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  1. trogg

    Alfreton Road

    Gem I don't know the area that well , but here is one of further down the road with Bentick school in the bottom right hand corner.
  2. trogg

    Alfreton Road

    PP I found the picture on Britain from Above , number EPW054990 , I have enlarged it but it is not very clear.
  3. trogg

    Alfreton Road

    PP I cant remember where I found it I will search around again and let you know.
  4. trogg

    Nottinghams Heritage Assets

    I often see comments on how much rubbish is strewn about streets and its the Councils role to clean them, but who dumps all this rubbish there? there is plenty of rubbish bins provided. Also the same peoples stock reply for many things is that they should do something about it, but these things need paying for, but most people do not want to pay any more and the council waste money on items they personally don't want. Well how many of these people take the time and effort to take the Councillors to task if we all did ,instead of grumbling, they may take notice of us.
  5. trogg

    Nottinghams Heritage Assets

    I have to agree there is much that is changed in this city for the worse , but to not visit again is a mistake. Take a walk around the Lace market, the Park and the recreation parks . Even walk around the shopping areas not looking at the window displays look up and see the many fantastic buildings that are still there. There is more left in this great city of ours than has been destroyed , lets not condemn it to the dustbin of history.
  6. trogg

    How's your day?

    My August disappeared years ago.
  7. trogg

    How's your day?

    August is the best month of the year Jill.
  8. trogg

    Did you do a stupid thing

    Guilty as charged.
  9. trogg

    How's your day?

    Thanks for the info on themes CF I changed mine back to old school, the white background has gone and it is better for my eyes.
  10. trogg

    How's your day?

    My banner is back and the colour has changed , from first thing this morning, I thought it was my new laptop. I was wondering what have I done wrong (again)
  11. trogg

    Photos to cheer us up

    You can see autumn is here with the colours, great photos and beautiful area.
  12. trogg

    Odd angle:

    Is it a leaf or a spiders web.
  13. trogg

    Household Items From The Past

    Mangles that fitted onto the end of the bath, it was always my job to use it , I thought that twin tubs were a gift from the gods.
  14. trogg

    Life's mysteries.

    I often hear that from my wife PF , eg "what will they think if you do that". I did enquire once who are they, only ever asked once and never found out.
  15. trogg

    Life's mysteries.

    I have to admit I often wear odd socks , it is the only way I am capable of rebelling these days.