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    Was born and raised in Nottingham, take a keen interest in coal mining history, ham radio reading, woodworking etc etc....
    I'm called a lot of things but I'll accept John Waudby as it's my given name...LOL

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  1. Hmm, time flies!! I spent my last two Christmas/New Years holidays down at my late parents house in the "new St Anns", 77 and 78, but much preferred where I was living at the time in North Yorks, less folks and better countryside. Just a short walk to the cliffs and North sea, short bus ride to some great beaches. Then in July of 79, made my last but one trips to my parents, then down to Heathrow for the Quantas flight to Melbourne via Brisbane and Sydney. Last time I was back in Nottingham, it was a flight from San Francisco International. I hate to say this, but I was glad to get back home, Sacramento, that is. Nottingham was so crowded, streets had shrunk and were so narrow. Even though Sacramento was twice to three times Nottingham's population, it seemed less crowded and the streets were twice as wide! I presently live in rural southern Missouri, in the Ozarks, America's oldest mountain chain, what's left of it that is. I love it down here and it will be my last resting place when my time comes.
  2. Ayupmeducks

    China's Moon Landing.

    OK, now I know who Dr Groves is, forgive me as it's been many years since I read Dark Moon, I dragged my copy out and looked through the index, photographic expert. My apologies.. Memory isn't what it used to be.
  3. Ayupmeducks

    China's Moon Landing.

    Dark Moon was written by Mary Bennett and David Percy, publish by Aulis Publishers and the Paperback edition is ISBN 1 898541. Never heard of Dr Groves, Brew. PP, I lived in California when the first Mars Rover landed and started exploring, I was watching channel 3 news that evening and one of the "News Anchors" said of the video "Looks like the Arizona desert" with a wide smile on his face. Mind the latest Rover had some interesting stuff on it which might prove the news anchor's remarks weren't in jest. NASA slipped up, or maybe it's a "whistle blower"? Moving lights were seen on an evening scene in the distance as if the Rover was videoing a distant road with some car traffic on it. Either that or a Martian driving his Range Rover home after a hard day at the office...
  4. Ayupmeducks

    More from the cash cow motorist

    Only when they are texting, otherwise they drive on the right side of the road...LOL
  5. Ayupmeducks

    China's Moon Landing.

    A good book to read is Dark Moon written by a couple of British photographic experts. The book was researched on real investigative journalism, they were skeptical about the stories going around claiming it was all false. They like millions on the day it so called happened believed the videos. The best part was when they examined NASA's photos carefully, came up with there must have been multiple light sources, and asked another photographic expert to examine them. His answer was "I've heard all these stories many times and don't want to examine them" Ironically, they got him to look at them, and he spotted something that made him examine all photos carefully. His conclusion??? We must have more than one sun!! OR, the photos were taken on a movie set. Light angles and shadow angles just don't add up with a planet and moon with just one sun. They researched the film, camera, NASA's released photos, incidentally, re release of those photos clearly show they have been doctored from the originals. Well worth reading their research. Do they believe anyone has landed on the moon?? They are unsure, BUT, they state that Armstrong etc NEVER left earth orbit!! Get a copy and have a good read, you might find you don't believe NASA afterwards and might well get other books debunking NASA's story. I've read many books on the subject, including an article by one of the engineers who worked on the design of the landing module. He stated he and his colleagues had a good laugh over the design and stated on record, "IT COULD NEVER WORK" There's even a James Bond movie where they took the pee out of the landings. Another thing that they said just doesn't add up, WHY, would NASA risk men's lives at high peaks of the sunspot cycles when they knew there was a deadly risk of a major solar flare that would kill astronauts on the moon or even traveling between to moon within minutes??? There's so much more, the book is well worth reading.
  6. Ayupmeducks

    China's Moon Landing.

    Brew, sounds like a load of Chinese BS...LOL I'm not convinced... Not sour grapes, but I just don't trust the Chinese anymore than the North Koreans, and don't worry, I don't trust the US government either, if they say red is blue, I'd go for black.
  7. Ayupmeducks

    China's Moon Landing.

