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  1. He & his boyfriend "Vivian" used to frequent the Lord Napier pub on Union Road when I lived down there in the 60s.
  2. At one time he owned s ladies hairdressers in Bulwell.
  3. It worked fore BK. Had a bridge fitted after that.
  4. I only dated Rita once. She had protruding front teeth ,& when she kissed me goodnight she nearly took my top lip off.
  5. I once dated a girl called Rita who around there somewhere.
  6. Once was too much. Never again. Dreadful place.
  7. One word for Cleethorpes. Dire. Brighton & Hove think Soddom & Gamorror.
  8. I can think of many other places far worse than Skeg. Aspleh, Broxta, the Medderz & St Ann's. Not forgetting Cleethorpes either.
  9. PAP-PAP an elderly man who regularly caught a bus on Hyson Green who suffered terribly with Tourettse Syndrome. Without warning on the bus he would suddenly shout at the top of his voice PAP PAP PAP PAP. When wasn't shouting he spoke beautifully. Life can & is cruel sometimes.
  10. Living & driving buses in Bulwell I got to know John very well. A decorated WW2 bomber pilot who had time for everyone. Loved to see him standing on Bulwell market around local election time. Bulwell is a much poorer place without him. Then there was Boris the Bulwell tramp, well documented on here.