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    Blues & Rock music, especially Southern Rock, and Country Rock. Steam railways, especially the ex GC, Nottingham Forest. Food. Nature. Decent beer.

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  1. Old Time Rock & Roll..... Bob Segar.
  2. FLY2

    Keep One Drop One.

    Postal Order
  3. Bend in the Road..... Chris Cornell.
  4. It looks like the legless she'll of a spider crab. Eatable ? Not sure of that. They are a bit small for human consumption.
  5. Up Around The Bend..... Credence Clearwater Revival.
  6. Dave, we've been around the water tank three times now !
  7. FLY2

    Where does ‘The North’ begin

    Re Lizzies point regarding guests being researchers, I clicked on 'Online Users' last week, and there were about 30 'guests ' viewing the same topic. Odd I say !
  8. FLY2

    North or South

    Redhill ! But I DEFINITELY don't consider myself a Southener. Almost everyone I conversed with on holiday was from south of the Trent, and it still amazes me that the majority don't know where Nottingham is, never mind having ever visited the city. Unreal ! Been into town this sunny morning, and took in views around the square. Yes, there's still some lovely buildings around, but oh, the slabs in front of Debenhams are appalling. Chewing gum in abundance, and even at 11am, there was still evidence of last nights filth, squalor and general litter including much broken glass. Do the Council bother ? No way.
  9. All Around The World..... Little Willie John.
  10. Gillan's version is still the best IMHO. What a voice ! A utube regular here.
  11. FLY2

    World cup squad

    Argies totally outplayed and never really had a look in. Brilliant ! Great French support for Messi for some reason, but it was great to see the hotel bar emptying with 20 minutes to go.......... Yes ! Another Vin de Provence si vous plait ! Back home late tomorrow night to torment you all !
  12. FLY2

    How's your day?

    You never know Lizzie.! I don't think he's here to see me personally, but I'd give him a wave a la Churchill ! Yes Col, lovely town, great food. I especially like seafood, so I'm in my element here. Ill mannered locals though!
  13. FLY2

    How's your day?

    Streets around the centre of Quimper cordoned off this evening, as French president Macron is in town till tomorrow. At least it's quiet and no traffic past our hotel. No, he's not in the same one as I am. I bet he gets better service at the bar though ! Thats blown my evening walk, so it's after dinner in the bar with coffee and brandy. Not too much though as its an 8am start tomorrow !
  14. FLY2

    How's your day?

    A glorious 27 in Concarneau today, but the local brew cooled me. Too many steps, moules and crepes, and not enough steaks, but having a week in Northumberland next week, so I can catch up on red meat ! Oh, and decent bitter ! Some phenomenal ice creams though !
  15. FLY2

    How's your day?

    24 degrees in Carnac, Brittany today. Phew ! No litter, no chavs. Moved on to Quimper to another hotel this afternoon. They put me in room 101 would you believe !