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  1. I've got the owner's handbook for my late dad's Ford 93e Prefect. It lists the toolkit as follows; Contents of Toolkit. Tool bag Wrench 7/16" X 1/2" Hex open end. Wrench 9/16" X 1/2" Hex open end Wrench spark plug and springclip nut box spanner Screwdriver Monkey Wrench Pliers Wheelbrace Starting crank Tyre pump Jack handle and tyre lever. Lubrication gun Cylinder head box spanner Tommy bar Tyre lever. There are comprehensive instructions in the handbook on how to do a decarbonising operation, wi
  2. 1. A toolkit with a set of spanners, screwdrivers and socket wrench for spark plugs. 2. A roller blind on the inside of the back window which was drawn up by a cord terminating over the driver's door.
  3. Lovely song, bitter-sweet memory. July 19th-26th 1969. Exemouth, not Italy. Ford Anglia not Lambo. It required imagination, that's all. That and a loud radio.
  4. Im sure the melbourne rd police station was originally an air raid shelter painted a light colour. (Edit, or decontamination building) There was also a police station on Strelley Rd which was an ex air raid shelter or ex decontamination centre. It was on the north side of the rd A6004 opposite Melbury rd junction and 200 yards west of the present station.
  5. Hoping to have a holiday soon. To one of our favourite resorts. A summery song. There'll be a chip shop, a posh-ish restaurant and an ice cream kiosk and some boats coming and going, plus a promenade for daily excercise. And of course sunshine.
  6. Hi letsavagoo. Have you tried switching to tab desktop mode when you're on nottstalgia, to find the nottstalgia menu top right. Edit, sorry just realised, safari = ios. I'm on android. It works on my android.
  7. I carry the dust of a journey That cannot be shaken away. It lives deep within me For I breath it every day.
  8. Yes DJ. Paul Simon, excellent tunesmith/lyric writer. I still find his 'America' engaging and fresh. I've still got Greatest hits vinyl from about '72. All excellent tracks.
  9. ....And right back in the groove; a bit of Northern soul. 'Be young be foolish but be happy.' All in the past now but today I'll welcome 'young at heart' and 'be happy' but will draw a line under 'be foolish'. Had a big enough dose of that when I was young.
  10. Music music everywhere. Remember this one from 1960.