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  1. When looking at the players that took the field for yesterday's FA Cup final I think you can see one of the reasons why England have been so poor in their performances in the European and World Cups. Yes, I know they got to the semi in the European cup but not winning was a failure. Of the 22 who took to the field at the start of the game 7 were born in England the remaining 15 were from ten different countries. If you take into account the named substitutes, whether they played or not, then the total is 14 English born out of 40. With a total of 15 countries of birth. Is this high proportion
  2. Had a similar experience with a well known cereal manufacturer. Their large box of Corn Flakes, when opened looked like the brown chaff I would give to the horses, very brown and obviously over cooked. I sent them an email with all the product details, bar codes, use by dates etc and got a response that they were investigating the issue and assured me that the product had not been changed and were sending me a $10 voucher and thanked me for the information. We used the voucher the other day to purchase more of the product and it was thankfully back to normal.
  3. Attempted to listen to the Cup Final on the steam radio last night. We live in a fringe area for reception on the station that was broadcasting the final so we had all the atmospherics reminiscent of Radio Luxembourg in the 60s. To top it all after listening to Abide with Me (with a tear in my eye) our ABC (BBC) cut to a news bulletin at 11:30pm our time? so I missed the kick off and the first goal.
  4. It's certainly all going wrong here in OZ as I have realised that the FA Cup Final is not on FTA TV the barstewards have put it behind a pay wall.....
  5. Much needed and some more, still need a goal poacher a la Jimmy Greaves or Zigger Zagger
  6. What about this from Booker T and the M G's Booker T & the M G 's - Green Onions (Original / HQ audio) - YouTube Damn it that bl**dy "copy video url" that takes you to the song on YT is not working again, why?
  7. No Ben, not shown on FTA TV here and we don't have any of the pay channels as we have enough crap on FTA here and I have no wish to pay for anymore. The good news is that the England vs India test match final is on FTA so I will be watching that.
  8. Top job Plantfit but the Elfin Safety police would be having conniptions over that unguarded belt, chuck and loose cabling.
  9. Knew the tune as soon as it started, even remembered the title but for the life of me never knew the artist. This is my favourite cricket theme from the 80s? Soul Limbo. England playing the West Indies when it was on the BBC and not behind a PayWall on Poxtel or some other pay service.
  10. Officially the first day of winter here today, cloudy with showers and a top temperature of 17 degrees, the minimum overnight is 11 degrees.
  11. Sheffield Wednesday - Win the play off final 1-0 against Barnsley and are now promoted to the Championship. A last gasp goal in extra time and after two controversial VAR decisions that went against Barnsley ended up making it a good year for both Sheffield clubs.
  12. I would but only if I knew what I know now. I would have had a ball.
  13. As the final whistle has all but blown on league games for season 2022/23 I thought I would add my thoughts for next season. One play off to be decided Forest - After taking the lead in the 31st minute with a Taiwo Owoniyi goal they conceded an equaliser midway through the second half to come away from Crystal Palace with a 1-1 draw. Obviously there is a need for a major restructure to ensure progress next season. A goalscorer is a must and some have said a new goalie is needed. Many of the players signed upon promotion will have to go as they have not performed so a fire sale
  14. Yes Ben. My favourites are Sylvia's Mother, The Cover of "Rolling Stone", Only Sixteen and of course, the classic Walk Right In.
  15. I agree with variability, I bought one brand as the one I normally use was unavailable, it was useless, did not flow or harden properly. Ask a paving professional which brand they use.