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  1. What a day it was 25 years ago. My son was getting married to the girl he loved, it was such a wonderful day, his brother was best man and his two friends were ushers. The best man was very nervious if you look at all the photos from 8-00am in the morning till well after the reception he has a pint glass in his hand, sometims full some time half full. The couple married at St James Church Linby and afterwards we were at the Savoy Mansfield Rd then for evening it was Leenmills School Hucknall. Next Day it was Open house on Long Hill Rise Hucknall which was where we lived at the time. So if any of the members who knew the couple please congratulate them. Paul Dawn (scaff) and Nina Robinson now Dawn. oh and the ushers were Tony Timmins and Danny Cocker.
  2. Have any members ever seen the easylife book that comes in mag's news papers with any letters that come though your letter box ect. Well given it the once over there were some great things in it to buy including reusable fully washable first line of defence against the vorus mask. So sent for some on line, had e-mail back saying thank you for order, they might take a little longer to come but money does not go out of your bank till goods are being sent. Placed order 4th june by 15th june had not heard a thing from them, so sent e-mail the message came back Autmatic Reply we;er sorry your dilvery will take a little longer. but it doe's give you a telephone num of customer services. The money had been taken out of our bank so we were walting for our mask.I telephoned customer services after 5 min of some person the other end telling me that my call was important to them but they were getting lots of calls so it would be better to send e-mail via internet. Waited a few more days phoned again (as master did not like money going out of our bank and not getting any goods) guess what I was in a que and i was no 40 caller on the list. Now are these people taking the p????? or what,. then another e-mail saying goods on there way. Finely after about a month I have got my masks. BUT the moral of this story is What happend to Customer Services?? oh I almost forgot we live in Britten don't we. In between the lines more went off but do not want to bore members any more. Will never use these people again. Even if rated 4 stars by Trustpilot.
  3. Well July 1st was going to be "PARTY DAY" it is my son n' daughter-in-laws 25 Wedding Anniversary, due to the virus we will just wave to each other. Another Party missed.
  4. What do I think of the centers (we always seem to follow the USA eg Shopping centers) To me they ruined a good city, they say the online shopping is killing off town shops, but before the centers we had Toby's Jessop's (now J Lewis) Person's, Big Co-op, Griffins an Spaldings, Marks, BHS Woolworth's C/A and many more, People would walk though the square, not rush though it, to get from one shopping center to the other. In my opinion my City wants a revamp to make it Queen of the Midlands and please lets get rid of thouse fountains or get better one's eg look at Antibes France. But you can't change progress.
  5. WELL! First time I have seen your Face Beekay. Is that really you?
  6. This Topic started in 2010 , I wonder in another 10 years from now , how many Nottstalgia members would be able to put an answer to this topic.
  7. We had an outside loo, and to add insult we also had a tin bath. The loo was in our back yard, there were 10 houses in the yard but each of us had a seperate loo. Every Saturday mum would scrub the loo which had a wooden seat, we had real toilet rolls, Not San Izel and not news paper on a nail but real toilet rolls even pink ones. The beauty of the wooden seat was in winter it was warm to your bum. Now in winter pipes would freez so dad would place a lit candle on a saucer, beleave it or not it worked. Unless it was windy (not the wind your thinking of) then the candle went out and it was luck that we did not have frozen pipes. Now I will tell you a story!!!! Don't let the master know I've told you. When master and I were courting (old fashion word) mum and dad were giving me a birthday party, It was January and freezing out side, master had gone to the loo (no one had missed him but he had been gone for about 3/4 of an hour. Now as I said the loo was in the yard and master sitting on the throne, heard foot steps comming down the yard, it was Brian, my brother, master called him at top of his voice, he was lucky as Brian heard him, what's up master? there Is'ent any loo paper in here, Brain ran into the house grabbed a loo roll and went out side. It was only then we missed master on coming back into the house he was frozen stiff, but he did see the funny side.
  8. Just watched the news! It brought tears to my eyes when I heard about the 3 men who were stabbed and later died. RIP but the next article was even worse a father and his daughter had gone for a walk and a car had hit them and it was fatal. You just can not imagen what the wife/partner is going though. Also how do the police handle it, having to tell some one that they will not see there husband and daughter again, my heart goes out to them. RIP Father and daughter,
  9. Glad to hear you mum's ok nonnaB. Hopefully when it's her 100 birthday we will all celebate with you and your mum.
  10. Willy Thorne RIP Gone but will never be for gotten.
  11. I can't see any point in having any statue's myself. Went over to Ireland for the Trad Fest in January, in Temple bar Dublin i have been there before, but each time i will go and look at the Statue's near the river, they are Statue's of men, women, Children and a couple of dogs. What i look at though is there face's as they show hunger, pain and sorrow, they are people from the potato crop that failed in 1845. by 1945 more than a million had died. the british government for various reasons , did not do enough to relieve the distress indeed it wecomed thr disater as a providential cleanising, (surprise surprise) so the moral of this story is YES these statues are history and we do need them, to tell us about what happened. So if ever you go across the sea to Dublin do go and see these people and look closely at their face's.
  12. Where are these people going to go in there new cloths?
  13. Jamino Welcome to N/N Beekay never heard of a transport museum where is it please?