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  1. And I can't change my password. So security could be compromised
  2. That's ok as a temporary measure BK but I get no notifications or PM facilities.
  3. All three themes show no avatar. V4 does look like Pianoman's but without the navigation text headers or avatar.
  4. I'm same as Stavertongirl. Got no avatar etc on the top, I've turned the brightness up full. Android 10 on phone and on my tablet so I'm not going to log on me tablet. Both devices show no avatar. Cleared browser settings on both devices, restarted devices without success. Maybe it's an Android compatibility prob.
  5. How do you log off?? Seems like I'm logged on forever.
  6. So let's raise a glass to our Ben, A stalwart of nottstalgia's men. He's been put to the test And we wish him the best And pray that he'll soon be 'iz sen.
  7. It was a Co-op when I knew it in the 50s/60s or there abouts.
  8. So it's Mariah Carey time again in the chart song world, All I Want For Christmas. Good singalong. From her back catalogue of numerous hits she had a hit in 94; 'Without You'. Harry Nillsen did it in 72. Without You was written and first recorded by Badfinger in 1970. Good original song arrangement, I like it
  9. Is this helpful BK. https://stannswellroad.weebly.com/trolley-buses.html
  10. There was a science type instrument/technical shop corner of Clinton st West and Lincoln st. Also a good bookshop on the north side of Lincoln st. Can't name them but could find them.
  11. I've recently discovered an online radio station called Serenade radio. (Serenade-radio.com) a nostalgic listen with wide range of music. This morning included Sing something Simple, and Magic Pipes about pipe organs, although it did include a digital Allen GW4, Loppy! (Edit, I've just looked up Allen GW4 and it's not a classical one, but it looks impressive). It's got old jazz and pop, Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby, just like early years of R2. It's available on dab but only in Dorset!!
  12. Enough of this, just let the matter drop.
  13. I don't know it all RoseQueen but if my old memory serves me well, before being renamed 'Marketside' it was the 'Sir Robert Clifton'. Affectionately known as Cliftows by some.