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    Blues & Rock music. Especially Southern Rock. Steam railways, especially the ex GC, Nottingham Forest. Food. Nature.
  1. Sunday Dinner Memories

    Yes NBL, I'm certain there's a Day Brook topic somewhere in the annals of here.
  2. Sorry, She's Mine..... The Small Faces
  3. Keep One Drop One

    Scientific Experiment.
  4. historical Robin Hood search

    No, you've not been misunderstood, I understand where you're coming from. Personally, I think they will be remembered by future generations. Especially within the sporting fraternity. As for the local authorities promoting RH, I think there is so much more that they could do. Especially with regard to Nottingham Castle, which to be honest is a joke, and a scruffy one at that ! Just imagine what the Americans would achieve had RH been theirs ! He'd rank alongside Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie and the Alamo.
  5. historical Robin Hood search

    Jonab, I'm saddened by your comment regarding Brian Clough and T&D. They certainly have had a great influence on many Nottinghamians and Nottstalgians. They all through their deeds put Nottingham firmly on the map. Many current Forest fans saw their first games in the Clough / Taylor era, and I'm certain that many young kids took up skating thanks to T & D. The Nottingham Arena is testament to their skating success, and it is a credit to them. Over the years, I've seen many acts, shows etc there, and visitors from around the country fill Nottinghamshire coffers. We should not deride or denigrate the efforts of people who've done well and been successful in their relationship with Notts.
  6. Classic Old Films On TV.

    The only repeats I do record for viewing are the unsurpassable Waking The Dead, The Coroner, Father Brown, Frasier, Last of the Summer Wine, and Ice Road Truckers. The rest...... Yawn...ZZZZZZZZZ
  7. Mine, and Mine Alone..... The Angelettes.
  8. Classic Old Films On TV.

    Too many repeats, and banal reality progs, and the only 'dramas' are so called psychological things, with no meaty storyline. The so called comedies are either childish pap, or schoolboy smut. I watch a lot of the documentaries and the History channel, and also embark on more reading.
  9. She's The One..... Robbie Williams.
  10. One and one is one....... Medicine Head
  11. The soft roes were a bit sloppy, but the juice soaked into the toast beautifully. Lovely with plenty of pepper sprinkled on.
  12. Hearts a Bustin'..... Billy Joe Shaver
  13. Queen of Memphis..... Confederate Railroad.
  14. King of Fools..... Dwight Yoakam
  15. I See Through You (Free Your Mind)..... Battleme, & the Forest Rangers.