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  1. Yes, his name was Bill. He passed away many years ago, 1978.
  2. Thanks for the history of the Company. I reckon my father worked there many years. As a young child he would take me with him whilst travelling through Lincolnshire and the coast (Skegness etc.) I was thirteen when he left (made redundant?) in 1967. My father went on to manage a newsagents in Bingham for a few monghs before he bought his own shop in Aspley in '68.
  3. My parents bought a newsagents in 1967 and I remember when decimalisation came in in the 70's that 20 Players No.10 were marked up at 19 1/2 new pence.
  4. Matt Baker used to be a pretty good gymnast...
  5. Car terminally expired on Sunday, got the local garage to check it out today and it's definitely dead. Rang around to get a hire car for a few days until I get a new car and they're very busy now we've reopened to tourists. Nothing available until Friday. Eldest son has two cars and has just let me know I can use one of them. Rang hire car place to cancel the car for Friday and got the feeling they think I'm doing it on purpose to just annoy them. Not in a good mood now!
  6. Had to ask the other half how long ago we ate in the dining room. She reckons 7 christmases ago when we invited the family round for a boxing day get together. We found out that having 16 people in the dining room just doesn't work! I seem to remember that at least half the visitors joined me in the lounge to eat around the big table in there. Slightly chaotic boxing day after we had drinks. Never again.
  7. Below is a link to a photo of my parents at Mablethorpe - just wondering if anyone can access the link. I seem to have problems trying to make photobucket etc. work... https://www.memorylane.co.uk/item/609e740d007b7c001a284da5?tab=published&colourToggle=false
  8. Mondays was always bubble and squeak from Sundays left overs. Fried egg on top if we had any! Loads of pepper and brown sauce with bread and butter. Still love the taste of it now.
  9. @benjamin1945 Aah, football books. Me dad started taking me down the Lane when I was about 5, still got all the programmes from about 1960 onwards. Also still got the 1966 world cup book with a World Cup Willie doll. Always got the Topical Times football books at Christmas but can only find one that has survived.
  10. 'The Cat in the Hat' My mother used to tell people I got it out of the library and just kept renewing it over and over. I honestly don't remember so not sure how old I would have been.