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  1. Things you don't see anymore

    Only plain ones Plantfit.....Cork tip was for wimps.
  2. How's your day?

    Good for you BW. We are just waiting for the sea mist to ease a bit and we are off along the 'Prom Prom Prom' on our trusty steeds. Well cycles any way. I always like to get out early in the morning at the sea side. Might go to Chapel again, the only hitch will be resisting the tempting aroma of the cooked breakfasts coming from the cafes. Pretty much no chance of that.
  3. How's your day?

    Not a pretty sight LL. I'm glad i'm old fashioned.
  4. How's your day?

    Had my eyes opened a bit today I did. Cycling back on the sea front from Chapel at about 2.30pm today, we passed the open air karaoke at the pub on the beach at Sea lane Ingoldmells, It was in full swing and the lady singer was a cross between Bonny Tyler and Tina Turner. Nearly blasted our ears off she did. Lots of cheering and getting very noisy. A bit further along the prom, at 'The Beachcomber' there was a similar event. Sounded as though the holiday makers were having a great time! WELL Later on at about 5pm we decided to do the run again (we love our bike rides). Coming back past the now really boisterous outdoor Kareoke, we were met by a large crowd of cheering people all looking down onto the beach. The same people as earlier only very well oiled by now. I had to check out what was happening, didn't I, and there on the beach were two totally naked middle aged men holding hands and dancing around, then both held hands and ran into the sea. At this, someone ran on to the beach, swiped their clothes and took off into the crowd, at that, we then had the not so pleasurable experience of the men charging naked back up to the prom. How do you explain that to all the children around. Off We Shot. Passing the Beachcomber, things had hotted up inside there as well. As we passed, all inside were belting out 'We don't have to take our clothes off, to have a good time' amid screams and cheers. As we peddled past, we could here a big cheer go up and, we imagine that there were probably quite a few naked people in there as well!!! All this before 6pm. Where's mi Cocoa. Gulp
  5. How's your day?

    Well I had to google 'Moor Bridge Bubblewrap, and that is a good walk. I'm with Margie in saying you must be fit. I was just checking out the tram stop, afraid that is the way I would be going back home. Mind you, I have cycled 20miles today, so i must be a little tiny bit fit.....I think. benj, Get that Schnapps down yer neck Miduck and then..................................................av anutha. LL, Bacon and Eggs. Mmmmm. I think a bit of creeping went on behind the scenes there?
  6. How's your day?

    Bubblewrap, You keep up the walking Miduck, it has to be doing you good. I wish I had your enthusiasm. Walking is not my favourite pastime, to be avoided if possible. And Loppy Lugs, I hope you have got someone on your sideYou are going to need him. I'm sure Mrs LL will forgive you, if you look at her with your ears hanging down and those big appealing brown eyes, while whispering......sorrrrrry darling.
  7. How's your day?

    DJ360, Yes, Grayham was there on stage, so it was the show you saw. I wrote the line up for you. Piano, Keyboard, Vocals / Charlie Elston I think Charlie was Billys musical director in the 70s, but need to check that out. Bass, Double Bass, Vocals / Grayham Wyvill Lead Guitar, Vocals/ Chris Raynor Drums, Vocal / John Raynor Billy Fury/ Colin Gold. Did the Tornados play Telstar when you saw them, and if so what did you think. I thought they were brilliant, the auditorium was filled with supposedly stars flying around the walls and ceiling, and the music almost made the place vibrate, it all added to a great atmosphere I can't open the link you added, will try again?
  8. Sentimental old 'Tat' and liberty bodices

    We have loads of old tat, and some quite sentimental stuff as well. Here is one of my favourites. While we were courting in the early/mid sixtys, we didn't have much money between us and what we did have went mainly on bus and train fares for the two and half years travelling to see each other before we wed. My hubbs spent what he could afford on a lovely cross with a star burst pattern on it for me, it was made of rolled or dipped gold (not sure of the difference)I wore it for our wedding. the chain has long gone and the gold has worn off all the edges of the cross, it is kept in my jewellery box and I would love to give it a makeover one day. Very sentimental, it has no monetary value, but worth its weight in gold to me.
  9. How's your day?

    Great show last night, apparently they have been touring for 21yrs, since all getting together. The singer playing Billy Fury is a 'Stars in your Eyes winner' named Colin Gold and the group are 'Furys Tornados'. Though Colin doesn't resemble Billy physically, he sings his songs and has his mannerisms perfectly, ending each song in one of Billys famous poses. The group close the first half of the show playing 'Telstar' and I must say, they were amazing. All in all, a great atmosphere, and fab show. I couldn't talk last night from all the singing, but lots of tea today will soon sort that out. Hubbs is enjoying the peace while he can.
  10. How's your day?

    Just had a lovely day on the East Coast, we are staying at Winthorpe in a caravan. The forecast was for rain at 11am, so we decided to cycle in to Skeggy early just in case we were grounded. Well the rain never came, so then we cycled the other way and had a very nice icecream at Chapel. Whilst in Skeggy, we picked up our pre booked tickets to see 'The Billy Fury Story' (Eat your hearts out SueB and Melissa) tonight at the Embassy Theatre. Really looking forward to that, not sure if it's the 3rd or 4th time we have seen it. Very windy out there.............But still no rain. We are so going to enjoy this holiday, with or without rain.
  11. Community spirit

    I just completed four of the 'Life in the UK' tests. I failed one and three and just scraped through on two and four. Phew, I have saved it to my desk top to carry on later. My brain hasn't worked so hard for a long time, but I enjoyed doing the tests and look forward to more. PS LL, I own up to guessing a few as well.
  12. How's your day?

    DJ360, I hope everything goes well for you with your Angiogram, and also for what action is decided from there. Looks like we are both having 'Procedures on the 3rd Oct. Busy day for us Nottstalgians. Wish I could be some where else that day. All the best Miduck.
  13. Comfort food

    Warfarin would put paid to that thought Compo. One small wound, even a scratch can scab for weeks and leave scars. I can just imagine, in the olden days, kids in a playground being cruel as kids can be, running round shouting, 'Look at so and so, they've got SCABS'. I bet not many kids get them today either, because it's hard to get a scab on the end of the fingers......texting
  14. How's your day?

    It doesn't help, having garden ornaments eg Owls with solar light eyes, giant Ladybirds that light up in the night. Meir cats and mini dinosaurs etc that cast shadows and my vivid imagination. Ooer.
  15. How's your day?

    At 3.30am this morning awoken with raging toothache and raging Aileen outside. Not sure which one I hated most? I stood peeping out of the closed curtains,( I only had a small peeping gap in case there were any monsters out there in the dark waiting to get me) you know the kind, similar to the ones waiting under the bed, to grab your arm or leg if one dangles off the side of the bed. The trees and Red Robin hedge surrounding our back garden were bent double and the wind was howling, but no rain. I fully expected damage this morning, but nothing out of place. The sun is shining now, but still quite blowy. A good washing day our mam would say. Must go, WF clinic to start the day, and then some food shopping to get in for my son who house sits for us when we go away. Bless him. Loves his food, plenty of home cooked meals in the freezer for him. He says he feels as though he is on holiday himself when he comes to stay. Getting excited now (even with toothache)..................Skeggy here we come. Whoopeeeeeee.