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  1. At least right now while you are still above the grass, you can see who your neighbours will be!
  2. You can't see these anymore. https://www.nottinghampost.com/whats-on/whats-on-news/things-you-used-able-nottingham-3060554
  3. Just to clarify, we're not all eejits in Arizona!
  4. It's the same at the Grand Canyon. Fences along the rim, and some idiot will climb over to be near the edge for a better view. I don't mind these idiots doing this, fall at your own risk, but some take their kids with them. What are they teaching them?
  5. Saw this on FB yesterday. Was going to pinch it, you beat me to it! It's lovely.
  6. This is not me, but someone we were with that did something daft. A group of us were on a cruise together a couple of years ago. One of the stops was Rotterdam and we went into Amsterdam for a day of walking around. We saw a toilet sign and most went in, while the rest hung about outside. Bob in our group comes out the toilets with something in his hands. Holds them out and invites us to help ourselves to the candy, said there was a dish on the counter to help yourself. I looked into his hands before anyone else, and said, Bob, they are tampons! They were very small, obviously compressed, and shrink wrapped in celophane. We will never know if it was a unisex toilet or he actually went in the ladies! We still laugh about it.
  7. It was the first place for me, and I bet many other teens, where I socialized. As a raw, just out of school and into the big world of Work, teenager, it was Mecca. All the latest songs played, you could dress up a bit as best you could on your meagre wages, and have a laugh. Everyone was slim, and to me, looking good!
  8. Chulla would have turned 80 today. Happy birthday Bro.
  9. The Waltzers always were playing the latest pop songs.
  10. Whenever I hear Little Eva singing Locomotion, I am back at the Locano, age 16, and everyone going round the floor moving their arms like train wheels.
  11. It's a good job they can't demolish our memories.
  12. Sorry to hear this Michael, but she sounds like she was lucky to get a positive diagnosis and plenty more years to come.
  13. Thanks Kev, the map prooves I wasn't dreaming!
  14. I have a childhood memory of the number 22 bus, and I wonder if I imagined it or not. Don't know, now that Rob237 or Chulla is no longer with us, whether anyone else rode that bus other than me? My memory is of the old route going along Dulverton Vale, over Bells Lane to the Little Park and turning left up Amesbury Circus, stopping at the junction of Deepdene Way. Everyone off at this terminus, then the bus reversing on to Deepdene and parking. Then reversing this bit of the route back to town. Later they changed this bit, the bus turned up Bells Lane, right onto Ainsdale Crescent, and right onto Deepdene. I have a memory of the Corporation not liking the buses reversing back round a corner, so changed the route. Anyone remember this?
  15. I forgot all about this thread and have enjoyed reading it again. Thanks RR for resurrecting it again.