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  1. katyjay

    Cocked hat pub

    Do a member search then when you find her, message her. She's on FB I'll see if I can get her to come on here and answer you.
  2. katyjay

    Cocked hat pub

    The member called Val needs to answer you. She lived there, her parents ran the pub from about 1957.
  3. katyjay

    Burma Star Association

    We lived in Cinderhill, but dad had to go to the top of Derby Rd, to the Drill Hall, for his Burma Star meetings.
  4. katyjay

    Speak Nottinghameze

    My dad said that, he was in Burma and India during the war, wonder if it was one of the words he brought back with him, like coggage for newspaper, decko for look etc.
  5. katyjay

    A few random photos - 3

    Many years ago, we were escorting a group of American friends around the U.K. We did a night in Nottingham and took them on a pub crawl. Got to Yates and we girls went sailing in, looked round and no husbands. Went back to the door to find a heated argument with the bouncer. 2 of our group were husband and wife sheriff deputies. Both wearing dressy jeans. They were refused entry because it was (just) after 7pm. No jeans after 7. I pointed out that there were lots of folks in there wearing jeans, and was told, they came in before 7. What a bloody stupid rule. Either let everyone in or chuck out everyone out, wearing jeans.
  6. katyjay

    Gypsies around Nottinghamshire

    Twisted myself, patting myself on the back for, first of all, finding the thread, then actually copying and pasting on me tablet!
  7. katyjay

    Gypsies around Nottinghamshire

  8. katyjay

    How's your day?

    Sledgehammer? LOL.
  9. katyjay

    How's your day?

    As me mam would say, the sights ya see when ya ent got ya gun!
  10. katyjay

    How's your day?

    I don't think it ever entered his head that a girl wouldn't like him!
  11. katyjay

    Things you don't see anymore

    Where there's muck, there's money.
  12. katyjay

    Shops near Mansfield Road / Forest Road junction

    Most likely a Wrigley's Chewing Gum machine on the outside wall. Funny how we would chew gum then put said chewed gum back in its paper to dispose if it. Now there's a concept!
  13. katyjay

    Shops near Mansfield Road / Forest Road junction

    Yes, Ian, photo shows the backside of Steve Clarke's shop. The access to the flats above.
  14. katyjay

    Happy Birthday LizzieM

    'Appy birthday owd gel, ayaguddun.
  15. katyjay


    I guess I would be mad too if that was happening in my garden. My 2 moggies are indoor cats and I'm their pooper-scooper (litter box)