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  1. Ain't No Mountain High Enough Mavin Gay & Tammi Terrell
  2. Thats the one cliffton if yu go on St Ann'sre-demolition there are a full list of pubs and photos.
  3. Thursday Oct 6th off to the Theatre royal to see The Carole King Muscial Its all about the swinging 60s (I think) Well Sunday the 9th October is my Wedding Anniversary and I have worked it out that the master and I have been to-gether 59 years met 2 years before married in his uncles pub "Blue Bell" on Alfred / Robin Hood St And they said it would not last!!!!!!!!
  4. Morning siddah did you have your flu jab as well? Is there any chance that you can get to the meetup it would be nice yo meet more members?
  5. Q/ When do Christmas Day and New Years day fall in the same year?
  6. Christmas day pubs opened 12-00 2-00 they were always closed when church services were on. So you would go to church then the pub have dinner, sleep then back to church. Pubs would not open Christmas day evenings.
  7. I do hope we will see you at the meetup carni but if you don't make it look after your selves and him indoors.
  8. Hi nonna my dad did like a pint, but he would never go out Christmas day dinner or even Sunday dinner time, but my grandad use to, all I was trying to say was about our tradition's . Which was what i knew about. As famileys go i think this bit of Christmas went when my Grandad and folks his age passed away I do agree though men tended to be selfish years ago, as far as they were concernd, women were there to be cook an bottle washer and just have babies. A lot of water has gone under the bridge since then,
  9. Give me automatic any day mind you, my first driving lesson was given to me by my neighbour Quizzi , It was in a Toyota truck with collum change. In my first driving test (Before it came into the GB driving test) you had to do reverse parking, well Quizzi would allways take me to the outside groupe of shops, and find one vacant spot in between two cars, right go on then into that space, I did get quite good at reverse parking, This was when we lived in South Africa and they did drive on the same side of the road as UK, we have now been back in the UK for years, and since Quizzi taught
  10. Some thing went wrong my biscuit has just fell to bits in my coffee, Must practice.
  11. First time we drove aboard it was to go to Munich to see Nottm Forest v Malmo We came off the autoban to get some petrol, easy-pesy untill we came out the garage the wrong way and like you not just one car comming towards but two, comming straight at us, Well just stopped on the road, it was just luck that they did not hit us. Bonus N Forest beat Malmo. Since then we have not had a problem as we have toured all around Europe. Manual v Autos No contest Automatic every time.
  12. A lot of folks out there are left handed ? So they make left handed Golf clubs left hand gloves for golf plus the leather one's are perfect for Lawn green bowling. What about left-hand drive cars?