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  1. Try this, good for foot tapping (at my age). Probably one of their best live performances at Alchemy Live.
  2. There is also Bluecoat Harvey Haddon campus and Bentinck Road junior campus as well as the main campus on Aspley Lane, the latter originally built when Bluecoat Street was vacated. Edit. Not very relevant to the original post, but interesting.
  3. Vanitas vanitatum omnia vanitas, In my opinion.
  4. Whiter shade of pale tune origin, from the man who wrote it... https://youtu.be/Pf73XwjZIFQ?si=mdRsOzubRejDpvP8 First two minutes.
  5. 1.Another song with Carol Kings touch Great singers... 2.A brilliant song, excellent singers, produced by Phil Spectre, Wall of sound..... I remember them well..where does the time go?
  6. From 1960, Last Date, words written later, sung by many artists. This tune doesn't need lyrics, it carries its own pathos tinged with a touch of bitter-sweet. But with lyrics I recommend Skeeter Davis. From about the same time, who can forget Russ. This also a favourite of budding guitarists of teenage years, well it was fave in our house.
  7. You realise that tomorrow is 3rd Monday in January, officially "blue monday".
  8. You've jogged my memory now Phil. A mere lifetime ago, I took my young wife on an 'on-spec' holiday to the western Highlands in our Cortina and stayed at various b&b cottages. During the dusky evenings we read books, TV being rare at that time. The book I got engrossed in and which I found fascinating was Gavin Maxwell's 'Harpoon at a venture' which details his efforts to start a shark fishery on the Isle of Soay. Very well written it documents his successes frustrations and failures around the western islands. You may have read it.
  9. I've always liked Doris's singing ever since I saw Calamity Jane in the Lyric cinema, Mablethorpe in 1956-ish. My contemporaries didn't seem much into musicals and ballads. My music interests probably being broadened by my older sister's eclectic record collection.
  10. Happy (belated) birthday Loppy, I'm in the same decade! Here's a little something to have with your morning coffee. Enjoy.
  11. Have you got a high ground clearance trailer to couple up to the Fergy to collect and return the regulars?
  12. Joseph Locke (Velvet glove, Hear my Song Violetta), Eddie Calvert, Barcarolle (Hoffman), Cavaliera Rusticana, Eartha Kitt (Millionare), these were my bedtime lullabies when I was a kid in the 50s. 78rpm played by older sister on her portable wind-up gram. Same programme every other night, quite novel those days.
  13. The jackstaff is at the bow of the ship and carries the Union Jack (in UK ship). At the stern is the Ensign. Red Ensign on the civilian vessel, white Ensign for Royal Navy. Edit. Ensign can be flown on signals mast on carriers or ships with a stern helicopter deck.