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  1. Do you really think football isn't a commercial enterprise now? Fans are little more than cash cows to be milked for all they're worth. Big money and dodgy deals have been endemic in the game for decades, why get are they getting all bent out of shape now? When the FA and corporate greed shafted the fans and took football off the telly years ago that, to my mind, is no different to the new proposal . A super league with European teams playing and pay per view... what's different? I won't comment on the political jibe other than to say Dowden looked like a typical pompo
  2. The sum total of my knowledge of football is that the ball is round, players kick it and are paid ridiculous amounts of money for doing so. There seems to be a bit of a kerfuffle about a super league being setup and even warranting a parliamentary statement. So what's the problem? Surely clubs can do as they please. Is the FA afraid of losing control? or am I missing the point entirely>
  3. Good grief Carni both of you have certainly been in the wars of late. Get well soon and stay well!
  4. Oz, Mercs are made in many different countries and on different production lines. Having a range of variants made across the globe will, almost by definition, raise the prospects for error. At the end of the day I still wouldn't swap my Merc for a Land Rover no matter which model...
  5. It was delivered the next day nonna with no nonsense about photographing licences. In terms of money back we're ahead of the game. The groceries didn't trun when they were supposed to so contacted them. Much apologising and a refund for the full amount they said, "but we don't want a refund, we want our groceries", no problem we'll send them again. and they did, along with the original order! Noooo we've had two deliveries and a refund, please take payment and collect the goods left by the back door. The goods were collected but after our best efforts and numerous calls they s
  6. Mercs have 70 different models... Land Rover have 4, at a rough count that's 4 per for Merc and 26 for LR...
  7. That's why I refused! it could easily have been in some print shop in Eastern Europe within the hour...
  8. We had amazon deliver wine and the driver insisted he took a photograph of my licence as proof of age. "Not on your nelly sunshine... take it back" and he did! I guess some of us are just too good looking for our good...
  9. If poetry doesn't rhyme, is it still poetry?
  10. Not in this case, ownership has reverted back to the council I believe and it will be a council decision who they choose for the contract. The Chinese took a huge chunk of a similar situation in Bolton, how much input they will have remains to be seen. Maybe NCC will go the same way though it will probably cost oodles to the taxpayer the same as the tram...
  11. I think we need to be careful what we wish for. Going back to what was is a wistful idea but not one that would necessarily work. We all like a little nostalgia but realistically how relevant would rebuilding Drury Hill be? The shops would be small ‘boutique’ here today gone tomorrow type and hardly likely to afford city centre rents and rates. It would not be long before the howls of protest about access and congestion started and the council castigated for agreeing to a stupid idea. Carrington Street could be remade quite easily but why, to what end? City planners are determ
  12. Second jab this after noon and a little different. In ten minutes early (forgot my card), and this time felt the needle. Sat for a few minutes and felt a little disoriented but it soon passed. Thirty minutes on and I have a slight taste in the back of my throat but all in all fine... Many have had worse..
  13. On a Saturday morning I swapped, no cash, my sunbeam Rapier for a mates Herald. Sunday morning swapped it back! The transverse leaf spring at the rear could make for some 'interesting' handling if you got a bit enthusiastic...