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  1. A couple of weeks ago I posted about having covid after returning from holiday, the after effects are slowly going but that is the least of our problems. On the flight back the wife was coughing and had a pain in her lower stomach and had to have oxygen for the rest of the flight. After a week in bed and antibiotics she was OK, a few days later early in the morning she took ill and was loosing lots of blood , it was an ambulance ride to Hospital. She was in for 9 days on antibiotics . Eventually they decided it was an infection on one of the veins supplying blood to the Colon, she is home now
  2. I had the same moss problem on one side of my lawn next to a fence, for years it was the same plenty of moss killer, sand, aerating and scarifying. When it looked OK it was Autumn and the moss came back with a vengeance so after 20 years of trying it was time to change. I laid sleepers 6 foot from the fence and laid fabric and covered it with blue slate chippings, I then planted a few conifers , barrels with bamboo plants in them and decorative grasses in the slate, now I have to do nothing at all , its great.
  3. I dont have any of my school reports, but thinking of subjects taught at school I can say with pleasure at 76 years old I have never had to use Algebra. Was that one of the subjects taught but of no general use , what else do you think that was not worth the effort at School.
  4. Hi I have never stopped in the North but I have driven up there, the north tends to be a bit cooler but still is hot, the landscape is a lot greener than the south. If you have the chance go up Mount Tedi you will need some warm clothes with you as there is normally snow up there . As the island is duty free cigs and alcohol is cheap, but this time we brought ours on the plane going out and coming back, electricals perfume etc is also cheap. As for face masks I have always been a believer in them and still wear them when near crowds shopping etc but this time they seem to have failed me. I fe
  5. Beekay my passport ran out 5 years ago I was never going to renew it again but I finally did , what a waste of money. I suppose its only use now is to prove my ID.
  6. I have just had a week in Tenerife as I was fed up with the winter, it was great in the sun, but after every pleasure there is a cost. The wife and myself both wore face masks at the airport and on the plane travelling back, after an hour she collapsed and needed oxygen for the rest of the journey. She was in bed and was on her antibiotics for several days. Me feeling left out and having to do all the holiday washing and ironing felt rough and started coughing my son called in and made me take a COVID test, for the first time I was positive. After a week mostly spent in bed I am clear but am s
  7. I know what I want to be, well I will when the wife finally tells me . But she has already told me where to go.
  8. I have been on Alodipine for years and a variety of others at same time. I have to take home blood pressure tests for a week every couple of months and receive telephone calls from the doctor over this to often,and listen to the reasons why I should stop smoking. My readings vary greatly so as yet they haven’t yet found a tablet to control it which will not affect my kidney,
  9. I cannot wait to see young Miss Sparrow in her School uniform standing under the Quadrant. oops I didn’t write that did I. I was only thinking it, I promise honestly.he he
  10. Well said Jill I am the same outlook at 76, I am to old to worry about what others think of me and my actions. I do not go out of my way to annoy people, unless necessary, but leave me to do what I want.
  11. Hey Beekay it may be a long time since you Have seen Boolwell Bogs but now the water is clear and the surrounding area has all been tidied up. It is a great time walking along the side o the Leen and watching the amount of wild life on ,in and around it. There is plenty of benches about to sit and chill out.
  12. I have to go for blood tests on a regular basis and every time it is the same "we are having problems finding a vein". A few weeks ago Nora the Needle had 4 attempts before she found blood and she told me the normal thing drink loads of water before you arrive. I could not wait to get out and find the nearest toilet before I had an unfortunate accident.
  13. If she does not know how to make a wax doll and use it consult my other half, she is an expert, why do you think I keep getting stabbing pains in my back.
  14. Sorry to hear your news Melissa but as others have said it may be your chance to look around and try some thing different. I have had a great day we went into Hucknall and sat inside a nice warm Greggs with a bacon baguette and coffee and watched the world go by. Then home and the chainsaw out and took the other cherry tree down, no more sweeping leaves up in the front garden again, cleared every thing up. Then into the house when I finally sat down suffering I thought that was a stupid idea, when will I ever learn.
  15. I have gone one better than that Beekay I have gone back to the fifties, newspaper squares, the problem with that is that I donot buy newspapers. So now I use my free bus and tram pass and I travel on them until I find newspapers that people have left ,when I have enough its home and cut them up. I have many other money saving tips if you need them.