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  1. Walking through town this afternoon I spotted a terracotta plaque that I had never spotted before. The question is: do any other Nottstalgians know where it is? (Apologies for the fuzzy focus, there must something wrong with my phone's camera). Mystery plaque
  2. According to ST Water our supply comes from a groundwater source at Oxton.
  3. There was a time when descaling the electric kettle was a fairly routine task. But, you know what, I can't remember the last time we had to do it and a quick peek shows absolutely no calcium build up in our current kettle. Have they done something to Nottingham's water?
  4. Wasn't Carlton-le-Willows, strictly, one of those rare beasts a Technical Grammar School?
  5. For the breweries the sale of their product was the key aspect of the tied estate. For the pubcos - Enterprise, Punch etc - it is the real estate that is the business driver not the sale of beer.
  6. The big breweries were forced to sell their tied estates to Pubcos (property companies) by the Thatcher government. The minister who pushed through the Beer Orders, David (later Lord) Young, came from a property development background.
  7. JOHN L. HIBBS LIMITED. Nature of Business: TYPEWRITER & OFFICE EQUIPMENT SALES, REPAIRS & MAINTENANCE. Address of Registered Office: 50 Bridlesmith Gate, Nottingham. Liquidator's Name and Address: A. J. S. Atkin, Atkin & Co., 18 Carrington Street, Nottingham. Date of Appointment: 2nd •November 1976. By whom Appointed: Creditors and Contributors
  8. French Connection's branch on Victoria Street has now shut-up-shop for ever. Walking past it the other day I got to thinking about a small, city council art gallery that used to be at the bottom of Victoria Street? Does anyone else recall it? This would be early 1970s.
  9. There was opposition from the unions when dustless collection was introduced. The old metal bins were very hard work to lift, so the physical demands provided quite an element of job protection. The wheely bins were far less physically demanding and that meant there was a much larger pool of potential workers to take on the job.
  10. Putting out the waste over the weekend I noticed that our wheely-bin is date stamped 1988 and still going strong - despite its rubbish treatment. So, does any Nottstalgian have a wheely-bin that is even older?
  11. Football was the High School's winter game. In 1914 the powers that be decided to switch codes; this was not universally popular with the boys and there was a tradition of organizing football teams despite official disapproval. The photo' (immediate post war) is one of these unofficial XIs, "Nottingham United". Unfortunately there is no indication of where it was taken, but it would be nice to know. I agree that it is probably a county(ish) location (Long Eaton did pop into my mind) but I cannot believe they would have travelled too far afield for their matches.
  12. They are High School Boys but the headmaster disapproved of football so they had to play as Nottingham United. I agree with CliffTon about the church, so that pretty much rules out a city location.
  13. Does anyone recognize this location?
  14. The Chopper looked cool but as a bicycle it was fundamentally dangerous and probably the worst design ever to hit the road not without problems.