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  1. See Chris most mornings... His moorings are opposite "The Steamboat Inn" at Trent Lock. Him and his wife Jan live on two historic working narrowboats.... Carlton le willows eh.... Did you know a history teacher there a Mr Wells?
  2. I started on a rsw11....me mam had the rsw16 and still had when I got the Moulton.... I can tell you the Moulton it were >lighter, faster and because the Moulton had suspension it were more comfy
  3. Braunston is a lovely place built upon the canal system..... "Braunston" won't on the side much longer, we're paint her this year..... And we're having "Fellows Morton & Clayton" put back on the side and replacing Braunston with NOTTM...... We shall be about the area late May so we might bump into them
  4. Bugger me.... Ralph's daughter Sally was me wife until she passed.... His second shop was on the Rylands the he ended up with a Honda dealership on Ilkeston road
  5. "Towd ya so"....... Does me head in..... I just want to say..... "Did you really" ?
  6. It's called Communicator.... I'm trying to upload a piccy
  7. At the moment we're at Trent Lock..... We got 1950 lister Ha2 in our 70ft
  8. Flipping eck it's been like a Bank Holiday at skeg here at Trent Lock.... What gets me is joggers/runners spitting everywhere... Huffing and puffing all over you as they run by then occasionally putting one finger over a nostril and blowing snot out the other might as well be coughing all over you
  9. Where are they based? Is it a narrowboat?...... Think its goin to be the middle of April although there's boats moving now
  10. Only just....... Think the brother n sister could pull the boat no probs lol
  11. We got 5 dogs on our Narrowboat.... 3 staffs which are mam, son and daughter a German schnauzer and a lake land cross border..... Its mental