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  1. Hope you Lear Jet lands safely Beekay Just don't know where the Lanc is going to land now's it's gone from RAF Scampton.
  2. you'r right when first married used to have draped net with frills and tie backs, the only thing was it would take me any thing from 15mins to 1 hour getting all the pleats and frill's even. Then I would stand back and tell myself what a good job i had done,
  3. Looks a bit on the quite side, dead centre of Nottingham. Or maybe just a little out side of Nottingham.
  4. nonnaB if ever you do come back to the UK don't go to live in Linc's we lived over there, for a while, and went through 1/2 kettles a month, scum floated on top of you coffee/tea, and when you tried to dry your self, on a towel it felt just like sand-paper.
  5. one of my favourite hymns when i was younger was "Onward Christian Soldiers" When it was my dads funeral and because he used to be a pub singer has our friends/family went into church we gave them each a white handkerchief what is this for they ask? "just wait and see." was my reply So when the song Goodbye, Goodbye, I wish you all the luck Goodbye, was played we told in fact no-one needed telling they all stood up and waved their handkerchief. What a lovely end for a pub singer.
  6. Welcome kj792 to our friendly site, I sure that most of in the us UK watched the bush fires in Aus. I take my hat off to you, none of us have any idea what it must be like, it's ok watching on tv but you are there. Visited Aus twice must admit if I was 4??? years younger I would be there instead of the UK. Yes you do get fires, high temp's but what a life, sorry to hear about your golf course, why not try green bowling opps sorry if you can'r get on the golf course no chance of getting on a bowling green. Any way a big welcome looking forward to your post's.
  7. Songs that made my life 1 All I want for Christmas are my 2 front teeth had a 3 wheel bike went over the top and lost my front teeth 2 Bimbo all about a cat not sure who sang it had a cat named Bimbo 3 The Wedding Song Kathy Kirby Was due to get Married and every pub we went in this record was always playing on the juke box 4 Home -ward Bound When we decided to return home from South Africa and last but not least 5 Tie a Yellow Ribbon around the old Oak Tree
  8. When i was about 13/14 my bother was in the RAF he had a Gerrard record player, which he left instructions for me not to touch. Well each Sunday morning when he was not on leave, i would go into the front room and to my hearts content play very loud music and of cause sing at the top of my voice. (or make a noise) Here's Five songs that i would play!!! Catch a falling Star Perry Como Love me Tender Elvis Presley Crawfish Elvis Presley from the film King Carole Secret Love Doris Day Deadwood Stage Doris Day
  9. Glad to see your Education was not wasted.