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  2. Running a Marathon

    Disgusting! We shouldn't have to kow tow to anyone!
  3. Running a Marathon

    It's like a lot of other products CT,the British have to change the name of things to suit others,Jiff change to Ciff because the Spanish can't pronounce the letter J, Oil of Olay changed to Ulay (or the other way round) because someone else couldn't pronounce the letter U, Rog
  4. Running a Marathon

    Bloody heck,better start looking for another wife then,Mrs P usually comes in after the St John guys have well gone Rog
  5. Running a Marathon

    Never been the same since they changed the name.
  6. Running a Marathon

    About time they pepped it up a bit? Worrabout if they say shot the last one or two every mile or so? That'll gerhum running faster? Ehh?
  7. Running a Marathon

    And to think, Pheidippides managed with a pair of sandals...or maybe just his bare feet!
  8. Running a Marathon

    I know that Mick but I can't afford the expensive ones Rog
  9. Running a Marathon

    WHAAT, £170 for training shoes ? They've seen you all coming Rog !
  10. Running a Marathon

    Need to register Mick,then they want to know how long you'r estimated time will be,do you want a T shirt? (extra cost) do you need a photo of you crossing the line with the race time in view (more expense) car park fee,stuck in traffic to get her there on time,stuck in traffic to get her back home again,food stalls when there,drinks stalls,massage after the race, bloody expensive day,wears me out just getting her there and back,Oh and not forgetting the £170 training shoes to run in, Rog
  11. What would you take in an emergency?

    Makes sense, you'd need someone to keep cutting the grass Mick Rog
  12. Of course Jill not forgetting the pets !
  13. Today
  14. How's your day?

    We aint got gas in the village Rog
  15. Running a Marathon

    And then the usual traffic chaos, seems someone is making a killing out of this marathon milarky ! I didn't know you had to register, I thought you just turned up on the day.
  16. How's your day?

    We don't switch on the central heating so often, preferring the gas fire in the living room, which gets some stick in winter. Mrs Chulla uses a considerable amount of gas for cooking and hot water. Our latest statement from our gas supplier tells us that we will be using £550s worth of gas in the coming year, based on previous bills. So, an average of around ten pounds a week.
  17. Running a Marathon

    Don't think Mrs P is doing the Nottingham one this year but she is doing the Worksop one towards the end of the month £15/£20 entry fee,I think the London one is a lot more than that,Mrs P said she wasn't doing the York one this year because £20 entry fee plus £500 sponsership money,it's all starting to become another rip off Rog
  18. Bobbers Mill Road area

    After all the sand has been excavated the bottom of the pit is usually blue clay,completely waterproof and stable, the only problem,if there is one would be of ground drainage with water being unable to seep through the clay,but with a good drainage/sewerage system in place there should be no problems Rog
  19. What would you take in an emergency?

    Unless you've got cats!
  20. Things you don't see anymore

    Then some people put "Fred & Freda" or whatever name they had in big white letters !
  21. Things you don't see anymore

    Having spotted a right good shiner last night made me think whatever happened to black eyes? You don't see em anymore? Not googens! My Aunt Ada always had one?
  22. I would take Mrs C, nothing else matters.
  23. How's your day?

    That's so "last week" Dave, modern boilers don't have pilot lights anymore I'm told, besides how much gas would a pilot light burn in a year ? Where's NBL when he's needed !
  24. How's your day?

    Glow Worm had a fantastic reputation some years ago. I knew someone who worked there. The premises are in Belper which is not far from me. However, the company was taken over by Vaillant who, themselves, are highly thought of. All the old names are now owned by someone else. Even Aga isn't Aga anymore! I was told when choosing a multi fuel stove that the Aga models are now made cheaply in China and not to be tempted. Nowt's what it used to be, is it?
  25. How's your day?

    if British Gas serviced it I they'd condemn it New boiler fitted about 5 years ago from British Gas four & half grand they originally wanted to fit it in the middle of a bedroom wall due to air flow! It's in the loft.
  26. Catfan's Blog.

    Sorry to hear you're still under par, Catfan. Chin up, you'll get there!
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