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  1. carni

    Out and about with Compo

    Same here Compo?
  2. Hey Benj, it sounds like we are having a similar morning. Hubbs put my Billy Fury CD on and I have cat called my way through all the songs. I only have to hear the first chord and I can guess the song, that has just finished and we are working our way through our Roy Orbison one. I have just murdered 'California Blue'. The patio door is open and I am serenading all the neighbours this morning. It's been so long since I put a video on NS I'm not sure if it is correct. SOZ?
  3. You really have been through it Miducks. Sorry to read about you and Donnas health troubles Benj, I send you both our best wishes, and I hope you settle down well in your new home. I keep checking but I haven't seen any news yet on Trogg. Take care Benj and I look forward to some singing again as soon as the choir assembles again.
  4. Best wishes for a good result tomorrow Trogg.xx
  5. We have had a very long day today taking a neighbour to Wales, near Swansea, to visit a sick friend. We left W-ton at 8.30am and didn't get home until 9.30pm, so understandably wackoed. We called into one of the Motorway stops for a drink on the outward journey, and as we were getting out of our car, front and back passenger doors opening at the same time, as my friend and I were leaving the car a man bustled through us, between the parked cars, eyes forward as we brushed past each other, no excuse me or acknowledgement of the tight space we were in, just bustled past carrying his hot drink. Philip Serrel from Antiques Roadshow. Obviously didn't want to be recognised but all the same quite rude. Message to Philip....If you don't want to encounter the public, why park your car such a distance from the building, that you have to walk among us hoping not to be recognised.You used to be one of my favourites! Apologise, I just realised the thread title is about meeting famous people in Nottingham not enroute to Wales.OOPS
  6. Best wishes for Thursday Trogg. We will be rooting for you x
  7. carni

    How's your day?

    I loved the description of your cruise missile fly, DJ, we have had similar experiences with them ourselves. As I have got older I think I have become softer and can't bear to deliberately hurt any living thing. BUT, flies I detest and they have to go. I go to great lengths in my home to keep things covered, using those little net type umbrellas over food I have prepared for a meal, to keep insects away. If I have as a last resort had to use spray, I track the fly or insect until it drops, and then with one almighty WAP, put the blighter out of its misery. At least I don't make it suffer any longer than possible.
  8. carni

    Who uses

    I have the Essentials membership in it costs me £96 a year, It covers enough information for me to build my tree and It is surprising how often my ancestors names come up in other peoples trees. If your tree is a public one, as mine is, it helps others to share their and your information. My maternal side of the family are Mansfield people, probably moved to Nottm sometime before WW2, (yet to discover exactly when?) but Paternal side according to shared info and BDM registers, I must be related (without knowing) to quite a few people that I have passed in the street in the Carlton/Gedling area. You can have a private tree, if you don't want people to see your tree.
  9. carni

    How's your day?

    Me too Lizzie. We weren't taught it, and I have managed to keep it a secret.........................................Until Now.!
  10. carni

    Out and about with Compo

    Brilliant pictures Compo. Thank you for sharing.
  11. carni

    How's your day?

    We could all get a coach, pick up places for those Nottstalgians in far of places. He's a good lad is our Compo, If we give him a warning as we set off. I'm sure we will find him .................hiding in a mountain somewhere.
  12. carni

    How's your day?

    Quick, pack a bag. See you over the border.
  13. carni

    Jigsaw puzzle season

    Oh no, we can't take the heat, that's why we holiday in England, there are still lots of places we want to visit in Great Britain . Well done Katyjay. It takes us about two weeks to complete two 500 piece Jigsaws, mind you we only do them on rainy days and when we just want to chill in the apartment. I can't work on them for too long all the concentration gives me a headache and sends me boz eyed!
  14. carni

    Jigsaw puzzle season

    That's a shame Compo. I know how frustrating it is to realise there is a piece missing. We are still doing 500 piece Jigsaws and on holiday in May we completed a Jigsaw only to find one missing. After moving the table leg we saw just peeping out from the skirting board a tiny piece of what looked like cardboard, Eureka,we must have knocked it off the table and kicked it out of view. PS Is there a title for people who do Jigsaws........................................Steady now.
  15. Hows that then Miduck.x