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  1. Hope all goes well Lizzie speedy recovery take care.
  2. What happened Phil? what did she learn to do first?
  3. My parents rented a bungalow at Ingoldmells in the 50s it was pouring with rain when we arrived rained all week the sun came out on the Saurday as we were leaving the dykes were overflowing the fields were flooded we had to resign to playing indoor games it was the longest week of my life.
  4. Stayed at a bungalow on Golf Rd. Mablethorpe always had our photos taken walking up the pullover to the beach.
  5. Better get the antifreeze stength tested.
  6. Hope alls good Beekay for er indoors take care Goodnight.
  7. Had things to do Beekay not very pleasant went .with my daughter to the hospital this afternoon to see her father in law he had a major heart attack ten days ago just had a pacemaker put in coming along slow but sure, going to barbecue this evening 35 degees so should be good.
  8. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Trogg have a great day forget the duster.
  9. Who's on poop patrol loppy?
  10. Bet you dont get many of them to a pound Beekay.
  11. No they have all been converted.