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  1. Thankyou BK, I have just tried it and it makes it so much easier to see on full screen. It just keeps getting better.
  2. Brilliant. I have just found it. I didn't realise what the 'Play As' option was. My Heroes.
  3. BK, I haven't seen the option for changing the number of pieces. Can you tell me how to do it or how to find the instructions please. Will give it a try.
  4. Me too BK. I think it's a great site. I don't try to match the speeds, I just enjoy the jigsaws. I do them on and off all day. Hubbs reckons it keeps me out of mischief.
  5. carni


    Bump. Seeing as Bidmas/Bodmas has arisen, I remembered this old thread from around 2014. For the mathematicians on NS to re baffle me again.?
  6. Blimeh, BK, that's a bloomin' lot of cream cakes. I think I'd better stick to a jam donut today then! Not literally.
  7. Hubbs just said we have had our car for six years and we have done 94000 miles approx. Right then. A Mathematical question. If we have travelled 94000 miles, and each car ride is approximately 25miles long . How many cream cakes will we have consumed over the last six years. Answers on a Elephants foot please. PS we both had a cake each 25mile ride?
  8. Not us CT. We still go for our country lane car rides most days, in search of the 'Elusive Cream Bun!!!!
  9. Might have done benj, not sure about sharing a Parkie, they weren't very big , and usually by the time Sueb48, my sister and little me had puffed on it, there was not a lot left, except a ducked baby pink( As in Rimmel lipstick, ) red hot dog end!!!! Classy Gals.Ha
  10. Thankyou Jill for making my day. A little dose of laughter after a bit of a tense day. Hospital at 9.30 this morning for a procedure, and slept all afternoon. Until now. benj, 'I'de flick me ash in your corned beef any day'. Great lyrics Jill. You had us tittering in our Char Sui Pork and Noodles'.
  11. WW, we were in Weymouth in 2017, renting a cottage around 150yds from Hope Square. One evening we went out for dinner, but on reaching Hope Square the band were playing and the atmosphere was so happy we never got any further. They were brilliant. Dinner turned into Fish and Chips on the walk home two hours later.
  12. Hope your more comfy today DJ. Having a few beers can have a pain killing affect, so go for it. Anything that makes your pain bearable. A good few years ago, Chris hurt his back, whilst entertaining friends one 'Bonfire Night'. He was in agony on the floor, in those days the doctors came out, on a remark about alcohol being a pain relief, the doctor agreed, but said either whiskey or pain killers. Not Both. I'll let you guess which one he chose. Last week I made a phone appointment (FIrst time ever)with my new doctor about some results that I was waiting for. It felt as though I had been forgotten. Three day Holter monitor in July..........Stable result......Whoopeeeeee. Thyroid results.................OK..... Yahooooooo Colonoscopy I should have had in March, but still no appointment.......Doc is going to chase up, to find out why the delay? I bet I know why.........begins with C and ends in 19. At least now I am not worrying that I have just got lost in a pile on a desk somewhere? Today we are both having our flue jabs, so a bit of peace of mind on some scores.
  13. I have one dinner knife left from my bottom drawer collection. I think I only have that one because it got mislaid in our house moving and didn't get used for years. The bedding and blankets got cut up for dusters years ago. The last remaining woollen blanket, wedding present from work mates at 'City Uniform on Woolpack Lane' got cut up when Duvets took over from the blankets and quilts. Crockery got broken over the years. So I cherish my one dinner knife and remember the hard wear shop on 'Main Rd, Gedling' where I used to call every week on payday to buy as much cutlery as I could afford to build my collection.