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  1. Mods & Rockers

    I was Ian & daft enough not to wear a crash helmet.
  2. Sunday Dinner Memories

    No problem at our house with the roast beef with Mrs C being a veggie, I get all of the joint !
  3. Anybody had a 'result' lately ?

    Heard on the local grapevine that a Bulwell church was doing a free 3 course Sunday lunch to anyone this Sunday then every 4 weeks. Took Mrs C today & had a beautiful home cooked roast dinner just like your mam used to cook. & second helpings too ! Free & gratis no strings, then straight into 'Wethers for a few pints to wesh it down ! Praise the Lord.
  4. Best ice-cream

    Best ice cream I found is 4 chocolate Magnums for a £1 at Iceland !
  5. 'Stalgia Shirt.

    Lovely material & colour fast too.
  6. Names from the past

    My middle name is Kevin !
  7. Ayup Chulla, I know your dad was a fine sign-writer, could this be a bit of his handiwork ?
  8. Things that pee you off

    I did Waddo !
  9. Things that pee you off

    The sense of entitlement many youngsters have these days. Get out and earn the bloody things you want and pay for them yourselves. Parents. Parking where they want at school run time because "they are too busy to walk the kids to school" or whatever this weeks excuse if for being badly organised. Letting the kids run around shops, restaurants, coffee shops etc. Somehow it's the shops fault when the kid gets hurt. Sitting in a restaurant with 4 yummy mummies on their phones and the kids on their phones/tablets. Often this is related to the above point about letting them run around because they don't want to do any actual parenting. Using parent and child spaces but leaving the kids in the car. Generally the selfishness of modern parents.
  10. Things that pee you off

    So true Loppy !
  11. Our Pets.

  12. Our Pets.

    Sam, another stray who moved in with us !
  13. You Couldn't Make this Up !

    Blame the tree hugging lefty do-gooders.
  14. Valentine prezzie.

    After a zero rating this place in the city is allowed to remain open, Why ?