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  1. trogg

    Freedom of speech

    I owned a Viva as well, I also owned an Allegro despite all the bad publicity about them it took my family and trailer many thousands of miles camping with not one bit of bother and it was only the 1100cc one. If not on cars I will choose shipphams paste as a discussion on Princes may cause upsets.LOL
  2. trogg

    How's your day?

    Who am I to disagree with you IAN.
  3. trogg

    Freedom of speech

    Welcome back Jill, I have missed you, your style of writing and comments they always bring a smile to my face. I often go back and reread of your tales of manning to brighten up my day, when are you going to write some more, in fact write a book, I will certainly purchase one.
  4. trogg

    Freedom of speech

    I have to agree with you on that, I would probably go further, maybe because I am a bit of a prude, I believe all people should keep their sexual activities behind closed doors. I personally think this topic has gone far enough and posters should post more nottstalgia.
  5. trogg

    radio and tv soaps

    Remember the Lone Ranger?. Any truth that the lone ranger was convicted for the murder of Tonto when he found out that " Keymo Sabee" translated to big head.
  6. trogg

    hyson green

    In most of the photos of old Nottingham most of the roads have the old stone sets, there must have been millions of them. All now seem to have been covered over, where did they come from and how did they make so many. There must have been a major enterprise to make so many with the equipment available at that time. The use of these for drives and patios I wonder how many disappeared when road maintenance was undertaken.
  7. trogg

    Car dealers

    Thanks Ian that's the one ,I can remember buying a year old Viva from there. We went in it to San Palais sur Mer near Royan camping in 1976, all the way there and back with a home made extra large roof rack and all overloaded. When we arrived back in Plymouth the red hot summer had arrived and the car started over heating, the only way to continue was all the windows open and heater on full. Its a long way back to Hucknall like that with 2 travel sick kids in the back complaining.
  8. Can you remember your first telephone number, mine was Hucknall 6656 ,to contact home from Nottingham I think it was 35 before the number, the national code for Nottingham was 0602 .
  9. trogg

    How's your day?

    Each to their own, freedom of choice etc. But for me family comes before a vodka and tonic.
  10. trogg

    How's your day?

    Best tonic in the world , spending relaxation time with family.
  11. Great post again DJ ,memories of Bestwood Estate , I imagine this type of activity happened in most areas but it brings it back to me my childhood of Bestwood. My older Brother and his mates use to do this as well , my place in life was to be at least ten paces behind them as they didn't want to be associated with little kids like me. We also went onto Southglade fields and climbed up the bank to Rigleys to set them off so that the rockets would fly higher, I think the majority of the time they fell to the ground further. Keep them memories coming.
  12. trogg

    You Couldn't Make this Up !

    Your right Ben Hucknall is now a dormitory Town, the long term residents don't like it but its a fact they have to get use to. More and more housing is being built with no thought to road links, I am sure you know the problems in rush hour. At one time whatever you wanted you could buy in Hucknall but not now. It is like many other town centres , shops are closing and choice is very limited, but on the upside restaurants and cafes are opening up, no more coffee bars like we knew though.
  13. trogg

    You Couldn't Make this Up !

    I have to admit Ben Bulwell has many fond memories for me and will always have a special place in my heart.
  14. trogg

    You Couldn't Make this Up !

    Here is a picture for you jonab it is now a pleasure to walk down the High Street. Plenty of room, no vehicles, no nasty fumes and a delight to sit outside of one of the many cafes with a coffee. Also many more people are using the Town centre now. Best thing to Happen to Hucknall for decades.