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  1. Nottnum plazes un ow itz sed.

    Gunner As in Gunner goo dahn tahn satdy
  2. Hyson Green get together

    I do battlefield tours, and Ypres is one of my localities. I specialise in locating graves and taking the relatives to specific graves. In Ypres, often all I can do is take the relatives to the Menin Gate and show them the name on the arch. It means that a body has not been recovered. I have often seen relatives find some kind of peace with a grave, but not so often with just a name on a wall.
  3. Try looking at the facebook group i found for Berridge. I THINK I found Nasreen 

    I found a facebook page for students that went to Peveril from 1963 to 1973 


    Berridge from 1960 to 1965 at

  4. Goose Fair

    From my time working in a cocktail bar, a jigger is a metal measure for alcohol
  5. Hyson Green get together

    That sounds interesting. I lived in Bobbers Mill Road so I know exactly where the Vine is. Would it detract or add to the meeting if I brought along my grandfather's documents from 3 Ypres where he was shot? Obviously he lived otherwise I would not be here!
  6. TV Theme tunes

    Ian Crown Court! Every weekday at lunchtime. Never saw it unless I was ill and at home. Often it was interesting drama. Van der Valk for the opening music. Black Beauty theme made me cry each time. In fact it still does. Do you remember the badly dubbed Robinson Crusoe programme?
  7. Were you at Berridge?

    I have a strong suspicion that I am on the front rank, last one on the right with the lovely jumper on.
  8. Were you at Berridge?

    Wb Beni Nasreen seems familiar to me, did her family run an Indian sari shop I think initially on Ilkeston Road but after that I dont know.
  9. Lost Pub Project

    I did go into the Fountain on my weekends in Nottingham. I recall it was a Forest pub but cannot remember much trouble. IIRC it went a long way back, despite the narrow frontage. I loved Yates when they had the string quartet on the upper floor.
  10. Forest Manager

    Aitor Karanka did OK for Boro, but ran into problems with the likes of Stewie Downing. Given a more focused team without primadonnas and he will do well for Forest.
  11. Nottingham to anywhere

    I have done Red Square in Moscow to Old Market Square in one day.
  12. Flat earth?

    Gravity is a odd thing. Its a wave apparently. These waves have been discovered. Not that gravity on earth varies much. Einstein defined what it could be on a huge scale, but we tend to live our lives in the gravity explained by Newton.
  13. Congestion Charge on the Way ?

    Nottingham is a sizeable city and could cope with the loss of trade by inhibiting motorists. Despite the howls from some of this site's members about the tram, Nottingham does have a decent public transport system which you can actually work out! I look at places like Darlington and Stockton on Tees, where the car parking charges are completely stupid. One street has parking for 2 hours at a pound. The next street has it for 20 minutes for a pound! The town centres therefore start to die.
  14. Storm coming

    The storm is heading north! Its not swinging round to cross NE England, the borders. It was originally tracked to go right over Edinburgh. Here in Teesside, its very quiet indeed. Almost no wind at all. The sky earlier was something out of an apocalyptic movie but is just light cloud now.
  15. The Jacksons of Bulwell

    Even by Nottstalgia standards that is quick