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  1. 2more police series from the 50s Fabian of Scotland Yard and No Hiding Place starring i think David Lockhart can not remember how the two series began seem to remember the Wolesley 6-80 and 6-90.
  2. Dial 999 thats what you do in London to call the police starring Robert Beatty.
  3. We had a very old lathe atwork here in Regina Saskatchewan Canada it was built by Herbert Widdowson Canal st.Nottm it was very old built like a brick shipyard not like the flimsy chinse lathe that replaced it.
  4. Dial 999 thats what you do in London to call the police starring Robert Beatty.
  5. Was Garth the strong one in the newspaper cartoons or was it in a comic?l remember it vaguely was there also a female here called Jane and also a follow called Jane the daughter of Jane.
  6. Is the C and A shop still around i remember going in there in the mid 50s with my parents was it across the road from woolworths and what did C andA stand for and what did they sell ?Also is British Home Stores still around?
  7. What happened to Phil?Is that Philmayfield?hope he is ok hope the GT will help you along best wishes Ian.
  8. Hi Pianoman is that your personal plate does it still fit?My first car was a1960 Minor 1000 ,398 FRR good old nottm.number the last car i had was a 1963 CHEV IMPALA i bought in Leicester number was 575 EUT.It was a huge car i dont know how i drove through the narrow streets of Nuthall and Kimberley,it went like the clappers so did the petrol it had a 327 cu.in. engine 4 barrel carburettor and powerglide automatic transmission,it was fantastic car.
  9. It looks like a Leicester registered Rolls Royce.
  10. A friend of mine worked at Reddifusion on Castle Blvd in the sixties is it still there and does anyone have any photos?thankyou Ian.
  11. I went to a dentist on Gregory Blvd.can not remember his first name but his last name was James,he was a customer at my fathers garage,it was the first time i had gas you had a choice gas or the needle.His house was on the left hand side just a short way down as you headed towards the forest it was a big house and the front room was converted into the surgery.
  12. Does anyone remember the butchers across the road from the commodore nottingham side of Melbourne Rd.I think the name is Bainbridges their son was in the same class as me at PCFE mvmr in 1964 i think his first is Ken,he was an apprentice mechanic and also butcher.is the shop still there now.
  13. Went to Mablethorpe for 1 week holidays in the early 50s with my grandma and grandad stayed at a boarding house on Golf rd.In the 60s when igot my driving licence went there many times for the weekend stayed at B andB usually on Victoria st.Enjoyed the amusements at the side of the pullover the Book In Hand a noisy place and even noisier place was the Eagle Hotel some good bands and music there.I wonder if any of these places are around anymore?great memories.
  14. Before Embassy Tyres moved a friend of mine Charlie Kemp sold used cars there i think he bought them from the scapyard patched them up and sold them.Every time he sold one he would say THE SNIP OF THE WEEK SOLD TO THE TWIT OF WEEK.I remember a petrol station on the same side of the road looked very modern in the early 60s can not remember the name or brand of petrol they sold,i remember being pulled over by a policeman on motor bike for speeding at the petol station it was very expensive £6 i recall lol.
  15. Was Dalglieshs an oxy acetylene company near Bobbers Mill?I remember changing oxygen cylinders there in the 60s..