge. I’ll shop anywhere these days (with the exception of Asda Hyson Green) and get the job done as quickly as possible.
  4. Oh, not like the Carrington one where we have to run the gauntlet with beggars
  5. Are you still wearing a brown paper bag on your head when you shop in Lidl’s Phil?
  6. LizzieM

    RIP Mudgie48

    It is with sadness that I report the passing of Mudgie48, a Nottstalgian who was a very knowledgable historian and local lad. Bryan has lived in the USA for many years, most recently in Deltona Florida. When my husband and I had a holiday home in Miami Beach we drove up to meet Bryan and his wife half way and had a very pleasant few hours in their company. We’d known each other about town and as members of the Dungeon Club in the mid-60s. Since that meeting we’ve kept in touch by telephone. Poor Bryan has struggled with various cancers over the years but in the past few months the illness and treatments got the better of him. He was 70 years old.
  7. The dogs didn’t appear to be bothered at all by the noise! I chatted to the chap and in my usual subtle way asked if he went up the hill to play his bagpipes because his neighbours down in the village didn’t appreciate it. He did admit that only one neighbour was able to tolerate it
  8. On a beautiful day last weekend we went to Portesham, near Dorchester for a walk in the Dorset countryside. At the summit of Blackdown Hill is a 72 foot high monument built as a memorial to Admiral Sir Thomas Masterman Hardy of “Kiss Me Hardy” fame ....... not to be confused with Thomas Hardy the novelist who grew up in the same area. Standing just a few yards from the monument was a lone piper, blowing his heart out, surrounded by his 4 Rough Collies. I’m not really a fan of the sound of bagpipes but had some admiration for this man who played pretty well and who apparently had a Scottish father and an English mother and grew up in a little village below the hill, he took up playing the bagpipes after his father passed away.
  9. I think Nottstalgian Moz could have known him Mess as he lived in that area. I’ll contact him to log on.
  10. In 2014 I was fortunate to be invited to see ‘Monty Python Live’ at the O2 Arena, a show that was meant to be a one-off but which ended up being a run of 10 shows. What a brilliant and great night of entertainment. All the original Pythons were on stage except Graham Chapman who’d passed away several years earlier. I believe this was the last time Terry Jones was able to join his friends, before he became ill. Unforgettable.
  11. Barry, I doubt you’ll drum up any interest for the event on this site, there are a handful of Dungeonites on Nottstalgia but we’re all also on the Dungeon Facebook group. It will be a good night I’m sure.
  12. One of the few times I went to skate (or try to skate) there was with my professional cyclist boyfriend at the time, John Aslin. I remember there being lots of his cycling pals on the ice too, this would have been 1970.
  13. Thanks Brew, have you been googling?!
  14. I believe you can still get a Bagatelle Ian but they’re no doubt made of plastic now. The one we had was quite large, painted green and had little gold-coloured pins to catch the marbles or whatever balls we used.
  15. Have a good time Mary! I don’t mind Irish music but they can keep the tap dancing ...... my friend and I saw Riverdance in London about 20 years ago and walked out at half-time as we found it so boring and monotonous, not my cup of tea at all. My husband and I went over to Dublin for a wedding once and had a brilliant weekend, loved it there.