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  1. Tend to disagree. Unmarked cars will certainly catch a few bad drivers, but a marked police car will have a bigger effect. Who here doesn't check their speed and slow down when they see one? So one unmarked car will catch a few, a conspicuous car will prevent many more from transgressing.
  2. That's not too far away Mary I'll give it a go at the weekend, thanks
  3. very good Margie please don't do it again
  4. Far be it from me to say so but I rather think there may be a terminological inexactitude there Compo
  5. I have in the past been tempted to point out the odd grammatical error, then I re read some of my own posts with missed words, repeated sentences, poor syntax and cringe...
  6. Do you need ruby slippers to walk on the yellow brick road BK?
  7. A lot has changed in the last ten years Ayeup never mind 50! I don't go to town much but there's always something to surprise me when I do. (Some of those guys with dashcams aren't exactly perfect either)
  8. Woohoo I've read my mail and it says I won the Lottery 'Set For Life' game. So now I'm set for life, great! I'm a bit worried though, it's only £5 - do they know something I don't?
  9. We sang matter spatter custard and a dead dogs eye..... We also sang Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water Jill came down with half a crown, but not for fetching water... Mam said 'stop that it's not nice' but never said why...
  10. Perhaps SG you need my Grandma's remedy (for pretty everything, coughs, colds and runny noses), goose grease and brown paper on the chest.
  11. The web site only has Android and Apple apps...?
  12. Never heard of it, I'll look into it later today... Edit: Seems to be for smartphones only...
  13. Why am I not surprised! I'd be flat on my back for a week!