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  1. For any that want to look back at what things cost, cars, trends and especially for "our Ben" to check his pricing memory I found this site an interesting read. http://www.retrowow.co.uk
  2. Football Post Forest - No game until 3rd October, rumblings of discontent seem quiet. Away against Leicester on 3rd Oct. I hope the fans behave and don't spoil a local derby against the two bottom clubs. County - great away win 1-3 against York City who are also promotion hopefuls and a brace from Langstaff who has scored 12 goals already this season! How long before the big clubs come looking? Forest need a striker that can find the back of the onion bag! Two home games coming up, firstly against lowly Altrincham and then against Wrexham who are just above County in 2nd place
  3. Shrinkflation has become rampant here in OZ recently how about the UK? I had crumpets for breakfast this morning, there was one from an older packet and I had one from a packet bought yesterday it was the same diameter but about 20% thinner. Mars Bars reduced from 53g to 47g price still the same. Lots of salty snacks have had the pack quantity reduced from 100g to 90g and to add insult to injury the price has risen by 5%\ Peanut Butter was 500g, now 470g and price increased by 20 cents. Pet food, fruit juice, salad dressing, laundry products and many other products are
  4. It was the Equinox yesterday the one day where sunrise and sunset are 12 hours apart. That means good old Mister Sun has crossed the equator and coming back to see us in OZ. He will be very welcome as this has been one of the coldest, wettest, windiest and gloomiest winters I can recall for many years. My late brother always reckoned he got SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) at this time of year and always wanted some "sun on his bones"
  5. I remember Penguin chocolate biscuits. Can you still get them? The jury is out on whether Penguin or the OZ version Tim Tam is the better biscuit. Has anyone on here tried both and what did you think?
  6. Certainly a different connotation today, then, Trannie - transistor radio, now transvestite or transgender.
  7. Strange how the meaning of words has changed over time. FAG - Cigarette, A junior pupil at a Public School, Homosexual Gay - Lighthearted and carefree, Homosexual male. We have an ice cream here called Golden Gaytime. It was released in 1959 and in 2021 there was an on-line petition to change the name due to its connotations but the manufacturer refused. Do any others come to mind?
  8. It was on in the evening and into the early hours of the morning here in OZ. I thought the organ sounded a bit discordant. I went to bed when it got too God-Bothery for me.
  9. Yes! No one does Pomp and Circumcision like the Brits
  10. Yes, I have some of their stainless steel concreting hand tools and one of their diamond hole saws. They have proved very durable. Not sure where they are made and they not that easy to find out there and certainly not seen them in our big hardware stores. I get them from specialist tool shops. If you want top quality Australian made forged tools such as pinch bars. crow bars, chisels, drifts, hammers etc. You can't go past a brand called Mumme Tools. They are made here in Adelaide they are a million miles ahead of the Chinese crap which bend as soon as you put any real pressure on them.
  11. I enjoy watching QI with either Stephen Fry or Sandi Toksvig as host but as soon as Giles Brandreth is announced as a panelist I hit the off button as soon as possible as Brandreth overpowers everyone else on the show and thinks his ramblings are so interesting....... Not
  12. Who remembers the 1969 sitcom Curry and Chips? With Spike Milligan as a Pakistani Irishman, Eric Sykes as the Foreman, Norman Rossington as the Shop Steward. Also starred Kenny Lynch, Sam Kydd. They all worked at novelty manufacturer Lillicrap Ltd. Even then it tested the boundaries and was dropped by ITV as racist. It was funny and can be seen on YT
  13. Late Final Results County - lose their unbeaten record and go down 3-1 away to Dorking Wanderers. After equalising just after half-time County held it at 1-1 until the 90th minute and then again in extra time when Dorking's James McShane completed his hat-trick. Next game away against promotion hopefuls York City. Stags - Now moved into a play-off position after a solid 0-2 away win at stuggling Gillingham. Both goals coming in the first half. Next league game is away at Crewe. Other "local" teams Chesterfield - Still riding high, unbeaten, at the top of the table 3