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  1. How's your day?

    I wait till no ones looking Chulla, then wing it out the bedroom window. Pure class this gel.
  2. How's your day?

    Looking out of my window again, I see it is still chuckin' it daahn wiy, waaait for it.............SNOW! YUK. Been awake nearly all night so I have no enthusiasm to gerrout of mi pit. That was, until I started surfin and Googleing. Can't wait to finish posting my findings now . Thinking about what I can have for my brekky, got all manner of delicousness awaiting me in the kitchen, take a look at what these poor were having all those years ago. If I was there in those awful days today my menu would be. Breakfast ...Milk Pottage Dinner....Broth, Beef and Potatoes Supper....Bread and Beer. Dunt sound too bad!!! Bet a few of my ancestors sampled that lot. I think I will count my blessings, time to move it. I quite fancy Bacon and Creamed Mushrooms. Not quite Blueis but I can use my imagination.
  3. How's your day?

    Hope you feel better soon LL. The trouble with this virus is that you think you are on the mend and then it creeps up and knocks you for six again. Here,s a good one to play LL. Chanson Tryst. I bet you will know how to play it . Just thought 'Can it be played on an organ' ? Get your hanky ready.
  4. How's your day?

    Yep, complete with newspaper on a bit of string and a cangle (Only one, not four cangles). No rug for us Chulla. We are posher than that, we have got an 'Army Overcoat' to keep us warm. Can you see me stilts leaning against the wall on tuther side!
  5. How's your day?

    Well Mi Dears, I was just sat sittin' on the sofa, sowing, like a good Nottingham gel should be on a rainy day. You know the kind of sewing I mean, taking up, in , securing buttons etc, on the pile of 'Christmas present' clothes bought for us. Just waiting for the weather to keep me in to get it done! Being a bit short in the arms and legs department, most gifts to me have to be altered somewhat. Any way, I just looked up for a moment and look at the bloomin' weather Miducks, snot rainin' anymore, it's flippin' SNOWING. Aaaagh. Oh well, going out at 2pm with son, daughter and partners, Dinner or Lunch? (depends how posh you are) Dinner for us lot. at the Newbridge Carvery.
  6. Cigarette cards

    Chulla, perhaps with illustrations of flowers, they can be shown as perfect as the artist wants them to be, quite easily, leave a bit off here, add a bit, turn a petal the direction you want to imagine it in, but with real life it would hard to find a flower with every detail in perfection to photograph. I will look forward to seeing your collection of flower cards.
  7. Cigarette cards

    I hope you are going to enter a couple of your poems Chulla, I'm sure they are well worthy and give enjoyment to the poetry lovers that will be at the Festival. About poetry. Just a small addition to my last post. On looking back at the link i also noticed that by clicking yet again on the individual fairy images you will get the accompanying poem to go with the fairy. It would be a shame to miss the poems by not realising they are there. No more from me about the fairies, back to the cigarette cards now miducks.
  8. Cigarette cards

    I love the flower cards as well Chulla, especially the wild flowers. They have brought to mind a collection of books titled 'Flower Fairys' by Cicely Mary Barker. I bought them for my Granddaughter one Christmas. If you click on 'Meet the fairies', and then on the individual pictures you will see many more images. Not quite cigarette cards but the wild flowers are there and your cards bought back the memory for me.
  9. How's your day?

    Certificate in Window Dressing versus a Blackbelt in Origami.............................................Scrap This I gotta see
  10. Rail travel card

    whats it all about ?.......................................Alfie. Is it just for the moment we live. I spent so many weekends travelling on the old Chuff Chuffs backwards and forwards to Nottm/Wton for nearly three years as you know. Not always comfortable, very often cold and late also a bit scary if the train was one of those where once the door was closed and the train moving, you were pretty much confined in the compartment, hoping you weren't with a murderer or summat! Today I had to spread my germs and travel to B-ham. Neither of us was up to driving so we travelled by rail. I have decided I like trains now. The journey both ways was so comfortable, warm and clean, exactly on time and remarkably quiet. I think we are going to try a few train trips this summer. Can't wait.
  11. It's cold outside

    Make nice toast anawl
  12. The last time I was in there was the summer of 1980 at my sisters wedding reception, though I have great memories of many Saturdays during the early 1960s twisting and jiving the night away. I remember the long walk home down Westdale lane ( to dark to walk down Arnold Lane) if we missed the bus, or spent our bus fares! Thanks for the picture. Great to see the place again.
  13. Things that pee you off

    To us our maternal grandma was always mammar, paternal grandma was nannar, that is how mam referred to them. the maternal side were Mansfield and paternal side Carlton. No idea if the differences were regional? My mam was mum or mam to us, no changes as we grew up? Here in West Mids, my hubby has always called his mam, mom.? My son calls me mum or mom and my daughter calls me mum or momma? The Blackcountry title for grandma is nan, but my daughter was bought up hearing me say, nannar or mammar, hence my Blackcountry granddaughter calls me nannar, whilst all her friends say nan? I don't mind what they call me, so long as they love me.
  14. Midland station

    Happy Birthday Phil
  15. Great picture cliffTon. It is clearest image I have seen pre Memorial Hall.Thanks for posting it, got my imagination going it has. Paradiddle, we went to many garden fetes on the Rectory field and garden. Lovely memories of my childhood. I know we didn't make it to the Beat Barbecue that you have shown us, because on that date SueB48 , myself and two others went to Skegness for a week. It is the day I met my hubby (holiday romance) and changed the course of my life. I remember dancing at the garden fetes and also taking a short cut through the side of the Rectory and graveyard onto Arnold Lane. The graveyard always gave me the creeps and I am still the same today.oooer. Lovely memories though. I'm pretty sure the Rectory field garden fetes are on an earlier thread, but can't for the life of me remember the title.