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    Was born and raised in Nottingham, take a keen interest in coal mining history, ham radio reading, woodworking etc etc....
    I'm called a lot of things but I'll accept John Waudby as it's my given name...LOL

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  1. Ayupmeducks

    How's your day?

    Took me about four attempts, what spurred me on was a couple of hours TV show around 1974, hosted by a lung surgeon, I think it was on the BEEB. Caused quite a commotion back then, the tobacco companies shouted foul!! Tobacco products went unsold by over 75% the following morning. Annual sales dropped by around 50% that year. Seemed to work better than anything for many people!! Out of the fellers I used to ride to work with, only one went back to smoking, last I heard, he'd passed on over 20 years back with lung cancer. Me??? Still tobacco free after 44 years.
  2. Ayupmeducks

    How's your day?

    Yesterday driving up our quiet rural road from the main highway, what should take off in front of us but a Bald Eagle, second time we have seen one in that area, magnificent birds!! Hopefully within a few years they will get to be common around this area.
  3. There's really nothing that can be used NonnaB, if you know you have come into contact with the plant, a quick wash down with plenty of soap and water prevents skin damage, if the rash starts to appear, I found bleach dries it it out, but after a couple of hours, nothing works. The oil damages skin cells, and the body's reaction is to make you scratch the dead cells off, hence itching. Eventually after a couple of days it looks like severe sun burn, very red and dry flaking skin. Watery blisters, none painful are another part of it, they continually weep until the skin heals itself. It is dangerous too, if one gets too much skin contamination it can lead to a quick trip to an ICU unit of a hospital, as it can be life threatening, luckily we don't hear of too many cases that bad. Ironic, no animals are affected by it, only humans. My wife is totally immune to it. No more petting the cat, she is now taboo, as far as touching her. There is a simple cure for Mozzie bites that actually works and neutralizes those annoying things, a spoon, heated to as hot as you can bear, rub the bite with the back of the spoon, I read that from an article by a nurse, it does work!! The annoying itchy bump produced from the bite disappears rapidly and no more itch. I get eaten alive by mozzies in summer, if I was in a stadium with 200,000 people and only one mozzie was let loose, I'd be the person it would find and bite...LOL They are pretty bad around these parts.
  4. I have the dreaded poison ivy rash, leather gloves must have been covered in the oil from them, plus contaminated clothes from the wife picking the cat up and petting it, she's immune to it!! And people wonder why we don't let pets in the house. I'd estimate over 10% of my skin is affected. Worst case I've had of it and it's made me ill, I spent the other afternoon in bed shivering, headache etc. Had to scrub my work buts with soapy water, inside and out, as my feet have been affected too. It and it's cousins, Poison Oak and Virginia Creeper Vine are common around these parts, I steer clear of them at all times, but accidents happen. Virtually every tree has P/I climbing up it, and the forest floor has Poison Oak growing on it. Every part of the plant carries the oils that causes us problems, stem, leaf, flower, seed, roots. Now I have to shoo the cat away when she comes close.
  5. Just as an extra, Christmas Day, cold outside but as kids, we wanted to see what our mates had got for Christmas. Mum would be getting the chicken stuffed, rare treat in the 1950's, I don't recall any working class people having Turkey. Streets were dead apart from kids out playing with their new toys, no cars, buses, no pubs open, no shops open, Nottingham was a ghost town! Even Boxing Day was fairly quiet, pubs opened 12-00noon, closed 2-30pm, usually pretty busy too. Sunday opening hours, but I gather Landlords could apply for extended hours, many just shut up shop after closing hours. As a teen I did have a walk into Market Square once on a Christmas Day, not a soul to be seen, but the pigeons made the most of it.
  6. First taste of Halloween was when we first lived in Sacramento, I don't recall it in the UK prior to 1979 when I left, and I don't recall it in Australia 79-89 either.
  7. Dave, there's so many clues as to when Christ was born, both in the Bible and Roman law. The Romans had "tax time" the same time of year each year, and a quick search will reveal that date, Bible says shepherds watched their flocks by night, so certainly wouldn't be as late as December, gets cold then, even in the Middle East at night., and their small flocks would have been under cover in the rooms under the house. One Theologian/historian worked out from all the clues the true date, given a day or two either way, and that was in September. Besides that, I always look forward to Christmas, could never get used to it being mid summer when I lived "down under", usually 100F plus in the afternoon, certainly not a day to roast turkey in the oven!!
  8. Ayupmeducks

    Photobucket is back

    I removed all mine and closed the account.
  9. Ayupmeducks

    Photobucket is back

    Photobucket is still a charge site for embedding photos, as far as I'm concerned, they can go screw themselves, it's not the charging that pees me off, it's the way they shut embedding down without a single warning to all it's loyal members.
  10. The thing being Dave, the feds don't have the legal power to implement a health care system like other countries, that's reserved for the states and people under the 10th. All the feds powers are enumerated within the Constitution, if it's not there, then it's covered by the 10th, ie reserved for the states.. Mind, 99% of what Congress does is unconstitutional...
  11. Ayupmeducks


    Way north and west of us down here Lizzie...
  12. Ayupmeducks


    Where in Arkansas do they live Lizzie?? My wife's business is in Mammoth Spring Arkansas.
  13. Ayupmeducks

    The end of the Petrol engine!

    They make hybrids, so once you get low on battery power, choose the engine, which you'd still use on long journeys. Sales of electric cars has dropped here, useless pieces of junk in a country where most people drive long distances, and commute much longer distances to work than in most countries. I'm seeing more and more new pickup trucks on the roads as cars are getting so small, you'll be able to get four in a two car garage soon. Sardine cans on wheels. Pickups are much more comfortable than they used to be years ago, but I don't like tiny engines in full sized trucks!! V6's that only get 16mpg!! when a V8 5.5L will get up to 21mpg, seems a bit stupid to me. I have an older pickup, I've had as much as 24mpg with a 5.7L V8 engine. (remember our gallons are smaller than UK gallons, so my mpg would be around 28 in UK galls.)
  14. Ayupmeducks

    Are you a Lurker Reading this?

    Garfield, there's a poorly produced book called "Radford, The Bread and Herring Pit" Poorly produced meaning photocopied pages, old style, but well worth reading if you want to know what life was like in Radford for a miner and his family in the late 1800's through the 20th century. One of the lads here emailed a copy to me, but I'm sure if you ask someone they will get a copy from the Council House for you. The author, probably long gone by now, worked at Radford and spent most of his life working there, was invited to throw the first shovel of dirt down the shaft after it's closure.
  15. Ayupmeducks

    Things that pee you off

    But we didn't walk around with green hair, skin piercings rings in our noses like prize bulls, tattoos all over our bodies, we knew what sex we are, in general, we respected the older generation, war memorials, didn't deface things... I could go on, but I'd get keyboard cramps.