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  1. Nottingham Corporation, in 2020, are celebrating 100 years of the council house. I'm guessing the Stockhill Estate was that first one to be built.
  2. We were stuck once trying to find a Birch relative in the Manchester area. Had to hire a researcher in the end and she found the family under the name Brick! Apparently the census was outsourced to India to be transcribed, and a lot of things got lost in translation.
  3. On the Korean flight to L.A. one person had a mask plus a full face perspex shield. Another had mask plus reflective ski goggles! Eee, the sights you see when you don't have your gun.
  4. We recently returned from Asia. Every airport worker, every airline steward, most of the population (mostly because they ride mopeds) and a few tourists wore masks. 28 in our group and none of us wore one. So long as you are sensible and keep washing your hands, you'll be OK. I really do think the media are making folks panic.
  5. I remember on Tingha and Tucker there was a sign made by members, you put your fore finger along your nose towards your forehead, and bowed your head. I am a mine of useless information!
  6. There is also a thread called Local Traditional Jazz 50's and 60's, that mentions the Dancing Slipper. My Tablet won't let me copy and paste the thread.
  7. IAN, my dad went on his own I reckon in the 50's, after working for William Evans on Highbury Vale before and after the war. Evans closed down in the 50's, which gave my dad the push to work for himself as painter, docorator and sign writer. So, it had to be 50's up to retirement I'm guessing, late 70's. Also did a lot of signwriting for John Rann in Arnold and Reg Watson in Bulwell, bith coachbuilders I do believe. I'm afraid I don't know any of the names you mentioned, my only memory of Blanchards is smelling the bread all the way on Amesbury Circus when the wind was in the right direction, and that our neighbor Mr Patterson was a manager there.
  8. Ian Finn, The woodyard was Bramley's. Could always smell wood in that area. Cyril Miles was supposed to marry us but was killed 3 weeks before our wedding. Had to have a stand-in from St. Mary's Church in town.
  9. Crimbo. It's Christmas!
  10. I hope Mary had abetter experience flying to Dublin than we did last summer. From JFK we flew Virgin Atlantic to LHR, then Aer Lingus to Dublin. At JFK they gave u s boarding passes all the way through to Dublin. At LHR, we found our next gate and sat for about 2 hours waiting for our flight. Time to board, so we put our boarding cards into a machine to open the gates to get through. A red cross instead of green. Went to see the gate agent who put our details into the computer. Oh, you aren't on this flight, V. A. didn't think you would make the connection! But we've been sitting here 2 hours! Can we still get on it? No, your luggage isn't on, and it would take too long to fnd it. O.K. says we, what time is the next flight, because we are meeting friends from their 12.30 flight from Manchester. (it was about 9am) He tells us there are flights every hour and we will be on the next one. I asked, but will our luggage? I can assure you madam, it will be on. Liar, liar, pants on fire. We got to Dublin Saturday morning around 11am. Hubby got his suitcase delivered late Sunday night, mine at 10pm Monday night. As the saying goes, Aer Lingus could not organise a piss up in a brewery.
  11. We sang, on the last day of term. No more days of school No more days of sorrow No more days in this old dump And we'll have fun tomorrow.
  12. If I tell you I will have to kill you. (roughly translated to I have no idea where I saw it. It was more than 5 minutes ago)