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  1. I work on Alfred Street South at the moment!
  2. Sorry to hear the news of your nephew Nonna. Sending love!
  3. Never heard of a pork pie Christmas breakfast but I do love pork pie. The jelly is my favourite part. Can't beat a Melton Mowbrary pork pie with Stilton. Delicious.
  4. Got a Christmas party at 12pm at the Willow Tree so will try to swing by before or after as the Wheelhouse is only round the corner from my house! Enjoy the meet up regardless!
  5. You're probably right RR. I only check in here once a day so dont always see everything! Was hoping for Tuesday as I'm off work. Hope everyone has a lovely time!
  6. Been to Doddington Hall today. What a lovely day out. Came back having spent a fortune in the farm shop and in the bauble barn! Stopped at Riverside Farm for a carvery. Absolutely packed! Just finished putting the Christmas decorations up with a glass of mulled wine and now sitting down on the sofa to relax before my last week of work. Did someone mention a meet up on Tuesday?
  7. Love this genre at the moment. Can't beat a bit of classic soft rock! Brilliant.
  8. Each to their own I'm just going on what I've witnessed in my time in the motor trade. My Dad uses supermarket fuel and has never had any issues. I'd just rather not take the risk personally.
  9. I religiously only fuel at dedicated fuel stations as opposed to supermarkets for the fuel quality. During my time in the motor trade I saw more than my fair share of cars recovered in with cross contaminated fuel from supermarkets. Sadly with all the panic I've had to resort to the supermarket fuel but beggars can't be choosers at the minute!
  10. Finally getting somewhere with my recurrent shingles issue (those of you who have been here a while will know about this already I'm sure). Appointment at City Hospital on the 23rd Aug! Little bit worried but hoping they can help!
  11. Me and my lovely Mum are off out for a day in Bakewell today. Not been for a while so looking forward to it!
  12. The house we are currently renting doesn't have a dining room but the kitchen is large enough for dining tables and chairs. We eat at the dining table unless we feel like watching TV and relaxing whilst we eat. We are looking to buy this year/next and I'm not fussed either way if it has a specific dining room.