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  1. I understood he was waiting for tests results, so I was also concerned about him, I hope all is OK.
  2. I was at City Hospital yesterday and had no problem parking, I was in an ambulance. I had been having slight dizzy spells for a few days, woke up and felt rough but had to go for a blood test. Having a shower and kept banging into shower walls and couldn't stand properly ,struggled to get dressed, wife called son who phoned doctor, who told him dial 999 and called ambulance. When they arrived I couldn't stand felt sick and my words wouldn't come out right. Into Stroke Unit where I spent all Day for tests and scans, good news not a stroke. It appears my brain and ears are sending strange messages to each other causing a type of severe vertigo. At home with a months supply of more tablets still feel rough but best of all no housework or ironing.
  3. Well done Ben, I am proud of you for standing up for yourself, its your Bestwood upbringing, but most of all not loosing your cool.
  4. I tried the Taylors coffee bags from Morrisons soon went back to Nesspresso.
  5. I switched browser off, Microsoft Edge, and laptop as well, all on again, I still cannot see Compos first photos on 28th but can see them on the 29th via the links. I can still see all of DJs photos and I still don't know what is going on. Hope that helps.
  6. I can still see the photos and I don't know what I am doing at the best of times, so I cannot help out.
  7. Well I don't know what that makes me then, I drink coffee and always black with a quarter of a teaspoon of sugar. Perhaps I should hide away in a corner. Where is Ben to help me out.
  8. Who else have 3D glasses stuffed away in a draw, in case you might need them someday.
  9. Likewise Beekay, I then set it up in the other room so I could use it , trouble was youngest grandson used that TV for his games when he came to visit. Severe upset he came out upset because all the "things " were making noises behind him and frightening him. The system went. I now have sound bars on both TVs they do give a better sound than just the TV speakers.
  10. Thanks RR for resurrecting this topic started by Cliff Ton back in 2011, I read through it and I followed the links to the photos. The two I found most informative were the one which shows the Gatehouse and the drive up to Woolaton Hall where we went today , didn't he own a huge amount of land. the other was of Crown Island , hasn't it changed, I always knew there was a canal there but never seen a photo , so thanks for that.
  11. Bloomi ell your two your bringing back memories to me steeping tablets, echo ,lard etc. Leybourne Drive and round to the shops on Andover Road comes alive again.
  12. Beekay that's one of my favourites , with a mug of strong black coffee.
  13. Do you go to bed in socks then Ben?
  14. trogg


    I have read recently on a forum that people cannot find boxes of broken biscuits anymore, not sure if it was Nottstalgia. How many remember having a box when they were kids and searching through to find any chocolate ones. My son took me to The Range at Sutton today and there were four stacks of these , plenty for everyone.
  15. Yes its Monday, up at 2.30 again cant sleep ,bored stiff, hundreds of tv programs all trash , I then remembered seeing that others were having the same problems so I logged in and saw that I was the only member with 7 guests . What do others do to use the time to use up the dark hours, I daren't make any noise in case I wake the wife yes I am a coward . What do others do? , I am unable to sit for very long so reading a good book is out so I am continually walking about it don't take long in a bungalow. Still it will be light soon but not soon enough.