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  1. DJ I spoke to soon, I have just had a phone call and I have no further need to isolate, my op on Thursday has been cancelled, I await another call to give me a new date. When that will be I dont know.
  2. DJ I feel for you as I have had all the same situations as you, I have tried banging my head against a brick wall but all that achieved was a headache . But I am now only 2 days from my shoulder op after a 3 year saga, so hang in there it will turn out OK for you in the end.
  3. Jill she will take me battery out. She has also promised to ease my pain by inserting a lead tablet behind my left ear.
  4. Yer braver than me Colly , I only answered back once, darent do it again.
  5. Just read your comment on Kilts my son is head over heels with this lady, she is Scottish, and to please her he is wearing the clan kilt. I have promised not to make any comments , remember I have seen his legs.
  6. My sons first wedding was 30 years ago, I wouldnt fit into that suit, even if I still had it and styles have changed. The sad thing for me is the wife has to have new dress, shoes, hat, hand bag the whole works.
  7. RIP Dennis, it has reminded me I have a DVD of his early film with Suzy Kendal, Up The Junction, I will have to find it and watch it again.
  8. I have been told I have to buy a suit, my youngest is getting married ( again) in August. I know I will only wear it once, what a waste of money.
  9. Welcome to Nottstalgia Victor, we have a member here who use to travel across to Beeston in the 60s to a club, to meet the local ladies. I am sure he will be on soon to recount some of his adventures in Beeston. I use to work in Beeston in the mid 60s and again in the early 90s, I went there recently first time for 20 odd years, I was lost for a while the place has changed so much , I was unable to recognise some areas. Please tell us about some of your memories from your time there.
  10. happy birthday Carni. You will soon be first in the queue for cakes, again.
  11. Sweet Chilli sauce I have only recently started using it and it has become a favourite with me, gradually taking over from ketchup .
  12. Ketchup is my saviour , if I have to have anything I am not particularly fond of rather than cause problems mentioning it, I cover it with ketchup and it makes it edible for me.
  13. I am late again, Congratulations Mr and Mrs DJ, I hope you had a great day and many more to come.
  14. Mary Baker Street Brook has been cleaned out and opened up in a few places. As you walk along the brook you can now see more and more wildlife, the water is now clear and you can often see fish. Friday and now Saturday markets are still going , but now held on the pedestrianised High Street, But as other Towns the market is a shadow of its former self. No longer is it used by young ladies looking for a new outfit for Friday night fun at the Welfare.
  15. I saw these this morning ,only a couple of hundred yards from Hucknall Market place. Spring has arrived and new life begins again, with all the new colours appearing all around us isnt it great to be alive.