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  2. How's your day?

    I couldn't possibly comment Jill, with me leading a sheltered life as well Rog
  3. How's your day?

    The man from North Kesteven council environment department is coming to see me this morning to discuss the problem with next doors chimney smoke, I first complained to them about this problem some five years ago and filled in many forms stating when we get the smoke problem and how it affects us, and as yet all that has been done is they have sent a letter next door saying the council have recieved a complaint about the smoke but still the smoke continues, I have even sent the council photo's of the smoke coming out of the chimney but still they failed to do anything, we will see what happens today although I know deep down nothing will happen so I will carry on having the washing smelling of smoke, have smoke coming through the bungalow windows if we leave them open and I will still be having breathing problems when it gets too bad, oh well such is life Rog
  4. David Cassidy

    I think he's battled the booze as well....and lost! He's not much older than I am!
  5. How's your day?

    Are you suggesting there are scrubbers in Bulwell, Rog?!
  6. How's your day?

    Big day today! The rubbish skip is due for delivery early afternoon. Washing machine died last week so it will be put out front next to the skip and will no doubt be removed by the 'Skip Fairies' , along with No.1 daughter's old bike., the old stainless double drainer etc. Just hope the Skip Goblins don't try to fill the skip with their rubbish before I do with mine... They're invisible you know... Dishwasher is nearly new, so will have to go in garage until we can give it away/flog it. New slimline built in job will replace it. New built in washer too. Kitchen is being ripped out tomorrow and I'll be taking all wall tiles and floor tiles out straight after. Almost looking forward to that. Just bashing the tiles off with a bolster chisel and hearing them break on the floor. Very cathartic... Then I have to carry on trying to make space in the garage for the electrician to work.. Frankly, the more I'm occupied between now and Christmas, the better. Hate this time of year and just want the shortest day over with then see the new year in and look forward to Spring. Col
  7. That was grand Chulla. I did enjoy the first one more though. You were right, it did have the feeling of a piano concerto. I think that most of the classical music that I enjoy, was first heard by me in those early films. Thank you.
  8. Today
  9. David Cassidy

    70's heartthrob singer and actor, David Cassidy has died aged 67, from complications following years of battling dementia. RIP David.
  10. How's your day?

    Not sure whether there was any in Wethers yesterday Rog
  11. Pleased you liked that, carni. I'll push my luck and give you another, seeing you like The Dream of Olwyn. This one is from a 1939 film called Four Wives and is composed by Max Steiner, the greatest of the Hollywood composers. It just shows what wonderful music was being composed for films before the war.
  12. How's your day?

    No mess, Chulla. He's got his own industrial vacuum and cleans up every afternoon before he leaves. Just as well because I don't know any scrubbers!
  13. I really enjoyed that Chulla. Call me an old romantic. It was just up my street. Time to get my one and only 'Piano Concertos LP' out for a blast. Dream of Olwin here I come.
  14. How's your day?

    Let's hope he doesn't leave a mess, otherwise you will need a scrubber, Jill.
  15. Maybe he was Jill, but he won't get any of those I can tell you ! He's a choosy beggar, as the other week, I'd put out some dog biscuits, and as I was washing the dinner plates, I'd scraped off madams leftovers of mashed potatoes and curly kale, and plopped it on top of the biscuits. I didn't notice the light come on over night, but the following morning, I noticed that the biscuits with the potato and kale on we're still there, although surrounding ones had vanished. I removed the remnants and put out the biscuits along with fresh ones the following night, and they all were consumed . Obviousley he was unimpressed with my cooking !
  16. I wonder if Reynard was looking at you and thinking "Ey up. There's FLY eating a mince pie! These humans don't half scoff some rubbish!"
  17. Hmm. Shostakovich. Very much in the Russian vein of Tschaikowsky, Rachmaninoff, etc. They appealed to me more when I was younger. As I've grown older, I find my tastes have become simpler where most things are concerned and plainsong, Bach, Early Music generally is played around my home nowadays. I have hundreds of classical CDs and LPs but only a small percentage are played regularly.
  18. Another most enjoyable occurrence last night. During an advert break at 9.40 in the appalling 'I'm a Celebrity' programme, I'd made a cup of tea and got a mince pie. The outside security light came on, so I partially wound up the blind over the French Windows and there was a beautiful adult fox chomping on a few cat biscuits that the neighbours moggies had left. The fox stared at me, finished the snack and wandered off. I then put some dog biscuits out in the hope that it would return. Then a couple of hours later, at 11.40, I'd just logged off from browsing NS, and the light came on again. I jumped out of bed, pulled aside the curtain and unbelievably, there were not one, but two large badgers in the garden. One was eating the dog biscuits, and the other was at the base of the tree where the squirrels peanut box is situated, and clearing up the scraps the squirrels had dropped. They finished their supper, and scrambled up the garden and off into the night. It was wonderful to watch this happening barely a mile from the city centre, and I must visit Wilko's for more goodies for them. Now I appreciate that some members detest foxes, as they have suffered heartbreaking carnage to lambs and poultry previously, as I have with losing ducks and hens in the past, but in my garden in the depths of Basford, it's a sight to behold.
  19. I think one or two of you like piano concertos. This isn't one, but sounds like one, so you might like it. It has a strident tone with a romantic theme. One for carni, perhaps.
  20. Catfan's Blog.

    Excellent news, Catfan. Must be Mrs Cs influence!
  21. How's your day?

    Thanks, NBL. He has explained all this and really seems on top of the job. I've been impressed by the way he works. No lunch breaks, hard graft all the time and sheer enthusiasm for his trade! Nice to see in this day and age.
  22. My Bike rides

    Oh keeping fit for me is dead easy. I get all my excercise by osmosis after reading Plantfits bike rides!
  23. Yesterday
  24. The Shippos pub at the end of Bell St was the Belvoir. Kiddiers Engineering next door but Burroughs across the street. The New Bridge Inn was always Shipstones of course.
  25. Games you played

    That might be the only one Margie, have tried to post more but am unable to do, why no idea will keep trying. Wish it was as easy as sending pics through email, thank you for you lovely comment on my hallway. Gem
  26. Spoonful..... Cream.
  27. You posted that on a different thread, Loppy. I saw it... And there's no Mr Sparks on my Happy Family cards, although it may be the garage man in the Noddy TV series.
  28. I thought I posted to this earlier. Ode age I guess 'cos I don't see it now. Wasn't there a Mr. Sparks the electrician?
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