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  2. Lavender essential oil. Takes pain away immediately, no scarring. Don't use on broken skin. Keep in kitchen. I'm never without it. Bet you never spill your beer!
  3. Beekay here is all I have on the scooter, Drive by Devillbiss Healthcare model ST1/ ST2D
  4. Trogg, a bit late in the day,for which I apologise. Can you tell me what the make of your good Lady's scooter is? Thank you, in anticipation B.
  5. It’s the middle of May and I’ve not yet heard the first cuckoo. The sound always comes from the same direction over the fields; maybe the same bird. Do the children return to the same site?
  6. Just Scalded mesen...with Coffee on the inside of my arm just above the wrist.........never been Scalded afore....bleddy painful..... Remedy's please.........
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  8. Never a dull moment down here in the "Valle". Opened the door to let the dogs in and 2 swallows swooped in towards the door probably saw the Christmas wrapped porch light and thought better of it. Nearly had them both in for lunch. There are loads around this morning.
  9. You maybe right Affer''..........twas long ago...........i used to walk along Cardale many a late night when i couldnt afford a Taxi....after being with my girlfriend on the 'Dale'.........Hardstaff road........
  10. Hi. I’m interested in who Centaur actually is! If he wants to tell me, I’m on Stan
  11. I might be mistaken, but don’t recall a record shop in that row of shops at the bottom of Cardale. I lived at number 10, which was just 2 houses above the shops. There was a butcher (right in the corner), a cobbler (Mr Cope), a newsagent (Mr Heath). Lower down, below Linton Rise, there was a greengrocer and then the last shop was a general grocer (a la Marsdens, Ben), Mr Reeson or Riesen, sugar in a blue bag, biscuits out of tins. I’ve probably missed a couple out, but don’t recall a record shop. However, I stand to be corrected!
  12. I'm not going inside a pub until there is official confirmation that my two vaccinations will work against the Indian variant. I've survived thus far; I'm not taking any chances yet. There's still the dreadful hugging epidemic to avoid as well!
  13. They are all round at Margie's, Nonna! She's inadvertently clicked news of a huge Batfest with as many free insects as you can eat! I was surprised not to see any last night as the sky was clear under what bit of a moon there was and there were gnats about.
  14. Jill strange you didnt see any bats, we've not seen them the last few nights. Granted it has rained but our lodger behind the shutter hasn't been home either. Is there a rave somewhere?
  15. Get those door open, get them pipes cleaned, glasses polished, toilets flushed, nut on the bar
  16. Think those corner shops Cardale/ Carlton rd corner....are the only ones on Cardale road............i vaguely recall a record shop there in the mid 60s........ Does anyone remember ''Woolworths'' had a record label called 'Embassy'' again i'm talking 60s....they sold cheaper than other labels...when other singles were 6/6....Embassy were about 2/- cheaper..........
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  18. Mary, I find a well used stick can alter the way people treat you... You just need to learn how to fake a pained expression as you totter bravely around the shop. But seriously.. I normally only take a stick out for a substantial walk. I was doing that long before I had knee problems. A stick has many uses when you are out and about, from poking about, pushing brambles out of the way, steadying yourself on steep muddy paths etc. Here's a tip. When the pandemic first started, I was bleaching/disinfecting all shopping, my car, my cash card and the wallet I keep it in. When the
  19. No bats tonight. However, I did see Horace the hedgehog, munching away at his dog food and mealworms! Judging by the noise he was making, he was enjoying his supper, bless him! Also encountered Princess Puss, the long haired torrtie and white cat. Swanky fluorescent pink collar and a diamante studded id disc. A bit precious, she is. Tail straight up. Didn't want to talk to me. Better things to do!
  20. Yes. It seems some restoration work was started on part of the roof, but although the rafters are newish, they’re not that new. Looks like everything has been “on hold” for some time. It looks as though the building is now too far gone to be rebuilt. The old church yard, which overlooks the hall, is a nice, tranquil place with some 18th century headstones.
  21. Worn off a bit Ian, but occasionally the eyes are like rotating kaleidoscopes.
  22. Margie I am shocked at the link you supplied , I think it will be a definite ouch.
  23. @mercurydancer Was there an older sister? I'm sure my older sister was at school with a girl who lived there. I think I knew Sharon vaguely from St Stephen's Sunday school.
  24. Have you still got that cellulose shine Willow.
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