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  2. Ayup, I cannot believe how quick your response is !! Considering how far apart we are. Technology still amazes me. At least a great diversion from the current nightmare we are all in..
  3. I have a mono vinyl I bought in the 60's of the Planet Suite, in the 90's I purchased a stereo CD of it.
  4. It was only years after before I found out about the music. Of course it was Gustav Holtz, "The Planets Suite". I've still got the album I bought way back in the early seventies, (will have to transfer it to cd or MP3). When we first moved to sheltered housing in 2005, I was introduced to Mr.Quatermass, I thought it were a joke. A bit embarrassing really as he remarked that I wasn't the first to disbelieve. All this about fifty years after watching the series.
  5. Peregrine is liking the silence;
  6. Great photos, taken at 6 in the morning so not usually a busy time.
  7. Just a thought from that picture, what are all the Pigeons (and the Rats) going to feed off now McDonalds and all the other takeaways are closed.?
  8. Funny you should say that BK, I too had nightmares over the one and only episode I watched as a kid. I happened to see the episode that scared me a couple of years back, somewhere on the internet, and Jeeze, it was so primitive, made me wonder what scared me.
  9. On Tuesday all flags will be at half mast at midday and we will have a minutes silence to grieve for the victims of CV. The medical staff have all been sung for , clapped for and pans rattled for them . Hope they all heard.
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  11. Beautiful photos. Was a pleasure to see them as they are now.
  12. Great views of the City, what a pleasure , the Theatre Royal looks beautiful, really will have to have a trip to the City , when ?
  13. The thing I remember most about Quatermass, which always put the wind up me as a child, was the intro music= "Mars, the bringer of War". Incidentally, for the last 14years, my next door neighbours have been Mr. & Mrs. Quatermass ! They moved to Seaford, about 3 months ago. They are both in late eighties.
  14. Excellent pictures DaveN, thank you for posting the link. Has there ever been views like this before, I wonder.
  15. ''Do not forsake me,,oh my Darling''
  16. Photos of deserted Nottingham City Centre
  17. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough... Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell
  18. I wasn't allowed to watch Quatermass on the telly because my Mum didn't like that sort of thing. I did see Quatermass and the Pit on the cinema though, and several times on the TV since. It was on last night on some channel. It was released in 1967. Margie, I recall watching Survivors, though I have a vague memory that the series sort of ran out of steam. A similar thing happened with the kids SF series Tripods.
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  20. I do Oz and I can remember the locust style of walking of those affected in the 50's series... The 70's not so much.
  21. Who remembers Quatermass, the TV series in the fifties and the movie Quatermass and the Pit in the late 70's
  22. Be careful, we don't want everyone getting the clap. Seriously though what a great gesture toward all in the NHS who are the key to defeating this virus.
  23. Deepdene, I've only watched the first episode but I expect subsequent ones are on YouTube. I 'm definitely going to watch them
  24. Margie, I remember watching Survivorrs back in the '70s.
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