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  1. The Grand Coulee Dam - Lonnie Donegan
  2. Photos to cheer us up

    Here is one of my all time favourite sketches from Eric and Ernie with the gorgeous Nina from Nina and Fredrick. 40+ years old and still bl**dy hilarious. Brilliant timing and ad-lib from Eric
  3. Grand Hotel - Procol Harum
  4. Hotel California - Eagles
  5. The Carnival Is Over - The Seekers
  6. How Are Things In Glocca Morra - Bing Crosby
  7. Notts County

    Glad to see that the Magpies have secured a place in the play-offs. I hope they can get an automatic promotion spot and if they succeed and don't pass Forest on the way down there should be some cracking local derbies next season.
  8. How's your day?

    Woke this morning to a sea mist/fog, could barely see the houses across the road, it's still hazy and I can't quite see the horizon but bright sunshine and 27 deg. Not bad for half past Autumn
  9. Karanka

    A defeat or two is an understatement. A win or two is probably more like it. More likely to be battling to avoid relegation given recent results. I wish it were something different but I am getting a bit tired of the cry we are building for next year and we expect to be bidding for promotion. There is something fundamentally wrong at the Forest for them to be so mediocre for so long, I don't know what it is but it is there. Hey, just had a thought how about asking Arsene Wenger if he wants a job!
  10. Nottingham Festival 1970

    John Harker barges used to ply the Trent carrying oil and like PP I had to hang on to my basket and keep net as the draught sucked all the water out and the wash brought it back with a vengeance often washing the basket away if you had not moved it far enough up the bank.
  11. Things you don't see anymore

    Who used to play this horse racing game or this football game?
  12. Nottingham Festival 1970

    The Settlers looked like they were trying to emulate that great Aussie group The Seekers, the singer even sounds a bit like Judith Durham Here is Pan's People doing the same song The Lightning Tree
  13. Scenes which haven't changed so much.

    Was that the Monk's who owned S.A. Monk of Sutton in Ashfield and Nottingham?
  14. Nottingham Festival 1970

    Mungo Jerry - In The Summertime, Pushbike Song and Lady Rose, De de-de-de de de-de-de-de..... great stuff Guinness - One of the essential food groups during the sixties and seventies
  15. Scenes which haven't changed so much.

    That picture of St Mary's church Blidworth is take from Ricketts Lane which if you follow along takes you past the old Blidworth windmill, "Druid's Stone" and out on to the A60 the Nottingham-Mansfield road near the table top tree and the Bessie Shepherd stone.