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  1. I grew up in Arnold on the killiisick estate and we would play in an area known locally as the hobbocks (dont know why ) most of which has now been built on. there was a stream that started up the hobbocks that fed into the lake at arnold park.unfortunately its mostly been filled in.Evidence of the stream can be seen on Google Earth. From the land fill at Dorket head if you look towards the rugby club you will see two lines of bushes thats were the stream forms .its then piped under the newer standen houses built around the early 70s. the brook then went down the eastern side of the playin
  2. Never would I have thought that the White Hart would go.In my youth the 70s it was the in place to be seen in the Arnold area. We would stand around watching the video juke box .The resturant woud be full of diners.Forest and Notts player were often in there .A pub has stould on that site for many a year. it feels strange to pass it and see it empty almost as if part of my past is soon to dissapear
  3. No St Stevens is on Sneinton Rd before it becomes Sneinton Dale opposite the bottom of Windmill lane.The vicar for the church in the 70s was Reverand Tyson who retired in the mid 80s and as far as I remember went to live in a church property in Southwell .I know very little of him but he was a small balding grey haired man who drank daily in the Fox
  4. Thats the one.next to the co-op it was replaced by T.G. stores .which later became savers. it was one of the few chippys that sold faggots or as Mansfield folk say savoury ducks
  5. Reading the topic about Arnold wakes reminded me of watching the fair being set up from the upstairs resturant of the Mermaid chipshop .I always felt as if i was with the elite being allowed to eat up there .so on the way up Iwould make as much noise as i could on the wooden stairs as if to show off to the downstairs que. Sitting on the wooden seating banging my legs. the asssistant would shout the order down stairs through a tube. A muffled responce followed as if questioning the order. A few minutes later the rope started moving and as if by magic the chips appeared on a shelf. Those chips w
  6. I lived on Leeshill street from 1979 untill 87 and remember St Stevens church with the dim street lighting it always had a sinister feel to me. The vicar durring this time as I recall was father Tyson if you ever needed him he could be found most nights at the Fox which at the time was a thriving pub owned and managed by Jeff Blythe .(now at the king billy).the vicarage was almost next door to the fox.Kieth Harris (orville and cuddles fame) married a local girl at st Stevens around about 87 providing st Stevens with a bit of media attention..I dont live in the area anymore but whenI last passe
  7. Duncan Norvell comes from Hoton .he did have a large house at Rufford which he called the chase .I think he had problems with the tax man so he had to move on.I did read that he lived in Derbyshire..In the early 90s he moved to Southwell on Lower Kirklington road( he lived next door but 2 to the wifes uncle)he moved to Barnsley about 3 or 4 years ago .He still does a bit on stage I saw posters for him comparing a darts exhibition match last summer between John Lowe and Eric Bristow, down Skegvagus
  8. Hi yes had a bit of pork pie for breakfast . as I said earlier my father used to so I feltI had to to keep the tradition going..but I wish santas reindeer had nicked my pie as pork farms seem to have lost the old recipe
  9. Freddie parratface Davies..Mary Hopkin...Lena Zavoroni..and Nottinghams own Paper Lace(wonder what happened to the original members) oppertun....ity knocks
  10. Hi my wife watched some of the Sad factor I caught a little of it with some kid with a swept round haircut. bring back a real talent show like op knocks who can forget Tony Holland the muscle man .
  11. Hi heard a story about the warehouse,,, durring the 2nd world war a group of Italian prisonners were marched from the rail station to the prison camp on wolaton park. when they saw the warehouse they thought that was where they going and panicked..I can understand this as it is an imposing building.probably would make a good prison
  12. Hi.. Every christmas morning my late father who came from Arnold used to have pork pie for breakfast. when I later asked him about it he said it was a tradition carried out in Nottingham .Something simple to start the day that did not need cooking .When I married I had my pork pie breakfast. my wife who comes from Sneinton told me she had never heard of this . is it an old Nottingham tradition ? or wasit something my dad dreamed up?
  13. Hi Ive recently joined your forum after stumbling onto it by accident. Im now 51years old and was raised in Arnold , which i left when I was 20. I have very vague memories of my parents taking out for the day and having a picnic by the river.Children were padldlng in a section of the river seperated from the main river by a fence cutting across the paddling area. There were a couple of kids rides and apassenger boat kept coming and going.We onlywent the once but there were many people there that day I was only a child at the time no older than 5. but when ive spoken about this Ive been told