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  1. Well I had an interesting day Thursday I drove the wife son and grandson to Newark to buy the grandson his first car. Follows the sat nav as I have not been that way for years, 2 miles from destination on the A46 at an island told to turn right outside lane road markings turn right only inside lane straight on only. Road clear drove onto island and a large Mercedes van with a tail lift drove into my lane hit my front wing and carried straight on. Chased after it and at the next island shouted to them to stop , the woman driver knew nothing of the accident but all very pleasant and exchanged details. Tried to use app on my phone to contact insurance company no luck, stupid new tech ,I hate it , contact them later. Next day estimate from Audi £3900, try to contact Insurance Company , locked out of my account , stupid new tech, online communication only, hours later they reset my account and it let me in, stupid new tech, found a telephone number and reported accident gave all details, all done, I just have to send dashcam clip. How do I do that, how does dashcam work, stupid new tech, finally have a copy on my laptop, tried to attach it to email ,too big, stupid new tech. Grandson HELP, 2minutes and he has done it, stupid new tech, its for kids only. Phoned Insurance today, all ok dashcam proves it was her fault, without dashcam clip I would have no chance of proving it was her fault, isn't this new tech a marvellous thing we should have more of this. Things have changed since my last insurance claim, 49 years ago, all I had to do then is complete one claim form and draw a diagram. I hope it is 49 years before the next one.
  2. Beekay you must have the patience of a Saint to paint like that. If it was me it would have all been disposed of through the window after a short time.
  3. Go for it Ben ! The neighbours , not the wheelies ! Remember your from Bestwood Estate, your reputation is at stake.
  4. Long may you continue to be trying Beekay, I enjoy looking at the things you paint.
  5. Fantastic views as usual, thanks for posting.
  6. Bloody hell Ben the things you do to get the attention of any females.
  7. Nice to hear from you Jonab, a welcome back from a resident from Mucky Ucknall,I look forward to more of your postings on Nottstalgia.
  8. I have one of the buttons in the roof and have been advised that you will get priority when it is used. There was no spare wheel with mine when I ordered it , but being an old fashioned dinosaur I paid for a spare wheel, jack and tool kit. If it is needed I will still have to press the button for help as I am unable to change the wheel.
  9. Here you are Compo just for you.
  10. Thanks for posting that Oztalgian, I enjoyed listening to it, your right nothing has changed , will it ever ?
  11. I will try to be serious for a short time, the wife will not talk about death or burials other than she wants to be cremated , arrangements or anything else. So if I survive her she will be cremated and I will arrange a Cremation , followed by a celebration of her life, which will mean food, plenty of alcohol and most importantly loud 60s music and dancing. Dancing is what she enjoyed but she landed up with me , two left feet and no interest. Me simple cremation and that's it, my sons have been told, don't waste money on me , it can be spent better else where, I have had my share whilst alive.
  12. My wife being careful with money has already arranged my cremation. She is very busy saving logs ,planks in fact any old wood , behind the shed. When the time comes, I have been informed I WILL be going before her and she has earmarked a site in the garden. Me it worries me not when you have gone you've gone.
  13. A great find RR , I have saved the link for later and hopefully in the future I will go on one of the walks, thanks.
  14. I can remember some of the surnames Ben, they must have had younger siblings in my year LOL, but at that time most families were larger than the norm today.
  15. Col if you ever arrange a visit to Whipple would you mind if I also come as I have never been in the place since I left aged 11, I wonder what memories it would bring back.