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  3. I don't know the hotel, but look at Tripadvisor and for the hotel, for photos and reviews
  4. For the past couple of weeks we’ve been staying in our shed in Dorset and friends from Nottingham came to stay last Wednesday. He’d had chest/upper abdomen pains on Tuesday night and drove to his GP surgery the next morning to get checked out. He imagined he’d got bad indigestion but he had an ECG which was fine and bloods taken. They then set off to Dorset. At 10.30 that evening he had a call on his mobile phone, it was an on-call doctor who instructed him to ring 999 immediately and get to hospital. Apparently his Troponin levels indicated that he’d had a heart attack. Normal level sho
  5. A short diversion...Does anybody have any knowledge about Whiteley Mills Hotel, on Nottingham Road, Stapleford. We're looking for somewhere to stay, when we come up to attend a wedding in May.? Thanks in anticipation. B.
  6. Hi HSR, I too have a large proboscis but have always thought of ample sized face furniture as an asset. You have my respect and envy for your size 14 feet and if on the dark night of your "loss" you had carried a torch perhaps the point of interest would have changed. Live long and prosper. Hi Brew, Yes you are correct. My wife suggested that a Jimmie was not a tangible item anyway, but rather an abridged colloquial term for a chain of opticians trading in Scotland. Now situated to both the North and South of the border they ply their trade under the banner
  7. Daughter's fiance just texted me his Covid test results. Positive. I said Bummer. He said yes, we have a friend flying in this weekend from Ohio to go to a concert with us. I said 'triple mask?' He said they are having Covid sniffing dogs at the entrance. He said, I wonder if I'll get my $180 ticket money back? He doubts it. We never watch the news so had no idea. Apparently they are using these dogs in schools now.
  8. Nothing to do with Covid, it just happens to be where the quoted comment appears. Slight amusement for today - I just delivered a parcel to Gwendoline House. (That's a person, not a dwelling). ' Bet she doesn't like it abbreviated
  9. I was only eight at the time, Alpha. Couldn't have gone on my own. Strange thing was, my mother was a sun worshipper and my father didn't like hot weather (neither do I). I'd have thought she'd be keen to go.
  10. I do wonder if your better not knowing & don't start looking for YouTube videos my Mum had both knees done, stick with the physio & you'll be fine Col.
  11. Yes Jill, my mother pulled the same stunt with me. She hid the application correspondence which left me at home while my two friends, whom I jointly applied to go to Oz with, sailed away to start a new life there.
  12. The death of Jeff Leadley was more recent than I thought; it only happened in 2010. I remember the Fine Cars showroom. And it seems to still be a car dealer.
  13. How did you actually post those images ? You seem to have been using a website called Either you've moved your originals, or Tops have messed up their system.
  14. What an ‘interesting’ pre-op appointment, Col. I like a doctor who gives people the facts and doesn’t waffle his/her way through ‘difficult’ information. I hope your op will be as soon as possible so you’ll be able to resume a more active, pain free life x
  15. @Socram What a sensible chap your father was. It's a pity more people don't think along those lines.
  16. Maybe a 'shoot and Miss' there Centaur... As a child, I took alot of ridicule for having a large nose, it never bothered me. Years later, when exploring my family tree I realised that it was a family trate, 400 years my ancestors lived in roughly 7 square miles of East Bridgeford.. Much later I found Romans pillaged the Midlands, hence the feature. In my teenage years at college, girls sniggered at me, and also mocked my size 14 feet. Even when I disrobed, on the the night of the loss of my virginity, I was still accused of having a massive conk.
  17. One of Dad's 'habits', was keeping a diary, and from 1946 - 1952, he also kept tiny diaries for me, 2.5" x 4" in old money, which he passed on to me before he died. When it comes to Mapperley Plains, those of my age may just remember their earliest teachers, one of which was Miss King - class 2, mentioned earlier. But, I think she must have joined about Easter 1952, as up until then, we had Miss Horton, who left to return to work in a hospital - according to the diary. Anyone else remember her? As an aside, image links I posted some time ago, no longer seem to be wor
  18. Well lets hope it's soon and all goes well Col, meanwhile do NOT do your usual and overthink it.
  19. To answer an outstanding question, although I have never been good at riddles, I think a Jimmie is another name for a crow-bar.
  20. Last week
  21. Thanks Nonna, My Doc was very pleased with my week's worth of BP recordings which averaged out at below 130/80. He also said he was not concerned by any of my bloods results. Which was nice. On the downside, I went for a second 'Pre Op' today for my proposed knee surgery. They repeated all the basics such as swabbing for MRSA etc, just to extend the 'window' for my surgery, but the main reason for the appointment was for me to meet the Consultant Anaesthetist. Long story short, he has referred me to Wrightington's own Cardiologist as well as requesting more inf
  22. My day was a little mixed. I went to Wrightington Hospital for a second 'pre-op' for my planned knee replacements. The outcome was less than inspiring..but I'll keep that for the 'Ailments, Aches, etc'. thread.
  23. I was very lucky to have two older brothers. One had his own garage and was probably one of the most honest mechanics I have known (to me anyway). The other would have sold anything to make a buck and was successful doing that for his entire life. Above all, they respected their ladies and especially their little sis. Our mum subscribed to the old way of keeping house and raising us kids but in her own way was quite independent. Dad went on two buses to work at Players for forty years. Just look at history for the big picture and see how many women have made a difference in the world over
  24. Many moons ago when we still lived in Northern Arizona, I went down to Phoenix for the day. Hubby said, call in this dealership and look at this car. See what you think. So I did, the car salesman showed me the car I was interested in. It had a narrow line painted along the side below the windows. The salesman pointed it out to me and said, I know how you ladies like the stripe down the side. Sale lost, the twit.
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