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  1. Partly, no protection when you hit a M'way bridge !!
  2. catfan

    How's your day?

    It's reliability that matters, ask any Micra owner.
  3. catfan

    How's your day?

    Actually Nissan Micra 's are quite good. Plenty of other rubbish about.
  4. catfan

    Foters Wiv' Motors.

    My brother started his apprenticeship at Brough Superior & then went to work at ROF where he finished his apprenticeship.
  5. catfan

    Classic cars

    Which is no bad thing !
  6. I might be on the move soon too !
  7. Been on Ramipril for years, no problems here !
  8. catfan

    Famous Nottingham Folk

    It will be student flats by then.
  9. catfan

    How's your day?

    My daughter asked me to top up her car's engine oil today. Pouring a couple of pints in to the what I thought was the proper placed turned out to be the back of the engine instead. I realised when she drove off that I had missed the target because there was a pool of oil on the road.!
  10. catfan

    How's your day?

    I've replaced phone batteries a couple of times & the batteries were Chinese knock offs which didn't last long. I stay clear of cheap replacements ever since. My battery replacements were straight forward without dismantling the phone though.
  11. catfan

    What I remember about my ex's

    My ex couldn't cook to save her life. True this. When she came home with a new microwave cooker it meant she just burned the food quicker.!
  12. catfan

    How's your day?

    Was it a genuine battery you fitted.? Patience of a St then DJ.!
  13. catfan

    Famous Nottingham Folk

    And Nottm connections too.
  14. catfan

    Famous Nottingham Folk

    Mrs C knew him when she worked at Experian, decent bloke by all accounts.