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  1. benjamin1945


    Be nice Col,, remind me nearer date,,
  2. benjamin1945


    Norwich,,grab a granny,,was samson and hercules,, not deliahs,,sorry was long time ago,,
  3. benjamin1945


    Sounds like you have a great relationship Trogg,,,,and God bless you,,,,we are all different and who's to say who's right,,,so long as you are happy,,,i have two ex wives and wish them all the best.........first wife lovely girl,,all my fault,can't say any ill of her at all,,.................second wife ,mostly my fault but not all,,still see her and love her like a sister,,,she talks posh now,and when we mix in other companys ie her friends,,i whisper,''what you talking like that for ? She smiles and whispers back ''f... off Ben'' i love it,, reckon she does Edit..........must meet for coffee trogg.................
  4. benjamin1945


    Hey Trogg,,,pity we so old now,,, i have met you,,and you are a lovely more than likely had a better life than me (ie less trouble) but you remind me of a chap that worked for me in Peterborough,,,he was never appreciated by the previous boss,,,he would go anywhere and tackle any job,,, i promoted him straight away and got him travelling east Anglia mostly with me,,,we had some great times together work and pleasure,, last time i saw him about 20 years ago, he told me our times together were great and never strayed from the ''straight and narrow again'' still with his Essex bride Linda great gel,, See Trogg,, me and you could have had some great times,,,might have caused divorce but what the hell,,,you gave it a swing..,,my memory of Phil will never leave me............a big fat girl swinging him round in ''Samsons'' and his feet off the ground,,he loved it..................
  5. benjamin1945


    Just staying on the man/woman bit,,,,i obviously prefer ladies,,,and over the years had a few Lady Bosses,,and i must say enjoyed em all,,,in my Store Detecting days i was mostly teamed up with females,,,and when it came to a bit of rough stuff they were better than most of the blokes......... I worked Glasgow with a lady SD for a few weeks,,she was from Derby and Hard as Nails,,even the 'Jocks'were scared of her,,and asked me to 'keep her away''............when i had my own company most of my SDs were female,,some great lasses,,,love to write a book on those days,,all Nottingham ladies................if i was to relate some of the incidents you would swear i was making them up pretending to make love over the car bonnet........shush lol
  6. benjamin1945


    Jill mi duck,,i have long known that the ladies are far more switched on about life in general,,,and certainly have us blokes well sussed,,,love you all,,, Watch now,,Fly will say i'm
  7. benjamin1945


    You may think ''what does Donna make of some of the things i say about other women on here'''? well she just laughs and calls me a 'Twat' When i told her i was off to Norwich for a few weeks (home at weekends) she just said OK love,,,tried to provoke her by saying ''had a few flings there ya know'' yes i know duck youve told me before''' you do realise if they still alive they probably in their 80s and can't even remember you''' Cheeky
  8. benjamin1945


    The Besthorpe in Norfolk i know fairly well from my VG stores days,,,lived/lodged in Norfolk on and off for many years loved the place,,,it was a toss up after my Divorce in the early 80s whether i went to live there or return to Nottingham,,,Nottingham won because of family,,,often wonder where my life would have gone if i had chosen Norfolk,,,,probably married some lovely Norfolk Wench (es),,,and had kids that spoke funny. lol Went back a few years ago on a job i was doing,,,was there a few weeks and tried to look up old friends,,,very sad,,all had gone.........Also crossed my mind 'do i look up old lady friends at a place called 'Samson and Deliah's' (wed night grab a Granny) thought better of it,,they'd all be pushing 80 now and probably not up for a 'Wild night or three''''''''''' LOVL
  9. benjamin1945

    Enjoying owt on the box lately ?

    Like to point out ,wasn't watching ACTUALLY WITH Bradley,, i'm on me own..................
  10. benjamin1945

    Enjoying owt on the box lately ?

    Now watching 'The Chase' with Bradley Walsh,, used to like Bradley,,but now can't take to him any more.......WOW,WOW,WOW,, or Absolutely in nearly every sentence...............and todays Chaser is Fat-boy,,can't stand him either,,,must stop moaning,,think ive been on that forum called Nottstalgia too
  11. benjamin1945

    Enjoying owt on the box lately ?

    Talking Pictures channel 81,, All about a group/club of Anglers from Sheffield in the 1960s,,,scenes included Fishing on a riverbank in Lincolnshire,,,most were dressed in suits with collar and Tie. The matches lasted 6 hours and ended with the blowing of a whistle,,then the weighing in took place. Also filmed them at their AGM,,,Where prizes were handed out Cutlery sets etc,,they also interviewed some and their wives,,,in fact the whole programme was totally BORING...............LOL
  12. benjamin1945

    Things you don't see anymore

    Couldn't agree more John.......Triangulation on the same frequency absolute must.......and the world just wouldn't be the same without a few Geosynchronous Orbits...........
  13. benjamin1945

    England, back home soon

    I use it too much probably..........................i don't use it to say i'm laughing.........i use it mostly to say ''Only Joking''
  14. benjamin1945

    Treasure Hunt

    William Clarke plaque 'The Old Bell'' ?
  15. benjamin1945


    John announced it..........and we wished him all the best and thanks.........nice i thought ,,,,,i take it you won't be applying for the role Jonab ?