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  1. A couple of days on your Antibiotics should start to make you more comfortable SG. All the best for a speedy recovery Miduck.
  2. Because of health issues, I have the flu vaccine every year. I also had the Pneumonia vaccine in 2006 and the Shingles vaccine 13.11 18. I am pleased to say no reactions to any of them, not even a teeny weeny sore arm afterwards. I just hope they work?
  3. Good to see you back posting on NS Nonna. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. x
  4. I must be rich because I have four watches, but only two bought by us and the second was because about a year ago I thought I had lost my watch the one that I wear daily. We got back from a cycle ride last year and it was missing from my wrist. I was a bit upset because we had treated our selves to matching Rotary ones when hubbs retired. Not top of the range but special to us. Anyway after about a month I had another Rotary, about a month later Hubbs was cleaning the panniers out and what should be in a glasses case at the bottom of one , my watch, put there for safe keeping as sometimes the tow paths can have unsavoury people lurking around. The third watch, is a very delicate Marquisette one that I bought in the 70s for around £8 from Sneinton Market for my lovely Mam, she always adored it. It came back to me when she past away, I now adore it, because she did. My 4th is a dress watch, bought for me by my Daughter, when hubbs and I used to go 'Ballroom Dancing'. Sadly the knees have stopped the dancing, but I wear the watch occasionally as It was a gift from my Gel. So I suppose I must be posh then. They don't call me 'Four Watch Carni' for nothing you know.
  5. That's if they make it from the pod to the pan aye benj.
  6. Can't beat a box of Liquorice shapes Beekay, we always have some at Xmas as well as birthdays. I like the Wheels and the little jelly sweetie in the middle, Hubbs likes the pipes and Wheels. In fact he likes them all. I have to keep my eyes on the box or I don't get a look in. Will you have to wait a month or do you share?
  7. I've seen all your Qualifications, that you got from the Sorbonne. Just thought I would add again for them as don't know that Peter was the brother of Eden Kane who sang, among other songs..........Boys cry when no one can see them, no one can see them cry. Come on Choir?
  8. Hope you get on with your 'Lycra' Benj. I tried the ones with the gel patch, but I couldn't take to them. I have a 'Gel Seat Cover' Mi duck, it is great, it cost less than a tenner, and I can wear ordinary trousers instead of my Lycra Leggins if we are going to walk around the shops, and I still have the comfort of the 'Gel Padding'. I just have to remember to cover it when we park up in case it rains.
  9. Well done you lot. Our Chulla will be chuckling at your verse. I'm just going to read them all again.
  10. Those were the days....Oh yes those were the days. La La la la lala.....................
  11. Denshaw and CliffTon, Thank you, on a day when I can't stand it anymore, I will definitely contact them. I must say, the only reason I haven't done it already is because I am afraid of repercussions. We have heard bad reports about the person and I'm too old to take any agro. I just want to add that in no way do I blame the dog, it is the owners at fault. Margie, like you I do feel very sorry for the animal, we are pet lovers and had dogs ourselves in years gone by. If I do report them, it will probably help the dog as well.
  12. That's very kind of you Benj, I thought about taping the dog barking and playing it back when I know the owners are asleep, but apart from that giving all the neighbours a double whammy of barking.........................I'm a scardey cat! We will just have to wait it out!
  13. Thanks Lizzie. Good News. Trogg, So sorry to read about your scarey event. Thankfully you are OK, sorry I nearly missed your post. I am so slow typing that yours popped up while I was tapping away. Take it easy Miduck, We are all rootin' for you. PS, The ironing is easy if you do it my way. It's called 'Folding'
  14. No news yet from Nonna but I'm sure it wont be long before contact is made Beekay. We are all waiting to hear. Benj, I have just read your post and I admire your bravery, but I have to admit your situation scared me. These days there is no respect and as we are among the older generation now, we can easily come off worse if a scuffle occurs. Hope your appointment went well Miduck. As we speak I'm in a situation mesen. the house on the next street has a garden backing on to ours. A few weeks ago they must have acquired a dog to keep as a guard, definitely not a puppy. It barks on and off all through the night and most of the day. How it doesn't bother the owners, I don't know. I know it bothers our other neighbours because it has been discussed. Hubbs and I are the oldest residents around by at least 20yrs , not in the best of health so daren't go round to the house. incase they get nasty. It has been mentioned that they are people not to mess with, once threatened one of our other neighbours with a shovel. So consequently, I have had to come and relax in my front of house room. Not so relaxed listening to the thoughtless peoples dog . I am having a bark rage moment.