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    Blues & Rock music, especially Southern and Country Rock. Steam railways, especially the ex GC, Nottingham Forest. Food. Nature. Decent beer, and Laphroaig.

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  1. FLY2

    Keep One Drop One

    Nasal Spray.
  2. Still Got The Blues..... Gary Moore.
  3. FLY2

    Keep One Drop One

    Head Gardener.
  4. Some Day, Love Will Find You..... Journey.
  5. FLY2

    How's your day?

    I wish I could've nonna. It's all decided by money, bribery and backhanders. As for Madonna..... Well ! Way past her best.
  6. FLY2

    How's your day?

    I had no choice Margie. As its Mrs Fly's birthday next Tuesday, six of us went to the Chinese Buffet down the road, then back to her brothers up the road for desserts. It had just started, so I had to watch it , as they were all up for it. I had eaten too much, and my backache was aggravated by doing too much garden work all week. Anyway, of to Normandy tomorrow for a short break...... Can't wait !
  7. FLY2

    How's your day?

    Just recovering from the most painful, tedious and mind numbing four hours of my life after watching the Eurovision Song Contest last night. Yes, we were bottom as usual. I just don't know why we bother. Four bleddy hours of mindless drivel. Lame brained presenters trying to be funny. Foreigners singing songs that were already hits throughout Europe, which isn't quite on. Then of course, the freaks, exhibitionists, wierdos, perverts and other assorted cranks, all vainly attempting to upstage each other. Four hours of my life wasted, that I'll never retrieve !
  8. Unsquare Dance..... Dave Brubeck.
  9. Sleeping Village..... Black Sabbath
  10. One a More Sleep..... Leona Lewis.
  11. Hollywood Nights...... Bob Segar & The Silver Bullet Band
  12. FLY2

    How's your day?

    It was at a hotel in Skegness nonna, and I couldn't stand the hot soup burning my thumbs, or mushy peas running down my fingers !
  13. FLY2

    How's your day?

    Waiter, one day was enough. Caravan site at Ingoldmells, three weeks. Trainee accountant, two years, Research & Development Accounts, two years. Installing telephone equipment, two years. Production Clerk, 1 year. Mr Softee Ice Cream salesman, 7 months. Labourer at Nottingham Patent Brick, 4 months. Testing Electronic Telephone Exchange Equipment, 15 years. Fibre Optic Equipment testing for BT and Mercury, 12 years. Telephone refurbishment, few months. Fork lift truck driver, plastic moulding operator, van driver, 5 years. Communications Stores, 2 years, asst transport manager 3 years. Thats about it. 49 years and loved most of it. Hard work will always be rewarded, and most gave me great job satisfaction. Most were well paid too. 28 years at Plessey were just unbelievably well paid.
  14. FLY2

    How's your day?

    Yes Rog, the Uni of life & hard knocks. Wouldn't have missed it for the world, and would still do the same today.
  15. FLY2

    How's your day?

    I tried night school for O levels, and a couple of other things, but other than taking my ONC in Business Studies at Clarendon, I gave up. With starting work, I wanted to be out enjoying myself. Qualifications aren't all they're cracked up to be. I know people with pockets full of O's and A's, and are virtually unemployable. A friend of mine in the 60's was almost a professional student, amassing a ridiculous amount of qualifications, and never had a proper job till he was over 30, and ended up working at the British Railways Goods Depot in the warehouse. A girl in my class was outstanding, and by 20, had amassed 12 O's and 5 A's. Three years later, she was living up Bestwood Park, with three toddlers around her ankles !