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    Great Grandad George Lee

    No Adrian , no connection but pleased to help !

    Great Grandad George Lee

    Welcome Adie , Can't offer any further info but there is this grainy photo of him , almost a year later in the Evening Post Sept. 19th 1917 . A handsome chap ! For any future researchers also shown is a J. Walker of 14 Paterson Rd, Hyson Green of the Lancs Fusiliers who also went missing the previous October .

    Happy Birthday LizzieM

    Happy birthday , have a lovely day !

    Nottingham Football Post

    Funnily enough I had been looking on eBay if there were any FPs from the 50s 60s . Some of my childhood playmates were connected to Peppers the hairdresser's and that cropped up last week on a Facebook page as they are closing the Trinity Sq branch . My playmates dad was a Ted Duncan and that name crops up as a sketch artist in 1950 for the Football Post. They sent him to cover such exotic events as Netherfield Albion v Rufford Colliery . Of course could be another Ted Duncan nothing to do with my pals but was interested to see any sketches . P.S.someone else is selling a job lot from the mid 70s for a tenner ! https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/FOOTBALL-POST-NOTTINGHAM-1974-75-INC-FOREST-COUNTY-DERBY-MANSFIELD-26-COPIES/173505068342?hash=item2865b53d36:g:-KoAAOSwinlbh~BX

    Victoria Works, St Anns

    Sorry ......correction ! Ignore the bit about United Drug Co being there , I read it wrong ! However did find this advert from January 1937 for Beardalls .

    Victoria Works, St Anns

    Early 1920s it was Hodson's Confectionery factory . 1930s United Drug Co 1940s it was Beardalls paint and varnish manufacturers , couldnt say what it was after that .

    Watson Fothergill's Home on Mapperley Road

    Never knew that Watson Fothergill's real name was actually the reverse of that. He was actually born Fothergill Watson and can be seen on all the Census with that name up to 1891 . He changed his name to the reverse to carry on his mother's surname .

    Chapel Bar

    Somebody mention County Sales ?

    Goodhead St

    Appears to have been a house with living accomodation . This from an advert from Nov 1909 in the Post . 6/l1 CLEAR.—House and Shop, 14. Goodhead-street. , few yards from Wllford-road; good living accommodation.
  10. DAVIDW

    geo sands colwick

    No problem .
  11. DAVIDW

    Unidentified pic by E.P. Short

    Carni some of the demob marches were reported as being led by local brass bands so it's possible .
  12. DAVIDW

    Unidentified pic by E.P. Short

    I read on a similar march of demobbed soldiers that when they passed the war memorial the men did an eyes-right in acknowledgement to the fallen . Those at the front of the original photo appear to be doing that so it could be a churchyard on the left with memorial ?
  13. DAVIDW

    Unidentified pic by E.P. Short

    Good sleuthing Ian ! Looks very likely . In Oct.1919 there was a similar march in Belper , some of the stonework could be from that area ?
  14. DAVIDW

    Unidentified pic by E.P. Short

    E.P. Short was a big supporter of the Roman Catholic church indeed his son was Fr A.B. Short . A remote possibility that its Fr Short at the front of the march ? Perhaps filmed by his dad ? In which case the pic could even be (eek) Derbyshire rather than somewhere near Bulwell . "........following appointments and changes are announced in the Nottingham R. C. diocese: Fr. A. B. Short, from St. Mary's, Derby, to Our Lady of Perpetual Succour. Bulwell". 20 August 1926 - Nottingham Evening Post ...... by the Rev. Father A. B. Short. The new church which will dedicated to “Our Lady of Perpetual Succour," to replace the temporary building Brooklyn-road, at the rear of the new housing estate which links Basford with Bulwell. The present church started in an old army hut....." 20 April 1927 - Nottingham Journal
  15. Recently mentioned on the WW1 thread was photographer E.P.Short . This unidentified image by him is for sale on ebay . Presume its somewhere in Notts . Anyone recognise the location or event ? Could be 1920s judging by dress and looks like a clergyman bottom left in the March . Looks entirely male march some wearing regalia around their necks . Miners ? Masons ?