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  1. When master and I decided to call it a day on long all travel and also just going over the channel. We decided to have a dog and holiday's in the UK, During our year's we have had many dogs, well dogs !! no only bitches it was decided that at our ages a rescue dog would be best, well we looked and looked but could not find what we wanted, we had 2 Rotties and had done trials with them many years ago and i think this was t back of our minds. One day while at Chinese brush painting the tutor had her dog with her it was a west island white, mind made up we started looking, well we found Meurig Kennels in Wales which had Westies and other dogs. Went down to pick up our Westie. Well it was in a pen with a young minature Schnauzer this Schnauzer came straight up to master and licked him, that was it we ended up with Sam a dog, we have had Sam about 7 months now and I would not swop him for anything or anybody. My only worry is age (me that is) have we done the right thing we did not intend having a puppy but HAY-HO we got Sam and he's great.
  2. Well what can one say? The other day master and myself were in the car, master was driving whilst try to park, another car was cutting along masters parking space so being a gent he tried to move out of her way. Well!!! what a noise of metal crunching, he had only gone into a metal barrier, did you not see that barrier i said, must admit i did not see it or know it was there, any way (Glad it was not ME) but i had to sort it out, we had to have a new door fitted, telephone rang 4 days later car was ready to pick up, went to pick car up and checked the new door, wow what a good job Antony from Pye Bridge had done, thanks Antony you would not know that was a new door, just a minute said Antony it's the door round the other side, well didn't I feel a fool what can one say (it's a age thing)
  3. Hi Duane Finch welcome to Nottstalgia i don't have any cine footage of Raleigh social club but i have two photos of the sports day one is a crowd watching "punch & judy "( at the time i was about 3 and i was on my dads shoulders, the other photo which might be more interesting to you is of Raleigh football team. Sorry can't put them on our site but i'm not very good trying to send photos. If you would like to see them get in touch by or site.
  4. OK you lot you go on about Piano Players what about my brother he started playing when he was 4 and at 80 he is still playing Well he can dream but you have got to admit one of the best piano players was wait for it !!!!! drum roll please. "JERRY LEE LEWIS"
  5. Welcome to Nottstalgia Vic just sat reading your post and if its any help i could put you in touch with my cousin Shirley, she has traced her tree back to the 1600s and she has helped lots more people to trace there family's. She does not ask any fee she just enjoys helping people, if you need more info please get in touch with me via site, Have a look though our site at other topics there are some very interesting ones.
  6. Chicken pox can be very stressful if it goes the wrong way, one night my friend called 999 her daughter was unwell, a few days before the doctor had said that she had chicken pox, advice keep her warm, plenty to drink and wait for all the spot's to come, instead of the spots coming out on her skin the erupted and went inside her body, it was touch and go for Larna her little girl, has due to the virus her body was shutting down, after 2 weeks in hospital she was fine, but what a scare her mum had.
  7. Do you live in South Africa ? as this is how they used to collect the rubbish over there. Each black was taken out o a large bin, tied then the were left for the tractor and trailer to be picked up, with the help of a young boy, whilst the tractor was moving the boy had to lift the black bag on to his shoulder then throw it onto the trailer, if any boy fell down the tractor would not stop. It just kept moving on.
  8. Know the Liberal Cub well had my wedding reception in the room up stairs its at the start of St Ann's well road give or take 40/50 yards.
  9. John Lewis wooden garden table and chairs Oval out door wooden table and chairs, the table folds down, it has two leaves one can be up and the other down, or both up to make a nice get together table. Four reclining chairs each have 4 positions. The chairs have blue mesh inserts table and chairs only one year old. The set can be stored away or left out all winter, the wood will darken with age. £175 O.N.O but buyer must collect please. if any member is interested please contact me though Nottstalgia. ps you can see the chairs on John Lewis site
  10. Happy 9th Anniversary to Nottstaligia and Cliff Ton, a big thank you for every thing you do Cliff, I joined in 2012 and i found the site amazing, all members seem very friendly to me we are one big family. Though sometimes you do get upset's but we keep plodding on. Keep up the good work Cliff and of cause not forgetting the rest of the members, with out your post's we would not have nottstaligia.
  11. Just looking though an old mag "Time to Remember" of Nottingham and came across this verse Ye Doctors, who more execution have done. With bolus, and potion, and powder and pill. Than hangman with halter than soldier with gun. Than miser with famine, than lawyer with quill. To dispatch us the quicker, you forbid us malt liquor Till our bodies consume and faces look pale: But mind them who pleases, what cures all diseases, Is a comforting dose of Nottingham Ale. Chorus: Nottingham Ale, boys, Nottingham Ale No liquor on earth is like Nottingham Ale If she take a glass often, there's nothing can soften. The Heart of a woman like Nottingham Ale. I don't know if this is a song or verse can any member throw any light on it ? I have never seen or heard it before.
  12. HSR photos of old Nottingham are easy to get The Evening post had a collection of mags called "Time to Remember" Photo's are from Nottingham Historical Film Unit collection founded by Richard llifle and Wilford Brabbuley year 1960 Historial notes are by Guy Denison Example No 3 mag is all about "Pubs" & "Streets" of Nottingham "" "" "" No 2 "Covers Public Transport" back to 1870 more mags Nottingham 90 years a City """"""""""""""" Nottingham at War 1939-1945 """"""""""""""" Nottingham 50 years of peace AND "MEMORIES OF NOTTINGHAM" Page after page of PURE NOTTINGHAM NOSTALGIA 1940s 50s 60s I would like to give a big thanks to my father (dad) who was interested in our city to collect all these Nottingham /Nottinghamshire Mags and many more that he had about Nottingham. RIP Walter x
  13. Thanks for all ways to try and get better sound. Second thought is there any one selling one of those big TV with valve's in. You did not have to wash your ears out to hear them.