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  1. mercurydancer

    Nottinghams Heritage Assets

    Oh. I love the Nottingham of my childhood, but there it remains. In my childhood. The fogs, the smells, the buildings, the buses and the neighbourhoods. All a long time ago. I do think that with a little sense, things like the Central market could thrive again. With the emerging trend for organic and fresh food, a city centre market providing excellent quality food, cheeses, wines, meat, then this would be possible. My example would be the Borough Market in Southwark. Nottingham is crying out for this type of market! I do not share the cynicism that Nottingham is not worth its salt. It is a beautiful city, it has much in its favour. Certainly it is not like it was, but we are where we are. It is pretty in a way that Newcastle, Manchester and Leeds are not. It is certainly thriving. It is relatively safe. I could take you to towns like Middlesbrough where it is decidedly NOT safe. At night Boro is positively dangerous. Nottingham is not anywhere near as menacing. Nottingham is also interesting. It has bars which equal those in London and for curry it beats any city hands down... I am talking about curry corner on MMW and Mount Street. Although it does not specifically have a China Town, Chinese restaurants are good. There are many interesting restaurants which I have neither the time or money to go to, but they are there. I am all for the Lace market being full of curious cocktail bars and clubs. The unique building structures (Well at a push some parts of Leeds do look like that) have the potential, to be wonderful quirky places and deeply fascinating. I went to Mundella so I know the Embankment well. It is still lovely. A peaceful walk along the river, and so close to the town is a joy. OK I will admit, if Arkwright Street still existed, the walk into town would be immensely better. Real ale. A subject near to my heart, but probably will stop off in my liver. Nottingham excels at real ales. I am amazed at the high quality and availability of superb beers. It really is stupendous. Every week there is a pub or bar opening that serves good quality beers. Nottingham is quite compact compared to some other cities, so the competition provided by pubs increases the quality and the different types of beers. I dont have a beard, a notebook or a beer-stained jumper, but I do admire the work of Notts CAMRA. However, I would say to CAMRA - stop now, you have won. I rubbed the rose tint off my glasses a long time ago, but every time I return to Nottingham I find it a resurgent exciting and beautiful city.
  2. mercurydancer

    Did you do a stupid thing

    Ah yes, doing stupid things in airports. I did a beaut last year. I use a black pack for all my travels. It has everything I need in it. I took it camping before we booked a flight to Pisa. I usually have a fair sized camping knife which is totally necessary. Necessary for camping, not to go to Italy with. Yep, I still had it in the bottom of my black bag when I went through security and found a surprising number of police around me. It took some explaining, but they accepted by story.
  3. mercurydancer

    Did you do a stupid thing

    I have often said to my wife "If it is useful you will hide it" I still dont know what she has done with my sandwich grill. Before she went to Russia we were in a hotel and I could not find my reading glasses. I started chuntering, and she tapped her head. I chelped back that I was not mad. She tapped her head again and pointed to my head. My head. That is where the reading glasses were.
  4. mercurydancer

    Nottingham Coop Fridge Department

    Sometimes it is very rewarding to go through posts from some years ago, and to turn up some diamonds. This is one. I clearly remember the van arriving at the gate (the only one where cars could get into Mundella) and they had Pork Farms pies and for me, a special treat would be a sausage roll. I have been vegetarian* for close to 3 decades now so cannot really remember what sausages taste like, but I recall enjoying the sausage rolls. My dad worked for GNCS and got me a Sat'dy job for me whenever he could. One short lived one was on the milk floats from Beechdale Road. Walking from Bobbers Mill Road to Beechdale was a torment at 4am. I used to get back home for about 11am and go back to bed. Nowadays it would be said to interfere with the circadian rhythm or the body clock. *The meat in a pork pie I can live without, but I have experimented with hot water crusts and veggie jelly, but still have not perfected the absolute, undeniable best ever porkless pie. The search goes on.
  5. mercurydancer

    Local shops or beer offs that you remember

    I recall one on Lambert St, just across from Berridge Road. My dad was always a light drinker, but did like a bottle of Nut Brown ale, which despite the plethora of real ales, craft ales and such, I have never tasted anything as good. Two traditions - going to the beer-off for some Indian brandy when my dad had the flu and some cream sherry at Christmas.
  6. mercurydancer

    Life's mysteries.

    There are only two kinds of socks. Clean ones and dirty ones.
  7. mercurydancer

    Gerards Soap Works, Basford

    I seem to recall a major fire in the middle 70s ish which I watched from my bedroom on Bobbers mill Road. I understand it caused much damage. Another thing I remember about Gerards, they had swimming pool sized areas of water with some kind of chemical stuff going off next to the factory which really ponged. I have no idea about what the function was at all.
  8. mercurydancer

    High Street Shopping, Is it Dead ?

