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  1. Always the truth in fortune cookies. If chain still swings seat still warm.
  2. Her teeth are like the stars they come out at night. Take note Beekay it cost me 3000 dollars to have the wifes own teeth veneered so no chance of them coming out at night. Not sure if they are made of wood or not.Dont forget to put your teeth in Jeyes.
  3. Should be good DJ probably the thought of seeing doctors raises it.
  4. Lurpak pack after pack after pack. Anyone remembers this?
  5. Yes Stuart this is it looks different now there was a spur railway line off the Kimberley to Nottingham track where theywould deliver supplies and on top which was well camouflaged was a pill box we would play in.
  6. We would climb down the ventilation shafts to the plotting room at the RAF Watnall underground bunker. Not sure if it is still there but my fathers garage was across the road from it on Common Lane Watnall.
  7. Come on Beekay you can do it start the New Year off right.
  8. Margie get the bathroom scales that speak your weight i stood on ours this morning it said one at a time please.
  9. Happy New Year to all nottsalgians. Are you going to take your new car out for a New Year drive enjoy it Beekay.
  10. Thats a good deal it pays to be loyal.
  11. They all do Beekay daughter is always changing her vehicles she started leasing them now dont know whether thats a good thing or not. I think you loose money on depreciation changing after a few months.