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  1. I remember seeing her in "Up The Junction" with a young Dennis Waterman, Suzi Kendall and Adrienne Posta fair made a young blokes evening watching those girls in their mini skirts.
  2. Yes I agree, Karen Carpenter had a special voice as did Mary Travers from PP&M. So did Lynda Meeks from Five Penny Piece and Kathy Lesurf from Fiddlers Dram (Day Trip To Bangor) and not forgetting Mama Cass Elliot sadly lost to us far too early. I did read somewhere that she could play but I was not expecting that level of capability. But after looking it up not surprising as she was trained in classical piano at the University of Melbourne Conservatorium
  3. The Seekers started in Melbourne in 1962 and came to the UK in 1964. Judith Durham has one of those amazing voices that once heard you can't forget. Bruce Woodley of the Seekers wrote the song "I am Australian" which should be our national anthem, not that mournful dirge we have now. The Seekers - I Am Australian: Special Farewell Performance (all 5 verses) - YouTube It is a beautiful composition
  4. They were a bit of a "one hit wonder" with Tell Me When. Apart from the girl groups they were one of the groups around at that time that had a female member of the group. They had a bass guitarist while the Honeycombs had a female drummer. Is it just me or did the Applejacks sound a bit like Freddie and the Dreamers.
  5. According to our media the BEEB has issued discriminatory language warnings at the start of recent re-runs of Dad's Army. Apparently the "wokies" do not like references to Froggies and Fuzzy Wuzzies. Come on Britain stand against this and other PC nonsense
  6. I seem to remember that the Simon and Garfunkel song Homeward Bound was associated with Widnes railway station. Why don't you write a chart topping song about Peterborough or Nottingham stations Ben
  7. I remember Wilfrid Bramble (old man Steptoe) playing Paul's grandfather. In a 1999 survey of 1000 people involved in the British Film Industry voted it the 88th of films in the 20th century that were "culturally British" The top 5 in the survey were The Third Man - 1949 Brief Encounter - 1945 I've never seen or heard of this one Lawrence of Arabia - 1962 The 39 Steps - 1935 Great Expectations - 1946 Missed this one The most "modern" one is from 1998 The complete list is here BFI Top 100 British films - Wikipedia The 100 Best TV s
  8. I agree! An all time classic, sadly only two left, Jeff Lynne and Bob Dylan
  9. It would have been easy to have all that gear where we used to live as the property had three phase power but unfortunately not much room. No such luck with 3 phase now that we have moved and have a shed big enough to put it all in.
  10. You did not offend me at all Mary I just thought that putting a like against someone writing about and suffering from PD was somehow not the right response. I sometimes wish the were other options.
  11. If I were to stock my "workshop" I would have the following. A Bridgeport turret milling machine with all the attachments, including a rotary and an angle table, a Colchester Student Lathe with face plates and steadies. Jones and Shipman surface and cylindrical grinders, a power hacksaw and welding gear. I reckon there is not much I couldn't tackle with that gear. Stupid thing is that as companies re-equiped with multi axis CNC machine tools these things could be had for a song. Stupid me missed out as I was still working and did not have the time. I also have access to a portable forge i
  12. mary1947, I don't feel that a like is an appropriate response to your writing about PD but thank you for giving us a better understanding of the condition.
  13. You can get them at most shops that sell cutlery here in OZ but unless you can find a shop that stocks Viners cutlery in the UK it looks like you will have to buy on-line, Viners have a website that you can look at and I can see that there are quite a few available on EBay. You can buy special spoons that somehow adjust for the tremble but they are many hundreds of dollars here. One brand is called Gyenno another is Liftware they all have interchangeable ends, spoons, forks and Liftware have a Spork but it looks like they don't ship to the UK I am sure one of our USA members can ge
  14. If you unknowingly have Covid 19 and receive a vaccination does it get rid of the virus you already have and if so how long does it take?
  15. My signature has never been readable so it makes no difference at all. I think it came from having to sign so much useless paperwork at work. Has anyone thought of using a "Splayd" It is a hybrid between a spoon, a fork and a knife. The fork usually has four pronged and it is dished like a spoon and the edges have "cutting" edges that are not sharp enough to cut your mouth but do a reasonable job on veggies and softer meats like chicken, fish, liver or sausages. The more urbane Aussies call them Sporks They were invented in the 1940's in NSW. At one time Viners of Sheffield w