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  1. Nor is anyone else..... including the Liberals
  2. Join the Liberals, I'm sure there's still room on the fence.
  3. I've read two quotes in the press. One said 65%, the other 85%, preumably of those conservative memebers able to vote in the election. The Mirror is quoting 'thousands', The Telegraph and Huffingfon Post are also reporting similar... I don't think it can happen, but it seems some members want his name on the ballot paper in order to re-elect him as leader. Perhaps he'll emulate Trump and storm parliament! Just as there was a rush to register for the Labour leadership, there is something similar happening for the Conservatives.
  4. I may have dreamed this, have I just read that a significant number want Johnson to retract his resignation?
  5. They did, whether they do know I don't know
  6. There had to be utter silence at Grandma's house when Mrs Dale was " rather worried about Jim"...
  7. Good grief, there would a massive melt down if 'till death do us part' and 'love thy neighbour' were relaunched.
  8. An ancient tradition the council invented. Cobbles were not laid in fancy patterns and as the picture shows they break up easily under modern traffic. In frost and snow they're dangerous to drive on, not too easy to walk on either
  9. And if a poster writes NOTTINGHAM in both capitals and bold font, you know he's about to go off on one and have a dig!
  10. Resistance is futile! Relax Ben, just go with the flow and enjoy the right to grumble in queues, shout at the telly whilst telling everyone with earshot how it was different back in the day, and you pay your taxes,and know your rights etc. People will either indulge you or ignore you, some may simply smile and say “ah bless”...
  11. Entirely agree, and by the time they've done messing about with it. I would imagine it's only lukewarm at the table. It always grates on me when they say jus, it's gravy you....
  12. "Never give up, never surrender". Boris claims his mission is 'largely finished'............. for now! I wonder what he has in mind next? Apart from his million pound book deal, what is he plotting for the future? He sabotaged Theresa May, can he outsmart Sunak?
  13. Announced today is approval for a new nuclear power station. Cost is estimated at 20bn, a lot of money and mainly funded by the French (EDF). With almost the same size, some say bigger, economy, how come they can afford it, and we can't? Why do we have to be beholding to foreign powers for our energy?
  14. The big question Col is - is it getting easier/better, and how long before you can do a Kate Bush?
  15. how many shouted to you that it needed ironing Ben?