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  1. RIP to our beloved Queen. I've always had a soft spot for the Queen and think she is so iconic of everything British. She will be missed by so many. What an incredible job she has done these 75 years!
  2. I also did a speed awareness course there a few years back maybe 5 years or so ago now!
  3. You're much braver than I am SG!
  4. Been at my beautiful friends baby shower today. What an amazing day it was!
  5. Tested positive for COVID today. Feeling rough but hoping the systems don't last too long! Fingers crossed!
  6. Can't stand these scooters. They are a nightmare for drivers and pedestrians. Wish they'd ban them!
  7. I was in the Market Square yesterday and what an amazing day it was. My Dad was lucky enough to go and watch the match at Wembley. What an amazing time to be a Forest fan!
  8. I work on Alfred Street South at the moment!
  9. Sorry to hear the news of your nephew Nonna. Sending love!
  10. Never heard of a pork pie Christmas breakfast but I do love pork pie. The jelly is my favourite part. Can't beat a Melton Mowbrary pork pie with Stilton. Delicious.
  11. Got a Christmas party at 12pm at the Willow Tree so will try to swing by before or after as the Wheelhouse is only round the corner from my house! Enjoy the meet up regardless!