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  1. Things you don't see anymore

    As Margie say's come to the meeting most of us are from royal blood but HAY WHO CARE'S Whoop's sorry Boot's Care,
  2. Chulla

  3. Things you don't see anymore

    forgot about the pocket thanks for telling me. Gem
  4. Things you don't see anymore

    Just a lighter note for us girls only! Bottle Green and Navy Blue nickers with elastic legs use for them? great for tucking in your dress when doing cartwheels? Great for keeping the boy's away (Hand Trapper's) and for saving your virginity.
  5. Chulla

    To - day is "Chulla's" day we will be there Chulla to give you a good send off. Not sure how to say this as now days some people are not religious and some are when at work on of the girls quoted this to me, God saw the hill was hard to climb. he closed your eyes and said peace be thine. R.I.P "CHULLA"
  6. Things you don't see anymore

    YES Brew you have got the rules right, also their was a game that you played with little metal shapes called " Jacks" don't like to be a feminist but most off these games were played by girls, correct me girls if I'm wrong. The games that I liked best were what we called French Skipping when you had two rope's one going one way and the other going opposite. The hardest part was getting your mums washing line off the peg to use for a skipping rope, with out her seeing you.
  7. Things you don't see anymore

    As well as the Carrot top you also had the window Breaker (which some reason use to get tangled in the string, lace, or piece of what ever was on the end of your whip) when you tried to get it apart the top seemed to just fly for the nearest window, the you also had the Turnip top, also you had to chalk a design on the top to make a pattern. Talking of pattern's you don't see Clyedoscops (not sure of spelling) you know the smartie tube that you turned at the end to make different patterns.
  8. Where is This?

    MORNING IAN123 Is it Heskey Street St Ann's? or another guess Alfred Street North?
  9. Air Raid Shelters

    Don't know how big Players Shelters were, but my son who lives in Hucknall has an Anderson shelter in his garden, he has covered it in grass and keeps his winter logs in it.
  10. Events in Nottingham

    Maybe I'm not on the right page, Events in Nottingham (long past their sell by date) What ever happened to "Rag Week" also where did all the Santa Clause's go, you know the Santa's that used to be at Big Co-op, Griffin's, Jessop's (John Lewis that is) also was not a Santa in "Person's" one year? If you like good music get down Trent Bridge for Aug Festival.
  11. Things you don't see anymore

    Just returned from holidays and met a couple of people there, the gent started working at Woolworth's when he left school at 15 he was on the shop floor, general dogs body, but he slowly worked his way to the top and ended up manger of all the NOTTS/DERBY stores. We had a great time remembering things about the old "Wooly's.
  12. Things you don't see anymore

    Just being reading though this topic and came across photo's of the Vulcan, my brother went in the RAF at 14 but his time did not start till he was 16 (I think) any way he used to work on the Vulcan radio's and he invented something for them don't ask me what but he managed to get a mention in the evening post!!!!!! sorry this is not really relevant to what I want to jot down, my brother was stationed at many of the RAF camps, one being Scampton (COR WE HAD SOME GREAT NIGHT IN THE MESS) sorry going off the subject again, any way for those of you who don't know Scampton as you enter the base there used to be a Lancaster Bomber (I don't think its there any more) and when we went one weekend my brother ask if we would like to go in the Lancaster. Never in my life have I been in such a small space you could not turn around, once inside it felt as though you were trapped I feel sorry for the men who had to go to war and fight in these plane they were a death trap.
  13. Suicides I have known

    Suicide what would you do? In OBITUARIES October the 4th I asks member's what they would do, as a friend of mine found out that her daughters boyfriend had commit Suicide and left two small boys just with there mum, if you would like to continue reading this post you will find it in above topic.
  14. When I was young Yes I was once my uncle Ernie used to tell me that Fairy’s always lived at bottom of your garden I’m still looking. If any members sees these fairy’s please let me know.
  15. First soap I recall getting home from school had to be quite mum was listening to Mrs Dales Diary. Then The Archers an every day story of country folk. Just like Emerdale opp’s that’s Tv and we must not forget Adventures of Tin Tin.