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  1. Perusing tool porn is one of lifes pleasures for me but unfortunatley the tools I buy always turn out to be the self losing variety...
  2. Brew


    It's quite possible the test in the lab only takes a few minutes but the transporting and the shear volume mean it takes some time to get through the system.
  3. I've only ever been to one once. Nice young lady who trimmed my nails, filed the hard skin round my heels finished with a nice oiled foot rub and sent me merrily on my way with ***! verrucae! By the time I realised I had it it was well established and a bugger to get rid of. Needless to say I've not returned.
  4. The first kiss with my dearly beloved actually wasn't a kiss at all. After meeting by the Lion with my best friend and her best friend we went in the Flying Horse and a riotous night where we all drank far to much. She wanted to try a Pimms No1 which came in a half pint dimple glass with what looked like a a small fruit farm thrown in it. Slurp swish gone, that was nice can I another?... Eventually it was home time and acting like a gentleman I walked her to the bus station and cuddled up on the seat in Huntingdon Street for that first hesitant magical kiss... Except just as we were about make contact she pushed me away and was violently sick! the Pimms made a spectacular return journey, (first and only time I ever saw her drunk). Charming I thought, bloody charming... but we did meet again and the rest as they say is history
  5. I've brought quite a few headlamp lenses and motorbikes screens back to near new condition with 50/50 Tcut and water.
  6. Right hand side council house Lion on a blind date. Apparently she new after three weeks we would marry, took me almost two years to reach the same conclusion...
  7. Brew


    Of course we act accordingly but it will be of no use if others have no concern and wish to carry on as per usual. Covid is turning out to be as divisive as Brexit
  8. Brew


    And your point? I'm not following...
  9. Brew


    I find that dying from Covid-19 because some idiots can't go without pouring ale down their neck offensive. I find the implied suggestion that because the the most dangerous age is 80+ ( but the average age of death from the virus is 82.), therefore it wont matter if they die, offensive. I find your suggestion that we have no resposibility or moral obligation toward our fellow man offensive. I find the idea of the NHS being overwhelmed because we took the brakes off just so some can go get sunburned, offensive You're concerned about cancelled hospital appointments? How will letting Covid run amok and swamp the NHS help? You are spot on - it was nothing like altruism
  10. Some may be missing. Was the Hutt a Berni?
  11. Brew


    Your figure is a little out of date Lizzie. 0.01% is 700,000. In round firgures well over a million have died and still rising even with all the control measures in place. Without control the figure is estimated to be at least double. One prediction puts the figure as high as 40.000.000
  12. Brew


    What a wonderful example of modern altruism. I'll give you some stats and let you decide how many 'many' is. Compared to 18 - 29yrs control group 30 - 39. 4 times more deaths 40 - 49. 10 times 50 - 64. 30 times 65 - 74. 90 times 75 - 84. 220 times 85+ 630 times These mean times more likely to die from a covid infection than those in the control group. But of course you're right, if someone dies after being infected by don't know, don't care merchants it's their own damn fault, after all such people are easily indentified right? You're not belittling things?... I rather think you are....
  13. I thought they would only add to the confusion...
  14. Though Margie's fingers twitched she gave you the answer. In math n can be any number. The original question is - add in sequence the numbers from 1 to 100 Let n = 100. The formula is 1/2n x n+1 substitute numbers for n gives - 1/2 of 100 x 100+1 - thus: 50 x 101 = 5050