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  1. Sounds like big Mauds in Coalville 1964,,
  2. No matter where it hurt.when i a were a Nipper,,,Mam would Dab it with TCP or Smother it in Butter........the tell me to keep me ''Liberty Bodice'' buttoned up' lol
  3. Something similar
  4. Also did a lot of interviewing up and down the country in Little Chefs..........even disciplinary meetings.......once sacked 4 Somalians in the one on the A45 in Northampton........they were not happy to say the least......
  5. Had a couple of interesting encounters in Little with Nicholas Parsons in the Norwich one........and one with a former well known 'Gangster' (who paid for me Breaky) in one at Redhill..........wish i was still on the road and using them........ahhh......
  6. Practically lived in Little Chefs for more than 20 years 70s and 80s right across the country,, loved em,,good food always knew what you were getting,, Hit the road early,,drive for about an hour,,then LC breakfast with good coffee,, ash tray please,,then fit for whatever the day would bring,,
  7. My lovely Cousin Carol,,lived on Norton street,, so i did have connections,,
  8. Watched 2 hours of Billy Connolly last night,,,talking about his life....Always liked him,,,the only comedian who can swear and still make it funny.....He's 77 now and has had surgery for Prostate Cancer and suffers from Parkinsons Disease. He talked about his early years growing up in one of my favourite Cities,, Glasgow....i have spent a lot of time working up there and love the place,,,especially the humour of its people...Billy has been a remarkable man,,,,Comedian,,Actor and Musician,,,and he spoke Candidly about being at the wrong end of life,,,,his mind seemed as sharp as ever,,but he admitted 'it was not'....he seems to be facing his final years with great fortitude and no little humour,,,and yes in my opinion he has aged well....
  9. So true to life was Sat night/Sunday morning.........what rings true with you blokes from the film in the 60s ? there were so many things that rang a bell for me,,, 1/ Took a Rachel Roberts look a like up the Castle (excuse the Pun) 2/ Went fishing with a mate in Wollaton canal,, 3/ Fell down stairs (drunk) in a Pub in Radford...(same Pub i think ) 4/ Got beat up by two blokes (sometimes it only took one,,,well mostly actually) 5/ Got in bother over an Air Gun,,,with fat woman neighbour,,, 6/ Had to Scarper,,,before a chap came home on his Combination... And so much more,,,don't let em grind you down mi-ducks.......great days.........
  10. Ey up col The Leybourne Websters were a different family,,i knew all of em as well,,Mr and Mrs from my Marsdens and Railway club days in the early 60s,,Then their children,,June a bit older than me,,Bob a bit younger and kenny that you mention,,June and Kenny both no longer with us,
  11. Why do most of todays singers sound as if they are crying and whining..............
  12. 3am and just woke up,,terrific pains in my back,,thought ""Oh no,,what now"" Then realised,,....could'nt find the "Remote control"" night all,,
  13. I know what you mean nonnaB about the age thing,,,,,Christopher Beeney was always young,,,,liked him in all he did,,,always thought he was a Northerner until i read up on him today..,,and what a nice way to go,,,at home in the afternoon,,in his Armchair,,........RIP Christopher.....
  14. Been visiting dear departed love ones in Bulwell Cemetery this morning.........bought lots of Roses from Morrisons 2 bunches for £5,,, They were lovely and so cheap,,,so i also purchased some for my favourite neighbours.......Katy and Margie both on their own and in their 70s.....not forgetting Marlene also in her 70th year.......told em all its for a Happy new year.........think it made their day..........
  15. All the best BK ,,,Think ive had gadgets and scans up/in/down all my orifices,,,non are worst is every 3 months a visit to my consultant,,which includes a Camera up my nose,,absolutely awful.........but i do get to choose which ''Nostril''