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  1. Ube, our cousins will be at Trent Lock either Wednesday or Thursday of this next week. Hope you get to meet them.
  2. Of all the 45's I bought as a teenager, I can only remember 1 shop I went in once, to listen to a record in a booth, before buying it. I seem to think it was downstairs at Pearson's on Long Row. I must have gone in other shops but have no recollection of them. Most likely Woolies was one. Seem to think the singles cost 6/8. I bought quite a few E.P's which must have cost a bit more.
  3. My hubby grew up on Alma Rd opposite Manvers School. He lived at number 2 and across the road at number 1 was a Pat Wright. Born 1947? Could this be your Pat Wright ?
  4. Shouldn't that be Hugger off?
  5. Colmans's was my alternative Tuesdays to the Locarno. I remember where it was, but remember nothing else about the place. Obviously it didn't make an impression!
  6. As a kid, everytime a plane from Rolls Royce came over our house we'd go outside and watch it. We were an aircraft family and would go to airshows at Hucknall, Langar (Canadian) and the U.S bases too. Old habits die hard, hubby, myself and kids moved to Surrey in 77, now we are on the flight path for LHR, again I would go out and watch the planes come over the house, including Concord twice daily. Nowadays I live near Luke AFB and watch the F16 and F35's come over.
  7. Really, we have no control over new members not contributing. Many have just joined to ask about a place/ street or family name. And many a time a long-standing member has helped them with information, never to hear from the new member again. I don't think it's our fault, we make new members welcome. A lot of the time they only joined to get answer to a question, without a thank you to their helper. A sign of the times!
  8. Flattery gets you everywhere BK!
  9. 49 years ago today, I was trying to push a bowling ball through the eye of a needle! Well, that's what it felt like giving birth, haha. This is the last year coming up when I've still got all 3 in their 40's. Getting old? Moi? Nooooo.
  10. Could it have been from those aerial photos, Britain from above? it was obviously taken before the streets were full of cars.
  11. Beekay, thanks for the Aspley video. Very interesting.
  12. Was one of the shoe shops in town called Bally? I used to love their shoes but they always seemed a bit more expensive than other shops.
  13. I found your Norman 'Spider' Sullivan on Facebook.
  14. The original Peoples College Technical Grammar was on College St. Hubby went there 58-63. I don't know what the name of the old school in Broadmarsh was called, but I do remember single storey buildings painted white. I took my typing exam in one of them.