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  1. I know you did not say it radfordred but you did post it.
  2. Not the tram radfordred but it was those silly people on the council who gave permission for Vic and Broadmarsh center to be built' Nottingham lost lots of lts life and history, taken away by these center's When will the UK do it's own thing and not keep wanting to be ike the USA. keeping up with the "Jones" I don't want you to take this the wrong way but St Ann's are a brilliant community bunch and we are proud to come from a shithole as you state this chat say's.? Not like some other places in Nottm I could mention.
  3. Just like you say Jill mums and dads are very precious, it reminded me of my mother in law Gerti. When she had trouble looking after herself we had no chioce but to find a residental home. I went around about 30 homes, and the last question I would ask "Oh! by the way can Gerti have a smoke in here, one or two said "NO" and another said she can go outside, one even said get her to pack up, now come on sir Gert had been smoking since she was 9 and at 79 would you tell her to give up, then I tried a home on Sherwood Rise Nottingham. Not a problem said the manager we have a small room where the smokers can go. Sorry got carried away the following year came and Gert was 80 on the Saturday master went to see her, they sat outside on the wall and going though all his childhood and more personal things, master and his mum sat there for about 4 hours. Next morning we had a call from the home Gert callapsed with her heart, she passed away befor she had hit the floor. Master was so pleased that they had got together and had that talk.
  4. BK Its you Brithday 21 to-day 21 to day he's got the key to the door never been 21 befor just a practise run for next year. HAPPY BRITHDAY.
  5. Keep going Carni Love to you both.
  6. Go over the a'peny bridge on the left is Iron Mongers pond, I'm sure you must have some good memories about summers that you spent there. Some one has just told me that on Wilfoford Rd there was not a single pub, Why well every pub used to be on the cornerof a rd/st that came on to Wilford rd. So the pubs address was not Wilford Rd but the st/rd it was on. No one has mentioned the "Crocus" pub top of Crocus st I seemed to remember that my mum & dad used to call it the Croweee. If any member is interested i have a school photo of teacher and children from Bosworth school. 1922/23
  7. "Germans" They bombed our Chipshop. If they had won WW2 at least we would still have Christmas Trees (thanks to Albert)
  8. Bottom of Market st Where the Queen Victoria statue used to be and the pub behind it was "YATES" now the silly name slug n lettce. Just looked again it could be top of Canning Circus
  9. Brew your just an old Hippy at heart
  10. Just read you post Carnie Get better soon we are all thinking of you. Don't let it get you down Fight it.
  11. I'm sure I can find some small rods just for you. B. I might event treat you to a Twink Perm (ladies wil no what i mean) or ask her indoor's she will know what a twink PW was or even the pin perm. Don't think you would like the look of either of them B as you would just look a frizzy mess. No I think we will stick with the Extensions we can melt your hair on to them. I think you would look great I'm sure all the ladies would fall for you. xxxx