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  1. So Sorry to hear of his passing We did meet up with him and his wife in September 2015, when he drove down to Orlando to meet us. A lovely couple, and I know he will be greatly missed on here. RIP Mudgie
  2. Brilliant site Mick2me fantastic job seems more than a full job dealing with characters like us THANKS Ian.

  3. You can host a site on any server in the world, not just the country you live in. If you PM me the site address I can look to see how it stands at the moment
  4. Straight change of server, is done by the gaining host, no problem once the address propagates to all DNS servers. https://mxtoolbox.com/ Its changing the language that is the problem. Joomla is just one language of many. You should be able to get into the Server admin panel, re Joomla and others Nottstalgia runs on a system called Invisionpower
  5. Ayup Mick,Some folk are not seeing my photos, Mick. Do you have any idea why some can see them but others can't? I post htemm using "Insert other media" and then "Insert image from url"

    1. Compo


      Oops! pressed send by mistake....I was going to correct my grammar and typos before sending :/


    2. radfordred


      I can't see em , but I can see all private messages between members ;)

  6. Hi blondie do you still live at Newthorpe?My wife has distant cousin who lives at Giltbrook,i lived at Nuthall and my wife Jill lived in Kimberley,in the60s i used to go to a youth club on main street Newthorpe which was also church.Jill moved Canada in 1957 and i moved to Canada in 1970 where we met and got married many years ago

    1. IAN FINN

      IAN FINN

      Hi mick2me just to let you how muchl am enjoying  nottstalgia chat line,you are doing a great job being the admin. man and keeping the old gang in order,keep up the good work, and every one else to.

  7. So sorry to hear of Ashley's passing. Very sad. I met him a couple of times, I think, the last time was at Bab's do at The White Hart. Ashley lived at RoT, and used The Manvers. Now reunited with his wife Asabelle Rip Ashley Piggy and Babs are aware, no details of funeral arrangements yet.
  8. So sorry to hear of his passing. A lovely man who contributed much to this site and its members. Always a pleasure at the meet ups. Will be fondly remembered by all.
  9. Trying to verify that my great grandad was landlord of a pub in the narrow marsh his name is Thomas Hughes

  10. So sorry to hear of Kev's passing, he was great guy and friend to this site and its members for many years.
  11. ELDERLY??? I beg your pardon LOL 

  12. You can now give Photobucket feedback on this. https://insights.hotjar.com/s?siteId=242358&surveyId=26607
  13. https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/06/30/photobucket_charging_400yr_3rdparty_pgs/
  14. So sorry to hear of the Passing of DGBrit, Derek, a long time and valued Nottstalgia member. Condolences to family and Friend, of which he has many here.