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  1. When 'Spring is sprung the grass is ris....' Thought everbody knew that!
  2. Mapperley Methodist Church is now sporting a SOLD sign! Time to start speculating as to who has bought it and what will happen to it? Here's a couple of photo's (lifted from the sales brochure). Walked down those aisles many a time - carry the Scout flag I hasten to add!
  3. Margie, that's the old Majestic cinema, our local many moons ago!
  4. Lost count of the number of times the media have shown images of somebody having a jab - good job it's in tne arm and not the backside!!
  5. Don't know I'd manage this lockdown malarkey without YouTube, so many interesting videos on there, music and otherwise. Here's one for Jill, Benj, Catfan and all NS cat lovers, made me smile anyway.
  6. Have some old photographs from 'don't know where, don't know when' - would be nice if the faces and places could be identified, here's the first.
  7. Nice post Mess, who'd heard of Rickenbacker or Ludwig before the Beatles?
  8. Re:- Shared facilities. A lot of my relatives were miners (Gedling Colliery) and hailed from Lambley where some of the smaller properties had no bathroom. Living on Plains Road and having a proper bathroom, relatives would sometimes call in to use the bath. I remember one occasion when I needed to use the toilet but the said room was 'engaged' so I had to leg it up the road to Westdale Lane corner where there was a public toilet, mainly for the use of the NCT drivers. Not many public toilets around now!
  9. Everybody that attended should be fined and their copy books blotted!!
  10. Chin up Benj, always like reading your posts, more interesting than the morning papers, take care.
  11. Left right left left - right left right right!!
  12. Remember the slogan 'You can't tell Stork from butter'! As boys we reckoned we could but my dad new better. One day he presented us with a selection of butter/margarine crackers and asked us to say which were which. We duly carried out a taste test and proudly gave him our opinions, some butter, some margarine. Of course, they were all the same either margarine or butter, can't remember which. Favourite spread nowadays is Aldi's Nordpak - guess what it's a copy of, don't know how they get away with it!
  13. Around 60 years ago I left (or should that be graduated!) from Mapperley Plains County Primary School. Don't remember much apart from football and sports days which took place on the field at Digby College. In the summer holiday before going to secondary school , I ventured out to the said field where the new intake at MPCP were being taught how to play football by I think Mr Garwood. Seeing me leaning on the fence he asked if I wanted to help and so I was given a group of keen youngsters, most of them unfamiliar with the 'beautiful game' and instructed to sort them into two te
  14. Can't be me, no sign of a beard!