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  1. I think I'm going back...... Dusty Springfield
  2. Keep One Drop One

    Jam Pot
  3. Keep One Drop One

    Log Basket
  4. Things that pee you off

    2pm, on a lovely warm sunny day, and not a bleddy murmur from the home idle neighbours on either side. I've repaired and restained some trellis work that needed attention after I'd cut down a large Montana plant. Cut the hedge on one side, and mown the lawn. The idle sods are only in their 30's too !
  5. Keep One Drop One

    Formation Dancing.
  6. Running a Marathon

    That's solely because the nanny brigade City Council put pedestrian operated traffic lights every ten yards, because folk either can't be bothered, and are incapable of crossing the road correctly? Look right, look left, then look right again....... Oh ! Wrong topic, it should be in Things You Don't See Anymore !
  7. Things you don't see anymore

    Especially on a lilac coloured Smart car.
  8. As long as there's no 'novelty' records. They do nothing whatsoever for the furtherance of good music. I was coming down the M18 / M1 yesterday afternoon when Pick of the Pops was on Radio 2. It was from 1962, and by God, there was some crap even then.
  9. Running a Marathon

    If products are made abroad, they can call it what they like. If WE make, then the rest of the world should abide by our names. I'm absolutely fed up to the back teeth with having to kow tow to the rest of the world. Half of who were living in mud huts , and crapping in a hole in the ground until a few years ago. Re the Robin Hood Marathon, I'm against all the traffic chaos. Just let them run round Wollaton Park lake 25 times, and let the rest of the community get on with their lives without disruption !
  10. Things you don't see anymore

    Wayne & Sharon !
  11. Things you don't see anymore

    Those green polythene strips that you placed inside the top of your car windscreen to prevent sun glare.
  12. How's your day?

    You want to try and get to Anderby Creek, there used to be a cafe that did brilliant bacon cobs. A crowd of us used to go camping there in the 60's. The Axe & Cleaver at Somercotes was good on a Saturday night too !
  13. Any Hippies here?

    My ex absolutely adored Scott Walker. I think that's why she chose me ! I hope she wasn't disappointed. LOL Amongst the Free songs I played yesterday , were Heavy Load, Fire &Water, Mr Big and Be My Friend. In F & W, Koss conveys every single emotion known to man just in one prolonged note. In Mr Big, Andy Frasers bass playing is just unsurpassable. Forget Jack Bruce, this is the most mind blowing piece of bass playing in the history of rock music. I found myself gripping the steering wheel, eyes half closed at my head bobbing up and down like a nodding donkey ! Free Chronicles, double CD, 35 great tracks. A truly tight and talented group. I NEVER needed any drugs, just a good song and a beer. RIP Koss and Andy.
  14. The Manor at Toton

    Exactly, I was there last week. The house as obviously gone, and is now a lovely veranda and outside eating area. Dog friendly too.
  15. Keep One Drop One

    Cake Stand