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  1. Grandad like pobs... it's broken up bread in hot milk
  2. I could see them though it took some practice, once you learned how they were easy
  3. Just for you Lizzie:
  4. They don't have to Lizzie:
  5. It can be toxic to dogs though, horse worming tablets contain ivermectin which is toxic to certain breeds of dog. It is also not conducive to the good health of anyone with it on their shoes and walks on my carpets.
  6. There is a clown who turns up at Shipley Park with a horse box. Takes up 6 parking paces and the two horses always leave quite a pile on the ground. They could easily take it away but much prefer to leave it where people and kids are walking around. When challenged he said "it does no harm" and drove off. I'm with Mr Mayfield on this.
  7. We had a fairy, its name was Nuff... Many must have seen it because I often heard people say "it's FairyNuff"...
  8. If the dining room light is just a switch wire (no neutral), the fitting or a lighting junction box is probably used in a 'loop in loop out' configuration, there are other ways but that is the most common. Finding and identifying a neutral will be messy. Using an appropriately fused spur unit from the power socket will be OK done properly. Use 2.5mm cable from the socket INTO the spur unit and 1 or 1.5 mm cable OUT to the light (assuming you're not taking 2.5 to the light). Ensure the spur unit has a 5 (or less) fuse not a 13 amp... To be pedantic the spur unit should also be labelled to identify what it does and the fuse rating.
  9. My mam worked as a home worker for years making bridal tiaras. The house always seemed to be full of wire, reels of silk, net and wax pearls. As kids we often help bend the wire, using formers, bind with silk and whip little pearls on the ends to cover the sharp points. She was also a good machinist with industrial lockstitch and overlock machines taking up one end of the lounge. For the hours homeworkers put in and the rewards they got I'm sure it would be considered modern day slavery now days...
  10. My daughter had six but Mr Reynard thought that was four too many helped to reduce the number. As you say PP amusing creatures. Pity their scratching makes such a mess of the grass.
  11. I never understood why the paper grocery bags in American films didn't have handles. You'd think after a while they'd realise you can't unlock the door with both arms full nor can you put one down then pick it up again.... Strange people the Muricans...
  12. You misunderstood they were required, have been since wooden back boxes and pattresses were superseded by metal Changing a socket often brings up the problem of short cables because the terminals are different. Sparky will give the cable a good pull to see if there is any slack, it saves having to crimp if there is. You don't necessarily cut into the cable and short it out. The damage can reduce the insulation to the point where it is not sufficient when the cable carries carry the full load. I did not say you had to bring old installations up to spec, there are still thousands of BS3036 fuses out there. As an engineer I've given evidence to the HSE and believe me they want the smallest details explaining, insurance companies are the same. Of course this only applies in the most serious of cases. I'm not having a go at you, my apologies if you think I am. You asked about grommets and jobsworth chappies making up regulations for the sake of it. They don't and I've tried to explain some of the thinking behind the regs Electrical safety is a bit of a 'thing' for me...
  13. Do you need all the expense of the copper wire (earth), in your house that hopefully will never carry a current? Do you need fuses and breakers that never operate from one year to the next? Can you absolutely guarantee that at some point in the future someone will not work on your system and give the cable a good tug to try for a little bit of slack? You can say you will never touch the installation but at some point a total stranger will be living in your house and be completely unaware of the potential danger. I've taught many apprentices and they will always argue the necessity of something or other. Somethings can be difficult to persuade students of the need but at the end of the day the regulations are there for a reason The regulations are not mandatory and 20 years ago you could do as you liked but good luck with the insurance company should you ever suffer a fire through a fault. The lack of grommets may not have been the reason but they will view it an indication of the workmanship standard plus whoever wired the place will have some very awkward questions to answer. They cost pennies each, why on earth would you cheat?
  14. Caravan, easy beach access 104 for a week 'ont net. Golden Palm resort is only 255. Perhaps they mean the east coast of Abu Dhabi...