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  1. I dont know where the names of the roads came from, but did the name of the area Forest Fields originate from when the area was first built upon with it being fields and adjacent to the forest as seen in the 1880 map . sorry I dont know why it came out so small.
  2. Should we return to the heading New British Tennis Star or move this to the Politics section, just a thought.
  3. Me I am allsorts, no pedigree in me whatsoever, but that makes me unique , so there is no one else like me. What does it matter where you ancestors came from just get on and enjoy life.
  4. I have not heard anything from Jonab for a long time. Has anyone any info, as the last we heard he was quite ill.
  5. That may be enough partners for John Travolta but would it be sufficient for you. lol
  6. Yes the site is running slow, I have had other sites running slow as well, I thought is was my laptop with a problem.
  7. Keep your chin up Ben, just show them that they cannot keep a good Bestwood lad down.
  8. City Council want to charge people to go onto the Forest site , the show men will not agree to it , so if no agreement is reached they may move Goose Fair to a different location.
  9. Thanks Oz you have just taken me back to the 60s, walking onto Basford Wakes with all the flashing lights and Johnny and the Hurricanes blasting out on the waltzer , what memories.
  10. The only time I open my bonnet to to check the washer fluid and thats not very often. Recently I have been sorting out in my garage I have a set of imperial sized spanners and sockets I cannot remember the last time I used them but I could never dispose of them. I brought metric sets of them but I have never used them on my car. Gone are the days of laying under the car to put a new clutch in and other tasks.
  11. The square of the hypotenuse is ***** no use to me now.
  12. I always read the manual , well only when I really need to know anything, thats why my clock is 1hr out for six months of the year.
  13. Thats no banger Col , it looks smart and a 2.0 its a mover, you made the right choice buy a decent car ,look after it and keep it, it makes good financial sense. I have at last made my mind up to keep this one and not waste any more money buying new ones, there is too many buttons, switches and voices and buzzers telling me info I dont need on cars made now.
  14. I use to have an allotment with a mate and we use to grow all types of fruit and veg also some flowers. The taste of this produce was far better than any thing from any shop. Was it cost effective not a chance, but the fun and enjoyment we had whilst chatting away with the other gardeners was well worth it , we spent more time chatting than working. I started gardening there in my late 20s and most of the others seemed to be ancient but the advice we received was invaluable. The stories they told us of what they had done in their life was amazing, most of them should have been locked up.
  15. Ben, I am asking for a friend, can please continue with your stories as he is hoping to gather more information where he went wrong and try new methods.