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  1. It,s OK now Beekay..................They have changed the 'Chip fat' since then................I think!
  2. My cycle is a Raleigh Transcend. I love it. It is rather knocked about now and they don't make them anymore so I can't have a new one. I asked Chris what his bike was, he said a green one? No, he is being cheeky. I will swat him if he doesn't behave. His bike is a Claud Butler. I will take some piccies tomorrow. Hope I don't forget! I'm a big gel now Beekay, I can balance without my stabilisers.
  3. Well we set of for Mablethorpe, but afraid we didn't get far. We stopped at the new Observatory at Chapel and the sign told us to stay on the beach for 900 mtres , but it was impossible to push our cycles through the sand. We decided to get off and onto the roads, trying again further down the road at Chapel Six Marshes. Still no clear path, just more sand, so we decided to about turn, as the road was too dangerous for us to continue. A couple of close encounters put us off. We had a lovely day though riding around the lanes of Skegness. Tea and toasted Teacake outside a cafe at the back of Chapel. After a nice rest at the caravan, we went out on the bikes again at about 5pm, along the front for a couple of miles and then back to the 'Linga Longer' for guess what? Minnie Fish and Chips, sitting outside in the sunshine. Back in the caravan now, Nightie on, feet on the pouffe. Chocolate time.........and relax.
  4. trogg, No chance of getting past one of those, if there happens to be one. Hubbs favourite bakery of all time. Me, well, I suppose I'd have to sample something as well. Just to be sociable.
  5. Thanks oldphil. Just been decided to definitely do the route. At least we know there is a cafe at Anderby Creek if we start flagging. Not the people we once were!
  6. Cheeky. Lol. Will be cycling towards Mablethorpe today. We are interested to see if the route has been opened up along the sea front so we can stay off the roads, it can be a little bit dangerous on the bends with the speed some drivers reach. We haven't completed the run for a few years, it is approx 35miles, with only a few actually on the roads, will be interesting to see how far we get. So long as there are a few cafes on the way 'We will be happy'.
  7. Sorry to read of your health problems Col, I hope all goes well for you. Also for Paul, and any one else going through worrying illnesses. Over the last few years I have and still are going through worrying times, and as Lizzie has said we will support you. To come onto NS and be able to talk about our health problems can be a great help, I know it has been for me at times. Best wishes for a good result for you all.xx
  8. We are here at Skeggy for the next two weeks. Some things a bit dilapidated but all still standing. Will keep my eyes open for owt falling down, doubt if we will see a tower though?
  9. Aaaah Beekay, don't be sad Miduck. I think you may not have recognised the clues because most of them were probably pre your Nottstalgia discovery. Bits and pieces all put together from past topics. Many moons ago.
  10. I didn't want to give the show away too soon. Here's my logic. I recognised the little girl on the left, from a picture of her up to her neck in sand posted a few years ago. ( We have all been there?) Nonna and the Little girls mum are good friends. That is why she possessed the party photograph. The little girls mum being married to (The one with the Saffron Robes) who is the brother of our Katyjay, so I reckoned that because of the connection they would all have been together for their childrens birthday celebrations. Most of us have seen Katyjays picture, but only a few of us know what Mrs Chulla looks like, so I opted for Katyjay Our Chulla would have giggled at that Nonna, he enjoyed an enigma,
  11. I did a bit of logical thinking and I could be right! Should I post my workings out, or hang on a while. I can't wait to know if I have guessed correctly.
  12. Not West Mids, very much East Mids. Just a hunch. It could be one of two ladies. I can't give any clues, because if I am correct in my hunch, any minute clue will give the show away. Lol. Hope I'm right? Let's hang on a bit longer. Perhaps Nonna will put us out of our misery?
  13. Just a guess........Is she the sister of the father of the little girl sitting to the left of her as you look at the picture?
  14. Happy Birthday Lizzie and Mick2me. Enjoy your Special Day. xxxxxx
  15. Oh LL, I'm a fair skinned Blondie. I don't think I would survive in that heat. 'English Rose' I like to think. Husband says he will agree with the English part. He will suffer. Hope you get your rain fall at the weekend and I your garden soon bounces back to life.