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  1. I apologise for mentioning this, philmayfield, but my unruly lateral thinking mind has just issued me with a vision of a certain '2 Ronnies' sketch.
  2. I listen to "Always" and I'm thinking of fabulous Mrs WW, from happy courting days to the sweetest honeymoon, through all the years, all the sunsets, all the sunrises, all the hard times, near disasters, great times, son off to uni, daughter's marriage to a good man, all the travels in cars, boats, planes, all the beaches and all the playing in the sea with the children, all the playing by the sea with grandchildren, tears and laughter. Life's tapestry. Sitting in the garden sharing a drink with my wife in the slow dusk of a spring evening, the quietness conveying a myriad unspoken
  3. Alpha, yes Lee & G as I recall sold domestic electrical goods etc. as their main stock although that wasn't my interest in the shop. I left Ellis 1959 when Green had just taken over from Hadrill. I was then in Parker's 4th year. Jeff Edwards was my fellow aeroplane buff.
  4. Excellent recollection Apha. My memories parallel yours exactly and my early teen years, late 1950s, were tied up with aircraft in general. A school pal of mine and I (Ellis school) would regularly cycle to Hucknall and, in the woods to the south of the runway, photo the incoming planes. I've got Vulcan, Elizabethan, Canberra, P1 all taken on a box brownie so the quality is poor especially when panning planes doing 100 mph. I remember Nuthall rd exactly as you describe it, with Lee and Goodjohn who was my go-to for dinky toys, he had shelves full. Aspley library, a favourite haunt at sch
  5. You're right Oldphil, Maiden Lane. Barker Gate to hockley
  6. In spite of all that, well done BK!
  7. I'm thinking CT's pic is of a mkII or mkIII Reliant Regal of '56 or '57. I can find numerous pics of three-quarter front views and side views but none of a rear view.
  8. mary1947, the Ford Classic that I referred to is actually a Ford Consul Classic, 3rd up far side of the road so we agree on that.
  9. I spy Austin Healey Sprite. Morris Oxford. Ford Classic. Standard 10 (Standard 10 had an opening boot lid, the model '8' boot was accessed from inside the car) 1946 Hillman (behind telephone pole)
  10. Aesthetics would be my guess, Brew.
  11. And you can add 'Just a Minute' to that. It was interesting word play, a bit stodgy at first, although from the 80s onwards it got much better. I still listen to recordings on YT. After 45 years it crossed over to TV and was then very entertaining with some more excellent contestants.
  12. 'Wallumboola base calling flying doctor'. It was on radio before television.
  13. Yes if it's almond flavoured.