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  1. I recall with great affection the time my mum and dad spent with me on Janet and John books teaching me to read. I found it hard and remember struggling at times, in tears, but gently they persisted. By the time I got to Berridge I was way beyond my reading age. Its never gone away. I read voraciously now, and have done for many decades.
  2. The number of people getting blood clots is actually less than they would pre vaccine. Its not a side effect its just what happens. Smoking, drinking fatty foods, yes that would do it.
  3. I remember the Old General, Owd G with great affection. To this day, I am sure that I am one of very few who have been in Red Square in Moscow and Old Market Square in Nottingham in the same day. I got on the tram, but despite the huge amounts of luggage I had with me, I had to pay a call to the Old General pub. Last time ever, it was.
  4. I doubt it Phil, Pandemic rules accepted, it was a way of maintaining contact with the community. Just having a copper in there drinking quietly could ensure that the pub closed down quietly. especially in rural areas.
  5. Another pub which has closed recently was the Canal Tavern in Worksop. In the 80s is was a coppers pub. The landlord, Ray, welcomed it as there was never ever any trouble. I recall Ray with affection. If we were busy and it got late on a night and we wanted a pint, he would open the back door. Well, who was going to report him to the police?
  6. I recall the Clinton with affection. When I used to work Traffic from Ollerton, particularly six to two, or nights, the shift could take us to Central nick. Sometimes those shifts were endless. The best call was prisoner transfer from either Retford or Worksop or Mansfield to Central. Even better if it was midday. We knew we were not getting back that day. It could be 7pm at least before we knocked off. Usually we had to find accommodation in central nick, but I went home to my mum and dad in Hyson Green. We had bomber jackets over our uniforms and went for a pint in the Clinton. Hardly maski
  7. I can certainly advise on Worksop murders in that time as I attended at least one.
  8. I recognise a few faces but I cannot put names to faces. For certain I am not on it!
  9. I cant place anyone on that photo. I was certainly at Berridge in 1968 but possibly not my class.
  10. When I was clearing out my parents house, i took some books from my childhood, precious things to me now. One was 123 ABC and was in Gerry Machins handwriting (as it was clearly not my fathers handwriting) and said. This book belongs to PT on his 5th birthday from Kim and Gaye Machin. I was looking at it today.
  11. Looks like Marisha will be back 20 August. I will be stopping in Nottingham for one day but if anyone wants a quick meet up then that would be good. Afternoon for me. Sherwood or Bulwell?
  12. Definitely Mr Sutcliffe, I recall him well. Not seen his face in decades but it is him. I do recall Gary Fewkes and Graham Eaton. I was friends with Ravinda Hari. What surprises me is that I am not in that photo
  13. Marisha got her visa. She is coming home
  14. Yes Margie we do Skype. Not the same though on your anniversary. We had our honeymoon in the south of France and returned the next year. She looked so beautiful on Cannes beach. Supermodel gorgeous. Yes she is that pretty.
  15. Got another setback for Marina. Lockdown in Russia is continuing and we wont be able to process her passport. Its our wedding anniversary in a few days and I wont be able to hold her hand or see a pretty face.