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  1. carni

    How's your day?

    I love that Gem. Sounds like the kind of thing I might do myself.
  2. David, Absolutely brilliant link. I have just spent half an hour scanning through it and the information is great. When you click on the little 'Read More' links it just leads on and on with more information about specific items. I have had to stop now, but saved the link for later, so I can read it properly. Best find for ages. I'm sure it will be enjoyed by many.Thank you for not letting us miss that one Miduck.
  3. carni

    How's your day?

    The sun is shining. Three hours sleep! Time to get the day started. Two mugs of tea and one cup of coffee already. We are off down the canal before the sun gets too hot. Hopefully get some photos soon to show you., if we can work the camera out????.
  4. carni

    How many early memories do you have?

    I have just got home and picked my laptop up. Dash, I see I am too late for a singsong. Sorry Fellas, You did alright the pair of you.
  5. carni

    How's your day?

    10 miles cycle ride this morning, 3miles walk home from town this afternoon, 9miles cycle ride at 6pm.....................Pillow.
  6. carni

    Bottom end of Woodborough Road

    I must have walked past this building countless times from being a child holding mams hand, walking from Huntingdon St bus station going to Vicarage St to visit my Grandparents and relations living around the area. After leaving school I did the same journey most mornings myself whilst working at Raywarp on Alfred St North. I have closed my eyes and tried to imagine the building, one so large, but can't for the life of me remember it. This makes me feel sad because, it makes me wonder how many more places and people have slipped from my mind. I do enjoy the pictures and it does take me back to the Nottm of my time there. I would love to go back in time, just for one day only, and see the places and people from a long time gone. One day in the future, people may be able to do that, in some way ..............ooooer........How many would want to come back?
  7. We lost a lot of pictures to Photobuckets little tantrum, but from February this year I noticed that some of my pictures on the ''Nottingham Falcons' thread had gone and been replaced with the same jumble as Jonab had. They were posted through 'Post image'. Shame intit.
  8. carni

    Happy Fathers Day

    To late. I've seen it! Load of Chocolate and Strawberries and Double Cream awaiting in ours. We are just biding our time until the Fish and Chips move over.
  9. carni

    Happy Fathers Day

    I doubt it very much Miduck. Dream on.
  10. carni

    Happy Fathers Day

    Happy Fathers Day everyone. We are having a Fish and Chip treat today with family by the river at Bewdley. Looking forward very much, hope the sun shines.
  11. carni

    How's your day?

    Benj, the queue to send you a PM is endless, you have such allure all the ladies on the forum will end up falling out if you don't choose them.
  12. carni

    Down Clumber Street.

    Erm, never tried one, but there's time.
  13. carni

    Down Clumber Street.

    'Jam Fritter' Sounds scrumptious, especially topped with a dollop of icecream........................Pass the Rennies
  14. Mmmm, love Haselet sandwiches. I have Fruity brown sauce and Hubbs has Daddies . We had some from ASDA last time, it is hard to find round here and not quite as nice as we used to get at Nottm, but we have to have what we can get, I just put a bit extra sauce on and use my imagination. You have set me longing now, it looks like a trip to ASDA tomorrow. Hope they still sell it.
  15. carni

    Falcons 2014

    Here you go. I just happened to be watching when Archie knocked the egg about a bit, then picked it up and took it off somewhere!