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  1. A President can have limited powers written into a Constitution, as long as the Constitution is approved by the states, as in the US. Presidents here have very limited powers, the can be out vetoed by both houses, Senate and Representatives, Presidents are forbidden to make laws, that power is held by the lower house as noted in the Constitution, Article 1 sec 1. If one looks at Executive Orders, they don't apply to the 50 states, or they would violate Art1 sec1. They are reserved for government employees, departments and the territories, just protectorates these days.. Essentia
  2. @ Brew, read your history to see where Kings and Queens came from, way way back, they were the village bullies, then took over the next village etc etc.. I have no time for any monarchy, let alone the UK's, outdated parasites, no country needs them.
  3. Oztalgian, I'm no lover of the monarchy, in fact when I lived in Bathurst NSW, when the Queen visited sometime in the early 80's, I was asked if I was going down to see her when she drove along one of the main streets of the City. My comments came out and my mate said to me, keep your comments to yourself in Bathurst, people love her here and you're liable to get smacked in the face...So I kept my thoughts to myself, I was a "Republican" during my time in Oz, 100% in favour of pulling Oz out of the Commonwealth and having a President. Anyway, I will give Phil his due, he did serve in the
  4. Brew, they are not catalytic converters, they have no expensive metals in the, they are supposed to be ceramic and have very minute holes along the length of them to catch particulate matter, not to burn off CO or unburned fuel. Takes about half an hour to regenerate, AND during the process it churns out CO, so has to be done outside. Totally different to the Catalytic converters in our petrol engined cars and trucks. Don't get me wrong though, they too are very expensive to replace, but can be professionally cleaned. It appears truckers over here are having a lot of problems with t
  5. Lizzie, I hope they are more comfortable than Land rovers, I used to drive those underground at BPB, they were the most uncomfortable vehicles I've ever driven. I like my Chevy Silverado full sized truck, it's comfortable even with the bed full of stuff, Like driving a luxury car! Recently changed out the seat adjust switch assembly and the drivers side window switch assembly. It has adjustable pedals too, ideal for short or very tall people. The only thing I don't like is the auto transmission, I prefer manuals, but over this side of the pond they are as rare as hens teeth. I k
  6. A little more searching, and I find ALL diesel engined pickups have a fuel/water separator that needs checking at least every month or sooner.
  7. Catfan, they all have fuel traps, it's called a water separator, and it's one of the pre trip checks done by all truckers. Check this video out.
  8. Just under $5 for a 5lb bag here, how on earth can they charge that much on the UK market?? I think I'll go into the smuggling business, I could probably make as much for high quality bread flour as the cocaine dealers do for their crap..
  9. You wouldn't recognize todays trucks Catfan, the seats cost a couple of grand each!! everything is controlled with electronics, some have drive by wire now, ie brakes and accelerator are just sensors. Anti pollution equipment, no more black as coal exhaust. The older anti pollution equipment was a liquid you put in a tank when filling up, I don't know how it works other than spraying into the exhaust, that's been replaced now by a canister that collects particulate matter and as it gets blocked, sprays a small amount of diesel into the canister to "regenerate" the canister, fancy word for bur
  10. Where's the 167 quid shipping from??? Mars. I looked it up on UK Amazon, and it is pretty expensive, but I didn't find the bread flour. Looks like Asda was bought out by Walmart, have you checked them??
  11. Nonna, IT WILL KEEP!! Try putting it in a plastic food bag and freezing it!! We have frozen bread for years and it keeps well for a few weeks, it will dry out eventually. We freeze milk so as not to waste time shopping daily, I keep three "floating" quart plastic bottles. That way we have thawed milk as we need it.
  12. Brew, it's not that much dearer than other bread flours over here, BUT, it's not got any additives which half the time you cannot pronounce and probably bad for you over the years, plus it's unbleached so much healthier.
  13. Oz, my bread is light and fluffy inside, I just cannot get the same type of crust we had as kids in Nottm. Like I stated I use unbleached None GMO wheat flour and only use King Arthur brand which is available from Amazon.com. Out local store stocks it as well, you can also buy direct from the on line. We also use that brand of plain flour for general kitchen use.
