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  1. I am sure we all have our memories about the best Christmases. I had an idyllic childhood with the best parents who anyone could have wished for. I wish it to be noted that they gave me the happiest Christmases ever as a child, with not a lot of money. Always they provided. I still consider Nottingham to be my home town. I was in Nottingham last weekend with my step son who is Russian, and he loved the city, with the German style market and such. I tried to tell him about the many happy times I had spent in the city, but not enough time to tell them all. I recall very well, my mum taking me to slab square when the tree was up. I didnt understand it at all, but she explained. Every year we went, and I stared in wonderment at it. Of course the Co Op! It almost defined Christmas. Santa on the third floor, the big tree in the stair well. It had a certain magic. When, in later years I worked in Parliament St Co Op, and at Christmas, I recall a Notts Forest song being played constantly. Also, when working at Ascot Road, we would do a delivery run on Christmas Eve, and the tips were plentiful from the lovely people of Nottingham. Then it was across to the Wheatsheaf. Bobber's Mill Road was quite close. I cannot recall Jill Sparrow at all, but she does remember many of my friends well. At Christmas, we would have the morning to open presents, then off to the Smith family next door, the Machins on the next door, Often to the Carruthers a little further down. Sid was a good mate of mine. Also we would take small presents to the elderly in the Road, A chocolate bar, that sort of stuff, but my mum insisted that I paid for it myself, and wrapped it myself, and gave it myself. I was scared at first, but the old folks really appreciated it. Most often we would end up at Clarry White's house, not far from the bottom of BMR opposite Jill's house. He was a miner and big friends with my uncle and grandfather. The miners would do Christmas afternoon well, usually meeting in the Clock and having a couple of pints before Christmas dinner. I remember that I was a big fan or Portello when I was a kid. Shippoes mild when I turned 17 though. Some Christmases, we would go to my Grandmother's house on Birkin Avenue where the family clan met. I would be offered a bottle of whisky to present to my grandmother, always with the same accented reply "Thankavery mooch" The first sign of Christmas was The Old G being dressed in Santa outfit. Mundella did Christmas well. I recall pride in attending the concert in St Mary's Church in Lace Market area. Wonderful carols from the choir, who could actually sing! Very happy times.
  2. mercurydancer

    Gee Dee Models Closing

    It was still open a couple of weeks ago, but it was clear that they were selling the stock off. A great pity.
  3. mercurydancer

    Golden Age of Children's T.V.

    I loved Crown court. Weekdays at one, so I only ever saw it when I was ill off school. Andy Pandy, surprisingly, has Russian phrases in it. Looby Loo is basically Russian for I love you. My wife cannot understand why I giggle a bit when I tell her I love her in Russian.
  4. mercurydancer

    What colour was the original Santa?

    I am a supporter of animal charities. It is known that Santa had Randolph the brown nosed reindeer. He could fly as fast as the other reindeer, but could not stop as quickly.
  5. mercurydancer


    I asked in my local pub for deep fried sprouts. Surprisingly they were very nice.
  6. mercurydancer


    Jill Good quality ingredients are the key. I live close to Wensleydale (cracking cheese) and I get it at a specialist cheese shop in Thirsk, which has an artisan bread shop across the square. Fave cheese for me is either Keens or Montgomerys. In a sandwich, has to be with a good pickle. My own piccalilli is legendary, but it takes weeks to mature.
  7. mercurydancer


    nonna, I envy you. The Italians know how to cook for certain. I love Italy and the food is superb. Due to getting a visa for my wife (she is a Russian national) we have to go to Italy for her to open her Shengen visa. Not a hardship to visit Pisa and Firenza again. I dont care much for Rome. A well done steak can be done correctly, it just takes a little more skill from the chef.
  8. mercurydancer


    The food was to the expensive end of being acceptable. £15 for a course. Steak about 20 quid. Wine was expensive and very average. We went for a "flight" of wine, and it was three glasses of about 100ml in each glass. I am no expert in wine but I know some. I know of some restaurants in London which are far better, and cheaper.
  9. mercurydancer


