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  1. Not been on the sauce or need new eyes but i do no how to say sorry with out offending any one
  2. I apologise in advance Please don;t say Notts this is Notts County we are Nottingham Forest well done Nottm Forest
  3. I'm sure they didn't mind, after all being brought up during the war this food was the norm.
  4. Was the Farmer's that sold material any thing to do with Henry Farmer. Farmer's that i recall used to have a shop top of exchange walk?
  5. she never drank Guinness but liked vodka and orange food she liked cows brains and cows udder plus lambs heart roasted plus she never ever smoked
  6. My mum was 99 when she passed away but she always had a nice smile so BE HAPPY AND SMILE
  7. A big welcome Andy D to nottstalgia
  8. H'''''RRR not just the birds and the bee's
  9. I suppose you had to be careful as i don't think that the pill was on the market at that time. We also being from the great city of Nottingham had a great time , and of course we were street wise.
  10. Can't remember any "Barn Dancers" at the "Palais de' Dance" . I remember the revolving dance floor, and the Glen Miller big band sound. Friday was grab a ganny night. Plus one l Friday unch time the Beatle's came Friday did a dinner time show we went down to see them we were in our school uniforms.
  11. "CONGRATULATIONS" Beekay you must have married in 1965 lets have a double celebration it will be my 54th on October 9th (My Wedding Anniversary) just in case some one gets confused and thinks that i mean Birthday "Even the train robbers did not serve that long"
  12. Don't you find as we get older and try to put on our sock's that your feet get further away from your body.?
  13. The other day we headed for the coast (Anderby Creek) we stopped for a bacon cob at Tattershall it's a small park where you can let your dog out and charge your batteries. (I'm sure most member's know it) any way a family sat there with a picnic, and as the children took the paper off their sandwiches they just threw it on the ground, only 3 yards away was a bin. Grown ups did not say a word. Now normally I would have picked up the paper and would have said "I think you have dropped some thing" but I took one look at the two men who stood there and the size of them put me off saying anything, When will the people of our Country learn (TAKE YOUR LITTER HOME") Or put it in the bin, It's no wonder my German sister in law say's England is pretty, but it's a dirty Country It's not the Country it's the people in it.
  14. OH WHAT A TANGLE WEB WE WEAVE ? Just thought i would throw some corn down.