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  1. CT, on page 13 of this thread one of our members mentions scratching his initials on a wall. I could be wrong but one of the faces on the first photo has the same initials!!!! If I'm right, will he own up?
  2. Here's a photo of an unruly bunch of Mapperley Methodist 110th Scouts. I think one of Nottsalgia's esteemed members might recognize a face or two! url=][/url] These were extracted from an old cine film which I paid an arm and leg for to be transferred to MP4. The location is Epperstone, probably early 70's.
  3. Talking of saluting here's an amusing patrol man sketch.
  4. The bridge in the picture a few posts ago linked Player's head office to the Marketing Block. It wasn't a general walkway, remember it being the directors board room. Under the board room table there was a radio transmitter to operate a buzzer in the adjoining ante room, had to test it whenever a board meeting was due, heaven forbid if it failed to work!!!
  5. I think I'll be ok Phil, keeping mine in a heated safe!!
  6. Bought a packet of Tomato seeds from the local garden centre - £3.99 - number of seeds, 5 - germination tally (so far), 1. Don't think I'm going to be competing with Aldi!! Don't know what production machinery the seed merchants use but I could hardly see the blighters and as for weighing them, well, not going to be using kitchen scales are they?
  7. We had solar panels installed when the FIT was around 50p/kWh so on average we receive over £1000 from HMG annually. The cost when fitted was about £6000 but this should now be much lower as the price of the panels has come down. Even with these lower prices, I doubt they will pay for themselves, even if electricity prices continue to rise. We also have an electric car (Fiat 500e 24kw) and generally charge it overnight but if the forecast is looking good then it can be cheaper to charge during the day if the sun is going to be out. This only works if you can limit the charge rat
  8. My dear old Mum used to be a 'minder' on the school bus taking youngsters from Mapperley to Bramcote Hills Grammar School. This was whilst the Arnold Hill Grammar School was being built. On the return journey one day in the 60's, a 'pea souper' meant she had to walk in front of the bus (Roy's) in order to help the driver navigate the ring road roundabouts. Low and behold she turned around and guess what - no bus!!!!
  9. Our Young started out as the Mysteries and used to have a blue ambulance. I saw them quite a few times in the 60's and were one of my favourite local groups. Check out '' for more info.
  10. Used to go to Dewsbury's on my roller skates, remember those little miniature Hovis loaves He also made cakes and would sell you a bag of stale cakes for sixpence (old money), not really fit for consumption but when you're a growing lad who cares! Vaguely remember Richard Dewsbury.
  11. Thanks Brew - a good round of golf for me is if I find as many balls as I lose, sometimes even come out with a plus!!
  12. Just taken up golf, well it's a nice walk, mainly in the long wet grass for me so I've just spent over £30 on a pair of waterproof socks (Sealskin) - I think I've lost me marbles !!!!
  13. Surely a man of your calibre could learn to play it left handed, Jimi Hendrix seemed to manage ok!!