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  1. New colours

    Brilliant bit of detective work there Cliff Ton. Wey hey. I would ask yer how yer worked it aaaht..........but I wunt understand what yer were on abaaht anyway. Well done.
  2. New colours

    It has a habit of disappearing CT, so I nabbed a picture quickly of the one above Margies post. Click the thumbprint on my post just before yours.
  3. New colours

    Finally got a print screen, before the thin blue line (Where's benj, there's a song there somewhere.) disappears again. I am experimenting with a thumbnail to save space?????
  4. New colours

    Gone for me as well catfan. Mystery?
  5. North or South

    My hubbs and of course both my children are Black country born, and they all love the Nottm accent. Apart from the twang that has remained with me, I very rarely say 'Aye Up Miduck' except in jest. All three of my little family always greet me with it and have got it off to a tee. Dad was proper Carlton and I can't remember him ever saying 'Duck' always 'Youth' Mam was Mansfield, but I can't remember her using either? The 'Black Country' saying that a lot of our generation remember from the television music show 'Juke Box Jury' (I think) said by Janice ,which we can add to WWs list is 'Oyle give it Foive'. Only ever heard it said in jest. Since joining NS, my accent has taken a revival, and I love it. Mi Ducks.
  6. New colours

    I don't know if this will help the mods find a cause for you Brew and LL, but I'm sure CliffTon will have a go. If your screens are the same as mine; I have noticed two posts back between CT and Brews posts, there is a fine blue line running across the width of the posts. It is not there between anyone elses posts. PS, I take that back, just found another blue line between MargieH and Lizzies posts on the North and South thread. I can't explain WHY, but the blue lines mentioned are not there now? It's going to be one of those days lol!!!!!!
  7. New colours

    This is probably not the reason this time but worth a look. Occasionally on the old NS format, some members had altered layouts. Check out at the very bottom of the Forums page there is a theme option. Could clicking on there be anything to do with the altered colours and layout.
  8. Fridge magnets

    We only have a small Galley style kitchen and if two people are trying to pass each other in there at the same time all fridge magnets etc tend to go flying in all directions. Consequently they have all smashed. The only one that has survived and is the only one I care about is the one bought for me by my granddaughter.
  9. Christmas Memories

    Not sure what Burdock is or who discovered you could drink it mixed with dandelions? I do know that if you had a good drink it certainly made you burp loudly. No we didn't have burping contests. Honestly.
  10. How's your day?

    Best wishes to your hubby Lizzie.
  11. How's your day?

    Will do. That is also my favourite dessert when we go out for dinner. Have you by any chance got a sweet tooth Planfit Miduck.
  12. How's your day?

    Really really must get up. Have to be on the road to Brum by 7.45am to make my 9.45am appointment with my very nice student dentist to see what he has in store for me today. Two hour journey to cover 17miles of back to back traffic on some days. Can be quite hair raising on the journey occasionally. Unbelievable the antics some drivers get up to , just to gain a few extra feet.
  13. How's your day?

    Too righty. That looks delicious. Mmm mmm. I am still waiting for the birds to finish off my 'Caraway seed cake'. They are trying so hard.
  14. The Death Of My Uncle.

    The Air. The Land. The Sea. We lost so many. Our thanks go to the men who lost their lives and the ones that thankfully survived. We all thank them for the lives we have today. Thank you for the Link Michael and the poem for those lost at sea. Today we remember them all.
  15. I once got the ruler across the back of my hands at Infant school. I can't remember the crime, but I've never forgotten the punishment! OUCH.