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  1. Driving habits

    I was taught by them too from the same place , only a bit later , probably 1966 . Had dozens and dozens of lessons in a Mini with a bad tempered instructor and failed miserably . Switched to a Viva with a more understanding teacher and scraped through the next test after only about 6 lessons .
  2. Whilst looking through versions of Ghost in My House by R.Dean Taylor happened on this young lady from Yorkshire . Sarah Collins ......ok it's karaoke but she's got a cracking voice and rather cool and very nice looking too ! Can also hear the lyrics ! If you like Motown , Northern soul and 60 ' s covers give her a listen . Over 300 videos and really great sound from a front room recording .
  3. i possibly dj'd at those Digby College dates in 66 . Blues and Roots were pals of my brothers. Heres a pic of them outside one of the boat clubs.
  4. Wow quite a list and a great record of dates (even though I don't know most of those bands names !). Presume "Gedling M.W." is the miners welfare . Can't remember going there much but probably attended all those Gedling School and Digby gigs .
  5. photos

    If using flickr , try the following. (am assuming your images are already uploaded onto your "photostream".) These instructions are for laptop/desktop....cant get flickr to do much on my smartphone ! From your photostream , click on the image you want . When image is loaded look on the bottom right for a down-arrow and click on it. From drop-down menu click on "view all sizes" Now right click on new image and select "view image" This should open up the image in a new tab . The url should end with a suffix .jpg (Nottstalgia will only accept the image if the URL ends in .jpg) Sometimes copying and pasting that .jpg URL straight into the Nottstalgia reply box brings up the image or other times you have to paste the url into the "insert other media" box.
  6. Plains Road Primary

    Maybe a bit earlier , probably 1954 when I went to Plains Road . Only there for a short time though , (could have been a term or two before going to the wooden huts on Westdale which was nearer to where we lived off Marshall Hill Drive ). Apart from a lad called Dave Green who met up with again at Gedling don't remember a soul I'm afraid .
  7. Midland station

    Must be causing a lot of grief to many travellers : http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-nottinghamshire-42660181
  8. Welcome Suek , Not what you asked for but this is a pic of when the bridge , under construction in 1934 , fell down ! Or from a different angle :
  9. Hucknall shop

    Kirstyjade, Have sent you a PM with some further info on John and Ada Holmes . (Look for the red envelope in your notifications).
  10. Hucknall shop

    Can only really repeat what's said above ......In the1911 Census living at 14 Gilbert St ,Hucknall Torkard is John Holmes born Selston 1870 Ada Holmes (wife)born1876 John Holmes (son) born 1893 Edith born 1899 Clara born 1900 Sarah born 1903 Annie born 1908 (In an earlier 1871 Census , John Holmes is living with his father Simon Holmes also born Selston , living at Building Street , Hucknall Torkard .) There are a number of possible deaths for a John Holmes born c1871, in Basford District , one in 1924 and another in 1930 . Can't decide if Ada Holmes maiden name is Barratt or Barnett !
  11. New Tram

    Same old 'same old ! About 80 years ago removing the old tram rails from the E.P 17/02/1936
  12. Happy New Year

    Happy New Year to all !
  13. Guy I spoke to last week in West Cornwall called Colin Bacon said he dj'd at the Slipper in the 60s .
  14. How's your day?

    Going back to my yesterday's post about the chap from Nottingham I met in St.Just , I remembered he said he had written a couple of books that had a Nottingham connection. This is the guy : http://colinbacon.blogspot.co.uk/2010/02/vivian-and-i.html?m=1 One book was a bio of actor Vivian Mackerrell who was supposed to be the inspiration of the film Withnail and I . More recent photo at the bottom of his page .
  15. For those with an Amazon Fire Stick , they have just added a Firefox browser app . Once downloaded you have access to certain preset URLs including YouTube ( which was due to be withdrawn from the Firestick . You can also type in other URLs . It's a bit clunky but does work . Just typed in the Black and White Movie website http://www.bnwmovies.com (which of course you could always watch on the laptop). Lots of old films to choose from and the films are encased in a 60s style TV surround but still perfectly watchable . Only trouble is haven't found a way of "favouriting" the URL so has to be typed in each time you visit .