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  1. @benjamin1945 Aah, football books. Me dad started taking me down the Lane when I was about 5, still got all the programmes from about 1960 onwards. Also still got the 1966 world cup book with a World Cup Willie doll. Always got the Topical Times football books at Christmas but can only find one that has survived.
  2. 'The Cat in the Hat' My mother used to tell people I got it out of the library and just kept renewing it over and over. I honestly don't remember so not sure how old I would have been.
  3. £6.00 per week at a little back street TV repair shop in Basford. Five and a half days per week. After 1 year they offered me a pound a week raise. Went to college instead and lived happily ever after.
  4. HOWEVER... Mrs WB watches the shows where so called celebrities compete. Cooking, dancing, ice skating, sewing etc. The judges say something nice but then say HOWEVER and then start picking faults. Mrs WB has had enough and has finally learnt how to use SKYQ and records everything so she can fast forward through the judges bit. HOWEVER, she still watches the damn programmes.
  5. A few things BK... The IoM prison was on Victoria Road!!!! Perhaps a reason he couldn't visit you. (Only joking). The tram up Snaefell is a definite highlight for any visitors. My youngest lives in an old cottage in Laxey, I often think I should have bought it, she has glorious sea views from the front of her house. Mount Murray was used as an isolation place for returning residents last year when we had a covid problem. There is a steam railway service from Douglas to Port Erin in the south which is a lot more scenic and nostalgic than the Ramsey tram.
  6. I'm on the same side of the island as the tram Beekay,(Onchan), but in the thirty years I've been here only used it a couple of times. Much prefer driving over the mountain road to Ramsey.
  7. Too right Beekay, have to pack sandwiches and a flask if you need to go to Ramsey from where I am!