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  1. I bet it was a bugger getting those claws down the sleeves!
  2. On the other hand, I got a like on a pic I posted about 18 months ago. When I clicked on it to take a look, it was one I posted through Photobucket. They all disappeared when PB had a mardy. Don't know why this one survived.
  3. katyjay

    Things that pee you off

    Have not seen any colour charts, just going by reading novels. That's how the writers would describe the blondes.
  4. katyjay

    Things that pee you off

    I always thought it was female blonde, and male blond.
  5. katyjay

    Three words to sum up your day

    Get well, Jack.
  6. katyjay

    Interior decorating -

    You are welcome!
  7. katyjay

    Nottm At War 1939-1945.

    My aunty worked in a munitions factory during the war. She had been working the late shift and was walking home in total darkness. She had on a fur coat. A man walking in the opposite direction walked straight into her. He screamed and she said, watch where you are walking. He said you frightened me to death, I thought you were a bear. She said What? In bleddy Basford? I still smile about that.
  8. katyjay

    Buses in Nottingham

    You have reminded me c f, of a coach ride in the mid 60's. I was in the Nottingham Ice Racing supporter's club and was on the coach to a London ice rink. We also had a tight corner to get round and there was no way the bus would make it. All the lads jumped out, went to the back and bounced the bus around the corner. Result.
  9. I don't think anyone was keen on them. Kind of scary, they looked like they could put a curse on you if you didn't buy from them.
  10. Loppy, in our childhood days, they were known as Gypos. Usually going door to door selling clothes pegs or lucky heather.
  11. katyjay

    Goodhead St

    Tresa, markad has not been back on in nearly 7 years. You could try doing a p.m and see if he replies. Click on his name and his profile will come up and you will see you can message him. His last name is Duncan as you suspected.
  12. katyjay

    Hooleys Garage

    Was he the woodwork teacher?
  13. katyjay

    Nottingham hospitals

    When our son started limping we took him to the doctor, who sent us to the hospital for a 2nd opinion. The doc there said, it is irritable hip and we are admitting him now. Kind of scary when you don't really know anything about it.