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  1. As kids in the 50s we would catch the train at Kimberley to Basford station and go swimming at the Northern Baths it only cost a few pennies to go there and the smell of those steam locomotives nothing like it. We played in the cutting and in Watnall Tunnel which was about 150 yards from where i lived on Spencer Drive Nuthall, there was a bridge on Spencer Drive on the Basford side of tunnel which partially collapsed around 1960 and closed the lines down for a while. Does anyone have any recollection of this.?
  2. Hope you can get your leg over now Phil.
  3. Always Something There To Remind Me .... Sandie Shaw.
  4. Hi Nonna a quick question, how many berni inns were in nottm. the names and locations if you or anyone can remember thankyou Ian.
  5. Mary it is costing you as much for an oil change as it cost me to buy my 1960 morris 1000 in 1964. Hate to think what a nice morris 1000 is worth today.
  6. Hi there- Ians wife JILL here! Please keep me posted on your progress, l suffer with arthritis in my knees and lymphedema in my legs, been on medication for my condition for so long that they dont work for me anymore. My daughter also keeps bugging me to try the Hemp and medical marijuana, my physician also asked if l would like to try the pill form with no side effects and no smell! But being from the old school ( thinking its a sin) trying any of these types of therapeutics l wont here of it!!!! Recently they all became legal in Canada, so on two occasions l have got as far as the front door of the shop that sells it but l just can make myself get out of the car to make a purchase! Maybe the third try going will be lucky for me and l will go in and give it a try! Lol
  7. Never know your luck Phil you may win a wine cooler.
  8. Look forward to seeing it Beekay.
  9. Is the bird bath frozen at Christmas Jill?