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  1. It was Bliar's open door policy what started the rot. You know as well as me & everyone else this would be a Labour govt would continue with that. £7million a day on hotel costs can't continue, only the left would bury their heads in the sand. Anyway my original comment wasn't political it was about Skegness. You have politicised it, typical.
  2. Skeg is doomed. Six hotels full of illegal immigrants, five of those on the seafront.
  3. Just met my daughter & SIL at the SH. A rare occasion but it is Christmas after all
  4. Then all the Beeston buses went there in the 80s when Central Market became the "fish market" bus depot.
  5. The only people to benefit from this will be Harry & Meghan who will use this as ammo against the royal family.
  6. I got right to the surgery door earlier this year then got the call cancelling my blood test .
  7. They do such things as vegan steaks, can't vouch for the taste though. There is a vegan butchers shop in Sherwood, but hang on a minute, did I say butchers shop ?
  8. He still has that yard on Greasley Street. Henry Mellors the father of James Mellors was a true gentleman, met him numerous times when I lived in Bulwell.
  9. As a fifteen year old I actually drove one of those through the city one night. Belonged to my sister's boyfriend.
  10. Old Market Square has been renamed James Mellors Square.
  11. I don't worry about remembering bank & card details Margie, my friend is Nigeria looks after them for me.
  12. My eyesight is so poor Margie I have tried to pay contactless in Tesco with my ......Bus Pass.