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  1. I didn't make High School either, only just made Secondary Modern, but I did have a Locker. You knew which one was mine as soon as you went in the Locker room, it was the one with the gentle whiff of flipped Park Drives escaping through the gaps round the door.
  2. I'll meet you at your Locker When high schools dismissed I'll carry your books home for you If you'll just give me, one little..........Dut'n.. De .Do ..Dah Do. Mmmm. The mind boggles?
  3. Chulla - the nickname

    Here it is. I knew he had explained his name some time ago.
  4. Chulla - the nickname

    Do you know, I had a conversation about where the name Chulla arose from, and I could kick myself because for the life of me all I can remember him telling me was that it was a mate, who dubbed him Chulla. He even told me his name? What a shame I can't remember. There you go, I've just told you something and nothing. Perhaps KJ will know.
  5. Nottingham Festival 1970

    Sorry no singing. I'm doing something very important. I'm watching Eastenders.
  6. How's your day?

    Daydreaming LL from the looks of it. I just sang the same verse as you. Oh Well, time for mi afternoon nap from the looks of it.
  7. How's your day?

    Do, Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do....cough cough. OK Here goes. LL. Mid the flowers I spend hours Every Day.
  8. How's your day?

    In the words of Maurice Chevalier 1958 GIGI 'Yes, I remember it well'. I just can't remember which thread? Very tastefully done miducks.
  9. How's your day?

    I bet there are a few people out there who are glad about that DJ.
  10. April 23rd

    Looks like Morrisons are celebrating St Georges Day. (About time someone did) Chris has just got back from ours and every one is being given a red rose to celebrate the day with them.. I asked him why he didn't keep popping back in, I could have had a lovely bunch for nowt in the end. PS. When he walked in with the rose and I went all gooey and dewy eyed, he did confess that he hadn't bought it.
  11. How's your day?

    This NS choir is growing rapidly. We will have to see if DJ360 has any contacts for us.
  12. How's your day?

    When Whipoorwills call. And evening is nigh, I'm happy in my Blue Heaven. Sorry LL, I couldn't resist it. Another one mi mam used to sing to us. I bet it sounds like the deepest jungle round your way, when that lot start singing LL. I have only heard a Woodpecker a few times and one of those was on a tree in our back garden. I don't know how ever they don't injure themselves pecking at that speed, they must have very hard beaks.
  13. April 23rd

    Well, you learn something every day. Jonab, very interesting post, it got our inquisitive juices flowing so I just Googled St Patrick. Thought this was an interesting site. He could even be Welsh according to this account? Hope the sun shines for you RR. PS, Will be flying the flag tomorrow. Must get the board out today, it could do with ironing!
  14. How's your day?

    Don't the birds always sound so happy. I was woken at 4.15am to the sound of a multitude of birds singing. I personally haven't felt like singing at that time of the morning for years. I must say they sound as if they haven't got a care in the world. Are they just singing or nattering to each other, probably deciding what they are going to fill their day with, trying to survive must be priority I think. Ah well, just finished my Ovaltine, the birds are still going for it, I'm wide awake now so no point in trying to nod of again. I'll just wait for daybreak and check the Nottm Falcons, see if I can get a decent picture. Yaaaaawn, they are still singing, but a bit quieter now, perhaps they are all going to have an early morning nod zzzz . Ayup.....sudden silence. mmm. Well perhaps I will shut my sleepy eyes and try again. Here goes. Can't say 'night night' 'cos its not any more. lol.
  15. Gedling Church

    Thanks for the update AG, I am enjoying reading your posts on the subject. It is intriguing stuff and will be interesting to find out who the tomb does belong to. Look forward to reading your next additions of information.