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  1. katyjay

    Query?? About Old Radford

    William Crane was mine and Val's old school.
  2. katyjay

    Query?? About Old Radford

    OK have had a gander and she's on Nottingham From The Owd Days. Nottingham Way Back When. And Pictures and Memories of Nottingham.
  3. katyjay

    Query?? About Old Radford

    Val is on William Crane site and at least one of the old Nottingham sites.
  4. Brut33, all the threads on different schools on here, were started by an ex-pupil. If a school hasn't been listed, it just means no one has started/attended that school.
  5. You weren't dreaming Lizzie, cos I remember the photo you are on about. I have gone through all the past threads and can't find it. Wonder if it disappeared when Photobucket was being awkward and removed photos? Having said that, there would still be a reference to it, even if the picture went. It's a mystery.
  6. katyjay

    Who was at Radford Bugole in the 50's

    Lizzie, Beekay and myself have been messaging each other about Holme Pierrepoint, but thanks for thinking of me.
  7. katyjay

    How's your day?

    Stavertongirl, 4 more posts and you get promoted! You can then see things in the PRIVATE Members only discussions threads, like meet ups. Well done you got there quickly.
  8. katyjay

    Montserrat Caballe

    The singer deserves mention if only for her wonderful name!
  9. katyjay

    The Last Nottingham Trolley Bus

    In a later photo of Pelham St, Trippetts has been taken over by Boots.
  10. katyjay

    How's your day?

    Ouch, Gem. Hope your wrist isn't too painful, and heals quickly.
  11. katyjay

    Enjoying owt on the box lately ?

    Just finished the 6 part series called Body Guard. Excellent, only drawback was trying to figure out what Richard Madden was saying. A broad Scottish accent was hard on these ears that haven't been around Scots for a while. Keeley Hawes also was a lead actor. I think there may be a 2nd series around?
  12. katyjay

    More New Members

    I never log out and have never been asked to log back in. Must be an anomaly of your machine, Loppy.
  13. katyjay

    Odeon organ and kunzle cakes

    I guess I've never lived, because I never knew what a Kunzle cake was, and now I can see what they look like, I know I never came across them.
  14. katyjay

    More New Members

    I read Beekays post as meaning he can't keep up with the hopping about IN ONE THREAD. i.e.not keeping to the subject. He'll soon larn! That's what everybody does! It's the Nottstalgia Way.