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  1. Spent the weekend doing our bit for the British economy. Spending spree both days !
  2. Been in the SH this lunchtime, nice & quiet best thing was, no "Bar Flies" standing at the bar supping. Burger was a bit iffy, probly pre lockdown supplies now being used. Drinks + 10p & meals + 20p, wher are these £5 a pint scare mongers ?
  3. I'll be in Spoons noon Saturday. Sod the Chinese flu.
  4. catfan

    5G or not 5G ?

    VM 200 mb deal, getting D/L of 220mb every time.
  5. catfan

    5G or not 5G ?

    Works for me !
  6. Ian Dawson posted quite a comprehensive post about Wimpey but those posts have mysteriously vanished. Here is an exract I remember correctly. The one on Clumber St.was 12 shops from Wigfalls. When i stepped out the Crystal Palace was the Nan Kok..immediatly to the left...or Wimpy was smack opposite the pub...Manfield shoes were next door but one.
  7. Frank Wignal's first garage was on Wollaton Street below Canning Circus . I was an apprentice there in '67. He then moved to BJ.
  8. Just wait for the looting to start. Any excuse will do.