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  1. Enough of this, just let the matter drop.
  2. I don't know it all RoseQueen but if my old memory serves me well, before being renamed 'Marketside' it was the 'Sir Robert Clifton'. Affectionately known as Cliftows by some.
  3. Eee, that takes me back a few decades.
  4. St Mary's school on Barker gate, boys' entrance.
  5. The boys' dorms were Chetwynd and Brackenhurst.
  6. In 1955 my dad took me on one of his mystery cycle rides. Nuthall rd to Cinderhill Island, under the rail bridge and up the old 610 Nottingham Road which runs to the west of the now Nuthall pub. About 60 yards past the now Houghton close there was a footpath (still there) which went east across the open fields (before the dual carriageway was built) about the same alignment as the (new) Armstrong Rd and then ran through the south of the cemetery. Apart from the cemetery it was all empty fields then as i remember, no Crabtree etc. I guess it was the path shown on the map above which ended at Greasley st.
  7. My dad's family lived at Alpine Cottages Beeston during WW1. I think that's somewhere near the now Acacia ave. Grandad worked at Humber cycle factory. There was 11 children of which he was youngest. His older brother lost his life aged 14 learning to swim near Beeston weir. His older sister married a farmer and they ran Padge farm. His other brother was a WW1 casualty and is buried in beeston Edit. I've wandered off the thread's theme, sorry.
  8. Indeed, and in its basic form and even by an untrained artist. Introduce money and status into it and the art element is a shared consideration. But a skilful experienced artist has a way with their chosen medium and an experience of the various facets of the human condition and is able to reach into the observer's world. This would raise its value in some quarters. A child's ventures into visuals is treasured by few but the child must have imagined something and the parent saw something unique and meaningful even as it was being created, at least i did in my experiences. What is art? A physical form of communication from one (abstract) mind to another at best but probably slightly more effective than spoken words for some things. What's it worth. Nominally the worth is suggested by expert artists. It's real worth what you can get at auction.
  9. The artist puts into their work that which they feel. The observer takes away that which they need.
  10. Sorry to hear about you and your bike oldphil. This one typically looks like I used to see them chained to the fence outside Johnson Arms.
  11. The bike looks quite artistic. Is it a comment on 2020? Or is it an observation on a comment.
  12. in memory of Goose Fair late 50s. Me standing on the thundering rattling walkway round the waltzer, near the speakers, the ear splitting screams of the lasses in ra ra skirts, cowboy hats hanging down their back. Others I remember, Tallahasee Lassie, Poison Ivy, Big Hunk of Love. Lots more.
  13. If you stand on the moon can you see the great Wall of China?