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  1. That sounds painful, I will opt out.
  2. trogg


    Have to agree a fag was important.
  3. Have to disagree with you all about Manning, especially the pupils. As a 16 year old from Bestwood Estate I thought they were the best around.
  4. Great day today, Virgin sorted out my router, it has been broken since Friday morning. It only took him 5 minutes to sort it out, the main supply cable was u/s. What surprised me was how dependant I have become on the internet. The amount of times I was going to go onto my laptop to find info ,weather films additional TV programmes shopping contacts in fact to many things to mention. How did we ever manage pre internet days. Dont tell me to use my phone , as my fingers always seem to press the wrong buttons, the buttons are too small and it takes me too long. How have others fared wh
  5. Beekay I purchased it from Amazon the Daewoo 12L Rotisserie Air Fryer it was £104, the wife uses it all the time. Like Phil I seem to buy all things for the wife such as Bread makers and they usually end up hid away in cupboards of disposed of, but not this it saves time and electricity.
  6. Use the air fryer they cook in less time and make a great job of it; we have had one a few months and the wife only uses the oven for yorkshire puddings now. The one we have has three shelves in it so she is able to cook different items at the same time.
  7. My wife and myself have the date for our booster and we still wear masks in crowded places. Since covid first arrived we had the jabs and wore masks, these restrictions worked, the wife has a chest disease and was regularly ill with infections. Her GP gives her antibiotics to keep at home, with the instructions to take them at the slightest sign of an infection as she would not survive a full-blown chest infection. Since having the jabs and wearing masks she has not had any problems at all, so for us the vaccine and masks work and despite other opinions we will carry on doing the same.
  8. My wife is under the impression I am, as I spend long periods doing nothing with both hands.
  9. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Beekay enjoy your day.
  10. Happy birthday Lizzie.
  11. From your tales on this Forum it appears you "scored" more times than your fair share.
  12. Wow has the time flown, I can remember having a coffee ( and a cigarette or two) with you just before your op. With your character you do not let any body know you are feeling down, after all we are Bestwood boys. I still owe you for that coffee we will have to meet up some time, keep chatting with the ladies.
  13. Clff Ton I always worked on that principle myself but the last year has not been too good. One thing after another breaking and other silly things going wrong, besides my health , but life seems to be testing me lately. As a friend said to me if I did not have bad luck I would not have any luck at all. But today is sunny and I am just about to go for a coffee in Hucknall and sit outside and watch the world go by and people watch, life is great, I think.
  14. My days recently have not been to good , my shoulder is still giving me grief . Yesterday shakes from my shoulder and spilt my coffee , besides being rather hot on a delicate part of my body it covered my sound bar remote control. I have tried all ways to dry it out , the remote control, with no luck, so I have just ordered a new one £25 ,well thats sorted but the other injury is still trouble some. I keep telling myself tomorrow will be better, I hope.