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  1. European Champions Congratulations fo the England ladies!
  2. Ayup, Looks like your near neighbours are getting all the rain! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-62351166
  3. England ladies demolishing Sweden... 4-0 with ten minutes left.
  4. Wasting my evening watching England losing 3-0 to Hungary... Edit... 4-0 now.
  5. Her children and grandchild
  6. Gasometers. Are they still used? It seems to be many years since I've seen one. Used to be one just outside Lords cricket ground.
  7. TT started today. First practice session this afternoon in great sunny weather...
  8. Maybe you did Ben, but what happened to the car? ;-)
  9. Had to think really hard about this and I probably have missed a couple out... Vespa scooter Ford Pop Mini Morris 1100 Triumph Herald Hillman Avenger Mini (again) Vauxhall Viva Ford Cortina mk2 Austin Princess Ford Escort mk2 Austin Montego Citroen something BMW 3 series Ford something Golf Peugeot 307sw Dacia Sandero Passed my test in a mk1 Escort in 1971 and my dad bought me the Ford Pop as a gift!
  10. Colman's Horseradish Sauce Jar 136g(c.4.8 oz) 2022 £1.29