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  1. Driving habits

    Was on my Approved Driving Instructor advanced driving test, the chief examiner said "get on M1 at 26 & off at 24 then take A453 towards Clifton!" I hoofed it to 70 MPH in lane 3 then traffic jam, crawled for a bit, then while I was still in lane 3 he changed his mind & wanted me off at 25 just before we got to the slip road, I had to get across to lane 1 in crawling traffic. It threw him as he'd planned to take me round Clifton Estate & Bridgford but I had to do back street driving/emergency stop/turn in road/reverse to left & right/reverse park round Beeston & Lenton Abbey areas instead. Must have done OK as he passed me, phew...
  2. Hucknall pit

    The water & everything else down Caphouse pit was flipping freezing when I went down, it was 11 Celsius. Hucknalls number 3 & 4 downcast shatf pit bottoms were colder in middle of winter, but when you went through some air doors on to the return it was lovely & warm. When I went through the pit bottom air doors from the intake to the return down Caphouse New Hards seam it was still as cold as the intake.... Down Hucknall Deep Soft seam all the trades pit bottom offices were on the return & nice & warm, all except the belt staffs office/cabin which was on the intake & flipping cold. Where the return roadways for the Deep Soft & Black Shale drift diverged there was a cross-cut between them, it was lovely & warm & cozy in there & that's where I used to go for a skive when I was on the loco's, lol...
  3. Cats !

    Our cat Pix has been chasing his own tail again, SWMBO says "he's a clever boy!" No he's not, he's totally stupid, we don't have to worry about cats taking over the world if they're all as daft as him, lol... He's going berserk now & charging round the lounge, lol...
  4. Christmas Presents Yoy Didn't Want !

    I asked SWMBO what she wanted? She said "I trust you to choose." So fairy liquid & pan scourers it was then..
  5. 200 volts DC leccy in the Meadows.

    On E post website that there's been two power cuts in the old Meadows area: I'm wondering if the new AC cables they laid 50 odd years ago have worn out? It says "people can't cook their Xmas din-dins." Back then most people had gas cookers but now most seem to be electric, wonder if the cables are getting overloaded as everyone turns on their electric hobs/ovens? When we have a power cut round here we end up boiling pans of water as we're the only ones who have a gas hob...
  6. Santa's coming soon!!!!

    I was told when a kid "always tell the truth!" I then got my ass whooped for going round telling other kids that Santa wasn't real. Punished for telling the truth, I then realised that you can't win no mater what you do...
  7. What I remember about my ex's

    Met my present SWMBO on a blind date 32 years ago, I didn't want to go but was cajoled & bullied into going by a mutual female friend. We went to Ilkeston bowling alley where she beat me hands down. As I dropped her off outside her house I said "do I get a kiss goodnight then?" & that was that, as they say, been with her ever since, she can shout though, lol..
  8. Pits Around Nottingham.

    When on a trip round Hinkley Point Nuclear power station we were stood at side of a live reactor & I asked how much extra radiation we were getting from it = she gave me a geiger counter. I pointed it at the reactor & it didn't move from the background level, pointed at a lump of coke & it moved a bit, pointed at an old gas mantle & it went off the scale, same with a luminous watch, pointed at my digital watch & it went 1/4 way up the scale, GULP...
  9. What I remember about my ex's

    Mam used to say "you don't look at the mantle piece while poking the fire!" Must admit I enjoyed showing off very pretty Jenny to my mates. I knew I was being used because I looked a bit like Leo Sayer but in a way I was using her as well so sort of worked both ways. We used to refer to not so pretty girls as "two paper baggers!"One paper bag to put over her head & one over yours in case hers fell off.
  10. What I remember about my ex's

    One of my ex's worked in a biscuit barrel factory in Kirkby, every time we met she give me a biscuit barred she'd stolen, Mam had more biscuit barrels than she knew what to do with..... A stunningly pretty girl went out with me only because I looked like Leo Sayer back then, she'd call me "Leo" at intimate times, that was a bit weird. All my mates jaws dropped when they saw her, Mam said "you wont stay with her, she knows she's very pretty!" Mam was right, she'd spend all her time preening herself & I never saw her without make up, when it was dark she kissed & felt like any other thin-ish girl...
  11. Christmas Memories

    I remember when I gave SWMBO a new bag & belt for Christmas = the hoover worked perfectly then..
  12. living on a budget

    I'd get caught & thrown in jail if I tried to fiddle the system, I just know I would as I'm that unlucky..
  13. living on a budget

    Someone actually did this John. Some nice relative snitched to the authorities & he ended up in jail.... I got made redundant 2 years ago with a good payoff & the redundo dosh plus my savings means I can't claim a sausage, all I get is free scrips & a bus pass. Ah well never mind eh...
  14. Christmas Memories

    I can remember when Mam told me Santa wasn't real. I was so upset I got in my car & drove to the pub...
  15. Pits Around Nottingham.

    Had a brilliant day at the mining museum at Caphouse near Wakefield, went on the underground tour, first time I'd been down a pit for decades. It was freezing cold down there. We went down to a very clean & tidy & quite pit bottom, no hissing of compressed air. We went down an old roadway with herring bone roofing, then on a static face with a trepanner, an AB16 shearer & a double ended ranging drum shearer, also saw dosco's & a dinting machine's up short headings, there was a haulage engine, a stage loader & conveyor belt transfer point. There were some parts bratice clothed off where they were making some more exhibits. Was a great day out & want to go again..