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  1. I could never understand moving the Emmett Clock to its current (totally unsuitable) setting. All the hallmarks of management wanting to be seen to do something.
  2. It looks like a bomb has hit it! Compare and contrast with German Railways where plenty of bombs did avctually hit. Modern diesels and electrics in the 1950s while BR was still chugging along with its museum-piece steamers. Emblematic of how Britain wasted the peacetime dividend - which we are still paying for.
  3. From today's Bread and Lard Bugle West Bridgford Wire. West Bridgford drugs dealing and ASB – Operation Alaska nominals dealing drugs and committing ASB on West Bridgford Beats including Edwalton, Compton Acres and Trent Bridge – Owned by West Bridgford Neighbourhoods, Rushcliffe Reacher and Response teams. Obviously an extract from a Notts Police press release, but you would have thought that the force's press office would have taken the time to translate it out of police-jargon into something approaching standard English. 10-4.
  4. The Post hasn't been printed in Nottingham for donkey's. First it moved to Derby and nowadays they print overnight in Birmingham - yesterday's news tomorrow. Well, Reach (owners of the paper) have announced the closure of the Birmingham printworks and the Post will be coming from either Oldham, Middlesbrough or Watford - yesterday's news the day after tomorrow. With circulation now so low it cannot be too long before the Post goes weekly or vanishes altogether.
  5. Still on Freeview's Channel 7 and 159 Diamond Cable, NTL Virgin Media.
  6. Jenrick's wife has a lot of interesting connections to the Israel/Russia oligarchs. I understand his children have Israeli passports.
  7. Moron, cretin, imbecile, idiot were gradations of what became known, more politely, as mental handicaps (a term first used in Germany before the war) and are now challenges.
  8. It is official, the Evening (sic) Post is dead. The owners, Reach PLC, have announced that the Post, the Derby Telegraph and the Lincolnshire Echo are to share an editor - Natalie Fahy.
  9. I should have checked. I have mentioned this before. :-O
  10. Does anyone remember a rather clever promotion that the Post ran back in the late 1970s? It consisted of a daily entry in the Personals Column supposedly from Penelope (?) where she detailed her rather convoluted social life. It became a bit of a talking point.
  11. It's going the way of lamp-lighters, telegram boys and saggar-makers' bottom knockers. Which will be a great loss as an atomized media of bloggers and forums cannot emulate a properly edited publication.
  12. Circling the drain: according to the Audit Bureau of Circulation the Evening Post's daily, paid-for sales are now down to 8,400. NOTTINGHAM POST: YESTERDAY'S NEWS TOMORROW !
  13. Nottingham City Police was always very different from every other force in Britain. No tinkling bells when Nottingham's cars raced to an incident. From the early 1930s they were equipped with wailing sirens. And, until the 1960s, it was the only force to have an identifying badge on its vehicles. And I agree the 4x4 looks remarkably modern when you compare it with the Wolseley's favoured by The Met.
  14. The original link to Pathe newsreel is now dead. It is now on YouTube.