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    William Sugden

    A random post and doubt it will ever get an answer but I recently wrote a blog post about the bombing of St.Ives town and the beaches by a couple of Luftwaffe aircraft in August 1942. Despite strafing of the beaches , full of children and some bombing , only one lady was killed . There were numerous injuries and many lucky escapes . However the Luftwaffe seemed to have singled out , the one Nottingham worker who had the bad luck to be toiling away at the local gas works when they struck, namely Mr.William Sugden . As well as being hit by machine gun and canon fire he appears to have been subjected to a high explosive bomb that completely took out the gas works . The roof of the gas works , situated above Porthmeor beach (now the Tate Gallery ), blew right over the town and landed on the opposite beach . So if any descendants ever read this in future and have his tale to tell I would be very interested . From the newspaper article of the time : The men employed at the building had miraculous escapes , and only one of them sustained serious injury , he being a workman from Nottingham named William Sugden . He was hurt by machine-gun and cannon-gun fire which preceded the bomb , besides by the explosion of the H.E. Not really otherwise relevant to Notts but full article here : https://djwilson22.wordpress.com/2018/11/14/the-bombing-of-st-ives-cornwall-and-the-strafing-of-its-beaches-by-the-luftwaffe-august-1942/

    What were they..?

    Don't know the street but there are two possibles from the news archives and both in the early 1930s . Thought the first option most likely but then the article goes on to say that 18,000 bricks were laid for this building unless that was just the base ? The recreation centre was there to train the unemployed in woodwork , leatherwork and "boot mending" ! So could the buildings have been the Church Mission huts as per the second article ? ARNOLD’S WORKLESS Occupation and Recreation Centre Opened. The occupational and recreational centre In Cavendish-street, Arnold, for the Arnold unemployed, was opened ARNOLD’S WORKLESS Occupation and Recreation Centre Opened. The occupational and recreational centre In Cavendish-street, Arnold, for the Arnold unemployed, was opened Saturday afternoon by Mrs. F. E. Seely. Mr. C. H. Saxton, the hon. secretary ........ 04 September 1933 - Nottingham Journal - Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England ARNOLD BAZAARS. A two-day bazaar was opened yesterday in the St. Mary’s Church Mission Hut, Cavendish-street, Arnold, by Mrs. K. E. Seely, the object being to raise funds for building new Sunday school. The openlng ceremony was presided over by the Rev. Giles....... 09 December 1932 - Nottingham Journal - Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, Englan
  3. I may be the only one here that uses flickr for online photo storage . Everything has gone along quietly for years . However just had an email to say they are "upgrading" accounts which usually means bad news ! Free accounts can be maintained as long as you have less than 1000 images . For those that have more than 1000 images and don't want to upgrade to the £50 per year Super account to store more , the oldest pictures will be deleted , in order to bring it down to the under 1000 limit . Haven't checked yet but I think I'm under that amount but if anyone else in the past has used flickr it may lead to the loss of some images on here ?
  4. Could be another family but an E.Mann was selling a Willys Overland car 1921 model at 5 Dunstan Street in 1924 . Advert in Evening Post 05/05/1924. Not bad for £55 ! Maybe similar to this ? http://topclassiccarsforsale.com/uploads/photoalbum/1921-willys-overland-touring-1.jpg

    Adbolton Hall

    Info from the online news archives but you need a subscription to view articles .

    Adbolton Hall

    Earliest mention I can see after a quick search was from 1924 was when it was owned by John Turney of Turney Bros leather factory .

    Carlton rd/Carlton Hill memories

    This was an answer to a previous thread about cobbles though not saying those cobbles are from this source : Probably most of Nottinghams granite setts came from Mountsorrel . This an advert from 1870s "THE GRANITE PATINO SETTS surpass all others in the Kingdom for toughness, combined with good foothold for horses. THE MOUNTSORREL Granite “BROKEN,” Is one the best Materials for Road Making known. THE MOUNTSORREL GRANITE QUARRIES find work for 500-600 men..... 18 May 1872 - Nottingham Journal " Quarries still going and owned by tarmac. http://www.tarmac.com/mountsorrel-quarry/about

