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  1. Cats !

    Sooty lived with friends of a friend. They moved abroad and Sooty went to live with the friends. They moved to a rented house where no pets were allowed, so he came to us. Sooty got into a scrap one day. After 4 years he brought me a dead bird, so I know we were at last accepted.
  2. Cats !

    If some cats sometimes deign to share a space with one.......etc.
  3. Cats !

    If you "own" a cat or 2, this may help you to understand them more to their satisfaction and approval. https://faculty.washington.edu/smcohen/453/NamingCats.html
  4. Cycling Clubs of Nottingham

    My parents just about lived on their bikes in the late 20s and 30s. They formed the Nottingham section of the Clarion along with Bill Mellors and Henry Lloyd in 1932. http://www.nottinghamclarion.co.uk/Pages/ClubHistory.aspx
  5. Here's another one I've been drawn back to, a chill-out track. It's partly a sound vignette cover of Patti Page's 1958 song Old Cape Cod. There are clips of this track turn up in a few places in the entertainment media. If you know where you've heard the trombone solo before, pat yourself on the back. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fb2HBDxqwIg
  6. See the palatial accommodation of the shed booking clerk? Straight from a 30s Ealing film. Interesting to see what happens in the unglamorous down time, breathing all that dust. The controlled cooling period, never heard of that before but obvious when explained and I guess it was still a hot task working in the firebox. And the job titles were certainly unambiguous.
  7. New colours

    The foot of ah stairs. I'll be able to tell me grankids about this. The day of the blue line. (Well sleuthed Cliff Ton !!)
  8. North or South

    TV and radio has spread the caricatures, if you will, of various accents. Here are a few poor overused imitations I can think of which come out when certain regions are mentioned: Och eye the noo when the boo-at cuums in Ay ya gotta loit boyeee. Look you dai iznit. Oo ee oo aaar Awite gavna Ay up miduck I once stayed in a small hotel on the south coast and the owner asked me where I was from. When I told him Nottingham his comment was ay up miduck. I usually moderate my accent when in forrun parts for the sake of clear communication but I can't remember ever using that phrase except as a conscious nod to the obligatory folklore thing. it's usually ay up yowth. My accent is as much me as my face is, although that's no oil painting.
  9. Things you don't see anymore

    Jill Sparrow. Meloids, yes that's the one. Made by Boots. They seem to have been superseded by Mighty Imps, Nipits and Black Imps as noted by gem.
  10. Things you don't see anymore

    Tiny square black liquorice treats. They were very hot and spicy. They came in a flat grey tin, when the lid was opened there was a metal cover with a small hole near a corner to dispense the contents one at a time.
  11. Buses in Nottingham

    It's a standard/convertible-to-low-bridge body with a cafe for Nottstalgians. For when Broad Marsh centre is closed. I guess......... With WiFi of course.
  12. Toys and comics

    Quid me anxius sum? Still trying to make a real POIUYT out of wood.
  13. Cinderhill tyre shop

    I've got to go with pianoman on this. Iceland (Park Tavern) is almost adjacent to the church just round the bend. Embassy tyres is about level with that cul de sac of council houses (Halstead Close) showing light color roofs where the railway tracks diverge away from that row of trees. Opposite the now Hilton hotel. According to goggly earth/maps anyway.
  14. North or South

    Bad luck on Porlock, Brew. I guess it would be just as hairy going down it in anything not rigid. Mrs WW's father drove a RASC 6x6 Diamond T in Italy in WW 2 with a canvas tilt behind the cab for overnight accommodation. It had a multi wheel trailer to transport the M4 tank. I've seen pictures of Ts at shows all polished and shiny but I think they look better a bit scruffy. From our photos the logo on F in Law's T shows a North Africa unit so I guess it was transferred urgently. End of ramble.
  15. My dad's 78 collection was Locke's Violetta, Colonna's Velvet Glove, Eartha Kitt Millionaire, and Barcarolle Waltz/Cavallera Rusticana. This was rapidly overtaken by my older sister's collection of Getz and Kenton, sounds which remained in my buffer memory but didn't find a niche until years later. I remember those in your posts DJ360 and Chulla, along with pops like Music music music, 20 Tiny Fingers, and Naughty Lady of Shady Lane, eh they don't meckum like that nahdays.