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  1. trogg

    Open Gardens

    I knew my tailgate opened and closed by buttons on the tailgate , but 2 weeks after getting the car putting it in the garage and the garage door closed, I was having a bad day mobility wise and struggled to get out of the car. I then found out there is also a button for opening the tailgate on the drivers door, I must have pressed it, I heard and expensive bang, yes the tailgate opened onto the inside of the garage door. Damm this new technology.
  2. trogg

    Open Gardens

    I have recently took delivery of a new Audi , so I know what you mean, after 5 weeks of reading the handbook I am still finding ways of switching things off. The car still drives perfectly well and now I have less buzzers going off and making me jump and irritating voices telling me what to do. They are installing new technology to cars just because they are able to, I can no longer play CDs in the car I have to put all my music on sim cards , but to change the card I have to go in the passenger glove box as the socket is in there. I use to just press a button and another CD would play, if this this progress leave me out of it.
  3. trogg

    How's your day?

    MargieH stop having coffee, tried it once and tried tea and green tea , worst 30 mins of my life, black coffee to me is an essential to life, cigarettes were just an additional bonus. Keeping busy I find I just don't think about or need the weed. Have I been that sad all my life.
  4. trogg

    How's your day?

    GD it certainly is a habit, we only ever smoked in the utility room , I am up early every day put my coffee on then into utility, cigarette, back collect my coffee and back for another ciggie, then throughout the day defined routine for cigarette breaks. Since stopping I still find myself sitting in utility with my coffee, without cigarette, when I realise I think what the heck am I doing idiot, your right it is just a habit that you have to break, easy to say but harder to do.
  5. trogg

    How's your day?

    GD I have been smoking since I was 15 and have been on 20 to 30 a day , The last few months I have been coughing up every day and when I lay down I can hear myself breathing. With that and I am due to go for an operation soon with the Consultant telling me I have to stop before the op and a very close friend just passed away with lung cancer I have made my mind up, now is the time. My wife still smokes and there are many cigarettes in the house, her friend brings them back from holiday for her. I have made my mind up I have stopped smoking, not I am going to try I have stopped, sure I have gone to have a cigarette on occasions but then remembered I have stopped. The wife thinks I will succeed as in her words I am an old awkward cantankerous stubborn b******d person. I may have lapses but I am human I will stop.
  6. trogg

    How's your day?

    Same here Ben , its been nearly 2 weeks. (seems like years.)
  7. trogg

    How's your day?

    Its my 52nd next month, and she still understands me and puts up with me.
  8. trogg

    How's your day?

    BK as Plantfit says it needs more than a day to take it in, the last time I went you purchased the ticket but it allowed you to revisit free that year, so if you are staying in the area you could return , whilst you are still there to continue your visit.
  9. trogg

    How's your day?

    Beekay, Beamish is a great day out, a 680 mile round trip I don't know about . If you travel that far there is so many Castles , fantastic country side , beautiful beaches , historic Cities and towns but most of all great people. Well worth a week or two visit , can you tell its one of my favourite areas.
  10. trogg

    Things you don't see anymore

    I can see Compos picture of Kimberley best bitter it is the first picture of his that I seen for a long time . all the previous ones are blanks.
  11. trogg

    Whats this tunnel for..??

    I believe that they are vents for the old Nottingham Suburban railway line tunnel, some years ago I saw a photograph of one of the vents in a residential rear garden.
  12. trogg

    How's your day?

    Beautiful birds, but I admit to make nasty comments to them when they visit my pond, I sometimes remind them, never politely , that it is not a restaurant.
  13. DJ I know how you feel over itching I have had it for years, I too have tried all sorts of creams etc , and nothing works for long. I have changed washing powders, softeners, soap shower gels type of materials I wear you name it, I have tried it. In the end I just cope with it , when it is at its worst I just use any type of lotion that cools and soothes the skin. I gave up with my GP on finding the cause and solution, I believe it is a side effect on the medications I take, as annoying as it is you do learn to cope with it. I hope you find relief soon, I try to look on the positive side of it , the itching is not in a sensitive part of my body so I don't have to continually scratch in that area.
  14. trogg

    All Kinds of Everything.

    HSR here is a link to Rob Rowlands site , on it is a least three prints of the Weekday Cross area it may show what you are looking for.
  15. trogg

    All Kinds of Everything.

    The clinic was on the Hospital side near the junction with Arnold road , if I remember correctly , as I recall going there with my mother to collect the Orange juice when I was a little kid. That's not a bad recall with my memory . I checked on Google Earth and there are "new" houses and bungalow built in that area since my last visit in the 50s.