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  2. If you ever wondered what happened to the snooker tables, you now sit on them & at them in the Embankment beer garden
  3. Happy report over the weekend in Nottingham city centre, no checking in, no booking, walked to bar, no masks, ordered & paid for me pint in cash, carried it back to our table, like going back to March 2019, wonderful
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  5. I used to chauffeur him. I drove too quickly for him to check the denomination! It just occurred to me that it was my driving that made him keep crossing himself!
  6. I've got the owner's handbook for my late dad's Ford 93e Prefect. It lists the toolkit as follows; Contents of Toolkit. Tool bag Wrench 7/16" X 1/2" Hex open end. Wrench 9/16" X 1/2" Hex open end Wrench spark plug and springclip nut box spanner Screwdriver Monkey Wrench Pliers Wheelbrace Starting crank Tyre pump Jack handle and tyre lever. Lubrication gun Cylinder head box spanner Tommy bar Tyre lever. There are comprehensive instructions in the handbook on how to do a decarbonising operation, wi
  7. Odd. RCs, in my experience, don't have much regard for non RC establishments. Going back to school days, they weren't even permitted to join in assembly or attend the carol service. I always thought that rather harsh but that's the way it was.
  8. This is not a feature, but necessity. Hubby's first car was a rear-engined Renault Dauphine. To keep the front end down he used to have a sack of sand in the boot.
  9. This chap used to cross himself not withstanding the denomination. That was proper insurance!
  10. I once knew someone who used to cross herself whenever she passed an RC establishment. Odd habit (no pun intended). I wonder why? Does anyone know?
  11. The bean helps to flavour the Sambuca.
  12. A couple or three Sambucas and you will fall off the wagon or your chair. You must remember to blow the flame out!
  13. It has been known and lips have been treated for burns. Also if it tips over when lit and you have a lace tablecloth have a wet tea towel ready. This happened with us at the restaurant in ROT at the table of one of our local drs. She rushed outside to collect something from her car.
  14. The MD of our Dublin subsidiary company always used to have a Sambuca with his coffee. I enjoyed watching the flame ritual. I initially thought it was a strange Irish custom like his crossing himself whenever passing a church and having to get dispensation from the priest to eat meat on a Friday when he came over here!
  15. Careful, you'll have Brew trying that now he's finally fallen off the wagon!
  16. Yes that’s the one, you have to be careful, blow the flame out before you drink it
  17. Some garages had petrol at £1 for 4 gallons...
  18. Needing a set of AF spanners/sockets before metric was on the scene and maybe Whit/BSF if you go back further. BA for the small/electrical bits.
  19. A farmer had a son who wanted to leave the country and move to the big city. He got a job as a shoeshine boy at Paddington station. They each did their own thing. The farmer made hay whilst the son shone.
  20. Do you realise that no one under 60 will understand a word of that, Ben?
  21. I've never in my life paid to have my shoes shined by someone. That's obviously the explanation why I was never as successful as Ben.
  22. Mary1947 I remember petrol from the Jet garage at Nuthall at 3/4 or 3/6 a gallon. What times!
  23. Got ya 1/6 ers ready ?.............its 1960 andTuesday Teenbeat night......... 8p busfare from Arnold road bridge and back......... 6p for Shoeshine man........ 1/4 Ten Parkies........ 2 bob for a few Coca cola's Total = 6/2............ 13/10 left out of me £......enough to take Mavis to Gaumont Wednesday night....'Expresso Bongo''.....and dance all the way home,,,,,,,,,, What a wonderful world.........and all for under a £ ya know.....
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