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  1. Yes DJ it was the Gaumont it was a cinema when i used to go there in the late 60s.Was Lord Rockinghams X1 on the six five special i watched it on my grandads black and white tv around tea time great stuff.
  2. You will be dancing up a srorm tomorrow ben not sure who with though.
  3. We sang Morning Has Broken at assembly at Nuthall Cowsheds in early 50s with Fanny Heap playing the piano i always loved that song.
  4. Great news Nonna good luck speedy recovery everyone be careful stay safe hope we are getting the virus on the run.
  5. Where was the Majestic Cinema? Never heard of it.
  6. Hope he gets well soon Stavgirl i think you have the patience of a vet look after him.
  7. In the garage cleaning my car listening to a cd that has 60s songs do you remember Like Dreamers Do. By The Applejacks.
  8. Was there a minature railway ran parallel to Valley Rd. and past the City Hospital i seem to remember going on it in 50s,is it still there?
  9. I'll never find another you (ewe). The Seekers. Is it associated to Derby County?
  10. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Lizzie, i had an uncle went the same way we went to see him when he was in a home he did not know us it is hard on everybody.
  11. What The World Needs Now. Jackie DeShannon.
  12. Take care DJ one step at a time try not to worry about anything have a good rest hopefully you will have a good day tomorrow.
  13. When do you go for your shot Nonna? It will be about April here for us. So stay safe be careful.