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  1. Willow wilson

    Historical Photos of Nottingham

    Sure has, called out through the swirling mists of recall from another life. We'll go no more to that golden shore where we danced when we were young. Enough of this nostalgia!
  2. Willow wilson

    Historical Photos of Nottingham

    Poignant, that last one; I can hear the Dubliners singing. Met my Love.......
  3. Willow wilson

    Enjoying owt on the box lately ?

    Talking pictures. 39 Steps. (1978) Robert Powell, John Mills, Eric Porter etc. Brilliant.
  4. Willow wilson

    How's your day?

    And we are Loppy.
  5. Willow wilson


    I was at pipewood in 1957 and on this pic. I'm seated on the floor far left. Two rows behind me is a Pipewood teacher, Mr Boyle. The teacher on the right was Mr Winkmann. I recognise 6 Ellis lads in this pic and there are also a couple of lads I recognise from Glaisdale drive/Staverton area. The 2 Lads next to Boyle brought a wind up gramophone to the school to play in our free time and the record collection included Wayward Wind and Last Train to San Fernando, which always bring back memories of Pipewood when I hear them. On Sunday church parade the lads who owned the gramophone dressed in fully authentic light blue ted suits complete with ladder-stripe ties and beetle crushers. I enjoyed my time there and returned in '58.
  6. Willow wilson

    Black holes & quantum physics.

    The entanglement theory is real and evident in my ear bud leads and charging leads.
  7. Willow wilson

    Show us yer bits!

    I found a brass button in my cabbage patch years ago. It had the city crest on it surrounded by the banner "Nottingham City Tramways".
  8. Willow wilson

    Things that pee you off

    That was the attraction of Shippoes.
  9. Willow wilson

    From the Castle.....

    I agree, TBI, amazing architecture on the Jubilee campus. I'm still impressed by it. If there's anywhere that can and should disseminate diverse new and provocative ideas (in all disciplines) it's a university campus.
  10. Willow wilson


    The inside of Mrs WW's car looks like a mobile annexe of our fully cluttered, almost inaccessible shed.
  11. Willow wilson

    A few random photos - 5

    In the late 50s there was a shop named 'Radiovision House' on that corner on the right. As well as TVs and radios they had a good stock of flying model aircraft kits and parts, balsa wood/tissue/motors etc. I bought a kit of an SE5 WW1 biplane, elastic band powered. As well as other balsa wood frame, tissue covered generic types, rubber powered and gliders. I remember having to leave the garage door open when doping the paper on those things, it made me nauseous if I didn't.
  12. Willow wilson

    How's your day?

    Earlier this week an Extraordinary meeting of the WW Household Domestic Effects, Chattels and Maintenance committee was convened. Item on the agenda; a new house number plaque. Investigations were made using junk mail brochures and on-line sales sites. Mrs WW saw and suggested buying an on-line one at £30. Mr WW insisted that he could make one from items stored in the 'might-need-this-one-day' reserve. It was explained by Mr WW that a suitable wooden background could easily be made with chamfered edges and corners, sanded smooth, suitably stained and varnished and brass numbers attached, all of which were already available at no cost. This was overridden by Mrs WW, who has the authority of two votes. Meeting was adjourned while a £30 plaque was ordered from an on-line site. Report back when affixed to house. The convening of this meeting was in no way influenced by the fact that two neighbours had recently installed new number plaques.
  13. Willow wilson

    Old Streets of Nottingham

    I’ve got a confession to make. My references here to Gedling street should read Boston Street.
  14. Willow wilson

    Interesting facts

    Any ride which goes round anti clockwise is going round the 'sick' way. This was the folklore on Melbourne park play area.
  15. Willow wilson

    Old Streets of Nottingham

    Ian, the picture above titled 'Cranbrook Street 1975' is of Brook Street, taken from the junction with Gedling street, the shadow on the left is of the Salvation Army men's hostel situated on Gedling st.