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  1. Thank you for all the replies on ants and bees I will try some of the suggestions. As a keen gardener I understand the plight of bees that is why I tried the bee keepers association first, the nest was a small one near the back door on the route to my garage, the last time I had a bite my lip was swollen up that much my Doctor wanted to see me at nine every morning to make sure it healing, so the bees had to go. As for the ants my green lawn has about 6 piles of soil and the number is slowly increasing ,they have to find a home elsewhere.
  2. Late yesterday afternoon we found that there was a bees nest in our wood shed near the back door, as I am allergic to them they had to go. So today I planned to cover my body with gloves , mask, goggles hat and plenty of masking tape to sort the problem out. We decided to have tea and toast before starting and as luck had it my son called in, guess who did it. Before he started he phoned local Council for them to do it, no told to contact bee keepers association, after numerous attempts recorded message phone again later. So off he set donned up with all the gear throwing wood out till h
  3. Staverton girl try going to the surgery just before eight and right on eight ask the receptionist for an appointment as your phone does not work. It might work worth a try.
  4. I spread granular weed feed and moss kill on my lawn , as it was due to rain later that day and night , it did not. Due to other things I forgot about it , 5 days later I have numerous brown patches all over the lawns , so I am the one who keeps hoping for plenty rain to make the lawn grow again.
  5. I have suffered all the problems of phoning the GP but last week I tried at 08.00hrs and believe it or not I was second in the queue and I was talking to the receptionists in under 2 mins. I then had the doctor call me by 11.00hrs, it must have been a once in a lifetime chance.
  6. I have many happy days spent in that area, you had no more than a fishing net, a jam jar and loads of friends to spend a most enjoyable day. When I grew older the young ladies brought even more enjoyment. PS the wildlife around the Leen is also great.
  7. My friend opened the door at Marks and held it open for a woman to go in before him, the woman said I hope you are not holding it open just because I am a female . My friend said no I only held it because I thought you was a lady, I was obviously wrong, with that he went in and closed the door after him. Some times good manners go wrong.
  8. Today I decided to do some thing completely different for a change I was going to go hunting. I dressed in the correct gear taking the correct equipment and traveled to the far reaches of Bulwell , after going as far as I could by transport I proceeded on foot. I made my way along Main Street across the Market Place until I passed the ancient place formally known as Woolworths and onto the bridge over the Bogs, knowing my prey is not seen further than here I backtracked my route . I looked carefully at all groups of women as he is known to join up with groups of them, then it was back across
  9. After watching and listening to the media reports on this painting I realise I am a heathen with regard to art. I cannot see the point of this item. The main item reported is that there is a butterfly on it. Wow I think I will turn on the television,
  10. Sorry to hear of your health problems Brew, knowing your strong character you will deal with it the strength that you have, best wishes.
  11. Phil if your minion reads that post you could be wearing the sandwich instead of eating it.
  12. Mary stick with it, my wife was the same when she first had her scooter. She never drove a car so it was all new to her, at the start she was dangerous , I still dont go near her when she uses it, but on the positive side now she has used it for a while she has no hesitation in going most places on it. It has given her a lot more freedom and is out and about more than what she has done for years.
  13. Please post some pictures Lizzie. It is a place I always wanted to go to but never made it and we dont travel very far now. The train journey across Canada was the other one that I wanted to go on , so if this is on TV I always watch it.
  14. I dont think it is cold, but that might be because I am a wimp , I am lovely and warm with central heating on and log fire blazing away and not been outside for a few days. But its boring staying in roll on warmer weather.
  15. Col you make it appear a short easy few jobs to be done , just think about it and take you time we dont want to hear more stories of injuries.