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  1. The latest edition of Private Eye features the Majestic in its Nooks and Corners column.
  2. bamber

    Buses in Nottingham

    I could have sworn that the G and H Atlanteans had two mirrors in the rear window. A quick look at 23 seconds confirms this.
  3. bamber

    Buses in Nottingham

    Also, I think NCT experimented with two, large circular mirrors either side of the rear window - presumably to assist with reversing. Not repeated after the H plate vehicles so clearly not a success.
  4. bamber

    Buses in Nottingham

    If I remember rightly the rear number boxes did not last very long in service. The next batch (1970) came from the builders without the feature.
  5. bamber

    Bit a ' Bath Street.

    With the very restricted petrol ration after WW2 you have to wonder how the owner kept such a vehicle on the road. Unless he had, ahem, a black market supply a very light right foot.
  6. . I know them. They look as if they have been built as cheaply as possible. They certainly lack the style (and gardens) of the pre-war houses in MP.
  7. Carlton nick was not a PFI build. The big drain on the force's budget is the policing hub, on the Queen's Drive industrial estate, which is a PFI scheme. National policing priorities are ring fenced by the Home Office. So if you have to make budget cuts local policing gets the chop.
  8. Do you mean those at the top of Mapperley Rise? I have heard that some of the flats are unoccupied but busy.
  9. Carlton police station was a victim of changing fashions in the Home Office. When it was built they wanted forces to close small, local nicks and move to fewer, larger stations that could be built like mini-fortresses. Now the Whitehall mandarins want policing hubs with officers working out of their cars with as little public facing facilities as they can get away with. It is ironic that Carlton nick is going to be converted by those former kings of the doors the Bailey brothers.
  10. I came across this article browsing the interweb. Corporation Tramways Insignia What does strike you is the obvious pride in the undertaking when you look at the quality of the insignia they issued to drivers, conductors and inspectors. Nowadays a cheapo sticker is deemed "sufficient".
  11. bamber


    If my better half's online shopping is anything to go by the cost of free returns on nine out of ten ninety nine out of every hundred items she ordered must have crippled Debenhams.
  12. Cracking photo. Very quiet: probably taken on a Sunday.
  13. bamber

    Hidden plaque

    There is a second, identical, plaque a little further on just beyond the modern security gate.
  14. Does anyone recognize the make of car from this close-up? I think it may be a BMW. The car in question appeared briefly in a film promoting Germany's new autobahns.
  15. bamber

    Newspapers in Nottingham

    It used to be Derby, but they now print just the one edition in Brum. Truly "Yesterday's news tomorrow."