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    Rita Hebden, 327 Perry Road, Basford

    May be your only hope . It's worth checking into this site periodically . Sometimes messages can be answered years after the original post . Just entering "Hebden" in the search box should bring up the message or click on the "notify me of replies" button (if you haven't already). P.S. A Dilks family were living at 327 Perry Rd in 1949 . Of course may have nothing to do with Rita and may have moved out before 1954 .

    Rita Hebden, 327 Perry Road, Basford

    I assume you have seen your mothers birth certificate from 1954 and the fathers name has been left blank ?

    Rita Hebden, 327 Perry Road, Basford

    Sorry don't know the lady but from your info , this could be the children of John Wood Hebden born 1891 and Annie E Perkins born 1896 who married Dec quarter 1917 in Southwell district . Does a birth for Rita of 1934 look about right ? if so the family were living at " Sherwood ,Wilham Road , East Retford " IN 1939 . (Suspect that should be Welham Road). Surname First name(s) Mother District Vol Page Births Jun 1918 (>99%) Hebden John C Perkins E. Retford 7b 23 Births Sep 1919 (>99%) Hebden Mary E Perkins E.Retford 7b 19 Births Mar 1921 (>99%) Hebden Kenneth Perkins E.Retford 7b 20 Births Jun 1922 (>99%) Hebden Kathleen Perkins E.Retford 7b 16 Births Jun 1923 (>99%) Hebden Marguerita Perkins E.Retford 7b 18 Births Jun 1934 (>99%) Hebden Rita A Perkins E.Retford 7b 11

    geo sands colwick

    Article from Nottingham Journal 01/06/1953 with a history .

    geo sands colwick

    "The death has taken place at his residence 58 Victoria Street, Sherwood, of Mr. George Sands, founder of the engineering firm of Geo. Sands and Son. Colwick and Nottingham. The deceased was 82 years of age , retired from active participation in the business several ago ." 11 June 1924 - Nottingham Evening Post

    Suicides I have known

    I thought I had posted this before but it doesn't show up in the search results . One of the most bizarre suicides occurred in the Trent in 1901 . One of the girls involved would actually have been a great-aunt to my wife . However none of her ancestors ever mentioned it and I only found out about it when doing family history research . (This may be a bit disjointed as I've cobbled it together from different sources ) . Saturday 23 February 1901, TRIPLE SUICIDE AT NOTTINGHAM. Extraordinary Death of Three Giris. The circumstances connected with, the discovery in the Trent at Not-tingham recently of the bodies of three young girls are of an extraordinary nature. The deceased have been identified as Ethel May Dilks ,aged 17 of Davis Street , Carlton Rd. Ada Ethel Mason, l4 of Hooton Street Mary Bickley, 15 also of Davis Street. They lived in the Sneinton district of the town, and went out together, the previous night shortly before 9 o'clock. Dilks had tea at home as usual and then seemed to be in good spirits. Bickley called for her and they left the house, being joined later by Mason. They appear to have proceeded to a solitary spot on the banks of the Trent, and with great deliberation carried out their determination. Two of the girls placed their straw, hats on the ground and the third her cloth cap, near which they deposited, a letter bearing the names of Mason and Dilks, and stating that they had decided to take their lives together, and adding that they desired their relatives to be informed. In each hat was a purse, one of which contained three rings and a farthing, whilst in the cap were two pennies. The unfortunate girls then seem to have bound themselves together by means of long strips of flannel, and, putting their arms around each others necks, they jumped into the water, the bodies when found some hours later being locked together. No motive can be suggested by tha parents for the rash act. The mother of Mason, it is stated, had heard her daughter on one occasion threaten to commit suicide but no importance was attached to the threat. Bickley had her arms round Mason's neck; Dilks’s arms were round Bickley’s neck, and Mason had her arms round Bickleys waist. The divisional superintendent of police, interviewed each of the parents that next night, but all endeavors failed, to elicit any information suggesting a reasonable cause for the shocking occurrence. Dilks is described as a hosiery hand at Drewry and Edwards, Bickley a confectioner's assistant, and Mason a machinist . The inquest waa concluded at Nottingham on January 15 1901 . A letter, in Mason's handwriting, found on the river bank with the girls' hats and trinkets, was to the following effect:- "We have drowned ourselves through Mary and Ethel Mason's brothers and sisters, and Ethel Dilks has drowned herself because she is short of work and don't want to impose on her parents" . The evidence showed that the girls had been heard to threaten suicide, but no adequate reason was disclosed and the inquiry resulted in a verdict of " Felo de se" At the funeral , great crowds lined the route . They were buried at St.Catherines cemetery . The inscriptions on the brass plates were simple ADA ETHEL MASON. Died January 11th, 1901, Aged 14 ETHEL MAY DILKS. Died January 11th, 1901, Aged 17 years. MARY BICKLEY. Died January 11th. 1901, Age 15

