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  1. The next two weeks are going to be the most critical. Stay safe all of you.
  2. LizzieM - I'm trying to get back and cant get tested. Its not media hype at all.
  3. I know I usually throw in a joke to lighten things and today is no different. I have been self-islolating and would like to know if anyone knows of a good breakfast wine? * But there are some serious frustrations. I am a retired nurse and have volunteered to join the COVID register to return to work. Nothing seems to be happening. I am relatively symptom free but would like to get tested and find work immediately. From what I can tell it is a communications issue in that when you reapply they pass your details on to local hospitals (who are crying out for staff) but this is not working. I have called repeatedly but to no avail. Not even to say how long you have been symptom free. Or a repeat test. Nothing. Get me into the front line. *Asking for a friend
  4. I'm feeling considerably better today, so is the wife, apart from one thing. Putin has now enforced total lockdown. Now in Russia they dont mess about with this type of thing, they have the experience to do it. Real catch 22 with the wife, you are not allowed to go anywhere without the dreaded documenty, ie passes. Now to get the correct documenty you have to go out and get them stamped. Whilst going to the office, my step son was arrested. Released and sent home but warned he faced prison. Reported deaths and virus in Russia is reported as being low, but I dont believe it.
  5. radfordred, if you have lost your sense of taste do not under any circumstances go out and buy clothes. Or wallpaper.
  6. Had a tearful call to my wife in Russia, she went home and got stranded. She desperately wants to get back to England but there are no flights. She is now suffering from the virus. To nonna and jonahb and all friends on this site, keep in touch, it is important. Stay safe. I still ent ded
  7. мы пройдем через это вместе
  8. Got call from my wife in Russia. She is symptomatic with heavy snots. Putin is lying about the pandemic. no surprise there. No lock down in that part of Russia I ent ded. In fact I am feeling a bit better. Getting immunity! getting over it
  9. Just watched PM question time and Boris does not look well. Clearly struggling. I do admire him for his resoluteness.
  10. Still here. Ent ded.
  11. Its largely a military term, badgers are tough creatures so their bums are even rougher! On a side note, I work at a country hotel and one of my duties in a morning is to check on things. When its a dark morning I often see badgers and they are not afraid of anything. I'm still not well, but will be OK. I hope. The wife is panicking though. She has had to to back to Russia and cannot get back to UK for the foreseeable future. Its really hard being without her.
  12. I was a caver for many years and know Alum pot well. (Cheese press was the worst) Carbide lamps! I had forgotten them but the smell of them was adorable. I recall little piles of carbide burnout all over.
  13. Stay safe mate. It sounds bad with the symptoms as I have them myself and I am self-isolating. I hope your wife just stays with those symptoms and doesnt get worse. To be honest I feel as rough as a badgers bum. This pandemic is serious.
  14. I'm a retired nurse and I'm proud to step up to the plate and join the emergency register of staff.
  15. Indeed, Most secret war was a phenomenal book and TV series, but it was not legal at the time of that book to release anything about Enigma coding, although Prof Jones would have known a great deal about it. Now we know due to immense amounts of films/documentaries and books. There was always a risk that the Germans would work out that the Enigma system was compromised and some sacrifices were made. Coventry being one of them. The Coventry raid was in clearish weather so easy to locate.