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  1. I don't normally surface til after half ten at the earliest colly.
  2. I spoilt mine with s new steam iron.
  3. His grave is in the Rock cemetery on Mansfield Road.
  4. Ah 31 route done few of them working day off at Sherwood Depot. Happy days.
  5. Incidentally my ex wife had an aunt who owned a posh house in Ruddington. Manor Park I think. That house was used by Central TV for filming in the Boon series. Aunt was paid £400 per day when filming. A nice wedge in those days.
  6. Disc 23 contains the episode "Bad Pennies" !
  7. Will take a look. Have all the dvd s but labelled series xxx disc 1 - 26. But definitely have the whole lot. Was going to throw that box set out. Complete Boon dvd collection free & gratis for anyone.
  8. Don't really want to trawl through 30 odd DVD discs.
  9. Do you know the episode name by any chance ?
  10. Susan Sarandon. Funnily enough I was seeing a bird years ago who was her double. Honest.
  11. Mrs C & Ialways hold hands Margie. The times she hads stopped me tripping over I I've lost count. Worth her weight in gold she is.
  12. I'll check that when I get back home. I have the complete Boon series on dvd. At Skeg will be home Thursday.