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  2. I'd just like to point out that there's absolutely nowt wrong with our Ben, mentally or physically. It's a little known fact that he promised Chulla to keep up our former member's good work by visiting as many hospitals as possible and chasing the nurses around! He's doing a sterling job of it, too. Chulla will undoubtedly approve of his worthy successor.
  3. Only 4 ladies tending your needs Ben you must be slipping. lol
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  5. It looks like a bomb has hit it! Compare and contrast with German Railways where plenty of bombs did avctually hit. Modern diesels and electrics in the 1950s while BR was still chugging along with its museum-piece steamers. Emblematic of how Britain wasted the peacetime dividend - which we are still paying for.
  6. Thanks for the kind comments.....amazing Video/x ray watched as the food and drink entered my system...all was well anyway.........dont mind admitting i do have some ''Therapy of the mind also'''' and that went ok too.....At one point i had 4 ladies tending to my needs,,,,they seem to know my likes and preferences........
  7. Obviously in its last days, just before the line closed completely. I did a fast-forward to 20.45 where the Nottingham bit starts, when it goes through the Meadows and Arkwright Street station on the viaducts. When it's in Victoria Station you can see buildings on Glasshouse Street which are still there today, and further on, all the Basford/Bulwell/Hucknall stations are semi-derelict. Makes me feel old when I realise that I was in junior school when that film was taken.
  8. Behave yourself Ben, there is too many nurses there.
  9. Carni , this virus is affecting us all in one way or another. I know we are all thinking about you and wish you both a speedy recovery. The awful thing about this is we don't have any physical contact with those near and dear. You are very lucky to have neighbours who are watching over you and of course your daughter who cooks for you. Giving her a hug is impossible but I'm sure she can feel one from you. I see my daughter every day but as she is in contact with her business partner ( ex husband who remarried and has children) she is taking no chances and wears her mask and stays a distance from us. Hard not to give her a kiss and hug, but she insists she's only doing what she has to do. So Carni I know exactly how you feel, she's your daughter and you are her mum, the virus shouldn't intervene but it has. Keep thinking positive and try to relax even if that's hard to do. Everything will turn out well. Love and hugs to you both.
  10. Tut tut... political diatribe is that way ====>>>
  11. John Axton, I really liked and dirty old town, wonderfully gritty & provoking.. What was that critism. 'holding your ear thing?' I always try to keep my posts Nottingham based and the majority of the time something slightly relevant can inspire a memory. Recall a poet, used to come on between bands at the Runner, Sal, & other's. Looked very much like John Cooper Clarke, very good and did very similar material, to this day still unsure if it was the real deal.
  12. Further to my post 'upthread'. News on vaccines gets better by the day. It is looking like the most vulnerable and maybe some 'front line' NHS staff will gets 'first dibs'.. which is how it should be, and maybe get the 'jab' before Christmas. Difficult to predict beyond that, because in my opinion the present Govt could be presented with an open goal.. twice regulation width.. and still miss.... But hopefully, the need to farm the Vaccine Distribution out to somebody who just happens to be closely related to a Tory Donor, won't slow things down too much. Meanwhile.. I'm prepared to wait, and to continue with all the precautions I've taken since last Feb. With luck, we'll all still be here chatting tripe in a few months, but looking at a much more promising future. Stay safe Folks.. and don't kill 'yer Granny for the sake of a shared Turkey Dinner!! What kind of weirdo likes Turkey anyway?
  13. Carni.. I was thinking about you and Chris while I was jet washing the back patio today... I'm sure that means you are both getting better. Love from Col and family.
  14. Here's a video wot my brother found on You Tube. It covers Great Central form London Marylebone to Nottm Victoria and beyond.... up to Hucknall, Annesley etc. Most of the local excitement comes in the last 3rd of the film. Shots of Boowul Common are especially nostalgic to me. Can even see the 'old' 'new' Golden Ball pub. I saw it built during my early adolescence.. I replaced the old, old Golden Ball in Boowul Town Centre. All gone.
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