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  1. Got ya..... Just chatting about him today and I thought of this tread
  2. Yep just been to Brid and it were hammered.... It were every man and his dog... And it seem to me most of them had been breaking into the pie shops
  3. So true if ya not got that competitive sprite people will just walk all over you
  4. Yeh it wouldnt be like that now as some snowflake clown decided that it should be a "No Winners and No losers" sports day... Me kids and their mates hated it
  5. Yep lovely woman, a good looking blonde 6 footer... Got on with her very well a good friend.... Prop was in full reverse which didn't help matters otherwise she would have been pushed away... Firemen where there some time getting her off the prop... The whole of the school devastated but to be honest the kids were all very brave about it.
  6. Our girt has a habit of leaving tops off everything or just putting the top without screwing it down so when you pick it up... You know the rest. So I've nicked named her "Topoff Tracey"
  7. Yeh I wear a flat cap when I'm on the tiller and I'm feeling like it a jacket and trilby
  8. Shops pulling stripey sun blinds out