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  1. Ian Finn, The woodyard was Bramley's. Could always smell wood in that area. Cyril Miles was supposed to marry us but was killed 3 weeks before our wedding. Had to have a stand-in from St. Mary's Church in town.
  2. Crimbo. It's Christmas!
  3. I hope Mary had abetter experience flying to Dublin than we did last summer. From JFK we flew Virgin Atlantic to LHR, then Aer Lingus to Dublin. At JFK they gave u s boarding passes all the way through to Dublin. At LHR, we found our next gate and sat for about 2 hours waiting for our flight. Time to board, so we put our boarding cards into a machine to open the gates to get through. A red cross instead of green. Went to see the gate agent who put our details into the computer. Oh, you aren't on this flight, V. A. didn't think you would make the connection! But we've been sitting here 2 hours! Can we still get on it? No, your luggage isn't on, and it would take too long to fnd it. O.K. says we, what time is the next flight, because we are meeting friends from their 12.30 flight from Manchester. (it was about 9am) He tells us there are flights every hour and we will be on the next one. I asked, but will our luggage? I can assure you madam, it will be on. Liar, liar, pants on fire. We got to Dublin Saturday morning around 11am. Hubby got his suitcase delivered late Sunday night, mine at 10pm Monday night. As the saying goes, Aer Lingus could not organise a piss up in a brewery.
  4. We sang, on the last day of term. No more days of school No more days of sorrow No more days in this old dump And we'll have fun tomorrow.
  5. If I tell you I will have to kill you. (roughly translated to I have no idea where I saw it. It was more than 5 minutes ago)
  6. A clipper is 2 fl oz. A schooner is 4 fl oz.
  7. Apparently a schooner is a bit bigger than a clipper for drinking sherry. Named after the ships that bought the sherry from Spain.
  8. We are having a N.Y.E. party here. It starts at 3pm and knowing our friends I doubt anyone will be here at 9pm. Each hour we toast somewhere in the world including UK at 5pm.
  9. I think it showed someone all wrapped up against a blizzard.
  10. Trevor, handysandy has not posted in over 7 years. I doubt he/she will see your post.
  11. Welcome Pete, from another Nottstalgian on the west side.
  12. so, your vision was clouded?