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  1. Have not seen or heard from my son and daughter-in-law for a couple of months, just odd text asking if master and myself ok. About 3 weeks ago i phoned son's mobie !! voice mail left message then phoned daughter in law's mobie same message, so phoned house phone. My grandson answerd are your mum and dad there "i ask" oh! no grandma they are in Wales, where? said I . Wales my grandson said. Well a week later gave son a call they had a good time. Still not hearing from them 2 weeks later (thought we had done something wrong) phoned again no reply from house phone or from son's mobile. So phoned daughter in law's phone. First question where are you SCOTLAND!!!!! where iI asked again BEEN TO THE LAKES now just hitting Scotlands border. They had hired a camper van to avoid contact if they had been staying in a hotel Maybe it's me but we only come this way once "GOOD LUCK" to them
  2. Hope you are OK Col Good Luck
  3. Not sure of the date(1916) but the 6d and 1/- did contain some silver content when they were minted. The old penny, When I play in a bowls match you toss a coin to see who goe's first, I allways carry my 1d people sre just amazed to see the coin. Not yet had any offers from any other bowler to buy it of me. As things stand (virus) My 1d and bowls will be up for sale.
  4. As it's quite a while since I went on a holiday abroad ,Toilets ?? if you want a 5* toilet then you need to visit Singapore, the toilet is a computer. It will lift the lid for you, flush automatically the the seat is washed dryed and before used again it will compleatly turn over, the toilet is about 7ftx6ft and at the side of you is a column about a foot in length and 1ft wide. On the column are about 12 buttons for you to press, 1 will wash you, when required. 2 will pass paper , (not news paper) that paper the the little doggy chase's other numbers carry on doing other things, and so on. It is a while since we went so maybe these toilets have changed a little. Come to think of it Toilet might have been in Thailand it was a long time ago now. Very worst toilet that i have visited. (Sorry nonnaB) we were traverling around Europe and went to catch the train to Italy, I could not keep my legs crossed any longer. so went on the ladies at the station just one of those holes in the ground, and it was UHHH! I will say no more.
  5. Have a great Birthday Lizzie
  6. yes brew I think your right, it's just my brother is married to a German girl and they live over there. Went over to an "Irish Folk" festival once, and they where selling fish n' chips, I asked my brother where were the mushy peas, and he nearly hit the ceiling. "YOU CAN'T SAY THAT OVER HERE" it's a very bad a swear word. So never did ask again where the "mushy peas were"
  7. Told u that i can't spell yes I like the name "Mary Mushypeas" Glad I don't live in Germany as Mushy mean's some thing completely different.
  8. The Evening Post belonged to us all, how many of you put birth, picture of your wedding or something in the rest in piece collom, and don't forget when you went looking for the job Tuesday night there was at lest 4 pages to gp though, Thursday's night was houses and Friday cars. RIP NOTTINGHAM EVENING POST sorry can't find a paper to put the obituary in.
  9. Thanks Beeky (I love you to)
  10. When we lived in Hucknall we had 2 visitors, the members who know Hucknall it was on Long Hill Rise and our garden went up to the school field. Now one little mouse who came to visit, came up though the kitchen waste pipe, though the kitchen cupboards and made it's way to the lounge/front room and ran up and down the bay window sill. Never did meet this visitor all we used to find was his calling card. Filled up the hole leading to the waste pipe never did see him again. Number 2 / One sunny spring day, saw a little mouse sitting on the patio, went to have a look and the little fellow sat there fast asleep in the warm sunshine, gave him a poke, he opened his eye's looked at me and closed them again. I presume this little fellow was a door mouse, just made sure that the cat from next door did not see him. after about an hour he went under my patio and was never seen again.