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  1. Behave yourself Ben, there is too many nurses there.
  2. Hope you and hubby are feeling better. Here is what is waiting for you when you are fit enough to walk to the shops, so get better soon.
  3. Well done mate as an added bonus just think of all the extra ladies you will meet.
  4. Sounds like the start of another meetup, cigarettes , whiskey and dancing with stools to sit on. Come on Carni your needed for the choir. See what you have started again Ben.
  5. Ben the way I feel even being a non drinker they would go down a treat. If the pubs were open I would be on my way.
  6. I drank too much of everything many many years ago, I could drink a bottle of brandy a night, one day I realised how stupid it was and stopped drinking any alcohol, I havent touch a drop since.
  7. Years ago 5 of us went out drinking visiting many pubs, we took it in turns to stay dry and drive to make sure we all arrived home safe. I hated it when it was my turn not because I could not drink but as the evening wore on the conversation became boring, pointless and utterly pathetic also they laughed and joked about the most childish things. Was I actually that stupid. No answers please.
  8. Jill you can cancel the plan after the the first one , which I will do, wine is of no interest to me.
  9. I have received a £100 voucher from Laithwaites Wine on a 12 bottle case of wine, I last used them 3 years ago when I had a £75 voucher for the same. Being a non drinker I used it for a Christmas present for my eldest son, guess what he his having for this Christmas.
  10. Carni my eldest son was tested positive and he had very few symptoms, his wife and son were negative but had to isolate. He was isolated in his bedroom his wife used to place food outside his door and so controlled his diet. He had to eat healthily for 14 days before he came out his bedroom, his wife heard him go down stairs and make a cup of tea in the middle of the night , next day a kettle was out side his door. He is one for eating junk food crisps and other treats he tried to bribe his son to place some outside his door but no luck, his daughter, daddies girl would have but she is at Uni, so he came out fitter than when he went in. Keep your spirits up you will soon be back on your bike riding hastily to the nearest Birds.
  11. Thinking of you Carni and your hubby, sorry I forgot his name , take care and get well soon, you are needed for the choir , just think of those cakes that need eating and you will soon be up and about again.
  12. Nonna dont worry about hugs and kisses my eldest granddaughter and son went off it for a few years but now they are 23 and 19 we dont see them very often but when we do gran gets hugs every time she sees them. But grandson who towers above her makes her stand on tip toes before she receives a kiss.