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  1. Mary1947, Beekay and LizzieM I hope you all manage a flutter on horses that manage to beat the ambulance home. Seriously though, admiration to all involved in riding these magnificent animals, 60kph on a 600kg animal with a mind of its own and no brakes is a dangerous way to earn a living.You don't get a full sense of how fast, or how close they are together and how powerful they are until you stand on the running rail as they approach the winning post. You first hear the pounding hooves, the shouts of the jockeys and the breathing of the horses. We were regular race goers until covid 19 came around, it is just starting to open to spectators again but we are still being cautious.
  2. Mary, horses come in stables, boats or cars etc, come in fleets, anyway my advice is go for it, the feeling you get when your horse is first past the post is amazing. There are also the privileges you get at the meetings by being an owner, well, there are here. Hi BK, There is a horse in racing here in SA called BEEOKAY makes me think of you everytime it runs
  3. Yes it is BK the Victorian Government has declared a "State of Disaster" to bring in the legislation that they say they need to combat certain behaviour I agree totally but cannot help but think back to the early days of this pandemic when governments of both our countries put out the "message" that this was a disease of the old and vulnerable and how much that has influenced behavior, that and being "soft" on those that broke the lock-down rules
  4. Really great news MD it will be so good to be back together again. Keep each other safe. Things have worsened with metropolitan Melbourne being put under stage four restrictions and the rest of the state under stage three. The continuing high infection rates where the source cannot be determined and behavior of some individuals and groups has caused this response. Effectively the new rules from 6:00pm on Sunday are A curfew will apply between 8:00pm and 5:00am for all except those going to and from work and certain exceptional circumstances Only one person per household will be allowed to shop for food and necessary supplies but only within 5 kilometres of home or the nearest supermarket and only once per day You can only exercise outside for one hour a day and not more than 5 km from home No visitors in your homes From Thursday wedding will be banned except for compassionate grounds Organised sport is not allowed. Now comes my political statement. The hard right of politics has spent years destroying full time jobs, off-shoring manufacturing and actively promoting the casualisation of the workforce. It is now coming back to haunt them. Many in the new economy have limited hours and others with zero hours contracts, these are the people who are now in part being "blamed". They who have no entitlements to annual leave, sick leave, no guarantee of on-going employment and face being dismissed for not turning up for work. So they either go to work with symptoms or whilst awaiting test results and risk spreading the virus. Unfortunately many are forced to go to work as they live pay day to pay day with almost no cash reserves. They have made a choice, go to work and provide food for the family to eat or stay at home and go hungry. What would you do? The government has done a good job of arranging monetary relief but often the process takes too long before funds become available to individuals. We are a long way from the end of this yet so take care everyone
  5. My grandad taught me how to "whip" ferrules. He always used spade end hooks too and whipped them on a small length of line with a loop at the end which was then joined to the main line on the reel. This length of line was always of less breaking strength than the main line so if you got snagged and had to snap the line you only lost the short piece of line and the hook. Strangely enough using this method of tying hooks I never had any line come undone at the hook.
  6. With 723 new cases and 13 deaths yesterday the whole of the State of Victoria now has to wear masks when outdoors effective from midnight Sunday. It often puzzles me as to why with announcements like this are not effective immediately, is it to give people and businesses time to get organised? In South Australia we have closed our borders even for residents wanting to return home. Keep safe everyone.
  7. Late on this one BK I liked Nibbits too. According to my brother in the UK Pom Bears from Morrisons taste exactly the same as Nibbits, they are just a different shape. Let me know if you try them and find they are OK as you might have to send a food parcel.
  8. Just remember folks that the battle against this virus is unlikely to be over until we have a vaccine to help us combat it. Today was Australia's worst ever day with the number of infections and deaths Here in Australia we have divided into two groups, those states and territories with few or no recent cases such as SA, Qld, NT, ACT, WA, and Tas. In NSW there are a number of hot spots around pubs, clubs, a restaurant, places of worship and aged care homes. In Victoria the situation is becoming more serious with infections in triple figures for more than a fortnight, yesterday there was 459 cases and sadly 10 deaths. In Melbourne and some nearby areas face masks have been made mandatory when outside although there is an anti-social media campaign against wearing "face nappies". In NSW police have been granted an injunction against groups holding a BLM rally but organisers have said they will still still go ahead. I know what I would do with these idiots who are effectively endangering the whole of society. Even though we have had very few cases here in SA we in the at risk age group and are still being very cautious in where we go and what we do. Take care everyone
  9. We always had New Zealand "Fernleaf" or if that was not available "Lurpak" butter, non of those chemical spreads in our house
  10. No sh1t Sherlock, in the book it said his parents owned land in Nottinghamshire, I wonder where Jonathan Swift got that thought from?
  11. LizzieM, I am sure you know the Nottinghamshire connection with Lemuel Gulliver, he was born in Notts around 1699.