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  1. mary1947

    Nottinghams Heritage Assets

    Don't get me wrong I love my City. I have lived in quite a few places Arnold, Daybrook, South Africa, Anderby, Eastwood, now Jacsdale. When people ask were am I from I will always say Nottingham I always class myself as a Nottingham girl no matter where I go. Then I will always say "Yes I'm a Nottingham girl and proud to be, as you see and I'm a St Ann's girl. this is where my root's are, the old St Ann's. Buildings The University this is one of the best buildings we have old! yes! but still in good condition we have Jesses Boot to thank for giving the Uni for our city.
  2. mary1947

    Nottinghams Heritage Assets

  3. mary1947

    Nottinghams Heritage Assets

    Hi TBI The Black Boy I can just remember the out side with it's carvings was beautiful. as you walked into reception facing you was a massive mahogany staircase at the bottom, were two statues of two little boy dressed in turban's and stately cloths it was shear luxury, when I started work my boss took us to the County Hotel for a Christmas meal, all I can remember are the very large mural's on the walls. TBI Drury hill! have you ever been to Lincoln? at the side of the cathedral they kept their old shop's re- repaired them now the draw people from all over the world. Markets you either like them or hate them but when ever you go on holidays there is always a trip to the local market and it's always full. Like you say we can not go back but we can make sure the planers don't mess our city up again.
  4. mary1947

    All Kinds of Everything.

    Love the leg of mutton sleeves on the blouse.
  5. mary1947

    Nottinghams Heritage Assets

    I think we have lost our city that we knew and loved. 1/ Black Boy Hotel 2/ County Hotel 3/ Drury Hill 4/ Flower Bed's and fountain's Market Square/ Slab Square. 5/ Real Shop's (we should never have copied off the USA with shaping malls) ex Broad Marsh shopping centre 6/ Central Market did we need it? yes take a look at Hyson Green market their are always lots of folk shopping there 7/ What has happened to the Embankment? where have all the rowing boats gone? OHHH I know they have all turned into sh!!!!! machines called Canadian Geese. No longer can sit/relax on the grass. 8/Wash house bottom of Bath St Could this not have been used for history sessions. 9/ All the builds around Shakespeare St (at least with the Uni being in them they are safe at the moment from the planners) 10/ We must not for get this is PROGRESS for our city. There must be a lot more buildings and changers that have gone these are these are just a few that I can remember. PS I was out side the council house the other day NOTICE DO NOT SIT ON THE STEPS!!! Who are these people. PPS Could some one please tell me why do we call it Slab Square Yes I know that it is covered in Slabs but it did not used to be,
  6. mary1947

    Things you don't see anymore

    Maybe the "ALIANS"would like him
  7. mary1947

    Life's mysteries.

    Make that 3 kinds of socks when my son 13//14 wore his trainers and removed them the smell was !!!!!!!!! it would go all around the house, you did not dare go into his bed room, when I did, I would open the window and throw his trainers on to the patio, but even the neighbour's complained about the smell.
  8. mary1947

    Life's mysteries.

    We lived in South Africa for a while and yes the water doe's go anti clockwise, when you get to middle earth I would imagen that it just changes direction.
  9. mary1947

    Ocean City Chinese - Derby Road

    Can any one remember the "AMOY" this was also near the bottom of Derby Rd Welcome Nottingham89 looking forward to your post's Oh by the way there is a meet up at the Lime Kiln on 3rd Oct from 12 00noon would be nice if you could make it. ps the Lime Kiln is in Bulwell.
  10. mary1947

    Why a Duck?

    see my post Sept 2nd lots of ducks
  11. mary1947

    How's your day?

    sorry member's but this is how's your yesterday. Went to john my cousin's cremation Wednesday it was at Gedling Crematorium now I don't know if your like me, but I had never heard of a Crematorium at Gedling, so put post code into "flossy" and found it just a short ride from Traveller's Rest(pub) This Crematorium put Wilford Hill's to shame. It was built one and a half years ago, now I know Wilford Hills is old but last time I went to a cremation there the heating was not working and they could not get the gates to close, maybe the council will spend a little money on W/H, and update it. Any way back to my cousin, as you walked in there was a song coming from the CD then there was a story all about his life, next a bit of classical , followed by the Lords Prayer next because he had been in the Sherwood Forester's they had a old comrade playing The Last Post. The we had Mario Lanzor (not sure of spelling) It made a change from a Religious Cremation , it was a pleasant day to say goodbye but if it was non Religious why was the Lord's Prayer said? Don't take this the wrong way as it must have taken quite a while for the family to sort out the Cremation, as you only have half an hour to say goodbye to your loved one.
  12. mary1947

    Soon be Goose Fair........

    Hope to see you at the meet up MargieH
  13. mary1947

    Soon be Goose Fair........

    Goose Fair It's always the first Thursday in Oct. From where we lived in St Ann's you could walk to the fair, at the time we were teenagers we would walk down to the fair every night, no not for the rides just to see what boys were around. Love the noise, crowds, fortune teller's. Miss the side shows, and the 2 big swing boats, the cakewalk, and the fair chap who used to jump on the waltzer's and swing the car round till you were dizzy. When setting the date for our wedding it had to be Goose Fair Saturday. Getting older saw a young girl fall all the way down the steps off one of the swing boats, this made up my mind never to go on the swing boats again, hen night at the fair sister in law was riding at the top of the big wheel with me ohhh!!! I feel sick she said as she put her head over the side, I felt sorry for who ever was at the bottom of the big wheel. Now try the cake walk, when you have had a few (drinks) you really would enjoy it. We must not forget the coconut shy. "ROLL UP" "ROLL UP" just a tanner will get you a coconut. Always wanted to see the fair open the only time that I had the chance was when I had my own children in prams. so here we go, "I am the Mayor who opens the Fair for Three Day's and Three Days only" How times change.
  14. mary1947

    radio and tv soaps

    "Brookside" The best soap ever all though it was just a little bit political some times.
  15. mary1947


    Ian 123 your not going to believe this just before master had his heart attack, on bonfire night my son and his wife were at a friends house and some one threw a firework close to the garage where there was a can of petrol and my son tried to kick the can out of the way what he did not know was that the top had not been put back on, he was in flames in no time at all as it happens his wife got the hosepipe and kept putting water on him also asking the people that were there to get wet towels, she saved his life. Its not nice getting a phone call about three in the morning and having to come back to Nottm not knowing what to expect but he is now back his normal self. PHEW!!! Then we had the fire, I don't want to go on but next in January the phone went at 6 30, it was my other son telling me that his wife had to go into hospital for an opp so cancer cells could be removed, thank fully she is still ok after her last check up, then to top it all up my father passed away in the Feb. Now all this was in 2000/2001 now thank goodness we are back to normal. After all this we returned back to Nottingham.