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  1. mary1947

    How's your day?

    you have hit the nail on the head nonna B (TRAVEL FREELY) never again will us Brits be able to do this. Its a right co!!!!!!!! up, but not to worry chin up were ?????
  2. mary1947

    How's your day?

    will keep you posted.
  3. Long Tall Sally Little Richard.
  4. mary1947

    Keep One Drop One

    Manure Heap
  5. mary1947

    How's your day?

    I know this post is "How's Your Day" but I just felt that I had to share this post with members. Going to Tai Chi at Selston Village Hall I found that the road was closed due to an accident, but we were still able to get into the hall, when one of our ladies did not turn up we were worried about her, we had heard that a women had been knocked down and was in a bad way, yes it was our friend who had been knocked down by a push bike, a car with a lady in it stopped and seeing our friend on the ground, picked her up and put her in her car. Yes I know we are not supposed to move people but this lady thought she was helping. When the ambulance arrived they would not get the said lady out of the car because her back and neck hurt her, so they called the fire service, who took one look at the car (that was it the top of the car had to come off) to cut a long story short!! the friend was taken to QMC and now is getting on nicely, but the car went from a saloon to a convertible in one easy cut, yes I know it's not funny but girls could you go home and explain to the other half how his car ended up a convertible. Any way the car ladies insurance would not cover her as they said the car had not been involved in an accident!!! I have heard that the co-op at Selston are collecting money if people want to give, for a new/used car, for the lady who tried to help.
  6. mary1947

    Keep One Drop One

    Magnetic Field
  7. mary1947

    Remembering Nicky.

    So, sorry to hear of about the loss of your daughter "Nicky Words can never express how you feel, Time heals or so they say, but you will never forget all the good times spent with her. I can't say how you are feeling, as I have never lost a child, but look on it as an Honour that she chose you and Sam to share her life with. R.I.P "NICKY"
  8. mary1947

    New member

    A big welcome Andy looking forward to your post's.
  9. mary1947

    Notingham punk

    PS At least its made my son smile. Just found out that Glad!! is not on this year ok so I told a little white lie.
  10. mary1947

    Notingham punk

    Neerrr SOLD OUT My neighbour next to me has a book on all the acts that were on at the Topper will see if I can get old of it,
  11. mary1947

    Notingham punk

    IAN 123 When you say The Grey Topper do you mean the nightclub that used to be in Jacksdale?
  12. mary1947

    Keep One Drop One

    Saturday 6d Cinema
  13. Just Because Elvis Presley
  14. Just read all post its amazing how many groups/singers we have all seen but what I would like to know as we are hmmm!!!!! mature grownups now so were do we go from here? I am going to take a leaf out of my son's book and apply for tickets to go to "Glastonbury" The trouble is if by chance I meet my son there he will pretend that he doe's not no me. oldest swinger in town springs to mind but so what!!!
  15. mary1947

    How's your day?

    Hi Nonna so, sorry to read about your illness but keep fighting because you and myself have a lot of history we could tell the general public a thing or to about hair. Hairdressers like you and me will Never Ever give up. PS just giving you something else to think about Nonna not sure if this the right time but it will set your mind thinking After trading for nearly 70 years "Pepper's" in Trinity Square has closed but the "Pepper's" on Market St is still trading, do you remember Peppers wholesales at the top of Exchange Walk. The Kinnell family still own Peppers after all these years.