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  1. DJ360 liked your comment about your stick,I have just stated to have to use one. At first thought everyone was looking at me but now if i have to use it (most times needed) i will, the only problem that I have is shopping. When I go round our local CO_OP and have basket,bag, stick, only have 2 hands. Next is when you have to get money out of your purse. Get to the till, sticks falls on the floor, purse upslde down some coins and cards fall out, and thats before i have put shopping in my bag. ??? Almost forgot mask? these are ok if your glasses don't get steamed up. Can any one give me a han
  2. The Night they Drove Old Dixie Down Derek Warfielo & the young Wolf Tones.
  3. nonnaB Was it a doormouse? as in the uk they are endanged. Is it the same in Italy? but of cause if the mouse came from Holland from a windmall it would have little cloggs on. Sorry nonnaB could not resist.
  4. Beekay take a look at TGA webbsite they offer personalised assessment in your home before they recommending the most suitable solution they have pre-owned and new ones. e-mail freephone 08008048377, if you are a parkinsons uk member you get 7.5% off and seeing as i am a member i could give you my number and say i have recomended you to them you might just get discount. worth trying if your buying.
  5. Great minds think a like , master and myself were looking at going to Jerusalem Bethleham ect now it's on the back burner. After eeing the News last night One Day my friend?
  6. When we go back to visit son's in Hucknall we find it hard to belive how many houses have been built, roads go in all directions. Allso factories gone! Rolls Royce !Gone Dowtys !Gone Bainswear !Gone Viyeila !Gone and many more.
  7. WELCOME pedrino Play you a game for them at next meet up What do you say best of 3
  8. Beekay gis a game then if yo like.
  9. Annesley Miners Welfare Gone Now RIP houses now on site
  10. Market St was created in 1865 by the widening of Sheep Lane allowing R and E Dickinson and Fazackerley to extend their Long Row shop. The store was later known, as Fazackerley. Griffin and Spalding, and is now the Nottingham branch of Debenhams. 1936 Griffin and Spalding The Long Row store took out one of the first full-page advertisements of the Evening post. It promoted Ladies Fashions, fashion labels including Braemar, Dorville, Linlaw and Rodex. A Rodex camel topcoat with horn buttons was available for six guineas (£6. 30). 1961 Debenhams owners of Griffin and Spaldin in Long R
  11. As well as the three swiming baths and tthe washouse there was also about 6 public baths.
  12. It is a game of dominos called five and three where each end can be divaded by five or three. Its had to explaine if you have not played it. 21 is when you have a score bord and each time you or your partner score its the first to reach 21points I'm sure some member will add more,