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  1. Text from the Docs, click link to book test, clicked and booked for Feb 1st, all done is under 30 secs..,
  2. Chocolate limes were/are green and had a chocolate paste center
  3. Go back Carni they're usually quite good if things aren't quite right and if they don't tell them them you want a refund. Many moons ago I was reluctant to complain or make a fuss but I'm at the age now where I will if I think it right.
  4. The MooCow had a record on the jukebox called City of Tears. The motorbikers put threepence in, press the button then dash out to their bikes. The idea was race up Arkwright St round the turn at Trent Bridge and back before the record ended - it did not go well.
  5. I remember going in a couple of times with my best friend and feeling very out of our depth. Hot chocolate 1 shilling and served in those bowl type cups popular in coffee houses, very posh to a pair of snotty nosed 14yr olds.
  6. I said remove his spectacles!
  7. Maybe they said two doses before they realised the full enormity of giving 130 million injections. Hopefully PP both of you will get the full set before too long. Like you given choice of a second shot or herself (she's only 64), having her first, I'd go along with that. I wonder if larger populations, towns and cities v villages make a difference and how do they choose? Doctors waiting list? SS number? electoral roll? it must be a nightmare trying to ensure everyone is notified of their turn...
  8. Difficult choice, lot's of people with partial immunity or fewer people with complete (95%) immunity... Will the partially protected slow down the spread or will they prolong it? I'm glad it's not me that has to make the decision. I it doesn't matter what they do some will moan.
  9. Good to see a bit of good news in this topic, hope it goes well for him nonna..
  10. Do you think crushing them and sprinkling the powder on his food would work?
  11. radfordred I apologise in advance Members 5,337 8,539 posts Gender:Male Location:Wollaton via Sunny Radford Interests: Sad to see the slow death of the Nottstalgia site with insane Facebook type day to day drivel
  12. It's the PC brigade Oz, they don't like it up 'em
  13. I had a 'flu jab last Thursday. Hardly felt a thing but my upper arm has swollen and it's quite warm to the touch, never been like that before. Going down slightly now but still can feel a differencce in temperature.