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  1. mary1947


    dgbrit CITY & GUILDS was brought in by Commerce and Industry, the standards are set by Industry lead body that include representatives of employers, trade unions, and professional groups. The standard's then package into qualifications by awarding bodies like City & Guilds, RSA, and Be tec. NVQ- National Vocational Qualifications. these were brought in later and again as said! City & Guilds set out the criteria for the NVQ they said what they framework should be for each industry. Once approved they become part of the NVQ. NVQ LEVEL 1 basic NVQ 2 more training NVQ 3 advanced NVQ4 management. NVQ were a little different to the old City & Guilds where after so many years you had to take an exam if you failed you had to wait and learn more before you could retake your exam. NVQ were done by evidence written, verbal or photos, the course NVQ 1,2,3,4 was assessed all the way though, the year although there was a small exam at the end of each year. I believe that has now changed again the student can pick out which modules they want to do.
  2. mary1947

    How's your day?

    My mum was 97 and had dementia TSB sent her a credit card, my bother and myself went up to the bank several times and told them, in the end I had to get mum to just say NO! when TSB phoned her, the bank did not know it was my mum it could have been anybody. What a carry on it was. When my dad went out to a pub for some reason each time he went to the toilet he came back with a watch, what a barging he would say, he must have at least 10 watches. One of the times when they did get taken for a ride was on a Friday night, I was about 12/13. My younger bother had met an old fellow at the bottom of our street and brought him back to the house, he spoke to my dad about my eldest bother who at the time was in the RAF he made it very clear that he was my bothers best friend, so dad being dad offered him a bed for the night, not any bed he and my mum slept down stairs. Next morning he was gone with all mum and dads money which of course they kept in the bed room. How did he know so much well when he walked up the street with my younger bother he pumped him for all the information. The only thing I said to mum and dad was "Why has he not got any luggage" but my dad was far too soft for his own good.
  3. mary1947

    Keep One Drop One

    Square Root
  4. mary1947

    Golden Age of Children's T.V.

    Just sat and read all post to this topic (sad I know) The best one of all to me was Dr Who, (only MargieH )gave this a mention, and of cause there was "CrackerJack" I think these two, were 2 of the best children's programs. Don't tell anyone but I still like to watch Dr Who.
  5. mary1947

    List of Some Companies I Recall.

    Hi just a question can you remember "Fine Fare" it was some were near The Blue Boar do you know how long it was their. When did it close down?
  6. mary1947

    List of Some Companies I Recall.

    Welcome Jopip My dad also worked at "Raleigh" years ago in the 50s/60s they used to have a sports day which I do have a couple of photos. I will see if I can dig them out, I think one was the football team and the other which is probably not interesting was me on my dad's shoulders watching "Punch and Judy" Now! Now! members don't laugh yes! I was a little girl once. look forward to your post's Jopip
  7. mary1947

    A few random photos - 2

    Hi did you fish at ironmonger's pond?
  8. mary1947

    Foters Wiv' Motors.

    First car I had was a Toyota at the time British cars had not put heater's in their car's but the "Jap's" had, so were well in front, with the modern world.
  9. Thanks for reply DJ360 The trouble is that not many people know the in's and out's about "Parkinson's" a lot of people think that's it's just the shaking but their is a lot more to it as I mentioned. It can happen to anyone even the big stars Michel j Fox Billy Connolly and many more. "Parkinson's" needs more publicity so people have a better under standing what it is, even with bringing the subject up on our site, helps, as other member's may have some one in there family or even a close friend with "Parkinson's" or if not at least a discussion about it give's people a better in site into it.
  10. mary1947

    Foters Wiv' Motors.

    Looks like a Ford Consul next to Stoppards was TSB then tree's is Robin Hood Chase was not Stoppards a Pawn Brookers? all though I can't see the 3 !!!!!! hanging outside the shop.
  11. mary1947

    Foters Wiv' Motors.

    Don't forget The George Hotel. Is their not a Vauxhall or Austin car there?
  12. mary1947

    Narrow Marsh

    As my in-laws were from the Marsh's I went to a talk on Broad Marsh and Narrow Marsh at Nottingham city library, I brought a book which was compiled by Nottingham Archives which is called Turning Back the Pages in Old Broad Marsh & Narrow Marsh, the first page is a map of the area date 1744, their is also a map with were "Plan of Caves" if any member would like to have a look at the book , hopefully at the next meeting I will bring it a long.
  13. DJ360 Please having "PARKINSON'S" is not the end of your life please no comments like SO SAD 2010 I myself was diagnosed with "Parkinson's" it is not the end of your life, it doe's not mean that you shake all the time it is a very slow progressive disorder of movement. It rarely starts before the age of 50 and becomes common with age. One in 25 80year olds (slightly more men) have it. It is caused by damage to the substantial nigra, the area of the brain that's responsible for smoothing out muscle movement; as cells die, and levels of dopamine (a chemical messenger) fall muscle control and coordination gradually deteriorate. SYMPTOMS. People notice that their movements become slower, muscles feel stiffer, and less flexible/or they may develop shaking (tremor) everything feels like hard work getting out of chairs, walking, turning over in bed, ,dressing and much more. Thank goodness for medication. There is lots more to add if any member wants to know more please contact me.
  14. mary1947

    Anybody had a 'result' lately ?

    hi katyjay had a car boot the other Sunday, I had a lot of good stuff (m/s, John Lewis, curtains, quilt covers, ect) also took a load of junk from our shed! YES! all the junk went and I was left with the rest, but after paying £7 00 for the car, when I closed at 11-30. I made £126 00, not bag for 3 hours work.
  15. mary1947

    A few random photos - 2

    Hi Jill you must have had a good doctor as when we went to see our doctor he had a gas fire that had 3 bars but only the middle bar would be alight. The waiting room was colder than outside. Oh! we did have some "mags" even though they were two years out of date.