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  1. mariag


    I am moving villa tomorrow - cannot wait! Beefsteak I am directly below a flight path - so will send you some photos lol
  2. What a 'circus' performance..... I thought that his mother apparently religous wanted a dignified ceremony not a pantomime!
  3. Bought to order - how low can you get. I didn't hear about Debbie Rowe not even being biological mother - it just gets worse. I remember reading when one of the older children was born that Michael was off with the baby before the placenta had been delivered..... real fruitcake - in all fairness he should've been sectioned
  4. One of my husbands staff has been back to sri lanka for a his annual holiday and brought back a bottle of whisky -called 'passport whisky' it was bottled in scotland. Not sure what its like as it hasn't been opened - any takers? Can't stand whisky - husband likes remy martin
  5. Sick of it all in the news - its dominating it. I thought it was his mother that was a johovah? Michael jackson hasn't had a hit in years lets face it. All this talk about how talented he was is living in the past.... he was a complete freak after all said and done.
  6. Jackson senior? Horrible man. I was watching him this morning on the news and he was supposed to be at a memorial for his son and all he could plug was his new record company. Whilst I don't excuse what has gone wrong in your younger life - you can see where it comes from
  7. Was watching interviews on sky news for MJs friends - robin gibb - and you would think they were talking about a completely different man ..... how he like junk food (he hasn't eaten in yonks), he was a 'regular' guy -eh what? Had he been a non celebrity he would've been locked up for his behaviour alone! I did read that he was so obsessed with his nose and its surgery, that a plastic surgeon had to put him under and pretend to do more work on it.... there was nothing else to be done to it it was collapsing. How true that was I don't know, but it is such a shame as he was a lovely little' bl
  8. Google I think??? Just wish more women added to Nottstalgia!
  9. Was never sure what to make of MJ and being accused of child abuse. Whatever the case may be he was a very sad person leading a very sad, unreal life, and yes his jump to stardom and all that entailed had to have an effect..... look at most child stars and see them as adults - mostly a mess. I really feel for his so called kids (quite obviously no true relation to him despite what some may think) but they are going to be really looked upon now aren't they? And think of the stories that are going to come out! He will be worth more dead than alive just like Elvis.
  10. It certainly sounds like same guy - muscular, blonde/fair hair - didn't know he was swedish or a piano player???? Thought he was called something non swedish like Paul? Sure he wasn't gay as he used to eye us ladies up in lycra and rubber, thigh length boots - yikes already said too much.... do NOT wear any of that anymore mind..... he WAS real eye candy but at the time more into long haired make up wearers - sadly! I lived 4- 10 flat
  11. Fairy towers - hated getting in the lift with any butch looking women! I remember a very good looking security guy (real eye candy) who worked in the security which the office was on 4th floor not you I take it Ashley? LOL! Yes, the roof garden was littered with folks rubbish that was thrown out of windows from all floors.I remember there being mice as well scuttering about on that roof garden.
  12. I lived on the 4th floor (cannot remember exact years but around 1989) Yes it was very warm - directly above the shop floor. I guess you were in before the flats had a security system? I had friends on the 26th floor and no it didn't sway but they were a lot colder and suffered with damp. Since I left there many years ago they have had the windows done.... they were really needed cos they were filthy without any chance of cleaning them! I really enjoyed my time in the flat...... great for rolling back after a night out.
  13. Never been a jackson fan (although MJ did have some talent during his earlier years) Firbeck.... I cannot abide Paul Macartney..... so glad MJ bought song writes. Paul Macartney in my opinion cannot sing - end of.... I mean, come on.... the frog song!!! Getting back to MJ, today I was in a clothes shop in a mall and guess what - a MJ song! Wonder whatever will happen to his 'kids'?
  14. You have to ask whether they were actually HIS kids? The two oldest ones are white!