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    Highway to' Hell AC/DC
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    Boy Band
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    Keep One Drop One

    shanty town
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    How's your day?

    Well i woke up with normal stiffness in my bones, feeling sorry for myself, then i recalled the day before, outside next but one neighbour's was an ambulance, Margret our friend had just made 69 Tony her husband had sent for the ambulance, he thought she was having a stroke, the men would not let Tony go in the ambulance with her, he had to wait for a car to talk him, sadly Margret passed away, so compared to this my aches are nothing. RIP Margret.
  5. mary1947


    Yes sorry nonna B getting a bit mixed up the machine that i ment was first patented by Nestle that was the chandelier type this was in 1909. At first only the front hair was permed then eventually the whole head was permed in sections it would take 10 hours to complete. Marcel waving or known as the iron wave , the crimp wave whereby the indentation was made in the hair by a heated iron. The single iron induced people to invent the double and treble crimp iron.
  6. mary1947


    Don't forget the Twink perm. For the twink perm you dud not use neutralizer to set you curl, you left it for 15mins then just rinsed the hair with water, this was like what the hairdressers would call a "Pin Perm" but for it to take you had to have your hair cut very short, as it was mostly done with full head of pin curls.
  7. mary1947


    Hi nonnaB talking of the Marcel waving machine. not sure if it's still there but "Wella"s Factory/Warehouse/shop in Basingstoke still have the machine that they developed, it's in Wella's museum, last time i went was in the early 70s, so it might have closed, (ps when you go to a place you have not been to for a while all you find is new houses and the place you want has gone)
  8. mary1947


    I have just sat and read though this brilliant topic and i think that i have repeated myself in the topic, apology's for this member's When i read some of the post it seems that a lot of salons where you all went were unisex, this was a new approach to hairdressing as in 1965/66 a most of the salons were "ladies salon's " and men would not dare go into them like most men's were barbers and you would not see any women in a barbers. I worked at a salon and at the back was a barber;s when he was not very busy, Jack would teach me how to cut men's hair. (Remember the men's haircut called the Boston) the hair at the back was cut in a square shape, if men had it cut at a ladies salon the hair in the nape was always a round shape.
  9. mary1947


    Your right Jill not quite knowing the fact's i think a lot of stylist started out in there front room, but when the works and factory act came in, there was so many rules and reg's that had to be followed that this was why a lot of salon's started up. Please don't quote me on this as it's just a guess. The first patented Permanent -waving machine was like a chandelier and was fixed to the ceiling it was by Charles Nestle were both a bit young to remember this. but i can remember when i first started work clients would say remember the old permanent machine when you were hocked to the ceiling you dare not move if you did it would burn your scalp.Then a few changes their was one perm called the Supermer Brushwave you used hot pads to place on the rods after winding (this was the first perm out for colour treated hair) then a chap called Eugeng Suter and the Macdonald brothers brought in the cold-waving perm which is the one used in salons to-day (but now modified) but a lot of stylist forget that they are still using chemicals on the hair if any solution drops on to the scalp it must be wiped off straight away. Now days perm's are not used like in the 60/70/ s as clients can manage there hair with a good cut.
  10. mary1947


    Hi Jill Sparrow Its nice to see some give hairdresser's a kind word , like Nonna i did a 3 year apprenticeship which my mum and dad borrowed £75 for my indentures. The last perming machine used in Nottingham was i belive at a salon on Union rd went by the name of Grace Bull. When i started it was at a salon in Sherwood and inside we had cubicles with wall hair dryers, i had to call the manageress Miss Lane and our senior was Mrs Putt we could not use first names, also on the desk was a large black telephone which they would not let me answer till I had been there 6 months, even then i had never used a phone and was shaking when I had to answer it for the first time, later the black phone was changed for a trim phone. At the time the top stylist in Nottingham were Stanley Dennis, Prendred, Peppers, John Cornell, Stanley Barber (remember the swinging scissors) Hollywood Salon. Prices 2/6 for a dry cut, 7/6 shampoo/set colour rinse 10/6 perms from £1 10/- Pin Perm, then all the way up to £4 10/- permanent colour was from £2 00. styles fingers waves, french roll, curls on top, the higher you hair was the better, you could also buy your hair lacquer 2/6 or refill 1/3 just coming in was the concave and convex bob from Vidal Sasson also at the time cutting was layer or one lenth Vidal brought in the Pivate cut which the boss paid for me to go to Vidal's London salon to learn. sorry folks if I'm going on maybe one day I might write a book on Hairdressing.
  11. mary1947

    Things that pee you off

    Would be nice to learn though, don't you think LizzieM
  12. mary1947

    Things that pee you off

    My Grandson has been with his girlfriend for a couple of years, i used to think that as i had looked after my grandson from knee high to fully a fully grown human being we had a slight bond. Just seen on "facebook" that it was his girlfriends 21st and they had a party, now if i had known, a card and pres'y would have being sent, but the thing that was upsetting was a "PARTY" and i did not get an invite to go. Maybe an age thing, these youngster's don't was us oddie's at their Party's as we might show our selves up.
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    How's your day?

    ok just seeing if you was awake
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    How's your day?

    well it was ok till i came across member's who i think are Male Chauvinist. Get into the real world boy's
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    Front or top loader, which is better?

    DJ360 are you also taking the P????