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  1. There was opposition from the unions when dustless collection was introduced. The old metal bins were very hard work to lift, so the physical demands provided quite an element of job protection. The wheely bins were far less physically demanding and that meant there was a much larger pool of potential workers to take on the job.
  2. Putting out the waste over the weekend I noticed that our wheely-bin is date stamped 1988 and still going strong - despite its rubbish treatment. So, does any Nottstalgian have a wheely-bin that is even older?
  3. Football was the High School's winter game. In 1914 the powers that be decided to switch codes; this was not universally popular with the boys and there was a tradition of organizing football teams despite official disapproval. The photo' (immediate post war) is one of these unofficial XIs, "Nottingham United". Unfortunately there is no indication of where it was taken, but it would be nice to know. I agree that it is probably a county(ish) location (Long Eaton did pop into my mind) but I cannot believe they would have travelled too far afield for their matches.
  4. They are High School Boys but the headmaster disapproved of football so they had to play as Nottingham United. I agree with CliffTon about the church, so that pretty much rules out a city location.
  5. Does anyone recognize this location?
  6. The Chopper looked cool but as a bicycle it was fundamentally dangerous and probably the worst design ever to hit the road not without problems.
  7. The shop was definitely on the RHS as you walked towards Low Pavement. I would say it was the first shop after Pepper Street, where the three blokes are. I remember my father going in to the shop to get some new motor brushes for a Hoover Constellation.
  8. It looks pretty run down along most of Bridlesmith Gate at the moment. Does anyone remember a vacuum cleaner shop in the short parade of shops just before Low Pavement? It would be middle-late 1960s. I's just as a kid I used to love the "thing on a spring" that bounced up and down in their window.
  9. "conductor had to use the clock in machine outside the paper shop" Which reminds me of the electric clocks that used to be dotted around town, mounted on grey poles, which I presume were for the benefit of the bus drivers.
  10. Many moons ago I began dating a lady and when I first visited her house I was mightily impressed, verging on intimidated, by the breadth and depth of her reading, if the contents of her heaving bookshelves were anything to go by.. It was only subsequently, after a little browsing, that I realized how few of the books had ever been opened.
  11. This news feature has been mentioned before but the link is now broken. Here is a new link.
  12. The latest edition of Private Eye features the Majestic in its Nooks and Corners column.
  13. I could have sworn that the G and H Atlanteans had two mirrors in the rear window. A quick look at 23 seconds confirms this.
  14. With the very restricted petrol ration after WW2 you have to wonder how the owner kept such a vehicle on the road. Unless he had, ahem, a black market supply a very light right foot.
  15. . I know them. They look as if they have been built as cheaply as possible. They certainly lack the style (and gardens) of the pre-war houses in MP.