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  1. Yes DJ360, I realised that after I'd posted it. (Self addressed memo; must check back on threads before contributing.)
  2. Well, we're waiting on the edge of our seats now with 'How's your day' on speed dial.
  3. Ian, cast your mind back to the 60s, imagine you are outside the Sawyers arms then walk away from town past the bottom of Stanford street along Greyfriar gate until you arrive at a roundabout at the junction of Greyfriar gate/Canal st/Maid Marian way. Look across the roundabout and there is the Bowling Green. It's number 52 on Trogg's map at the top of this thread. It's no longer there, the area has been redeveloped. In the early 60s the pub had an impressive Rock Ola juke box which, due to much repetitive playing, must have worn out their copy of Please Please me.
  4. Oldphil, Sherwood street, halfway up there was the Saracen's head. Same side as the Hole in the Wall. Would that be it? Now student accommodation but still has a pub sign hanging from it. Jonab, the Newcastle is now essential student accommodation.
  5. Hi Fogrider, yes Hooleys sold motorbikes and cars at Greyfriar gate. Their showroom was in Richmond House facing the roundabout that was there. The showroom was between Albion st and Canal street. Richmond House is still there. Bike spare parts and accessories were sold in the basement of the old church on Derby road.
  6. Engine fault codes. On my previous car if the fault light came on I could stop somewhere, operate the pedals and ignition in certain order and the engine fault lamp would flash in 4 sequences. These flashes represented the 4 digit fault code which could be deciphered from online.
  7. http://www.aviation-safety.net/wikibase/142003
  8. 'Secret Love' by Doris Day is one of my favourites, mary1947. Deadwood Stage a good foot-stomper too. Been working on some flying ones. Fly me to the moon. Sinatra. Wind beneath my wings. Bette Middler One day I'll fly away. Randy Crawford. Ebony Eyes. Everleys Magnificent men in their flying machines.
  9. He who eats chillies gives his teeth away to a horse
  10. Ok, Cars; Little Deuce coup. Beach boys. Drive my Car. Beatles. 409. Beach boys. Betsy. Beach boys. Rafferty's Motorcar. Val. Edited to include singers.
  11. 4 windows and a door away from the top of Pepper street. Near enough!
  12. An Oxford comma isn't as loud as a Rootes commer.
  13. Gaggs is at 106 Alfreton rd. Rogers was on the east corner of Thoroton st/Alfreton. now a car accessory shop.