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  1. colly0410

    Car Number Plates

    We are coming back home tomorrow, I'll really miss spotting out of state & Canadian different coloured number plate's, back to boring black on white & yellow. Most foreign European plate's you see are black on white or yellow, or red on white if from Belgium. Really had a good time..
  2. colly0410

    Car Number Plates

    We use the change for the local 'I-trolley' bus servis, it only costs 25 cents when I show my Notts old farts bus pass instead of $2. Bloke in the Icon centre asked if I was military? I said "ex British army!" He gave me a card saying 'ex active military' & told me to show it everywhere I eat/shop as most will give a discount. Everywhere except Wallgreens & £1-99 shop (= to our pound shops) has given a discount, I got 10% off at Perkins bakery last night & Louisiana Kitchen t'other day.... Bit of excitement yesterday as a tree across the road was struck by lightning, boy was it loud... Really having a good ime...
  3. colly0410

    Car Number Plates

    Seen a Mexico plate on a tour bus parked in our car park... Quite a few states don't need a front plate, Florida & Arkensas come to mind. Noticed that a lot of vehicles have red flashing indicators on the back = a brake light doubling up as an indicator light, some back flashers are orange same as UK.... I keep forgetting that they add sales tax on to the price of things here = the price you see isn't the price you pay, it's always a bit more than you see..
  4. colly0410

    Car Number Plates

    On hols here in Florida number plate spotting: The local Florida plates are mostly white with green numbers/letters although you see the odd one with other colours, saw one that read '1A COP' I wonder what his/her job is? Lots of out of state & Canadian plates of every colour of the rainbow & just about every letter/number combination you can think of. My & wife I will be walking down the road & say "oh look, a Maine/New York/Ontario/Maryland etc plate!" The locals must think we're mad. My wife thinks the prettiest is the Arkensas light blue plate, John (Ayupmiducks) sent me a sample pic through on facebook, then the next day I clocked one in our car park. Have not seen any Mexican plates yet, here till next week so there's time...
  5. colly0410

    Sankey’s plant pots

    My then neighbour Karen worked there when it went up. Her & her mate's who also worked there were in tear's, I comforted her pretty mate's, (& some of them were phwoar) see what a good gentleman I was...
  6. colly0410

    Scrap yards

    Some naughty boy's (not me of course) used to go round scrappy's & throw the part's they wanted over the fence to their waiting mate's & tell the bloke they couldn't find the right sort of part, or go back when they were shut to collect the part's they'd lobbed over. Mind you sometimes the stuff you'd (err, I mean them the naughty boy's as I was a good boy) thrown over wasn't there, someone else had nicked it, or the owner did a perimeter patrol & took back his stuff..
  7. colly0410

    Front or top loader, which is better?

    Going to America next week, if I see any house's for sale/rent I might pretend I'm interested & see what sort of washer's they have, I'm easy to amuse, lol...
  8. colly0410

    Cats !

    I'm from the Meadows Plantfit so he must take after me, lol..
  9. colly0410

    Cats !

    Tabby-cat was sat on the footpath minding his own business, our Pix clocks him & attacks him & all hell breaks loose, there's howling, hissing & spitting. Our Pix is always the one that starts the trouble & I think "why us?" Shadow-cat (from next door) sat on the fence watching, he's got more sense than our Pix & doesn't get involved. I'm sometimes ashamed of my cats bad behavour, he's a flipping delinquent...
  10. colly0410

    Black holes & quantum physics.

    In New Scientist that they discovered that anti-matter sub atomic anti-particles have particle/wave duality, so would the wave be an anti-wave? Oh dear, I'll be thinking about that in bed tonight if I can't sleep...
  11. colly0410

    Skinflint tips.

    Remember a scally-wag character on some soap buying a new dress on Friday, wearing it to a wedding on Saturday & taking it back for a refund on Monday. Of course she'd spilt something down it & was clocked wearing it at the wedding by a shop worker so the shop knew what she'd done & there was a row. Has anyone on here actually done/tried this?
  12. colly0410

    Cats !

    Tabby-cat's from Bradford, wonder if he meow's in a Yorkshire accent? He's probably saying "eeh by gum when I were a kitten it were uphill all t'way there & uphill all t'way back, tha dusn't know thee born ere in Notts!"
  13. colly0410

    Cats !

    Tabby-cat from across the footpath has come in the open front window & is swanning around our house as though he lives here, our Pix in on the half landing & doesn't know he's in, there'll be trouble if/when he finds out. My wife Sue was yabbering to his owner earlier on, they recently moved here from Bradford. Now Shadow-cat from next door has come in as well, we have a house full of cats but only one is ours, lol...
  14. colly0410

    Climate change protesters...

    In New Scientist that the technology for any country to hit net zero CO2 doesn't exist. So just how is the UK expected to do it? I think their disruptive protests will just annoy the public & lose them any support they may have..... If they hold up traffic in this warm weather drivers will be sat there with their engines idling & air conditioning blasting away so increasing CO2 emissions...
  15. colly0410

    The history of Notts County

    Oh deary deary me, my team has gone & lost again, not looking good is it?