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  1. One song that turned up on that side bar thingy on you tube was the theme tune to Fireball XL-5 puppet show that was on in the 60's, I'd forgotten how catchy it was, it's in my favourites now...
  2. In science news sites that they've discovered a massive black hole in intergalactic space whizzing away from a galaxy at high speed. They speculate that it was kicked out of the galaxy by one or two more massive black holes that resulted from a two or three galaxy smash up. These black holes can be bullies cant they?
  3. My brother in law is a taxi driver & has Northern Irish non year number plates so his punters don't know the age of his car... Couple who used to live opposite us Maralin & Wayne had MAZ **** & WAZ ****, their son had a Northern Irish plate as well... Keep saying I'm going to buy a cheap Northern Irish to pretend my 17 reg car is newer, but never got round to it...
  4. Lowest number old style plates I've had is AVO 15B, H41 VAU & G87 ACH, I've had new style FH10 + 3 random letters & my present one Fe17 **Z. Dad had 74 GNN & GWA 1C, he was always going to sell GWA 1C but never did & took it to the scrapyard on Moor Road Bestwood Village & got £15 for it...
  5. Jill... They admit they don't really know what is going on, but so far it's the only explanation that seems to make any sense for the observation... There's a hypothesis going round that anything that falls into a black hole appears in a paralell universe, however so far there is zero evidence that this actually happens...
  6. The astronomers had been watching a very massive star that was acting very weird, they were expecting it to go supernova at any time, but, to their surprise, it vanished, leaving them scratching their heads. They're speculating that the star went straight to a black hole. Usually when a star runs out of fuel the collapsing stuff rushes into the middle of the star & rebounds causing the supernova explosion, but if the stars mass is big enough the collapsing stuff goes straight into the giant hoover bag of the newly created black hole & is gone for ever. I so love reading about these sor
  7. Remember when I delivered cars for New Crown one of the cars had the letters BRA, the woman who bought it was over the moon, she went round to get her neighbours to come a see her new car reg, she was so happy...
  8. My most stressful motorway driving for me was when I was taking the advanced driving part (part 2) of the driving intructors tests: The chief examiner told me to drive from 27 & come off at 25 & back towards the city through Clifton. Got up to 70 MPH & in lane 3 (as it was back then) overtaking other traffic when just before 26 we hit a jam & stopped, then stop/go at a snails pace. As time was getting on he asked me to come off at 26, so I had to get over to lane 2, then lane 1 for the slip road, so left hand flasher & hope someone lets me in, which they did - eventually,
  9. Thursday morning Pix came in a bit upset = part of his tail was black (he's ginger & white) & he squealed when we touched it. Took him to the vets & it's a burn, vet shaved the fur off & you could see it was a burn, he gave us some pain meds for him. We think his tail must have rubbed up against a hot exhaust or catalytic converter from a recently parked car. He'd been a bit quite but seems to be getting better as he's been playing with his raggety toy mouse that he loves...
  10. Wife was taking the clock off the wall to reset it one hour back: as she took it off the nail came out of the wall, she shouted "THAT'S YOUR FAULT!" I tell you I always get the blame for everything that goes wrong in this house, lol...
  11. I remember the welfare orange juice, it was delish. I also remember the cod liver oil, can't remember what it tasted like though. Used to have a malted milk drink at bedtime, think it was a cheaper version of horlicks, also ovaltine...
  12. When I was in the army on exercise's we'd have egg banjos, (fried eggs sunny side up in a sandwich) they were delish, often the egg yolk would run down your chin... BeeKay. Like the idea of corned beef with egg & chips, not sure about the gravy though. My wife has gravy on fish cake & chips, ugh, lol...
  13. After mentions of egg & chips in my post about gas cookers I've started a thread on it.... I LOVE egg & chips,to me it's a comfort food & so simple to cook. Sometimes I buy a bag of chips from the chippy & fry a couple of eggs, might have to warm the chips up in the microwave but hey so what. Mam would often give us egg & chips when I was a kid, wonder what the health police would make of that nowadays?
  14. We've got one of those air fryers as well, does oven chips nice, also wife does scampi in it. I'm not struck of scampi I so usually have egg & chips, & that takes me back to being a kid as we often had that...
  15. Just had a look & gas is 7-28 pence a Kw & electric 27-62 pence a Kw, so cooking with gas is quite a bit cheaper. We have an electric oven as no gas pipe is on that side of the kitchen & we got it in a sale for £85...