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  1. catfan

    The Lost City.

    Mine was my first motor bike !
  2. catfan

    The Lost City.

    I owned a motorbike 396 STO.
  3. That picture is definitely Alfred Street Central !, You are wrong Mary !
  4. catfan

    Emett water clock

    I could never see the point !
  5. catfan

    The Lost City.

    Malcolm Sayer.
  6. catfan

    The Lost City.

    One of these ?
  7. catfan

    The Lost City.

    I'd have pink if I had to Waddo !
  8. catfan

    The Lost City.

    I'll have two !.............Dozen !
  9. catfan


    But just who is telling the truth DJ, The BBC,the press ? Who knows.
  10. catfan

    wheres these taken

    Chilwell brick yard ?
  11. catfan

    Poverty Capital

    The simple answer nonnaB is then don't read what doesn't interest you, there are many topics I'm not keen on so I keep clear, it really is that simple ! Many on here never contribute a thing to this site, nostalgia or otherwise. Those posters are more suited to Facebook.
  12. catfan

    The Lost City.

    I know which I prefer !
  13. catfan

    How's your day?

    Aren't we already ?
  14. catfan

    Poverty Capital

    Cull the word games, that's a good start !
  15. catfan

    Image Attach Test

    Ask me nicely & I might tell you ! Oh go on then, Google Photo's ! Does a lot more than PI with no upload limits except keep images below 16mb & you're good to go til the cows come home. Works on loads of platforms, Windows, IOS, Android, Kindle, Linux. In fact I'm struggling to find what it doesn't work on. If you can run Google then it will work ! Don't cost owt either !