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  1. colly0410

    Front or top loader, which is better?

    Been thinking: Did the early washers have a vertical axis rocking back & forth paddle gubbins thingy to imitate the old 3 legged poncho thingy they used in a dolly tub? Then later on (1960's?) someone thought of the horizontal axis drum idea?..... Saw my electrical repair bloke (gave him a cuppa tea) friend t'other day & he said "try never to run your spin cycle at more than 1000 RPM, & even slower if you can, this will help the drum bearings last longer!" Luckily my washer can spin from zero to 1200 RPM in 200 RPM steps, also temp is from zero to 90 C in 10 degree steps..
  2. colly0410


    Was the boss Frank Randal back then?
  3. colly0410

    Radio Trent

    No Radio Trent anymore: The FM frequencies now carry Capital East Midlands & the medium wave (AM) frequencies carry Gold Radio. I usually listen to Smooth Radio or Radio 2 through Freeview at home, & Radio 2 or Smooth Extra on Digital radio in the car.... Good thing about Radio 2 & Smooth Extra on digital is they're both on single frequency networks so they hardly ever ever fade out or need re-tuning, I've driven from Hucknall to Blackpool, Bridlington, Weymouth, Portsmouth, Southampton, Cannock & Stafford & only lost the signal a couple times near Bridlington, & That was only for a few seconds...
  4. In assembly at Beardall Street they had 3 kids from each class to read out prayers & announce hymn's & it was my class's turn, I'd never done owt like this at Trent Bridge so was excused. On the said morning only 3 of us out of my class turned up so I had to do it. I stood there on the stage & could see everyone staring at the new kid = me. A lad who had a high pitch voice read out a prayer & forgot to say amen, I nudged him to say amen but he didn't, so I said "amen" in a deep voice & to my horror the who'll school including teachers burst out laughing, I wanted the floor to swallow me & I went bright red, other kids would say "amen" when they saw me just to remind of my embarrassing moment...
  5. colly0410

    Skinflint tips.

    Buy newspapers in bulk before a price increase...
  6. Talking of swimming, I hope I still can as I've not swum since 2007... I learn't to swim when I was in my 30's: I was on the Herald Of Free Enterprise 3 weeks before it sank, it spooked me & I enrolled on the next swimming course at Ken Martins. I ended up the best swimmer on the course & used to go regularly but it dropped of over the years. Will defo have to go again...
  7. Ooh sounds awful John, (ayup) I remember you saying about the plants & creatures that can cause problems over where you live, hope you're soon feeling better... Never thought about swimming DJ360, will have to give it a try. Off for a hot bath in a bit as that seems to help...
  8. Thanks Jill, Lizzie & Nonna. I've had 6 x 200 Mgs ibuprofen tablets & 2 co-codamol's today. The pains come on really bad when I walk or stand up & lean back, sitting or laying down there's just a dull ache. I'm having to force myself to walk & do exercises as I don't want to set. I went to a line dance social on Friday night & tried to do a couple of dances but the leg pains made me sit down, I had my entrance money refunded as I danced so little, & I love line dancing
  9. Seen 2 doctors in the last couple of months & they both said I've got sciatia & it will go away after 4 to 6 weeks. Went to physio last week & now they say it's spinal stenosis, she gave me some exercise's to do but they seem to have made it worse, & doc prescribed amitriptyline, co-codamol & over the counter ibuprofen, nothings worked yet. It really came on bad 3 weeks ago when I was on my cruise: a bloke fell over in Amsterdam, I went to help him up & pains seared into my back & both legs, since then I've hardy been able to walk...
  10. colly0410

    Black holes & quantum physics.

    Good job we do have gravity as birds wouldn't be able to land, & when they died of old age they'd stay up there for ever.... I'll get me coat, ..
  11. colly0410

    Black holes & quantum physics.

    I've recorded 'magic numbers' but not got round to watching it yet, looking forwards to viewing it... Been reading a book about things we don't know e.g. dark matter, dark energy, gravity, etc. & of course these are the things we know we don't know, it speculated about things we don't know we don't know... I was surprised to see 'gravity' as a 'don't know' as I thought we'd sorted that one out decades ago, but no. Other forces like electro-magnetism swop photons, the strong force gluons & the weak force W+, W-, & Z bosons, but gravity doesn't seem to swap anything. There's speculation that there is a gravity force carrier particle called the 'graviton' but it has not been found, yet, Maybe the gravity waves they've been receiving just lately will turn something up... They don't know if antimatter is attracted or repelled by gravity. If repelled then it could possibly explain dark energy, if attracted then it's back to square one again...
  12. colly0410

    Looking for Gotham

    Was discussing the 'wise men of Gotham' & their daft antics with some friends earlier on when I piped up that I used to live there & that's where I started my school life. They fell about laughing & speculated that that's the reason I'm so daft; the cheeky bu**ers. I threatened them with a biffing but they then laughed even more. Humf, so unfair, whinge, moan...
  13. colly0410

    Nottm Children's Home Skegness

    There is a discussion going on about this place on the Nottingham Way Back When facebook page. Most of the comments seem to be like on here. Found out 2 of my female cousins went to the girls camp, they hated it as well...
  14. colly0410

    Sense of humour

    When I told workmates I was getting married the ribbing started, one wag said "she's only marrying you so she can chuck the electric fire in your bath so she can claim the insurance money!" We all fell about laughing except an Italian lady who was horrified that we could laugh & joke about a cold blooded murder, she thought we were all mad, she was probably right, lol...
  15. colly0410


    Wife's a line dance instructor & will be teaching a bit, I'll be doing as I'm told as usual, lol..