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  1. I used to teach my pupils to do hand signals, (1980's/90's) they'd say why? & I'd say "in case the flashers go 'phut' & you have to drive to the garage to get them fixed. Also they were in the highway code so could get a question on them on the test." (This was before the theory test came in) Maybe they could buy a vintage car not fitted with flashers, then it'd be hand signals... My ex girlfriend would forget to put the choke back in all the time & wonder why it used a lot of petrol. She'd also only put ESSO petrol in, she swore blind SHELL, TEXACO, JET etc were no goo
  2. Been reading about 'no rinse washing liquid' = you don't need to rinse after washing the clothes. This'd be perfect for twin tubs as you'd just need to transfer the washing over to the spin dryer & wouldn't have to keep squirting water into it to rinse & Bob's your uncle it's done... If it's any good or not I don't know as I've never tried it. Not sure I'd be happy not rinsing the laundry though...
  3. Mam had a Hotpoint twin tub job. When I came home on leave I bung all my uniform & whatnot in it then transfer over to the spinner for a rinse & spin, stuff came out nice & clean. Wife's auntie in Perth Australia is still using one...
  4. Ours is a through lounge/diner 21 feet by 11 feet 6 inches with a table at one end near patio doors, & reclining sofa & a reclining chair, telly, wood effect electric fire (spinner flame effect gubbins no longer spins though) & a stereo system Some neighbours have put a wall up half way through their lounge to make 2 rooms but they're a bit small IMO...
  5. Gaffer tape a toothbrush to your mobile phone then ring it = free electric toothbrush... I accept your thanks in advance...
  6. Agree 100% Catfan, I hated every minute there...
  7. Listening to radio 2 playing chart from 1981: It's taking me back to when I was single & used to chase girls at disco's, especial Bestwood Welfare on a Sunday night, also Hucknall Welfare + Apollo & Horse & Jockey in Bulwell...
  8. MargieH.. About once a week, we can tell when they need doing as they feel a bit hard to the touch. He sometimes bursts the one on his back when he goes in the field out the back & he catches it on a bramble or something. We buy those cheapo baby wipes from Aldi to wipe the gunge off his fur...
  9. Our cat Pix has got two cyst's: one on his back & t'other on his head, vet doesn't want to do an operation to remove them because of his age, so she's showed us how to drain them. My wife Sue holds him steady, I then sterilize a needle in the gas flame, wait for it to cool, then prick the cyst while holding tissue's to catch the gunge, sometimes the gunge will spurt out & you have to be quick to catch it, we then wipe him down with baby wipes. Doesn't seem to hurt him as he's sat there calm & purring, we always give him a treat afterwards.... He woke us up last night a
  10. Thanks DJ360, Beekay, Trogg, Cliff Ton, Brew, Carnie, Jill, Catfan & MargieH.... Hope get sorted out OK Catfan
  11. Well had my first injection of tryptorelin on Monday & that'll last for 3 months & should shrink the tumour, gave me a sore bum but needs must... Been to see oncologist this morning & I should be having radiotherapy in about 3 months time. He said after the tryptorelin has shrunk the tumour he'll blast the prostate, seminal vesicle's & nearby lymph node's with radiation & hopefully that should be that. He said the wee-wee problems should hopefully resolve after the tryptorelin injections & radiotherapy have shrunk/ bopped off the tumour, but if they don't I'll need a TU
  12. Thanks Catfan... I get this knot in my stomach when my imagination goes into overdrive, but then I think "I can't do owt about it, so I've just got to let the doctors do what they have to do." I'd like to thank you & everyone who's commented for their moral support....
  13. Glad to read you've got the all clear Catfan, good for you.... I'm getting some side effects from the hormone tabs I'm taking = I'm feeling really tired, I'll sit here watching the telly & fall asleep & miss the program, I've always done this but not as much as I'm doing it now. I presume when I've had radiotherapy or surgery I'll come off hormone tabs/injections & the side effects will subside I hope....
  14. At Fermi-lab they have achieved quantum teleportation of 23.7 miles, furthest ever AFAIK. However I speculate that NSA, CIA, KGB & GCHQ have been using quantum technology in super computers & for communications for years. Of course I have no evidence or proof for my speculations, but if they are they're not going to tell US are they?
  15. When we lived in Bestwood Village we were on hols in Miami, got yabbering to another English couple who lived in Moorbridge Cottages, then they sat next to us on the plane coming back home..... We were on hols in Gran Canaria 3 years ago when a lady at our hotel said to my wife "you're the line dance instructor at South Normanton aren't you?" It was one of my wifes line dance pupils..... When we moved into our present house bloke next door but one said "it's you isn't it? You were on the loco's down Hucknall pit" & he was right I was. He became a good friend till he passed on 11 years ago.