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  1. North or South

    Accents? while living in South Africa 1970ish my eldest had to go to school now because of the situation in S/A my friend told me to register him at the convent school. One morning sister Jorden ask me into her office "tell me she said what's buus and buuter I tried in my best Nottingham accent to explain that this was our local accent, she tried her best to change the way my son spoke but we returned home 6 months later. North and South When the pits where working and we had miners, when they where at the bottom of the shaft , where they south? and when at the pit head where they north? just a silly question.
  2. Keep One Drop One

    Fish Pie
  3. A big welcome to Nottstaligia Sarahjay look forward to your posts
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    New Year
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  6. Christmas Memories

    When my eldest son was about one and a half year old, I brought him for Christmas a train that you pulled along with bells on, on Christmas eve son went to bed quite late (I was hoping leaving him up he would go straight to sleep) well waited till 1 00 am and crept upstairs with his pillow case and presents only for the train bells to go off. Mum son called "Santa's on his way I've just heard his sleigh bells ring" .Son his now going on for 50 and believe it or not I've never told anyone this story till now.
  7. Christmas Memories

    My other half had a Meccano set for boys which his dad brought from someone at his local on Christmas day, except that when my other half opened it their was not a single screw or bolt to be seen.
  8. todays education

    I used to teach Hair and Beauty at a local college (I can hear some member's saying that's not education) well don't comment till you know what is involved. On the last days of term when all the hard work was done I would ask the students what kind of position would like to have after leaving, then I would cover all employment that was available for a job, I would cover interviews, wages, holidays, owning your own salon and much more. I know young people when leaving school do have people advising them, but how many of the people who advise have done that job? Where as I had first hand of every job that I told the students about. Plus I would also explain what qualifications they would need if they wanted to climb the ladder.
  9. Christmas Memories

    "Please members read the topic listing this was meant to be a light hearted post, of good memories that we had when we were children I'm sorry if some of you had a bad time maybe we can start another topic on "The worst things that happened to me at Christmas as a child" Please, Please lets keep this Topic light hearted. Thanks
  10. Christmas Memories

    I remember things that only happened at Christmas. At one time most of us had Chicken for Christmas dinner, then along came "Turkeys" my brother and myself used to go down cattle market with my dad, chose a Turkey (then the chap would kill it" we would take it home and hang it in the cellar to be plucked, this was always a week before Christmas. Christmas dinner was always a family occasion, one year dad brought the biggest turkey known to man and of cause it would not fit in mums oven, so it had to be cut in half. Fruit? though the year you never had much fruit but Christmas the fruit bowl was over flowing, then a visit to the beer off where dad would always buy bottles of shorts. You name it we had it. You always went down to "Woolworths" to buy your Christmas tree and trimmings mum would never have a real tree because of the mess, two weeks before Christmas (Sunday only) the tree would be put up and decorated the Sunday after New Year it would come down. These are just a few of my childhood memories. Have you any Christmas memories to share with members? (only child hood memories please)
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    Red carpet
  12. todays education

    We were lucky in the 60s you could leave work on a Friday and start a new job on the following Monday, I don't think their was such emphasis on qualifications when leaving school, if you took your 11plus you could go on to grammar school then university, if all else failed their was the apprenticeship route. I do think now days school leavers have a lot to contend with, don't get me wrong I am not making excuses for them, the other day we were having a similar discussion about what subjects we covered at school. Cookery, needlework, drama. (I went as you see from subjects to a girls school) when you ask girls now how to cook a Sunday lunch not many of them would know. Having said that they should still be taught the 3 Rs. The problem with our education system is that each time we have a new government they change the goal post so teachers don't know if they are on there head or ar!!!!!!. Having said that the teachers have got to teach and make the subject interesting, I can remember my son at the age of 12 the teacher who took chemistry said that if he took his A level now in chemistry he would pass with flying colours, when he left school he did not even have a pass in chemistry, Why! I ask him ? well said my son Mr James made the subject interesting and when we had Mr Johns he was boring.
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  14. Clothes have changed so much over the years I think it's known as fashion, my self I love to see men in suits or even shirts and a tie, when we go out Saturday night to HMW club I don't think any men their are wearing a shirt and tie, now days it seems to be casual dress no matter were you go. I think in the 40s (no i'm to young) only seen fashion in films but women used to have shoulder pads in there dress's and the dress's would just flow as they walked they never seemed to have a hair out of place and makeup was done to perfection. Having said that 60s fashion was great but its gone down hill since then for men and women. (this is only my opinion)
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