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  1. I prefer my Peloton, much safer.
  2. Union Road St Anns we had an outside khasi where you had to break the ice in winter before use.
  3. Going to meet Mrs Cs recently bereaved dad in town today. Nothing unusual about that but he has now got his OAP bus pass & this is his first go on it. He left it a bit late at 88 years old.
  4. OK, it's just a bad cold then.
  5. My sister's funeral with all the bells & whistles £12k. I kid you not.
  6. Thank you all for your kind words.
  7. Sold out youth. Off to Eastbourne in a month, will try there.
  8. Dahn at Skeg for the week. Two funerals to attend next week. First one my eldest sister them Mrs C's stepmum' s funeral. It's all go.
  9. Or just use your TV to watch DVDs, no license required for that, gone are the days when a license was needed just to OWN a TV set, not anymore. Retailers have no legal obligation to request name & address details from TV purchasers either.
  10. Got sick & tired of Virgin Media price hikes so decided to give 5G broadand a go. Got a fortnight to keep or return but so far very impressed. VM M200 with free weekend phone calls, £60+per month unlimited data. Three 5G unlimited download no landline, £21 per month. So far so good. 4G for £14 per month. No installation, just plug in & go.