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  1. We stayed at Regal Palms in Davenport just off US27 we went to Old Town many timeson Friday and Saturday they had a car show there was some fantastic cars there we could not get the courage to ride the old roller coaster but the grand kids did. A nice restaurant to recommend is the Bahama Breeze on the 192.
  2. Do you have a place there Mrs B or do you rent a place? Glad you are safe dont drink the water but the beer should be ok. We have been going to Kissimmee for the last number of years we rented a place for two months spent a lot of time at Cocoa Beach on the Atlantic side where you can see the space ships taking off from the Kennedy Space Centre
  3. Glad you are keeping your beady eyes on us all hope alls well take care.
  4. You have to check for hairline cracks Mary.
  5. Nemind ben cant win em all if you win once in a while your're doing ok.
  6. Join the club Rob had mine removed 8 years ago never regretted it.SPEEDY RECOVERY.
  7. Looks like you have had your share of things going wrong for you over the years i hope everything turns out ok for you.
  8. Another great marriage congratulations in advance