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  2. In those days people television was a 405-line set where you could see two channels - BBC and ITV. By the mid-60s BBC2 was available but you needed a 625-line set and a different aerial. First time I ever saw BBC2 was in 1968-69 when we had a new set at home. It was only black and white, not colour, but it had BBC2 and I didn't know anyone else in our area who had one at the time. It was a talking point for people who came to our house.
  3. Ah 31 route done few of them working day off at Sherwood Depot. Happy days.
  4. Does the first time I saw my wife count. There used to be an triangular area of ground near my house in Radford sandwiched between the bottom of Kingsford Avenue and the river Leen. It was narrow at the entrance, widening as it followed the Leen on one side with steep banks on the other 2 rising to the gardens of houses on Woodstock Avenue. We always referred to it as the Woodward but the time I knew it there were a few small corrugated iron sheds with a few car repairing garages and a paint spraying place. The remainder was used as part scrap yard and haulage yard. The owner was a local man c
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  6. So.. instead of us all droning on about how we haven't seen a proper Chimney Sweep, Chestnut Vendor or Hurdy Gurdy Man for ages... I thought it might be interesting to discuss when we FIRST saw things. So.. anything you like that is now 'normal', but had to start sometime.. I'm thinking household appliances, products, services, etc... For starters.. When did you first see Washing Up Liquid? As I recall washing soda was still about when I was a kid. Also, my Mum used to save up all old bits of soap and make it into a sort of jelly, which she used for washing clothes. I first sa
  7. For many years, that was the turnaround/terminus for the 31 bus. Prior to that, the buses left from alongside Plains School playground and prior to that, a bit further along, just before Westdale Lane - alongside some rather grubby public toilets. I can only presume that before the turnaround, buses must have reversed into Plains Grove, or even Hazel Grove or Steedman Avenue, probably with the assistance of the conductor. Not a manoeuvre you'd want to try today.
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  9. Locarno Must have missed you Ben, Tues night at Locarno it used to cost 1/3 coke tanner 6d and i think it shut at 9 30. Girls you mention the net under skirts, in between mini's and pencil skirts, under skirts were made of paper nylon then net was used as full short skirts were in fashion , it took about3yds of net to make an under skirt. the skirt was made in 6inch layer's when joined on to the next layer it was gathed. So the more gather's the fuller the skirt. ( Locarno ) Old Vic This man who was on the balcony in the old vic was thowing peanuts at a l
  10. Hello, I was alerted to this thread by my partner as he came accross it somehow. I am Pete Robinson's middle daughter Lucy. I just wanted to say thank you for the lovely and kind words about my dad, I know he would be thrilled to hear you remember him so fondly. He did have to live in a lot of pain unfortunately but as you remembered, he never let it get him down! he travelled alot and had many great friends and always remembered his CO-OP family! My dad passed in October 2002 aged 48 and is still very sadly missed. He now has a grandson (14 yrs) and a grand daughter (6 yrs). My grandad B
  11. Sam would stay on the bus if he didn’t see a yellow ribbon round the old tree!
  12. I know Kath...i'd be wearing em down Locarno tuesday night if it still existed....... Dance Duck? Oh yes the 'Winkles'' Want a coke? goo on then....... How about a Parkie..up on the Balcony? Anyway..whats yer name and where ja live? Jackie.....up Canning Circus........ Walk you home? boyfriend Sam's meeting me outside and he gets 'Dead Jealous... OK ..don;t want to fight tonight.....might ruin me 'Winkles'' See ya next Tuesday? i'll put some different 'Treads' on....Just in case Sam shows up We'
  13. Incidentally my ex wife had an aunt who owned a posh house in Ruddington. Manor Park I think. That house was used by Central TV for filming in the Boon series. Aunt was paid £400 per day when filming. A nice wedge in those days.
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  15. Dyslexia lures ko! Credit card
  16. Ian...........yes and yes CT.........No they dont light up BK............Used to be at White hart lane...... Phil......No they arent Jill.......No Jill...very comfy........
  17. Love the shoes Ben. They’re not extreme winklepickers but they do look good …
  18. Are they drain pipe jeans ? Did you need tyre levers to put them on?
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