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  1. Unusual Road Names

    Poplar Street Ian, looking towards Manvers st from Lower Parliament st. Pennyfoot is to the left of the petrol station on the left of the photo.
  2. A few random photos -1

    Cripps you get. Nice one Cliff Ton. Those were the days when I could memorize phone numbers.
  3. A few random photos -1

    Loco picture. I spy, behind the tender, the covered stairway which led up to the quirky little entrance on Parliament street. Also the larger windows below the bit of skyline in the top left corner is the top of "R Cripps" showroom building. Purveyor of motor cars from whom my dad bought his Hillman Californian in 1955. (Argos was the last occupant of that building).
  4. Alfreton Road

    https://nottstalgia.com/forums/profile/2144-radfodlad/ This mentions the yard. The pub is a 50s style. I'm fairly certain it replaced an older building of the same name. Edit, that yard apparently was Pownalls. Another edit. That link is a bit round the houses. The thread is called Nottingham Scrapyards Pownalls. (I wish it were simple to link in this website.)
  5. Alfreton Road

    Windmill Inn. Was that the second iteration of the pub on that site with name Windmill Inn. There used to be a Trickett's scrapyard nextdoor.
  6. Commo, you've brought back some memories for me there. Add Calvert's Cherry Pink. I don't have a collection as such, just some overlapping compilation disc/tapes. A couple I can add are Perez Prado's Patricia, also recorded by Cherry Wainer. Cherry also did a version of Take 5 and it's quite something to see and hear a YT video of her stomping out a 5/4 on the Hammond. Prado: Edit. Also Naughty Lady of Shady Lane. TwentyTiny Fingers. Volare. April Love.
  7. Cycling On The Canal Towpaths

    When Mrs WW and I were fitter we often cycled from Aspley through Wollaton pk, through University campus to Beeston Rylands. Lunch at Tony's and then on to Trent Lock. Returning via Beeston wier along the Trent bank to Clifton bridge or the Beeston canal towpath and Thane rd past horizon factory. Another easy ride was home to Wilford bridge, along the embankment, cross the suspension bridge, past Forest ground to Home Pierpont, where we had lunch. Ride round the rowing course and back home for a cuppa.
  8. Cigarette cards

    From memory I think the Wolseley on the last Ben card looks like a Hornet.
  9. Cycling On The Canal Towpaths

    Rog..........Now, that's a work bench I can relate to
  10. Old school books

    Whitemoor infants, 1951/2
  11. Cigarette cards

    Thrift was the flower depicted on the reverse of the 3d piece.
  12. How's your day?

    I haven't philmayfield I got my information from aviation history books, documentaries and TV interviews. But now you've prompted me I think I'll give it go.
  13. How's your day?

    Eric 'winkle' Brown flew a captured one in June, 1945. The German ground crew refused at first to prepare and service it and demanded a signed disclaimer absolving them of any consequence. (Brown spoke fluent German and was an official interrogator as well as RN pilot and test pilot). He later said that of all the tailless aircraft he flew (5 different types) this one had the best high speed flight characteristics. The take-off and landing characteristics were apparently less impressive. It could outrun the P47s and P51 Mustangs. The intended technique was to take out a bomber on the way up, loop over the formation and take another out on the way down. Then the fuel ran out. He called it an invention of desperation. It had a non pressurised cockpit and could reach 39,000 feet in 3 minutes. For this reason the regular pilots had a special low fibre diet to minimize gastrointestinal gas which could cause problems during the fast decompression of the rapid ascent.
  14. Victoria station in colour

    Amazing pics Cliff Ton. That booking hall is a most lmpressive space complete with balcony. For our family once a year (late 40s/50s) we caught the train to London then change for the Kent coast, Isle of Thanet. I've used the Midland station a few times but it seemed mundane to this child compared with the glass canopied Victoria.
  15. summut serious

    We're with you all the time, Chulla.