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  1. "hows your day" I dont want to think about it, I have had a lot of worries on my mind lately , so I forgot that today I have been married 54 years So I am now residing in a residence similar to the photo below.
  2. Have to agree great coffee and snacks good as well.
  3. Troubling ,worrying time when you are first told, but I can assure you the City Hospital looks after you extremely well and treatment is first class.
  4. Oz that brought back memories, spent many days in the peak district and Kinder also stood on the down fall , seen it all froze up and the hare as well. If I could only do it now but songs like that revive the memories of happy times.
  5. Beekay here is all I have on the scooter, Drive by Devillbiss Healthcare model ST1/ ST2D
  6. Margie I am shocked at the link you supplied , I think it will be a definite ouch.
  7. Hi Beekay attached is a photo of a basic one I brought for my wife, she only uses it for short journeys ,visiting friends etc, it does breakdown into several pieces to go into the car . I have never put it into the car yet but I feel sure it is easy to do. We only had the basic one as we felt she would not need one for use off the road and for travelling long distances, this one will go for just over 6 miles. The only advice I can give is decide what you need if for, why have one with all the bells and whistles and super speed and travel distance if you dont need it. As someone else said try
  8. Mary1947 reading your post made me think just how much Hucknall has changed , I have lived here since 1966, the first map is from this period, so I have seen all the changes in buildings ,roads etc but the main change is that it is now a dormitory Town where people leave each day for work and return afterwards. I have put on 2 maps of just one area to show how much building has gone on , the maps show Watnall Road with the Rolls Royce airfield . The second is from Google earth, Airfield gone and most of Rolls Royce new roads and houses and many more since built on this site. Its the same
  9. New life near the inner bye pass in Mucky Huckna this morning, what with the sun and seeing these so close to the Town centre made my day that little bit brighter.
  10. At last I can tell Phil about sentence construction, you should never use "City Council" and "Intelligence and Vision" in the same sentence. lol
  11. Phil you reminded me I still have some old stuff in the garage , I managed to find these as I still know where everything is , dont believe that. Its many years since I used them.
  12. I had my 2nd AZ jab yesterday at Mansfield, was fed at by the time I received the jab as you have to give the same info at each of 4 stages which they all enter onto their laptops. At the next to last stage the nurse went over every last possible side effect in great detail , was he trying to put me off having it. I finally had the jab by a nice very young nurse , well at my age they are all very young. After the last jab I never had any side effects this time after about 4 hrs a headache started it was quite severe so I had to go and lay down. I am not sure if it was the jab that caus
  13. Hi Ben I had a walk in Bulwell today with the wife the place looked great in the sunshine. We walked along the Leen down to the kids playground , great to see all the ducks still on the water. Onto the market and brought some crusty cobs, nowt better than a proper Cheese and Onion cob, as we left the Market I wanted to go for a coffee in a place near to Iceland on Main Street, cannot remember the name, only when I have been in before they have a great coffee and decent food but she said no. Always drawn back to Bulwell it brings back great memories , as I was with the wife I had to be careful
  14. HP Fruity sauce with baked beans is a must for me or no baked beans eaten.
  15. One of my pet peeves on being retired is that no matter how you organise your day and keep busy and happy you dont get Bank Holidays off. Remember the joys of thinking its only 2 weeks to the BH and the pleasure of not having get up and to go to work and the time planning what you are going to do. That pleasure has been taken away from us, we should start a pressure group to bring about the end of oppression of our minority, well all others seem to find a reason to demonstrate and we are miserable old ***** with plenty of time to spare.