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  1. My Huckleberry friend...........Nottstalgia and me. Start the day with a sing song aye benj. Can't beat it.
  2. carni

    Remembering Nicky.

    Dear Graham, I send you and Sam our condolences. I struggle for words at these sad times , but please know that Nicky, Yourself and Sam are in our thoughts. xx.
  3. carni

    Photos to cheer us up

    What do you mean....Share my cake? You would have to catch me first mate!
  4. carni

    Photos to cheer us up

    We had cause to visit Nottm today, but 'Alas' due to ill relations we had to abandon todays house visits at last minute. So not to waste the day, we dropped son and partner at Wollaton Park, for 4hrs and we drove around enjoying the scenery . Lovely views around Woodborough. Firstly we drove to Stoke Bardolph and enjoyed our sandwiches by the river, in the car park opposite 'The Ferry Boat''. Took the opportunity to get this shot of a Cormarant on the opposite shore, showing off its wing span, which isn't massive but impressive and usefull. At least it wasn't munching a gigantic Eel, as the last time I saw one. Here goes!
  5. carni

    How's your day?

    Sorry you have this this extra worry nonna. You definitely have been through it these last few years. Bronchitis can leave after effects, but your bloods and scan in March must seem along while away for you to be worrying. We hope all goes well for you nonna. xx
  6. carni


    I agree wholeheartedly Jill. Sadly, it would be hard to put into action. I don't think it would be an easy job getting the penalty paid. Perhaps the threat of being struck off the Doctors list for non payment would work. On saying that, it would open up all sorts of other problems, particularly for the people with genuine reasons for failure to keep appointments, and also not having the money to pay fines. Worse case scenario, we would probably have people getting ill and possibly dying all because they inadvertently missed an appointment in the beginning, and don't have the funds to pay up for their mistake. Something definitely has to be done. What and How, I have no idea?
  7. carni


    Talking of time and money wasting. As you know I am very proud and thankful to our wonderful NHS. They have saved me in times of trouble and still continue to do so, but something has happened this week that shows it is not only patients that waste time and money but also consultants can falter as well. My sister has been going through an ordeal these last few weeks. Breast cancer, mastectomy, and now beginning a course of Chemotherapy followed by Radium treatment. She has been going through all the fears associated with her cancer diagnosis and treatments and prognosis. She went to hospital yesterday for her first chemo treatment. The chemo was to be made on arrival of the patient as explained, each chemo is made specifically to the individual persons requirements. After all the stress, she was told she would have to go home and come back next week as the consultant hadn't put the prescription in ?????? WHY!
  8. carni

    How's your day?

    Twice recently we have nearly lost new £5 notes. Chris doesn't use a wallet, he just slides notes into his pocket, we can only think that the movement of walking worked the slippery note up and out of his pocket, luckily I was behind him at the time. On Sunday, we set off on a cycle ride and again hubbs was in front. We were at Chasewater, so lots of people around, again we think the movement of pedalling worked the note wrapped around his bank card as well, up and out of his pocket. He had no idea it had happened. I am aware that removing one from my purse can make others spring out ( That is on the odd days I am rich enough to have more than one). Though I like the look of our new plastic notes I will have to be careful with them in the future in case of one springing out of pocket or purse. I am hoping we have learnt from these incidents?
  9. carni

    Photos to cheer us up

    HUH.Seriously. It looks great, you have got a bargain with your sofas.
  10. carni

    Photos to cheer us up

    What a good job has been done Ian, I love the decor. Someone has very good taste. I thought how much the young lady resembled me, and then I thought 'Well, I am allowed to dream aren't I'. Beats Drums and Guitars any day.
  11. carni

    Photos to cheer us up

    Thank you Compo. One of the problems that we have en counted when taking photos through the window, is reflection of what ever we have on the coffee table, which is just inside the window, in the middle. At the moment we have a white Orchid plant, but Chris took the photo from the right hand side, so we got away with it. Most of our bird feeders and bird bath are just a few feet from the house, so our pictures will always be through glass. Will give the manual focus a try.
  12. carni

    Picture Nottingham

    Thanks Cliff Ton, Thank you for explaining for me. I thought perhaps it would have been used before. I just didn't recognise the title. I totally agree with what you say about the watermark. I will still look at the site as I never tire of looking at images of old Nottm and always on the lookout for ones we haven't seen before which is getting very rare. Your explanation about the changes to PTP now explains why I haven't been able to find some Nottm images. Money is a big factor in a lot of things, a shame but there we go.
  13. carni

    Picture Nottingham

    I know we have seen hundreds of Pictures of Nottingham over the years, but I have just been browsing this site and there are a few of interest. There should be, I believe there are about 21,509 to view. If we have seen this link before, then I apologise, but if your memory is as good as mine, you will always be seeing it for the first time? I just pressed Show all and then See More as the notice came up. I only managed half an hour, so I have lots more to see.
  14. Playing make believe your married to me. Come on girls....All together now.....Our eyes adore you...
  15. carni

    Photos to cheer us up

    So pleased you enjoyed it. A one off I think. Part of the reason the photo is a bit fuzzy could probably be the double glazed glass, which hasn't been cleaned inside or outside since the beginning of December! Can't get the cleaners you know. PS Can't take the credit, the photographer was Chris.