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  1. You are a book of knowledge Jill ❤️
  2. I found a facebook page for students that went to Peveril from 1963 to 1973 


    Berridge from 1960 to 1965 at

  3. Great pic. It would be nice to see more pics here. Yes, you are right about Nasreen. I THINK I found her on Facebook.
  4. I found a facebook page for students that went to Peveril from 1963 to 1973 


    Berridge from 1960 to 1965 at

  5. Try looking at the facebook group i found for Berridge. I THINK I found Nasreen 

    I found a facebook page for students that went to Peveril from 1963 to 1973 


    Berridge from 1960 to 1965 at

  6. I found a facebook page for students that went to Peveril from 1963 to 1973 AND Berridge from 1960 to 1965 at
  7. Hope you are feeling better. The flu in the UK is MUCH more debilitating that in the USA. I am still learning my way around here. Seems i cannot find how to reply to individual posts. I have been gone for a few months as my Mum died. Seems we are all getting up there in age when it seems like just yesterday we were at school.
  8. I have been gone for a while. My Mum died so had a lot of travel back and forth to the US and the UK. Anyway, here are three class photos from different years from Berridge. Brings back memories. I remember faces, but not names, except for Nasreen, the Indian girl who was lovely. Enjoy. Hmmm.... This group will only allow a 51. 2 kb files so i dont know how to post the photos to you. Happy New Year everyone.
  9. There used to be old air raid shelters at Berridge. In the bottom playground, the smaller one, that was where they were. So i am assuming Berridge is still around? I will be in the UK December, I might go take a look.
  10. I stumbled in here.... found it LOL. I knew Terry Hill well... i always tried to talk to him and tell him to stay out of trouble. He tried, but i just think it was the friends he hung out with that kept him on the rough road. I saw the nice side of Terry and he always was very nice to me. I was SHOCKED when I heard he had that accident and died. Sorry to say, but Mr Baugh was a perv. Jean P and I were always called in to his office to sit on his knee then he rubbed our legs. I HATED going near him.
  11. Am i replying in the right place? Anyway, I think you are my age Jill and Jill sounds more familiar than Julie. I tried to find the Berridge thread, but keep ending up here LOL and yes, sad about Jean. I remember we used to go to Hockley every week for acting lessons, but i never took to acting. Jean was pretty good though, but i think back then, Su did not want Jean to succeed in acting as Su did not want the limelight taken away from her. Jean obsessed over that. I was actually shocked, as back then, i always THOUGHT that families helped each other succeed. I am an only child so i never had
  12. Jill, i think i remember you. Was this your name as a kid? Sparrow sounds familiar. YES, I remember Mrs Stockhill. I remember Mr Kemp as strict, but i always got on well with strict teachers. I guess that was my respect for authority. I would have to get my books out for names. Janet Hemmingborough (something like that) was a good friend, Denise Casterton (now Smith), lived off Bobbersmill Rd, on a long road that went up towards Birkin Ave. Hmmmm may be Denise did live on Bobbersmill Rd come to think of it. Diane Richmond (sadly died last year. Her husband was torn), Jean Pollard, (her sister
  13. Jill Sparrow, I remember, Mr Kemp, Miss Bartlett, Mrs Price, Mrs Robinson and the two Miss Smiths. I will never forget Mr Baugh. I am so frustrated because i want to reply to postings but not sure if i am doing it right. I just discovered i have to tap the heart twice to show i have read and like the post.
  14. Geeez.... Right Jill. Mr Baugh was the headmaster who i was talking about. Now trying to figure if Mr Bulluck was at Berridge or Peveril? Getting my teachers and schools mixed up. I guess growing up, i never thought of remembering school days, and that i would be talking about them years later LOL To LETSAVAGO. Wow, what a memory you have. Thanks for that info. Bless you.
  15. I saw your message about Jill dying. Yes, she has too many birds and you can catch diseases from having too many birds. I am not quite sure how to reply in the forums. I am just winging it and hoping i am doing it right. I will keep trying to get to know how to navigate around the site. Thanks 

    1. letsavagoo


      Hi Beni. You seem to be doing okay. Just wondering what your name is. Do we know each other? I'm David Priestley always known as Biz. I lived on Grimston Road and had an older sister Janet.

      best wishes.