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  1. jonab looking at old maps is something that appeals to me ,in fact that is how I first found nottstalgia. We do have on this forum the residential expert Cliff ton, he can magic up maps of places demolished years ago and throw in a photograph for good measure. I am sure you will have an interesting time searching that site. There are many others that can produce great photos as well.
  2. Where is This?

    Upper Parliament Street ?
  3. Butlers Hill Station is situated between the Leen valley line of the GNR and the Nottingham Mansfield line of the MR. IAN123 photo shows the area just North of the station, sorry I cant be more helpful but I am unable to put them on postimage due to the file type.
  4. I have tried to upload the images to postimage but I am unable to do this as it will not recognise the file type and I don't know how to change this. What you can do is go to the site there you will find a list of maps , choose the 1915 map and search for Hucknall. This site has maps going back to 1895 and you can look and see how different areas have changed over the years. If anybody can help me on how you can change the file type so I am able to store maps on postimage I appreciate it.
  5. If you look on the 1915 map of Hucknall you will see a train station "Butlers Hill", I am unsure if this area was classed as part of Hucknall as it is now. Whilst looking at that map I found that Linby a small little village was serviced by 2 train stations.
  6. Chulla

    Condolences to his wife and family I never met the man, his post were very interesting on a wide variety of subjects and he will be missed by members of Nottstalgia.
  7. Old Bulwell Photo's.

    Thanks for that Terry I just could not think of the name , my brain must have misfired as that is the name of the road it is on.
  8. Old Bulwell Photo's.

    I spent too much time in Red Lion ,then down to what is now Lion revived, I don't remember the previous name, sold Taddys brown ale then in the back room of Billy with Ted as the landlord. Cross the road to Oak and end up in Monkey or Scotts Greys. Just recalled another shop on Main street junction with Highbury Vale Roses the shoe shop, amazing what memories a few old photos bring back.
  9. Bring back any memories?

    Atlas spares on Park Lane they helped me to keep my cars on the road, they always seemed to have a good assortment in there.
  10. Pub query

    In Bulwell speak if caught by Ben or one of his mates the reply is " Din Du Nuffin"
  11. Old Bulwell Photo's.

    A great reminder of shops in times gone Pounders, McCarthys and Chambers the butchers, I can recall going in there with my mother for meat also an older sister and B in L worked there. Bulwell was the main place to shop other than the co-op for people on Bestwood Estate. Bulwell had a great variety of shops and a market and was walking distance from Bestwood.
  12. I WILL Impress!

    Ben after reading some of you posts I don't think you will end up alone for long. With your gift of the gab you will have a queue waiting for you, so you WILL end up with someone whether you want to or not.
  13. You hope the pictures have been of interest. To me yes, all the pictures on nottstalgia I find of great interest and enjoyment, I must make the effort to go to one of these shows. I thank all the people on this site for taking the time and effort to post photos.
  14. I WILL Impress!

    Jill I think its great you have found your place in life and are able to pursue what you enjoy. I am not particularly fond of labels such as happy and miserable , I think contented is more appropriate, if more people could reach that stage a more pleasant world we would have. Like you I am disappointed in the way the world is taking us and the way some people behave, but there is no way we can change every thing to the way we want. So like you I find it is better sometimes to retreat away and do my own thing.
  15. I WILL Impress!

    I like to be happy, in fact very happy in the company of miserable people as it increases the misery for them, something which I find very pleasurable. Just a thought on that, if being happy to make others miserable is it the signs of me being a miserable old sod, so am I a happy person or a miserable old sod. I am so confused on what I am, can anybody tell me. Remember your answer will determine if you are a happy person or a miserable old sod.