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  1. Oztalgian

    Foters Wiv' Motors.

    Loved that shot of Huntingdon Street. The Lodekka in the distance might just be a B8
  2. Oztalgian

    Useless Comparisons

    How do you get two elephants on a double decker bus ……. easy …….. one upstairs and one downstairs Well done Brew you have invented another comparison.
  3. Oztalgian

    Pub query

    I did not know but out of curiosity I looked and Lost Pubs says it was Pepper Street, off Bridlesmith Gate and was demolished in 1960. In street view it looks like they made an attempt at keeping the look of the original cobbles. The more I use this site the more I learn about Nottingham.
  4. Oztalgian

    Useless Comparisons

    Agreed, the average weight is around 6 tons but we are talking about useless comparisons and how many people knew that an elephant weighed that much?
  5. Oztalgian

    Useless Comparisons

    Just reading an article on my favourite "hate", useless packaging, and came across this packaging for a coconut in plastic foam mesh, cling wrapped with two stickers on the wrapping. It went on to say that since being invented the world had produced 8.3 billion tons of plastic, equivalent to the weight of a billion elephants. An elephant weighing 8.3 tonnes, I'd like to see that.
  6. Oztalgian

    Golden Age of Children's T.V.

    Twizzle was an early version of Inspector Gadget
  7. Oztalgian

    List of Some Companies I Recall.

    The sign says "Complete Undertakers". Is there any other kind? Do "Incomplete Undertakers) bury you with your a**e in the air so it can be used to hold the flowers or a bike rack??
  8. Oztalgian

    Foters Wiv' Motors.

    First car we had in Oz was a Toyota "Corona" and like Mary the base model came standard with a heater, radio, carpets, and radial ply tyres, all of which were extras on the base model Ford, Holden and Chrysler of the time. Strange that the Corona was manufactured in Australia too. Sadly we no longer manufacture cars or whitegoods, with the exception of ovens, here any more. All sacrificed, along with the jobs, to the great god of economics.
  9. Never used to get to those forin' parts of town much but to remind me where it was I just had a look at google maps and found this opposite Thoresby Street, they look as though they could have been shops years ago, they are about half way down Wood Street https://www.google.com.au/maps/@53.1467343,-1.2035677,3a,75y,161.38h,86.45t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sNLvJEnOOk-ZzSdU_0m4qvQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 There is another one further towards Rosemary Street that might fit the bill also.
  10. Never rich enough to go down to Devon on holiday, most holidays were spent on the east coast, Skeg, Jinglebells, Mablethorpe, Cleethorpes Bridlington and Scarborough.
  11. Great tip, I'll try this with the grandkids kite this weekend as we always have that problem.
  12. Divits had a van that came round all the local villages, proper hard creamy, ice cream, not like that sloppy stuff from Mr. Whippy or Mr. Softee that melted as soon as it came out of the machine.
  13. Oztalgian


    I can't believe the UK had a referendum on staying in or leaving the EU without a definition of what leaving meant. So it looks like it came back to spin and weasel words again. I will stick to looking at the pictures and history of Nottingham much more rewarding
  14. Oztalgian


    From downunder, I must admit that I have limited understanding of Brexit and the issues surrounding Britain's negotiated exit from the EU. I do recall that the people of the UK overall voted to leave the EU then I wonder why the pollies do not enact that wish. If, as many say that the EU is like a club, then why doesn't Britain stop paying its membership and just leave and have complete separation and all that it entails and get on with life outside the EU. Spin and "polliewaffle" is rampant here too as we approach "Super Saturday" by elections being held because many of our truth telling pollies had dual citizenship which was not allowed under our constitution, which they failed to declare or erroneously thought they had renounced.
  15. Oztalgian

    Things you don't see anymore

    Yes Ian, and I bet a lot of that smog was inside the bus from the Park Drive and Woodbine ciggies. Remember that the white painted ceilings of the upstairs on buses very quickly went yellow with the smoke and the downstairs ceiling stayed white.