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  1. mercurydancer

    Buses in Nottingham

    I was given, as a gift this Christmas, a Leeds city transport Crossley DD2 model. It looks very similar to buses I recall going from Trent Bridge to Hyson Gree. Is it the same type of bus or something different?
  2. mercurydancer

    When did you get your first television?

    Rediffusion for us. I recall a little switch which altered the telly from one band to another. When we left Bobbers Mill Road in 1983 the bakelite radio switch and the bakelite speaker were still there and working.
  3. mercurydancer


    I would amplify my previous comments that the member offline tag is very respectful. I like it enormously.
  4. mercurydancer


    I looked at the chulla Member offline tag today with great concern. Unfortunately my fears were confirmed. I did not know until today. Never knew his real name. The shock of learning about his death truly touched me. I always bottled out of meetings because I am innately shy, but I wish I had met him. I feel he would have made me welcome. I was often in Nottingham at the time of a meet but couldn't summon up the courage. Now an great opportunity has been missed. He always seemed to me to have a very incisive mind, and he knew what he was talking about too. Decent men are rare. I will miss his contributions to NS as he was very influential in many respects. Also, I wish his family peace following his demise, and I do hope that they find some comfort in knowing that he was respected by people he never knew in person.
  5. mercurydancer


    Could not have been either of those aircraft as they were both broken up for scrap long before the war. Air raid balloons were deployed over Nottingham,many of them. I cannot find an accurate number but it must have been in the many dozens if not hundreds.
  6. mercurydancer

    The Co Op

    I was in Nottingham and at a loose end, and had my Collins card. Collins is basically where the Coop distribution centre was, including the furniture delivery, where I worked when I was not at college. One of my duties was to sweep the floor in the area where the lorries loaded up. Now it is a bit different, but the roller doors are still there, and I recognised a fair bit of the area. Flash back memories to Nev Bradley, Wilfie, Stu,Two Cyrils and Mr Mc'Cann who drove the big wagon to Skeggy.
  7. mercurydancer

    Things that pee you off

    Ray Mallon was as bent as a dogs hind leg. Cleveland Police had far more bent coppers, but Mallon was bent as a mayor too.
  8. mercurydancer

    Things that pee you off

    One of the lads who binned the floral tributes was ex-army and is certainly not afraid of the itinerant community. Some of the tributes were on someone's property who had nothing at all to do with this matter at all, but was too afraid to remove them until someone did it for him.
  9. mercurydancer

    50 years on

    I cannot recall the ending of the City Police but when I joined the police, it was in the late 70s and there had been two big transformations. One to the Nottinghamshire Combined Constabulary then to Nottinghamshire Constabulary (Notice, not Nottinghamshire Police) Although there was some vague order for everyone to wear the same hat badge, it was a mark of an experienced copper to wear the Combined Constabulary badge, and they would not part with it. (I was based initially at Worksop as a beat officer then to Ollerton as a traffic lad) I "inherited" a flat hat with the combined constabulary badge on it and I was pointedly told to get the badge off. It took a few weeks to get a badge. It would have been simpler to have ordered from stores a flat hat with badge! This was not without significance as a Police Officer must be identifiable as such, and not having a cap badge would have been something that a perceptive solicitor would have picked up on. There was a similar kind of thing with the City/Combined/ Notts Constabulary in Nottingham city itself. Tug Wilson (Big Tug) never wore anything but City Police. Even his lapel badges. His brother (Little Tug) was a motorcycle officer and got what was on his helmet, Notts Constabulary. When we went down to Nottingham for footy matches, it was invaluable to have the Notts Constabulary badge as no one would know where you were from, avoiding such comments as woolybacks, local yokels, and other, somewhat more obscene epithets. The Worksop nick, as it was when I was there, is still there, and untouched. The new Worksop nick is in what was the car park. I wouldnt mind a walk round the derelict nick. Possibly a historical oddity, but some of the police boxes had the same key as for RAC call boxes. I still have the key
  10. mercurydancer

    Thurmans Yard

    IAN123 That is almost exactly where my parents lived. I cannot tell any more precisely, but that was it.
  11. mercurydancer

    Thurmans Yard

    Thurman Street was nowhere near Canning Circus, it was close to Alfreton Road, but near the Gregory Boulevard end. The other end of Thurman Street was IIRC onto Birkin Avenue
  12. mercurydancer

    Thurmans Yard

    As usual the experts come up with the goods. I was born at the maternity hospital on Derby Road, but my parents lived at 33 Thurman Street, now long gone. That was essentially my first home and oddly enough I have some memories of it, despite being a toddler.
  13. mercurydancer

    Alan Sillitoe

    I have always loved Sillitoe. I think his writings encapsulated Nottingham specifically, but also the everyday life of the 1950s and 60s when it became trendy to do so, although he never considered himself to be trendy at all. At a loose end between jobs, I tried to write poetry. He was at the Waterstones (Bridlesmith Gate?) and did a book signing and read some of my poetry. He said, "Its good" Never knew if he meant it, but he did read it with intent and slowly, before he spoke.
  14. mercurydancer

    Nightclubs in the early 80's

    I remember it well, but mostly on a Sunday night, with bands that couldnt make the Saturday gigs. The front of the pub was just the pub, with the acts down the side passage and at the rear of the pub. Still a decent turn out though.
  15. mercurydancer

    Curry houses in Nottm

    ian123. I have been visiting the Laguna for about 30 years and always get a welcome from Tony Verma. I have never had anything less than superb. Last visited just before Christmas. Superb as usual. Going back 30 years it was a regular haunt for a Friday night after the karate lesson. Never less than 3 but that would go on to about 10-15. There was never any trouble from drunks on a Friday night!