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  1. Good news.......the potholes on Mapperley Top are being fixed - the usual dozen or so 'hi-viz' onlookers seem to have been air brushed out!!
  2. Listen to this quite often, really like the line :- 'a butterfly child so free and so wild'. Wonder if Ben knows a Jesamine?
  3. Looks to me like it could be Huntingdon Street!
  4. Evening ube, happy days with the 110th. A good bunch of lads, all in their 60's now so lads no more, I wonder what's happened to them all? By the way, you were nicknamed 'Cas' (Casius Clay) on account of you liking a good scrap, hopefully you've calmed down a bit now! As I mentioned in my PM I'm hoping to put the whole film, all 4mins of it, on here for all to see, hope that's ok with you. Regards, Paradiddle?
  5. This cropped up on YouTube and is more interesting than the title suggests. A well made documentary with the voiceover sounding a bit like the Pathe News commentator whoever he was? Unfortunately can't hide the sub-titles but some good Nottstalgic scenes showing men at work in and around St Ann's, circa 1968.
  6. Apologies Beekay, looking back I can see you mentioned the ring removal method which I hadn't noticed. I came across the YouTube video a few months back and thought it might come in handy one day.
  7. A few posts back Mr Mayfield was contemplating removing a ring from a swollen finger, here's a clip showing a possible solution without the use of power tools!
  8. When Little Chef was in it's prime, they used to do a 'Jubilee Pancake' with ice cream and cherries - pity they're not still around. Nearest one to us was at Redhill roundabout, I think it's an Indian now.
  9. CT, on page 13 of this thread one of our members mentions scratching his initials on a wall. I could be wrong but one of the faces on the first photo has the same initials!!!! If I'm right, will he own up?
  10. Here's a photo of an unruly bunch of Mapperley Methodist 110th Scouts. I think one of Nottsalgia's esteemed members might recognize a face or two! url=][/url] These were extracted from an old cine film which I paid an arm and leg for to be transferred to MP4. The location is Epperstone, probably early 70's.
  11. Talking of saluting here's an amusing patrol man sketch.
  12. The bridge in the picture a few posts ago linked Player's head office to the Marketing Block. It wasn't a general walkway, remember it being the directors board room. Under the board room table there was a radio transmitter to operate a buzzer in the adjoining ante room, had to test it whenever a board meeting was due, heaven forbid if it failed to work!!!
  13. I think I'll be ok Phil, keeping mine in a heated safe!!
  14. Bought a packet of Tomato seeds from the local garden centre - £3.99 - number of seeds, 5 - germination tally (so far), 1. Don't think I'm going to be competing with Aldi!! Don't know what production machinery the seed merchants use but I could hardly see the blighters and as for weighing them, well, not going to be using kitchen scales are they?