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  1. That makes five of us will be there to tell RR where he's going wrong and how it should be done! Grass cutting by committee, what can possibly go wrong?
  2. Trogg you have my admiration for keeping on keeping on as you do. One point though. you are almost bionic now so next time round ask them to fit you with a throttle so you can keep up! Simples
  3. I've been attacked and bitten twice by Alsations, one of them really, really, regretted it... Glad the little one wasn't traumatised too much... can we see the bruises Lizzie?
  4. Well it won't me it wus alright when I left it so there...
  5. I'm sure we all hope for a positive outcome Col...
  6. Why has no one noticed that the man the bike has only one leg ? ....
  7. Someone tried to tell me cows milk is bad for cats, hedgehogs and humans. I drink it, the kids drank it. the cats drink it, and we had Mr Prickles visit us regularly for almost two years - all without the least sign of ill effects.
  8. Read the first bit again.... the other two don't matter
  9. I failed on the first part plus I don't like Guinness, not too keen on the raw sausage idea either...
  10. Good grief Ben - do you drink it or paint the fence with it? … Hope the results come back OK..