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  2. Glad all went well Jill. My jabs are all in the stomach. (Been involved in your m'gramms when I worked for NCB medical services, years ago)......Take care. B.
  3. Chicks having rings fitted a couple of days ago, gives you an idea of how big they actually are at around 3 weeks old.
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  5. You're braver than me, Beekay. Hope I never develop anything that requires injections. No can do. Hope I never develop cataracts because it'll have to be a guide dog and the moggies won't like it! Good news this morning. Last Thursday's mammogram is all clear! Phew!
  6. Can agree with that Ben., just picked my prescription from pharmacy and my injection are of the right dose. So now I can do one 4.5mg injection rather than three 1.5mg shots that I've had to do for the last 3 months. Fortunately only once a week. B.
  7. Didn't get that far in the film. The singer put me off!
  8. Released today, filmed in Nottingham, name the high street & pub.
  9. On our last full day & it's occurred to me we have not seen or handled any Euros, been tap tap tap, surely the death of the bureau de exchange, I'll let Mrs Red deal with checking out, she got paid today
  10. Been a long while since a Notts manager left & not sacked? Gone to a bigger club?
  11. Things must be getting better.............Rang Doctors this morning at 8.45 Appointment given for 10am..........
  12. Had my hair cut this morning. For the first time in over two years not a mask in sight either on the staff or customers.
  13. It is a BIG weekend for local football with two of the local teams playing for promotion at Wembley. On Saturday the Stags take on Port Vale. They drew 1-1 at Field Mill in October, lost 3-1 away in March. On that form Port Vale have to be favourites but I hope the Stags recent form holds them in good stead. On Sunday Forest take on Huddersfield. Forest beat Huddersfield 2-0 away in the league in September, lost 1-0 at home in December and beat them 2-1 at the City ground in the 5th round of the cup. It is going to be a close one and I hope Forest come away with the win that takes th
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  15. I’m not giving you a ‘like’ because I like your issues StavGirl but because you want to warn others about internet orders. I’ve had a couple of dodgy dealings in the past but they didn’t cause me that much pain in my pocket. I sympathise with you.
  16. Has anyone been watching Jim Al Khalili's new series. 'Secrets of Size'? It deals with some of this stuff and Jim is very easy to follow.
  17. Ah that's what confused me,thanks.
  18. I have had recently 2 (1 of which is still ongoing) what I can only describe as bloopers when ordering from the Internet, 1 of then could almost be described as a scam. I do order mainly dog stuff (it can be cheaper than pet shops) but usually from sites I use frequently but have been caught out recently. The first one was a anxiety relieving dog bed from Buddies Pet Store, it was a bit expensive but looked really good in the pictures and reviews were excellent. The bed was priced in UK pounds so I presumed it was a UK site and I ordered it. Got confirmation of order and delivery dates. T
  19. I don't remember Monkey but I definitely remember Water Margin, especially the theme song.
  20. I saw both Water Margin and some Monkey magic. Water Margin was the better of the two.
  21. Also the flow for traffic has been reversed where the white car and van are in the pic above to allow vehicles exiting the car park to go to the south, otherwise they'd have had to go up MMW to the roundabout and back down the other side.
  22. No. Collin Street doesn't exist any longer. Through traffic can't operate around there now. From the bottom end of MMW, all the through traffic (nowhere near as much as there used to be) is diverted up Wilford Road and then turn left along what used to be the top half of Queen's Drive. Then down the side of the railway station along Queen's Road. That brings you out on London Road, and then you go left towards the Lace Market or right towards Trent Bridge. Massive extra mileage along roads which can't handle the volume of traffic. So there's not much point in going down
  23. For anyone who hasn't been in the area recently, the bottom end of Maid Marian Way currently looks like this.......
  24. My Dad Alf Mason was the Group Scout Leader of 110th Mapperley Scouts and my brother Peter Mason was a Senior Scout there too. Do you remember Peter Mason? For a short while I helped run the Cubs, along with Ray Green. Both Peter & I went to Mapperley Plains School, Peter would have been from 1953 and myself from 1957. I definitely remember the block of toilets, they were 'sanctuary' in chasing games. I also remember the smell from the buses revving their engines parked at the side of the playground - I am sure we were being poisoned with carbon monoxide!. The teachers n
  25. I think you’ll find that those councillors who made such decisions are long dead.
  26. Point for her two for him ........ but who?
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