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  1. We were a different sort of troop....if you've ever seen a film called the dirty dozen...we were a bit like that but we were good and all got on. When we left and our leaders Pete Mason,Eric and Dave Green left....it went down hill from there...we were far from conventional and the kids round the top didn't want "conventional" and the new leaders tried to run it as a "squeaky clean" outfit.....but it died a death....sad really
  2. Top picture to the left of Clayton Lewis(ginger) that's me
  3. Guilty as charged....but I'm grassing a couple more up for signing the same wall
  4. To the left of mark IC that's me .... RH=Richard Henson.... Mark=Mark Fawsit
  5. As you go down on your right there is a barn just before the entry..... All on there
  6. Yep it used to be an allotment there before Speed Electric crane/folk lift.... Me mates Dad(George Butterworth of Eaton Street) used have the allotment..... Talking of Eaton Street.... Took a quick look down there and mine and me mates initals are still there carved in brickwork from the 60's
  7. The old station masters house belongs to the council... Mate of mine used live there with his 8 kids.... Its quite big inside(it would have be with 8 kids) built properly and will be still standing when these modern houses are all crumbling away
  8. And that's what used to grind me gears with whole face mask thing.... You'd go in the supermarket and you had to wear your mask but there be hords of kids not wearing masks because they didn't have to!!!!! Hope ya grandson is making a good recovery.
  9. Lateral flow tests, also known as lateral flow immunochromatographic assays or rapid tests, are simple devices intended to detect the presence of a target substance in a liquid sample without the need for specialized and costly equipment
  10. Flipping eck more houses, just hope there's going to affordable housing..... Sort of sad really when you see your play grounds of yesteryear disappearing.... Spent many a happy time playing in the brickyards newting, mud bombing the blokes working down in the excavations and skating in winter on the frozen ponds.... Infact I was up Mapperley Top the other day and to say I was born n bred there I might as well been in a foreign land!!!!!
  11. I second that..... Fingers crossed
  12. Yes they were.... The lads n lasses always looked smart on a night out and me mam always had brilcream stains on her settee doilys