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  1. Happy Birthday Catfan how many cat years is it?
  2. Here in Canada it is £3.30 a gallon still a bargain compared to UK and europe but people here think they are getting ripped off.
  3. Lizzie please tell me about Paul Smith his name does not ring a bell thankyou.
  4. Lizzie i remember going to the castle many times at lunch time when i was at the PCFE which was across the road i remember seeing Albert Balls WW1 paraphernalia the exhaust pipe with the bullet hole (s) in it pleased it is still there.
  5. Every day we are converting between imperial and metric especially when ordering anything from the USA also when converting money exchange beween Canada and the USA as we usually go to Florida in the winter. What part of Georgia do you live in?
  6. Yes those Crown Vics and the Mercury Marquis were both very durable cars some of those engines had the variable venturi carburetor which caused some problems. The father in law had a 77 Grand Marquis with the 460 cu. in engine and a 4bbl carb it was a huge car but it just floated down the highway, fuel consumption well that is another story.
  7. Enjoy the old car DJ it will be worth more as time goes i kept a 1980 ford fairmont for 23years it was my daily driver when i did sell it i got 30 percent of what i paid for it but i did baby it.
  8. Beekay what sort of car did you get?
  9. Hot one today got up to 38c 41c with the humidex the ice is starting to melt Mary.
  10. Mary they say Iceland is a good place to shop for groceries.
  11. They are still looking for me but it is too cold here.
  12. Sounds like a good plan but we know what happened to mortimer.
  13. I remember driving minis and 1100s with no antifreeze/water mix drove them from Watnall to Atkeys to get them recharged it was like riding on a board my back was sore after.