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  1. Neither have I, it is like chewing soggy string. I quite liked Weetabix and had a workmate who ate them dry with honey and peanut butter on them for morning tea. Puffed Wheat was my favourite as a kid, did not like Sugar Puffs, far too sweet. What was your favourite breakfast cereal
  2. Ben, I have just seen a picture on FB of a Marsden store on the corner of Bishop Street and Portland Street Mansfield. Bishop Street ran up to the Stags Ground at Field Mill so I was down that way many times but I can't remember that shop, can you?
  3. County - That man Langstaff scores again with a first half goal that was enough to gain the points from Halifax Town. Now second in the league equal on points behind Wrexham who have a game in hand. Tuesday night sees the start of a three game away spell against Solihull Moors. Stags - After going ahead to a first minute own goal the Stags cruised to a 4-1 home win against Doncaster Rovers which sees them back into a play-off position seven points behind an automatic spot. Their goal difference of +4 points is the worst of any of the teams currently in the play-off positions.
  4. Oakwell Stadium to Old Trafford, quite a step
  5. Forest - A 0-3 at home thumping by Manchester United effectively ends Forest's hopes of going to Wembley in the Carabao Cup. Forest made 5 substitutions in a game which saw them gain only 30% of the possession. The second leg is at Old Trafford on Feb 1 and then back in the EPL at home against fellow Battlers Leeds on Sunday Feb 5.
  6. Just remembered the sawdust smell of the butchers shop and the smell of the bread and cakes in the bakers.
  7. County - Last nights scheduled away game against Solihull Moors was postponed due to a frozen pitch. Weather permitting the Magpies will play mid table Halifax Town at home on Saturday Wrexham having won 0-3 away at Gateshead take over the top spot, three points clear of County in second position, having now both played the same number of games.
  8. I see that not one pub in Nottinghamshire gained a gong in the 14th Estrella Damm Top 50 Gastropubs awards. Neither did any in Lincolnshire. There were two in Derbyshire. Lancashire did the best with 2 out of the top three. Third was the Freemasons at Wiswell and the winner was Parkers Arms in Newton in Bowland. DJ360 should be happy.
  9. I loved going into the local CO-OP with mum. The smell of the ground coffee, the different sorts of cheeses, the smoked meats and the earthy smell of vegetables, many still with the soil on them. The cobblers was another shop I liked going into. the smell of the leather and the shoe polish that he used. Not to mention the tobacconists with the smell of different sorts of tobacco and cigars. Going into the local garage to get some plugs and points for the car, the smell of oil from the workshop next door. One smell I did not like was the smell of stale beer from the take-away sales at the
  10. Sorry David, I thought almost all of the stuff produced by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson in "supermarionation" was a bit naff as you could often see the strings and wires. One of the Thunderbirds, I can't remember which one, when launched seemed to just flop off the launch ramp. Not for me even as a kid.
  11. I always thought Torchy and Fireball XL5 were a bit naff. But the Clangers were terrific. Who remembers the Soup Dragon supplying the Clangers with Green Soup and for after, Blue String Pudding. Their "voices" were made by slide whistles almost a cult program where i worked.
  12. County - The away top of the table clash with local rivals Chesterfield was postponed due to the state of the playing surface following severe frost. Subject to league approval it has been rescheduled for Saturday 11 February. Will County lose goal poacher Macaulay Langstaff during the transfer window? The club management say unlikely and only a sensational offer could prize him away from Meadow Lane. Stags - Their away game against The Cobblers was also postponed due to a frozen pitch. Midfielder George Lapslie has left the club to join fellow teammate Oli Hawkins at Gillingham.
  13. Just remembered the school song! Eternal Ruler of the Ceaseless Round, yet more god ballcocks.
  14. This was mine, worn on a dark blue blazer. I thought it was pretty uninspiring then and still do now. The motto means Hope and Faith (Trust) Far too god bothering for me.
  15. My all time Byrds favourites were of course Mr Tambourine Man and Turn Turn Turn Also liked Marrakesh Express and Eight Miles High by CSN(&Y) Their version of the Joni Mitchell song Woodstock was pretty good too