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  1. Re:- Shared facilities. A lot of my relatives were miners (Gedling Colliery) and hailed from Lambley where some of the smaller properties had no bathroom. Living on Plains Road and having a proper bathroom, relatives would sometimes call in to use the bath. I remember one occasion when I needed to use the toilet but the said room was 'engaged' so I had to leg it up the road to Westdale Lane corner where there was a public toilet, mainly for the use of the NCT drivers. Not many public toilets around now!
  2. Everybody that attended should be fined and their copy books blotted!!
  3. Chin up Benj, always like reading your posts, more interesting than the morning papers, take care.
  4. Left right left left - right left right right!!
  5. Remember the slogan 'You can't tell Stork from butter'! As boys we reckoned we could but my dad new better. One day he presented us with a selection of butter/margarine crackers and asked us to say which were which. We duly carried out a taste test and proudly gave him our opinions, some butter, some margarine. Of course, they were all the same either margarine or butter, can't remember which. Favourite spread nowadays is Aldi's Nordpak - guess what it's a copy of, don't know how they get away with it!
  6. Around 60 years ago I left (or should that be graduated!) from Mapperley Plains County Primary School. Don't remember much apart from football and sports days which took place on the field at Digby College. In the summer holiday before going to secondary school , I ventured out to the said field where the new intake at MPCP were being taught how to play football by I think Mr Garwood. Seeing me leaning on the fence he asked if I wanted to help and so I was given a group of keen youngsters, most of them unfamiliar with the 'beautiful game' and instructed to sort them into two teams and get a match going. The first task was to arrange the players into some sort of formation e.g. defence, midfield, forwards etc. So far so good, now, time to blow the whistle! What happened next was unforgettable, the boys didn't all chase the ball which would have been expected instead , and you have to picture this , after they'd kicked the ball they returned to their starting positions, football, it's a funny old game isn't it?
  7. Can't be me, no sign of a beard!
  8. Seen a fair few bands at the Arena and Concert Hall. The only one I couldn't stick to the end was Bryan Adams, like his music but the sound was terrible. The RCH is a bit better soundwise, seen The Hollies, many times, The Shadows, Paul Carrack and many others. One of the best acts I saw there was David Gates & Bread, their performance and sound balance were spot on. Although I'm getting on a bit, I really like McFly and so, in October at the Arena, earplugs ready, I'm going to sit amongst a load of screaming females and hope the music gets through!
  9. Just had a look at the photo and I don't see Tony Lloyd on it, Rob Wagstaff's there though.
  10. Thought I'd start this with a team photo from around 1979. mercurydancer and timgnottm could well be on it! This was taken in the Broadmarsh Centre on one of our outside broadcasts, always a big occasion. Lots of people to spot including Barrie James, Tony (David) Lloyd &Mark Shardlow. Also on there is Steve Voce, sadly no longer with us but who was instrumental in training all would be radio presenters.
  11. Agree, David has a distinctive voice and is a natural radio presenter. Was on an NCT bus into town a while ago and the onboard announcements....'next stop, .............' sounded very much like him!
  12. This thread seems to have morphed into Nottingham Hospital Radio! I had a a few happy years there from around 1978 when it was changing from Radio City, spent more hours there than at work! Radio Trent were very supportive and when Tony Lloyd joined them from NHR he had to change his name to David because of clashing with Tony Lyneham. One of my tasks at the City Hospital was to interview patients and staff using the Uher portable tape recorder, weighed a ton! After editing the tape to remove all coughing etc. - had to take it down to Radio Trent for inclusion in one of their programs. Made a lot of friends there, all volunteers, too many to mention.
  13. If it's clear on Sunday (29th), the space station will be visable from 20:42 to 20:47 traveling West to East. If you miss it it will back in about 90mins, having gone round the World!