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  2. Swings and Roundabouts I think. Most jobs up to late 60s/ early 70s were a minimum of 40 hours p.w. Saturday morning was a common requirement, and of course Saturday working went with the territory in retail/hairdressing etc. New year's day wasn't a holiday until sometime in the 70's. I worked with a Scottish bloke who flatly refused to work New Year's Day. They didn't sack him. Then again. 'time and a half' was common recompense for working overtime above basic contracted hours. Also 'Double Time' for Sundays and 'Treble Time' for working Bank Holidays. He
  3. Not sure if the science/technolgy is getting better or the Covid virus is mutating at an increaseing rate but another UK variant has been found.
  4. It will never be as bad as Goole... What a ****hole....
  5. I said earlier that Joe Meek had produced the Chris Barber version of Bechet's 'Petite Fleur'. I was mistaken. Joe Meek produced Humphrey Lyttleton's 'Bad Penny Blues'. And Mc Cartney 'borrowed' from the piano riff for Lady Madonna' And here is Sidney Bechet's classic 'Petite Fleur'. Played ..not on clarinet as many think, but on Soprano Saxophone. His power and sense of melody were phenomenal. Peerless.
  6. I think this was Hot Chocolate's third chart single, but it was the first one which registered with me, and it is still my favourite of all their songs.
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  8. Put another shilling in the meter Oz.
  9. Does anyone know why am only getting the tiny icon instead of the intended picture?
  10. Wouldn’t really bother me walking through a ‘Knife Arch’ ..... unless I’d just bought a new paring knife, which is unlikely because our cutlery and knives have been good for 45 years! However ..... I rarely go to Asda Hyson Green, I find it intimidating walking past all the beggars sitting outside.
  11. I'm told there is now a 'knife arch' whatever that is, outside the entrance to ASDA. Police patrolling the car park! Wouldn't dare go shopping in a situation like that.
  12. How could they pass up the opportunity of such a lovely home, PP? They'll be back.
  13. Its not the multicultural thing its the crime that bothers people.
  14. Donny and Dilly here all day watching me finish their new home. Positioned it just as it was getting dark then they flew off again. Put some hay inside and hope they arrive back tomorrow and like it. They have messed the pond up and grubbed out the new water lily shoot but it is worth it. Dog and cats now completely ignore the ducks. If they don't return I may buy some ducks when possible for the eggs.
  15. Haha!! Me too. You were after biscuits , I was after sweets.
  16. I, too, got separated from my mum in Woolworths on Radford Road when I was very tiny. My mum had a cream mohair coat. They were very popular at the time. I'd been hanging round the biscuit counter, as usual. I just followed a familiar looking mohair coat and when the wearer turned round it wasn't my mum! Never been so frightened in my life! I thought I'd never see her again! I'd just come off the reins. After that, they went back on again!
  17. Jill Jill the building on the left was Boots and Woolworths was next to it, now a food store. Where the gap is going down from Boots was an alleyway to the back of the Grand. Then a lovely cake shop . Of course sold cooked meat and pies. I think there was a cafe at the back too. Then the lovely Theatre Royal style Grand cinema ( was a music hall ) then a shoe shop , then butchers , then Staddons big store on the corner.
  18. Even worse now to get your fortnight off@mary1947 my daughters a stylist, her working week includes Saturday & Sunday with 2 days off mid week.
  19. Thanks Jill. Looks a very interesting site. When I was about 3 I was in a very busy Woolworths on a Saturday afternoon with my Mum and Dad . Somehow ( as they were very careful parents ) I wandered off and walked all the way to Birkin Avenue to a little sweet shop on the right hand side going up to Bentick Road as I wanted some sweets which were on ration then. They recognised me and looked after me until my distraught parents came on a desperate hunch. I can remember doing it even now ! I was apparently small for my age then but no-one stopped me. Imagine what would happen nowadays wal
  20. What a view, Nottingham planners hang your heads in shame.
  21. I remember paper bags with biscuits in and when we arrived at school we would put them in a big wicker basket .Jill
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