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  1. Dont forget Humber, Thames,Dover in the shipping forecast if i remember right did not understand what is was all about.
  2. Dont know how the last post got on here i think its from Mary 1947 but anyway DJ i hope the quiz is easier than Nottm quiz i failed miserably.
  3. Jill what was the name of the twirl music ? I remember the tune was it House Wives Choice opening tune on the radio when i was a nipper.
  4. Give us 10 more i have to up my average very low at the moment.
  5. Hi Nonna hope your mum is doing ok at 98 and fit she has a lot going for her,virus or no virus millions of people are getting sick we all have to take precautions i think its going to be a long haul so we have to tell everyone to be safe and use common sense it will be worth it. Everyone over there stay safe.
  6. Not putting any weight on yet i am still working and busy digging holes in the garden planting trees and shrubs guess what a few daffodils are coming through now always late compared to England they will be in flower the first week of June i planted some crocuses i get the leaves each year but no flowers its just too cold here i am surprised anything survives.Take care oer there be safe.
  7. Looks like granddaughter is taking after grandad during the club life in the 60s and 70s with thoses twinkle toes.
  8. Now i can put a face to the postings.
  9. Jill was he the Machin who was the partner of Machin and Hartwell of Eastwood i think they owned a hardware store his girlfriend who became his wife was a Miss Buxton who was our class teacher at Alfreton High School and she became Miss Machin i know what her first name was.
  10. Lookin good Beekay is that really you?
  11. Can anyone remember the Gang Shows put on by the scouts and cubs i remember doing only one and it was held in a big hall somewhere on the Nottingham side of Cinderhill Island. I think we did the show for 3 days and the audiences were quite large,the act we did was based on a circus.
  12. Dont take offence Stavertongirl take a gate.
  13. That google knows everything never thought of using it.