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  1. mary1947

    The Old Market Square

    Can any member (ian123) tell me why it's called OLD market square , i know that years ago we had a market there, also when was it named slab square, We call these fountains you should go to "Antibes" France now that's what you call a town square with fountains.
  2. mary1947

    Keep One Drop One

    Butter Beans
  3. I wanna Dance with someone Whitney Houston
  4. mary1947

    Doris Day

    Doris Day RIP I remember when at school all the girls wanted to be like Doris. The best song she ever recorded was in opinion "My Secret Love"
  5. mary1947

    How's your day?

    Sorry friends i must now leave the site as I have a bowls match and you know how long it takes us women to get ready so buy for now. xxxxx
  6. mary1947

    Notts County

    We have 2 post on the topic of Notts County if you are interested the other one is The History of N/C
  7. "AY - UPP MI DUCK" I met a chap in Nottingham who had come to see the sights; he'd travelled from Blackpool, where he'd visited the lights. "He said " I've been to Nottingham castle though it looked more like a hall. I'v see the statue to brave young Albert Ball. I took a trip to Sherwood Forest and saw the old oak tree, Took a wonder round your council house,sat in the old market square, loved the flowers up the poles, and all the pigeons there. Next the Galleries of Justice , and Tales of Robin Hood, even around the sandstone caves as folks told me that i should. Visited your oldest Inn partaken in a pint, cruised along the river Trent it was very pleasant there. BUT !!!! There is one thing though that I think I've missed Please, Please, Tell me where to look ?? "WHERE CAN I FIND THE NOTTINGHAM DUCK" I have hunted high and hunted low. Every place I've been I heard the locals talk to it but never once I've seen. "AY UP MI DUCK" "TA RAH MI DUCK" EVEN "SEE YOU MI DUCK" Yet never once have I observed this bird. The time has come for me to leave and it really is a pity, as the one thing i did not see was !!!!!!! "THE LEGEND OF YOUR CITY"
  8. mary1947

    How's your day?

    Getting Better now I'm on nottsalgia and spoken to BeeKay
  9. mary1947

    'How does your garden grow?'

    Its a good job your not in the Olympic's as a javlin thower.
  10. mary1947

    'How does your garden grow?'

    AHH!!! running water, wind chimes, peace. and tranquillity can't think of any thing better MargieH
  11. mary1947

    The history of Notts County

    You must admit NOTTSTALGIAN@S you have got to take your hat off to them. DOB 1860s Oldest league club found =? Notts County FC. Nottingham football club met for the first time at Cremorne Gardens, an open space in the Meadows in November 1862. The Nottingham Guardian reported that a side was chosen by W Arkwright and Charles Deakin, then Notts County FC , the oldest league club in England dated their history from then. Frederick Smith was elected President when a meeting was arranged at the George Hotel on December 7th he authorsied a five shilling (25p) subscription for a 20 a side kickabout against Trent Valley, which was played the next day, but Notts County's club first big game was in Janurary 1865 against Sheffield in a 18 aside match at the Meadows. Forest FC was founded in 1865 and the following year the local derby was played this was when the two local teams played each other for the first time, twice , both matches ended in a draw. In 1870 , Notts players won what were thought to be the club's representative honours. Charles Rotherand E H Greenhalgh played in the team which lost 1-0 to the South at Kennington Oval. 1986 BIZARRE END OF NOTTS FA CUP HERO. Jimmy Logan hat-trick FA Cup win in 1894 died after a bizarre incident. The Ayrshire-born centre-forward had left Notts and was playing in 1896 for Loughborough. They travelled by train to Newton Heath, Manchester. Loughborough's kit was lost en route and they played in their traverling clothes. It rained heavily throughout, and the player's returned to Leicestershire in sodden clothes. Logan caught a chill on May 25th. He was buried in a pauper's grave in Loughborough. NEW HOME . 1909-10 After sharing with Forest at Trent Bridge. Notts moved to a new ground in Meadow lane. I went to look at Notts County on u-tube but for some reason it's been taken off, so i hope that i have not repeated any thing that was seen on u-tube, sorry if i have.
  12. mary1947

    St Anns

    First picture The Victorian building is St Ann's Board School the road on the right is Norland Rd the first shop is a wallpaper shop which was owned by the Trott family next was Landers bread shop then there was the fruit and veg shop, which was on the corner of Duncombe St.
  13. mary1947

    All Kinds of Everything.

    Sorry Rog can't remember that far back i'm too young.
  14. mary1947

    All Kinds of Everything.

    Thanks remember it now.
  15. mary1947

    All Kinds of Everything.

    Any idea where on Edwards Lane this was please?