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  1. colly0410


    "Wearing flip-flops" I'd be straight off to the big house then, ha ha ha..
  2. colly0410

    Suicides I have known

    Know how the young 'small for his age' lad felt; I'm 5 feet 2 as an adult & was smaller as a teen. I was bullied at school, the pit & in the army. My defence was to call them a bully in front of their mates, got me a few biffing's but worth it to see their shame in front of others. It's very scary arguing with someone who is a foot taller than yourself & they seem shocked when you stand up to them. Never thought of ending it, don't think I'd be brave enough. So tragic when someone does take their own life. An old mate of mine took his life years ago & his sister still hasn't got over it...
  3. colly0410

    Emotional Intelligence

  4. colly0410

    Motor Cycle Enthusiast Page

    Went to MFN again on Wednesday & there was a Honday 50 there the same as I had when I was 16, I showed to my wife Sue: she said "is that it?" & fell about laughing. Hmph, so not fair, really blew the wind out of my sails...
  5. colly0410

    Black holes & quantum physics.

    They've found a very high energy neutrino that was detected in Antarctica, they've named it a ghost neutrino. They speculate that it came from a black holes relativistic jet that is/was pointing straight at us. What with this discovery & gravity waves the cosmologists have plenty to get their teeth into...
  6. I read one of the trapped blokes book on their experiences of being trapped. They were both crammed into the space of a rabbit hutch & after every aftershock the space got a good shaking & it got a bit smaller, it was making me cringe as I read it. At least air was getting to them, water was dripping onto them as well was making them cold... I worked down Morrgreen & Hucknall pits & always had a weird feeling when I was in a heading (a dead end tunnel with one way in & out) in case the roof came in behind me & I'd be trapped, the bagging (air supply pipe) would probably be destroyed & firedamp & blackdamp would build up to dangerous levels &, well you can imagine what would then happen...
  7. colly0410

    Nissen huts

    Thing is I've met him at reunions since & he knew what was going on all the time, I'd have poo'd my pants if I'd know he'd known back then. Said he wished she'd married me instead of the violent scumbag she actually did! Funny old world init???
  8. colly0410

    Nissen huts

    Funny incident I remember: There was a very pretty girl I'd met, I had my face buried in her neck when she said "you might know my Dad!" I said "who is he then?" She said "Sergeant-Major Nxxxxxxx!" I nearly died, I rapidly un-buried my face from her neck & made a sharp exit. I saw her a few times secretly after that but dare not take it any further in case he found out & killed me, lol...
  9. colly0410

    Nissen huts

    I'd say some of the best days Catfan, seemed a bit strange when I came back to Nottingham with all the rioting that went on that summer....... Was on the news back then that they wanted to use Rolleston Camp as a prison to hold the rioters as the proper clinks were full, but it wasn't fit for prisoners to be housed, but was it fit enough for us soldiers though...
  10. colly0410

    Nissen huts

    Was back in Larkhill in 1980 & missed Crusader 80, heard some stories about it though, lol. I left in March 81. Had a great time & still friends with some of the lads. When I was in QMC for 3 weeks with ischemic colitis the bloke in opposite bed sounded familiar = it was my old Sergeant, we had some laughs about the old days when he tipped my bed upside down with me still in it & threw my bedding & kit out of the window as I'd overslept, lol..
  11. colly0410

    Nissen huts

    Used to go up the road to the Bustard Inn pub to have a few beers, we'd sneak in through a hole we'd made in the fence so we didn't cop it off the guard commander for coming back late. There was hell to pay when the hole was discovered, they said "if you lot can sneak in so can the IRA." Got a point as was late 70's at height of the IRA bombing campaign..
  12. colly0410

    Nissen huts

    Yes Salisbury Plains & Sennybridge rain is especially cold, Munster-lager rain not far behind. Did the Army choose cold damp climate places for their camps to toughen us up? Makes you wonder..
  13. colly0410


    I lived on Glapton Road & remember it was 200 volts DC, also remember changeover to AC, would be early 60's IIRC... I started a thread called '200 volts DC leccy in the Meadows' in the Medders section on 11 September 2013...
  14. colly0410

    Nissen huts

    lived in a nissan hut at Rolleston Camp Larkhill when I was with 12 Missile AD regt RA, it was red hot when sunshining & freezing cold at all other times, made a right din when it rained hard, had 2 electric heaters = 1 at each end. Herbert's from other rival regt's would throw stones at our huts from the nearby road in middle of night to wake us up, we couldn't do same to them as they lived in proper brick barracks, we waited for them with fire hoses though when we heard they were coming, lol...
  15. colly0410

    Black holes & quantum physics.

    They speculate that relativistic jets are made of stuff that just manages to escape the black holes event horizon just before it gets sucked into the black hole. Sort of like me just escaping from my mam before she gave a me a good hiding, only thing is I had to go back home as - well - I need food, & then Mam'd be waiting to give me a biffing. At least the relativistic jet wont get a biffing off the black hole, the lucky thing...