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  1. You certainly picked lots of beautiful ladies Ben, I am still waiting for advice , or maybe its a few decades late for me.
  2. A great posting DJ you have eloquently described how I feel, if I were to try to explain how I feel it would be full of expletives. For a few years I have tried to explain how they are trying to destroy the NHS and replace it with an American style health " service" and that the other privatised services are are costing a fortune with Government grants ,subsidies etc. I have had to use the NHS too much in the last few years and have yet to find a more dedicated workforce and they are underpaid and over worked. But I have realised I am wasting my time as the majority of people do not want
  3. I find pressure washing satisfying, seeing the item appear as new again. But despite wearing all the correct gear I always end up wet through and cannot wait to be in dry clothes again. I have to agree on the spring chicken theory ,I no longer choose to carry on when I reach a certain stage of soaking through.
  4. Transport models is the topic , so post them.
  5. Here is a few more. I can remember seeing Pickfords vans regularly at one time but not recently are they still about.
  6. A Reliant Regal with City of Nottingham Water Department on it side, I didnt know they used these, can anyone remember them.
  7. This is the 1906 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost on a previous post I put on the Riley in error, apologies. This is British engineering at its best.
  8. Two more 1906 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost 1918 Crossley Fire Tender
  9. Whilst the wife was putting away the Christmas tree she found 20 Matchbox of Yesteryear, so I will post a few before they go into Hibernation again. A 1954 Riley Ford Model T 1911
  10. I was in the local supermarket yesterday and in the same isle was hot cross buns, mince pies and those small Easter eggs. Well I thought I know I am forgetful and sometimes I don't know what day it is, but these here don't what Month it is, or is this a conspiracy between the supermarket and my wife to have me committed.
  11. The School on the left is Henry Whipple Infants School, in the middle is the Junior School and the one on the right is the wooden hut which has been mention before, I never had any knowledge of it being a School only knew it as a Community Centre. But I am sure Ben can tell us more. But it is a great map.
  12. We have stopped sending Christmas cards and we make a donation to Air Ambulance instead. Those who we didn't see before Christmas, to tell them, we phoned instead. As for loosing a card in the post my wife sent a birthday card to granddaughter , cash in it , it never arrived and she was distraught. This we believe happens often so we never put money in cards now.
  13. It looks a magnificent building, a welcoming site.
  14. There is nothing better than spending time with grand children at Christmas. Mine are now grown up but I was with two of my grandsons and the partner of one, she has fitted in with the family completely and to hear the banter between all three of them was entertaining.