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  1. carni

    How's your day?

    Thank you catfan, so kind of you to find the song for me. The words are even more appropriate than I realised. I'd lend you my hankie benj, but it's wet through, and my laptop and my sleeve and my cup of tea keeps filling up.
  2. carni

    How's your day?

    Just getting back in the normality swing after a very enjoyable week in Devon with Hubbs and Daughter and Granddaughter. Those two girls are in my life so much on a daily basis, it is a special feeling to be loved and to love back. When my Granddaughter was born 18yrs ago in December, my Daughter was really not well for quite a while. I spent a lot of time with her and that wonderful little baby. I believe I bonded as if she was my own. My daughter appreciated me very much and made sure I have been given the honour of being a big part of their lives. Today my feelings have been all over the place, so proud and a feeling of changes not so far away. Our Granddaughter got her A level results, when we got back off holiday. Maths, Biology, Science all straight As. Next year hopefully it will be University. and this morning she passed her driving test as well. So that gorgeous Gel is now a young woman embarking on adventures of her own. I'm a very mixed up ode kid today. I know what started it off. I was listening to the song from Mama mia. I think its called 'Slipping through my fingers' sung by Meryle Streep to her Daughter on her wedding day. That's it..........where's the chocolate and ice cream.
  3. carni

    Freedom of speech

    'Telling me that i'm not really over you' lol. Welcome Loppy, Jill, and Plantfit. We missed you all miducks.
  4. carni

    My Bike rides

    Great Pics of the churches Plantfit. There might be some of my ancestors buried at Claypole, must check my family tree. Happy to see you posting again, and looking forward to viewing your travels miduck.
  5. carni

    How's your day?

    Still winding down from my Devon holiday. We have had a very pleasant car ride out today to Bridgnorth in Shropshire, approximately fifteen miles, to sample some delicious icecream at 'Knickerbockers Icecream Parlour', mmm mm Loverley! Orming all over the sofa just now and 'Guess What'? Husband has just said to me ' Come on, get ready, lets go out for dinner He's winding down as well'. How can I possible refuse! Gotta go.....where's mi cardi? Gosh, this enjoyment is such hard work.
  6. carni

    How's your day?

    Safe Journey catfan. We are home now safe and sound, just a sweet memory so quickly. The traffic on the M5 was not too bad coming away from Devon, but I felt sorry for the ones going down there, the traffic was standing still in places already at 9.30am. Next holiday is Skeggy in September, can't wait, taking the cycles for that one though.
  7. carni

    How's your day?

    The last day of our one week holiday at Torquay. What a great time we have had. Such a pleasure spending time together with my girls. We have visited each place in the Torbay area and each one has been spectacular, with its own special character. We experienced the ferry at Dartmouth, which had us all laughing, by the time we realised we were moving, we had reached the other side, the Golden Hind at Brixham, we didn't do the tour, though it was interesting to see. On Tuesday we visited Bishop Steignton, a picturesque village, to call in on old friends who moved there in the 90s, had a few laughs recalling our escapades during the time we kept our 'Beer Off'in the 70/80s. Many party memories. We made the journey to Bath on Wednesday for Granddaughter to tour the university. in her words she is 'Well Impressed', so that was successful, a long day trip, but well worth it. It is favourite so far, she has been A* in all exams that matter to her up to now. Bet she can't wait to get home to see her results, texting all day yesterday with her pals at home who have got their results already. Right then. A lot to cram in today so better get up. Last day in this beautiful resort, sorry to be leaving it, but so happy to have spent my week in this glorious place.
  8. carni

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Enigma x Hope The Sun Shines All Day For You.x
  9. carni

    How's your day?

    My sister was a patient at the RN ENT hospital Grays Inn Road early 70s . She was under the care of Professor Harrison, but travelled to the Royal Marsden each day for Radiation treatment, it was at a time when bombs were going off and the general feeling was very unnerving, she was in the ambulance travelling between hospitals when the Old Bailey bombing happened. I would travel by train to see her and she was allowed out of hospital for a short time when I visited. Even though all this was going on, we still were able to stroll a bit to far around the back of one of the buildings on the Mall, which turned out to be the Queen mums residence. Not a lot off security that day. I have to say, we were quite frightened when we realised where we were. we thought we might end up in the tower.
  10. carni

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Michael Booth Hope You Have A Brilllllllooooo Day.x xx
  11. carni

    Unidentified pic by E.P. Short

    In the second picture, there could be a group of women towards the back of the march, followed by a group wearing some kind of regimental pith helmets? Could be a band, but I can't see any instruments.
  12. carni

    The Old Market Square

    Oh benj, You are a one.
  13. carni

    How's your day?

    Yippy, The sun is shining this morning. Today is the third day of our weeks holiday in Tor-quay and no rain forecast for the first time today, so sun dresses at the ready. I never realised how big this place is. We have a lovely cottage right by the Harbour. So picturesque, and it seems we are going to have a seagull awakening at 4.30am every morning, haha. Part of the cottage has a flat roof, so our daughter has the pleasure of the gulls running across the roof as well. Really looking forward to todays strolling. I still can't walk far yet, after my 'little procedure' last Monday, still feeling sore, but having a very relaxing time with my family. We are travelling to Bath tomorrow or Wed,(still to decide which day) to take Granddaughter to Bath University, she wants to check it out as they specialise in Maths, which is her subject. There was a mix up with the tour dates so she missed the original Uni tour, but can go round and take a look. About 220 mile round trip fromTorq-quay, but it will be good to spend time at Bath for the day. Come On You Sunshine.
  14. carni

    The Old Market Square

    We bought my wedding ring from there in 1966, I can remember as plain as day going in one weekend when Chris came to Nottm. The style I wanted was very 'in' at the time , a barrel design, not right really for my little fingers, it caused me many problems because of this. I didn't want a new one, I wanted to keep the one that I married with at Gedling church, so eventually I had it reduced in width at a jewellers in W-ton. The ring cost 10 Guineas at Ratners in 1966. Nice to see the picture Ian, and bring back my memories for me.
  15. carni

    Buses in Nottingham

    You still have a cruel tongue.