    Boxing ancestors

    Well that was a waste of time and effort . 12 days and no response from the O.P. and hasn't revisited since posting . Wonder why this happens ? They post late at night after a tipple and just forget that they had written anything ? Or maybe they can't find the thread on the message board ? Makes me wonder if before doing any research for a new poster , we should ask a supplementary question such as asking for extra dates of birth or death or marriage , just to see if there's a response . Of course there may be a genuine reason why she hasn't responded , if so I apologise .

    HMS Ocean Prince

    You then wonder how he ended up in the river ! Was the letter he was carrying addressed to his father from him , ready to post . Or was it to him , from perhaps a girlfriend ,? Something in it may have upset him and he jumped in the river . On the other hand maybe he had just had a few too many drams before returning to the seamans mission and accidently fell in !

    Things you don't see anymore

    More than one Shirley , though not sure how many lasted until our era . The one on Arkwright Street was still going in 1950 . This was an advert from 1927:
  10. DAVIDW

    HMS Ocean Prince

    1901 Census , I think this appears to be the family living at India Street , Inverness . Using that Census address ,It looks as though the ship didn't sink but for some unknown reason William Robertson fell in the river . Dundee Courier 08/09/1916 . The same reports appear in other newspapers but none actually say he fell off a ship . He had joined the ship as a cook .
  11. DAVIDW

    Boxing ancestors

    Another boxing Dexter and cousin to Percy ! From the Evening Post 24TH NOVEMBER 1941
  12. DAVIDW

    Boxing ancestors

    I would say it's more than likely that the Nott'm boxer Percy Dexter was the son of Samuel Henry Dexter (born c1874). 1901 Census living at 12 Nelson Terrace was Samuel Dexter , a fitter, with his wife Catherine (nee Alvey) and sons Percy born c1900 and Cecil born c1897. 1911 Census living at 62 Northumberland Street are the above plus a daughter Florence Elsie Mary Dexter born c1909. Samuel is described as a cycle maker . 1939 living at 1 Princess Terrace , Northumberland Street is Samuel Dexter an unemployed fitter plus wife Catherine plus another son called Eric a munitions inspector , born 1914. The 1 Princess Terrace address is significant in that a Percy Dexter was said to have given boxing lessons at that address in the 1930s . Also at that address Sam Dexter was said to be manager of the Victoria Boxing Club . So whilst none of the official census records mention boxing , circumstantially looks like the boxers father was Sam Dexter promoter .
  13. DAVIDW

    The Beatles

    That McCartney Carpool is brilliant , especially the "impromptu" pub concert at the end . Imagine sitting there in that dozy pub and then Macca suddenly appears with his band . Some of the punters nearly jumped out their skin when the opening chord blasted out ! Strange that the girl told to press the Juke box didn't seem to make anything of being served by James Corden though . All the oldies viewing the first few bars seemed to have vanished by the end.
  14. When making scrambled egg we add in 3 teaspoons of pesto . Might look odd as it comes out green when cooked but very tasty . Speaking of eggs , went to our local ASDA yesterday and as usual my wife wanted a cup of coffee . Queuing up in the cafe , the chap in front of me had ordered omelette and chips . There were only a couple of flustered staff on , manning the counter and cooking. The girl said to the chap "sorry we are out of omelettes but we can do all-day breakfast". I'm thinking surely that requires an egg ?? OK says the chap I'll have that . 5 minutes later same girl goes to the chaps table and apologises for something and I heard him say ...."OK I'll have a tuna baked potato" . So the eggs didn't stretch that far either ! Always think it strange in these supermarket cafes when they run out of stuff that someone can't just nip to the adjacent foodhall and grab what they need . Have to say that the cafes in both our local Asdas are awful souless places . More like a badly run staff canteens. Think they are franchised out to Compass . They are much much worse than the Asda/Gem cafe at West Bridgford 40 years ago . You would think after all these years they could have got the formula right .
  15. DAVIDW

    Happy Fathers Day

    3 cards and only 2 kids here . The extra one was from the dog ........dont know how he did it, he's been dead for over 10 years !