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  1. Bought Mrs C one of those new fangled air friar things. Beautiful chips but the eggs ? Not sorted yet.
  2. catfan

    The Queen

    Sick of hearing about the queen's death. Other people have passed too.
  3. Mrs C's 87 year old dad is moving in to his own flat here tomorrow so Mrs C can keep her beady eye on him.
  4. Appointment QMC eye clinic on Thursday., Pan retinal photocoagulation (laser} on left eye followed by Vitrctomy left eye.
  5. I prefer my Peloton, much safer.
  6. Union Road St Anns we had an outside khasi where you had to break the ice in winter before use.
  7. Going to meet Mrs Cs recently bereaved dad in town today. Nothing unusual about that but he has now got his OAP bus pass & this is his first go on it. He left it a bit late at 88 years old.