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  1. Just read some of the tragic circumstances that happen which we can do nothing about but stay with you for life I had known quite q lot and if admin agree I will post them. 1. My cousin and his wife only had one child a little girl when she was 12 they found out that she had cancer she was 25 when she closed her eyes, 2. We moved into a new house at Daybrook where we lived it was a blocked end so cars had to turn around, we were all young married couples most of us had young children. One Friday co-op milk float came to deliver his milk, the milk float was one of the o
  2. just seen you post nonnaB very sorry to hear of your loss.
  3. Pubs still with us. Horse n' Groom Linby Horse n Groom Moorgreen Three Ponds Kimberley Queens Head Watnall The Royal Oak i don't think they use the Log Cabin any more Watnall They have just pulled a pub down in (Not sure if its Moorgreen or Newthorpe) if you stand with Horse n Groom Moorgreen behind you and cross the road keep going , it was on that road. Brick n Tile changed to Ma Hubbards now oap bungalows The Red lion Lower bagthorpe still with us Dixies Arms still going strong The Shepards Rest still open
  4. morning OZ sorry evening OZ O-HHHHH! Tomato Sausage used to love it, but it had to be pork farms brand. since PF closed manufactors have made all flavour types but i have tried ,most of them. 1 word,, rubbish!!!!
  5. Hi Ian can you remember were The Royal Oak pub was ? as the only one that i know in Linby Is the Horse n Grome.
  6. Yes but what if you were French and you did not use the right pronunciation In an English restaurant would not one of our waiter,s corrected you. Sorry Phill that's a lame excuse
  7. just asking Phil you say that you chuckled with Germans ""GERMANS CAN'T TAKE JOKES"" I should know my sister in law is German.. A good while ago my brother was 65 so packed our bags and went over to ``Balve Germany for his birthday bash. Quite a few had being invited to my brothers this happy day. In Germany from starting school till they leave they have a daily lesson in speaking English, Now there were about 20 at the house and not one German spoke to us in English we sat with 2 of the children as they seemed to be the only people that knew we were there.
  8. Lets get our City Back Nottingham QUEEN OF THE MIDLANDS
  9. If you come into Nottingham and want a place to eat Cosy Club on Market st is the place to go. It is 7 years since the builders wanted to change the Guildhall into a hotel. They are now ready to go. The central police station and the fire station are being pulled down and guess what?? they are being replaced with student flats.
  10. yes ! philmayfield there was a Dorchester near Sherwood Rise I use to work at NHTA on Sherwood Rise there was also an Irish folk club near there, can't remember the Sagar in Sherwood where about's was it.
  11. Trumans was this not a Pub which had one of the longest bars, Was it not in Nottingham centre??
  12. We used to visit my mother in law and she still had Black n White TV we did ask how she knew which the colours balls were she just said well I can tell which they are.
  13. Sorry Mrs B its an age thing what I was trying to say was that Sister Jordan was confused with the Nottingham dialect. . mary1947 xx
  14. If ever you come back to the UK or we ever get to OZ I will challenge you to a game of Snooker and Billiards . but for now we will have to take a rain-check.
  15. When we lived in South Africa 70s a friend of mine told me to get my son into the convent school, as at the time there was an apartheid the other choice was what was called an African's medium school, but every morning the students would have to stand up and salute the SA flag. Now the convent was just like a British private school, so we applied and with my friends references he attended the Convent. One morning Sister Jordan ask me to come inside her office so she could ask me something. Can you please tell me said sister Jordan what do these words mean that you son his saying, well