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  1. Dale Winton

    Not Nottm born but London born.
  2. Chulla

    Sadly Mrs C & i wont be with you tomorrow but we willbe thinking of our oldmate Chulla & be saying a prayer for him.
  3. Things that pee you off

    Mostly !
  4. Chulla

    Nice post youth !
  5. How's your day?

    Just gorrup & looked outside to see a beautiful gorgeous sunny day. Forecast looks good for the week too, enjoy it while you can.
  6. How's your day?

    Here you go AG, PostImage working fine these days.
  7. Old cinemas - the survivors

    The Capitol, now a church.
  8. How's your day?

    Had a wander around to 'Spoons earlier, well we must get some exercise !
  9. The Games.

    Just as exciting as the word games then FLY !
  10. Whatever happened to......?

    Now owned by JD Wetherspoon !
  11. Old cinemas - the survivors

    That would be a normal question to ask in these so called enlightened times !
  12. Post Image Gone?

    Tis an old building anyway !
  13. Events in Nottingham

    Nice bit of colour there !
  14. Post Image Gone?

    Lovely view spoilt by those old bangers parked there ! (Only joking Malc) !
  15. How's your day?

    As much as Mrs C tells me she loves me, there is no chance of me letting her loose with a razor near my throat, thankyou very much !