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  1. I think I should explain a little more about this topic. Maybe the title is not exactly what I wanted to say. I came on to this site earlier with very little time to write too much. I just wanted you to share these videos with me. The two videos were sent to me. They are American videos in English, but after watching them they made me wonder about my past and if I was really sincere when saying thank you. This topic is not about Nottingham, but it does involve a lot of people in the Nottingham area, especially during my early years. And in a way Nottingham did shape me into what I am today. The first video really made me think. It also put tears in my eyes. How many times have we been sincere when we say thank you to someone for their help and then quickly put to the back of our minds what those people really did for us. I am certainly guilty of this on more than one occasion. It made me go back in time and also think of some of the people who were a great influence on my life and how I never had the opportunity to say thank you. I went so far back that there was one very good friend who I grew up with, a very strong young person who to me at the time was not afraid of anything. Many people on here may know him. He was a very good friend, at times a protector, at other times he taught me to have confidence in myself by building my inner strength to where I was not afraid to take on any challenge. The lessons he taught me in my early life have been used continuously throughout my life. He never knew he was a teacher at that time. And I never realized that he was teaching me. We were too young. This video made me realize that I left England with only a goodbye. I never said thank you for what he had done for me, and over the years have still not said thank you. There have been other people just like this person who have also had a strong influence on my life. In my early years I lacked strength and self confidence (Some people may say I was a weakling). With the help of various people who helped me in many different ways I gained the confidence and the strength to succeed. The second one made me realize that at times we do take some things for granted and that I never said thank you enough. What saddens me is that for some people, closest to me that influenced my life, any thank you is now too late, they will not hear them. I also think back to my ex wife, she left me, not because of another woman, but because of a lack of appreciation for what she did. At the time I was married to my job, I thought all she wanted was for me to provide for her and our family. Maybe a few more thank yous could have stopped a divorce. Luckily we remained friends afterwards, when I realized I was at fault. As I hope you can see from what I have written, I would like you to watch the videos and think about the people you could say thank you too, and also maybe say a thank you too, to the people who many years ago helped you in some way to show you have not forgotten them. Believe it or not I am making a list of all the people I feel I should still say thank you to, before it is too late. I really would like to hear your comments. Please do not judge the book by its cover the content is excellent and at times motivating. You may have to copy and paste the link to gain access to the videos. I don't know how to put a link on here.
  2. I have only stopped by for a minute today, as I want to share something with you. I do not know if this topic should go here. Below are 2 videos that I would like to share with you and gain some feed back on your thoughts. The first video was attached to a thank you email from a past student. The second one was also passed to me by a student regarding a topic we discussed last week. Both are short videos only about 10 minutes each. If you open them please view all the main content of the videos. hope you like them.I would appreciate your thoughts about your past experiences
  3. My first school was Carlton Central Primary School 1952-1958 I think Mr Lockwood was the headmaster. My first teacher was Miss Marshall a great young woman. I don't remember names of the other teachers. But a Mr Pugh springs to mind. 1958 to 1962 Chandos Street Boys school.
  4. Ayupmeducks #28 Thank you for the name of the book. I will try to find it. To be honest I learn something new about the English language almost every day. I may teach English, but there is always something new to learn.
  5. And thank you too Micheal Booth. Please keep adding to this topic. Don't forget idioms. It is a steal. Steal is to take something that is not yours. The idiom means It is a bargain. Another one. You can soar as high as you want to go. But never cry when you arm is sore. I want to go to the fair tomorrow, I hope it is a fair day and we get fair prices on the rides.
  6. I live in a community where children still ride their bikes and scooters. Sometimes too early in the morning. But I have no complaints being woken up early in the morning to children's laughter and fun. I have 2 boys living across the road from me still play with toy guns and home made swords, and they have girls joining in their fun. Taiwan really does bring back the memories of when I was a child in Carlton.
  7. Hi Carni Thank you very much for your support.
  8. English is becoming like politics and religion. It generates discussions, debates and also arguments. Never to be brought up in a pub. In school we were taught that dived was the correct past form of dive. Over the years things have changed and even in some parts of Britain dove was used as the past form of dive, but more in spoken language than in the written form. Many of the regular verbs have taken on the use of an irregular past participle as an additional past form and vice versa. We as individuals have the right to decide which past participle we want to use. Both are acceptable now, even the British English international test (IELTS) accepts both forms of the verb. I personally prefer dived but I also cannot force my opinion onto students, so I must teach both as correct. There are now 3 recognised International English languages. 1. British English. 2. American English and in recent years a third one has been added 3. Australian English. So as a teacher of English to foreign students imagine the problems I have when teaching English. I have students who tell me I cannot spell when I spell theatre and not theater, or harbour and not harbor. Even my spell check is telling me I am wrong now. I have also had problems with students telling me I pronounce words wrong when I use the British pronunciation. I believe the English language can be fun. I still believe this is an excellent topic. But lets not turn it into a fighting ring. Lets enjoy this topic the way Micheal Booth wanted it to be FUN. So if you can add to this great. If not, just sit back and enjoy the fun of your own language But let us all be proud of the fact that the English language originated in Britain, and it is our language that has been accepted as the basis for the International English languages. let us accept the changes. Another thing too. British English was originally accepted by America, they just had to make a few minor adjustments to a great language so they could call it American English. Have a great day everyone and please remember ENGLISH IS FUN
  9. #6 Dive is the base form dived or dove are the accepted past forms in both British English and American English.
  10. #1 Michael Booth Excellent post English isn't easy. Everyday as I teach it. I am asked Why? Why? Why? I am sick of why In fact it was only last night I had to try to explain fill in the forms or fill out the forms. I never realized how hard English was, until I started to teach English as a second language (ESL) It is surprising how we took everything for granted and never questioned anything at school. I can't remember any student during my school days saying "Why do you have to do it that way?" or Why do you use the same words for different things. I was teaching Business English, literacy and numeracy in Australia for 13 years. I never had the problems I encounter teaching ESL. Here not only do I need to know the vocabulary and what it means, but I also have to try to explain why it is used in a certain way. Another one today. Why is it when someone sneezes do you say bless you? I had to think hard before I answered this one. He lives to make many lives happy. She felt the felt in her hand. He took the bow and arrow from the king on the bow of the ship and gave the king a bow as he left. My dear there are deer over here. Why don't we put a s on the end of deer when we talk about many deer? We have 1 steer or many steers, but steers cannot steer a car, a boat or a bicycle. But not just with English, Chinese has similar problems. In some cases one character can be used for many different words. Keep up the good work. Very interesting topic.
  11. This site may be better
  12. Sorry the link does not work. So I will post some of my own photos later.
  13. This is a link to a good blogsite that has better photos of our night market. Most of the night markets are very similar to this one some are bigger so are smaller. As I have said I would not eat in the Night Market but a lot of visitors do and seem to enjoy the food. You can also read some of the responses to the night market on this blog I hope you can appreciate these photos.