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  1. Nottstalgia's team to beat the Aussies,, Carni. Great solid opener,who can sing,, Sue B can be relied on in a crisis Jill. Will punish,anything out of line,, Nonna. Reliable on any surface Katy wont hesitate with full tosses Margie Captain and good allrounder Mary wicket keeper,,always appeals Annswabey great spinner,, Crankypig loves bowling googlies Moodycow unpredictable,, Lizzie,,fast and furious,, Reckon they'd scare them Aussies to death,,, lol
  2. Boycott Hutton Cowdery Compton Edrich Bailey Evans Lock Laker Trueman Statham That do ya Edit,,or even bit of Notts'' Simpson Hardstaff Robinson Randall Bolus Broad Meads Swann Hemmings Larwood Voce All good Notts Englishmen..........
  3. Smoked up until a year ago this week.........could still 'Kill' for one,,,.......anyway apart from smoking being bad for your was always bad for my clothes ,mainly the 'Crotch' on me trousers,,,used to smoke whilst driving and lost count of the times a ''Spark'' fell on them,,,leaving a bleddy hole there. Been on me bike this morning,,wearing a stylish pair of slim-line tracky bottoms,,stylish apart from the aforementioned
  4. I mentioned it before cliff ton,,,i knew it from my 'Van lad' days and delivering there,,,then selling their products in Marsdens shops...
  5. Very small area Jonab,,,even had a football team ''Thorneywood Athletic'' and famous at one time for Jubilee Pickles,,,not a lot of people know that''' lol
  6. Shall we tell em everything Sue or just keep shtum?
  7. Taggs VG store Woodborough road,,,brilliant,,,forgot all about it,,,i used to collect their Order of Groceries for ABGibsons the VG wholesaler of Daybrook.. Edit..........coming back to me now,,,also dealt with a Pork Butcher on Woodborough road Godfrey Bowmar,,,formerly of Hyson green.
  8. About 1956 Jack Burkitt,,along with Bob McKinley and Jim Barratt came to St Albans road Bulwell to kick off our game (Henry Whipple) against St Marys in the first ever Redfearn cup final. Saw Jack Burkitt for the last time in the early 80s,,when i was living just off Oakdale road,where he ran the Post office,,,lovely chap,,,
  9. Correct David,,and from Wednesbury,, the same as Billy Walker the Manager,,
  10. Yes he does don't he,,Welshman was tra,la,la,Hennesey,,
  11. Bob McKinley is on there Ann,,and yes he was Scottish,, No Terry Hennesey Lizzie,,
  12. Reds photo ,,,three and six,,, things don't change too much...............only one Englishman among the players,,,can you name him?
  13. And the buildings are all the same today,,,,if the camera 'Panned to the left you would see Marsdens and to the right Farrands............ Edit......and just look at all them blokes,,,3 piece suits with flat caps,,,,same picture today would be blokes of all ages in shorts and flip flops,,,not a tie or waistcoat to be seen,,,where's the pride ?
  14. I was at Church Street (think marsdens) when it was either converted to self service or just had a face lift,about 63,, Relief managed Marsdens at wood'us about same time,,also did a bit at marsdens,Chesterfield road, Plessey,,and was part of the team that converted Queen st,,to Vernons,,loved working Mansfield area as a young man,,the girls thought Nottingham was glamorous,,