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  1. Watching the ''Rat Race''' 1960''''Tony Curtis and Debbie Reynolds.........some lookers the pair of em...............good film....even features Tony Curtis as a musican Sax player...........sits on a bar stool by hisself having a beer........features a bit of slow dancing in one of my favourite places '''''a seedy bar '''' with a 4 piece band''''''''''happy ending of course Tony and Debbie go off together....they dont make films like this anymore........
  2. And my lady consultant said,,""getting the cats would be the best therapy possible""
  3. Thanks for the kind comments.....amazing Video/x ray watched as the food and drink entered my system...all was well anyway.........dont mind admitting i do have some ''Therapy of the mind also'''' and that went ok too.....At one point i had 4 ladies tending to my needs,,,,they seem to know my likes and preferences........
  4. Thinking of you both carni x
  5. Yes,,thanks for all the suggestions,, going to wait till i meet them,,they are actually in Hartlepool, someone suggested Hartly and Pool,,the owner going to bring them down asap, wifes already gone out to buy their food.
  6. Have a nice one beekay,,,Could name me cats bee and kay,,,
  7. Sorry Brew but ? Wifes come up with Jack and Vera.........keep em coming
  8. Too temperamental Den,,but possible,,
  9. Another cracker that Ann,, The Great Jackie Milburn,, Ben and Maude,,like it,, Gonna be hard choosing