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  1. What year did you live on Holden Cres.Baz? I lived on Spencer Dr. just up the road from there i lived there from 1950 until 1968 and i can remember the estate being built i think it was Costain that built it. Before that there was a big house there surronded fields and trees which belonged to Charlie Hanson part of the Hardy Hanson breweries .When i was about 8 years old i remember going to Garden Fetes there every year it was very colourful i believe the house was called either Nuthall House or Nuthall Lodge. Across the road from the opening on Watnall Road in the 50s was a small army barracks and every so often would hold army exercises in the woods and fields.
  2. MargieH it is a Standard 12 or14 they were made beween 1945 and 1948. I think the only difference is the engine size. If i remember right the motif on top of the grill had a union jack on each side.
  3. Nottingham will never be the same so sad.
  4. Watch the Benny Hill skit where is in Munchen doing the Stork Butter test,can you tell Stuck from Butter. I would show it but dont know how to put it on Nottsalgia.
  5. Was the frothy coffee called expresso made from hot steamed milk?
  6. I could do all these activities only when wearing sanitary wear. I remember seeing the ad on tv.