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  1. Thats good you were lucky it was a sunny day.
  2. It certainly looks like yard work and gardening are way more dangerous than flying phil what did you do now hope you are ok.
  3. So long as the leaves grow to keep you covered on those hot summer days phil.
  4. Just about as dangerous as your flying days phil dont forget your parachute.
  5. Sang that lots in school and Morning Has Broken.
  6. Roll out those hazy crazy lazy days of summer by Nat King Cole.
  7. I see you are doing the kitchen chores plantfit.
  8. Nonna i would give you a like for your report but this terrible hope everything returns to normal quickly and get some nice weather stay safe take care.
  9. Good job it was not hooked up to the car you would have an antique car by now.
  10. I had one of those years ago it was called a crooklock it slowed me down more than than crooks.
  11. You can not win them all Beekay you should win Quiz Night my money is on you just like Notts Co. nearly lost me shirt just kidding i am not a gambler but glad to see Notts. win.
  12. You should have a road side stall to sell the surplus crops give the Mrs something to do and a bit of cash for ME fund.
  13. You should win that one Beekay.
  14. Good report Oz Notts made it but what a close call it was sub goal keeper who saved the day look forward to next season.