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  1. Brew

    Room 101

    Comedian,, Can't remember jokes Arrogant,, Mmm can be at times Controlling,, Nah, can't be ar**d Self satisfying,, Not even sure I know what this means Know it all,, I know a bit but theres more I don't know In ya face,, Never, Bragging,, It's 'ard to be 'umble when you're perfect. Egotistical Ask others about this Manipulative As with controlling Deluded Probably Fantasising Yes... oh boy do I have fantasies Pushy Never Insecure Can be in a crowd Walter Mitty I'm not but not sure about the others that live in my head
  2. Brew

    Motorbikes of old Yours truly with a Norton. I always identified with the rockers rather than the scooter (pansy wagon) crowd but in truth was never really part of it. Always a Brit bike fan until someone let me ride a Yamaha 750 triple, after that it's a whole different story.
  3. Brew

    Things To Do Before You Die!

    I went dophin watching in Portugal. Saw one dolphin and spent the rest of the time with my head in a sick bag. A good sailor I'm not.
  4. Brew

    Would you pass your driving test today ?

    Thanks CF, I must admit I couldn't resist a small toot.
  5. Brew

    Would you pass your driving test today ?

    Thank you. Technically yes it does however the premiums of 'our carefully selected partners' are way more than those on insurance comparison sites.
  6. Brew

    Would you pass your driving test today ?

    Permit moi to have a small boast. I passed the RoSPA advanced driving test today - at gold, the highest standard...
  7. Brew

    How's your day?

    Your pool pic came through here OK Nonna
  8. Brew

    Central Market

    It was quite good at tightening ones sphincter as well!
  9. Brew

    Duchess of Cambridge

    I imagine the less salubrious paparazzi have been going frantic trying to dig up something on the couple/friends/family to make a scurrilous headline.
  10. Brew

    Central Market

    A bit like my first time driving an artic. "Can you drive one of those" said the supervisor. "Don't know" I said. Well take that one to Lincoln depot and find out!
  11. Brew

    Duchess of Cambridge

    I'm a Royalist and really, really hope I'm wrong but you know that bit of the film where the train is heading towards a bridge that's out...........
  12. Brew

    How's your day?

    First time in Blackpool myself, wife, young son and little brother (17yrs younger) stayed at a B&B where the hot water was delivered to the room in a large jug!. We went in a Ford Anglia I bought for twenty five pounds which promptl;y died the day after we returned home. The weather was superb, glorious sunshine all week. The only downside was the sea - after seeing what was floating there I banned everyone from going anywhere near it! Even so it till ranks as a great holday. I went again in my fiftiesfor a weekend and though the sea did look cleaner I didn't go in. Spent a day in the amusement park and loved it. The trams looked good at night but the young ladies with their bare chests pressed against the rear window of a coach looked better. .... ("Mmm what dear? no dear, I didn't notice") KJ is right, a holiday is what you make it. Go expecting awful and Blackpool will be that in spades. Go looking for a great time and Blackpool will deliver that too.
  13. Brew

    Central Market

    I had a Satruday job in the Central Market selling curtain material. The stall owner, Ruby Sunshine, who's real name was Ruben Finkelstein also had a workshop on Glasshouse Street making up curtains for customers. I used to take an enamel jug to the cafe to be filled with tea where a gorgeous lady took take great delight in embarrasing me by hugging me to her (more than ample) bosom and call me her little ray of sunshine. A magic place that had 'character, somehing the market in Vicki center never achieved to the same degree.
  14. Brew

    No one Sed Owt!

    On a quiet, still night you could certainly hear it in Clifton