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  1. I still have some 3D books and posters tucked away. Every so often, I will go through them. As Jill says, don't try too hard, just let your eyes go out of focus and keep staring at the picture, eventually the inner pictures will (should) appear. I will never part with them. I find them fascinating. Does't take much to keep me entertained.
  2. When I worked at City Uniform on Woolpack Lane in 1965/6, which was my last employment in Nottingham, I used to work what was referred to in the factory as the special machines. We were tucked up in a corner surrounded by......Bar Tack, Felling, Overlock, Buttoner, Buttonholer, Lockstich etc, After all these years I can still remember them.Aaaah memories.
  3. Good News MD. Hope you are reunited quickly, and safely.
  4. Yes BK, Lots of people including us still holiday at Winthorpe. We go for two weeks in Spring and again in Autumn. Without getting all our receipts out to check, the estimated combined total rental is approximately £1, 500, depending on the actual weeks we book.( This includes our 10% discount for being regulars). Never book for the weeks of school half terms. The site we use is a family run one and they have some new caravans to rent out every new season, so we are sometimes among the first occupants of the Spring. Den, Definitely can pay £1000 especially on Butlins. We go out of season for peace and quiet so Butlins is a No No for us.
  5. That's what I thought RR.. Flummoxed me now Miduck?
  6. Similar for us. May for two weeks at Winthorpe, cancelled, it was booked before the Virus. Refund yesterday. A week at Deal in Kent for a week in July, cancelled, refunded approx 4wks ago. October, for two weeks at Winthorpe again cancelled, no deposit paid, so no worry there. Only disappointment, but we decided that we didn't want to take the risk. Sorry, just realised, our cancelled hols are not abroad,
  7. In the 1970s, in our 'Beer Off' we used to sell the 'Walkers' trays of toffees with the little hammer BK. One of my regular customers bought one of the trays from us and brought it back to me. She had found a metal nail inside one of the bars of toffee. I returned it to Walkers, who sent two trays for my customer and reimbursed me my money, which I had already given to her anyway. I bet there would be a lot more fuss today, as it really was a danger and a big payout would no doubt be appropriate. Oh Well. My customer didn't want the fuss!
  8. CliffTon. You can't remember Nibbits because you're only a kid. Brew, Now calm down. We are all of a certain age and some with dicky tickers to consider.
  9. Mmmm mmmmm. I loved Nibbits. A big part of my foody memories. Sunday afternoon, round the back of the Chesterfield Arms. A bottle of pop and either a bag of plain or cheese crisps to last about two hours, then home, just across the road to Hardys Drive, to Sunday Lunch. I discovered Pom- Bears a few years ago and thought they were brilliant. There are about five different arm positions in a pack. Best replacement for Nibbits that I had found. Sadly in an attempt to make more profit, the texture of the Pom-bears has got thinner and thinner, until it is difficult to find an intact bear in a pack now. Usually at least one arm or head missing on most bears. The last part of the bag is usually the heads and arms Bless.It has had an affect on the taste as well. Still love them. There is always a six bag pack in my tuck box. PS BK will give the Tesco and Aldi ones a try. Thanks for the tip.
  10. benj, Trunch Lane is at Chapel, or at least it was in the 60s. I couldn't tell you where it starts and ends though, and no idea what the site was called that we stayed in. I know it got a bit cramped trying to sleep 12/14 in a four birth. That holiday was taken the year after hubbs and I met in Skeggy, so we had been together twelve months by then. Old courting couple and pals. We had some great laughs, My sister and our boyfriends booked for the four of us. Chrises mates and girlfriends were camping down the road, but we all ended up in the caravan for the night when it started raining. Lots of fun, and would you believe, all quite innocent.
  11. Nonna, I am really sorry to read your news. Our condolences to you all.
  12. Home Bargains on the Stafford Road yesterday. Only one staff wearing mask or gloves. Apart from us ode codgers wearing ours you'd have had a job spotting a customer in a mask. I don't know if they offer protection, but until you have been coughed in the face by someone it may not seem necessary? the conversation at the till was by the customer to the assistant, that they are waiting until they have to wear one? Any thing that might help is worth a try?
  13. No idea about myself but...... I know my son was definitely conceived in a seaside caravan at Chapel?????
  14. Had a phone call from Cardiologists secretary on Friday asking me if I would take a cancelled appointment today at 1.50pm to have my 72hour Halter heart moniter fitted. No problem. Getting signs that need checking. Hairdresser on Saturday 1st August. YAY. In my mams words.....I look like 'The wild woman of Borneo'? Specsavers Tuesday 4th August. Just waiting now for new appointment for Colonoscopy that was cancelled in March. Really pleased because I was worried in case I had been forgotten. Still worried about going to hospital because of the Virus. From what I have seen in the shops lately, people are not wearing masks, keeping a distance, using the wipes and hand sanitisers, picking things up and putting them back down. Crazy world!
  15. BK. We have been in there ONCE. Never to be repeated. I agree with every thing you have written. Ask Catfan, he will point you in the direction of a good Chippy in Skeggy. Our favourite at the moment is right up the end of the promenade, turn left at Seaview pub and a few yards down is 'The proper little chippy' used by the locals. Gotta be good.