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  1. According to the latest news, that 'tart' is Archie's neice!
  2. Here a link with the latest Falcon info.
  3. Saw him eating his breakfast today, when he'd finished he pushed the carcass over the edge - hope nobody was walking past below!
  4. Also saw the Falcon or some other bird of prey, hovering in Mapperley. Shame Mrs P's not been seen but there is something further along the ledge which looks a bit ominous. Can Dad manage on his own and who or what would attack a Falcon?
  5. I think the BEL was a transistorised amp and so was fairly lightweight compared with the Selmer, Vox etc. The sound was also very clean/clinical in comparison. On the photo, sitting on top of the BEL is most likely a WEM (Watkins Electical Music) Copycat echo unit which used a tape loop. A far cry from todays digital sound effects.
  6. Here's a picture of a real, live BEL amp. This was taken in 1967 (courtesy of Socram), full picture and the story behind it coming soon on 'Gedling School & Beyond..........'
  7. Wasn't a pupil at Arno Vale but did play football against them a few times so driving past nowadays revives happy memories. The main school building & sports pitch haven't changed. Also seem to remember attending a Coronation party there in 1953 and being given a commemorative mug full of sweets. Might still have the mug but not the sweets!
  8. Keep your eyes peeled, one egg laid earlier today!
  9. Went to an airshow at RAF Waddington probably early 70's. The Red Arrows were of course the main attraction but three Vulcans took off together now that was a sight & sound not to be forgotten. Read a book not long ago about the Vulcans sortie to the Falklands. It's a good read and details, amongst other things, how parts of the planes were literally cobbled together. The in flight re-fueling is also a revelation.
  10. Phil, not sure if you've seen this before but as it's at RAF Syerston thought you might be inrerested.
  11. I seem to remember being given a small brown envelope containing one each of the new decimal coins, not sure if they came from the Post Office or whether it was at Players where I worked at the time?
  12. Found this in the garage today, will strike a chord with all NS tradesmen, retired or otherwise!
  13. Here's a picture of the schoolroom under Mapperley Meths church, looks very peaceful but I can tell you it's also the scene of many battles with gangs of boisterous, uniformed youths charging from one end to the other trying very hard not to get 'picked off' by the 'enemy' standing guard on the coconut matting, strategically placed across the middle of the room!!! 'British Bulldog' a game probably never to be played again, well, apart from 'elf & safety it doesn't involve a screen and the use of thumbs does it?
  14. When 'Spring is sprung the grass is ris....' Thought everbody knew that!
  15. Mapperley Methodist Church is now sporting a SOLD sign! Time to start speculating as to who has bought it and what will happen to it? Here's a couple of photo's (lifted from the sales brochure). Walked down those aisles many a time - carry the Scout flag I hasten to add!