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  1. Not long if he's throwing bricks through windows Margie.
  2. Put your thermal underwear on Phil the pawnbroker took his sign in have a great evening.
  3. Enjoy your trips Beekay look after er stay safe enjoy mate.
  4. Great songs siddha plus THE WAY YOU LOOK TONIGHT. TONY BENNETT.
  5. Where are you going to Beekay is it the Broads hope you and er have a good time stay safe mate.
  6. Hi Monica i raced a stock car 64-65 season at Long Eaton, Belle Vue and Coventry knew Brian Carter,Nev Hughes and Bill Jackson. I brought a trailer off Fred Ball 139 he was the shop foreman at Cripps commercial shop on Triumph rd. Too bad it has all been demolished including Belle Vue and Coventry my favourite driver was Albert Griffin 178 his car was sold to Stuart Wildcat Smith who became a legend,great days.
  7. Rainbow Valley. Love Affair one of my 60s favourites played it many times at Belle Vue stock car racing.
  8. I had the Rupert annuals at Christmas and i still read the episodes of Rupert each week in the International Express each week.
  9. The Mrs and me went for part1 of the covid shot today so far so good in and out in 45 minutes including the 20 minutes after the shot before you leave very well organised.
  10. I to am very lucky having a son in law like that he will do anything for us like working off of ladders which i am becoming a little unstable lately. I return the favor when working on their cars.
  11. Just like the weather here in Regina nonna on Friday it was 22 degrees today it is around the freezing mark very strong and cold winds with a possibility of snow at least i got the yard furniture out on Friday its no wonder the daffodils dont flower until the end of May.