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  1. trogg

    Buses in Nottingham

    Catfan should remember this City transport depot.
  2. trogg

    Buses in Nottingham

    I do have an original VHS copy of The Ragmans Daughter if anyone wants to borrow it and copy it to DVD.
  3. In the Nottingham live today there is an article "how the shops on Mansfield road have changed over the years" with several photos. Here is the link to it
  4. trogg

    Buses in Nottingham

    IAN123 your right, words like that could send me into trauma. Have you noticed that people nowadays don't just don't dislike something or become annoyed by it , they are immediately traumatised by it. It sounds better for the compo, if they had ever seen somebody traumatised they would realise how stupid their statement is.
  5. Have to agree with you Jill walking along the boulevard was a joy with the trees , the forest and pleasant houses was very pleasant, especially before the volume of traffic nowadays.
  6. trogg

    Buses in Nottingham

    Ben it was number 28 , I only caught it 5 days a week for more years than I like to recall, and Ben what was so special about the one living two doors from the terminus , what about all the rest living in that area weren't they special as well.
  7. The last thing I would do is to upset you Jill, but the good memories and friendships you made at that academy are something to be cherished. Ps it years since I been called young. lol
  8. trogg

    60s pubs in Nottingham

    RR finally found what number 50 was, The Towers, I don't think you should publish you experiences in there.
  9. trogg

    60s pubs in Nottingham

    Sorry RR I have only just learnt how to post photos, don't confuse me trying to make them larger, small steps at a time for me. They are on todays post site.
  10. Here is a link to the paper Nottingham live on Gregory Boulevard over the years with several photos , I thought it easier to put the link rather than individual photos as the written info is important as well. It may be a certain young lady will be most interested as there is a reference to a delightful Academy for young Ladies is mentioned.
  11. I found this in Nottingham live (evening post) I thought it might interest some of you as you may have used them at one time.
  12. trogg

    Buses in Nottingham

    Hucknall Top pit The best way for me to describe the location is leave Hucknall on Watnall road , just before you get to the bypass on the left at the end of the old houses the pit land started there, a mini industrial estate is now there. It then continued up on that side across the bypass and the petrol station and ended on a footpath that is rarely used now, the other side of the footpath is a house that is set back from the road . I believe the house was at sometime belonged to the pit. The pit grounds stretched back towards Bulwell Hall Park ending again at a footpath which follows a stream ,near the bypass from the stream is the spring where generations of kids have drunk water from on there way to Bulwell Hall Park. The pit grounds beside all the normal structures had a plant where they fire proofed under pressure all the wood that was used down the local pits and was easily visible from watnall road. After the pit stopped turning coal it was kept open as a ventilation shaft for another pit and also a training centre for trainees, many I believe are members on this forum who will be able to tell you much more about it.
  13. trogg

    Buses in Nottingham

    Jonab, Top Pit as you know it is referred to a number 1 Pit which was on Watnall Road. Bottom Pit is number 2 Pit on Portland road.
  14. trogg

    Buses in Nottingham

    Here is a shot of the depot with a city transport bus parked , It is as you said on Portland road just by the old entrance to No 2 pit.
  15. trogg

    Lyons tea house

    You never forget old Bestwood training.