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  1. colly0410

    New TV Channel

    We have quite a few documentary channels now = Yesterday, PBS America, Quest, Dave, Smithsonian, BBC4 & others. Over xmas we had guest channels Nat Geographic & Discovery but they've gone now as I'm too mean to pay Virgin Media for them. I also like to watch scientific programs & doco's on You Tube. Remember when a kid & most doco's were on BBC2 which I couldn't watch as we only had a 405 lines TV...
  2. colly0410

    New TV Channel

    DaveN... My wife Sue sends her thanks to you for finding this channel, she's recorded every program she can find on woolly mammoths & historic digs, she's watching something about America from the air at the moment...
  3. colly0410

    Do mobile phones fry your brain ?

    Us squaddie's were told NEVER to walk in front of an operating radar as it could spell trouble for our future health. Spent hours operating them & wonder how much RF energy leaked into me from the klystron/waveguides/phased array gubbins? I used to carry a mars bar in my jacket pocket to see if it melted, it never did... BTW they were ZB298 pulsed doppler 3 cm radars. Also spent hours near cymberline mortar locating radars, they used wankel engined geny's which I found fascinating, bit of a smokey exhaust though..
  4. colly0410

    Knocking on doors & running away.

    Woman down the road said I was childish & immature.... So I knocked on her door & ran away...
  5. colly0410

    Things we did as Kids

    I think the parents & wet kids were happy seeing & hearing me get my good hiding. If anyone came to the door grassing me up Mam'd make a point of biffing me in front in the of the grass's = they'd see that I'd been punished & were usually satisfied. Word's I dreaded were "I've told your Mam what you did," as I knew what was coming...
  6. colly0410


    I did wonder why you wasn't in my feed John, I thought "hello he's in clink again!" Sue & myself think it's great to have you back, agree with most of the things you put, snowflakes get monk on though, lol...
  7. colly0410

    Things we did as Kids

    Kids used to run up & down the entry at the back of our house on Glapton Road, this annoyed me: I knelt on the wall & wee'd on them as they ran past, I got every single one, oh how I laughed. Irate Mam's with their wet kids turned up telling Mam what I'd done. I received a severe good hiding, oh how I cried...
  8. colly0410

    Things we did as Kids

    Dad & myself made one of these wind up elastic band powered planes, Dad launched it down the garden: it turned round & crashed into the house wall smashing into match wood, cue Mam doing lots of shouting, lol...
  9. When I was at Arnold & Carlton college doing a mining craft course we went to the pub at dinner time & came back a very sozzled: We were sent to see the principle who threatened hell & damnation if we did it again. Of course we did do it again but didn't get caught, lol...
  10. colly0410

    Windsor Davies R.I.P.

    RIP Windsor... Remember a few NCO's just like the BSM he played, I used to think it was funny when others were getting a beasting, wasn't so funny when it was me being bawled out though...
  11. I remember when I found out Santa didn't exist.... I was so upset I got in my car & drove to the pub...
  12. colly0410

    Pets sending Xmas cards.

    One of our friends has sent Pix (used to be Mother-in-laws cat, we had him when she died 2 years ago) an advent calendar with catnip in each window. He goes berserk for it, lol...
  13. colly0410

    Front or top loader, which is better?

    Yay, managed to get all the white bits off my trousers by laying them on the kitchen floor & hoovering them, will be giving them a hand wash & rinse in a bit. Lesson learnt I hope...
  14. colly0410

    Front or top loader, which is better?

    Tuesday night at Rolls-Royce Derby (was at a line dance social) I dropped pizza tomato juice down my dark navy blue new trousers (there was shouting & fuss off SWMBO) I was going to hand wash them but couldn't be bother so bunged them in the washer with other stuff. There was a tissue in a pocked somewhere & my trousers now have all white bits on them, looked online for advice & it says "wash again then put in tumble dryer." We haven't got a tumble dryer though. I'll give them a good shake outside in a bit & hope the white stuff comes off. Bit mad with myself for not checking pocked & not turning them inside out, grr grr...
  15. colly0410

    Front or top loader, which is better?

    The washer in the apt we rented in America had a top loader with with short, medium or long wash's, & cold, warm or hot temp's & that was it... The Beko front loader we've got has dozens of programs & we usually use the 'mixed fabric' one as it's just over an hour'ish program time, there's a hot wash program that's 2 & 3/4 hours long, we've never used that one..