    Leslie Sweeney - my mum

    There's a little info on this page if you scroll down to the map . Originally it was called the Children's Technical Institution , 51 Hartley Road and according to this , it finally closed down in 1961. http://www.workhouses.org.uk/Nottingham/#Schools Looking at news reports and adverts for staff ,in the late 1940s , the home appears to have been run by a Mr and Mrs Oates , (she was the matron) .
  9. Hi Wendy , welcome to Nottstalgia . No personal knowledge but if you are writing a book on Miss Edge assume you have access to the news archives where there are hundreds of "hits" for either "Emily Mary Edge" or "Strelley Hall" up to about 1950 . Having said that , there appear to be 2 ladies with that name , ( not checked) but assume the elder one was her mother ? Here's an example story : "...by the death of Mr. J. T. Edge, D.L., of Strelley Hall, and an alderman of the County Council. A son of the late Major Hurt, he assumed the name of Edge on the'death of his uncle, Mr. J. T. Edge,.of Strelley Hall, who was reckoned the finest heavy-weight horse rider ....he tipped the scales at over 20 stones." 24 January 1894 - Pall Mall Gazette -
  10. Thanks for the link DaveN . Got a feeling that a lot of that Griffin and Spalding article was lifted from this very message board . Certainly 3 of the images appeared on here a few years ago : https://nottstalgia.com/forums/topic/4908-griffin-and-spalding/?page=2
  11. DAVIDW

    Jacqueline Ann Hodgson

    Doubt it makes much difference but looking on the births index I think it may be Hodson (i.e without the G) . Mothers maiden name Pinkett . There's no births in Nottingham at that time (1949) for a Hodgson but of course it's always possible the family could have moved at a later date from somewhere else . There's a marriage in Nottingham in 1967 for a Jacqueline A Hodson to a Paul B Wilson....so she could be a Jackie Wilson ! .....sing the song........ Higher and Higher !
  12. DAVIDW

    How's your day?

    Seems to be my weekend for inadvertantly upsetting people on message boards . As well as Mary above I upset an admin on a Facebook page thats called Social History . This admin lady put up an old picture of an old Irish lady called Annie who had lived in a "shed" on the Liverpool docks and sold sweets and fruit and veg from it . The old lady was reputed to be over 100 in 1914 when she died . I happened to find the old lady at her shed address , on the 1911 census and that said she was a mere 86. I replied saying that I hated spoiling a good story with facts but the old lady probably was not anywhere near 100 at the time of the photo . This admin went ballistic ! Called me totally ridiculous (repeated 3 times) for posting a transcript of a census . "That's not a cencus anyone can make that up" she said ( her spelling). I didn't know how to respond but in the meantime another lady posted the actual census image , backing up my info . Result the photo got deleted and this poor other lady got deleted/banned from the page . I've PMd two admins on the site and not had the courtesy of a reply , though I don't seem to have been blocked weirdly . Nowt so strange as folk eh ?
  13. DAVIDW

    How's your day?

    Mary no need to apologise , of course you are quite right about all the expenses . It was a glib reply of mine . I know from personal experience after running a high street shop for over 30 years (more or less facing this barbers ). Still irks me how many hundreds of pounds a year it cost us to get cardboard picked up ! Ours is a poor town and he has pitched his prices to suit . The shop is old and the rent cheap but in a high footfall spot . Other barbers , many in plusher salons on the periphery , probably do struggle and they come and go . This guy though has built up a huge regular trade , he maybe be a one off but near poverty he ain't !
  14. DAVIDW

    Chris Richardson and Hazel Critch

    Wouldn't have predicted it but there are no records of a Hazel Critch anywhere / anytime . However there is just one (that I can see) Hazel CRICH. Born Ilkeston 1949 and married Basford district in June Qtr 1972 but to an Alan F Hicks . Too many Chris Richardsons to check on unfortunately .
  15. DAVIDW

    How's your day?

    Not so sure Mary , our local barber with his son , operates out of a tiny rented corner premises in the town centre . He charges OAPs £5 and think it's £6 for younger ones . He has people waiting outside at 7.30 am in the morning and they are on the go all day . Very little in expenses apart from a sharp pair of scissors and its all cash payments. He lives in St.Ives and next year is retiring to his villa in Spain , so don't think he has the wolf at the door .