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  1. Old Photos of the Meadows

    I have just added some photos to a new site, my dad was from the Meadows and they were photos of when he was at school Bosworth road school, when he played football for the Wilford Road football team and a photo of the family one out side no 4 Headon Terrace Bottom Wilford road The new site is called "I'm from the Meadows and proud of it" If any member would like to see photos I will try and put them on this site. Don't hold your breath!
  2. Plates

    Plates what ever don't bother me But!!! I don't like drinking coffee out of soup bowl's apart from not being able to get your finger in the handle which is very difficult if you have Arthur in your fingers so have to use two hands to hold the cup (soup bowl) also plastic Glass's I don't like to drink out of these and last, but not least paper cup's with the lids on, when you first get your drink in these and try to have a drink from that little hole how many of you have burnt you mouth, (talk about Health and Safety and saving the environment) are we not going backwards
  3. Hucknall High Street 60s/70s

    Just a few more shops Bullocks toy shop, Roses shoe shop, Fords family store, good old Woolworths, co-op (now Pilgrim Oak) G A Insurance. Hillards, Kim Marie (hairdresser Portland rd) still there, Big CO-OP on the market. Barry Austins, Tailored's, Bryon picture house, Pork Farms, Currys, (no not food) Lakes chemist Maloney butcher. Just a few I can remember. Pubs night club (bottom Annesley rd) the Lion, Plough & Harrow, Half Moon, The Chequers Bentnick Club, Constitutional Club, The Oak, Yew Tree and not for getting The Hucknall miners Welfare. PLUS Seven Stars and the Blue Boar. not sur if all spelt right just remembered Fine Fare Dept.
  4. Have you been/tried the cupboard under the stairs Yet? Bit of a tight squezz!!!!
  5. yes but I did not want any early grandchildren or be the cause of STD, but he had just broken up with his girlfriend, and I think he was out for what he could get, it was the girl that I felt sorry for. Son did end up marrying his girlfriend. By the way me and the other half were just lucky.
  6. Were you born at home

    I was born in St Ann's the place that they said was unfit for us humans but I'm still here. My brother also born at home and the midwife was a Nurse Phillis, when married lived in St Ann's and my first son was born at home but Nurse Phillis was again the midwife and this was to be her last delivery, coincidence or what as my bother was 20 when my first son was born. Next son again born at home but delivered by hubby as you did not have mobile phones or house phone so it was down to the red phone box with your 4d pennies. When he went second time to red box he had ran out of pennies in those day dial O and you could get the operator she was great told him not to panic and put him straight though, When midwife arrived her comments were (its just like shelling peas is 'nt it ) no more to say
  7. The Hogarth school was in fact infants and juniors but before Manvers on Carlton Road was built the old Manvers was attached to Hogarth, when the new Manvers was built students came from St Ann's, Carlton, Netherfied, and lots more places
  8. So glad you managed to get your self some bowls as I said once you start playing you get hooked If you are playing at Alfreton indoors center then they will close around April, then its all out doors for some fresh air, if your interested in playing outdoors contact me, it would be nice to have a new member, you can have 4/5 roll ups free to see if you like out doors. PS its our bowls AGM 11th if interested contact if not cant blame you as its just a load of waffle.
  9. NOOB The Early Years

    I remember the saying about the donkey in the bath and when Clifton was first built it was said that the people who first went to live there kept coal in there bath, but I think that's just what it was an old saying made up by some one, just the same as when the hair style called the bee-hive, some one put it around that the women who had her hair styled had not taken her hair down, for weeks and a bee had made a nest in her hair. Not True. It was just words that some one had made up, Just another comment that went around they said that some people up St Ann's could not afford cups and used to drink out of jam jars this was also rubbish. One more Bread and Lard Island (West Bridgeford) they also used to say that to afford the big houses in West Bridgeford the people lived all week on bread and lard. What do you think? Me!! what a load of rubbish.
  10. NOOB The Early Years

    HI jonab nice to read your comments but you forget how friendly the people are from places you are not happy about, I my self feel safer at night walking around St Ann's Forest Fields and other places that you name than down south. Don't forget home is were the heart is, life is what you make it. I lived in Hucknall in the 1970s and found the people very friendly. Plus FLATS you get what you pay for.
  11. Hucknall High Street 60s/70s

    Remember when Titchfield Park had a lake/pond one Friday night my two boys after calling at a few pubs were on their way home via though the park, they were having a few chosen words and one of the throw the house keys into the pond, now the other son did not have his keys with him, so 11 30 ----12 00 they both were in the pond looking for the keys. When they arrived home they were wet, muddy and soba, but at least they had the keys. At the time (this is for all who lived in Hucknall) PC John Hardy gave them a telling off, not that it did much good as they were 18/19 years old.
  12. Carlton rd/Carlton Hill memories

    Did you know q boy called XXXXXXXX XXXXX?. I presume that you went to the old Manvers school "boys" will you be at any of the Nottstalgia meetings? sorry to ask so many questions but I think you lived on Cardale same time as Master "husband" and if you did I would like to bring hin to one of the meetings, this is of cause "Top Secret" thanks for the infro. Name removed from post on OPs request
  13. Nottingham Hauliers

    Just sat and read the post what a lot of knowledge you all have. Welcome to all new members hope to read more of your post's. My dad would have loved reading all the post as he was a Knight of the Road, he learnt to drive during the war but never did pass his test, one of the firms he drove for was Lindley & Lindley Bobbers Mill Works Nottingham I have a reference from them for my father who was applying for another job. It states that he was a driver of light and heavy lorries. A teetotal and a non smoker (not true) but it sounds good. Going back to haulage firms I can remember one up the Wells Road St Ann's Well Road Nottingham I think it was at the top of Colborn Street, can't remember it's name. A member mentioned Metalbox was this a firm on Watnall Road in Hucknall.?
  14. Carlton rd/Carlton Hill memories

    AfferGorritt......Just asking did you live on Cardale Road? if so would you mind telling me the year please?
  15. Nottinham Forest v Arsenal 07-01-18

    Not into football but must admit watched Forest and Arsenal game, I was most impressed, found the chaps who did the commenting a bit bias though. Must confess did go over to Germany to see the Reds win the European cup. Well Done You "REDS"