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  1. Has the last one brought memories back for you WW.
  2. trogg

    How's your day?

    Ben after reading of yours and DJs trip to Bestwood Estate I went up there today first time for many many years and I must admit the place saddened me . So much has changed and not for the better, half of the shops on Andover road have gone, and there is a general atmosphere that the place is unloved and uncared for. Times were different when we lived there it was our home and the place was generally looked after. I did smile as I passed a couple of houses , it must have been some thing in the air in the 60s.
  3. I have taken your advice, Fly here are three which I like ,the first is from Nottingham, the second is like a typical street in Nottingham and the third is a print I purchased as it reminded me of my early teenage years in the Broadmarsh area, hope you like them. They are all available from Rob Rowlands site.
  4. I am not sure where to post this but I have found on my web searches a site on artist Rob Rowland,, and I thought some of you might be interested in viewing some of his work. Many of his paintings are of the railways and of old areas which reminded me of memories of Nottingham. I have purchased one which looks like it is at the top of the stairs leading up from the old Broadmarsh, " a kind of loving". Many of them revived old memories of how Nottingham used to be. I was going to copy one and post it on here but with the recent comments on copyright I thought better of it. After purchasing the print the wife diplomatically reminded me she never went in that area with me ,you will know what I mean if you see the print, In the 60s Hucknall girls thought you needed a passport to leave the Town.
  5. trogg


    Ey up Sue welcome, I am another from the real Bestwood Estate, off Leyborne Drive and look forward to you posting on this site, ask what you like about Nottingham some one on here will know the answer.
  6. trogg

    How's your day?

    O s*** I have just dropped my cream cake.
  7. trogg

    All Kinds of Everything.

    I had a friend who was a joiner/handyman and he was very good at his job and in demand, if he didn't want the job he would give a price which would put people off. If they accepted he would take the job as he said at that price I would be stupid to turn it down and he was never short of work.
  8. trogg

    Useless Things?

    I have all those gadgets except the spiraliser and we use them, fresh coffee is a necessity, we don't use the bread maker much now. We use to use it when more when the grandkids were younger, they loved it when they came to visit us, it was a must to make the dough for cobs and to also make pizza dough to make their own pizzas for tea.
  9. trogg

    Day Trips

    Yes Ben ginger hair, we better not mention the colour again " gingerism" , I thought it was up the cul-de-sac but with my memory you will be right, but it was around that area on Andover road.
  10. trogg

    Day Trips

    Yes another one here had his hair cut at Osbornes, also re the cul-de-sacs on Andover revived a memory of a mate who lived up one of them a Graham Standbridge , Nottstalgia strikes again.
  11. trogg

    Useless Things?

    RR why did you have to write that, I have just spent time looking for that button and now spending time trying to find what it is for. Please please please let me know as I have other things to do, well she has other jobs for me . LOL
  12. trogg

    How's your day?

    Jill size 12 just think of the millions of people who would love to be that size, myself I want to lose weight but with being banned from the kitchen and the wife preferring food that tends to be high in calories, no chance.
  13. trogg

    How's your day?

    LizzieM my wife has the same problem with weight, due to other health problems she regularly gets called to the doctors to receive her lecture from the GP and nurse to put on weight. They don't believe what she eats chocolate, cream cakes biscuits etc but no weight again. After the evening meal all you can hear is the rustle of wrappings being taking off treats. We have a draw that has always been called Grans doddoo draw by the grandkids since they were babies , now they are in their teens and early 20s and still go to the draw and laugh as its always has a plentiful supply in there. Don't worry about your weight, you look fine, if you were like the majority of us we only have to look at the food and the weight goes on.
  14. trogg

    How's your day?

    SG don't berate yourself you are doing well, as for smoking in the middle of the night I sleep at the wrong times and regularly wake up and smoke several in the night, which is silly really. Keep it up.
  15. CT I wonder in how many branches our resident charmer has broken the hearts of members of staff, not forgetting the customers as well.