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  1. Barrow on Soar now thats just woke me up remembering Sunday afternoons. Some people thought we had lots of money has we had a car in 1950sss so Sunday after noon it was pick up half my dads family from the medows and down to B o S oh!! and not forgetting the cricket bat, my dad had trials for Nottmshire but could not take up the offer due to the low wagers. Now after picnic out came the cricket bat. Each time some child came over to watch, dad told them to fetch there dads so we could all play. We soon had a full team. left around 7 00 and called at pup on th way home, happy days!!
  2. if I remembr correctly it was 1/3 to get in on a Tuesday night and tanner for a coke. Was it not also called "teeny bopper's night"
  3. Beekay has you new car got ! "Trotter's Indpendent Trading company" writting on the side??? if so "We know where it's come from.
  4. Was due to go into QMC for opp on my capple tunnel (wrist) had a call 6 00 night before, now have to have it done at the City hospital. I| could not praise the staff enough. Very organized, gave you a good check over, did a covi test and more. After opp was taken back to my room, then the nurse came over ask if i would like a cup of tea and a sandwhich. Nothing was to much trouble for them.. Boris take note and give the NHS staff a nice big rise. They sre worth every £ they get.
  5. Dj360 Please don't take it serious about buying a car it was only a comment.
  6. Not long after getting married and 2 small kiddywinks we wanted a car. Some one was selling a Wolseley 14/40 (not sure if I have the number right) but if you have seen the old tv series 999 the police had the same car, allthough the police car did had a bell on its' front bumper. The person wanted £10 00 for this classic (well it would be now) we lent £10 00 off mum n dad. The car had a shiny walnut dash board, large leather seats that went all theway across, a very large stearing wheel, and those orange thing' s that pop out from side of your door. It was pure luxury, we had it for about 6 m
  7. I think its all around to DJ360 to buy our fresh veg, maybe then in stead of haveing to try and get up off the floor, he can treat himself to a new car. ps Fords are giving you £1,000 in exchange for a new/used car.
  8. Ian you must be frozen. My be better if you went to iceland?
  9. Worst Twin Tub was the "Hover" it would always tangle uo your clothes.
  10. Hi phlilmayfield worst car we ever had the nice looking MG Sports Convertible. Going back home one night, snowing like hell, road we were on was a hill, going down the hill car was sliding sideways could not control it. (just like the Ford Capri weight all at the front) master went for the grass verg this save us having an accident. The fowling week I was on my own, going to Alfreton indoor bowls, first speed clock stopped woring, then wipers stopped working (it was ???? down) then it's doors decided to self lock need i say more. After parking safely managed to get out the doors. Then waite
  11. Hi Beekay yes i was joking about thoes orange things, I learnt to drive in a small Toyota truck and belive or not it was in South Africa You did a written test and you had to do reverse parking in between two cars, this was well before it came into forse in the UK. The truck also was column change, I passed my test, on return to the UK my licence was not accepted, I had to take 6 driving lessons before i could apply for my test (Chelfont Drive) and the UK test include hand signals,
  12. just booked to see The Kilkenys in Live Summer Music Steam from Matt the Millers Bar Ireland watching this 7 30 cost me 12 euros 50 well worth it if it is like there Christmas show.
  13. I'm with you on this one Lizzie men should play football/cricket/commantate . If women want equality they should be on the same playing field with the men. (just imagen) oohhhh it does not worth thinking about. ME!!!! I want a men to bring me flowers, give up his seat for me, and touch the peek of his cap and say "Good morning" and most not for-get chocolets.