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  2. Just having a coffee while reading some fantastic posts & posters, I can't help but think the originator of this thread Firbeck would have bossed the "Anything Political" thread.
  3. I remember, I believe it was Len Brooks who told me, that when they were contracted to demolish part of Radford Colliery, the winding gear wheel was cut from its housing and rolled off towards some property fortunately stopping before any damage resulted! Jeanette, Did your mum have a younger sister, Joanna and brother 'Bod'?
  4. Hi, my mother left our household when I was 3 in 1956,her name was Edna May Brooks, her father was Albert Brooks, any information would be appreciated, regards Alan Smith. 

  5. Wells Road restrictions in two sections. Shepherd's Race garage up to pedestrian crossing/Premier shop (presumed to include side streets) and then just past Astley Drive to just before Walter Halls school. Parking permits 8am to 8pm except marked bays (like 2hrs free outside Macmillan House complex). Nearer town there is 2hrs free opposite IC discounts on St Ann's Well Road.
  6. My brother in law lived on fisher st. They were the wheeldons . Derek, Sid, John, Trevor, Bernie and 1 girl Wendy
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  8. Hi DJ360 just look at the other post you sent, and as i have not changed my pans for h'mm'mm quite a while i think it could be the way that they are stored. Not the way that i store them as like you they are in a veg rack, no definitely the "Super Markets"
  9. I once drank too much. I used to make my own. Powerful stuff. The Lord took that desire away in 1981. Never touched it since, don't miss it. I'm not critical of anybody that enjoys one. Just not for me anymore. Had a good dose of Bach yesterday afternoon as suggested. So uplifting.
  10. Didn't say they did though they don't exactly help, just thought I's clear up a misconception... According to the graph on this site, windows are by far the biggest threat to American birds is a major source of mortality for,problem in wetlands where water is drying up.
  11. This is very odd. Thinking way back to school science and my later stint as a Lab Technician.. Potato starch turns blue in the presence of Iodine.. which I doubt is present in your cooking, but starch also turns black in the presence of Iron and other metals. Are you cooking in aluminium or non-stainless pans? Some interesting info here: I don't know how you store your spuds Mary. I definitely wouldn't keep them in the fridge. When we used a small veg rack, spuds were always lept in a thick black bag to keep them from daylight which turns them green (and potentially toxic) These days they just go in a cupboard, in a black bag.
  12. Interesting that it is such a small river, yet considered suitable to power a number of mills in olden days. Other industries too like dye works etc. From Papplewick to Nottingham it was a real artery of industry.
  13. Didn't think hedgehogs caught birds. edit: just checked, they eat ground nesting birds.
  14. Despite the large numbers of birds killed by cats in gardens, there is no clear scientific evidence that such mortality is causing bird populations to decline. This may be surprising, but many millions of birds die naturally every year, mainly through starvation, disease or other forms of predation. There is evidence that cats tend to take weak or sickly birds. We also know that of the millions of baby birds hatched each year, most will die before they reach breeding age. This is also quite natural, and each pair needs only to rear two young that survive to breeding age to replace themselves and maintain the population. It is likely that most of the birds killed by cats would have died anyway from other causes before the next breeding season, so cats are unlikely to have a major impact on populations. If their predation was additional to these other causes of mortality, this might have a serious impact on bird populations. Those bird species which have undergone the most serious population declines in the UK (such as skylarks, tree sparrows and corn buntings) rarely encounter cats, so cats cannot be causing their declines. Research shows that these declines are usually caused by habitat change or loss, particularly on farmland. Source: RSPB There is also the threat from wind turbines, plate glass windows, pesticides, pollution, etc. All of them man made. Don't even get me started on hedgehogs
  15. RSPB figures: Cars - 6 million Cats - 55 Million Quote:- In the UK alone, it has been estimated that domestic cats catch around 55 million birds every year. Birds and cars do not mix and many birds lose their lives when they collide with moving vehicles. Rather worryingly, it is believed that the lives of around 6 million birds are claimed this way each year.
  16. First hand pulled pint in 104 odd day on Sunday in Castle Rocks brewery tap The Vat & Fiddle, name & telephone numbers & drinks order taken on entry, table for 2 in the sun out the back in the reclaimed car park, now beer garden, felt quite tipsy on just one pint
  17. This thread seems to have accumulated a large number of one-off posts which have a common link of Brooks, but without much other connection. One day we might be able to tie up several loose ends.
  18. It looks like Broad Marsh has / is going to be handed back to Nottm City Council. Now the 5 or 10 year wait while all the different groups argue over what's the best solution for the site.
  19. Weir & sluice gate near Moor Bridge, could watch that all day.
  20. Never going to give up charming the ladies though, are you Ben?
  21. It is distressing, PP, but the cats are only obeying their natural instincts. Far more birds are killed by cars and cats don't drive cars, people drive cars. Can we say that, in doing so, we are only obeying our natural instincts? Garden birds also fly across roads, usually at low level. Most of the damage done on this planet is perpetrated by us. Is that a good case for designating the human race as vermin? Well, I know what I think!
  22. Always loved a drink,,but since my op two years ago tried twice early days,,and it tasted awful,, both the beer and a spirit,,so im now TT,,never thought id say to anyone,, ""dont smoke,""dont drink"", classed em both as great pleasures.
  23. .....whereas I've gone the other way. I don't drink much at home; I keep it for social, external gatherings. I've never been verging on alcoholism, but since the middle of March I've drunk less than at any time since I first ever started drinking.
  24. I’ve often found that I’ve known the Leen - or seen it - usually without realising it. And only now - writing this - I've realised that it follows a path passing near where both sets of grandparents lived. My earliest memory is on Queens Drive where it joins the Trent near Wilford. I passed there dozens of times on a bus from Clifton to Nottingham. I saw the place without knowing what it was or why it was there. The family connection continues where the Leen goes through Lenton in the Derby Road/Triumph Road area, not far from where my grandparents lived. Then it goes further along towards Radford - and the other grandparents - near St Peter’s Street and Churchfield Lane. One reason I never paid much attention to it is that it doesn’t look much like what you expect a river should be - it’s more of a big stream, and it’s often culverted and hidden from view.
  25. Not a good start today. Up early as usual and dressed in gym shorts ready for the rowing session. In came one of the cats, wet through and brushing against my naked legs. Shooed him off and went down to the kitchen to find a dead and mauled Blue Tit on the floor. For me this is quite distressing. Did just 30 min on the rowing machine and showered. Then the other, very wet cat walked into the dressing room and brushed around my just dried legs. He was ejected with a threat - "If there is another dead bird in the kitchen I will strangle both of you!!". Luckily there wasn't. I used to love seeing all the birds on the garden. Should there be a protection order on garden birds and cats treated as vermin? OK I'm on a 'bad cat day'. Just wish we did not have them. ..............just before I logged in I walked into the conservatory with my coffee.....and you have guessed...both cats looking very cuddly and innocent on the sofa, gave me their slow blink and yawn.....
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