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  1. Where has the sun gone, today I am cold and cannot be bothered to go and work in my garden. Still there is plenty of summer left or is there?
  2. Jill he does joke that when he had it diagnosed by his Consultant he was told it was to do with his brain, now he counters everyone at least he has had it confirmed by a specialist he has a brain have they.
  3. If a problem occurs you have 2 options either you can do something about it , so no need to worry or you cannot do anything about it so again no need to worry. My friend has recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, he became fed up with people giving sympathy to him, now if anyone starts on that he tells them in no uncertain way no I don’t worry about it I have more chance of be killed by being knocked down by a bus and I don’t dwell on that. I think he has a great attitude.
  4. trogg

    Tina Turner

    I watched Tinas concert on Sky Arts last night ,anybody else?. Its not the first time I have seen it but it was fantastic again, a magnificent artist and performer it brings shivers to my body. I looked for lizzie in the crowds but a few to many there, in hindsight I wish I had been there.
  5. trogg

    Tina Turner

    Simply the Best whenever I hear it played reminds me when I went to Benidorm with the "lads", where we ended up at exactly 0200hrs the live entertainment finished and on came Simply the best by Tina. Even now when I hear it I say its 2 oclock and I still receive disapproving looks and the occasional comment from the other half, great times.
  6. Years ago I knew a man whose wife needed one but never used it as she never left the house. He went to the pub every lunch time using the scooter, as he admitted that it was the only way he could make it home. Our friendship never lasted long after I expressed my opinions to him on driving it on the pavement ,whilst plastered.
  7. I went shopping at morrisons today and I had to use their toilets , I became confused as there was only male and female toilets. Are all of us with other genders being discriminated against or am I a stupid old s*d causing problems.
  8. I must admit I had to have a new car battery a friend delivered me a new one, when it came to the disposal of the old one I left it at the end of my drive and next morning it had gone.
  9. Mary replace decking? ME you must be joking , even the word sends me into cold shivers. I dont want to go near mine now as it revives memories of pain and suffering. The only time I have been on it since it was completed was when I went on it to hide from someone , but she found me and I was sentenced to vacuuming.
  10. Phil hope your dreams come true. love it when your first thought is how you can make other people happy and not how you would spend it on yourself.
  11. Cliff Ton here is the photo as requested, the pole in the picture belongs to my sons dog he comes through the gate in the top left of the fence which is my sons garden. He visits us every day, he carries the pole down to the back door, when he leaves he carries it back again, what is it with dogs and sticks? The summer house has never been used for its original purpose its is now used for storage, someone who will not be named wants to know why I need four sheds, all full of valuable stuff, well it is to me. Its a male thing.
  12. Hows my day more like hows my month. It started off OK looking around a garden centre I saw a nice wooden arch and fancy trellis . That will go great on my decking so I purchased it . On placing it on the decking it made the decking look cr*p. so off to buy new decking. A lot of screws to take out and replace so I brought a new impact driver to make life easy. Old decking off only to find the frame underneath rotten so all old frame taken out new wood purchased. New holes dug and posts concreted in and new wooden frame installed all while having to move the summer house off the old decking. Ne
  13. So sorry to about the missing rainbow Margie, it maybe just an off day but if it isnt I know you have the strength of character to deal with it and come out of the other side with even more rainbows in your heart.
  14. Same as you Phil I went out and started painting the summer house, so then I went into the garage and pottered about. I will not watch the television.
  15. I know they are taking some bits out of me, maybe they have taken more out of me than they told me about, I am not to worried yet as all seems to be working OK, well okish.