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  2. Has he done as much womanising as @benjamin1945? Has ANYONE, ANYWHERE done as much womanising as Benjamin1945?
  3. Your lucky Beekay after 53 years I am not even allowed to look , I dare not even think about talking to them. I must admit I do take a quick peek when she isnt about.
  4. No Phil, not anywhere near as much womanising. My wife wouldn't let me. It used to be said that in Nottingham, there is 6 women to every one man. After 32 years, I'm still looking for my other five !
  5. Have you done as much womanising as him?
  6. Think positive BK. You've had six more years than him.
  7. He's lucky ! I'm bloody 77 !
  8. Peter Shilton is 71 today! Where does it go?
  9. DVLA show it as Tax due 1st December 2003. First registered Feb 1979. Last V5 issued 16th Sept 1999, possibly date NCT sold it unless it's had multiple owners since.
  10. Bloke in this hotel just asked where his margarita is, it’s in the oven.
  11. The latest for which I can get information is 1984, when there were four in the area. Maid Marian Way/St James St. Broad Marsh Vic Centre Long Eaton.
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  13. My Old Man Said Follow the Van - Marie Lloyd ... Yay a threefer
  14. I remember the great Hong Kong Flu Epidemic of 1968-69 ..... All of a sudden .... nothing happened and we all got on with life largely oblivious of the 30,000 + that lost their lives I was too young to remember the Flu epidemic of 1957 which killed upwards of 20,000 people in the UK. SNAFU is an Army saying "Situation Normal All F***ed Up"
  15. What if we print your words onto rice paper ! Would you eat them then? You can have a swift half to help you swallow.
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