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  1. Hi Jill not sure what the clinic was called but if any of you can remember The Old Commdore on Nutall rd well this is now a clinic.
  2. 5 GOLD STARS letavagoo Her's me thinking no one would know the post, to carry on Charles Dickens wasn't writing about the 1970,s but he could have been Callaghan, Thatcher, Major. Blair, Brown, realised that Goverments don't create wealth or tax revenue ----- Individuals and Businesses do Individuals ____ workers like me and you.
  3. This is not a topic I like to post in but here goes? QUESTION: Where did this statement come from and who wrote it? It was the best of times, It was the worst of times. it was the age of wisdom. it was the age of foolishness. it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light,it was the season of darkness,it was the spring of hope,it was the winter of despair. I will give you the answer in a few days.
  4. The other day master had a letter from QMC with an appointment for a check up on Cararact at 11 00 and the opp at 3 00, Now he had seen our GP around FEB and (our GP is NHS) 3 weeks after having been for his eye test,refurred to GP then booked into private NHS clinic, master had his cararact opp done. When the letter came from QMC he looked at it and just said well i'm not going twice, after twisting his arm i made him phone and cancel the app Well the lady on the phone was not plesent she was very blunt ""well if you don't want it doing thats up to you but you wont be able to have it
  5. Just carrying on with tv shows We went to live at the coast, and my grandson came to stay he was around 2/3 years of age. Well at the time Post-man Pat was his hero, where we lived the postman used to deliver your mail in a red van. Our postman who's name was John also had a cat who was always with him, I ask John if he would mind being Postman pat for a day, "yes no probs" he said. Well next morning I said to my grandson look here's Postman Pat comming down the road in his van, well went he got out of his van and said good morning to my grandson his eyes opened with delight and when he sm
  6. Well folks my day is comming to an end TIME FOR BED said Zebbdie
  7. Just read your post Brew sorry to hear about your health but hey/ho chin up a???? down. Brew your a fighter, I'm sure you will beat it in the end.
  8. BK When a person come into any surgery that is at least 20/30 miles from there own GP they can not refuse any medication, they compleat a blue form and you are a tempory paient for approx 24hours, they ring your surgery to check your medication unless you have your repeat PX on you. Later they claim the money from your surgery, for there work, The only reason I know this is because I worked at BEACON MEDICAL PRACTICE Skegness /Chaple/ Ingermills for 2/3 years, it was amazing how many folk used to come on holiday with out there meds, In fact one person can in with his perscripiton and
  9. Just love that song Ben! but to me the only one who I like to hear sing it, is Doris Day in fact all her songs Doris Day just puts feelings into all she sings,
  10. Can members remember late 60s-----70s Some people were giving (If their wife) gave birth to a little boy they would name the child after their local football team? every players name. I wonder about them now. just think what it would be like on you
  11. i read with interest about your visit to Hiroshima japan. quite a few years ago we went to Poland to the see the Auschwitz German concentration camps,l the train tower you see in film's I stood looking out from the tower and pictured trains coming in full of humans, we went into the huts where people used to sleep it was also a very cold day. The people in the camps used to wear just rags they must have been so cold. They did have stoves in the huts but nothing to burn on them. We were invited to go inside the gas oven's sorry I did give that a miss. There were some school children who wer
  12. Well done BK is this Clematis the one that is named Nelly-Moser?
  13. Before the Red Arrows were based at Scampton Lincs my brother had returned from an RAF station abroad and was based at Scampton (we had many a good Saturday night in the mess) but did you know that every night the camp was on RED ALERT and all the planes were pointed one way. One day when they used to have the Lans onshow near the gate, my brother ask if we woud like to go inside the plane. Well once inslde the Lancs it was so small in they there was just no room to move, and as for the chap who was in the glass bubble with his machine gun, well there was just no hope.