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  1. Hi jjbob i dont remember your dads name but seem to remember the cinders trophy i thought it was for stock car racing but could be wrong i will dig through the archives to see if i can find anything was your dad from Nottm?
  2. Hi DJ360 here are few local drivers who were racing in the mid 60s Laurie Hooton from Long Eaton Ian Barker from Toton,Fred Wallis from Netherfield,Martin Ball from Oxton area who was the shop foreman at Cripps on Triumph rd.Dave Fox from Bleasby,Nev Hughes from West Bridgeford who had a garage on Trent Lane i brought a trailer off him to tow my stock car on,and Brian Powles who was Nevs mechanic also raced a stock car
  3. I knew Albert Griffin very well he had a chev 348 cu.in turbo thrust engine with 2 carbs on it no turbo that was what chev called that engine when the pit officiales saw it on the engine they were confused thought it did have a turbo which was not allowed.In 1965 he sold the car to the famous Stu Smith.He retired in 65 due to business commitments and not in the best of health.
  4. I raced a stock car there in 64-65 great times but very expensive still have lots of magazines and books from the 60s.I use to go to Coventry and Belle Vue its too bad many tracks have closed down.
  5. I raced a stock car there in 64-65 great times but very expensive still have lots of magazines and books from the 60s.I use to go to Coventry and Belle Vue its too bad many tracks have closed down.
  6. Flying and very painful ears must be a JILL thing my wifes name is JILL has the same problem takes a few days to get rid of it the doctor says its because she has small ear passages thats probably why she never listens to me.
  7. The first flight for me was at Hucknall air display in 1964 it to was Dakota or C47 it cost 10 shillings for about a 15 minute over nottm and Bulwell and back to Hucknall very exciting times no red tape in those days.
  8. Another Notts haulier i vaguely remember was Len Cave transport can not remember their location or lorries they had i was in the same class at the PCFE as his son in the early 60s he did tell me his father committed suicide i dont know why.Does anyone remember this company?
  9. Anyone remember S.W Whites of Bulwell they had the petrol station at Nuthall selling many different brands of petrol they were one of stations to sell JET petrol they had haulage contracts all over the country they used bedford and dodge lorries ,the sight was demolished in the early 60s to make way for the M1 it stood right where the motorway bridge is on Nottingham rd. Nuthall.
  10. Yes Jillit must be the same surgery but i can not remember the Alma Inn,yes do have a vague recollection of Dr Cox i think he was my Grandparents doctor.We lived at Nuthall so not too familiar with shops and pubs on Alfreton rd.and area.l know when doctor Laval made house calls he had a car it was an austin A40 Devon or Dorset depending on two doors or four doors it was a pale green,also did you know G.H Boot the motor factors on Forest rd east we brought car accessories in the sixties when my father had a garage at Watnall dont know if the they are still there now.My Grandparents both worked at Players on Radford Blvd.my grandad enjoyed his fag allowance they worked there for many years until they retired in 1963.
  11. Did anyone ever go to the surgery of Dr.Laval and Dr Stebbings? They were located on the Nottm side of Bentinck rd. and Alfreton rd.i went there with my mum when i caught those kids diseases like measles,mumps,whooping cough and dlptheria this would be between 1950-1958,i remember in the waiting there were many people it was silent with a large clock on the mantle piece ticking very loudly.The doctors made house calls in those days which was better than having to wait in that scary surgery.
  12. Happy Birthday Jill hope you have a purrfect day Ian andJill Canada
  13. Mary had a little lamb the doctor fainted
  14. Thanks for the information woody next time you are in Barlows and you see Ron ask him if he remenbers Ian Finn i knew his brother Mick and his dad Syd i seviced their Bedford home delivery van at John Finn Ltd at Watnall,send me a link of black pudding lol.
  15. Thanks for street view of James st.i would guess the shop would have been where the Eatz shop is on the left hand side going up James st.i noticed on the map further up James st.is Arthur Plumbs shop he seems to keep nicknacks you cant find anywhere else he also has wealth of history of Kimberley/Awesworth area especially the old railway system.