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  1. First time I saw a coloured television working was in 1968 at a commercial demonstration of the first trans Atlantic colour transmissions, via satellite I think.
  2. Or as Hans Christian Andersen would say- When words fail, music speaks.
  3. My non involvement experiences with diesels. I once saw a 17.5 ton with the cab tilted forward and a mechanic standing inside the chassis. He was busy working on the injector pumps. Airlock? Water? I don't know but the wagon was stuck half way across Parliament St. so no pressure on him. A few weeks ago I passed a car on a motorway hard shoulder and it was spewing white exhaust smoke out all across the road from, i guess, a runaway diesel. Not sure how you deal with one of those if it's getting combustible fuel from somewhere. Light smoke; sump oil?
  4. This was quite popular in its day. We used to to sing it fortissimo in school playground along with Vaughan's 'Green Door'.
  5. I learned to drive in those old Regents. Not in the cab but as a kid with me mam in the lower saloon on me tiptoes looking into the driver's cab window and watching what he did with the controls and noting the movements of the bus. I loved that huge steering wheel and how smooth the bus responded, turning this way then that way. And that pre-shift on top of its pedestal. Fascinated by the huge handbrake with its ratchet release lever. Waiting in the bus on Hanley Street on a dusky evening, the driver stows the safety chock, climbs in and when he'd sat down switches all the lights on, but
  6. Tried that link Oztalgian. It brings up some real nostalgia. And in order too.
  7. '77, memory of college in Staffs. Cool song. Electric piano, niiiiiice!
  8. Yes. I had a reminder from somewhere of 'Who Put The Bomp' and was minded to share it on NS, so I youtube searched it, listened to the 1st three that came up on my list and selected one that gave the most pronounced bass/snare rhythm as i perceived it on my audio setup, and I posted it as a 'good starter'. That led to an unexpected revelation about an 'earworm'. So I searched again as before this time for the similar 'Mr Bassman' for a version which had the stronger recorded bass voice as per my audio and posted that as an earworm antidote. A bit of fun really, not meant to be an assay of prov
  9. It was a good starter, got the feet tapping. I remember jivin/twistin/shufflin to this at a party in Riverside apartments in WB in 63.
  10. All the best with the knees DJ. Hoping it all goes well.
  11. If I may add to the above air display report re tornado; my 1st encounter was at a display when the Tornado was still new and the finale was the Tornado. It flew along the display line fairly slowly, did a very tight turn away from the crowd (opposite the VIP enclosure naturally) lit everything up and shot vertically into the sky with flames out of the back and a chest-cavity-shaking thunder, felt even more than heard. A ripping booming, very satisfying in a primal way, awesome. The applause from the crowd was joined by appreciation from a thousand car alarms in the carpark. The no
  12. http://www.nottshistory.org.uk/whatnall1928/weekday_cross.htm From my old friend Google.