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  1. Yes me. Got through 3 electric kettles that went phut in 5/6 years & I got fed up of buying new ones: Found the whistling kettle we used to use for camping yonks ago & just put it on the gas hob & use that now. Our cat pix couldn't care less when it boils. When we had a power cut I was boiling water for the neighbours as they all have electric cookers/hobs, we're the only one with a gas hob...
  2. I remember the welfare orange juice, it was delicious IIRC, I haven't tasted owt like it since. I used to dip my wet finger in the baby powdered milk & lick it off, if Mam caught me she'd biff me & say "that's for your baby sister not you."
  3. Yes I watched both of them on BBC i-player, very interesting they were...
  4. Brew... I'll set a reminder on my phone to remind me to look for the GA in 100 million years time...
  5. Further to the comments up-thread about the great void in space where there's nowt there, there's a thing called the Great attractor in the Virgo & Hydra-Centaurus super-clusters that's pulling everything towards it. It lies about 150 - 250 million light years from the Milky Way, which is it's self being pulled towards it. The boffins have zero idea what the Great Attractor is, but it must have lots & lots & lots of mass. I suspect it could be a super gigantic mega massive black hole. Problem is it lies behind the central bulge of the Milky Way, so the Great Attractor can't be dire
  6. I did my army service on Salisbury Plains & exercises in Warcop, Thetford, Sennybridge & Otterburn, then I was based in Munster-lager West Germany. & the medals I received = none at all. I can get a cold war medal but I'll have to pay for it myself. Mind you I didn't see any action (unless you include the punch-ups in the pubs, lol) or do anything brave, bravest thing I've ever done is answer my wife back...
  7. Some saying that now civilians have left the steelworks in Mariupol & the Ukrainian troops are well dug in that Putin will fire a small nuke at them. Just hoping the mad man doesn't do this, but wouldn't be surprised if he does...
  8. Big families... Get one of those dog ball launchers to dish out mashed potatoes to the far end of the table...
  9. Albert Smith... Thanks for your memory, I love reading things like that.... I've always been fascinated with the compound concept, it seems to be sort of getting something for nothing...
  10. When I worked at QMC we were told to never call anyone "duck" as in "would you like a cup of tea me duck?" Can't remember anyone taking any notice though & no one ever complained to gaffers AFAIK..... When on an underground visit to the National Mining Museum near Wakefield my wife called me duck & the guide took the micky out of us. Mind you he took the mickey out of me big time when he learn't I was on the underground loco's down Hucknall pit: he kept shining his light at me & asking if I was still awake? The cheeky so-&-so...
  11. Had a phone consultation earlier re my prostate cancer after I finished radiotherapy last December. Result of my blood test last week is the PSA is undetectable, so I'm in remission, will still be having ADT injections every 3 months until June 2023 to mop up any metastasis's that might be lurking somewhere. I will also have to have 6 monthly PSA tests for the rest of my life so they know if it comes back...
  12. Meadows library was my haunt when I was a kid, it's where I first got books on space, not black holes though as they didn't seem to know about them back then, but everything else about space & science I could find, I'd also borrow New Scientist & Scientific American mags,I read those online now though. When we moved to Bestwood Village it was Bulwell or Hucknall libraries I'd usually frequent, now I live in Hucknall it's usually the same libraries. If I got dragged down town by wife to go shopping I'd go to central library to get their latest books on black holes & quantum physics,
  13. Re Bidens remark: I read John Majors autobiography where he said "in international relations you can think what you want as PM, but say what the diplomats tell you to say in public." Think Biden had forgotten that rule & his diplomats were doing their nuts behind the scenes...
  14. Save money on buying a big screen TV by sitting closed to your old small screen TV...
  15. Jill... I'd love for them to find evidence of intelligent life somewhere in the universe. But I wouldn't want to send messages or advertise our presence to them as they could be unfriendly, & if they're more advanced than us it could be a disaster for us & other life forms on earth, Stephen Hawking touched on this when he said "white Europeans making contact with native Americans wasn't good news for them." Hopefully we'll learn from history - but I wouldn't bet on it