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  1. I would love to send you greeting cards! Feel free to forward an address. Always wanted a pen pal!
  2. As someone who has no living grandparents I'm happy to adopt you as my Grandad if I'm not too old!!
  3. Just responding to this post again re. Rookword Rd. Does anyone know where or what that street is today?
  4. Whilst I appreciate that the Ocado driver should be more considerate when delivering at that time of night I think it's unfair to say this couple are 'tossing if off'. If they have been furloughed like me and my partner have they will no doubt be eager to get back to work so they can start to receive their full wage again. Just a thought from a younger persons perspective!
  5. I'm very lucky in the sense that I'm able to work from home whilst all this goes on! Unfortunately the warehouse staff cannot and as such all head office staff have been furloughed so the company can apply for help from the government. Hoping the local Nottingham based family business can keep on taking the world by storm once this is all over!
  6. This is really interesting and I'm curious to know where the shop on Radford Boulevard was! Was it the one on the corner of Landseer Street? On Google Street View it is shown as being called Boulevard Gift Ship with (electrical contractor) above the door. Was this Doug's shop?!
  7. Afternoon Charlotte! Welcome to the site!
  8. I've always thought that all of that area i.e. Faraday Rd and Ilkeston Rd were considered Lenton and anything the other side (up Norton Street) was Radford.
  9. Thankfully never been bitten by a dog but used to be terrified of them. Absolutely love them now! Glad your granddaughter is okay Lizzie and hope your wrist clears up soon!
  10. I can see all the photos fine on my Samsung S8. No watermark on the photobucket images for me either
  11. Happy Anniversary Kev. Thanks for sharing your memories of my family too