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  1. They did, whether they do know I don't know
  2. There had to be utter silence at Grandma's house when Mrs Dale was " rather worried about Jim"...
  3. Good grief, there would a massive melt down if 'till death do us part' and 'love thy neighbour' were relaunched.
  4. An ancient tradition the council invented. Cobbles were not laid in fancy patterns and as the picture shows they break up easily under modern traffic. In frost and snow they're dangerous to drive on, not too easy to walk on either
  5. And if a poster writes NOTTINGHAM in both capitals and bold font, you know he's about to go off on one and have a dig!
  6. Resistance is futile! Relax Ben, just go with the flow and enjoy the right to grumble in queues, shout at the telly whilst telling everyone with earshot how it was different back in the day, and you pay your taxes,and know your rights etc. People will either indulge you or ignore you, some may simply smile and say “ah bless”...
  7. Entirely agree, and by the time they've done messing about with it. I would imagine it's only lukewarm at the table. It always grates on me when they say jus, it's gravy you....
  8. The big question Col is - is it getting easier/better, and how long before you can do a Kate Bush?
  9. how many shouted to you that it needed ironing Ben?
  10. All cars are like that, deliberately so. Tyre pressure, tread wear etc can make a difference to the accuracy of a speedometer. Construction and Use regs allow for a 10% difference from true speed to allow for these factors, but must not indicate less than the actual speed. Manufacturers therefore make read them fast.
  11. But in reality speed cameras are accurate, car speedos are not, so her car must have been indicating more than the MPH she was recorded as doing.
  12. But me dad said I sometimes needed a rocket up me arse, now I don't know who to believe...
  13. I'm not a great football fan but congratulate England women's team, it was a joy to watch. They ran like deer, showed excellent ball skills and no rolling on the ground crying for momma. No spitting, no exaggerated goal celebrations, no unnecessary appeals, no threats of violence and no hogging the ball. Brilliant. Perhaps the men should take notice...
  14. Not only style, behaviour is also a good clue. Germans usually form a column and pushing trollies in front of them, charge down the concourse like panzers heading for the Sudetenland. Italians need a lot of personal space whilst waving their arms and screaming at each other. Aussies, carrying luggage and wearing clothes that look as though they've spent six months in the outback, will be the ones drinking from tinnies and demanding 'where's the nearest dunny mate'. Brits, never ones to cause a fuss, will be standing in forlorn groups not knowing where they are, what to do and h