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  1. Loppy, I spent a lot of time working in in a manufacturing plant in Rogersville Tennessee. I was doing a world - wide survey on the most efficient way to make a certain automotive component. When we were talking about the level of skills required to do certain tasks I asked if absenteeism was a problem in the plant. The reply was "sure is, especially when the Walleye are running and the tobacco needs harvesting" many of the staff at the plant had tobacco plantations. Lovely memories and great times with good people.
  2. I always thought that nuns had wheels as you never saw their feet, a bit like Daleks. Meanwhile back at the scullery, back kitchen, pantry, utility room, I remember the scullery being in an alcove off the kitchen it was curtained off from the kitchen and I do remember it having a "stone" which was a very thick piece of concrete? that was used to put milk jugs, butter and cheese dishes on to keep things cool. There was a meat safe in there too and it had cheesecloth "curtains" that dangled in a water trough to improve the cooling. Strangely enough the bathtub was hung on a nail in the coalh'us
  3. Good one Willow, anything by Johnny and the Hurricanes was good for the Goose Fair especially the Waltzer and the Whiplash. Or this one
  4. nonnaB I bet the citizens of the USA wish they could say the same as they have the GOP(Great Orange Plonker) looking after them.
  5. nonnaB, Our news media are reporting that the Italian government has mandated the use of wearing masks outdoors in Italy. You and yours take care
  6. Max Boyce is the only poet I know of that writes poems about Rugby
  7. Cease and desist it's getting worse, you are making spectacles of yourselves, but I'll keep an eye out for more puns
  8. Oztalgian

    Two Artists

    Yesterday we lost two artists from different parts of the musical spectrum Rocker and guitarist Eddie Van Halen aged 65 probably best known for "Jump" Reggae singer Johnny Nash best know for "I can see clearly now" The soundtrack of my youth gets ever quieter.
  9. I wonder why there is so much difference country to country as the source of all the stuff is likely to be the same A reasonable quality 6 Kw system here fully installed is $5,000-6,000 that's 2,800 - 3,300 quid. A lot cheaper than the UK and this does not include any government rebates. A similar mid range 6 Kw panel system with 10 Kwh battery back up fully installed is 9,000 to 12,000 quid. Again rebates are available. As with everything quality can vary the prices. The sun does tend to shine more here in Australia than it does in the UK as in Adelaide we have around 2,800 hours of sunshine per year whereas London has 1600 hours and this has a real affect on the payback time for the systems. Having said that on, Sunday we had more than our usual average rainfall for the month in 10 hours and the last few days have been very cloudy so I have had to switch the solar hot water system to night tariff.
  10. The Great Orange Plonker goes into hospital with Covid 19 and emerges three days later fully cured? Where have we heard this before? Oh yes! he must be the Messiah
  11. DJ 360 Didn't you know that Jaguars are notoriously unreliable and have quality problems. Might have been worse you could have bought Range Rover frames.
  12. Given the failure at the end of last season and the dismal start this year it was inevitable. Having a revolving door for managers is not the solution, there is something more fundamentally wrong within the club. A good start for Chris Hughton would be to clear out all the under performing players, particularly the international imports and develop a coaching/ scouting system to develop local talent. I would rather they lose bringing through local talent than lose with a lot of overpaid prima-donnas with no passion, pride or commitment to the club.
  13. Just a point to ponder. The very very best solar panels are at their peak 25% efficient at converting solar energy into electricity. This drops off depending on the angle of the sun hitting the panels, the amount of dirt and dust on the panel and the age of the panels. They are also vulnerable to large hailstones as many people in OZ have found out recently. We have 6Kw installed on our roof and a solar hot water system. A lot of the electricity generated goes into running the pool pumps but for nine months of the year we pay nothing for hot water heating. Not sure what I will do when these need replacing. As the feed in tariffs keep reducing I think it may well be new solar panels and feeding any excess power into a battery bank to use in the evening or when the sun is not shining.