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  2. The curved metal line that runs down the middle of Slab Sq denotes the wall which used to divide the Anglo-Saxon & Norman communities.
  3. House at Pooh Corner - The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
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  5. nonnaB

    Pancake Day

    Had ours last night. Just my daughter and me. Sugar and lemon juice.
  6. Jonab I understand your concern for the orange festival as we have the wine festival in May and it brings in a lot of money and tourists from all over including France, Germany and U.K.. Asti has a huge food sagre which pulls in crowds too. Besides the festivities concerning food we also have outdoor concerts with famous personalities, singers etc. There's always something happening during the summer so this will a year not to remember but to forget.
  7. When we converted the stable and hayloft for my mum 8 yrs ago she always grumbled that there was a draft coming from upstairs due to an open staircase. She blocked everything and put draft excluder on all the doors. Stuffed air vents up with paper. When she went into care my daughter came to live there and found all sorts of things. A mess taking all the draft excluders off , big holes in the wall where mum 's husband had made mistakes in putting shelves etc up.
  8. I'm sitting in the car park at that very spot now Loppy!
  9. Let the tossing commence
  10. You can't go back even if you wanted to. When I first returned to Nottingham for a holiday in 1974. My old sec mod school hand been turned into an infants school. The big railway yard in Netherfield had closed and was a heap of rubble. Now Morrison's shopping centre. The Vic station had been replaced by the Victoria Centre. To name only three there was lots more. When we went again in 1997 We sat in the McDonald's in Netherfield looking out at the shopping centre. The late Mrs. L remarked that we could have been in Canada, it looked pretty similar. The old allotments where I used to fly my kite, now paved over by the Colwick loop road. I suppose to those born since my day, this is how it's always been. I couldn't live there now even if I wanted too. It has changed beyond my recognition.
  11. I drink in The Loxley opposite 2 or 3 times week, it's worth getting a window seat & watch the floor show across the road, sure most of the customers drink outside the pub with fag/vape in hand, but it keeps em out the other pub in town & we know where they are
  12. I don't think I've ever been in the Thurland at any time. Did I miss anything ?
  13. Our house had open plan stairs, what idiot ever thought they were a good idea? Due to the air circulation upstairs was as hot as Hades downstairs constant cold feet.
  14. C/O Trogg
  15. Maybe this helps with the roofs. I think this view is looking back through the area that later became NCV. Houses in the background are Southglade Road / Andover road The roofs are 2 of at least 3 as there is the start of one on the extreme left Below is a view in 1951, note the triple northern light shed roof on the sidings. If the photo was taken off the end of the Platform for Bulwell Common station the scene would be the same. I've seen a reference in my search re Rigleys of them possibly having a shed on the Common sidings. Now go back to the first photo and look at the lettering facing out on the roofs, possibly another mystery solved. G L E Y
  16. Can anyone help me out, Stuart Frews blog is that the one with numerous different comments on Bestwood Village and Estate, if so could you let me have the link to it. I did have it once and found it very interesting but I lost it and would love to reread some of the entries. many thanks.
  17. Yes DJ360, I realised that after I'd posted it. (Self addressed memo; must check back on threads before contributing.)
  18. Ok Mick, I'm sure it is. Still puzzled by those roofs though. I must have a look next time I'm home. What I do recall is that there was a blackened passenger coach in the sidings on the St Alban's Rd side for years. We always thought it was left over from the crash.
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