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  1. Fond memories of Underwood Institute. Went there many times with my Dad. Still open, or was the last time I was there. July this year. Loved the people selling vegetables from allotments. Far superior to chilled veg from supermarkets.
  2. Its been a fascination for me, not to just understand the soldiers and what they did, Cpl Bartle returned from Normandy having earned the Military Medal, no mean feat, but to their homes, the pubs they went to. What started me off in this was a visit to La Boiselle in France. 1 July 1916. Centre of the Somme assault. A little and beautiful cemetery is the last resting place of Cpl Croft, from Belton St, just next to Goodliffe St, and I started to wonder who these people were, and most of all, their leaving of their homes, some returned, some did not. 20 years ago, I wore their uniform an
  3. In the early hours of the night, British 6 Airborne landed in Normandy. 77 years ago tonight. As far as I( can tell, Cpl William Bartle of Goodliffe St in Hyson Green was one of them, the first Nottingham soldier I can find to land there. Not far from the Merville gun battery, which could have caused astounding damage. For all of the brave soldiers who fought that day, please raise a glass. I will.
  4. Major the dog deserves his own thread. I joined Notts police and Major was something of a legend then. Not with major, but in training, I put the padded suit on and the dog attacked on command. I was possibly at that point one of the fittest constables that notts constab had. I fought like hell against the dog but it took me down.
  5. Hi jamhel The factory across the road was not quite a brass foundry but a castings factory for huge valves used mainly in the north sea oil industry. I would very much like to hear about your grandfather's military experience. I still have a toy duck your grandfather made for me. I am saddened to hear of Jeffrey passing away.
  6. Maybe Jill, but I dont recall. Sharon was in the Brownies for certain.
  7. I recall Sharon very well. She was actually my age, and I played with her a lot.
  8. I recall the quince bush. No idea what they were but I do remember it.
  9. I feel I need to explain about Mr Sutcliffe. In the playground, he apprehended me accusing me of swinging round him as if he was a pole, whilst running in some playground game. I have no recollection of that, at the time or now. He picked me up and shook me like a rag doll for quite a long time. I was deeply upset and terrified of him ever after.I do remember hiding behind a cupboard to avoid him. Quite clearly this was an assault on a child that today would not be tolerated. I dont know if he is still alive, but if I got the chance I would explain to him how badly it affected me. I h
  10. Steve is still close to me. He didnt go to Mundella, I did. His older sister was Susan. For reasons I dont fully know, she became the black sheep of the family, but nothing sordid. My dad kept some communication with her, but as he grew old, this stopped.
  11. I lived next door. I have many memories of the Wiley family. Mr Wiley had a workshop in his attic and was really talented with woodwork. He showed me some basic tool handling with wood. I can recall the night he died. His neighbours really did get together and gave what support they could. I also recall Mrs Wiley. My father maintained her garden for quite some time. He did it for nothing but Mrs Wiley became quite imperious and saying that the work was not good enough, so my dad had nothing more to do with her garden. Vaguely I recall some relatives to the Wileys who had Northern Ir
  12. Mr Chandler.... Now I do recall him with affection. I recall Mr Sutcliffe with fear, and even now hos picture brings out anger in me. But Mr Chandler, no, he was always supportive of the shyer kids and was always encouraging.
  13. Jill Due to obvious issues, no Berridge visits form us old uns was possible. Is there any sign of that being possibility of a visit again this year or next?
  14. I recall with great affection the time my mum and dad spent with me on Janet and John books teaching me to read. I found it hard and remember struggling at times, in tears, but gently they persisted. By the time I got to Berridge I was way beyond my reading age. Its never gone away. I read voraciously now, and have done for many decades.