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  1. Your lucky Beekay after 53 years I am not even allowed to look , I dare not even think about talking to them. I must admit I do take a quick peek when she isnt about.
  2. My Grand daughter started her 2nd year at Coventry today and a Grandson starts his first year at Sheffield next week. What with corona virus and away from their families I am sure they will be OK , but I am still concerned.
  3. I think I am having a bad day, SWMBO tells me I am not, early this year I purchased 18 various Dianthus for a small border on top of a low rockery, they flowered extremely well. The wife has enjoyed ? dead heading them , she told me that she started doing them again today but seeing there was not many flowers left on them she dug them all out. Well so much for them flowering next year, her reply well she had also pulled out most of those white weeds for me. Thank you very much, so I then went indoors, those white weeds were the Cyclamen growing out of the rockery, at least they will carry on growing. The wife enjoys working in the garden and helps me so much, so I must not complain.
  4. I have to agree with you on this, last week we lost the brother in law, the 2 months before his demise was heart breaking, he was pleading not to be sent to a Hospice, which he wasnt, but he was begging to be allowed to die. What a sad end to a proud man.
  5. DJ thinking of you, let us know how things are.
  6. Does it have to be eaten in the Manning Tea Room.
  7. I have always tried to rebel and I always will. The problem is that the only way I can rebel nowadays is by wearing odd socks.
  8. I am in a Black mood after reading this, so as I dont want to offend these idiots I am going to write my thoughts on a black board so no one else can see them. I too never intentionally set out to offend anyone, well most of the time, but when the occasion arises I can be the silly old idiot and say the wrong thing.
  9. DJ I have just read about your problem with your wall whatever you do take photos before and after the work you do , without them knowing. I had the same type of situation years ago , they had different recollections of what it was like after I finished my work, his attitude changed after I showed him the photos.
  10. Happy birthday Lizze, have a good one.
  11. Checked my fuel gauge in my car this morning, it was only a quarter full , so I filled it up. This made me think when did I last put any in it, my son said he did it in March for me at the start of the coronavirus problem, so it appears I must of been following the guidelines and not going out much. No wonder fuel prices went down, no one is using much.
  12. Ben the thing that kept you going was the thought of all them Ladies out there who havent had the privilege of you chatting to them, keep it up mate. Reading of your exploits keeps me smiling.
  13. Happy birthday Brew, look forward to seeing you at the next meet up.
  14. I have just looked out of the window and seen what the wind has brought down, so it looks like I will have to find out how to make pear chutney, after I have found out to make it, they are still not ready for eating.
  15. Ben I did Arnold road, Arnside, Torbay then then quite a few on the then new Bestwood Park Estate for 14 bob a week, I feel sure it was a BSA C15, but it might have been the one of his brother.