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  1. "BEST NEWS from QMC Had a ladies opp January 2022 Had check-up to day at Treatment center, Well said Dr P Hooper I think we have seen enough of you, go and don't come back. Many Thanks to all Doctors and Nurses in Gynaecology. at Treatment Center QMC
  2. Oz try New Zealand white's like Oyster bay in fact any New Zealand.
  3. Morning all Member who gave there vote to my Joe, my grandson's rock group. Many Thanks this message came from my son Paul via facebook. Thrasonic! Unfortuately the lads didn'tmake it but I would to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped by given them a vote. If you haven't seen them and fancy finding out why, they got to the semi finals then checkout there list of gigs or give them a listen on spotify. If you also go to "Thrassonic" web page on facebook a thankyou message from the group. Again a big Thankyou from me to members who voted
  4. I'm a bit late but "Happy Brithday Mrs Red""" just read last post of radfordred your just a softy at heart, we know /you know/ don't try and hide wish some one would book me a table.
  5. Hi OZ Thanks for info, maybe I was too young at the time to appreciate cricket in those days. When you attended school all the girls played in sport was, school board which was like rounder's and Hockey and that was it. When I finally reached teenage years, it was down to the ice rink no not to skate ( well we did that as well) but to see what boys were available . It's only that as I have got older that i like watching cricket. Went to Melbourne in Australia watched the cricket on boxing day. It was nice siting in the sun.
  6. Wished ladies cricket was around when I was knee high to a grass-hopper. Years and Years ago my father had trial's to play for Nottinghamshire and he passed and was accepted. Due to just been married he could not accept due to poor wagers that cricket's were paid. My brother and myself grew up with cricket also we had an Australin cricket bat, that my dad had brought home, (war reminder) Each Sunday went we went on a picnic the cricket bat came with us. When we started playing one or two children ask if they could join us, and before long the childrens dads had joined us and guess what We
  7. M did the lilac Chevroist have skellebobs on and gold speaks in the lilac? if so it belongs to my Tal Chi instructor.
  8. Thanks members for thinking about me Just a few answers to your questions/ 1/ Hi beekey just brought a mobility scooter ans guess what it called Green power 's Fastest scooter. 2/ Ian did not know dentist I do know about the blue C5 bus as the other apprentice who worked with me many-many years ago used to catch it home to Underwood. The house you are on about was sold the othr year, a young couple brought it. Philmayfield 3/ Sorry don't know many Jacksdale folk I'm a Nottingham person born and bred, in fact I'm an old St Ann's person. Well that's
  9. Well Friday 13th unlucky for some? or even Lucky? i know why it's called that now Had a 3 30 app at QMC for Ultra sound. Missing the car like crazey but due to health conditions no longer feel safe to drive. So sold car money in the bank. Master and I with app being 3 30 decided to catch 11 45 bus into the city. Thought about dinner and we had called at a French Restrant on Milton st the other day and most impressed so booked res for 1 00pm dinner. Arrived at bus stop with time to spear, well waited and waited for the bus. It ended up 20mins late, then giong into city hit r
  10. Hi Jill yes I agree but for some reason this one was only a notice on the board, and if you were a stranger at Mansfield Crem there no way of knowing how many chaple they have.
  11. Went to a Funeral to-day at Mansfield Crem, On getting there we looked at the notice board to see which chaple it was in. I knew that it had more that one chaple. It was a friend of ours that we wanted to say our good-byes to. So we all got behind the que that was going into the first chaple. There was about of us. Just a minute do any of you reconise any of the funeral people or any body in the que? as I said there is more than one chapel. So off too the notice board to look at againg. Chapel no 2 was where we sould be. Where is chaple no2 ?? we had to ask, inaly made it late, but be