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  1. When I was in the army on exercise's we'd have egg banjos, (fried eggs sunny side up in a sandwich) they were delish, often the egg yolk would run down your chin... BeeKay. Like the idea of corned beef with egg & chips, not sure about the gravy though. My wife has gravy on fish cake & chips, ugh, lol...
  2. After mentions of egg & chips in my post about gas cookers I've started a thread on it.... I LOVE egg & chips,to me it's a comfort food & so simple to cook. Sometimes I buy a bag of chips from the chippy & fry a couple of eggs, might have to warm the chips up in the microwave but hey so what. Mam would often give us egg & chips when I was a kid, wonder what the health police would make of that nowadays?
  3. We've got one of those air fryers as well, does oven chips nice, also wife does scampi in it. I'm not struck of scampi I so usually have egg & chips, & that takes me back to being a kid as we often had that...
  4. Just had a look & gas is 7-28 pence a Kw & electric 27-62 pence a Kw, so cooking with gas is quite a bit cheaper. We have an electric oven as no gas pipe is on that side of the kitchen & we got it in a sale for £85...
  5. That reminds me of when I'd done something stupid, I'd say "so & so did it as well" Mam'd say "if so & so put their head in a gas oven would you?" I'd then stand there looking gormless...
  6. In some papers & websites that gas cookers cause excess indoor pollution making asthma & chest problems worse. I have a gas hob & everywhere else I've lived had a gas cooker. I haven't got asthma or chest problems, mind you I've never smoked, but Mam was a heavy smoker & my ex live in girlfriend was as well. New York, LA & Berkeley have banned gas cookers in new builds. Wonder how long it'll be before we ban gas cookers as well?
  7. Ukraine has pushed Russia out of Kharkiv - hooray. So is this the start of a Ukraine victory? I'm thinking not. I recon it'll eventually end up with Russia keeping most of the Donbas & Crimea with some kind of negotiated settlement - that's if Putin doesn't go madder that he already is & uses nukes...
  8. I could have done with AC on Monday & Tuesday as I kept having mega hot flushes caused by the ADT/hormone therapy I'm on for my prostate cancer, I had 2 fans blowing on me all day & night.... We had an AC unit in our room when we were in Florida, it was noisy so we had it on full blast all day & turned it off at night, it'd start getting warm about 8/9 AM so we'd turn it on again & go down for our breakfast. The AC also had a heat setting on it, but I don't know if it was reverse cycle or just had some heating elements in it & became a big fan heater...
  9. I was hot so opened the freezer door & stood there naked... I'm now banned from ASDA....
  10. Yes me. Got through 3 electric kettles that went phut in 5/6 years & I got fed up of buying new ones: Found the whistling kettle we used to use for camping yonks ago & just put it on the gas hob & use that now. Our cat pix couldn't care less when it boils. When we had a power cut I was boiling water for the neighbours as they all have electric cookers/hobs, we're the only one with a gas hob...
  11. I remember the welfare orange juice, it was delicious IIRC, I haven't tasted owt like it since. I used to dip my wet finger in the baby powdered milk & lick it off, if Mam caught me she'd biff me & say "that's for your baby sister not you."
  12. Yes I watched both of them on BBC i-player, very interesting they were...
  13. Brew... I'll set a reminder on my phone to remind me to look for the GA in 100 million years time...
  14. Further to the comments up-thread about the great void in space where there's nowt there, there's a thing called the Great attractor in the Virgo & Hydra-Centaurus super-clusters that's pulling everything towards it. It lies about 150 - 250 million light years from the Milky Way, which is it's self being pulled towards it. The boffins have zero idea what the Great Attractor is, but it must have lots & lots & lots of mass. I suspect it could be a super gigantic mega massive black hole. Problem is it lies behind the central bulge of the Milky Way, so the Great Attractor can't be dire
  15. I did my army service on Salisbury Plains & exercises in Warcop, Thetford, Sennybridge & Otterburn, then I was based in Munster-lager West Germany. & the medals I received = none at all. I can get a cold war medal but I'll have to pay for it myself. Mind you I didn't see any action (unless you include the punch-ups in the pubs, lol) or do anything brave, bravest thing I've ever done is answer my wife back...