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  1. Come on chaps I like Chocolets and Flowers, OH !!! and don't forget the wine, ps Not long being married it came to Christas morning, looking forward to my pressi, the the bomb shall, Master "Well I went into all the shops in Nottm and could not find any thng worthy of you. It just goe's to show.
  2. Wet for iterview for a new job many moons ago, Yes! igut the job only oe problem needed a car for this job. At the time we did have a car but it was a company one, which master used for his work. Not having lots of money, LTD £500. Found a VW Golf, driver young man banned for D/D That little Gof lasted me 5 years not an once f trouble and boy could she shift. Only one problem when putting in to first gear it would slip and gointo reverse. but it was mine.
  3. yesterday Booked a sun holiday (hopefully) The Passport that both master and I had did not have 6 months left on it. So we had to renew them. Saga rep told us thst to renew by internet or post we would not get passport back in time. So booked in at Passort office for Tuesday. Frist you have to go though security just like you are at the airport, then you report to a desk and finaly you see some one. Now don't get me wrong i am not a racist but it struck me as funny, as we are now back to being the UK, both the serurity gaurds were not english born i could tell this by the way they spoke,
  4. Over Here Over There Derek Warfielo & The Young Wolf Tones
  5. Look after your self Colly, all the best.
  6. Just read this post looking at the list of people at the funeral there is a Mr J H Shipstone. Do any of you know if he was any thing to do with Shipstone Brewery?
  7. Used to remember when the Lions used to ROAR !!! would be nice to get our old city back, but that's progress as they say. Went in to Town the other day and the old council house looked like it could do with a bit of TLC. come on you councilors spend some money on the gal. Lets have The Queen of the Midlands Back. Goodness knows what the Germanys (who have the Christmas Market) think of us.
  8. Locarno Must have missed you Ben, Tues night at Locarno it used to cost 1/3 coke tanner 6d and i think it shut at 9 30. Girls you mention the net under skirts, in between mini's and pencil skirts, under skirts were made of paper nylon then net was used as full short skirts were in fashion , it took about3yds of net to make an under skirt. the skirt was made in 6inch layer's when joined on to the next layer it was gathed. So the more gather's the fuller the skirt. ( Locarno ) Old Vic This man who was on the balcony in the old vic was thowing peanuts at a l
  9. Things you don't anymore Harvest Festival's Church Parade's Scouts/Girl Guides/Cubs.Brownies
  10. Hi Margie just useing your post. Rob instead of a loft Ladder have you thought of lookig at the Tazan flim I'm sure you can pick up some tips. Sorry to hear about your fall though. What we all forget is that none of us are getting any yonger, the thing is we can all remember (example when we painted a door) it would take say 10min now same job takes at least 30 mins. inbetween resting, arms ache, legs ache, eyes go round and round need i go on.