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  1. You'r not taking the P???????? Beekay are you?
  2. The reason we were only allowed 2 Saturdays was because Saturday with beilny in the salon it was a normal working day. Saturdays was allways busy. and once you had your own collum of clients you had to keep them happy.
  3. it was 2 Saturdays a year with your yearly holidays. Sorry if I had it wrong. When we first started work in late 50 early 60s you were only allowed 2 weeks holiday a year, and that was after you had worked for the same employer for at least a year
  4. Not just wages can you remember when you had to be of work 3 days before going for a sick note, and most of our GPs thought they were gods. Allso holidays we had to work a whole year before we could claim any holidays , training to be a hairdresser when you booked your holiday time off, you were only allowed 2 saturdays in a fortnight. So all of your friends could go away on a Saturday morning but you had to work till 4 00 or 5 00 before you could start your hoilday.
  5. I hope DJ360 that the young lady was not named Carol, as my sister in law did her trainning at Thos. Formans to become a printer. Bread Now I think that there is nothing better than a warm bagutte (French of cause.) Brids yes I feed the birds when it very cold and frosty, I give them a slice of fried bread, cut up, fat keeps them warm. A hand full of nuts (chopped up ) Then for the Black Birds a soft pear cut up. Gave them an apple once and they cocked there beaks up at it. But what I like best is to watch them, especialy the Black Bir
  6. I was thrilled to get my first wages in one of thoes brown envelips. As I was an Apprentice Hairdresser it did not amout to much. £1 7/6 for a week for a lot of hard work. 10/- Board 9/6 bus fare !/6 morning ice skating 6d x 2 = 1/- coke o cocola for both sessions. 1/6 afternoon skating session !/6 teen-bop Tue;s at Lacarno !/6 new paiir of stockings. I think this adds up to £1 6/- 06d
  7. Went up Hucknall road the other day and was amazed to see new house's and flats that have been built on Sublest site and if I remember Forman Printing works>
  8. The Kilkennys just a few of there song's that i like to listen to Parting Glass also sung by other Irish groups. Shoals of Herring The Dutchman Fiddlers Green Wild Colonial Boy
  9. Doris Day one of my all time favourite's Song from the flim Doris Day James Garner Move over Darling I'll Give You a Dasiy a Day
  10. LizzieM n your a star thats the bar I can remember but where was it? Maybe it was in the Flying Horse Pub. Must addmit memory is going but when you are mature ladies like us WELL ?????
  11. thanks Brew these where the girls i spoke off, just wanted to put it down in a nice way.
  12. Question was this pub where the town girls worked from ? One more Question I seem to remember a pub near buy or it could have been the Exchange , when you went to the very back room of the pub on the walls they had horses, just like the one's that go up and down on one of the big Roundabouts at Goose Fair. Can any one remember these horses? and which pub had them ?
  13. Stavertongirl when i had my last pup it seemed to be the done thing to have a create, so I brought one, never did like it, never did get on with it, to me a dog basket is much nicer. I personaly would only use a crete if it fitted in the back of my car. House, well again why don't you look at baby's play-pen's these are much nicer than a create and they have more space, you could also put like a safe floor in the pen so it could be cleaned and if pup was small enough to get though the bars I'm sure you could come up with something. This is just my opinion.