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  1. There are many times when I would like to have been there. Rome at the height of it's power, Egypt. Mesopotamia or ancient Greece. There is a rider to this though, it would have to be as an observer not actually living the life. The time period I'd most like to see though is sometime in the far future. The things we take for granted now would probably have had us stoned for withcraft in the middle ages so condsidering the rate of change is increasing almost exponentially the next five hundred years are beyond my imagination.
  2. Any Hippies here?

    It's right that if you remeber the '60s you were not really there. I lived through it and it was , well, just living and all the free love and 'happenings' I kept reading about always seemed to be happening anywhere I wasn't. With work, university and getting married at 20 everything went by in blur. My only contribution to the hippie movement was a matching 'flower power' shirt and tie - long after it had gone out of fashion.
  3. Things you don't see anymore

    I had a Rover 80 and always hung my nose over the 110. My dad called them the poor mans Rolls Royce.
  4. You Couldn't Make this Up !

    "Do you know who I am" is a phrase that brings back memories. In the '87 snow storm (Christams time) we had thousands of people off supply and were working 18/19 hours a day getting the netowrk back up and running. Most people were great bringing cups of tea, offers of whatever food they had etc. One lady, the wife of a 'Sir' demanded we reconnect her IMMEDIATELY as she had guests for Christmas lunch arriving and we had beter attend to it or she would have words with her 'good friend' our chairman. "Don't you know who I am" she said. No ma'am but we will do our very best.... later, like next day later guess who lived in the last house to be connected.
  5. You Couldn't Make this Up !

    I think technology has a lot to answer for for the lack of apprenticships. Many jobs have been 'deskilled' to the point where almost anyone can do it with the minimal of training, especially in the manufacturing sector.
  6. Catfan's Blog.

    Lost in admiration plantfit, a fine example to us all. Well done sir.
  7. Bread

    If I remeber correctly a 'batch' was a round crusty loaf.
  8. Sentimental old 'Tat' and liberty bodices

    Showing emotion? Good lord no, I'm English. Emotion is quite properly reserved for mothers, children when little and possibly small furry creatures. Then again men only have two emotions, hungry or horny. If your man doesn't have an erection - make him a sandwich.
  9. Things you don't see anymore

    Never thought of 'building' my own battery. Not too sure about the capacity of 2025s but an interesting idea. Pity my Mk8 has gone now, back in the day they were the reference meter.
  10. Things you don't see anymore

    Can you still get batteries for AVOs?
  11. WOW Virgin Media

    I find it irritating that all ISPs quote download speeds and never mention the pathetic upload. I host a server in Strasbourg, downloading at 10Mbs is not much of a prolem but uploading files at 0.3Mbs really tests my patience and yet we are continually pushed towards 'cloud computing'. I accept they prioritise for the majority who only download but uploading back in the day of 56k modems uploading was usually 50% of the download speed and I can see no good reason why it can't be that way now. Plusnets (my ISP) script monkey told me when I asked to upgrade to a business tariff told me, (it's no faster, the cables can only carry traffic one way!) what a load of garbage.
  12. Old sweets, chocolates and snacks

    Katy your memory is fine. Don't care what it says on the packet they are most definatley NOT the Nibbets of my childhood.
  13. What was your Co-op Divi number?

    109806. Collected from 'Big Coop' just before Christmas and a visit to Santas grotto if we were lucky.
  14. Things you don't see anymore

    The place I buy my shirts still sell spare brass stiffeners, £4.95. Once i lose them though I don't bother replacing them. A light spray with starch is just as good but I rarely need to dress formally now days In another life the shop I worked in part time, ( I was fired for stoking the boiler in the basment until it glowed red) sold paper collars
  15. Things you don't see anymore

    Many of my shirts came with brass collar stiffeners, absolute buggers to get out the washing machine drum if you forget to remove them first.