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  1. We sang, on the last day of term. No more days of school No more days of sorrow No more days in this old dump And we'll have fun tomorrow.
  2. If I tell you I will have to kill you. (roughly translated to I have no idea where I saw it. It was more than 5 minutes ago)
  3. A clipper is 2 fl oz. A schooner is 4 fl oz.
  4. Apparently a schooner is a bit bigger than a clipper for drinking sherry. Named after the ships that bought the sherry from Spain.
  5. We are having a N.Y.E. party here. It starts at 3pm and knowing our friends I doubt anyone will be here at 9pm. Each hour we toast somewhere in the world including UK at 5pm.
  6. I think it showed someone all wrapped up against a blizzard.
  7. Trevor, handysandy has not posted in over 7 years. I doubt he/she will see your post.
  8. Welcome Pete, from another Nottstalgian on the west side.
  9. so, your vision was clouded?
  10. DJ you gave a whole new meaning to spilling the beans.
  11. A corn dog over here is a Frankfurter sausage encased in cornbread then breaded and deep fried. it is on a stick, and you couldn't pay me to eat one!
  12. I see him on FB every now and again, usually posting in the Basford threads.