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  2. Dunkirk - old and new

    Dunkirk way back was a lovely village and only sort of incorporated fairly recently into the city. Not clever enough to decipher the ancient text but Druids ..Scotland and Dunkirk have a big connection and some fella Orange ( not william of). Peveril or Darkazana might know more..its a bit clever for me.
  3. I thought about that Ann..good post and single.
  4. Hi Paradiddle, thank you for the reply. I did not know Pete Mee or Graham Pearce-I attended Rushcliffe Technical Grammar School and not Cavendish SMS. My first post dated 27 January 2018 contains more info. Three of the Tykons, who went to Cavendish and were in a school group called the Cavochords, asked me to join them. We went to a music night at the school and asked a singer (who also went to Cavendish) to join. There are pics of the Tykons, Litter and Younger Generation on the website. On the site there are also pictures of various groups with other former Tykons members. Ishould have posted some of the group info. on the Nottingham Bands in the 60s thread. Regards, Will
  5. Ossington Villas?

    These are on flicker cliff..they often pop up when you search..head is addled at the mo! Typed version somewhere. Similar on Cranmer st.query a while ago..a postcard sent to Canada in early 1900's describing Woodborough fat fingers often delete stuff! Ian
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  7. Co-Op on upper Parliament Street

    A stamp book paid for a single! War (what is it good for) or Ball of Confusion!
  8. Ossington Villas?

    Ossington Villas is presumably where the card was sent from. The photo shows Market Street looking up towards the theatre Royal.
  9. Nottingham Bands in the 60s

    Eddie Young on vocals and also featuring Mick Brown.
  10. You got 40p on your stamp book! 8 bob in old talk.up on the top floor.
  11. Sunday Dinner Memories

    Oh I did I mention a rather large glass of very good port, just to aid digestion of course Sorry Ian mate.......
  12. Sunday Dinner Memories

    Stop it NBL...making me 'ungry.
  13. Sunday Dinner Memories

    Did anybody eat a meal like that as Sunday lunch my mother would have been ashamed of it, more left on the plate than eaten. My mother was and my lady is a great cook and wouldn't dream of serving up 'that muck' mothers words........ Today was typical roast beef, boiled and roasted spuds, cauliflower, garden peas and Yorkshires to die for.....
  14. Earthquake

  15. Ossington Villas?

    Always like to see where street names originate from but my personal interest in Ossington Villas was because visiting there was part of my past and I was shocked when my relation mentioned it and I realised I had completely forgotten that time of my life, and I know I would never have remembered again without our conversation today. I find it shocking and a bit frightening when i realise important times in my memory might have dissapeared.
  16. Ossington Villas?

    This very brave chaplain lived on Ossington Villas and sadly perished in 1918.He was a VC. DSO.MC. I will look further as there was a small chapel carnie..just down from 'Osso'. I am wondering if he was attatched to that. It became a methodist or pentecostal church in my go.. '61-'73. Theodore Bailey Hardy.RIP.
  17. Ossington Villas?

    Carni there is a typed version somewhere. Lot of memories and stories around Ossington...but do not know if anyone is bothered.
  18. Ossington Villas?

    Thank you Ian. I am trying to work out the area on the post card. I can make out Griffin on the building on the right and something like Tea Coffee and Oysters on the building on the left. I think the card is sent from Surrey to Ossington Villas. Where abouts would you say the picture is taken from.
  19. Sunday Dinner Memories

    We had great neighbours. Who took me under their wing. Firstly they introduced me to roast parsnips..sip of Luncheon Ale..and she did a very strange thing with her greens...epsom or some kind of salts? Was this to keep the colour? Also a breeze block size chunk of white cap went in the roasting tin ... At least your arteries hardened nostalgically then.
  20. Ossington Villas? old postcard with ossington Villas on it. Up until the 3o's the road between Nrth Sherwood st/ peel st and Mansfield road was known as Babbington was a bit rough Carnie..thought you knew a lady on Major st or Matlock St. Great community spirit though.
  21. Sunday Dinner Memories

    Re today's youngsters..... I did say MOST ! It's obviously about upbringing, and if parents fail their kids, then they in turn fail their offspring and so it goes on.
  22. Dunkirk - old and new

    Most of the banger and stockcar drivers that used to race at Long eaton stadium used Coates to make or alter seat belts into a full race harness.
  23. The Osanna from the Bach B minor mass! Exhilarating! I shall be singing along, soprano line! Dancing too!
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