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  1. F'kennel that's a bit rruff trogg, I'd have a bone to pick with her about that... Edit: congrats on the anniversary...
  2. Five years in and I still can't find topics after returning to the site. Getting zero results from a search and then told to wait before searching again is frustrating. I look at my content or try to remember who posted in the topic I want, look up their profile and then their content. Simple it is not!
  3. I've thought of that and many more scenarios in my head Rob but I thought if those ultrasonic devices work I don't mind spending a few quid. The dog will stop, it won't suffer any damage, she won't be any the wiser and sweetness and light will descend on Chez Brew.
  4. LOL.. it's one of those the daft bat uses to make it bark... unfortunately it stays firmly the right side of the fence
  5. They will but I'd rather not involve them at this stage...
  6. but he couldn't afford the many thousands of $ to pay for it, Were I a doctor I don't know if I could do that. Someone who your knowledge, skills and experience could possible cure/save their life yet you turn them away because they can't meet a demand for money...
  7. My neighbour has replied to a request to stop her dog incessantly barking with "Yo can shut yer mouth", charming from someone who must be my age or a tad older.. Her last dog was the same yet we said nothing. It eventually died and we had a year of peace until about six months ago. She now has a new pup that does exactly the same, helped I might add by her use of a child's water pistol. My question to the panel, does anyone know if ultrasonic anti-bark devices actually work? The next stage I suppose is reporting her for anti-social behaviour...
  8. Jonab has been quiet too, as with LL hope all's OK
  9. Ah well you see sir that's anuvver department innit...
  10. At last the feeling in my hand is returning after todays palaver. Arrived at Derby Royal for a minor op 12:30, left 17:30 with a hand doing a passable imitation of a leg of lamb. I expected to go into a little room stick my hand out and chop, snip, stich and Bob's yer uncle. Oh no, go in the room get undressed put on a gown and we'll give you an anaesthetic!. It was a full monty operating theatre, consultants, surgeons, assistants... At one point I think the car park attendant was in there somewhere. I'm all for proper care and attention but even DB came in to see if I died
  11. .. Post moved... I blame me 'and
  12. The vaccinator must play a part. My flu jab hurt like a bugger, I had a 'dead arm' and my shoulder was swollen for two days. First Pfizer totally painless, didn't even feel the needle and zero after effects. Second Pfizer much like the flu jab...