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  1. There used to be a Clements piano/organ shop i think was on Radford blvd. as you turned left to go towards Castle blvd. wonder if it is still there?
  2. Compo sounds like the clapping song by Shirley Ellis in the 60s. 3.6.9 the goose drank wine the monkey chewed tabacco on the street car line.
  3. Was dalgleishes an oxygen tank replacement company along with other types of gasses iwent there to get the oxygen cylinder changed when my dad had the garage in the 60s,might have mentioned this on another thread.
  4. Very cheering cherry heering i think it was a drink i remember the ad.especially at Christmas time cant remember what brand it was.Long time ago.
  5. I knew the landlord of the Royal Oak back in the 60s his name was Harry Walker.My father built the garage just down the road from the Royal Oak which he owned from 57 until 68.
  6. Where was the Log Cabin at Watnall?Was it the Royal Oak or the Queens Head.
  7. Are Lindley and Lindley still operating they were at Bobbers Mill they were dyers and bleachers my mates brother worked there in the 50s he died at a young age probably from the chemicals.
  8. The old oil cans where you tipped the can pressed the bottom to lubricate things like bicycle chains and the pedal crank when they had a lubricator on them.
  9. The fifty pack of cigarettes players made did they make a Christmas gift box of 50? Iliked the silver paper in them you put a penny or 3d inthe silver paper pressed it and it engraved the face of the coin on the silver paper.
  10. The smell of the smoke when the train went under the bridge you were standing on and swirled around you.
  11. The sound of the spitfire flying around Hucknall and Watnall was that the Flying Officer getting his hours in?
  12. My mate worked at Central Garage is it still there that was in the mid 60s.
  13. I remember going to Butlins holiday camp at Filey by Skills bus got on outside the Albert Hall that was in 1964.
  14. What is Wimpey?Does it stand for We Import More Paddys Every Year?
  15. Where was Carter Gate? There was a Ford agent called Carter Gate i think near the ice stadium in the 60s.