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  1. Might see you Dawn Skeg then Lizzie
  2. Mrs C has been a veggie for years & refuses to do me a fry up. Its a hard life.
  3. I thought it said Help dating a MAN. Must get an eye test.
  4. There are only two genders & no one is born in the wrong body.
  5. Mrs C has trimmed my hair for years. El cheapo thing from Argos. Saved a fortune. Also get a free manicure at the same time.
  6. Dunn Line we're inferior to Camms & that is being kind.
  7. Sherwood Station 1910, present site of Winwood Heights. Sherwood Station clearance 1964. Getting the site ready to build the flats. Station Master's house in the background. Woodthorpe & Winchester Courts 1965, changed to Independant Living a year later. Winwood Heights present day.
  8. Winwood Heights is built on the old Sherwood Railway Station, but many of yoiu already know that !
  9. I remember the Park Tunnel meetup. Finishing off at the Wetherspoon pub The Company Inn.
  10. Blocked off now but there are YouTube video's showing the tunnels being explored.