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  1. benjamin1945

    Keep One Drop One.

    Lower order
  2. benjamin1945

    Keep One Drop One.

    Batting order
  3. benjamin1945

    Where does ‘The North’ begin

    Loppy my old friend what you on about ? edit, senior moment, now understand..................
  4. benjamin1945

    How's your day?

    It certainly is Phil ,...maybe old fashioned but like to be Appreciated.........already had two other offers,,,,,oldies can reign............
  5. benjamin1945

    How's your day?

    Told today at work ,i need to be more hands on'' ie humping equipment all over the option,, sat there in me 3 piece suit,tie,cuflinks,, Gucci shoes,, etc, and said ''do i look as if i'm liable to start humping shit about ? i'm here for what the last company employed me for ,security/meet/greet, which i excel at,,......welcome sir/madam..........put that fag out,,stop swearing,,Park properly,, etc,, have a nice day,, coffee two sugars,,not a problem,thank you,,......they talking to me later........could be hasta la vista baby'' their loss,, i know i'm great,,,,,,,,,,,,,,lol.
  6. benjamin1945

    machine tools

    Absolutely foreign to me any Machine tools do enjoy comments on here about them though......want to make funny quips but i'm fighting the urge........even hand tools i steer clear of,, can manage an Hammer when the need arises,but mostly miss the Nail,,can't even manage a screwdriver nowadays with the 'Shaky hand' not that i used one very often. Chap today started telling me about what he'd replaced 'Plumbing wise'' in his house ,felt suicidal when he'd done...........then got home and wife tells me 'boilers on the brink''......told her they mostly are duck'' what she mean ? lol
  7. benjamin1945

    Coronation Street - Coro Nowadays

    You see 'Corrie' tonight ? poor old Kirk.....Beth threw all his clothes out bedroom window.........with onlookers tut, my Ex did that to me,, all the neighbours watching one sunny afternoon,,....bless her,, and i'd done
  8. benjamin1945

    How's your day?

    Going to have to close the invite at 'Midnight' tonight..........been inundated with PMs......even one from a bloke,, There's going to be so many Disappointed ,sorry, lol.
  9. benjamin1945

    Enjoying owt on the box lately ?

    Don't miss ''sexy beast'' tonight ch,4, 12.10, Ray Winstone proper Geezer' great film
  10. benjamin1945

    Summer Sizzlers!

    Spot on Sue...........''you got women,you got women, on your mind,,' lol.
  11. benjamin1945

    Summer Sizzlers!

    If her Daddies rich take her out for a meal If her Daddies poor,just do what you feel, great song wheres the choir ?
  12. benjamin1945

    How's your day?

    They are Loppy,,but not in Basford and
  13. benjamin1945

    How's your day?

    Its all happening in Bulwell and Basford in the last 24 hours,, several shots fired near the Park Tavern on Arnold road,,car that fired the shots found abandoned on Gayhurst green,,man arrested in Bestwood,,doe'snt say Village,Estate, or Park. Then in Wetherspoons Bulwell,,Police called at 8.15 am.....after man threatened Barmaid,, must be this warm weather,, though 8.15 am a bit early int'it,,they don't serve alcohol while 9am,, never a dull moment in this neck of the woods.
  14. benjamin1945

    Raglan Engineering - St Anns

    Probably swe,
  15. benjamin1945

    How many early memories do you have?

    Went in school after nursing me bruises with bad headache,stuck the morning out,,went to Grandads at lunch time,which i always did for me dinner,,...........obviously told him what happened and by now i had a black eye and lumps on me head........Grandad said proud of you mate,,won't say owt to ya Mam and Dad.....which he never did bless him........7 years later at his funeral at Bulwell Cemetery ,,stood by his grave and thats all i could think about,, a man who had suffered many injury's in WW1, and what a man......short in stature but big in Heart........