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  1. Our house had open plan stairs, what idiot ever thought they were a good idea? Due to the air circulation upstairs was as hot as Hades downstairs constant cold feet.
  2. Surely the ends shouldn't fray if they are gripped by cable clamps and not subject to movement...
  3. Col, why do you need shrink sleeving? Edit: B&Q do small amounts in the electrical dept;
  4. If we consider the number of staff, the vehicles, premises and high tech machinery in the postal service I think they do a great job for next to nothing. We have all heard horror stories of lost/late mail but never acknowledge the millions of successful deliveries, often in just a few hours to all but the most far flung places. The fact, as I said earlier, that the postage can be more than the items value is not important, it uses the same facilities and costs to deliver.
  5. The value of the item is irrelevant BK. £3.40 to deliver something over 200 miles is still a bargain, how much would it cost you to deliver it in person?
  6. To send an item anywhere in the country for 76 pence seems a bit of a bargain to me.
  7. Amber Vandella used to strip at the Calverton Miners Welfare. Despite every trick and excuse in the book I never manage a visit...
  8. It's true the trams are earth return and there is quite a spike in ground current as they pass but due to the nature of ground and some strategic resistors it quickly dissipates. It is neither AC nor DC, it is impulse current but I don't suppose your bugs are too concerned about that.
  9. The currents you are referring to are the Telluric currents that have many causes and flow with the earth and also upwards towards the sun. On a fine,clear day about 2 picoamps per sq mtr go skywards...
  10. More about Manlove and Alliot here:
  11. I'm sad that if I tried skipping now I wouldn't get to the end of the first line!
  12. Skipping chant: On the mountain stands a lady who she is we do not know All she wants is gold and silver, all she wants is a nice young man So call in ……… while I go out to play.
  13. We had a variation but as I said it could get quite complicated. 1. Hold all five in your palm loft and catch as many as you can on the back of your hand. If you caught three keep one, two go the side and are out of play. Now loft the one saved and pick up one of the remaining snobs before you catch the one falling. Keep doing this until you have picked all the snobs. Then all five are back play. Repeat but now we are doing Twoses. You have to pick two snobs per throw...… until Fiveses and you have to catch all five on the back of your hand. Repeat form the beginning but now you don't put the swept up snob down you have to keep them in your hand... Repeat from the beginning but now the catch has to be overhand...…………...
  14. The Tower had big white glass globe lighting and more than once I have seen a beer glass gently arc across the room collecting one of the lights in passing. It was on my way to Broad Marsh and my bus to Clifton so I occasionally dropped in for a last one. The barman almost broke my wrist once by slamming the bar shutters down as I reached for my drink. I might have had one or two too many and as I turned all hell had broken loose but my only concern was that they didn't spill my beer as I made my way through the melee. Amazingly I made it through the brawlers and drank my beer outside. According to my mate I was totally unconcerned with the mayhem inside and was quite happy with life until a policeman told us to 'disappear sharpish'.