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  1. Running a Marathon

    WHAAT, £170 for training shoes ? They've seen you all coming Rog !
  2. Of course Jill not forgetting the pets !
  3. Running a Marathon

    And then the usual traffic chaos, seems someone is making a killing out of this marathon milarky ! I didn't know you had to register, I thought you just turned up on the day.
  4. Things you don't see anymore

    Then some people put "Fred & Freda" or whatever name they had in big white letters !
  5. I would take Mrs C, nothing else matters.
  6. How's your day?

    That's so "last week" Dave, modern boilers don't have pilot lights anymore I'm told, besides how much gas would a pilot light burn in a year ? Where's NBL when he's needed !
  7. Catfan's Blog.

    Not going to the house of the Lord today, still not feeling 100% but what really annoys me is those who go to church, the pub or anywhere where people gather with their coughs & colds & spread their germs so others get infected. Mrs C gone to church she is disgustingly fit, all that keep fit milarky she says. Anyway she is a Communion Steward today, divvying out the wine & bread. Got to get "right" have hospital appointment on Thursday.
  8. Catfan's Blog.

    Quite correct Rog !
  9. Bread

    Cob it is then.
  10. How's your day?

    Not sure if congratulations or commisserations Ben? but you'll know what I mean !
  11. Catfan's Blog.

    About the same Rog, musculalar pains all over, feel like Death warmed up ! Spent 2 days in bed But I'll get there.
  12. How's your day?

    Households with a load of kids CAN be better off than working.
  13. How's your day?

    Perhaps the no - showers were better off on Benefits ?
  14. Catfan's Blog.

    Returned to my bed, shivering & shaking, can't get warm. Mrs C been dispatched to Tesco for a bottle of ginger wine. Can't drink spirits. She is constantly fussing like she does. Soon be right again.