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  1. LizzieM

    Anybody had a 'result' lately ?

    Well done you! I only ever get a Free Lucky Dip.
  2. Thanks CliffTon. Just read a few excerpts and will read more soon. This link will make my daily/local dog walk very interesting. I’ve been walking around Mapperley Park for nearly 15 years and am amazed at times when I spot an architecturally pleasing property I’ve never noticed before!
  3. LizzieM


    No idea where Besthorpe is but it looks very pleasant. Must get out more!
  4. LizzieM

    John Lewis

    And when Waring and Gillow closed on King Street they had a sale that beat all others. Friends of ours who were returning from living in Spain completely furnished their new home in Nottingham for peanuts and they still have all that good quality furniture. Edited to add that when we were moving back to Nottingham about 15 years ago we had far too much furniture as we downsized. Years before I’d inherited some mahogany furniture from my granny and thought we’d get Charlie Ross (of TV fame and a local antique dealer) to come and give his estimates on the furniture. He immediately announced that it wasn’t antique but 1930’s Waring and Gillow. That made sense to me because my great grandparents had moved from Lenton into a brand new house in Wollaton in 1930. Then my granny inherited everything when they passed away, then I took it on. I still have it all too,, in 11 years time it will be antique but won’t be worth much as nobody wants good quality mahogany furniture these days.
  5. LizzieM

    Enjoying owt on the box lately ?

    I can’t do the mountain of holiday ironing without watching the telly so this afternoon I am watching, quite by chance, ‘Collectaholics’ BBC2. I think Gem would enjoy the programme as it has featured an old lady with a collection of dolls houses and fascinating contents. Oh blimey ...... now a man who’s got an arcade of one-armed bandits, and shoulders covered in dandruff. Might have to turn over, makes me feel ill.
  6. LizzieM

    How's your day?

    Did any Nottingham-based Nottstalgians hear a very loud bang around midnight last night? It was too loud to be a firework, more like an explosion but just the one bang, sounded like it was towards Mapperley/St Ann’s area.
  7. LizzieM


    Really sorry to read this Ayup but I’m not at all surprised by your decision. The troublemakers on this forum have a lot to answer for. Thank you for your endeavours to keep control of things and hope you will continue to look in ...... if, indeed, Nottstalgia exists for much longer. A very sad situation.
  8. LizzieM

    How's your day?

    Lucky you Nonna! Centaur, your accommodation sounds like it was in a more convenient location than where we were, which is called Sandalo. Quite a magnificent 5 bedroomed villa but with 10 of us wanting to get out to restaurants in the evening we needed a taxi mini-bus as nowhere was walking distance, especially with the reggae buses belting dangerously along that road! Didn’t hear about Cliff’s place being on the market but was told he sang at some church function a couple of weeks ago. Did you go into The Mews? We were in there on Friday night and the England cricket team were there early on but they had to leave early as they were on a curfew ....... not surprising owing to the reputation a few players have.
  9. LizzieM

    How's your day?

    Might have seen you in Paradise then Centaur! Where were you staying? We were in a villa between Holetown and Speightstown. I agree that the journey home is a real drag, don’t mind the flight as we go in the pointed end (although this time I only slept for about an hour I think as I was watching movies) but the drive up from Gatwick isn’t easy after an 8 hour overnight flight, particularly, as happened yesterday, there was an ‘incident’ on the M25.
  10. LizzieM

    How's your day?

    Certainly was idyllic FLY. The photos are originals btw, taken on my iPhone .......
  11. LizzieM

    How's your day?

    24 hours ago I was sitting on this beach drying me bathers before they were packed in my case to come home. We had the most wonderful time in Barbados and tonight we’ll be thinking of our livers and staying in.
  12. I’d hung up me spikes by then Plantfit and also moved away from Nottingham. Hippogirl might well remember as her children were members of Notts AC.
  13. It was a cinder track when Hippogirl and I competed on it in the 60s.
  14. LizzieM

    Notts County

    Didn’t ex-Forest player Duncan McKenzie jump over a Mini as his party trick?
  15. A couple of years ago I was in contact with Kate Turner, thanks to RobL putting us in touch. I of course do remember Kate from almost 50 years ago, she’s the big sister of my old boyfriend John Aslin Jnr.