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  1. Brew

    My Bike rides

    I'm being a bit thick here... DF?
  2. I've done a lot 'handball' loads. 22tons of bagged cement, as you say still hot - full 40' trailer of 1cwt bags of plaster - trailer full of McCarthy bricks from Bulwell - 2cwt hessian bags of sugar beet (they damn near killed me) - raw brown sugar in 1cwt bags, sticky and as rough as sandpaper - building blocks - concrete paving slabs... the list goes on and on all unloaded by hand. The beer barrel I now carry around my waist was once quite an impressive six pack. Thank god for palletisation
  3. Brew

    My Bike rides

    I've never seen anything but good comments PF. Your photos are excellent as are the descriptions of the rides
  4. Brew

    Classic cars

    There's a lorra lorra work gone into that!
  5. Brew

    Beekay's paintings

    BK consider EBay if you're thinking of turning it into a sideline. Typical example below:
  6. Brew

    My Bike rides

    Exactly so - there has to be a market for a bespoke security device and a niche market will always command premium prices at the outset as evidenced by the ridiculously over priced ancillaries you mention.
  7. Probably a bit higher tech than the Maplin machine but the space station has one to make spare parts! Don't know how that would work in zero gravity but I supposed they have thought of a solution.
  8. Brew

    How's your day?

    It's been said before Compo ...... and by more than one person!
  9. Brew

    My Bike rides

    Perhaps an opportunity there PF. With your engineering skills and workshop facilities. invent and manufacture security kits for trikes. There's not always a convenient lamppost to anchor them to.
  10. Always go the day before and stay in a hotel overnight. Plenty of hotels let you park for free whilst you're away, provide a free shuttle and it's roughly the same price as the long stay car park.
  11. Brew

    Nottingham General Hospital

    After meals or drinking tea are the worst but I'm pretty much wound up all day. I'm struggling to convince myself that at 73 it's worth the aggravation, the fact that herself smokes doesn't help. One tip. Be careful of using Wrigleys Extra chewing gum as a substitute. The label warns, in small letters, of a possible laxative effect.... it's true.
  12. Brew

    My Bike rides

    A better question is how do you stop it! Excellent work..
  13. Brew

    Nottingham General Hospital

    Don't tell me that Ben, I'm now on day 76 and struggling. I am hoping, because it's what I've been told, it gets much easier after 3 months....
  14. You can still fly EMA to LHR. The downside is it takes over three hours via Edinburgh, Amsterdam or Belfast,,