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  1. I remember the ad on the telly for Peguins. P-p-p-pick up a Penguin......... Nowadays you'd have to issue an apology to the National Stutterers Society, with this P.C. world we live in!
  2. Similar story Lizzie. A bunch of us girls who hung out in the clubhouse at the bowling alley, were invited to an all night party out Burton Joyce way. We all told our parents we were at one of our houses for the night. The party got going but the host and hostess had an argument and it was 'everybody out'. Now where do we go, no buses running. Someone took pity on us, took us to his flat in the Meadows and all we girls squashed into 1 double bed. All I remember is a darn church bell chiming through the night.
  3. Beautiful Nonna. I always tell folks, if ever the U.S. chuck us out, I'm moving to Italy. We love it.
  4. I can't give you a like for that Nonna, what a stressful day.
  5. Jill I can remember when nobody ate in the street. Nor smoked either. Very common, if you did.
  6. Just catching up and saw Loppy's post. Sorry to hear of your health woes, and glad you are on the mend.
  7. My mam said 'oppit' She was born and grew up in Basford, perhaps that area used it.
  8. We are in a trivia team onboard ship for the daily trivia. A question the other day, If you are sinistral, what are you? One of our team got it straight away, left-handed, but nobody else knew it. You learn summat everyday!
  9. We are on a ship, with many nationalities onboard, and it was announced on the P.A system yesterday.
  10. @Jill Sparrowyou got away with more at your school, regarding not swimming for several weeks, regarding your whispered 'monthlys'. Ha ha. At Crane you could only do that with a note from your mother. I remember word for word my mother's note. Kathleen cannot swim this week, she is indisposed.
  11. katyjay

    The Queen

    @benjamin1945I thought for a minute we were related! I thought you were talking about MY Auntie Connie, she also was the only person we knew with a television, and we went to hers to watch the Coronation. She was on Bailey Street Basford though, not Leybourne Dr!
  12. @Jill Sparrow I never learned to swim either, after 4 years of going with school. I refused to neither take my feet off the bottom or get my face wet. The teachers were only interested in the girls who learned to swim, instead of persevering with the few scaredy cats. Neither Chulla, me nor younger brother learned to swim. I have my dad's swimming medal he earned at 14. I guess some things skip a generation!
  13. I remember the changing cubicles at Noel St were alongside the pool. Half doors I think.
  14. Yes, didn't they call it Open Air schools, meaning I think, open all the doors and the classroom was completely open. Built 1931. We didn't have the cold footbaths, but Noel St Baths did, we had to wade through them to go into the pool. I'm guessing disinfecting our feet. I am pretty sure we had to run through a cold shower there too, maybe after freezing your butt off, the unheated pool felt warm?
  15. William Crane senior girls had no showers. The changing room for games was a sectioned off bit of the quadrangle. It was behind the hall, a door each end so anyone could march through while you were changing No incinerator and no hot water in the sinks. Dark outdoor loos too.