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  1. I'm back now from an experience i hope never to be repeated. Eight days ago I was rushed off to hospital with severe Pancreatitis, and from then I have been on a different planet, still waiting for my brain to begin working again. Thea pain was unbeleavable and the trip with Morphine was frightening. Just wanted to say where I had been, and I feel so poorly it will be a while before I am back to normal, but, I know there is improvement so give me a couple of weeks and I should be back to nomal,so for now I will read your posts and join in later. x
  2. Both got our second jabs on the 15th. I have the Astra at 9.50am and Chris the Pfizer at 4.55pm, both at same place. I asked why we couldn't have the jabs at same time. It seems they are doing the Astra in the morning and Pfizer in the afternoon. Good job we live within walking distance, we can have some exercise thrown in.
  3. Come on boys. Stop ganging up on a gel. Snot fair.
  4. Brew and BK, It wont my fault. I dint do owt. I was very gentle with me new toy.
  5. I never wear shoes in the house and to walk on the lawn barefoot is heaven, even more so if it has been raining. One problem.....always got mucky feet. No not from the carpet, from the lawn?
  6. Would you believe it. After spending all that money on me for my birthday; the bo99er broke down. First of all one of the keys became loose, almost completely off and quickly followed by the pad freezing! Son was not a happy bunny. All that dosh and it was faulty. To cut a long story short, it was taken back to Curries on Friday and no problem, refund straight away and a new one ordered. That came yesterday and we are up and running again. Missed you all.x
  7. Phwaar, Have I been having withdrawal symptoms. No Laptop for a weekish. I was having problems charging it for a couple of weeks, and then all of a sudden Kerplunk, it packed up all together. Boo Hoo. WELL, have I been spoilt today. It seems that my family have clubbed together and bought me an ACER Swift 3 for my birthday later in April, but they can't stand to see me with my bottom lip dragging on the carpet any longer, so they have given me it early. Son has been trying to get me started on my new mean machine just now, but because we can't get into my broken laptop
  8. Brilliant news benj. Relax time now. xx
  9. I'm with you there benj. Our front room was often turned into a dance floor. The same as you, Mam and her sisters, sometimes SueB48 and my sister, all jiving, trying to Jitterbug with Mam was a laugh. I miss those days so much. I forgot to say I love that film, I laugh so much at their antics. Naughty Girls, and that there Bob was having a whale of a time.
  10. Oh Oh What a rotten song What a rotten song What a rotten song Oh Oh What a rotten song What a rotten singer tooo ooo ooo. Don't be a offended LL. Not your wonderful singing. This was the end of the song, as sung by all of us inebriated customers as we tried to dance to Knees up Mother Brown at the end of the night.
  11. Happy Birthday again Margie.x
  12. Happy Belated Birthday Benj. Hope you had a Gudun.
  13. Yes Benj, there was a good sized dance floor in the Grey Goose. Mum, her sisters and husbands, cousins and friends all used to go for a dance at the weekend. My younger sisters used to babysit my children for us when we came home to visit family, we had some great nights in the 'Big room' as we called it. The band, I think were called 'Reg Guest trio' were mainly playing at the weekend, but also live groups as well. My mum and her sisters would waltz around the room while the rest of us would be Jiving or Twisting! The last time I was in the Grey Goose sadly was for my little brothers wake in
  14. BK, Try page 3, you might find the photo?