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  1. Will you see Compo, PP? If so, give him my regards. I would love to see where he lives and the surrounding area.
  2. Good grief! PC is beyond a joke.
  3. Beekay, I never remember having even the luxury of Izal, it was always newspaper cut into squares.
  4. Beekay, I have lots of patterns, thank you, but would love to see pics of their finished work. You can email them if you like
  5. I'm the same Mrs B. I have a lot of scarves knitted for 'emergency' gifts and I made 40 baby hats recently and gave to a midwife. Can't just sit and watch the telly. Plus knitting keeps me awake!
  6. John is on my FB. I looked when he last posted on there, July 2022. I used to have his email address but I don't any longer.
  7. Sorry to hear this terrible news Nonna. I didn't want to press Like or Love. We need a Oh No button to press!
  8. We visited Osterley House and Garden in Isleworth last year and these geese were there. I had never seen one before and had to Google what I was looking at! Beautiful birds.
  9. Crikey! How fast was he going? That's a hefty fine.
  10. So sorry Margie. I feel for you.
  11. As I was reading your post Jill, I thought of Hyacinth! I love the episode where she bought skis for the roof rack on the car, so the neighbours thought they could ski!
  12. My youngest brother was born November 1955, I thought he may be on one of your photos, but no.
  13. You also forgot to mention you don't want visitors! Ha ha.
  14. We get Amber Alerts for missing children, and Silver Alerts for missing oldies. As well as these going to every cell phone in the area, the alert lights up on electronic road signs.
  15. We just knew them as gypsies as a kid, only saw them when they came door to door selling either pegs or 'lucky' heather. Never saw where they lived.