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  1. MelissaJKelly

    How's your day?

    Another stressful day at work today. Horrible to be stuck at work when the weather is so lovely! Hoping an internal transfer into a new role goes through smoothly at work. Currently at home (new home - not sure if I've told everyone that I've fled the nest, moved out and in with my partner) and just enjoyed a delicious steak dinner. Not looking forward to another early start tomorrow!
  2. MelissaJKelly


    Didn't know you were there Waddo. Sad to have missed you!
  3. MelissaJKelly


    I'll hopefully see a few of you there in around an hour. Lovely day outside to celebrate the life of an equally lovely man
  4. MelissaJKelly


    I have managed to swap my days around at work and will be there on Wednesday.
  5. MelissaJKelly


    I'm only just seeing this thread. Awful shock to hear the news of his passing. God bless him. Lovely man who introduced me to a lot of wonderful music. Always had time for a young in like me. Will be sadly missed. Please will someone inform me of funeral arrangements as I'd like to pay my respects.
  6. MelissaJKelly

    How's your day?

    Sorry I've not been very active on here as of late. I have been really busy with work and moving into a new home. Hope everyone is well
  7. MelissaJKelly

    How's your day?

    Up late for me tonight but not at work tomorrow as I'm attending a funeral. Not pleasant but a necessary evil. Off to sleep for me now. Hope everyone is well.
  8. MelissaJKelly

    Happy Birthday.

    Thank you everyone
  9. MelissaJKelly

    Merry Christmas everyone.

    Merry Christmas to all of you and your families. Best wishes
  10. MelissaJKelly

    How's your day?

    Day off work today so making the most of it after a busy weekend. Went to see Forest play on Saturday, what a game and result!
  11. MelissaJKelly

    How's your day?

    Thanks for the well wishes Loppy. Hope Mrs L is better soon
  12. MelissaJKelly

    How's your day?

    Had a bit of an accident in my car just over a week or so now. Dropped it off for repair on Fri evening and got a call this morning to say it was all ready. Absolutely brilliant job done by a real gent. Really happy with it.
  13. MelissaJKelly

    Things our parents used to say

    Reading through these I have to say, they've given me a right chuckle. Some very odd and peculiar sayings around that's for sure!
  14. MelissaJKelly

    Players Girls

    The only place I recollect a very strong tobacco smell from is from Imperial Tobacco when I worked at Audi. It was especially strong during the Summer months and I really liked the smell even though I'm not a smoker myself.
  15. MelissaJKelly

    Which Photo Shop?

    Only used Photoshop a handful of times and found very confusing and not very user friendly at all. The programmes Cliff Ton suggested are the ones I use. I run Pixlr from my phone to edit photos quickly to share on various social media sites, and used GIMP on my laptop previously. I find that for what I need to do with my photos, I don't really need anything to fancy so just stick to the bog standard Windows Photo Editor, alternatively, because my phone has such a high spec camera, I just play around with the contrast etc on that until I'm happy.