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  3. Cliff Ton ... Thank you for your response. I do have a query: I seem to have got some hearts and arrows, I assume the hearts are people liking what I have written. Do the arrows indicate that it's my round for the cider? Sorry, as I think this is maybe in the wrong place.
  4. I think it's partly down to that thing about how quickly technology advances. The camera on my phone is probably higher spec than the best professional top-end camera of only a few years ago. And the oft-mentioned fact that the computer power in an average smart phone is greater than everything used on the Apollo missions.
  5. Excellent photos Cliff Ton. Amazing that these were taken with a phone. There is someone I follow on YouTube and a recent video they uploaded was superb quality, so much so I messaged them what camera they used. My son is a professional videographer so I’m interested in the geeky technicalities. I was amazed when he said he was using his phone.
  6. As i remember the family that ran it for years were the Brown family, with Pete Brown being the Landlord, the had special drinking hours so the miners could have a pint when they came off shift.
  7. In that case CT, well done !! Wonderful clarity and composition. B.
  8. It's Photobucket being awkward. When the photos were first posted, use of PB was free. A couple of years ago they decided to charge people for the service. Fair enough if that was for new customers, but they applied it in retrospect to everything which had been posted in the past, and if you don't pay up they blur your photos. It's all over Nottstalgia and there's not much can be done about it unless people are prepared to re-post, using a different system.
  9. Letsavagoo has provided the answer with a few links; and in case you were wondering about the other church (Pitcher & Piano) that was built in the 1870s. Yes, all mine, and not even a proper camera; just a phone.
  10. Sun, Never Say Die up loud, good coffee.
  11. Lots of info by google. Short extract here. The church is mentioned in the Domesday Book[1] and is believed to go back deep into Saxon times. The main body of the present building (at least the third on the site) dates from the end of the reign of Edward III (1377) to that of Henry VII (1485–1509). The nave was finished before 1475 and it is notable for its uniformity of gothic perpendicular style.[4] It is likely that the south aisle wall was the first part of the building to be constructed in the early 1380s, with the remainder of the nave and transepts being from the early 15th century.[5] The tower was completed in the reign of Henry VIII.[6]
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  13. All the pictures seem to have either disappeared or are blurred. Remember talking my parents into travelling via Grantham for our holidays on the South coast. I wanted to be pulled by a nice green shiny Pacific locomotive. On this occasion, St Simon glides into the platform, pleased my plan is working we board the train. Shock! Horror! Having just settled into our seats, St Simon glides past light engine having been detached from our train. Worse was about to happen: a brand new shiny diesel (D 1502) backs onto our train. "Can we get off and wait for the next one? " says I. That suggestion didn't go down too well, and we stayed on board. I realised that it would soon be goodnight to these marvellous elegant beasts, and disillusionment set in. A couple of years before, I had again eagerly awaited the arrival of one of these wonderful behemoths, only to be disappointed when the blue Deltic turned up. I must have been the only one disappointed at this development, as all the trainspotters were wild with excitement. Not I. It was like waking up Christmas morning expecting a nice shiny new bicycle, only to be confronted with a trumpet! The writing being on the wall for these dinasaurs as the rot took hold and they were allowed to deteriorate, before disappearing to that train set in the sky. I didn't need to stand on a cold platform to watch the Lincoln mail train. I sat on my bed in a warm bedroom to watch it. until the final throw of the dice, the loco was always an Eastern region one, often a named B1. Geoffrey Gibbs seemed to haul it more than most. It always seemed to be kept in fairly good condition at the time. The final days before diesels took over, black 5's had a go. As modernity took over, train spotting lost its allure. Couldn't get excited watching boxes on wheels.
  14. Picture 3 with the purple building. Top left, the white tower crane, is phase 1 of the new HMRC building opposite Midland Station, formerly the BierKeller location.
  15. Just goes to show PP, fishing should be listed among the dangerous sports. Maybe you should take up something safe, like swimming with sharks or bungy jumping.
  16. Beekay - I have caught my flies, my ears, my head, hat and most other items of clothing. My boat partner caught my nostril last season - I was at his mercy like a bull to market.
  17. Often wondered what bait you would use to fish for flys. must be tiny hooks and rod too. What do you do when you've caught a fly? Does one stuff it and put it in a glass case or photograph it and put it back? It's tongue in cheek, before anybody extracts the urine !
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