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  1. A 95-year-old woman who was Tasered by police at an Australian care home, sparking a public outcry, has died. Clare Nowland was critically injured after police responded to reports she was wandering around the home with a steak knife at about 04:00 last Wednesday. New South Wales Police (NSW) said she died "surrounded by family and loved ones".
  2. BBC eventually running the story... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-australia-65642976
  3. Even a mate of mine from Liverpool calls it Shottingham.
  4. We didn't get a vote over here even though it affects us just the same.
  5. Probably not an English car then...
  6. My wife is not always right, but she's never wrong.
  7. Black pudding sandwiches with lashings of English mustard.
  8. Eldest daughter went vegetarian when she was 16, it only lasted a couple of weeks 'cos I made some bacon sarnies one morning! Middle daughter has been vegetarian since she was in her early twenties, now in her forties and when we go round to her house I always have vegetarian meals. Can't beat a good roast though when we go home. Youngest daughter loves meat and fish.
  9. I live about 500 yards from the beach and go down there with the dogs a couple of times a week. Love living by the sea. Always a few cafes open on the front and usually have a coffee after walking the dogs. After a childhood of visiting Skeggy or Mablethorpe just once a year I still love the smells and sights of seaside towns.
  10. Local food bank? Buy some bits with your tenner and hand it in.
  11. Don't waste it - just give the £10 to your nearest charity shop.
  12. What! No Bounty bars in Celebrations? One of my favourites https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-63497187