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  1. Ah yes, the dreaded ferrous oxide weevil. It manifested itself around the top of the struts, side sills, bottom of doors, front and rear sub frames, in boots and bonnets, and around windows, in the wings, in fact everywhere. I cannot believe that the auto manufacturers did not know how to cure it. I suppose as everything it all comes down to cost.
  2. Yes it was Brew, one lobe of the single camshaft operated two valves. The inlet valve was operated directly by the cam and the exhaust valve by a rocker arm off the same lobe. Revolutionary in its day. There were 4 valves per cylinder in the 1998 cc motor. As with many cars of the era it had a cast iron block and an aluminium head and unless a rust inhibitor was used corrosion led to blocked radiators, overheating and ultimately a blown head gasket.
  3. Yes Waddo understeer was a major problem although I understand that they improved this in later versions. Although beefed up on the sixes the suspension did not handle Australian road conditions that well. According to my specifications manual the Dolomite Sprint clocked 0-60 in 8.4 seconds
  4. Probably a good idea. Here in WA the words largest rock lobster exporter has put all deliveries to China on hold as Lunar New Year celebrations in China are cancelled. Maybe now us locals may be able to afford one yummo!
  5. The much maligned Morris Marina was also built here at Zetland in the south eastern suburbs of Sydney. Starting in 1972 with 1.5 and 1.75 litre engines. The cars came in CKD kits and used many local components In 1973 the Morris badge was replaced with a Leyland badge and in 1974 a six cylinder version of 2.6 litres that could do 0-60 mph in under nine seconds. When production ceased in 1975 just over 30,000 had been manufactured.
  6. If you look on the How Many Left" site https://www.howmanyleft.co.uk/?utf8=✓&q= you will find many of the "Crap" cars mentioned on here are actually increasing in registrations as more realise they are actually classics and are being restored
  7. Can someone tell me why in tennis, when a lower ranked player beats one of a higher rank they don't just beat them they "bundle them out" Where did that expression come from?
  8. Looking at the Chad website there is a review of the "top ten" Chinese Restaurants in North Nottinghamshire Coming in at No 8 was Ming's Cuisine of Newgate Lane and the review said "Best salt and pepper chips for sure" Of all the food you can get in a Chinese they say that the chips are the best. Gotta love Mansfield!
  9. OK I'll admit to having to look up chitterlings A definite no to both of those I'd give that a yes along with Irish sausage and champ
  10. Good one BK but why would you want two? I would put them on the never again list along with black pudding, white pudding, hearts, tripe, lights, tongue, brains, liver and kidneys.
  11. Haggis, if you have more than one is it Haggi Haggises Haggis Mind you the last one I had with a full Scottish in Tyndrum was from a tin???
  12. The Prairie Hotel at t Parachilna in the Southern Flinders Ranges is world famous for its' Feral Mixed Grill FMG This is an extract from their menu MAINS ‘F.M.G’ | the feral mixed grill $38.5 kangaroo fillet | emu mignon | camel sausage | roast smashed potato red wine native pepper leaf jus Spencer Gulf King George whiting 1 piece $26 / 2 piece $35 beer battered tartare | chips | salad grilled lemon | steamed greens Chargrilled 300g porterhouse steak $42 skordalia |kale |red wine pepperleaf jus anise myrtle Red curry of goat $35 steamed jasmine rice| fried shallots | coriander | water chestnuts Orroroo kangaroo schnitzel $28.5 bush tomato chilli jam | chips | salad Chargrilled kangaroo fillet $38 sweet potato puree | saltbush gnocchi | warrigal greens red wine chilli quandong jus
  13. Built in the 50's and 60's? Many areas of Nottingham and villages in Notts had "Wimpey estates" For some reason many of them had a rough aggregate outside finish as the walls were moulded concrete. Clifton Estate had many Wimpey homes as did an estate in Rainworth