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  1. Some right old tat for sale that Christmas Cliff Ton
  2. Oztalgian

    Babs Beverley

    The last surviving Beverley Sister, Babs Beverley has died aged 91. One of the first "Girl Groups", now I guess we'll never know how much that doggie in the window was "Bow Wow"
  3. Oztalgian

    World War One.

    Here is my "Australian" view of the Armistice Day proceedings Yesterday I watched parts of the Remembrance Day services in Australia, Europe and the UK and I have made the following observations. Having fought the Germans in WW1 with horrific loss of life the Australian Prime Minister turned up at the national remembrance service in Canberra in a BMW ……..How ironic! President Trump could not attend a joint US and French service because it was raining ………….poor diddums! Jeremy Corbyn wearing a hooded anorak …… disrespect It makes me angry to see politicians in all countries and of all persuasions laying wreaths in remembrance of those that they sent to war and continue to do so ……..Hypocrites.... even more so when they don't adequately care for them when they return damaged from their experiences It annoys me that we play that dirge , our national anthem with the line “Girt By Sea” at memorial services in France to our first world war diggers. They would have never heard it, for crying out loud it should have been Waltzing Matilda, a tune they knew. Lest We Forget
  4. Oztalgian

    More New Members

    I hope you keep posting Beekay as like you I have been away for 40 years apart from fleeting visits and it is interesting to read your observations of what you think Nottingham has become over the intervening years. Not all good unfortunately. I get lost digitally as I do a "googledrive" around a city and areas that I knew so well. Fortunately many of the rural villages in Notts have changed very little and are immediately recognisable even after all this time.
  5. Another classic protest song
  6. The War Drags On - A forgotten classic protest song,
  7. Oztalgian

    Saturday jobs

    My Saturday "job" was an extension of my weekly job, delivering newspapers. Saturday was going around the village collecting the paper money from those that hadn't gone into the shop to pay their bills. It was very lucrative as I never seemed to have the right change! so many people rounded it up to the nearest tanner, good tips for me. Saturday evening was delivering the Football Post and News.
  8. As we approach the 100th anniversary of the end of World War 1here is an Australian Classic Remembrance song by Eric Bogle - Well worth a listen, it tells the story of a young Australian soldier at Gallipoli and his return horribly injured after the war. If it doesn't raise a mist in your eyes you have no heart.
  9. Oztalgian

    Motorbike shops

    Coombes Farm, remember it well, on Rob Lane at the top of the hill where the A614 splits into Old Rufford Road to Nottingham and the Oxton bypass to Gunthorpe Bridge. Mansfield Maun Motorcycle Club held meetings there in the 60's. Saw such riders as Arthur Lamkin on his BSA and his brother Alan and Jeff Smith
  10. Oztalgian

    How's your day?

    In know you are talking about Bingo markers when you say you prefer dobbers, When I was a kid dobbers was another name for marbles. Gizzagameodobbers
  11. Pease pudding hot, pease pudding cold, Pease pudding in the pot, nine days old; Some like it hot, some like it cold, Some like it in the pot, nine days old.
  12. Oztalgian

    Things you don't see anymore

    When I started drinking there was always a "chunky" heavy glass soda syphon on the bar in the pubs. Soda Stream still has a "Sparklets" cylinder but a bl**dy big 'un
  13. Oztalgian

    Nottingham Football Post

    When I used to deliver papers in the early sixties the Football Post was pink and the Football News was white. Always good for some tips when calling in the local pubs on the round.
  14. Oztalgian

    The Last Nottingham Trolley Bus

    Didn't Freddie Laker do that with his Skytrain and DC10's?
  15. What a coincidence that you posted this! We had a vey stormy night last night with over 22,000 lightning strikes and the thunder woke me up around 2:00am. Put the radio on to try and lull me back to sleep and this great song was playing as the rain poured down. Woke up this morning to find about 18,000 homes without power, ours must have gone off at some time as all the stuff with built in clocks were flashing.