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  1. Trying to verify that my great grandad was landlord of a pub in the narrow marsh his name is Thomas Hughes

  2. Kev 'Fynger'

    So sorry to hear of Kev's passing, he was great guy and friend to this site and its members for many years.
  3. Photobucket.

    You can now give Photobucket feedback on this. https://insights.hotjar.com/s?siteId=242358&surveyId=26607
  4. Photobucket.

  5. Dgbrit

    So sorry to hear of the Passing of DGBrit, Derek, a long time and valued Nottstalgia member. Condolences to family and Friend, of which he has many here.
  6. Photobucket.

    All images should be left on Photobucket but they can be backed up locally for each account holder. This will effect thousands of websites, not just ours. Nothing yet on Invisionpower support forums, that will change. It need a script writing to check every post for a photobucket image link. Direct download a copy and upload to new hosting location. Then rewrite the post with new image URL. It wont be an easy problem to solve, if it can be done.
  7. ERROR on Unread Content link

    Search content rebuilt, the problem has gone
  8. ERROR on Unread Content link

    Search rebuild in process. That should warm the server up! Until complete limited search results may be returned.
  9. ERROR on Unread Content link

    PLease post your error message here. I see some differ from mine. Fatal error: Call to a member function streamSeparator() on null in /home/nottstal/public_html/forums/system/Theme/Theme.php(780) : eval()'d code on line 2280 I have submitted a support ticket

    This particular member will not be returning to this forum. We have probably lost a much more valuable member.
  11. The Fountain Pub, Bridlesmith Gate

    Thurland... Lion Clumber Street... Yates... Flying Horse... Dog & Bear... Fountain... Q.E... Ariba Club
  12. What did happen to Mundella?

    The girls School was at the back of TB Juniors. It merged with TB Boys about 1965. The class names changed from '1a' 1st year Clever and '1B' not so clever to '2m2' 2nd year, Mixed not so clever
  13. What did happen to Mundella?

    I am talking about Trent Bridge Secondary School, which closed first. After my time but the name 'Roland Green North' comes to mind?