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  1. colly0410

    Looking for Gotham

    Was discussing the 'wise men of Gotham' & their daft antics with some friends earlier on when I piped up that I used to live there & that's where I started my school life. They fell about laughing & speculated that that's the reason I'm so daft; the cheeky bu**ers. I threatened them with a biffing but they then laughed even more. Humf, so unfair, whinge, moan...
  2. colly0410

    Nottm Children's Home Skegness

    There is a discussion going on about this place on the Nottingham Way Back When facebook page. Most of the comments seem to be like on here. Found out 2 of my female cousins went to the girls camp, they hated it as well...
  3. colly0410

    Sense of humour

    When I told workmates I was getting married the ribbing started, one wag said "she's only marrying you so she can chuck the electric fire in your bath so she can claim the insurance money!" We all fell about laughing except an Italian lady who was horrified that we could laugh & joke about a cold blooded murder, she thought we were all mad, she was probably right, lol...
  4. colly0410


    Wife's a line dance instructor & will be teaching a bit, I'll be doing as I'm told as usual, lol..
  5. colly0410


    Been on 2 cruises (1 out of Miami & round Bahamas, & t'other round the Baltic) & it was smokey & smelly when you were downwind of the exhausts. We literally left a smokescreen when we chugged out of Stockholm which was a very clean city till we polluted it. Going on a line dancing cruise next month to France, Belgium, Netherlands & Germany from Southampton...
  6. Remember Radio Nottingham was 44444, Dad was always entering their phone in quiz's. My ex's work number was 44015... When we lived up Kirkby our number was 454745 with a 01623 prefix, my auntie said I'd given her the wrong number as she could never get through after many try's. I asked her to read the number back to me & she'd put a 9 in front of the first 4, she wouldn't believe me that Mansfield numbers didn't need a 9 adding on front of local numbers like Nottingham did. She never did phone me till we moved to Hucknall & had a 952**** number...
  7. colly0410

    You Couldn't Make this Up !

    Back to uni topic.... I read a book about non intuitive economics (Freakonomics or sumat like that) & one chapter looked at the economics of going or not going to uni: If you can get it free (Scotland, some other countries?) then go for it if you can. If you have to pay then it's not so simple, if your parents are able & willing to pay then go for it. However if you have to take out loans then you have to factor in course fees, interest rates, how much time to pay, will you ever earn more over the years than you paid for the course plus interest? So many variables to take into account for self payers & no certainty it will be worth it... I went to Arnold & Carlton day release college (mining craft C1, C2 etc) paid for by NCB, the Royal School of Artillery (radio operator, radar operator & observation post assistant) paid for by army, & ADI parts 1 (theory test) 2 (advanced driving test) & 3 (instructing test) paid for by myself. Made good money driving instructing till eyesight problems put the kybosh on things...
  8. colly0410

    Freedom of speech

    Bloke stopped me & said "do you believe in free speech?" I said "yes I do!" He said "can I use your mobile phone then?" .... I'll get me coat....
  9. colly0410


    Bloke lives near me off Watnall road in Hucknall who never wears a shirt, he cuts peoples grass & does gardening for them, think his names Trevor, he's in his late 60's so someone says. Very friendly bloke. Puts me to shame with his hard working ways as I'm bone idle if I can get away with it...
  10. colly0410


    When we got to our rented apt in Miami the electric stove didn't work, I phoned the janitor & he said "plug it in!" There was a weird looking multi pin plug near the stove, I thought "oh, it must be a 3 phase stove then" plugged it in & it worked perfect. Thinking back it was more likely a split phase 120/240 volts job, it had a 120 volts socket on it for the toaster. Noticed there was no electric kettle in apt...
  11. colly0410


    "Wearing flip-flops" I'd be straight off to the big house then, ha ha ha..
  12. colly0410

    Suicides I have known

    Know how the young 'small for his age' lad felt; I'm 5 feet 2 as an adult & was smaller as a teen. I was bullied at school, the pit & in the army. My defence was to call them a bully in front of their mates, got me a few biffing's but worth it to see their shame in front of others. It's very scary arguing with someone who is a foot taller than yourself & they seem shocked when you stand up to them. Never thought of ending it, don't think I'd be brave enough. So tragic when someone does take their own life. An old mate of mine took his life years ago & his sister still hasn't got over it...
  13. colly0410

    Emotional Intelligence

  14. colly0410

    Motor Cycle Enthusiast Page

    Went to MFN again on Wednesday & there was a Honday 50 there the same as I had when I was 16, I showed to my wife Sue: she said "is that it?" & fell about laughing. Hmph, so not fair, really blew the wind out of my sails...
  15. colly0410

    Black holes & quantum physics.

    They've found a very high energy neutrino that was detected in Antarctica, they've named it a ghost neutrino. They speculate that it came from a black holes relativistic jet that is/was pointing straight at us. What with this discovery & gravity waves the cosmologists have plenty to get their teeth into...