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  1. Chulla

    Linda would also like me to thank everyone who came, she was touched by such a showing of love and respect for Dave.
  2. Chulla

    Thank you, to everyone that attended Chulla's service today. It was grand to see so many Nottstalgians, I think I met you all, except Radfordred. Wished you had introduced yourself. Lovely wake afterwards, and couldn't have wished for a nicer day.
  3. Things you don't see anymore

    Funny you should mention turbans, saw a young girl working in a hairdressing salon, wearing one the other day.
  4. Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday Sue, a special one this year. Enjoy the day.
  5. 60's wireless memories

    Watched the Coronation on a telly like the one on the right, thought it was marvellous. First time I'd ever watched television, it was at an aunt's house. Was 4 more years till we got our own.
  6. Masterchef

    I'm with you there phil, the only skin I want to eat is on a rice pud.
  7. It's sowiing time again...

    We went to Hobbiton, when in New Zealand and took the tour of the film set, which is actually on a farm. They needed a frog pond for the Hobbit movies, built it and the local frogs moved in and took over. It was so noisy with the ribbit, ribbit, during filming, someone had the job of wading in the pond and catching every last one of them and moving them to a pond far enough away to be quiet. How does the saying go 'If you build it, they will come'.
  8. A few random photos - 2

    I dunno, Ian, but he gives golfers a bad name, dressed like that! Diamond patterned jumper with check trousers, a no-no.
  9. How's your day?

    5.30am this morning, already 71 deg. Shall I expect same when I turn up in Nottingham on Saturday next? Or is it a case of winter drawers on?
  10. 50 years on

    If the fire above was in 1966, and The Sound of Music came out Spring of 1965, was the film on for a year at the Odeon?
  11. A few random photos - 2

    My hubby's first car was a Renault Dauphine, boot at the front, he had to keep a bag of sand in it to keep it on the road.
  12. Cats !

  13. Cats !

    Took my 2 varmints to the vets yesterday for their annual check up and jabs. Wallace, or chubby as he is known, weighs 17lb, Gromit 14lb. It wasn't that long ago that there was only 1/2lb difference! Vet didn't seem overly bothered by tubby's girth. Wallace is everyone's friend, greets folks at the door, jumps in their laps, and was rubbing round the vet all the time there. Vet says, I want a cat just like this when the dogs have died. I laughed and said, that's not very nice, and said, that's what my wife says! Gromit spends all the time in the vets office figuring out where he can hide and tries squeezing behind anything he can fit in. They are so opposite.
  14. Things you don't see anymore

    The AA box reminded me that my dad was in the RAC, had the badge on his grill, and when you passed the RAC man, who was usually standing by his motorbike and side car, he would salute the passing members.
  15. Things you don't see anymore

    Loppy, would that be Bath Street Stores? Locarno was just at the bottom of Bath St, turn right and it was on the left.