    Chuggers? I am not even polite to them any longer, having been almost abused by them. One said, after I said I was not interested, said very loudly "Do you not care about children with cancer" with the obvious intent to humiliate. She got both barrels. First question was how much do you earn and how much is your CEO salary? I never fail to buy a poppy, and usually from someone who has a chest full of medals. There is a hope for the city, and I hope Nottingham can improve, although I doubt if the Council or anyone else has the nous to do this. People travel abroad and see fresh food markets, and want some of this at home. I am one of them. One element is that people are becoming attuned to quality products. @gem will know some of the markets. I often visit Helmsley market, and it is good. Lots of local produce of the finest kind and specialist products like cheese. York too is improving rapidly in a similar vein. Some of the smaller towns are developing very good markets. My solution? Re-open the Central market and charge the stallholders providing food very little for the stall. Control it well, so that it is not full of dodgy t shirt sellers and encourage farmers and even allotment owners to sell produce. I would go a long way to find lettuce which tastes of lettuce, and not of blotting paper, and tomatoes which taste like tomatoes...... Also blewits.... long time since I had a good blewit.
  9. mercurydancer

    The grand pub

    Yes it was a Bass house. Bass used to be a decent pint but I never had one at the Grand.
  10. mercurydancer

    The grand pub

    I did not go into the Grand much. I dont know why. Possibly because the beer was awful.
  11. I recall the Hyson Green flats with mixed memories. Used to play there as a kid, so knew most of it. Come the early 80s, when there were riots, disturbances or just general messing about, I was a policeman. I was stationed at that time in Worksop. Bearing in mind that my parents lived in Bobbers Mill Road at the time. The senior officer's idea was that officers from Bassetlaw were not going to be known in Hyson Green were they? My role was "keyholder" ie I carried a sledgehammer. I very clearly recall chasing a group of youths up the ramp shown in one of the previous photos, and seeing them disappear into a flat. I opened the flat door with some delicacy with about 3 thumps from the all purpose key, and faced a very old West Indian woman aiming a shotgun at us. As you can imagine, we didnt go much further. It was trendy at the time for the kids of West Indian origin to adapt a Jamaican accent so we heard "We beat de babylon" but normally their accept was a broad Nottingham as mine. Went back to Worksop, then on a weekend, went home to Hyson Green. The devil got into me and I went to the Cricketers for a pint, not to boast, or say I was a copper (suicidal behaviour if anything) but just to listen. I was recognised, but not as a copper, by a lad I had gone to school with and lived on Bobbers Mill Road. I wont say who, as the family name has been mentioned on this site, but the family were totally respectable, and of West Indian origin. I had a pint with this chap, and not a word was mentioned about the disturbance. Just a normal pub encounter.
  12. I would often go the other way, from Bobbers Mill Road to the Wheatsheaf, possibly the Nags Head (I swear they have the same carpets to this day) then on to the Whitemoor. Whitemoor is still going. I recall a small but dapper barman called Jack at the Whitemoor who pulled a perfect pint of Black and Tan. I never drank it anywhere else. Timescale? early 1980s.
  13. mercurydancer

    hyson green

    I loved the Wheatsheaf. On hot summers evenings my and my dad would walk down there and I would have Vimto as we sat on the walls. I also recall it as being a decent pub going into the 1980s. Its last reincarnation as a pub was a pub which had Reggae nights every Saturday. Now, its a Macdonalds.
  14. mercurydancer

    hyson green

    I recall Plimsoll Street well. At the top on the junction to Bobbers Mill Road (Top left on the photo) was a sweets hop run by my god parents. Across the road on Bobbers Mill Road there would have been two shops, one a newsagents run by the Beardsmores, and opposite, a fish and chip shop called Dogger Bank.
  15. mercurydancer

    Hyson Green and Basford

    I can totally confirm that the works identified as Berridge Road works are the ones which were part of Smith Dennis. I know both factories well, as my father worked at both. The Berridge Road metalworking factory was certainly still in operation until the early 1970s. The one on Berridge Road was a general purpose metalworking factory, which not only produced sheet metal, but turned metal products too, which supported the heavy casting plant on the other side of Lambert Street and fronted onto Bobbers Mill Road. The big castings were valves for the oil industry but the fine metal workings were the actual turning mechanism for the valves. Although Berridge Road was much busier than today as it was a through road from Radford Road to near Gregory Boulevard, I can recall castings being rolled down the road to the metalworking factory for the turning mechanisms to be fitted. On a personal note, almost exactly outside the door of what is now the community centre ( and at the time was the factory) I was knocked down by a car and spent a horrifying week in the Children's hospital.