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  1. Jonab and Jill you are right, two of my grand children when they visited use to go in my garden with me and I let them eat plums apples and pears off the trees, and also tomatoes cherries strawberries ( not all at the same time) and their mother use to run out in a panic each time "wash them first". The worst was when they picked peas and ate them straight away, I always use to forget to tell them they had to wash them, I was never in her good books, but kids have to experience all many things in life.
  2. I can remember a Mr Skilbeck as head of Greenwood when I started there in 1958, sounds like the same man.
  3. Not my first time flying but the first time flying in a light aircraft. Two weeks after my grandson gained his pilots licence on his 17th birthday he took me up for a flight for an hour, I had to pay hire fee. Was I worried, you bet I was , squashed up in a noisy uncomfortable space with a very thin floor between me and fresh air, him all happy and telling me what to do if the engine failed and gleefully pointing out places of interest. Was this the small little boy I used to carry about and now my life depended on him. We landed and as I had been bumped and banged about so much I couldn't move and he had to pull me up out of the seat and help me back to the ground, the youngest grandson had to run across and bring me my walking stick as I couldn't walk. Would I do it again NO NO NO.
  4. The unforgettable sights and sounds of a steam engine pulling off from standstill. A memorable piece of film.
  5. Waddo you make me feel even older, like your Dad I can remember getting 4gallons for a pound in my mini. lol
  6. Headlights on Audis, earlier this year mine was damaged in a bump the replacement was £800 plus labour.
  7. Happy birthday Jill, I am sure your day will be purrfect.
  8. Ben do yourself a favour and don't even try and understand modern cars, I was ok with them but not now. I have just changed my car again 2nd time this year, the last one was bad enough but this , it seems a regular job now to ask my son to come and put right my dash panel. Too many switches stalks and menus . All I want to do is drive it and not have a light show inside and a robotic voice rebuke me for not doing things right, I get enough of that at home.
  9. I just had a message from Ben, he is just giving Nottstalgia a miss for a bit ,but sends his regards to everyone especially the Ladies. He dose not change dose he.
  10. Mary had a little lamb she also had a bear I never seen her little lamb But often seen her bear
  11. I am even dafter, keyless entry so keys in pocket, all I have to do is get in the car press the start button into drive and off I go. Arrived ok into park, handbrake goes on automatically get out of the car and touch the door handle, its supposed to lock automatically. It will not, damn another problem, finally sort it out I forgot to press the start button to stop the engine, sod this new technology , bring back the original Minis with proper keys. Its my age you see.
  12. Mary had a little lamb It followed her every where Now it goes to School with her Between two lumps of bread.
  13. These people should be made to watch films taken by war cameramen who where on the front line to record what they really went through and all the suffering and death all around them, but they still carried on.
  14. My day has been shattered by the link below, an "influencer" on the internet wants teaching of World War 2 to be cut back as it may affect their mental health. Dose he not realise that kids his own age and younger fought and died for the freedom of future generations, like him. What is happening with his generation.