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    Discussing St Anns, travelling, lawn green bowls, Tai Chi, was an apprentice hairdresser on leaving school, ended up teaching hair and beauty NVQs. Playing snooker, like a laugh, cant get on Nottstagia Nottingham forums as often as I'd like.

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  1. You Couldn't Make this Up !

    I think it is very hard for school leavers now days, when we left school you could finish one job on the Friday and start another on the Monday. I would have loved to have gone to Uni but I just was not up to that standard so I did an apprenticeship in hairdressing later having two salon's and at the age of 40 taking my O" level English and teacher trainer course 730. Now days apprenticeships and NVQ s gave youngsters some thing to aim for even though they are not the same apprenticeships that we had. Not every one can go to UNI someone has to do the manual work. I don't agree with zero hour contracts or contracts that say hour's has required. The way this country is going on we will soon have kids back up chimneys. We need EDUCATION, EDUCATION, and what happened to the Shop and Factory Acts, some people called the unions but at least they were on our side.
  2. Washing, dolly tubs and mangles

    Hi just saw photo of this washer, when I had cookery lesson at school we had a washer there just like this one, if I'm right did you have to use the handle to wash the cloths by turning it round one way and then the other way?
  3. Keep One Drop One.

    Grenadier Guard
  4. pets?

    Just read some sad post about us have to have our best friends put to sleep. When I was at work I myself lost my dog sadly hit by a car, any way I cried all day long, comment from my boss pull your self together. A few months after this my boss had a four legged friend about a year later she had to have it put to sleep. Sorry she said to me as now I know how you felt. No body no's how you feel till it happens to them.
  5. Local nicknames for Pubs

    Hi Scive Each time people mention "Pretty Windows" like on TV the other night, they all say it's because of the pattern glass in the windows, but my father-in -In-law (long gone now) use to say that it was the poachers who after a night poaching would hang all their catches on the Pretty Windows railings. I know who I think is right. The boxer pub might be the "Bendigo" Sneinton Hollows.
  6. Local nicknames for Pubs

    I think the other name for this pub was "The Starting Gate"
  7. Keep One Drop One.

    Billy Goat
  8. Keep One Drop One.

    Yuletide Log
  9. Local nicknames for Pubs

    Hi I think if I remember it used to be the 44 trolley bus terminus and to send the bus in the opposite direction this was the only way it could turn around. Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
  10. Keep One Drop One.

    Electric Shock
  11. Keep One Drop One.

    Electric Blanket
  12. Wetherspoons pubs

    Have you been to the one in Boston?
  13. How's your day?

    Carried Forward IS IT ME? Just had medication delivered now was on special med, and doctor's changed it to a cheaper band, after a while these tabs are supposed to be slow release. Told by the girl (who is employed by doctors to save them money that the cheaper band is same as I was on) oh no it isn't, slow release they did not, will not go into details. Spoke to my Parkinson's nurse at QMC her advice was to go back on my old meds, any prob's tell doctor to phone her. Well got PX for old meds, thought every thing OK. Went on computer to order PX see previous post, when chemist brought PX yes! been put back on cheaper tabs. Telephoned surgery spoke to girl who printed PX she told me that it was chemist fault, noticed on PX that is said old tabs, pointed out by chemist, went spoke to girl again at doctors she was not convinced that it was her fault. (Hope you are following this)plus she told me that it was lots of money to keep changing drugs (not in so many words) any way she said that she would do another PX I will be down to pick it up in ten minutes I told her, got PX went round to chemist now this is were it gets better, rubbing salt into the wounds, on the PX girl had put person has requested this drug. Even the girl at the chemist got her two bit in telling me that the drugs I had taken back would have to be thrown away, as though it was my fault. IS IT ME?
  14. Keep One Drop One.

    Public Highway
  15. If some "Pubs" are closing down why doe's "Wetherspoons" do so well?