  14. Brew, tractor fuel tanks are under the engine cover, not open to the elements much like car tanks are. Big rigs, the tractors that haul the 40 ton trailers down the hwy's are open to the elements, not sure if they have water traps, I'd have to ask a trucker.
  15. Brew, if they don't need them, WHY do all tractors come with them??? AND I'm not talking USA, I'm taking world wide, all the older JD's that were petrol had them, albeit smaller than the diesel engined tractors, from small 15HP upwards. Surely there is no difference between engines for road use and land use other than layout, ie cylinders, but we have very large V8's in the 100's of HP range down to three cylinder 15HP. Three cylinder is popular with all makes up to 35HP, then it;s four up to V8's. Yes, where I live is much more humid than the UK, can get as high as 90% during summer, but
  16. Brew, you need a high gluten flour for bread making, like I say, use a bread maker to mix the dough, I have to I suffer with my wrists. I usually empty it out of the breadmaker, cut the dough in two, drop in two SS bowls, cover with a warm damp cloth, leave until double in size, then empty on to a cutting board and "knock back" then cut it into small bread roll sizes, put in a lightly greased high baking pan, cover with a warm damp kitchen towel and leave to "prove" Once doubled in size, in the oven to bake... The trick to good bread is make sure you have enough water in the
  17. Most petrol here has ethylene in it, it causes damage to components from the tank to the injectors. Both plastic and rubber components get damaged by that additive, and it also causes carbon build up on the piston heads. I use premium, ethylene free fuel in my truck even though it's designed for a variety of ethylene mixes. I learned my lessons with chain saws and line feed cutters. The extra cost per gallon in the truck is far better than the cost of damage. Two of my diesel tractors have plastic tanks and I can assure you they are just as bad for condensate as metal
  18. I use an additive to the off road diesel I use in my tractors, super low sulphur diesel doesn't have enough lubrication for the fuel injector pump on older engines. It's important with diesel engined vehicles to keep the fuel tank as full as possible due to moisture condensing in the tank. Not sure if cars have water traps in the fuel lines, but tractors do. If I don't keep the tanks full, I eventually end up emptying the traps a couple of times a week, diesel engines are very high compression and a couple of teaspoons of water can cause a con rod failure. Water doesn't compress very easi
  19. Bread makers, try using a bread maker for mixing the dough, then turn it out when mixed, then hand make the bread rolls, place them in a baking pan, cover them with a warm damp tea towel, allow half an hour to an hour to raise, then bake them. I use a brand of flour that is produced from none GMO wheat, they don't "bleach it" has NO additives, but is more expensive than normal bread flour, it's called "King Arthur" brand, you can get it in the UK, Amazon and Walmarts stock it. Best bread making flour on the market, all my bread has is bread making flour, salt some olive oil, keeps the bre
  20. Keith Penrose rings a bell, I'm pretty sure he was at Huntingdon Sec school with me 58/62.
  21. Wow that was a shock, I hadn't heard Frank had passed on, he was a good mate of mine, I first met him in the Sir Richard Arkwright pub in the mid 60's, I knew most of his family, dated his Sister in Law, knew his Mum and Dad and all of his Brothers. I was wondering why I hadn't had an email from him in months.
  22. A friend of mine who used to work for Anderson Strathclyde, and used to install his companies machines in countries across Europe and China told me, they licensed a Chinese company to make their range of shearers in China to reduce shipping costs from Scotland to China. They learned their lesson pretty quickly as the machine steel castings were not up to spec, metallurgical skills and China do not go together. So they ended up just licensing the Chinese company as an assembly plant and sending all parts from Scotland to China. Big problem with China is they do not respect patents or
  23. I've seen cats we've had walk up ladders, and funny enough, come back down backwards. I've watched cats run up trees, they jump from branch to branch them when ready, climb back down in reverse. One thing that makes me nervous with the cats is the power pole, although I have never seen any of the cats we have had try to climb those. Our transformer is at 40ft with 7400 volts supplying it and a nice flat top for a cat to sit, right next to the high voltage connections. We have flying squirrels around here, well they do fly when they get strapped across an insulator to earth...LOL Comm
  24. I did post a topic on my FB page a week before I left stating why I was going and anyone who wanted to keep in touch pm me and I'd pm my email address to them. Finished with FB, I think hundreds of thousands of others have left for better sites too.