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  1. This is not a feature, but necessity. Hubby's first car was a rear-engined Renault Dauphine. To keep the front end down he used to have a sack of sand in the boot.
  2. Hi Carnie. So pleased you came across Tone and Julie again and had a chat. i didn't know they were afloat again, I only know if they post pics on FB. Thanks for the update, we were going to visit them next month while staying in Kent. But alas, another blooming trip cancelled. Sorry you took a tumble, I bet you are feeling it today.
  3. I read this to hubby and he laughed too. He then said his dad had the same car and a HEATER was optional. Hard to imagine nowadays.
  4. If you zoom in on CT's aerial pic of the police station, it is clearly a flat roof. The building almost matches the prefabs built post-war along Nuthall Rd. They were flat roofed too. Was the police station built post war too?
  5. Beekay, if they were the only Nissan huts in Nottingham then that's where my uncle and family must have been. They got rehoused in a council house somewhere near Wells Rd after that.
  6. Lizzie. I can see where you see Information missing an A but the H is missing in Shire above it. i think it looks like 2 halves of a picture have been spliced together making those letters disappear. The pic below all letters are there.
  7. Very interesting article. i remember as a child in the 50's, a small police station in the middle of Melbourne Rd, Aspley. I have never seen a photo of it though. It is not mentioned in the article.
  8. Sis-in-law lives on Portree Drive. Not sure if the large house across from her (corner of Portree and Brownlow) was a doctor or a dentist when they moved there Sept 1972. Up the side of their bungalow and at the top is the entrance to Bestwood Country Park.
  9. Caught a few minutes of Wimbledon on the telly yesterday. Packed audience and not a mask in sight.
  10. Our office at Raleigh had a Diddlum club for Christmas. Also had a Fuddle club to save for things like a party or a trip.
  11. Oh my goodness, Jonab, how awful for you. I did wonder where you were lately, never imagined you were going through all that. Sending positive vibes for your situation to improve.
  12. Beekay you are correct. The train went over Bells Lane at street level.
  13. Newcastle Wharf I do believe, which was opposite Basford Rd and the Newcastle Arms.