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  1. Margaret Thatcher?? They should have a statue of Richard Hornsby. He started a very successful engineering company in 1828 in Spitalgate, Grantham. They manufactured quality agricultural machinery, (which helped make Lincolnshire a valuable farming county) oil engine tractors, developed crawler tracked tractors and in 1892 they produced compression ignition oil engine driven electricity generators. After WW1 work they joined up with Rustons of Lincoln and became Ruston Hornsby who much later were taken over by English Electric as I understand things. Wikipedia has a list of their product
  2. Some memorable gems from my youth. Powerful....classy... Mary Travers, fantastic!.....
  3. I followed country music too, mary1947. Still do. It was while trying to entertain myself during lock-down that I discovered Australia has a thriving country scene with some excellent artists. Top of my current favourites list is 'The French family band'. They moved from Australia to Nashville a couple of years ago. Here is a video of the young Sonny French singing my favourite rhythmic sub-genre 'Bakersfield sound'. It's a Buck Owens number. The lad plays a mean guitar anorl. Good accordionist too, makes it a bit Acadian perhaps?
  4. I think this one puts it all in perspective for me. (edited)
  5. Memories of various suburban youth clubs, house parties, and rainy days round at mate's House Learned to play a lot of instrumentals just by listen and copy.
  6. Get well soon PP and wife.
  7. Another nostalgic reminder. To that I can add Cotton Fields and Bad Moon. In fact I think most of CCR's output is remarkable. (Opinion.)
  8. A mint restoration. Can you make a Foden sing?
  9. Another of Rod's poignant songs. Tell 'em Rod. Makes me eyes leak a bit does this one.
  10. Yay, tractor/trailer rides round the paddock. Archery contests,(targets in the trees). Someone must own a big gazebo we could use with a table full of dandelion and burdock, vimto etc. We could all chip in to rent a line of portaloos and surely there's someone who's got the DJ gear. And I would solemnly promise to not wear a baseball cap.
  11. Ah. So that's what the giggling was last night. She can be a bit cheeky, our Mavis. Hope she dint embarrass you, Mr Marsden.