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  1. Mine will be a collectors item by the time i figure it all out.
  2. You would not have that trouble with the Morris 8 Lizzie wish i still had mine. The new car we got 4 months ago is full of elecronic gadgets still trying to figure them out.
  3. Where did my old Morris8 go reliable easy to maintain a little underpowered, was driving in Derbyshire one day going up Winnets Pass 4 people in the car had to go in reverse for the lower gear ratio but we made it.
  4. Just Googled it Beekay looks a beautiful place to work i would think its quite a relaxing place.
  5. Where are you working Beekay? Are you driving a corporation bus?
  6. The Cock Inn at Ripley had strippers in the mid 60s,quite an appropriate name.
  7. At that price you should get the car fully detailed, sock it to them that would be my last visit there is it a dealership or just a garage?. Our Toyota dealer in Regina is fantastic parts are on par to Walmart although oil filters wiper blades are genuine Toyota parts.
  8. Money well spent if it passed the dreaded mot.