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  2. Crumbs @nonnaB, you must be making a lot of small Christmas cakes!
  3. Today just mixed 6 kg of dried fruit 1/2 with brandy and 1/2 with gin for small Christmas cakes. Leaving them to soak for 3 days. I have enough fruit left to make about 10 jars of mincemeat.
  4. Keep safe and let us know you are safe.
  5. I like to think both @phil.... Not often Cliff Ton......i like to go incognito... although believe it or not...a lady stepped in front of me this morning in Bulwell market asking for a dance of course i it was a cousin i'd not seen for quite a time...
  6. ....and is the policewoman he’s handcuffed to Penny Lancaster?
  7. How often do you walk through Bulwell and people come up and ask 'Are you Rod Stewart ?'
  8. The one and only Rod....great voice great clothes..magic mover.......''Some guys have all the luck'' Now same as myself 77.......and still doing the business.......
  9. @mary1947, thank you, I must admit, it's another diversion. But don't you need special brushes and paper? What sort of paint do you use, I tend to use Acrylics or Enamel, depending on what medium I'm painting on. Would love to see some of your work. B.
  10. Long cool woman in a black dress - The Hollies
  11. Morning Beekay never knew that you had so much talent, can I place an order? I love painting when the master watchers footie I go into our little office/ bedroom and paint, the other year i took up chinese Brush Painting, If you have never tried it have a go. Also had a go at chinese writing but jury's still out on this one,
  12. Yesterday
  13. Thought I'd try my hand at sign writing...
  14. No. I would describe it as 'eerily warming'. The more calvados - the more eerie and warming
  15. Take care then Petal, and enjoy your vacation. B.
  16. Hurricane Alley Florida Beekay. Am a bit happier now we’ve moved inland and the owner of our rental is refunding us for the time we’re not there so that’s paid for our hotel. What a good egg.
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