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  2. After a gap of several years here's another version of the Central Avenue garage, but this time with Esso petrol. I'd guess mid-70s.
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  4. I once dreamed I was eating Shredded Wheat and when I woke up I’d eaten the mattress.
  5. I haven't had Shredded Wheat for many years, but when I had it in my younger days I could only eat it when it was softened in warm milk; I never wanted it crispy and sharp. Which I suppose was totally defeating the whole point of it.
  6. A chap I knew in the packaging industry had the contract to supply Shredded Wheat with the cardboard for their boxes. He did very well!
  7. Ah! The grocer’s breakfast.
  8. Philadelphia cheese on two slices of 2 boiled eggs finished off with Marmalade on Toast...4 or 5 times a week......
  9. I eat muesli six days a week. It's only Sunday when we have a full English. It's a sort of religious experience!
  10. Muesli for me soaked over night or porridge on cold days
  11. My father in law used to say that one of his neighbours who was very bald but had a rather splendid bouffant comb over “he has 3 shredded wheat every day. 2 on his plate and one on his head”.
  12. There's a bit about Marsden's in Mansfield here. And a photo which Ben could've been in. And a Marsden's in Mansfield Woodhouse.....
  13. Not a breakfast cereal but my ideal breakfast, not every day though, is bacon, sausage, tomato, black pudding, saute potatoes, beans, fried bread and lots of Worcestershire sauce. Followed by toast with Cooper's Original marmalade and coffee. Perhaps a couple of kidneys as well. I don't eat eggs!
  14. @MRS B The small shredded wheats you can buy are different from the malted shreddies I like.
  15. Danny Blanchflower (Spurs footballer) used to say "Pass the hot milk please" when he was advertising Shredded Wheat back in the late 50's early 60's Rog
  16. A small bowl of Kellogg’s Fruit & Fibre with a handful of extra raisins soon as I get up, works wonders, 10 minutes later I’m running upstairs gripping, clears me out for the day & stops me defecating on the streets.
  17. Neither have I, it is like chewing soggy string. I quite liked Weetabix and had a workmate who ate them dry with honey and peanut butter on them for morning tea. Puffed Wheat was my favourite as a kid, did not like Sugar Puffs, far too sweet. What was your favourite breakfast cereal
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  19. Lizzie, my dads favourite too was 2 shredded wheat, Shreddies is the latter day version but definitely not as good as the original. Golly, might have to buy one or the other when I go shopping tomorrow now.
  20. Ben, I have just seen a picture on FB of a Marsden store on the corner of Bishop Street and Portland Street Mansfield. Bishop Street ran up to the Stags Ground at Field Mill so I was down that way many times but I can't remember that shop, can you?
  21. My Dad had 2 Shredded Wheat every single day of his working life for breakfast. I’ve never been keen on it.
  22. No Margie, it were Ian 'Beefy' Botham. When offered a third at breakfast, he replied, "No thank you, two's more than enough for me".
  23. Was it a footballer on an advert a long time ago who said he had 3 Shredded Wheat for breakfast?
  24. Used to love hot milk on Shredded Wheat.
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