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  1. BK. I once bought Mrs C a Flymo for our anniversary.
  2. I can see BK that you know how to treat a woman well. Good man.
  3. I much preferred Windows mobile. Sadly is no more.
  4. One of those crane things where you pick up a prize if you are lucky.I used to drive a wagon with a hijab crane brick grab so had a bit of practice.
  5. Wedding anniversary & I won Mrs C a teddy bear today.
  6. I wouldn't know how to send a text on an iphone BK. An Android man mesen.
  7. Wandering along Skeg seafront this morning & spotted a new iPhone 11 on a seat. As honest as I am went looking for a PC but Mrs C spotted a woman who looked a bit upset & saying she had lost her new phone. She was soon reunited with her phone & me doing my good deed was the result I got today. Plus a hug.
  8. Police & crime commissioner Paddy Tipping employs an assistant to help him. The wife of Nottm north MP Alex Norris.(labour) This new job was not advertised. Just shows how the corrupt council work. This new part time position pays £60k pa. Corruption at it's best.
  9. Council tax payers in Nottingham deserve a full & open public inquiry how the council are losing money hand over first. This city has one of the highest council tax levels in the country. It can only get worse. All those lot do is blame central government for the Labour council mismanagement.
  10. Why do you think Jon Collins & 18 councillors stepped down at the last local election.
  11. Talking of strange weather, me & Mrs C are off to Skeg for a week this Friday so the weather will improve !
  12. Picked a gud in as usual Jill. Eptons well up to spec too. Apart from a sunburnt nose all was good.
  13. Will be celebrating my birthday at Epton's. I know how to have a good time !!
  14. Nowt wrong with Skeg, Going on Weds for ten days !