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    Blues & Rock music, especially Southern Rock, and Country Rock. Steam railways, especially the ex GC, Nottingham Forest. Food. Nature. Decent beer, and Laphroaig.

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  1. FLY2

    My Bike rides

    Rog, I looked out for you whilst driving under the bridges along the A46 last week, when visiting my daughter. I thought you might be zooming through the villages. What was that all pervading smell of muck spreading that hung over the area. I presume someone was spreading some potent fertiliser somewhere upwind.
  2. Don't Bring Me Down...... The Pretty Things.
  3. You And Me Both..... Yazoo
  4. FLY2

    St Patrick's Day

    It's just a feeble excuse for the gullible, the deluded and the easily led, to get plastered. I bet they don't celebrate in Warrington or other places scarred by the IRA's activities.
  5. FLY2

    Beekay's paintings

    Lizzie, you want to get yourself down the Castle Marina. Some of the stuff there is unbelievable. A friend of ours has a boat at Sawley Marina and that is interesting too. However, after a while, it tends to be a bit samey, as some of the owners attempt to outdo each other.
  6. FLY2

    St Patrick's Day

    Well I've driven halfway around the Hants/Dorset borders today, and not seen ANYONE dressed like a leprechaun. Absolutely fantastic.
  7. FLY2

    Keep One Drop One

    Armed Forces
  8. Mercedes Benz..... Janis Joplin.
  9. Lady D'Arbanville..... Cat Stevens
  10. Lady Willpower..... Gary Puckett & the Union Gap.
  11. Hey, That's No Way To Treat a Lady..... Leonard Cohen.
  12. Standing in the Way of Control...... Gossip.
  13. No Brew, not the Big House, I lived in the village half a mile away !
  14. Oh dear, maybe I should be posting this in the Boring Repetitive Posts topic !