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  2. Thats good you were lucky it was a sunny day.
  3. The hose detached and drenched me. No harm done. I carried on working in the warm sun until my trousers were dry!
  4. It certainly looks like yard work and gardening are way more dangerous than flying phil what did you do now hope you are ok.
  5. Hope you are ok Phil. Remember we are all at a certain age, me included and we don’t always do what we are supposed to do. Just come back from Asti in a sudden storm, side of roads flooded, arrived on the road to home and everything was dry. Now it’s started here the biggest drops of rain !
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  7. There’s plenty of trees in our field hedge and on our property but fortunately we’re just out of the conservation area so we can cut them as we wish. Not that we would unless it was absolutely necessary. I think four big lads from the council have pulled the branch into an open gateway on the corner leaving someone else to deal with it. The owner of the tree has a wood burner and a son with a chainsaw!
  8. You have to have deep pockets when dealing with these matters in conservation areas. Bit like having a Grade 1 or 2 listed building. Or asking what the petrol consumption is on a 1914 4 litre Sunbeam. If you have to ask then it is most likely you cannot afford....................
  9. We’re lucky in having two 8 by 12 aluminium greenhouses. Neither cost us a penny. One was given to my wife by my parents over 40 years ago as a birthday present and the other was inherited from her mother. We’ve got peppers, aubergines, cucumbers and tomatoes, some of those are three feet high already. I have had to move them, dismantle and re-erect both of them from other houses though. I’ve just had a nasty accident with a detached hosepipe. I didn’t carry out a safety assessment on that before use!
  10. Mrs B sorry I didn’t answer about my husband.He’s ok the hospital gave him a cortisone injection and strapped his knee up. It’s still bothering him a bit but at least it’s not as painful as it was. They recommended a risonanza so Dr tomorrow to ask for prescription to book one. Now it’s my turn I have a floater in my right eye. My optician has given me a phone number as she can’t look properly. Age I suppose. I hate going to the drs I’ve had too many visits in the past.
  11. Food of the Gods Barrie. I guess my neighbour will get a bill from Notts CC. The tree’s in a conservation area so she wasn’t allowed to cut it down!
  12. So there you are Phil., you did your 'self assessment' and thought better of it. Full English sounds a better alternative too. Better than my weetabix.
  13. Two vans with flashing lights have turned up so it must have been reported to the authorities.
  14. Meanwhile.. I'll just leave this here for anyone who is interested... › politics › 2022 › aug › 01 › righter-than-right-tory-conservative-hardline-drift-public-opinion Righter than right: Tories' hardline drift may lose the public 1 Aug 2022"The centre of gravity in the Tory party has shifted to the right quite considerably," he said. "It's no surprise that whether candidates privately supp
  15. There’s an ash tree that’s just dropped a big branch on our lane this morning, totally blocking the road. We contacted the owner who’s currently away and she’s been in touch with her son in the next village who will be round to deal with it. I could get out a chainsaw and start to cut it up but I thought ‘why should I?’ Health &Safety and all that. There are plenty of much younger people around to do the lifting and I’ve got a ‘full English’, my Sunday treat, to tuck into. I can’t hear the sound of chainsawing yet though and it’s been lying there for over two hours.
  16. I'm behind my veggie schedule this year. Firstly, I wanted to get my patio completed before my next knee op, but also the weather here has been cool, despite the strong sunshine many parts have seen for the last week or so. My tomato plants are only about 6" high and in the middle of 'hardening off', but I'm potting them up to 5" pots today and they'll go into final pots in a week or so. Cucumber get similar treatment. I don't have a greenhouse. For the last couple of years I've given away bucket loads of the 'Bella' Cherry tomatoes. They are very nice, but surplus doe
  17. Or.. 'then clearly, in one case I posted something which was incorrect and ackowledged the fact.' Are you sure that quote is from Wiki? I've extensively searched articles on the Guardian in Wiki and cannot find that exact phrase. I found it here though.. Difficult to 'get behind' the origins and motivations of 'Bowl Functions', but it looks rather US oriented. And if you continue with that article it quotes the Guardian as the 'most trusted' mainstream paper in the UK.
  18. I do feel though, that each and every job you look at, whether at home or in the garden, if you've got any modicum of common sense, you automatically do a subconscious risk assessment. Anybody who ignores the dangers will not only put themselves at risk but anyone working in the vicinity. For example, if you were planning to prune a tree that was overhanging a cliff, you wouldn't need H&S to tell you to be careful. You would tell yourself, "Ain't no way I'm going up there with a chainsaw". Bravado is a quick route to A&E.
  19. When looking at the players that took the field for yesterday's FA Cup final I think you can see one of the reasons why England have been so poor in their performances in the European and World Cups. Yes, I know they got to the semi in the European cup but not winning was a failure. Of the 22 who took to the field at the start of the game 7 were born in England the remaining 15 were from ten different countries. If you take into account the named substitutes, whether they played or not, then the total is 14 English born out of 40. With a total of 15 countries of birth. Is this high proportion
  20. That which does not kill you makes you stronger!! My maxim is look after yourself and in extremely dangerous circumstances do not put yourself in danger.
  21. Had a similar experience with a well known cereal manufacturer. Their large box of Corn Flakes, when opened looked like the brown chaff I would give to the horses, very brown and obviously over cooked. I sent them an email with all the product details, bar codes, use by dates etc and got a response that they were investigating the issue and assured me that the product had not been changed and were sending me a $10 voucher and thanked me for the information. We used the voucher the other day to purchase more of the product and it was thankfully back to normal.
  22. Attempted to listen to the Cup Final on the steam radio last night. We live in a fringe area for reception on the station that was broadcasting the final so we had all the atmospherics reminiscent of Radio Luxembourg in the 60s. To top it all after listening to Abide with Me (with a tear in my eye) our ABC (BBC) cut to a news bulletin at 11:30pm our time? so I missed the kick off and the first goal.
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  24. If I made you laugh MrsB., then my work here is done ! My role in life is to entertain and assist. If I cannot do this, then I've failed. My reward is your thanks and praise. Keep supping the syrup and make sure you stock up on Bog rolls. Your servant ma'am.
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