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  1. David Cassidy

    70's heartthrob singer and actor, David Cassidy has died aged 67, from complications following years of battling dementia. RIP David.
  2. Maybe he was Jill, but he won't get any of those I can tell you ! He's a choosy beggar, as the other week, I'd put out some dog biscuits, and as I was washing the dinner plates, I'd scraped off madams leftovers of mashed potatoes and curly kale, and plopped it on top of the biscuits. I didn't notice the light come on over night, but the following morning, I noticed that the biscuits with the potato and kale on we're still there, although surrounding ones had vanished. I removed the remnants and put out the biscuits along with fresh ones the following night, and they all were consumed . Obviousley he was unimpressed with my cooking !
  3. Another most enjoyable occurrence last night. During an advert break at 9.40 in the appalling 'I'm a Celebrity' programme, I'd made a cup of tea and got a mince pie. The outside security light came on, so I partially wound up the blind over the French Windows and there was a beautiful adult fox chomping on a few cat biscuits that the neighbours moggies had left. The fox stared at me, finished the snack and wandered off. I then put some dog biscuits out in the hope that it would return. Then a couple of hours later, at 11.40, I'd just logged off from browsing NS, and the light came on again. I jumped out of bed, pulled aside the curtain and unbelievably, there were not one, but two large badgers in the garden. One was eating the dog biscuits, and the other was at the base of the tree where the squirrels peanut box is situated, and clearing up the scraps the squirrels had dropped. They finished their supper, and scrambled up the garden and off into the night. It was wonderful to watch this happening barely a mile from the city centre, and I must visit Wilko's for more goodies for them. Now I appreciate that some members detest foxes, as they have suffered heartbreaking carnage to lambs and poultry previously, as I have with losing ducks and hens in the past, but in my garden in the depths of Basford, it's a sight to behold.
  4. Spoonful..... Cream.
  5. Rodney Bewes

    So sad. Loved the Likely Lads, so true to life. RIP Rodney.
  6. Cats !

    They're ALL irresistible, especially when they lay on their backs and expect their tummies tickled. Then stand on their hind legs as I pat their heads !
  7. Disgusting school dinners

    That multi millionaire thick tongued herbert JO has got a lot to answer for !
  8. Cats !

    Just been out mowing leaves up off the lawn, and as usual, within ten minutes, three of my neighbours cats came round and rolled around on the patio until I gave them their daily treat of biscuits. Magic !
  9. Disgusting school dinners

    Loved them. I was table monitor and had six 1st form girls on my table, so any leftovers came my way. I especially liked Fridays when it was fish, and caramel tart. The young girls hated that ! Although my parents owned a chippy, I only went there at lunchtimes when I went to school on my pushbike.
  10. Planet cycles

    I once had a Bates in my mid teens. The only one I've ever seen.
  11. Fool For The City...... Foghat
  12. See Me, Feel Me.... The Who.
  13. Earth Song... Michael Jackson
  14. Rats! Eww!

    Discarded junk food is a major problem I'm sorry to say.
  15. Rats! Eww!

    They were probably water voles RR. Protected species.