    I've experienced some odd things in my 25 years plus of being an amateur radio operator, but everything happened in an atmosphere with reflective layers, and once I did talk to a fellow ham in Reno from Sacramento on two metres, (144Mhz band) Normally impossible, as Reno is a few thousand feet below the peaks of the Sierra Nevada mountains. But that evening had severe thunder storms that we presumed acted like a mirror for that band.
  8. Ayupmeducks

    China's Moon Landing.

    That could explain how they got a radio signal, hmmmm orbiting, but what??? To have a successful orbit, one needs a planet/s as it would require some form of gravity, have the Chinese the ability to create gravity?? Excuse me being skeptical, but I'm probably one of tens of millions who think this is sheer BS. A satellite orbiting nothing ?? At least that's what the sketch shows.
  9. Ayupmeducks

    China's Moon Landing.

    I presume you mean geo stationary satellite station Brew... Still would be impossible to get a signal from the dark side of the moon to use that relay. Remember the orbiting vehicle the US used was relaying the looney landings radio messages to earth, but only until it started going around the back of the moon when it was impossible. Radio signals will not penetrate through the moon. Ian, first thing I thought was "Ello, ello, Chinese are into making looney movies just like the US did."
  10. Ayupmeducks

    China's Moon Landing.

    So China has released video of their lunar landing on the dark side of the moon. Summat puzzles me, how did they get a radio signal from the back side of the moon to earth??? From memory, the US orbiting vehicle used to be in radio silence when they entered the back side of the moon. Am I the only one asking this question?? Are the Chinese BSing us, and releasing videos made in an earth movie studio??
  11. Ayupmeducks

    More from the cash cow motorist

    When I moved here in 89, a small car was called a compact, used to be the usual 2nd car, used by the wife to shop and run about town. The 1st car/truck was used for holidays and getting away with, large enough for comfort AND safety in interstate accidents. Now we have "subcompact cars", shoeboxes on wheels. How anyone can be comfortable in those I can't work out, they resemble those bubblecars of the 50's and 60's, just a little larger. The trend here is to buy full sized pickups, crew cabs with all the bells and whistles, large enough to carry five or six people in comfort, add a camper shell to the bed and you can take your family on vacation with all the luggage safe in the bed. Once you're free of the cities, you find a different sort of driver on the Interstate Hwy's, most are patient considerate drivers, including the semi drivers.
  12. Ayupmeducks

    More from the cash cow motorist

    Driving down Donner Pass is quite an experience too.
  13. Ayupmeducks

    More from the cash cow motorist

    Brew, you can't really miss the scenery when it's laid out in front of you for miles ahead, so even with your eye's "glued" to the road, one can enjoy some of the worlds best countryside. Remember too, you should be well aware of your surroundings via the three mirrors, so technically, you are getting side and rear views while taking your eyes off the road. I spot things my wife rarely sees, ie we have to be aware of wildlife at the sides of the roads and over the fences, like deer, large birds like vultures and eagles that all can make a mess of your car/truck if they jump/fly out in front of you. Driving this side of the pond is a whole different ball game Brew. When I lived down under, we had to watch out for Roos and Wombats, Roos jump in front of you and wombats will wreck the underneath of your car. I-80 has a stretch that's nickname "the Highway to Heaven", because it stretches out ahead of you for miles and the horizon has a steep incline that looks like it's reaching up to the sky.
  14. Ayupmeducks

    More from the cash cow motorist

    I can't say I've been bored driving the freeways over here, too much to take in, scenery, probably some of the best in the world. BUT, after driving 600 to 660 miles in one day I have been ready to pull into a Motel for the night. Truckers over here tend to space themselves out on freeways, some have governed engines locked by the computer at a max 65mph, so they get left behind, which can be a nuisance to other drivers on steep inclines, when one tries to pass another. There's a good video on Facebook of another trucker who got really peed off by two blocking the freeway on a steep grade, although I don't agree with his attitude, he did point out their stupidty by going up the right hard shoulder with his rig, then "brake testing" the inside trucker when he'd got passed him, making him go much slower, was probably on his CB too calling both Muth*# Effers.. I remember as a youngster going with Dad on Saturdays and seeing him getting sleepy on the M1 etc..Very boring roads. Nothing like the Rockies, plains and deserts here to keep your mind occupied on long journeys, plus the odd stupid driver giving you a laugh.