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  1. Black holes & quantum physics.

    I'll work it out when I'm not so tired... Been thinking: when the past ceases to be the past it instantly turns into the future, so the length of now is infinitely small, so now doesn't really exist. But our brains make us feel as though now has a length of time & does exist, & when you have a mega stressful experience time seems to slow down. Brain scientists don't understand how this happens. I wonder if other animals experience the sensation of now? Our cat Pix sleeps, eats & sits on the garage roof staring at passers by, oh yeah & every now & then he goes berserk & charges about like a nutter, but does he have a now?
  2. Tea

    Best tea I've ever tasted: Freezing cold & wet on Luneburg Heath, the square kettle (only the British army has a square kettle) in the 432 (like a tank without a gun) has just boiled, pour boiling water on a teabag in your plastic mug, put 2/3 spoons of condensed milk in & stir = nectar, had to let it cool down though as it'd burn your gob... Nowadays I use a tea bag in a teapot, pour some semi-skimmed UHT milk in a pint mug & 1/2 spoon of sugar. Every now & then I get some condensed milk just to take me back to Germany, bit naughty on the sugar intake though.... Read somewhere that they use a different blend of tea for hard & soft water areas of the country; anyone else heard or read this?
  3. Skinflint tips.

    Drive too fast past a speed camera in reverse = cops will have to give you money & you'll get minus 3 points on your licence..
  4. Skinflint tips.

    Asked SWMBO what she wants for Christmas? She said a £50 coat she'd seen was nice, so I gave her a fiver towards it. Hubby of the year prize for me then...
  5. Black holes & quantum physics.

    The cats would probably eat them. Our brainless cat would bring them in the house & drop them at out feet, well that's what he does with owt else he finds..
  6. Black holes & quantum physics.

    When/if we discover teleportation then all other beings in the universe who'd also discovered it would come here to visit us. There would be so many of them that their combined mass would be so great that the earth would turn into a black hole, this would probably be bad news for us..
  7. Nasty Schoolkid Pranks!

    In Germany an officer left his car window down, we poop'd on both front seats. He threatened hell & damnation on parade but no one snitched. Sergeant stomped up & down barrack room demanding the culprits names, met with silence, so everyones kit & bedding was thrown out the windows. Good job there was no DNA evidence back then or I'd have been toast..
  8. Autonomous vehicles

    If the car/bus/lorry computer gets a virus & goes berserk or freezes then it could spell trouble. I can imagine an out of control car charging up & down Derby road causing chaos & mayhem. Wonder if the cops will have a remote kill switch they could press?
  9. I lived at 43 Park Road, found some old paper work there that said 43 Private Road, another name the road was called. The numbers were sequential (next doors were 42 & 44) which was unusual then, although the house I live in now is sequential but it's a 1980's built house. I'm also wondering if 22 Park Road was originally No 1 & the numbering then went left up what's now St Albans Road, there are some big houses there that were gaffers houses. The back to back houses were always known as The Jennel. ... There's a facebook page called Bestwood Village Community page, maybe ask on there, some info might turn up...
  10. points on yer licence

    When I was taking one of my ADI check tests (ADI's are tested & graded every 2 to 4 years) the supervising examiner admitted he'd got 6 points, he was worried as any more & he could lose his job. Wonder if any royalty have any points? I could imagine Liz clocking up 12 points & getting banned, oh how I'd laugh..
  11. Irons TV's etc running off light socket adaptors

    My wife runs a line dance class at South Normanton & I'm her gofer/dogsbody: Last Monday I was setting the audio equipment up & I'd forgotten the extension lead (lots of shouting & fuss from SWMBO) I rigged up 4 plug bars I'd scrounged from various places in series to reach the stage & we were up & running just on time, it was a close one. Don't know what H & S would have said, lol..
  12. Baby Boomers' Guide To Growing Old

    Bu**er growing old: I went to pick SWMBO up from the hairdressers & the young girl thought I was in my mid 40's, (I draw my pension next year) made my day & I'm still walking on air. People have always under estimated my age, I used to get chucked out of pubs when I was in my late 20's. When I was riding my Honda 50 all legal at 16 the cops would pull me as they thought I was 12; I got funny looks waiting to take my driving test at the test centre when I was 17; when I took the ADI advanced driving & instructing test's the chief examiner kept calling me "young man" I was 34, same on check test's. People seem to think I'm younger as I'm 5'2", that put the kybosh on being a copper, but I'd have been sacked for not doing motorists for minor offences...
  13. Cats !

    Our cat Pix had a big cyst on his back, he had it cut off & had 10 stitches so had a lampshade on his head. He didn't like that one bit & somehow pulled it off & pulled a load of stitches out. Took the brainless pillock back to vets to have staples put in & we bought him an inflatable lampshade, it's like a small rubber ring, he seems happier with that & hasn't pulled it off. He's driving us mad wanting to go out, but we've locked his catflap: he keeps meowing at us then looking at the back door, he does this several times an hour & it's very boring. Taking him to have his stitches out on Tuesday & will ask vet if he can go out, I hope he can as he's driving us crazy...
  14. Berserk Aldi checkout operators..

    Oh & SWMBO has stolen all the blue & pink bobbly liquorice allsorts, & I love them, it's so unfair what girls do...
  15. Berserk Aldi checkout operators..

    Went in Heron at South Normanton earlier & a very relaxed experience at the checkout was had. Not so relaxed when SWMBO clocked the pork dripping & liquorice allsorts that I'd sneaked in the basket. She's a hypocrite as she's scoffing dripping on toast as I type this, & all that shouting & fuss - girls eh...