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  2. Gedling Church

    Thanks for the update AG, I am enjoying reading your posts on the subject. It is intriguing stuff and will be interesting to find out who the tomb does belong to. Look forward to reading your next additions of information.
  3. One Way, or Another..... Blondie
  4. Keep One Drop One

    Fish Market
  5. Gedling Church

    Just got back from Ted’s talk on Francis Lovel at Gedling Church. Much of the story is as I put down in the article I put on OneDrive, but Ted’s now added a few more pieces to the puzzle. His further research touches ... The escape route from the battlefield at East Stoke and the significance of the position of the old Nottingham-Newark road. If the tomb isn’t Lovel’s, whose is it? All other rebel knights are accounted for. Knights of Henry’s army would surely not have been buried miles in the opposite direction to his army’s advance. Lords of the manor, and influential clergy (even though they wouldn’t have worn armour) are accounted for. The alabaster slab may be Lovel’s, but might have been moved from its original location during one of the extensive refurbishments the church has undergone. Interesting talk attended by a few members of the Richard III society as well as the locals. Only had time to say a brief hello to Ted, as he was off showing the audience the slab, but I’ll email him to see if he’s written it up in article form, and see if I can get get a copy.
  6. Hottest June day in 41 years

    The last time I saw Ladybower Reservoir was about 76 and it was almost empty, following a dry year and heatwave. Oddly enough I am there tomorrow fly fishing from a boat. Should be full after all that rain. Just hoping that this mini heatwave will bring on an early Mayfly hatch
  7. Shop/Business Names

    I have come across these two on my travels. A solicitor's called Wright Hassll An estate agent called Swindells
  8. How's your day?

    Well.......just got back,, what a disappointment ,,less than 100 cars,,no insults or abuse,,so no need to do my 'New York cop bit,,in fact all nice people,,could'nt do it regular too edge to it......know what i mean?
  9. Nottingham Festival 1970

    At one time the Humber lifeboat crew and families all lived together on the tip of Spurn point with their Severn class permanently afloat. I think the crews still work from there but the families have had to move do to coastal erosion.
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  11. One Way Ticket (Because I Can) - LeAnn Rimes
  12. Keep One Drop One

    Market Place
  13. I think this is what you're thinking of.
  14. Keep One Drop One

    Meeting place
  15. Nottingham Festival 1970

    By a strange coincidence, I had to collect a train driver today, He works out of Immingham, and was taking a load of coal to Toton depot, to be delivered to Radcliffe power station tomorrow. His train was stopped, near to market rasen, due to another train having a brake problem. The other train was delivering fuel to Kingsbury. So a nice trip from Toton, to Wickenby and Immingham, in the sunshine.
  16. Looking at this picture of Denman St brings back memories. My brother had a paper round from a shop on Churchfield Lane. I could not get up in the morning so when I was 11, I got a delivery boys job at the CO-OP on Alfreton Rd just by Radford Blvd. I had one of those bikes with a basket on the front and worked Friday evening and Saturday morning delivering orders. Getting across and around Alfreton Rd and Radford Blvd on a Friday when Players let out was a trick and I remember getting knocked off the bike a few times but nothing serious. I did it for a couple of years. Here in the US the big supermarkets and Amazon are just starting similar services, what goes around comes around. What was the name of the Flee Pit on Hartley Road we used to go there sometimes on a Saturday afternoon for the Tanner Rush. The Capitol was on Bobbers Mill
  17. Keep One Drop One

    Board Meeting.
  18. One Way Out..... The Allman Brothers Band
  19. Nottingham Festival 1970

    I think rail deliveries to Colwick Terminal ceased in the 90's.
  20. Nottingham Festival 1970

    When we moved to the Trent Valley in the early 60’s there was still a lot of barge traffic on the Trent with towboats pulling dumb barges. Some used to overnight at the Bromley at Fiskerton. The traffic gradually dwindled over the years and I think the last barges took gravel from Gunthorpe quarry to Hull. There is still barge traffic on the tidal stretch beyond Cromwell lock carrying mainly gravel. Below Keadby bridge, which no longer lifts, there are seagoing boats delivering to the riverside wharves. These usually come from Northern Europe. Where the Trent runs into the Humber at Trent Falls the shifting sands necessitate regular updating of the navigation charts and pilotage is required for larger boats. The Humber lifeboat is the only one in the country that has a full time crew. It’s pretty bleak out on those waters and a long way from anywhere interesting. A road trip along either side of the Trent from Gainsborough to the Humber area is worth exploring.
  21. Hottest June day in 41 years

    If it's warm, get one of these down ya......
  22. River Leen any Stories or Info?

    The River Leen flows through and under the area where the Raleigh factories were, so it could've been literally under his feet.
  23. Wild One - Faith Hill
  24. Nottingham Festival 1970

    This is apparently from the 1950s and the barge is named 'Esso Nottingham' - just visible on the bow in an enlarged version.
  25. Hottest June day in 41 years

    Reckon I've got a bit of sun stroke .... 'ed banging
  26. How's your day?

    I've been laughing all the way home. As I was leaving the office tonight I overheard one of the cleaners telling another about a funeral she'd been to. "It was really good," she enthused, "and his son gave a wonderful urology!' No....surely, she was taking the *iss?
  27. Yet to change it's name...

    That is the cleanest I've seen the front of the Bendigo, when I lived on the hollows 40years ago it was a right tip!!
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