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  1. Not sure where I got this story from, but here goes. The tunnel was built approximately mid 18hundreds, for the carriages to get to the Park Estate. It was never used for what it was built for as it turned out to be too steep for the horses to drag the carriages up there? We attended that Tunnel meet up and it was a lovely day. Sorry to say it rained throughout the walk, but the company made up for that. I believe Sue (Mrs Catfan) took some pictures and made a presentation of them, it was brilliant, I had a look on our Nottstalgia Social Events thread and there was also some
  2. Thankyou Trogg, The worse time was from 10th Nov-about 20th Dec. Things got more bearable over Christmas even though we didn't do Christmas this year. The damage to our chests has and still is worrying, but we are getting there slowly. Being retired and not having children to look after means that we have been able to just take each day as slowly as we feel. No pressure on us. Just waiting for xray results for Chris. Fingers crossed.
  3. Sounds like a plan. Thankyou PP, something to look forward to. I never could resist a new Courtyard and Patio. Better get my mud guards polished then.
  4. Chris back home, he has to phone the Doc in about a week. Thankyou all for your kind words, it is great to be able to talk.x
  5. Chris is at hospital just now having a chest xray to see if the virus has done any damage to his chest. He still has a dreadful cough and can't do any exertion without getting breathless. While he was gone I decided to tidy my wardrobe but by the time I had put away our breakfast crocks and decrumbed the carpet, I too have had to collapse on to the sofa , really breathless. First day of the virus was the 10th Nov ( a date I will never forget) we are still far from healthy. I sometimes wonder if we ever will be again. No cycling since October, but we are not really all
  6. 'When will we share precious moments,............Not be long naah benj. Just got to wait till the NHS sort us all aaht, then we can all get together again.
  7. Same as all your other NS Buddies Brew. Glad to see your OK and back with us.
  8. carni

    New look

    I have clicked cancel all E Mail Notifications, I will see what happens, also clicked on the notification Bell, so I.ll see what happens there anawl. Thanks Miduck,will let you know the outcome of my adventures!
  9. carni

    New look

    Hello, Tis me ag hen. Would anyone know why my notifications are not lighting up on the bell at top of the page to alert me. and why my notifications are going through onto my E Mails. Have I pressed summat weaaght knowing. I cudus? Any suggestions would be muchly appreciated.
  10. I got a bit distracted whilst writing my post about the vaccines. I wanted to point out the same Jill, how patchy the distribution of the vaccines are, regardless of age or health. Sorry if I put too much emphasis on our individual ailments, it seemed appropriate at the time but reading my post now, it could have been better. So long as you all get the message.
  11. My sister in law aged 84 lives at Coleshill B/ham, she has now had both vaccinations. My other sister in law and her husband both 82 and 83 ish live in Coven, they are registered at the Docs in Brewood Staffordshire and there has been no vaccines delivered yet? Chris (hubbs) is 76this year heart attack survivor also diabetic. Plus recovery from Covid19. Waiting patiently (worried) but waiting in hope. Myself, 73 this year, Stroke, two TIAs, AF. Two Heart catheter ablations, Underactive Thyroid on Warfarin, Thyroxine plus other meds for life. Just trying to get over Cov
  12. That made us titter.
  13. Happy Birthday Mary. Have a Lovely Day.
  14. 5 hours ago. As a treat we had Loin pork chops, topped with fried onions, New potatoes, light cabbage and mushy peas , and gravy. Followed by home made Rice Pudding and home made Plum Jam. Cor, it was delicious. I guessed the ratio of Milk to Rice and we needed a knife to cut it. I'm sure we could have laid bricks with it. Very nice thinned down with Cream and Milk. HAPPY NEW YEAR
  15. As PP said 'A very good post' DJ. My chance here again. to get my tuppence worth in. Seven weeks down the line and we still get breathless just walking around the house, coughing and gasping for breath every morning. The easiest of jobs leave us having to sit down to catch our breaths. Chris is awaiting a chest x ray as he has real trouble breathing, and the Doc wants to know the damage. You will talk to people out there who have had Covid 19 who will say it was a walk in the park, there are those unfortunate souls so ill, who ended up not making it and those like us somewhere in t