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  1. Wonder why they were called Frido's? Apart from the puncturing the thing I remember most is playing footy on the beach (without shoes or socks) and those dimples didn't half make your feet sore!l
  2. Thanks for the picture Stuart, as youngsters we only ventured as far as The Majestic. I notice there are houses on the other side of Woodborough Road as well, don't remember those either!
  3. Here's a pic of the new building going up at the Wells Road/Woodborough junction. What used to be there? The views from the penthouse might be ok but wouldn't fancy living on the ground floor!
  4. Here's a couple of pictures for those interested in this thread. Looks like for the moment the church is still a church! A little further along opposite The Wells Road, developments are afoot.
  5. Posted this image a while ago in photography/faces and places. Don't know if it is any help?
  6. Here's a pic of 'Son of Archie' - sporting his new jewellery!!!
  7. I bet she didn't slam doors either!
  8. Those numbers mean nothing to me Mary, all I know is it took 32,000 and I didn't see any dots!
  9. Locked down? How about a game of dominoes!
  10. According to the latest news, that 'tart' is Archie's neice!
  11. Here a link with the latest Falcon info.
  12. Saw him eating his breakfast today, when he'd finished he pushed the carcass over the edge - hope nobody was walking past below!
  13. Also saw the Falcon or some other bird of prey, hovering in Mapperley. Shame Mrs P's not been seen but there is something further along the ledge which looks a bit ominous. Can Dad manage on his own and who or what would attack a Falcon?
  14. I think the BEL was a transistorised amp and so was fairly lightweight compared with the Selmer, Vox etc. The sound was also very clean/clinical in comparison. On the photo, sitting on top of the BEL is most likely a WEM (Watkins Electical Music) Copycat echo unit which used a tape loop. A far cry from todays digital sound effects.