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  1. Fly leaving this site was his own doing, not Ian's.
  2. Be careful of the snipers.
  3. Best news for a long time.
  4. Bought a T shirt from there last week. £22.50 (£75). Baseball cap £3.50 (£14) Who pays £75 for a T shirt ? My thoughts are Debenhams priced themselves out of business. Internet did not finish them off.
  5. Booked for a week. Off in two weeks time. Post lockdown.
  6. Looks like the Jamaicans are getting in on the act too.
  7. Mrs C is a veggie & refuses to cook meat for me.
  8. Haven't you got the pointed thingy to expand the picture ?
  9. Talking of Skeg, Booked for 20 May ! Be having some of this.
  10. I'm sick of hearing about it. Will there be a 30 person maximum limit at his funeral ?
  11. In 1966 I used the 40,47 from St Ann's to the city & back to travel to school. Leyland motor buses which a few years later Were used in the driving school. 24 ATO was the bus I passed my PSV test in 1974.
  12. Usually emptied by a conductor! Unofficially of course.
  13. I once worked at Turner's & knew a bloke who worked at PP Payne's, small world.
  14. I read recently the human heart is good for so many heartbeats only. So relax & make em last. All that exercise will kill you earlier