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  1. Hi Mary1947 i left Nottingham and area for Canada wheni was 22 years old ,we come back to England quite often as we have many friends and relatives Notts.Derbys. area, also had few school friends in Jacksdale and Ironville and Somercotes years ago.I was lucky enough to visit many clubs and dance halls and cafes in Notts.Those were definitely, The days my friends and they will never end i still have hundreds of 50s and 60s songs on cds that i listen to while working on my cars.

    Watnall Hall

    Hi Miss Kolts welcome to the Nottstalgia chatline it sure brings back lots of great memoried i see you were born at Watnall what was the name of the street?.My father built a garage at Watnall across the road from Holly Rd.I knew quite a of people from Watnall and surrounding areas,we lived on Spencer Dr. at Nuthall,look forward to hearing some of your memories of Watnall and Nottingham bye for now Ian Finn Canada.

    Watnall Hall

    Hi Martin the hidden wartime building was next to the garage owned by my father John Finn Ltd,the building was operational during WW2 right up to the late 50s.My wifes cousins husband was in the RAF and stationed Watnall when ii was about 11years old i saw the soldiers marching down the main road from their barracks across the road from the Royal Oak pub down to the hidden wartime building.

    Wilford Road

    Does anyone remember Glorias Cafe on Wilford rd. i would go there for lunch while on day release at PCFE in the early 60s i think it was just short walk from Castle Blvd.

    Old Photos of the Meadows

    Thankyou Stuart and Michael for the maps and pictures brings back memories,my grandad and i cycled to Sutton st.from Nuthall and leave our bikes there while we went to watch the Magpies.We would see some of the players in the sweet shop on Meadow Lane before the match, i dont think the players got paid much in those days a few names i remember are Wills Wylie Hatley Robey ithink the goalkeepers name was Jimmy Linton,

    Old Photos of the Meadows

    Does anyone remember Sutton st my great grandma and grandad lived there i think it was either 9 or 11 it was right behind Notts County ground just off Meadow Lane,l do not see it on maps anymore i just assume it has been demolished when i visited i would have 9 or 10 years old in 1957

    Buses in Nottingham

    Does anyone remember midland general bus 464 it was named big bertha as it was a 70 seater ran from mount st to south normanton B4 always packed when it arrived at Watnall outside where i worked with workers from Blanchards Bakery this would be in the mid 60s

    Buses in Nottingham

    Tworoberts27 the B4 went from Mount st.to South Norrmanton the B1 went from Mount st to Ripley

    Nuthall Temple Primary School

    Hi Mick you said you put your girl friend on the bus at Mount Street for Nuthall,can you remember her name and where she lived as i lived in Nuthall until 1970.
  10. IAN FINN

    Mount Street Bus Station

    Hi Mick the bus your girlfriend caught from Mount Steet to Nuthall would have been a B1,C5,B3 or B4, depending where she lived Nuthall the B4 turned right at the 3 ponds and went through Watnall to South Normanton.I used these buses regularly while attending PCFE in the mid sixties.Nothing like the old Mount Street Station where once in a while i would see my mate who drove MGO and we would go in the bus drivers and conductors canteen for cuppa,Great Times,bye for now
  11. IAN FINN

    RAF Watnall

    Hi Cliff Ton thanks for letting me know about restoman if you are in the Watnall area please check the bunker out and let me know, if i get back to Notts i will check the area out.By the way i have been down the bunker and saw the old plotting room and table and toilets anthe doors where the trains dropped supplies off on the spur line attached to the main LNER line down in the cutting just before the Watnall Kimberley tunnel.Thanks again Ian Canada.
  12. IAN FINN

    RAF Watnall

    Hi there restoman my father built the garage at Watnall at the side of Common Lane,in the early 60s we went down to the bunker and welded up the doors to stop vandals from getting in.My wifes cousins husband was actually stationed there in the 50s we went down the bunker when it belonged to the Kimberley rifle club,Gerry is now living in Matlock and has some great memories of what it was like in the bunker
  13. IAN FINN

    Hucknall Airfield

    I lived in Nuthall while attending cowsheds school mid 50s there was a plane flying over then there was an explosion and the plane was on fire and assumed it crashed ,the test pilot flying the plane was a man named Parrish i think he is buried in Nuthall cemetery does a
  14. IAN FINN

    Clubs dj'd at.

    Does anyone remember a fellow named Johnny Harrison who played in a band at the Commodore late sixties early seventies he lived Watnall and had an antique shop Kimberley,we were both friends of the great Johnny Hobbs a fantastic musician.
  15. IAN FINN

    Watnall Hall

    My father owned the garage just down the road from QH.John Finn Ltd which is now Rod Blanchard Motors,i remember one evening in 1967 or 1968 i was by High Park Cottages and saw an old man laying on the lawn ,tried to waken but did not respond,the next day i saw my friend who told the game keeper had been murdered by 2 youths who tried to steal a rowing boat to go onto Moorgreen reservois,i called the police who came immediately to question me,i had to go to court as a witness.Does anyone remember this incident?,speaking of the cottages near the Queens Head Mr Sisson do you remember a family there in 60s named Barnet i believe he was a Colonel and i think had 2 boys,he was a customer wh came to the garage at Watnall