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  1. How's your day?

    One of the problems with NWBW is its almost too popular . Everyone piles in with comments but rarely read the previous messages . To get any "likes" for a message is a rarity . Having said that , had one surprise on the recent Gedling school thread on there , when the son of the family that bought the house I was born at Mapperley replied . They moved in when my parents sold it in 1966 and it was great to see some later photos . Another problem is you can't start a thread on NWBW , only by PMing the admins who may or may not reply. You can however add pics to the thread they've started
  2. Nottingham Boxers

    Thanks for letting us know . It's very odd , it almost looks as though what Jennifer has written about Johhny Carrington on her FB home page (link above) was meant to have been written here on this thread . Jennifer on her page was also wondering about her grandfather (Johhnys dad) also a boxer called Seaman Carrington who boxed after WW1 and into the 1920s . She believed he died in the ring but that doesn't seem to be true as in the 1940s he was a street barrow boy selling fruit and veg outside of St.Peters Church . He died in 1947 . "DEATH of SEAMAN CARRINGTON. The death has taken place of a wellknown and popular Nottingham boxing figure of the years following the first world war. Seaman Carrington, who figured in many leading items on the bills 04 June 1947 - Nottingham Evening Post"
  3. Nottingham Boxers

    Lynda , this appears to show a reply to (assume) you from March 3rd . It appears she has two Facebook accounts , one using her maiden name and one using her married name .She even has a quote from Nottstalgia on her page ! https://www.facebook.com/jennifer.larvin.5
  4. Nottingham Boxers

    Lyndajt are you on Facebook ? There's a Jennifer Larvin living Ealing London who looks about the right age . If you read her comments she mentions "going to a big fair in Nottingham" with her sister . Might be worth sending a PM to her , asking if her father was a boxer ??
  5. Nottingham Boxers

    Johnny Carrington (John Henry Larvin) and his wifes memorial stone at Carlton Cemetery
  6. Nottingham Boxers

    Trying to follow this convoluted thread and just had a quick look at the Birth / Marriage lists . Theres a 1945 marriage for a John Larvin to a Josey Cambourne and then a further marriage for John Henry Larvin who married a Ruth Spencer in 1951 in Nottingham . There is a birth for a Jennifer Larvin in 1953 with mothers maiden name Spencer . There's another marriage in 1973 for a John Henry Larvin to Dorothy Barron . (If you Google his name there are pics of their gravestone at Carlton Cemetery.) . Prior to that wedding , there were births for the following children with mothers maiden name Barron who are probably connected : Edward V. born 1957 Linda born 1959 Alan F born 1966 .
  7. Characters

    Not forgetting Piccolo Jim (or Pete!) who used to walk to Forest and County away matches and then entertain the crowd with his music . Previous thread here :
  8. Yes Ann . I guess Bernard Burton's name is the one blanked out (for privacy reasons) on the 1939 Register .
  9. Hi Michael , there's a possible address in 1939 at J*****d Rd for a Burton family . (Blanked it out in case it's a previous inhabitant of a current address). Father , Joshua J. Burton and mother Ethel Burton ( nee Greensmith). Any help ?
  10. Happy Birthday

    Thanks for the birthday wishes xx Celebrated by going to a funeral ! Lovely old lady neighbour passed away unfortunately .
  11. forest stink

    Oops the owners up on a drugs charge ! https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/mar/23/nottingham-forest-owner-evangelos-marinakis-charged-drug-trafficking
  12. Chulla

    Sorry to read this Kath . RIP Chulla.
  13. Hate the Wayfair furniture advert with Lorraine Kelly . I like her generally but that part in the advert where she's doing some exercise with the sweat-band lady and then the final scene where Lorraine is doing some sort of "dad dance" at the bottom of the stairs is cringeworthy. Can't believe she needs the money that badly .
  14. Just had a quick look through my old emails and found this sent by another researcher , so when I have chance will have to see whether the James and Robert you mentioned are linked to either Joseph or Thomas Wilson mentioned below . "Okay, your Wilsons... John was christened Nov 6, 1743 in Morton, first child of Joseph & Mary. I can't find a marriage. Nor can I find a christening for Joseph. I'm sure his parents must be Thomas Wilson & Mary Pettiner, married Jan 3, 1710 in Morton. Mary was a widower, nee Bacon, who had married Richard Pettiner in Farnsfield (both noted as being from Morton in the register) on Nov 26, 1705. So, either Joseph was a full Wilson, or maybe from the previous marriage and adopted? Either way, I can't find a christening."
  15. Can't claim any important connections , the best my Southwell / Morton ancestors could do was to rise to the dizzy heights of "Ag Lab" (Agricultural labourer). Only notoriety was that one of my John Wilsons was fined for "gross insubordination" in the Southwell Workhouse.....in his 70s !.... oh and being drunk in one of the Southwell pubs .