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  1. Things you don't see anymore

    The Park estate had for many years a guy with a horse and quite a big cart collecting the leaves and keeping the streets clean.
  2. Linux

    It doesn't work for me LL (I have Windows on my PC) but I have helped a few Linux users in the past. For the record I hate Linux with a passion although I do run a server in Strasbourg using Centos. For a server Linux is OK so long as you are prepared to learn arcane commands but for a domestic PC it's pretty useless. Heres a 'how to' :
  3. Linux

    Skype is well supported on Linux, depending on which flavour you run. One well know problem that stops it working is up dating, you have to remove(uninstall) the old version first.
  4. Things that pee you off

    Somebody shoot me quick I can't stop. Now it's PF inna bell bottom kilt!! help...
  5. Things that pee you off

    Rog in bell bottom shorts - now theres a mental picture not easily got rid of..
  6. Tram losses

    Close Waddo. It involved physical impossiblities, human orifces and imprecations about their parentage amongst others.
  7. Tram losses

    Sub contracting is one of the reasons I got out of the haulage game, Back in the '80s when the blessed Margaret was doing her best to ruin us i tendered for a contract at a price that would make almost no profit but keep the wheels turning and men in work. I was undercut by K&M who, knowing they couldn't possibly make any money, contacted me and others to offer the work, at their price less 10%. I leave it to your imagination what my reply was.
  8. Sucky Bogger!

    Had a dual meaning to us: Sucky sod - overly sentimental and gormless (not necessarily at the same time)
  9. How's your day?

    I wonder why drinking beer in the morning is frowned on. Are early doors drinkers more likely to be objectionable or more aggresive than night time drinkers? Like Col I've 'tut tutted' at them but can think of no logical reason why.
  10. Pits Around Nottingham.

    Coal powered stations emitting more radiation than nuclear is an urban myth but there is a grain of truth in it. Coal contains Ra226 which is radioactive. This does not die when the coal is burnt - it remains in the fly ash and gypsum by products that are used in building components. The waste from nuclear is very tightly controlled, fly ash and gypsum are not so the 'accumulated' radioactivity released into the environment is greater for coal than nuclear. Still at very low levels though.
  11. The Future Could Be Bleak.

    I'm fairly sure the day will come when all new borns will be chipped much like we do pets now.
  12. Things that pee you off

    Me mams me mam and alluz woz so there!
  13. Things that pee you off

    I'm almost tempted to join you ,,,
  14. Things that pee you off

    I dont read the word games or the music threads but I really can't get my knickers in a twist about them. What is it that so upsets people? It's harmless and easily ignored if you don't like them. As for relevance, well as someone pointed out awhile ago, there would be little to read if the forum contained only local history. What happened to live and let live?
  15. Were you born at home

    I was born in an attic in Nottintone Place Sneinton, so was my brother and my other siblings at the city hospital. My son was born at home, A614 Calverton, but not after some drama with the doctor. He was a Chinese guy at Burton Joyce which even at breakneck speed meant a possible long wait for him to arrive, add that to the fact that he tried insist that she gave birth under hypnosis and refused to release her as a patient when we wanted another 'proper' doctor. He took quite a bit of persuading to let her go, tipping his desk upside down might have helped.