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  1. And getting the wretched things aligned properly.
  2. A lot of cars ran around with plywood floors too.
  3. My first mini had an optional floor pan fitted when new but didn't last.
  4. Last day here in Great Yarmouth of our holiday. Weather has been very good & we are returning in 3 weeks time. No Eptons here but a few gud UNs .
  5. A nice sea breeze here Phil.
  6. Get yersen over to Skeg Carni. Epton's fish & chips will soon get you back to normal gel.
  7. Yes it sure is BK. Played a blinder booking this week. Spent all day enhancing my tan.
  8. To the left of course.
  9. Very few people trust what the MSM say these days. MSM being too biased .
  10. I try NOT to remember my time there !