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  1. Top of Eaton Street...Jack Hardy Turf Accountant....i was born there me dAd was Bert the Bookie
  2. they are caves that were later used as air raid shelters.....owd "in laws" used to own/live in a massive house at the bottom of st andrews road near the twitchal that runs up to the childrens hospital and the caves came out into her garden....owd wife used to make her dens in there as kids and i had the tour as she knew them like the back of her hand......and no they dont lead to the railway tunnel or the graveyard.....
  3. and another thing....binmen came today so those of us that were in managed to run out to catch em as our bin day is friday.....so i phoned the city council to ask way they`d been today....."well they sometimes struggle to get down your street"....(well i`ve seen bigger lorrries down here without any problems)...so i asked why bother coming today when nobody ad put their bins out...."they`ll be coming back tommorow"......where as all the common sense gone???.....what a complete waste of money
  4. ..................yeh but these places are run by little hitlers with no respect or manners.....dont even get me started on the complete hassle i had to deal with at Calvo tip....to be honest i can see why people do tip....and the fact they closed gedling tip down because i quote.."THERES NOTHING IN IT FOR US, IT WAS JUST LONG QUEUES OF CARS BRINGING IN RUBBISH" and that was from the boss hitler at Calvo
  5. ey up mi ducks aint been on here for a while....but i thought i`d tell you bout my experiance at Calverton tip.....after our annual garden/yard spring clean me and me young un loaded the trailer up...two reclining arm chairs, lots of broken up flatpak wardrobes,two push bikes and a fair bit of scrap.....pulls up at the tip next to the skips and as soon as i got out of me shogun some jobs worth looked into my windscreen and then asked where my permit is....."what permit" i asked...he said you need a permit for a trailer...."are you f###ing joking or what.. its a bike trailer not a builders trailer cant you see that" i replied..he said "it doesnt matter what trailer it is you still need a permit"....well where do i get one of them from...he told me i could get one from the council or i could pop into the site office and fill one out.... so i can get a permit today then....oh no it`ll take 10/14 days if i post it off... he told me..... well thats no good is it you prat i`m here now...... well its been in force since 2009 so you should have known....WHAT!!!...are you taking the pee mister...its not like i`m a regular down here or any other tip!!!! anyway its bad enough that i have now got to drive all the way down here since you closed the gedling site....told him that i couldnt understand why they closed that site anyway as it was always busy down there.....now this bit really got me...he said "yeh it might have been busy but 99% of punters just brought in rubbish and there was NOTHING IN IT FOR US"....i turned the air blue at this point...thats the point you jumped up little ----k its a ----ing tip where rubbish goes!!!!!!......so i thought right...so if i drive out the site and unload my trailer i can bring it in......not unless you`re in a car...listen mate you just better get out of my way before i recycle you...drove me shogun out the gates un hitched the trailer and loaded the car up most of the scrap,wood and push bikes in the back and one of the chairs on me bonnet the other on the roof and with the back door open and me lad walking behind holding it all in i drove back into the site....as i was unloading i shouted across to hitler..."oi dickface permit this ----er"!!!!......there was no sense in it whats so ever....he could clearly see i wasnt a trader....anyway as luck would have it some young bloke starting up home wanted my two chairs but this didnt go down to well with Hitler... and to put a smile back on my face me lad found £20 ....so after all that sh#te we came away winners.......but honest no wonder so many people fly tip......
  6. See now if i`d known that no way would i have left such items in there......something i never thought of at the time, as i was in "Breavement fairly land".....people like lynmys should explain this to you.....how p#ssed do i feel that some rat as made money from the drippin gold off my dead wife......
  7. Just sitting here today chatting as ya do....and the subject of what happens to all the gold,diamonds and such like after the burning at the crem???....just whos on the make here.....i know they send hip joints and other ball type joints back for refub....my wife was laid to rest in her box with some of her jewllery...gold,silver n diamonds....but i`ve looked through her ashes and theres nowt....it might be hot enough in there to burn a body but not hot enough to vapourise gold silver and never hot enough for the diamond.....so is it the crem-man or the crem-man on behalf of the council.....just a thought......and dont worry i was married 23 year to the wife....so rooting through her ashes is nowt... to what we used to get up to before she went cloud surfing
  8. ube


    Ey up.....Stans the man.....
  9. Bloody power station was on a shut down anyway....it was not "generating".....so that would have been a waste of time anyway....omg how thick are these so called protesters....... A police spokesman said they found "specialist equipment" at the site and believed there was a serious threat to the coal-fired power station.....BOLT CROPPERS AND A SACK FULL OF MOTORCYCLE "D"LOCKS.......Yeh watchout you could really damage a power station with that lot!!!!!... bet the police are soo proud of this "find"......
  10. Viking affair on the trent that`ll do me
  11. bet the Council payed some crook...sorry artist......85 grand for it
  12. thats sh#te mate....wish you a speedy recovery......
  13. the name still makes no sense.....its a sad effort........see now the locals are getting sick of it.......because of the smoking ban everybody is out on the front and the locals feel imtimidated walking by.....
  14. George`s lane going into Calvo.....I was travelling to a skittle match with the R.A.O.B Mapperley team....we were in a minibus and everything was fine until we turned the sharp left hand bend at the top of the hill going down into the wooded section.....we must have only covered 50 yards down the hill then everything disappeared into a real owd school pea souper fog then the minibus cut out and i mean cut out engine,lights the lot.....blokes had to lend out the windows to guide the driver down the rest of the hill....it was horrid it was so cold....it was like being in a void where everything is dead....as we approached the bottom bit of the woods where it breaks into Calvo the fog just vanished and the minibus was on its way.....with 12 very scared white faced men!!!!!!!!!!! Once seen a policeman.......lol