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  1. I got the tree wrong too, I didn't read the question properly and I've never heard of the purple flag
  2. Made me think how well I know my home town so I took a test: There are adverts but nothing inappropriate, I scored 6
  3. Maybe the other pictures will give us more of a clue. I'm thinking Gainsborough at the moment...
  4. Brew

    Things you don't see anymore

    Quite, quite mad...…….
  5. Brew

    How's your day?

    My barber doesn't cut hair any longer..... shorter yes but not longer...
  6. I can't remember a pergola in the city section of the Trent
  7. Brew

    historical Robin Hood search

    Manchester did similar last week with statues of bees, they went for an average of £8,000!
  8. Brew


    That's some zoom DJ...
  9. Stop whatever it is you're taking DJ, you're hallucinating!
  10. My first 'brand new' house was in Awsworth. Three bed detached for £3000 and an extra £500 for a corner plot with a large garden. It came with a fitted kitchen, a serving hatch, a Potterton boiler only slightly smaller than VW Beetle and a pale blue bathroom suite! how posh were we! There was some delay moving due to some legals over the route of the drains and in that time the mortgage went from £24 to £27 a month. It meant serious scrimping and scraping to afford the increase, we almost didn't make it.
  11. Brew

    All Kinds of Everything.

    There was a little café just round that bend, always had a hot dog when I passed it.
  12. Brew

    All Kinds of Everything.

    My aunt had one of those I thought they were brilliant, always wanted to have a go.
  13. Brew

    Time Lord!

    Thanks! that's knocked my duck off. Your grandfather?... in my head I'm somewhere in my 20's... now I feel old.
  14. Brew


    Sorry Pianoman but that's not what I meant. There appears to be a 2.5mm T&E feeding a socket on the wall, it's not even clipped to secure it. I'm being critical because I've worked in the industry a long time and have seen too many accidents. It's a workshop, therefore you work in there. It would be so easy to move something and snag that cable. Please be careful mate.
  15. Brew

    Healthy exercise

    Reminds me of Terry Pratchets Nac Mac Feegles. Oo the foldin 'o the arms, the pursing 'o the lips or horror of horrors..... the tappin 'o the feets!