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  1. carni

    Who is this man?

    It just popped into my mind this morning, and drove me mad all day. I will have to read the thread. Crazy how these things just rise up from nowhere. I couldn't shake Hitchcock from my mind, but couldn't find a reference to his wife anywhere and I thought the typing bit was just my imagination in the end. Makes you wonder what memories our brains hold that we forget.
  2. carni

    How's your day?

    Only managed a little food today, Suger Puffs, piece of cheese, 1 slice toast and beans.......Choccy cake perhaps tomorrow.
  3. carni

    How's your day?

    Well Miducks, I survived my 'Procedure' yesterday, we didn't get home from hospital until nearly 7pm so was shattered. I needed my pillow. All went well, but being 'A mardy little bu99er' I went straight to bed. Glad it's over for now. I've been eating for England today, no food for 29hrs, just water. Worse than prison, at least they get bread with the water in there!
  4. carni

    Who is this man?

    Fantastic. Do you know I typed Hitchcock into Google myself and it turned nothing up about marriage. I kept searching and Hitchcocks name still kept coming up in my mind. I never thought we would find it. I can sleep tonight. Thank you so much you pair of fabo Notstalgians. So little information and you solved it. PS. Did you know Alfred Hitchock hated his nose? Sorry, take no notice of the last line. Not sure if I have the right man? It was Orson Wells. DOH
  5. carni

    Who is this man?

    No I don't think he was. I think there was a photograph of his wife and she might, only might have be typing?
  6. carni

    Who is this man?

    Help. I have got a question and it is driving me crazy. I can't stop trying to remember, so here goes. Thinking Caps on Nottstalgians. All I have is this bit of info! In recent years we had a thread on a famous man who married a lady from St Anns. That's it.....that's all I've got. No idea what thread it was in?
  7. carni

    Beekay's paintings

    Barrie, When ever we are out cycling along our canal towpaths and a narrow boat goes by with the painted ornaments on, I shall always think of you and your talent. We are a pair of old 'Gongoozlers' Well done Miduck. That is a beautiful picture of Sheffield Park, with the reflection of the trees in the lake, so peaceful.
  8. Good luck DJ, You are certainly putting your time and money into saving that tooth, not to mention all the pain while you are trying. I hope it can be saved after all your effort, and especially in time for your Mehiko visit. Thanks for your concern, and good to know your physio is doing some good on your knees. I will definitely be seeing the doc again, now I know the physio shouldn't be so painful. I wouldn't mind........if it was helping. Hope this is correct. Felices Fiestas DJ.
  9. Thanks gang. I didn't mean to go on, but I think you know me by now. I was feeling sorry for LL and before you know it, it was me me me again. Sorry Miducks.
  10. The Doctor sent me for an Xray, she told me it shows some Arthritis in the shoulder. Apparently it has been slowly coming for a few years,(Which explains, my longstanding aches and pains) the fall I had has caused it to go to the next level?
  11. I am in hospital on Monday having 'A Procedure' and will be out of action just for a few days so this has to wait, but because I have had no improvement I will speak to the doctor as soon as I can and see what other types of help are on offer.
  12. I totally agree Brew. I took the doctors advice and went to the Physio, because I didn't know what else to do. What do I do, I really can't lift my arm, I am having to do everything now with my left hand. Which the professionals say is the wrong thing to do, as my shoulder will set. Dropped and broken more crockery this last few weeks than all my life. Simple things like combing my hair or just scratching my shoulder are impossible with my right arm. I even have to hold my right arm up on the elbow while picking my cuppa tea up. My arm just drops like a stone. I have had some serious illnesses over the last 13yrs, life threatening, and still going on, but this Arthritis has stopped me doing far more than anything else. A pain in the neck really or should I say Shoulder!
  13. LL, I had a fall last August and apparently triggered Arthritis in my right shoulder. It is very painful and I can't lift my arm higher than straight out. I was sent to a Physiotherapist for exercises. I did my best, but when I told her it was very difficult and painful, she replied 'Good that is what we want' What is the saying 'No pain, No gain'. I'm afraid, six weeks of trying to do her exercises and not only could I not lift my arm, but every muscle down my arm, across my chest and down my side were so painful, I couldn't carry on. I have to arrange an appointment and not looking forward to going, but I must do something. I'm hoping there are some alternative exercises to try. All the best LL, keep up the good work.
  14. carni

    Roberts Windsor Soaps Colwick.

    I worked there for a very short time in around 1963. I can't remember much about it only working on the belts packing soap into boxes. Very repetitious, perhaps the pay was good, there must have been some reason for being there. The girls were known for the soap smell being overpowering on the bus at the end of the day. Sorry I can't remember much about it, but I at least can remember being there. One of my many jobs in the 60s.
  15. There you go PP, all that practice building trolleys when you were a mere kid paid off. Any chance of a picture miduck. Hey PP, If it is that good, you had better get it patented pronto.