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  1. After visiting numerous "nursing homes" during my working life it is my ambition to die the day before being forcibly placed in one of them. As for sheltered accommodation I will have to visit some to determine my view of them, as time goes on the effort of maintaining my home becomes harder and the idea of less work sounds good to me.
  2. I had an exciting day, the wife told me to take the shopping from the car and take it to the kitchen. I said no.
  3. Try wild camping, take everything you need in a back pack and go up on the Moors for a week. The exciting thing about it is you never know if you will make it back, LOL.
  4. loppylugs I can understand your views regarding Facebook, despite all the stories about it , there are many sites which are very interesting with photos and memories about Nottingham. "Nottingham way back when" is one which I visit regularly and find it very informative. There are also many others.
  5. trogg


    Phil I have never heard the name ,so I listened to a couple of his "songs or music" I don't know the correct name or is it ramblings. If you find out the missing something will you let me know what it is. Bring back the Beatles, billy Fury etc.
  6. Ben my son found it when clearing his loft out to insulate it. He brought the house from an old Lady who purchased the house new in 1936, she died a few years ago at the age of 102, the house needed major updating. On the box it does say the cans are flat, so again you have proved you have a fantastic memory , especially for ladies names. PS I was only joking when I asked if you had to unpack them.
  7. I found an old wooden box and after dusting it off I wondered if our Ben ever had to unpack these. lol
  8. Here is an example of a Sherry Schooner Glass.
  9. May the new year bring health and happiness to you all.
  10. DJ360 I must have seen you about during those years as they were my favourite pubs as well. Your right about the coffee it was rubbish, I bet you also went in Bulwell Youth Club when it was first opened in the old building at the rear, great times.
  11. Waddo my parents use to say the same thing to me when I was younger. Don't we all do the same now, I do to the grandkids.
  12. It was a Tanner in the juke box when I use to go in the Penguin, it was for the same reasons. lol
  13. thanks for the photos Nonna, now I will go and have my dry biscuits and cheese, I much prefer those, I must do the wife told me.
  14. Being old fashioned and Politically incorrect my wife is the dearest thing that I have, I daren't think about the cost, if I did I would be using her Christmas present.