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  1. With a pre-op tomorrow was your expedition really wise Col?.... and please stop playing with the Yetis you know it only encourages them. Any road up all the best for later, let's hope it goes well.
  2. I understand Col, I look a bit sideways at them yet cannot articulate why. Fairy lights at any other time of year would make me mildly curious not tut tut at the silliness. Perhaps there are those who retain the childlike wonder of Christmas and simply can't wait to get started.
  3. Just you be careful young man and don't undo all the good work!
  4. HEH... you've got the MercedesMe app... and no I don't have a pad of any description. I may be a PC addict but at least when a I walk away from my desk I don't carry it around with me and strangely I'm not even tempted. I did vaguely consider one when I fancied the SkyDemon app but there's not a lot of room in a Cessna so didn't bother. LL your right, a friend of mine learnt in a Vauxhall and for the last 40+ yrs has driven nothing else, even when they were the worlds worst rot boxes he remained faithful
  5. Exactly, Macs are a one trick pony...
  6. I use Linux to manage and maintain my server based in Strasbourg, it runs on Centos and the command line interface is fiendishly difficult. It's for games, website, forum and database. My home system is Windows because like thousands of others I'm an avid game player and gaming on a Mac is very much the poor relation to Windows,Windows is also far more configurable than a Mac which is part curse, part blessing. You've said many time Macs are more user friendly, I disagree but it's a personal preference and what the user is used to. The outrageous cost of Macs i also a fa
  7. Sad to some amusing to others though I have some sympathy with your view Alpha, as CF has just said "it takes all sorts" Here there are no external lights and the tree goes up a week before and is down a week after, something I rarely take part in and although I make little effort in decoration I do selfishly enjoy the efforts of my better half.
  8. But it don't do what Windows do, and Linux does even less!
  9. Anyone having trouble with Virgin Media? looks like some buggers brock it
  10. Tried to upgrade... it crashed but before it did it buggered MS Edge and some other gubbins. Opening Edge will bring blue screen crash, so will opening a PDF file. It takes a day to reinstall my machine so I'll wait until I get a roundtuit
  11. I'm sure we value your opinion Alpha, care to tell us exactly what is disgusting about a plastic Santa and why the rest of the paraphernalia you mention is ridiculous tat? Who would you say is the arbiter of taste and refinement that decided individuals with temerity to put on such displays are so crass? Perhaps you could also tell us where your non-Chinese LED lights and decorations were made.
  12. Not really and it's not just you Col, it's everywhere, ooo it's too commercialised, ooo it's lost all meaning, ooo it's just an excuse for bad behaviour etc. etc. True enough but it's also a time for hugs n kisses and "ahh you shouldn't have". Those not 'doing Christmas' are fine but why do they need to brag about it as though it's something clever? What exactly is it about Christmas that people get upset about? We get prezzies, good food, family and friends what's not to like? At the end of the day it's exactly what you make of it.
  13. Well said Oz, for some reason there are those that seem to have turned being curmudgeonly into a virtue, especially at this time of year when they can claim some sort of high ground by demonstrating the fine art of being bloody miserable.
  14. OK I'll be the first to say it... they look like a pornographic joke!
  15. Your tacky is someones idea of celebration. I bet the kids love it..