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  1. benjamin1945

    How's your day?

    Same here SG.,, and its been nearly a year,,
  2. benjamin1945

    Scrap yards

    No wonder folk fall out on' have just made a mockery of the like'' system again...........why do it......?
  3. benjamin1945

    Things you don't see anymore

    Yes Fly,,called in about 4 years ago,,first time in about 40 years,,it made me very emotional,,all my old friends and relatives were there, smiling,,laughing,,and dancing,, All in my mind,,obviously,,
  4. benjamin1945

    Things you don't see anymore

    Got me remembering there Margie,, Starched white jacket,,with black Dickie Bow and White shirt,, Sex on the beech madam with Umbrella? and a pint of mild for sir,? Thats 8/6,, And that was at the Railway club in Bulwell,,,about 63, got photo somewhere,, how dress standards have dropped,, with Bar staff,, well everyone really,,
  5. benjamin1945

    Bee swarm

    Get ya sen into Bulwell Phil,,,nice flat up Crabtree farm,,, i could introduce you to the early morning clients in 'Wethers' ..........nice bunch of 60+ ladies to give you some Banter......don't bother about the younger ones.....unless you are a 'Tattooist''...........
  6. benjamin1945

    How's your day?

    Cheated on the lovely lasses today,,,,needed a hair cut quite badly,,,,and the above new Barbers were open,,,thought i'd give it a try,,,,first customer of the day as he opened at 10am,,,must say he did great job,,using Razor to finish off (most British Barbers don't put the fine finishing touches to make it look sharp)..........Asked where he was from,, turned out he was a Kurd........very nice chap,,surprised him with my bit of knowledge about 'Kurdistan' ref' war in Syria and Iraq,,,which i knew about from one of my sons...........he did do a Pensioners price £ sorry 'Geezers' think i'll be going to the Kurdish man from now on,,,or perhaps a bit of both,,,......Also noticed which surprised me he had a few waiting after me,,although it being a bank holiday,,,,
  7. benjamin1945

    How's your day?

    Yes i knew a few italians there,,some good footballers among them,, my daft memory there was eating a tin of Rhuarb then playing mixed doubles. Tennis,,,only managed first set,, :@
  8. benjamin1945

    How's your day?

    Played football, cricket and tennis at Phorpres Rog,,when I moved to Peterborough in mid 70s,,they had a great social club with large areas of ground for sport,, think all built on now,,
  9. benjamin1945

    Make hay whilst the sun shines

    Sorry about quote being one after,,didn't realise,, till just now,,don't want red after me,,
  10. benjamin1945

    Make hay whilst the sun shines

    The Hatton Garden job reminded me of what i said back in 2017,,,,,got no 'likes' for it then,,so don't expect any now,,,........Tiny still not caught bless him...
  11. benjamin1945

    A Wow! One.

    Mine slightly different Ian,,although it did involve a black lady,,well two actually,,,me and big Sid (Marsdens lad c 68) saw these two ladies dancing on the Bali hi'' floor at the Palais,,,one was an absolute stunner ,looked like Dihan Carroll remember her ? and the other was old enough to be her mother,,,so we tossed up before asking them to dance,,,..............i got the mother and ended up down Southey street where she lived........they were both Nurses,,,love to see big Sid again,,,last saw him in Mablethorpe where i think he ran a Pub about 1986,,,, Edit ,,,even remember one song that we danced to that night,,,.........''This guy's in love with you'' Herb Alpert,,still got the LP somewhere i think....................
  12. benjamin1945

    A Wow! One.

    Me too ,,after you
  13. benjamin1945

    How's your day?

    Worked Scunny for VG and the Coop........if youv'e never been you probably have a bleak place in your mind,,,its far from that.......iv'e always liked the place and the people.........full of characters.....i was canvassing for VG 1986,,,when the owner i was talking to was arrested..... He must have been innocent i saw him regular for about a year after that,,, Another time i was sat in a van waiting for a store to close (10pm) so me and a colleague could do a staff search,,,we were on the main st in Scunny and it was a friday night,,,just before the store closed a Lady (shall we say of the night) came knocking on the passenger window where my colleague was sat,,,he repeated to me what she had just said to him ''you looking for business mister''...........loved
  14. benjamin1945

    How's your day?

    It was in a village just outside Scunny that a lady in shop heard me talking to the owner,,it went,, Scuse me are you from Nottingham? Yes duck Would that be Bulwell? Yes duck,,how did ya know? Heard your voice,,thought you my husband,,