    I am a bit of a foodie, I will admit, but Jill, you raise the issue of cheese on toast - now are you going for a full on welsh rarebit with grated cheese, egg and mustard? Pub style toastie? What cheese? Gotta be a good melting cheese. This could be a new thread - the ultimate cheese on toast.
  10. mercurydancer


    Was in London recently with my wife and we went to one of Gordon Ramsay's restaurants for her birthday treat. I am vegetarian but she is a carnivore. She loves steak so I though that this would be a good choice for her. This was the Maze in Chelsea. First of all it was busy, and cramped. I like a little space to eat. I dont suppose they can help the clientele but loudmouthed Londoners were the rule. She hated her steak. We ordered well done but a competent vet could have got that cow back on its feet. After a disagreement with the waiter, almost getting to an argument, it was taken back and returned. Obviously microwaved, and was the consistency of boot leather. The choice I had was grilled octopus. It was slimy. Wine was expensive and disappointing.
  11. mercurydancer

    Christmas In The O.M.S.

    Far too early. Its November!
  12. mercurydancer

    5 Melsonby Place

    Cliff Ton is up to his usual standard of genius. How he does it I dont know, but for sure, this site needs his level of knowledge
  13. mercurydancer

    How's your day?

    Got an invitation to a local TA unit where I served previously. I got there early and had to scrounge a coffee off the RLC cooks. Superb buffet lads and lasses! All credit. Had a fantastic day, some laughs, some tears. One laugh was an RSM who I knew very very well. Not seen him in donkey's years. After a hug, he looked at my hair and said "Mr T, you look like a f%$^ing sheepdog". Kept me giggling for the rest of the day.
  14. mercurydancer

    Garden Centres

    My wife is a garden fanatic and she rates the Moorgreen garden centre highly. I find it expensive but the plants are of good quality, rather than pathetic seedlings which arent going to grow.
  15. mercurydancer

    Nottinghams Heritage Assets

    Oh. I love the Nottingham of my childhood, but there it remains. In my childhood. The fogs, the smells, the buildings, the buses and the neighbourhoods. All a long time ago. I do think that with a little sense, things like the Central market could thrive again. With the emerging trend for organic and fresh food, a city centre market providing excellent quality food, cheeses, wines, meat, then this would be possible. My example would be the Borough Market in Southwark. Nottingham is crying out for this type of market! I do not share the cynicism that Nottingham is not worth its salt. It is a beautiful city, it has much in its favour. Certainly it is not like it was, but we are where we are. It is pretty in a way that Newcastle, Manchester and Leeds are not. It is certainly thriving. It is relatively safe. I could take you to towns like Middlesbrough where it is decidedly NOT safe. At night Boro is positively dangerous. Nottingham is not anywhere near as menacing. Nottingham is also interesting. It has bars which equal those in London and for curry it beats any city hands down... I am talking about curry corner on MMW and Mount Street. Although it does not specifically have a China Town, Chinese restaurants are good. There are many interesting restaurants which I have neither the time or money to go to, but they are there. I am all for the Lace market being full of curious cocktail bars and clubs. The unique building structures (Well at a push some parts of Leeds do look like that) have the potential, to be wonderful quirky places and deeply fascinating. I went to Mundella so I know the Embankment well. It is still lovely. A peaceful walk along the river, and so close to the town is a joy. OK I will admit, if Arkwright Street still existed, the walk into town would be immensely better. Real ale. A subject near to my heart, but probably will stop off in my liver. Nottingham excels at real ales. I am amazed at the high quality and availability of superb beers. It really is stupendous. Every week there is a pub or bar opening that serves good quality beers. Nottingham is quite compact compared to some other cities, so the competition provided by pubs increases the quality and the different types of beers. I dont have a beard, a notebook or a beer-stained jumper, but I do admire the work of Notts CAMRA. However, I would say to CAMRA - stop now, you have won. I rubbed the rose tint off my glasses a long time ago, but every time I return to Nottingham I find it a resurgent exciting and beautiful city.