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  1. We've just started SlimmingWorld again in this household. Now lockdown! Still got a tonne of Christmas chocolates to get through as well!
  2. Watched it too Lizzie. Was awful. Think if it had started earlier they'd have abandoned it!
  3. Same primary school as I attended. Just a completely different time.
  4. Not snowing here yet but been told it is in Grantham so I'm sure it won't be long! Hope your cat is okay Margie!
  5. I will be celebrating with family this Christmas and I'm glad for the government has allowed it! However, I'm currently self isolating as a colleague I was around on Monday has been confirmed as positive!
  6. Hope you both pick up soon Carni! Wishing you both well.
  7. Feel free to delete if not allowed and some of you I have on Facebook may already have seen this but the local Nottingham company I work for have launched an online website that customers can purchase through. They have kindly given us staff a discount code to use and share with friends and family which I'm posting here incase anyone needs any last minute Christmas gift ideas! Code is MELISSA10 And free delivery over £20
  8. I must have missed the post about your fall Lizzie. Hope that you're not in too much pain! Hope your wrist feels better soon also Nonna
  9. Happy birthday to your daughter. My sister and eldest nephew also have birthdays in November!
  10. I met my partner at work. Still miss working with him!
  11. Not sure why student's have been advised to go back when all their lectures are online. Surely these could have been done from their home cities?
  12. My 2 nephews started back 2 weeks ago. Different start and finish times for every class to reduce amount of people waiting at the gates. Last Monday it was closed again as 2 teachers have COVID. Don't think they should have reopened. Both nephews are in 'bubbles' of over 30!!