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  1. Gladys (where he was loved and won TWO 1st Division champions medals) has been living in Seattle for the past 40-odd years. He become a local media celebrity in the Pacific NW as the face and voice of the Seattle Sounders.
  2. Bally had a shop on the corner of High Street and Victoria Street. They were nice shoes but a bit "continental" for my taste. I'm a Tricker's - built like Northampton battleships - wearer.
  3. At the end of the day the council will decide and there's almost nothing anyone can do about it It's the developers who will decide. The City is too broke to contemplate fighting a vastly expensive appeal in the High Court; especially if you have an SoS like Robert Jenrick who invariably favours the developers.
  4. The Lord Mayor's Roller has been restored and was up for sale: Phantom V According to the insurance database NTV1 is now allocated to a Ford Focus. Either the city sold the plate or the Lord Mayor(ess) now has to slum it in a hatchback. The decline in the civic wheels matches the decline in the city :-(
  5. Going back to crewed buses. Did anyone ever put money in the honesty box?
  6. Parking in front of the Council House. It reminds me of the occasions when the local council bigwigs would meet there. There was the Lord Mayor and Sheriff's matching pair of African-dictator style Phantom Vs (NTV1 and NTV2) and then the motley collection of modest saloons that were the lot of the Chairman of the County Council and various UDCs and RDCs. It was all down hill from there on - the Lord Mayor and Sheriff now have to make do with a couple of Mondeos dressed up as Jags and a bus pass.
  7. We have elections for the City Council in just over a month and there is no media forum for public debate and coverage. The Robin Hood Energy debacle should have dominated front pages, editorials and letter columns for weeks but it has all passed by largely unnoticed in Nottingham because there is no local media. The government, no doubt, will take advantage of the "lack of interest" in the local elections as a reason to remove the last vestiges of local decision making in favour of more Whitehall control.
  8. Reach plc (current owners of the NEP) has announced a further restructuring of their operations in the East Midlands. The Leicester Mercury and Derby Evening Telegraph offices in the respective cities are to close and everything will be concentrated in the Nottingham hub. I now give the NEP a year tops.
  9. There *must* be a reason why Nottingham standards were so popular with tour bus operators. Does anyone know the answer?
  10. Photo of the old city police station highlights that the area used to be part of Nottingham until the boundary was moved to the other side of the Trent in the early 1950s.
  11. It's now called the Hartley Business Centre and is sublet to small firms. Does a Nottstalgian know who were the original occupants? I seem to recall it being The Metal Box Company but cannot be sure.
  12. I could never understand moving the Emmett Clock to its current (totally unsuitable) setting. All the hallmarks of management wanting to be seen to do something.
  13. It looks like a bomb has hit it! Compare and contrast with German Railways where plenty of bombs did avctually hit. Modern diesels and electrics in the 1950s while BR was still chugging along with its museum-piece steamers. Emblematic of how Britain wasted the peacetime dividend - which we are still paying for.
  14. From today's Bread and Lard Bugle West Bridgford Wire. West Bridgford drugs dealing and ASB – Operation Alaska nominals dealing drugs and committing ASB on West Bridgford Beats including Edwalton, Compton Acres and Trent Bridge – Owned by West Bridgford Neighbourhoods, Rushcliffe Reacher and Response teams. Obviously an extract from a Notts Police press release, but you would have thought that the force's press office would have taken the time to translate it out of police-jargon into something approaching standard English. 10-4.
  15. The Post hasn't been printed in Nottingham for donkey's. First it moved to Derby and nowadays they print overnight in Birmingham - yesterday's news tomorrow. Well, Reach (owners of the paper) have announced the closure of the Birmingham printworks and the Post will be coming from either Oldham, Middlesbrough or Watford - yesterday's news the day after tomorrow. With circulation now so low it cannot be too long before the Post goes weekly or vanishes altogether.