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  1. Beeky don't give your copy away, you never know it could end up on "Antiques Road Show" Now !! Talking of similar Films/stories, "A Kind of Loving" Alan Bates June Ritchie and just another actress who did not seem to get credit for good acting Thora Hird. Who played an excellent part as a sour mother in law. NEXT First on TV in 1966 now on DVD "Cathy Come Home" it provoked major public and political discussion at the time.
  2. HI YeOlde WELCOME to our site I'm sure you will find lots of information about Arnold from our member's. Must admit don't know much about Arnold myself but my family used to live on Rosecroft Drive, and when St Ann's came down we went to live on Longdale Road , my cousin has lived in Arnold all her life, so if i can help just send your question. x
  3. Hi Mike A big welcome to nottstalgia. look foward to reading your post. x
  4. I just don't believe it we live in a complex of 30 bungalow even though we have a manager it's classed as independent living my next door neighbour while standing 3 yards apart has just told me that next door neighbour and another one have gone out shopping. They have caught the bus to a town called Alfreton Derbyshire. but not just shopping one of them wanted money out of the bank and he does not trust the cash machines so he has to go into his bank for cash. So what do you say? Even though it's independent living we all have health issue's. Maybe these 2 know something we don't it just goe's to show that the older we get our brain's do go out of the window . As my mum used to say "no more brains than they were born with" ps so bus stop 6 people waiting to get on the bus, then bus driver the bus half full will hold about 25 people then bank staff and so on and so on this is how it get's past around don't they realise. ps we do have a cash machine in our village.
  5. Thanks nonnaB for your message up to date progress of my grandson Joe Gone temperature just a little higher than normal. Joe still has his cough. So with out testing not sure if he had the virus or not but if he did then dare i say it!!! he has come though but the family have to work from home and be isolated for at least 14 days.
  6. Morning MarigH to answer question daughter in laws mum, Renn'e lives just out side Hucknall near Linby and from what i can tell i think they are all looking after each other (that's neighbours) so I'm sure she will be ok. Thanks Thanks Brew i am going to phone this morning to see how he is. My daughter in law Nina work's at the QMC so that's another NHS worker who won't be able to go to work, all though the work she doe's there will probably be put on the back burner for now. Thanks also to HSR for feed back like
  7. Just had my son on the phone, he thinks my grandson has got the virus, he started last night in bed, sweating (the bed clothes ended up wet though) slight cough. They phoned 111 and have been told to all stay in for 2 weeks. Master and myself have each other, but my daughter-ln-laws mum lives on her own and is 77, I just hope people who live near, help her if she needs it. Joe, grandson has hopefully got age on his side.
  8. Just been on tv The Queen and her family are thinking about us ask the get into the car to go to the other estate . Maybe we can use BP for an hospital ??
  9. I have heard from the education dept that this year Exams are to be scrapped, Is this fair? my grandson is due to leave this year, he has a job waiting but he wants the grades. So why don't the education department grade the school leave's on there course work and send then some more paper work? Not just scrap exams altogether.
  10. I remember "Burtons" facing little Woolworth's when I first met the master I went along with him to have a made to measure suite. the cost was £3 10/- for choice of cloth, for a jacket, waist coat and trousers. While the man was taking measurements, he ask master which side he dressed. Now at the time I was young so, when out --side I ask what the man meant when he ask which side he dressed, ""Well!!!! boy's you know what I'm going to say don't you."" Master replied don't worry I'll show you later.
  11. DJ360 I was also an NVQ. Level 3 assessor and Salon owner, So, yes lets call it a draw.
  12. Like it boys I would always defend my trade when started in the trade we were paid peanuts, career advise at school used to say to girls who did not have much up there, oh, go into hairdressing which was an easy option. Of cause it was not you need a few brains up there to pass your training. Also when I started we were governed by The Wages Council which told us what wage we would get and when we could have a rise.Plus like every one else at the time we worked a 44 hour week, and did not get paid over time. Also the wages council told you when you could have your holidays, if you wanted 2 weeks holiday you could only have 2 saturdays in those weeks. You all tips were mostly paid to stylist if you had a nice stylist she would share her tips with you. So having no Union to fight for us because of the wages council being in charge, so now they have gone and my trade is at last classed as a profession, I will defend any salon who charges realist prices for what they do. Quality you remember Quantity is forgotten.
  13. I'm sorry but if you must call hairdresser's then "Sweaty Betty's " is a term we call one salon stylist it is an old Hairdressing saying, you say you get blasted by the dryer have you ever told them, or your stylist that they are blowing you out of the chair,? If it's students or juniors they need to be told. I see you pay £7 50 what comes out of your £7 50 is rent, wage's, rates, laundry, insurance, wear and tear, of the salon and more. We are just getting over being paid low wages and having to make it up with tips (if any client give one) we do train your hairdresser/stylist if qualified would have had to learn, basic face shapes, PH of hair, composition of hair, properties of hair, hair chemistry, (ph) what happens when you apply colour and permanent waving solution, how it works on the hair, hair and scalp disorders, and many more, plus how to shampoo what shampoo to use, cutting styling, reception now added customer service. plus much more. The only thing that I will say sorry for is maybe making a comment about the clippers NO! this was not suppose to be a racist remark.If you took that way then i will apologise. yours m
  14. Do you have a problem with hairdresser's? they do quite a lot of training in hygeine and H/S . If you wish to on the chair that is full of hair "then do" they will use the dryer to get rid of the hair before sweeping up. I see from you comments you go to a little sweaty betty's how qualified are they in ladies and gents styling, On the other hand for how many times you visit the salon your money will not pay for a towel to be washed so yes get your own clippers, Oh by the way "Wahi" are a German make hope you have not got a problem with them also.