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    Was born and raised in Nottingham, take a keen interest in coal mining history, ham radio reading, woodworking etc etc....
    I'm called a lot of things but I'll accept John Waudby as it's my given name...LOL

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  1. I recall the government issue of orange juice for children, as fruite was still rationed and it gave us the vitamin C to prevent scurvy, I believe it was concentrated. I also remember malt and cod liver concoction, I loved that, Mum used to have to put it way out of my reach. Even today I love pure barley malt, when I used to home brew beer, my beard was always sticky from the liquid malt. LOL
  2. My late Dad used to work for Co-Op for a while, he was a bread roundsman driving an electric "float" Out in all weather until he gave that up to drive trucks, the walking around delivering bread in all weathers didn't agree with his feet. Mind those large canvas rain coats they were issued with were good quality. From what I'm told, he started off with a milk round with horse and cart, until the horse got a little too eager to get back to the stables and ran over both his feet with the cart. Don't ask me what rounds he had, I was too young to recall, pretty sure he covered part
  3. @ Phil, and it lives up to it's name, first and last tried that brew around 1974 when I loved to North Yorkshire..
  4. Dad himself had them remove articulated trucks, reason being, all his trips would be one day trips, the big boys roamed the country, he preferred his own bed at night.
  5. My dad learned to drive at Chilwell army depot during the war, an all groups license, the only things he couldn't drive on that license was a bus, taxi and motor bike. Years later when he worked for Bartons Transport, he had the articulated trucks removed from the license. My late Mother tried, but she used to freeze up in tricky situations, so never passed her test, in fact she scared the examiners to death....
  6. "P" plates was a good idea, but I think adult drivers should have to only have them 6 months, I went through all that in 79-80. Teens to say 25 years olds one year "P". Over here they didn't recognize my NSW Drivers license, except as a visitor, I had to pass a written and practical test. I was taken out for 30 minutes and made one mistake, but the examiner was only interested in my ability to drive on the right side of the road, and I didn't have to parallel park, hill start, etc, few lane changes, Stop signs, yield signs and back to the test center for my California license . Interstate
  7. @ Oz......I recall a one day international where the Oz bowler started short bowling Freddie Trueman, he was dodging every ball, some pretty dangerously just missing Freddies head. At the end of the over, Fred stopped the bowler mid wicket as they were changing over, and said to him, ""EEE lad, aren't you first in when we lose our last wicket?? Well I'm first bowler on and I'll remember thee" The short bowlings ended at that point. I used to love hearing Freddie on about cricket, he was quite a comedian and loved the sport.
  8. Do they though??? I was watching a story on them yesterday, they are a drain on the grid, FOUR DAYS TO CHARGE THE LATEST HUMMER!!! What good is that?? They are out of the range for the average low income earner, cars that is, the Hummer costs nearly as much as a new house, new batteries cost 20-25 thousand bucks!!! They are heavily subsidized by governments or even those who do buy them would be buying a car with an internal combustion engine. Then in places like California, how do you charge them when wildfires have taken the power out?? Or even southern Florida?? I watche
  9. I live in tornado alley and I can sympathize, but after twenty plus years I noticed a pattern, most heavy storms swerve south and north of us, and I put that down to the Ozark Mountains. We do get very short lived tornadoes though, but the terrain soaks their power up pretty quickly.
  10. Like I stated, I think it was left to the Land Lord.
  11. @ Mary 1947.....None of the pubs around me opened Christmas Day, not even for an hour, during my late teens I worked part time as a barman at the Sir Richard Arkwright, and as a kid, my Dad would have been down at his local at lunchtime had they been open. I think what you mean is pub licensing allowed the Land Lord to do as he pleased within the normal opening hours. I can recall taking long walks after dinner, and Nottingham was a ghost town back in the 50's and early 60's on Christmas Day.
  12. I never worked on a Christmas Day in my life, When I was at Boulby Mine, they asked for volunteers on all staffs to go in early for statutory examinations of workings, equipment etc for a couple of hours, pay was 8 hours at triple pay, or double pay and a day off in lieu.
  13. Where would you go Christmas Day??? Years back when you went for a walk Christmas Day, the city was a ghost town, I don't recall any pub being open, Boxing Day, most Landlords only opened Sunday hours.
  14. That's another item you rarely find on an auto over here, handbrakes, they have an emergency brake pedal, I don't think anyone uses it for parking anyway, as when you put an auto in park, there is a "peg" in the transmission that locks the transmission, you can find real easy if you forget yourself when stopping, it screeches to a skidding halt. NOT RECOMMENDED!!!! I like diesel over petrol, but live in an area where we can and do get below zero F in winter and as diesel "gels" in the teens F would be stranded.
  15. Automatics are good in stop start heavy traffic, great when backing trailers, but I still prefer manuals, a lot more control over the vehicle. Trouble is, manuals are no longer made in US vehicles any more and only expensive imported vehicles have manual gear changes. My full size pick up has a 6 speed auto transmission and of course 4wd, I can select manual change via push button.