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    Blues & Rock music, especially Southern Rock, and Country Rock. Steam railways, especially the ex GC, Nottingham Forest. Food. Nature. Decent beer.

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  1. Super Trooper..... Abba.
  2. FLY2

    Keep One Drop One

    My Way
  3. Superhero.... Faith No More
  4. FLY2

    Keep One Drop One

    Half Brother
  5. No substitute for quality ! Hang on to it Lizzie. Just because something is antique certainly doesn't mean it's valuable or even good quality. Yes folks, I love the Antiques Roadshow !
  6. FLY2

    Freedom of speech

    You're obviously like me Col. Fuel up when necessary, and that's it !
  7. FLY2

    Freedom of speech

    HC must stand for Hopeless Carburettor then. I took one off my eldest daughters hands. Very fast, but the massive Stromberg carb was a devil to adjust, therefore a swine to start !
  8. FLY2

    Freedom of speech

    Hardly Accelerates, and Heavy Braking !
  9. FLY2

    Freedom of speech

    Maybe not !
  10. FLY2

    Freedom of speech

    I nearly gave up reading this topic after the mention of Vivas. They were CRAP ,
  11. Sweet Home Alabama..... Lynyrd Skynyrd
  12. FLY2

    Keep One Drop One

    Pork Chop
  13. Going To My Home Town..... Rory Gallagher
  14. FLY2

    Keep One Drop One

    Custard Tart
  15. FLY2

    Coach Trips

    I've done nowhere near 250, but can thoroughly recommend Travelsphere and Legers for European tours. Legers especially have magnificent coaches for their Silver Service tours, and their drivers / guides are most knowledgeable. Superb ! This year already, I've done Brittany, and have Luxembourg in a few weeks time. Although I absolutely love driving, I can see far more, and relax with a drink if I want to.