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  1. Morning Oz did you see the match to-day sorry yesterdy ? BBC 2 to-day at lords Enland v Ireland it was only Hlghlights of one off Test st on opening day at Lords
  2. Not sure if I have posted about his new singer before? but just to remind us if I have. Her name is Lisa McHugh she has not long brought out a dvd also album A Life Thats Good 2 more albums Country and Who Am I she is a mixture between Country and Irish Folk Lisiten to Lisa on Spotify
  3. There is not a real test to find out if you have "Parkinson's" Parkinson's is a disease of the central core of the brain which reduces it's prodution of a chemicsl known as dopamine. these are needed to change the electronic messages around the brain neurones (thinking that you want something) into nerve messages (which make the thing happen) so messages can't get through so are delayed, hence the effect is slowness combined with stiffness and aches or trembling and uncertainty, depending on how it affects you in particular. It is a progrressive disease and worsens over time,
  4. I want to know what has happened to all our potatoes? When summer came you could get small Italian Kidneys, Jersey Royals, and I am sure but I think there was another one. Later you would get Whites. King Edward Reds, there were a few others but names I can't recall. Last week I brought some "Jersey Royals" from one of our super-markets!!! Well thats what it said on the bag.???
  5. Going back a few years, We did not have washing powder in a pod. we did not have disposable nappies , there were not many people using tissues,
  6. HA HA yes maybe I will apply Gis a job
  7. ME?? knitting I was expecting my first baby, decided to knit a matanie coat 1st baby size. It was just finished when my son was born. Mum and Dad brought me a sowing machine for my 21st so again when having my first baby thought I would make a maternity dress by tha the time I had finished it you could have fit a baby elephant in it. Now I know we put on weight but (NO COMMENTS FROM THE MEN, PLEASE
  8. Hi Mrs B The point that I am trying to get over, is that when I was knee-high to a grass hopper( if your read again what I have written ) we were allready recyclycling then some one came up with the idear of having 3/4 bins. I am not taking about darning socks any more that's make do and mend. i just think that when we shop just look at the waste paper wrappings again when shopping with my mum (many years ago) we never had this much paper to throw away.
  9. When you bring home your weekly shop how much rubbish do you have to put in the bin? How to recycle ? Lets go back a few years!!!!!! 1/ "POP" Fizzy drink bottles if you took your empty bottle back to the shop, you would get paid 3d 2/ Milk milkmen would deliver fresh milk every day all you had to do was leave your emptys on your doorstep OPPS!! did not the milkmen drive electric floats ? 3/ Shippos horses when the dray men stopped for a pint and lunch did you not take your bucket and dustpan to collect the fertilizer 4/ Carrier bags yes my
  10. Without sin ?? watched first one must be a bit thick i lost the thread so gave up. ; Trogg may i be the first to put an order in. My decking as now seen better days, all surports underneth have ' gone (don't know to where) ask joiner for a quote but he can not replace it till September, so unless you can replace my decking trogg it will just have to stay as it is. Going back to TV Thursday 18th May Rolf Harris Hiding in Plain Sight ITVX Factual Jailing a Predator I think most of us were taken by his charms.
  11. Well big ears some had to keep them going. Hope you are both well
  12. The first record i brought was from Woolworths 4/6 at the time I could not afford the 7/6 for a record by the real artist, can't remember what it was though. The second one I did pay 7/6 and it was "Poetry in Motion" by Jonny Tiltson. not sure how to spell his surname.
  13. Just heard that it's the 80th anniversary of WW2 Lancaster bomber of the Dambuster's raids. It had a flypast in Lincolnshire. There is no one left who was on the dambusters raid it has flown over 28 former bomber commander stations between 7 00 / 800pm to-day. On a Sunday many years ago my brother was stationed at Scamptom, the home of the Lanc (then the Red Arrows) well my brother went to see the sargent on the gate as at the time the old Lancaster sat at the entrance of Scamptom base. We had permission from the sergeant to have a look inside the Lancaster, well once insid
  14. Just found your message, What special events? Well sorry to say you have missed "Ladies Day" at Nottingham races, but while you are in Bliderth or Renith as the locals call them call and have dinner/lunch at The Brunt Stump or the nice pub at Bllidworth bottoms, you can also take a walk around Brunt stump Park. If you have young children then try the Whitepost farm also there is Patchins crafts where you can learn to paint (this Is on the Mansfiled ramper) plus visit Flley Priory Gardens. Theres more PUBS? there are excellent pubs all around this area. and more ??? watch this space.