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  1. benjamin1945

    Can't access the site via p.c.

    Don't worry about it BK,,,,,,,They pack it in after a bit.................
  2. benjamin1945

    Home wine making

    Used to love 'Bashing' me Grannies ''Ponch'' in her ''Dolly Tub''...........
  3. benjamin1945

    How's your day?

    Couldn't resist it
  4. benjamin1945

    Enjoying owt on the box lately ?

    Me too mate,,can't beat a good gunfight,,out west,,
  5. benjamin1945

    Enjoying owt on the box lately ?

    Talking Pictures, Just watched the "L shaped room" never watched it all thru before,, Some great old names and faces in it,, God Leslie Caron was lovely,,
  6. benjamin1945

    How's your day?

    Must be honest cliff ton, i do enjoy em,,just watched "the ship that died of shame" George Baker,,Richard Attenborough,, and Sid Owen,,1955,,love the dialogue,, ""you know i love you darling "" i know darling I've loved you,from the moment we met,, lol, Katy,, yes but you didn't have the ladies dart team to entertain you,, lol
  7. benjamin1945

    How's your day?

    Hows your day? Boring just watching old films on "talking pictures" But just noticed the date,, and 47 years ago today went to Majorja for 4 days with a "ladies dart team" for only £40,,
  8. benjamin1945


    Ey up Bestwoodborn..........are you from the Old Estate,,Bestwood Park or Village ? as Fly says lots on here about Bestwood estate,,
  9. Loved my time 'Converting' some Marsdens/Farrands shops Vernons to self-service,,it would have been early 60s and i was 16/17 yr old,,and part of a team of what were called ''lay out staff'',, They were all small shops in different parts of Notts,,the older customers had been shopping at them for years and were completely 'non-plussed' with the idea of helping themselves. I took great pleasure in showing them the 'Ropes',, and if they got too grumpy i'd get a chair for them sit em down and do their shopping for em,, lots of 'banter flowed,,i'd often have 2 or 3 of em sat down,,then sit with em, agreeing this self service lark was a 'bind' weren't
  10. You were spot on Eileen............and they are still at
  11. benjamin1945

    How's your day?

    Same here loppy,,
  12. benjamin1945

    How's your day?

    Having a right Grumpy day today............but must admit feel better after venting my anger at some IDIOTS,, all my own fault up late and...i had let my Parking Permit expire at City Hospital,, First to get it was chap in a ticket was rejected and had to back out,,chap in 4x4 started beeping and shaking his head.........told him with the aid of my ''talking thingy'' to go and make love to himself,,, I didn't know where to renew my Permit,,,and time was running out for my appointment,,eventually saw a sign''Security and Parking''......Security man said ''why you let it run out ?'' couldn't believe him and told him same as 4x4 man,,cut a long story fairly short,,eventually got a form from him,,but made him fill it in,,due to my shaky hand/finger. 'time running out now,,hate being late for owt,,so went down a one-way street the wrong way to get to my parking area,, got out me car and some clever-dick'' said to me ''do you know you've driven down a one-way street the wrong way ''? ''YES'' said i,, now go away''..........eventually got to my appointment on time,,and shared my experience's with the lovely staff in there..........Same as i said all my own fault really but must admit enjoyed informing a few Assholes about the sens,,...........
  13. benjamin1945

    Can't access the site via p.c.

    We are 'mulling you over Lizzie'' will let ya know later..........
  14. benjamin1945

    'Sick' Songs..

    My Way.......great song written by Paul Anka........but Frank's version was the one,,,mind you think you right Phil ref' having it at your funeral,, defo Naffo''..............just watched Sinatra's last interview 1988 on u tube with Larry King,, was always fascinated by the ''Rat pack''..................