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  1. Wasn't most of the site previously occupied by W J Simms, Sons & Cooke, the building contractor? I think their address was Spring Close. It was mentioned under the Saturday Night & Sunday Morning thread that Simms' board was prominent towards the end of the film when Arthur and Doreen are discussing the future. She wants to live in a new house like the ones being built. l have always thought the estate you can see was Bestwood Park Estate under construction. Am l right?
  2. Radio Nottingham has just broadcast a programme called For the Record: The Selectadisc Story (part 1). It's in a series called We Are Notts. Presumably part 2 will be next Sunday @ 1700 but part 1 is available on BBC Sounds. Well worth a listen if this was your era.
  3. You can certainly expect to be called Duck in Newark but perhaps by an older generation or within family. Philmayfield probably mixes with the higher strata of society! In reply to letsavagoo, isn't "Me old love" a Yorkshire saying? "Me old flower" was the catchphrase of Yorkshire comedian Charlie Williams.
  4. Some folk have mentioned mon't meaning must not but is it usual in Nottingham to say wain't for will not, or was that a Newark thing? l don't think l have heard anybody say wappy for many years, meaning eleven pence to the shilling or not quite all there. My Mum used to describe some people as not having much of a come-from. l think this just meant the family was poor but l was never entirely sure whether it meant there was some illegitimacy involved. l have never heard anybody except my Grandma say they didn't own to somebody, so if she didn't recognise somebody you w
  5. The Newark coach operator Travel Wright aka Wright & Sons is to cease operating in early April. Apparently the business is solvent but the family want to retire and have been unsuccessful in finding a buyer. The firm is probably unknown to most Nottingham folk but was started in 1926 and has operated the Newark - Ollerton service since then as well as tours, private hire etc. They also operate the Newark - Collingham service. The demise of Wrights will leave Marshalls of Sutton-on-Trent as the only local operator apart from the one-coach Emjay Tours and Stagecoach but even they no longe
  6. Thanks Deepdene Boy. lt must be unusual to have to re-register a vehicle, not just cancel the road tax while it was off the road.
  7. A letter in the current issue of Classic Bus refers to NCT's 1963 batch of Fleetlines (64-94) which were registered 64 RTO to 94 RTO except for 73 which had a 1964 B suffix - ATO 73B. l have checked my 1965 edition of Ian Allan ABC British Bus Fleets and that's quite correct. I haven't seen any reference to this before. Was the bus delivered late perhaps due to an accident and had to be registered in 1964? Had 73 RTO already been reserved by somebody? My Ian Allan book lists the NCT depots as Parliament St, Trent Bridge, Sherwood, Bilborough and Bulwell but notes that Bulwell was
  8. I think I read somewhere that the film was designed as an introduction to England for American servicemen. Due to wartime censorship Newark was not mentioned by name, nor were the local factories which of course were dedicated to munitions production. Ransome & Marles was bombed by the Luftwaffe in March 1941. National reporting restrictions hampered any direct reporting of where the bombs fell so the Newark Advertiser had to headline its story Raid on Buildings in North Midlands Town. There is an interesting book called Newark in the Second World War published by Notts County
  9. Perhaps NET should change the Next Stop information on the trams. It still says Lace Market for Broad Marsh Shopping Centre.
  10. Fantastic piece of work by Stuart.C. It leaves no doubt about where the pit buildings were located.
  11. Thanks for the information. The area hatched red on the DEFRA map coincides exactly with the open grassland on site so that must be land infilled by the rubbish tip.
  12. I discovered only recently that Broxtowe Country Park is on the site of Broxtowe Colliery (1895-1925). The Tarmac entrance path from Nottingham Road is the line of the former colliery railway. When looking for information on the internet l came across an extract from Hansard in February 1972 when Kenneth Clarke MP (for it was he) asked the Secretary of State for the Environment whether he would ask Nottingham City Council to cease all work of preparing the proposed refuse tip on the Broxtowe Colliery site. Was there a tip on this site? There is a broad Tarmac turning circle and a
  13. London Road, the building in the background being L H Woodhouse on Iremonger Road.
  14. I feel as though l have been left hopelessly behind. l don't even have a doorbell never mind a security camera and you would have to mind your Ps and Qs with Alexa otherwise who knows what might happen. l also enjoyed Paul Robey more on the wireless but it was hard to see the pictures.
  15. I'm surprised there have been no comments on the ending of Paul Robey's show on Notts TV on Sunday, a reincarnation of his show on Radio Nottingham of course. (It could well be that l just can't locate them). IMHO as they say. Radio Nottm and Radio 2 seem to have the same playlist and play nothing recorded before about 1990, usually by shouty young women. Paul Robey seems to be busy with Boom Radio and Serendipity Radio but you seem to need a new-fangled type of radio to receive them. What on earth is a smart speaker?