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  1. Yes, Where have you been Mi Duck.
  2. Hope you had a good one benj. Happy Belated Birthday Miduck.
  3. Whilst holidaying at Newquay Cornwall in 1987 we decided to go to St Mawgan to watch Concorde land. It was brilliant and we have some great photographs to cherish. It really was special.
  4. I hope you recover well Mary and we look forward to a bit of 'Havoc' from you to liven our day. Best Wishes.
  5. Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year to all Nottstalgians and Familys. xx
  6. Happy Birthday Jill. Have a good day.
  7. Same here in Wolverhampton. Tuesday and today; unbelievable rainfall. It's rained more than I have seen for a very long time!
  8. Belated Birthday wishes BK. Hope you had a good day.x
  9. A belated congratulations to you both Mr and Mrs PP. Looks like you have celebrated in style. Well deserved and well done to you and your family.xx
  10. Thankyou CliffTon. Grandads workplace was somewhere between Mechanics Arms and the top of Alfred St. Seeing the images again bring back so many memories for me. Family, Workplace and singing along in the pub., especially at Christmas with my buddy sewing machinists. Thanks again 'Mi Duck'.
  11. Before the demolition of 'St Anns' my Grandparents lived on Vicarage St, about three doors up from 'The Mechanics Arms' which was on the corner of 'Alfred St North'. He was a blacksmith. I never knew exactly what he did, but one of the Gents on another Nottingham site, very kindly gave me an enlarged map off the area, showing my Grandads place of work, on the opposite side of Alfred St North, was Raywarp, where I worked at the time. This was early 1960s. Grandad, apparently was the Blacksmith who shoed and cared for the 'Dairy Horses' at that time. I don't know if the house they lived in on V
  12. Quiet feasible to pick Covid up in hospital. During my last ten days in hospital in May, I felt even more unwell one day, I didn't get a test in time as the Doctors came round and decided I was well enough to go home, not aware of the Covid risk.The person in charge decided it would be better if I tested at home and phone the ward with my result. I did the test, was positive, phoned the ward and they then closed the ward down?
  13. Willow, I believe his name was Reginald Gardiner and he is on you tube with his sounds. I am sorry but I don't seem to remember how to add him to my post. My husband and myself still sing the Diddley Dee sounds occasionally, 'it's not the same with our super duper trains these days though'.