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  1. mary1947

    Old Streets of Nottingham

    Worked on the other side of the road from the pub, near the traffic lights the pub is were Alfred Street (spelling now correct0 North started, going down to Commerical Square St Ann's Well Road Alfred Street North (spelling now correct) went on to Woodborough road (cap W) then cross Huntingdon Street on to Mansfied Road I did not work on Alfred St (correct spelling) but I worked on Woodborough Rd
  2. mary1947

    Old Streets of Nottingham

    just put on now St Ann's pre demolition photos of St Ann's by Lee Haywood taken from Sr Ann's of the past. Page ! Commercial square Alford Central No Church from this photo can be seen. Page 10 Alford Steet Central Page21 Alford Sreet Central Page 28 Baptist Church on iWoodborough Road with Old Craven Arms pub Alford Street South from Carlton Road to Alfred Street Central Commercial Square From Commercial Square ran Alford St North which went to Woodborough Road CASE CLOSED
  3. mary1947

    How's your day?

    Just parted the blinds and it's p?????? down what a day still at least i'm still here.
  4. mary1947

    Grape Vines

    Hl Ayupmeducks At the time i was only about 7 or 8 or 9 years of age did not know anything about pruning but just to tell your mates that you had a lean-to with a grape vine in well you felt a million dollars. Of cause this was in the fifties when the only time you saw a bunch of grapes was at Christmas.
  5. mary1947

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    Went to Barcelona for our 50th wedding anniversary from the hotel we walked to see the fountains, Friday night was Queens night (Feddie Mercury) When the music/song's of Queen started the fountains changed colour/ shapes/ect all this and Freddie singing it was just awesome. If i recall this work of art was done for the World Cup.
  6. mary1947

    Grape Vines

    Going back to Grape Vines Living in St Ann's we did not have a garden (or bath room) and dad been dad loved his allotment. Any thing you can think of dad grew it, now at the end of our allotment was a summer house with a lean to conservatory and guess what, in the conservatory was a grape vine also a peach tree, now each summer from knee high I looked after the grape vine and peach tree, it took 10 years for me to get 1 peach and the grape vine WELL!!! never did give me any grapes. So the moral of this story is leave it to the experts or failing that buy them at Morrisons.
  7. mary1947

    Happy Birthday

    Better Late than Never Have a great birthday margieH Enjoy what's left of your day.
  8.   Hi Mary i see you are from jacksdale,i went to Alfeton high school from 1959 to1963,i had a friend live in Jacksdale his name was Michael Green his father was an optomerist they lived in the big house across from the war memorial,sometimes weather permitting we would walk from Alfeton to Jacksdale,and l would catch the Midland General bus the B3 Nottingham to Nuthall where l lived.

    1. mary1947



      Ian Finn sorry to disappoint only lived in Jacksdale for 6 years. I am a Nottingham girl born and bred I am a St Ann's Girl but have also lived in Daybrook. Andeby  village Lincs.. Vanibijlel Park South Africa, Hucknall. Eastwood then finally   Jacksdale  Maybe this is were we will stay. My friend lived in Underwood and if I remember she would catch the B3 to work just taking a chance asking if you knew her her name was Elaine Andrews she lived at no 11 Church Lane Underwood. 

  9. mary1947

    Old Streets of Nottingham

    Well we will never know now that its no longer there.
  10. mary1947

    Old Streets of Nottingham

    Dont care what you say you can not see the church from Commercil square the church is in fact on Woodbrough Rd and i stick by my gunns and you are on Alford St North.
  11. mary1947

    Old Streets of Nottingham

    With seeing Woodbourough Rd Church is this picture this is not Alfred Street central it is Alford street north, Alfred Street central where commercial square is.
  12. mary1947

    Old Streets of Nottingham

    Some thing for the weekend Sir?