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  1. Mary, my brother is coming for Christmas now that Brits can come to the States again. His passport ran out last year, so he sent for a new one. He was told it could take up to 10 weeks. He got it back in a week!
  2. Margie, I''m with you there, I can't remember ever doing country dancing at school. But, in the 4th year of junior school, we went on a bus trip to Birmingham, to watch a display of country dancing. (summer 1958) I know this for a fact, as the picture of our group taken just before boarding the bus, appeared in the Nottingham Evening Post. My mum bought a copy of the photo. If we went to watch dancing, then we must have danced in school! The odd bits I remember from this trip, are seeing the huge kilns from passing potteries, and sitting high up in a theatre/arena to watch the show.
  3. David McCallum is 88 and still appears occasionally in the series.
  4. You had a really bad time of it, glad you are much improved, although still having some problems. I have a friend here, picking up the virus, never did know how she got it, but was ill for over 2 months. She actually scared us at one point, thought we might lose her. It can be a dreadful illness that takes some getting over. Others have little to no symptoms.
  5. I had a tortoise as a kid. He was always escaping through the hedge into other gardens. Dad painted Running In, Please Pass on his shell.
  6. Come Dancing. Always used to watch it, the announcer would describe the woman's dress, who made it and how many sequins were sewn on, etc. Once a night was formation dancing. It fascinated me how the dancers would cross between each other.
  7. Many moons ago, when we had the motel, in winter when a customer had a diesel engine (usually a pick up truck) they would carry a long extension lead with them. They would plug in to the electric overnight to stop the diesel freezing. We had really cold nights at 7000ft elev.
  8. Denshaw, I think it's NORWICH. Well, it was when I was young. Nickers off ready when I come home.
  9. Samsung 65"Smart TV here is $648. The biggest they do is 85". That is a whopper. $1350 or there abouts.
  10. Yes. A great 2 weeks from the 2 extreme states. Good to be back in our own bed though.
  11. We have just finished a cruise, where we join in the daily trivia games. Questions on a screen, write down answers. One question, Which soul singer crashed his Corvette the first time he drove it? Some wag in the audience shouted out Stevie Wonder and we all laughed. Answer - Ray Charles. More laughter!
  12. Very emotional day yesterday. Went to a firefighter's funeral.
  13. If the photo of the Nissan hut is what all of them looked like, I am shocked. I visited my aunt and uncle when I was very small, and thought their Nissan hut was enormous, in my mind's eye, it was as big as an aircraft hanger! Just goes to show how everything looked so big when you were little!