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  1. A few years ago, I acquired a small tin containing an assortment of stamps. All British, of different values. None franked. The relation must have been a collector as there are so many. I have noticed that they are all issued after the change to decimal. Some belong to series eg Castles, priced at £1.50 each. What do I do with them. Are they likely to be valuable. Can I just used them up on letters after all these years. Problem there, is that apart from Birthdays/Christmas we don't send many letters these days. It seems a shame to just let them go unused, if I can get some cash from them. I know when Chris and I float off to that great place in the sky, my kids wont want them. Any suggestions please. Nice ones of course.
  2. The Exhibition Center. Thank you. I have been trying to find this image for ages for my husband to see. It looks like a fabulous building, such a shame it burnt down.
  3. BUMP For a while I've been trying to find images of a very ornate building somewhere near Trent bridge, no longer here. Possibly gone in the early 1900s All I can remember is a picture of it burning down. I think it may have been for music or arts? In the picture there were people all watching and the ladies all had long dresses on, possibly Victorian? I can't Google it because I don't know what it was called. Just wondered if anyone can make a guess from my small amount of information as to the building
  4. I'm just an old fashioned girl With an old fashioned mind Not sophisticated I'm the sweet and simple kind I want an old fashioned house With an old fashioned fence and ......................................................... NS choir
  5. I made it up Mi duck.
  6. That's the one Brew. In our case five. I knew the name really (Cough Cough). They really do a good job, we are also mucky biggers BK. They look very fitting in my little old fashioned abode.
  7. We had a very informative induction at 1pm. The place was a little busier than we would like, but according to the instructor it is because it is half term. We are waiting until Monday to make our first visit to the gym, when the little B.......eauties go back to school. Love them really.. We were very pleased to see that we were by far not the only 'Old Plumpets' on the machines. We need that little extra ballast to balance us out and to keep us warm in winter. (Thats my theory) Any way we will give it a go. See if I can get past the six weeks that I usually last for in any classes that I have joined over the years!
  8. The wind and rain has dropped for now so today we got the cycles out and rode a 10miler on the muddy tow paths, just to keep us in action. So easy to get out of the habit in the winter. Had to do a bit of scrambling under and around a fallen tree, dragging the bikes along the bank as we crawled. Felt just like a kid again, covered in muck. Yesterday we joined our local gym, £10 a month, concessions for oldies, a bit more than a gym really, its title is 'Leasure Village', going for an induction at 1pm. See how we go? I much prefer being on mi bike in the open air, on the towpaths or country lanes, listening to the birds and looking at the Cows in the fields. Love it. I have had a request from my gang for home made 'Hot Dogs and Burgers with Onions today', So colesterol city here we come. 12 hot dogs and 4 burgers. Good job I only cook these about twice a year. Got to get my pinny on now and get cracking in the kitchen.
  9. We have always had nets up at all windows, the ones we have are in the Jardinieres style, very pretty with flowers at the bottom and small leaves going up to the top.and almost pure white. They were from Yarnolds and cost quite a lot at the time. It paid off because they have lasted well. We, over the years have decorated and chosen furniture in quite an old fashioned style, with a few modern bits thrown in. It seems to work. We even have the little cotton and lace protecters on the two sofas to help keep them clean. The new window is now in the bedroom (the dogs haven't barked for a couple of nights, so still waiting to see how well our acoustic glass works) Oops, strayed off my net subject for a mo. Anyway the window looked good but so bare without my Jardinier (being washed to go back up). It is back up now and my window looks pretty again. I guess, in the vote for nets, our house is a yes.
  10. Very hard water here in West Mids so occasionally when I think about it, I cover the kettle element with vinigar, just boil it up a couple of times then again with clear water and that sorts it out.
  11. You are right Jill. I think 'My reputation precedes me'.
  12. Wowee Malcolm. So professional looking. Hope it tastes as good.
  13. We are definitely testing our new roof out today. Tis blowing a gale. the noise coming down our chimney reminds me of my childhood listening for ghosts in Mappleh Tunnel...Woooooo! The house whose garden adjoins the bottom of ours has lost one tile, so far. I can't find any sympathy in my heart seeing as it is their bl00dy dog that wakes me most nights. PS. I wouldn't like it to have landed on the poor animal though, it has enough to put up with.
  14. Whoar Malcolm. Can I be your friend. Please.
  15. Will be rooting for you PP. Hope word has got around and you have a busy day with lots of interest and sales. May have to tie your stall down if the weather we have here in West Mids is the same for you. Good Luck Miduck.