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  1. I’m in Brisbane....beautiful one day perfect the next. We’ve been here 49 years.  I’m going back to England for a school reunion in October ....can’t even explain how excited I am!

  2. A Horse With No Name - America
  3. Oztalgian

    Jackie Pallo and old-style wrestling

    DJ360 Do you remember the back way, Waterloo Lane, from Trowell Services to the Festival Inn? Many a night you could hear moans and groans from the churchyard opposite the Inn
  4. Oztalgian

    Jackie Pallo and old-style wrestling

    Classic memories there Mr Meeseeks. The wrestling on Saturday afternoon was a must for my mum, Was it Kent Walton that commentated? Pat Roach (Bomber) from Auf Wiedersehen pet was a pro wrestler too and I well remember the scene in Never Say Never Again during a fight with Bond he was slammed into a cabinet that contained all sorts of glass bottles etc. and fell forward dead with shards of glass sticking in his back.
  5. Oztalgian

    Roy Keane Leaves Nottingham Forest.

    Here we go again, the revolving door may soon need some new bearings. I don't suppose we will ever find out the "real" reason. My prediction for next season, a struggle, but I hope I am wrong.
  6. Oztalgian

    How's your day?

    Hi Lanie, Welcome to another Nottstalgian down under, whereabouts are you in this wide brown land?
  7. Oztalgian

    How's your day?

    BK no they're not, going the other way here. Three minutes more daylight here today than yesterday. I've had enough of winter already! The sun has started its journey back down under and on 21st December it will be our longest day and summer will be well under way. If you live in Central Qld around Rockhampton the sun will be directly overhead. The nearest place to the UK where to this happens is somewhere in the Sahara desert/ Egypt/Saudi Arabia
  8. Hi Lizzie, watching the World Cup coverage from Trent Bridge I was wondering about the strange shape of the playing surface resulting in one stupidly short boundary. I can't remember the outfield being that shape back in the 60's and early 70's or am I mistaken? What happened?
  9. Flippin heck that's $200 in our money. I refuse to have any "Cable" TV because of the business model they use here, base level, kerching, sports package 1, kerching, sports package 2, kerching. movies, kerching,and so on. If they had one fee that allowed me to pick say ten channels of my choice then I might, dependent on cost, consider it. Sri Lanka beating England by 20 runs, not seen the excuse list yet.
  10. Good one Ayup - Great photo of Maxie (Tangles) Walker. Used to bowl right arm round left ear'ole. He went on to become one of the best after dinner speakers in Australia. If you like a good read get one of his many books. He also played Aussie Rules at elite level. Sadly we lost him in September 2016
  11. Is it on TV there Lizzie or behind the pay wall? I'll be staying up to watch it. Hope the weather holds up, should be a great match. Been here 44 years but when it comes to Oz vs England at any sport it has to be England.
  12. Bangladesh scored 333, that would have won them most games, a valiant effort. The rain did not last long and the umpires got caned by the pundits here for taking the players off when there was only one over to go. Poor buggers can't take a trick, if they had left them on and someone got injured how would that have panned out. Australia vs England next week, lots of matches on Free to air here. Have you got a ticket Lizzie?
  13. Who said something like this? "It's a bright sunny day here at Trent Bridge, Australia have won the toss and elected to bat"
  14. Oztalgian

    How's your day?

    Nothing worse than a pesky mosquito droning around in the bedroom just after you have put the light off and are trying to get to sleep. Some of them here are big enough to have landing lights.