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  1. An interesting spectacle in the very clear twilight sky these evenings. A glorious new crescent moon in formation with a bright Venus. Venus gaining elongation in the solar system throughout the coming months. Years ago in the Broads I witnessed a display of the Milky way arching from horizon to horizon. There was no light pollution at the time and no mist, just a crystal clear sky. When these things are clearly visible I always take time to immerse for a while in something different from the daily grind. Man may come and go but the stars (and their subordinates) go on and on in their ow
  2. Beekay, Deaton's newsagent. (If my memory is still working OK) The big building in the distance beyond the telephone pole was CO-OP, now M'coll's
  3. I was watching a documentary just now about a couple of restorers who dismantled a 1940s piper cub artillery spotter aircraft and rebuilt it from the ground up to airworthy status. Somewhere in Lincolnshire. It was flown to the mass gathering of Piper cub spotters in France to commemorate Dday. During their 'getting-parts-tested' travels they visited the Linc Lanc in its home field where said Lanc was taxiing around on the grass sans ailerons. I think it will be airworthy one day. (P.S. A bit tenuous I know but the meanderings of some threads are a bit like Tennyson's poem
  4. It seems he was a big fan of Les Paul too. Tribute to Les at the Iridium club NY. With Imelda May.
  5. I remember that NCT buses had 'SPITTING PROHIBITED' and also a sign on the upper deck above the right-hand front window which advised-'DRIVER BELOW DO NOT STAMP FEET'.
  6. Sounds good, DJ. I take it the knee pains are now history, which must be a great relief. Edit, I looked it up on Google earth and youtube, it looks a good steady slog with a rewarding view.
  7. That would explain the lack of windows. I stand corrected.
  8. A Howard Trencher? Form follows function. It looks very functional. Below: Marvellous things, tractors. Here's one demonstrating the lethal open square wheels principle similar to those shown above, we can sort of see how they work but difficult to describe it to someone, say, over the phone.
  9. The sargasso, Phil, was part of El Toreador as you remember and it was fashioned like a cave inside with fishing nets and glass floats adorning the walls and ceilings. The Guildhall Pub was opposite the Guildhall courts building, further down burton st, past Nequests and over Sherwood St. The cafe you mention facing Nequests was The Robin Hood milk bar. The walls inside were decorated with photos of past and current artistes frequenting the theatres. 2.. I didn't frequent the Sargasso much (which was upstairs) our clique preferred the Toreador bit which was at ground level and the 49
  10. Additional interesting factoid. The dorsal-fin coach introduced in 1935 has a roof and window-line which significantly curves down from half way along towards the rear, thus reducing headroom in the back of the coach. The vehicle construction and use regulations required that floor-to-roof clearance height of the gangway be the same for the whole length of the coach. This was achieved by making a bulge in the rear roof over the gangway for legal headroom access to the back seats. The bulge was cleverly disguised by making it a fin shape design feature to include ventilation. (The exterior ven
  11. A very handsome looking well proportioned coach imo Rog, apart from the fin, that's more Flash Gordon imo so probably in keeping with its era. The 1949 mk1 Burlingham Seagull (Leyland or AEC with winged sword motif on the front) was considered by many, including me, to be the best looking coachwork for a long time and sold very well. The mk 2 and subsequent design tweaks were considered a step down, (if it ain't broke.... ) All this is highly subjective I know and opinions may vary lol.
  12. I like the one back-right, it looks like a later model Burlingham Seagul. When as a kid holidaying at Mablethorpe, mid 1950s, I always got up early to watch the coaches being brought out of the garage on Tennyson Rd. There was regularly a red Sheffield United Tours very curvy flamboyant early model Seagul in there. It looked space age to me. More austere but well proportioned were the green Lincolnshire Road Car Bristols. From your collection I see a more modern Harrington Cavalier. Also 3 to the right of that a very attractive AEC half-cab, I had a dinky toys model similar to that. I
  13. Not much Whitworth about these days except perhaps for building bridges and repairing beam engines, Fred Dibnah would have known. Even huge ships are now welded together. I started in 1960 at Syd Smith's and some of my work in the gauge shop involved tapered threads to American Petroleum Institute (API) affectionately known in-house as IPA. I guess there's a good reason for the plethora of differently threaded thingies but the differences between some are very small and a pain for stocktaking. PS I always measure in metric.
  14. There was 'The Old Vic' on Fletcher gate many years ago next to the Cross Keys pub. Old Vic had a few comedy and musical acts in its day.