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  1. Can't be me, no sign of a beard!
  2. Seen a fair few bands at the Arena and Concert Hall. The only one I couldn't stick to the end was Bryan Adams, like his music but the sound was terrible. The RCH is a bit better soundwise, seen The Hollies, many times, The Shadows, Paul Carrack and many others. One of the best acts I saw there was David Gates & Bread, their performance and sound balance were spot on. Although I'm getting on a bit, I really like McFly and so, in October at the Arena, earplugs ready, I'm going to sit amongst a load of screaming females and hope the music gets through!
  3. Just had a look at the photo and I don't see Tony Lloyd on it, Rob Wagstaff's there though.
  4. Thought I'd start this with a team photo from around 1979. mercurydancer and timgnottm could well be on it! This was taken in the Broadmarsh Centre on one of our outside broadcasts, always a big occasion. Lots of people to spot including Barrie James, Tony (David) Lloyd &Mark Shardlow. Also on there is Steve Voce, sadly no longer with us but who was instrumental in training all would be radio presenters.
  5. Agree, David has a distinctive voice and is a natural radio presenter. Was on an NCT bus into town a while ago and the onboard announcements....'next stop, .............' sounded very much like him!
  6. This thread seems to have morphed into Nottingham Hospital Radio! I had a a few happy years there from around 1978 when it was changing from Radio City, spent more hours there than at work! Radio Trent were very supportive and when Tony Lloyd joined them from NHR he had to change his name to David because of clashing with Tony Lyneham. One of my tasks at the City Hospital was to interview patients and staff using the Uher portable tape recorder, weighed a ton! After editing the tape to remove all coughing etc. - had to take it down to Radio Trent for inclusion in one of their programs. Made a lot of friends there, all volunteers, too many to mention.
  7. If it's clear on Sunday (29th), the space station will be visable from 20:42 to 20:47 traveling West to East. If you miss it it will back in about 90mins, having gone round the World!
  8. The International Space Station moves pretty quickly from West to East and is only visable for a few minutes, safest place to be at the moment!! The 'ISS Detector' app is well worth downloading if you want to track it.
  9. Letsavago re lawnmower spares. Like many of us, don't like to throw machinery away if it can be repaired. If I was you I would, if possible, remove the metal part, take a photo and see if anyone can make a new one. There are plenty of 'men in sheds', model makers, garage mechanics etc.who would be only too happy to try and help you - there are quite a few Nottsalgians that like to tinker about as well! Good luck
  10. Photo coming up! This thread started with congestion due to bridge works so thought this image might be of interest. According to the Nottingham Post, travellers have now moved onto the park & ride site!!
  11. Regarding CT's photo a few posts back, there are only two bay window houses left, the ones either side look to have been replaced. I remember the off licence shop but seem to think it ended up as a betting shop, could be wrong. As for Phil's path, you can still walk past the side of the church down Woodthorpe Road, keep straight on when the road takes a left turn, past the row of houses on the right and there is a path which takes you past the greenhouses into the park - used it many times.
  12. First time I've seen the plans, at least they're keeping the main building which has a bit of character, wouldn't like to have one of those multi-storey Lego types which seem to be the norm.
  13. Margie it is sad to see the 'For Sale' board up. Nice to see some pictures of the inside though, especially the school room. It's changed a bit since the 60's when there was a stage, complete with lighting rig thanks to Geoff Dudley who I think worked for Furse Electrical at the time. The room also had a partition which could be used to split the quite large room into two. There was no false ceiling and I remember as Scouts, a big hook being screwed into the main church floor joists and a rope attached for climbing. Played a lot of football in there as well, much to the displeasure of the church elders.
  14. Phil, don't ever recall seeing your 'blue plaque' on the church walls!!!!