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  1. Me & Mrs C just polished off a pair of bottles of
  2. Was taking Mrs C to Skeg for her birthday later this month but now will be cancelled thanks to the plague. Those Chinese have a lot to answe for.
  3. Oh to be eighteen again. I would be doing exactly the same as the students.
  4. I met Mrs. C down the Forest ground one Saturday. You reds.
  5. Your dad could have known my dad. Who knows.
  6. My dad was also born in that area, Upper Regent Street.
  7. Went in the SH today & was almost empty. Beer & fodder was good tho.
  8. That clock is five minutes slow. Neither use nor ornament.
  9. But how many of those test results are accurate ?
  10. She can & she does while carrying the shopping too.
  11. No stairs here. Well there is but 12 flights is far too many.I'll take the lift instead.
  12. Mu suggestion BK would be to dump Postimage There are better alternatives available