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  1. I've always thought that all of that area i.e. Faraday Rd and Ilkeston Rd were considered Lenton and anything the other side (up Norton Street) was Radford.
  2. Thankfully never been bitten by a dog but used to be terrified of them. Absolutely love them now! Glad your granddaughter is okay Lizzie and hope your wrist clears up soon!
  3. I can see all the photos fine on my Samsung S8. No watermark on the photobucket images for me either
  4. Happy Anniversary Kev. Thanks for sharing your memories of my family too
  5. It's never bothered me. Mine currently says Inchcape Toyota but I don't mind at all! Would definitely replace if it said Derby mind.
  6. Don't think I remember you saying Beekay. But yes that's the school. I was there in 2004 and left in 2009
  7. Completely different to the Manning I went to on Robins Wood Road!
  8. Hope you feel better soon Compo. Nothing worse than an ulcer. Very painful!
  9. As per my Dad's requested he has having some new brakes for Fathers Day. I'll be buying them and my highly skilled mechanic partner will fit them for free. Going to see him this afternoon and my lovely Mum is doing us a Sunday lunch. Doesn't get better!
  10. Really like Donovans Catch the Wind song. Not heard the one posted before so thank you for sharing! Love it.
  11. I am familiar with Arundel Street. Very steep! The Wheatsheaf pub is now a chemist. My Mum and Dad would frequent the Wheatsheaf often and I'd join them as a kid there after school on a Friday!
  12. Beekay - I completed primary school there in 2003 I believe. It closed down around 2004/2005. It is now dedicated art studios although they recently opened it up for a heritage day. I attended and took some photos which I'll have to try and post at some point.
  13. I was Compo! But I was there of course later than your son. 1995! My Mum and siblings all went to Douglas Primary School too. Mum would have been there around 1960. Where was you living when your son attended?