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  1. Good job Plantfit! Of such and similar devises was the Industrial Revolution born and which evolved into pedal cycles, steam engines, sewing machines, Fred Dibnah and sheds full of ironmongery to fascinate and inspire generations of men and boys. (p.s. kindly and humbly offered helpful suggestions, practice welding and wear a hair net when using drill).
  2. Another popular 'cardigan and quiff' song from the salad days when the schooling chapter of my life was coming to a close, 60 'n' odd eventful years ago. Carpe diem, tempus fugit.
  3. Eventually found this after a long search, from the memories of my last year at school. Happy carefree days. It's now played at T20 matches when a boundary is scored.
  4. Elephants never forget (From a friendly elephant)
  5. The quiff.... The sides... The DA... The button down shirt n tie.. The stitched lapels... The coolest cool.
  6. Aye, Ortzen St. That's the one. Marquis of Waterford
  7. There was the Marquis (?) on peveril st. And the Albany on Birkin Ave, that had a big entertainment room and stage.
  8. Hartley rd might be mistaken as an extension of Bentick rd, here there was the Penny Farthing and the Boulevard at the bottom. I know nothing about what their entertainment arrangements were in those days.
  9. 2 things of interest to me are the gear change lever on the crossbar and the robust looking bell. My parents' bikes (from the 30s and still languishing in the shed in the 60s) both had these. (I also had a crossbar gear lever bike in the 60s). The bells, as I vaguely remember, were about 5 inches diameter and were sounded by an internal oscillating T shaped clapper geared mechanism operated by a hefty trigger. They weren't lightweight accessories but certainly loud.
  10. Rog. I am fascinated by all things mechanical since I've had meccano sets from age about 6. Still got a small trunk full in the attic and old handbook reprints are Still available online. Steve Fletcher on Repair Shop is an interesting man to watch working. He is a lifelong expert on clocks as was his father. Anyway, good luck in your new venture.
  11. There are those green side lenses again, must be a safety feature, they all seem to have them. Looking forward to the finished article.
  12. Sounds and looks good Rog. Have you used one in the dark? It seems quite bright. My dad had a lamp-oil bike lamp with a dish reflector behind the wick, a clear lens for ahead and a small clear lens each side of the body, I don't know the purpose of these side lenses except perhaps awareness. The whole unit was suspended on a sprung parallelogram arrangement which fitted the standard lamp bracket. I never saw it used in the dark but I remember domestic oil lamps were quite bright so it must have been a useful light when concentrated with a reflector and fat lens. In the late 50s I acqired a bo
  13. Bert Weedon? I think most budding guitarists in my sphere in 1959 had a go at this one The Shadows did a good cover of this in the 70s??