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  1. Brew

    Freedom of speech

    Could you not use your MM to measure the resistance of each coil pack Loppy?
  2. Brew

    Freedom of speech

    I can count the number of times I've lifted the bonnet of my car on the toes of one hand. Let them as wants to, get on with it.
  3. Brew

    Freedom of speech

    Which ties in rather neatly Col with the earlier discussion. Hofstadter in his discourse examines how fringe groups can have a disproportionate influence and how individual behaviour can impact much larger groups. Such things would be difficult to think about objectively whilst trying to remember 'mirror. signal. manoeuvre' or negotiating the intricacies of a two lane roundabout.
  4. Brew

    Freedom of speech

    I passed my test in a HA Viva, passed first time after only six lessons. That was of course before I became interested the influences of history, culture, and the societal emergence of institutions that influenced geopolitics.
  5. Brew

    How's your day?

    After playtime with their little pals there was always a prize for who could collect the most toys and put them back in the box. Strangely enough there always seemed to be just the right number of tubes of Smarties for everyone to win a prize
  6. Brew

    Freedom of speech

    And long may it remain so Ben, some just take things way too seriously. If we stayed 'on topic' we'd probably run out of things to say by page 2
  7. Brew

    Freedom of speech

    Of course you can talk about meat paste, old cars and even dead donkeys if you so wish. The title of this thread is...……………………..
  8. Brew

    Things you don't see anymore

    I did that too Margie. The cardboard tops were from wide necked bottles and had a centre you could push out to make a ring. Made good skimmers too. We also put four pins a cotton reel and made the strings. I think we called it French knitting.
  9. Brew

    Things you don't see anymore

    I LOVED stera milk so there Hot on me shreddies (three in a pudding bowl) in the morning and in my tea. Towards the end of the week a bottle of stera and a bottle water in a big jug to dilute it. The jug was one of those you used to see in bedrooms with a matching bowl.
  10. Brew

    Things you don't see anymore

    And hoped the sparrers din't peck through the foil top and pinch the cream.
  11. Brew

    Freedom of speech

    It demonstrates how from little acorns, oak trees grow. The Labour MP Dawn Butler who has obviously nothing better to do but raise her own profile as a champion of equality and liberalism has seized on a meme to further her own agenda. She probably doesn't give a rat's a*** about it but it's all good publicity. This will be picked up by the loose association we call the PC brigade and promoted for awhile until a new 'flavour of the month' comes along. But it will leave an impression in peoples minds and it will gradually become a 'norm' that we can't use things that are not British in origin. The problem with that is there is no such thing. Being British is an amalgamation of more than a thousand years of history. We adopt and adapt from cultures all over the world. I say if apologies and reparations are needed. India has fifteen official languages, one of them is English, can I have my share now please
  12. Brew

    Freedom of speech

    From a small beginning to front page news...…... How long will it be before it's a 'more enlightened convention'?
  13. Brew

    Freedom of speech

    No arguments here DB..
  14. The van took me a second or two. I thought 'what's clever about that', then I saw the car.... derr
  15. Brew

    My Bike rides

    Bloody hell Rog settle down, I nearly had a heart attack just thinking about biking up that hill, lead me into things gently will yer...