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  1. Bet she'd ''Lay down her arms and surrender mine''
  2. Correct Jill,,,,one of the fight scenes was the longest iv'e ever seen.......done brilliantly............
  3. Had crazy long dream last night,,dreamt i was throwing people over my Grandma's fence,,,wonder what the meaning was ? Mind you i did watch a cowboy film in the early hours with Gary Cooper fighting the baddies all through it,,,he made off with his girl at the end after killing everybody else,,,Julie London and a young Jack Lord also in it,,,
  4. Think Vera is nearly 100 now,,,i'd still stick a cherry in her
  5. Remember all of them BK.......Joseph Locke actually sang at the railway club in Bulwell, when i was working there,,under a different name,,when he had Tax problems,,,and met David Whitfield (well said ey-up) in the Bar at the Peach tree,,
  6. No Will........very English,,,although she looked Eastern Mediterranean........she was beautiful,,,got engaged and took her up Mount Snowdon.....................if you can pardon the expression......
  7. You got me there carnie,,saw eden kane at empire or old playhouse 64 ish, Took Katrina from carlton. X
  8. Col,,tried to quote but failed,,, Peter Sarstedt, where do you go my lovely''' one of my all time favourites.......when your alone in your bed.......... Tell me the thoughts that surround you,,i want to look inside your head........carnie !! Margie !! ? Edit just looked him up,,didn't know he'd passed away........
  9. Thanks cliff ton,,,thats the place,,,so many memories,,not just my football days,,,was my local, from going in the garden with a lemonade,,to about 15 years ago,,,went in about 3 years ago for a mates funeral,,,could see all my old friends and family in my my minds eye,,upset me not been back. It was also one my Mam and Dads favourite locals,,,in fact my Dad was born in a little old Cottage next door,,, It had a Gents only room on the right of the photo,,where the football team used to meet on a Sunday night,,all in our Suits,,whilst our lady's played the Juke box and danced in their Trouser suits with all the ex Teddy boys in the Bar..........there was a room at the back called 'the basket room'' on account of the seating,,where locals used to sing to a Piano,,very happy days. In all my years going in there never saw a fight,,,even though there were many rough and semi famous villains amongst the clientele,,all well behaved in there,,,it was always 'ey-up Ben wanna pint''
  10. New long legged Lycra's came today,,,been on me bike twice for short bursts,,,felt great ,never had a pair like em,,,they have got a big patch under the crotch,,,.smiled all the way..........can't wait to go again in the morning....
  11. Never thought that this thread would go from DavidW's Photo of my old Park Tavern days of football to carni fingering my Pork pies and Jills brilliant verse.,,but tracing back its all relevant due to a Store detectives cousin or nephew Geoff Astle and his untimely passing through heading a football. Its in the news today,,but i honestly feel that today the Balls are like the old 'Frido' ones and very light,,and can't cause the damage of the old style heavy leather ones,,,may be wrong,what do i know. Loved the banter Jill,,,to me this is what Nottstalgia is all about,,,you've made my day mi duck...........
  12. How can i compete with our Jill...........10/10 answer is I CAN'T,,,,,LOL
  13. Thinking of June got me going now,,,not quite a chulla or our Jilly....but here goes'' to the tune of Copacabana,,, Her name was Junie...Junie Radford,, she wore big Booties on her feet,,and a dress down to her knees,, She would roll around the floor,, and shout 'i got yer,, At the Coop,,Coop in Kirkby,, The hottest spot north of Bulwell,, The Coop,,Coop in Kirkby,, Catching thieves were her Passion,,,and she alus got em,,got em,, At the Coop,,,,,Coop in Kirkby north of Bulwell............
  14. Mentioning June,,her surname was Radford,,,got me reminising (sp),,,she was very brave,,about 4ft 10in with real north Notts accent,,called 'entry's' Ginnells,, Working down the Meadows one day and four 'Lifters' with bag fulls of Coffee and Gillette razors' were trying to exit the store,,,she stood with arms outstretched across the doorway shouting ''Get em Ben''.........rather than getting us both beat up i managed to persuade them to leave empty handed,,i was sensible some times...........June played hell with me for the rest of the shift,,,saying ''We could have had em''' She was a real character,,i pass her old house in Kirkby every day now and always think of her.........Anyone who worked at the coop 20 or 30 tears ago reads this they will remember 'little June.......
  15. Yes Jill, poor old Geoff,,local lad from Eastwood,, knew his Aunt or Cousin,,June lived in Kirkby,,good store detective for the Coop,,she would go where Angels feared to tread,,did a few shifts with her,,bless her,,,,,lol,