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  1. Wish i was more Edufacated'' our Jill.........but i think you may be correct.......
  2. LOL..............Yes cliff,, worked that one Dad,, i'm sure was a one woman man,,,might be wrong,,but doubt it....
  3. Thanks cliff ton.......with you mentioning Kemps cottages a lady i'm related to but never met,got in touch with me,, My Great Grandma Tacey was also the ladys Great what relation to me is she ? Cousin i think ?
  4. No Answer,,,was the stern reply.......that Vernons shop,,i worked a fair bit early 60s.....not that busy,,don't think lasted long.......funny thing is...i still remember some of the lovely people that worked there..........Keith Ward,,lived in Kirkby....Val Curtis...lived in Blid'uth and not Forgetting the lovely Christine Mather off Hibbert road,,,oh yes and a nice 'Gay lad'' who wore leather gloves when filling shelves or even handling money,,,things don't really change much do they.........he might have wore a mask
  5. Lovely to see a reference to the Marsdens store,,as it became a Vernons self service store about 1962,,the first self service store in St Anns, I was sent there for the opening two weeks, and later same year as relief manager for mr Gamble,funny how his name just came to me, I particulary recall this shop because it was the busiest i had worked at,at that time,,very small but employed about 20 staff,forever having to go out and push the blind back after a trolley bus had nudged it,, Thanks Engineer for reviving some nice memories,,
  6. Brilliant Will,,,...........think i'll just 'Mosey' on over...and get in line Dude''......
  7. Been following all things American on different u tube channels.........and obviously Music plays in a big part in all our lives,,,and last couple of days have been listening to ''''Blue Grass Music''' which i enjoy when in the mood.... It originates in the Appalachian mountains,,,love the Banjo's and the Dancing,,,all makes you think about the ''Hillbillies'' and the film 'Deliverance'' which i always enjoy,,,if you enjoy too Col. stick some on here please,,, I even purchased some actual '''Blue Grass'' plants,,which blend in well with the plants i have Potted this year,,,, '''ye igh folks'' How would you dress for Dancing to 'Blue Grass''..........gud ol boys?
  8. Not a dedicated follower of Fashion'''' Col ? To me whilst not following all the different shades of fashion,,,Music..Dance....... Fashion always made for the moment,,In my minds eye,,whatever music i'm listening to i visualize the clothes we were wearing.....from Elvis and Drainpipes to the Beatles Collarless Jackets and Winkle Pickers''.................Collars up ''a la Billy Fury'' to no ''Collars''of many.......all added to the great memories and Joy of our musical Magic years...........
  9. Took a Prescription into Kings Mill hospital for a neighbour yesterday,,something to do with his Cataract procedure he'd had a couple of days afore,,,anyway on the way out saw a nice Coffee establishment and just fancied an Espresso......'''Coffee made and handed to me''saw me getting cash out '''sorry Sir, only take Cards''' told her ''bleddy Stupid,i'll have to leave it then''' and went to walk away,,......whereupon she said ''you may as well have it anyway,,it will only get thrown away''' Nearly ordered a Sandwich and cake as well,,,but thought she would get a bit Narked,,,,i don't use a Bank Card,,but looks like i'm going to be forced to,,,the World is becoming a very foreign place to me,,,would'nt even let me pay for Parking,,,whats that about ?,, Just watched 2 or 3 Adverts on theTelly....not a clue what they were selling,,its ok,,feel like a moan today....
  10. Sad to see a great Boxer Alan (boom boom) Minter,, has Passed away aged only 69,,,,,enjoyed him greatly in the bragging,,no showing off,,just a good honest Boxer,,,who on his day i classed as great..........RIP Mr Minter
  11. Sorry to hear about Jack Lizzie,,, i love Dogs as much as Cats.........had my last Dog when i lived in Peterborough 40 years ago,,,my ex gave him away whilst i was away.........she followed soon after........