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  1. Air Raid Shelters

    I remember my aunties Mother-in-law in Chester-le-Street had an anderson shelter in her garden, I loved playing in it when we lived up there... There was a brick & concrete air raid shelter in Trent Bridge school playground. We had a nuclear attack drill & had to go & sit in the smelly thing in 1963 in the Cuban missile hoo-ah...
  2. Car park warning.

    People see a sign saying 'free for 1 hour' & like me think "that's good" & it's human nature to wonder off not thinking to read the smaller print notice board. I wonder if they employed a human behavour psychologist to come up with the idea. I know a lot of firms waffle on in their small print T&C's knowing most people wont read them, then when Mr/Mrs Public complain they point to paragraph 93 subsection 42 where it says "you will be conned & screwed whatever you do."
  3. Car park warning.

    About same distance for us to go to Hucknall or Bulwell, so will go to Bulwell in future so I wont get caught out again. Hucknall own goal as far as I'm concerned. They're always moaning people wont go shopping to Hucknall town centre, I wonder why?
  4. Car park warning.

    Went down Hucknall & drove on to the market place car park: Said on a payment board near ticket machine in largish letters '1 HOUR FREE' though "that's good" & swanned off to the shops. Came back 40 mins later to a penalty notice, collared the warden to ask what's going on? He pointed to a small notice that said in effect you still have to get a ticket from machine for 1'st hour. I asked him how I see the small sign while sitting in my car several yards away? He said "other car park notices are even smaller" Seems a very sneaky conniving way to go on to me. Was a very expensive shopping trip..
  5. Looking for Gotham

    When we lived at Gotham we had an electric cooker as there was no gas in the village back then, (think there is now though) when we moved to the Meadows (Glapton Road) we had a gas ring as well as an electric cooker, for some reason I was scared to death of the gas ring, later when we got a proper gas cooker I was scared of that as well. I remember Gotham was supplied by overhead electric cables & every time it thundered we had a power cut, Mam'd think the shilling had run out & put a bob in, then when the lights didn't come back on she would look out the back window to see if South Notts bus depot lights were on, then it would be "oh no not again, whinge, moan, chunter." The bus headlights would shine through the bedroom window & my sister would say "the bogey mans coming to get you!" & I'd scream blue murder, lol...
  6. Car Number Plates

    Remember hearing about a lady complaining when she picked up her new car: the number plate = 2 FAT, lol..
  7. Nottm Accents and Recognition Around the World

    When I moved from Bestwood Village to Kirkby I noticed the accent was different & it was only a 7 miles move. When I moved from the Meadows to Bestwood Village I also noticed the accent change & I was only 14. Biggest change was when I was a kid & we moved from Meadows to Chester-le-Street, I couldn't tell a word they said when I first started school up there. Then when we moved back to the Meadows I had a thick Durham accent that took me years to lose...
  8. Cats !

    Just took our Pix to the vets for his annual check up & jabs: He's a bit over weight at over 5 Kg's the fat bloater. He's whinging & moaning wanting grub as I type this but I've told him he's got to cut down. The vet nurse was hugging & loving him, I was jealous as she's gorgeous, she didn't hug & love me, sulk..
  9. Car Number Plates

    My present car No plate is **17 UGZ. A few ask if I'm giving out hugs? (Hope Ola reads this post, phoar) Other (unkind) people ask if it is coz I is ugly. I say "I bought it off Fred Flintstone!"
  10. Working Class Life 1940's, 50's.

    Re tin bath: when we lived on Leak Road Gotham we had no bathroom, me being the youngest got to go first in the tin bath in front of the fire followed by my older sister. One day after I'd finished I decided to wee in the bath. She caught me doing it & didn't want a bath anymore for some reason, & she then gave me a biffing. After that she'd watch me like a hawk to make sure I didn't wee in her bath water again; what a spoilsport...
  11. I had a German girlfriend who was into leather & PVC catsuits, I was very chappy happy back then, lol..
  12. Sort of back to front but the program I missed when I came back to Notts from Germany was Musikladen, (a sort of German Top Of The Pops) it had very pretty girls on it so I could have a good perv. However I've found some old programs on you tube... SWMBO drove me mad when we were in America as she watched Eastenders form yonks ago on PBS channel 2 every night, it was a load of old tosh like all soaps. I liked the old Benny Hill shows though, lol...
  13. 60's wireless memories

    I used to have Practical Wireless in the 60's/70's, still got most of them up in the loft, SWMBO wants to throw them away but I won't let her. I was wanting to make a radio with a synchronous AM detector instead of the usual diode detector (PW told you how to do it) as it was supposed to be less prone to selective fading (when the carrier fades further than the sidebands causing the sidebands to heterodyne with themselves instead of the carrier so causing a screeching racket) that Radio Luxembourg & other skywave stations suffered from. But I never got round to it so had to put up with the selective fading..
  14. Black holes & quantum physics.

    Well we've lost Stephen Hawking (RIP to him) one of the greatest cosmologists of all time, thanks to him for the books he wrote, I really enjoyed reading them. He had the knack of explaining things in a way I understood. His explanation of how a black hole could radiate energy so losing mass when one half of a virtual particle pair at the event horizon was sucked into a black when the other half wasn't & drifted off into space so taking away a bit of the black hole mass was brilliant I thought, the phenomenon is called 'Hawking Radiation' in his honour. We have lost a great Man...
  15. Black holes & quantum physics.

    Just been reading on Futurisn about quark fusion: they recon if they can pull it off it'll be 8 times more efficient than controlled hydrogen fusion that they're trying to get to work now. I suppose if the politico's get a wiff of it they'll want to make an 8 times more efficient thermonuclear bomb. Oops I'm being cynical now aren't I???