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  1. How's your day?

    Ha ha, got to get through security first.
  2. How's your day?

    Loppylugs, I'm in your neck of the woods right now, killing 6 hours in Atlanta airport. In the Delta lounge, so at least comfortable and being fed and watered.
  3. Keep One Drop One

    Christmas pud
  4. Cinderhill tyre shop

    I've never seen that photo before, CT, thanks for that.
  5. Keep One Drop One

    Fairy lights
  6. How's your day?

    That's a big crown SueB, is Rog implying your juff is a big'un?
  7. Keep One Drop One

    chipped potatoes
  8. Keep One Drop One

    New potatoes
  9. I only was punished once in my school life, in the infants. Miss Stoker (the red hot poker) was my teacher. I remember like it was yesterday, she told the class to be quiet. They did, and I inadvertently dropped my pencil. Those around me giggled, and she strode up the classroom and slapped my legs. She was a horrid old spinster who should never have been in charge of small children.
  10. Keep One Drop One

    Bull fight
  11. Keep One Drop One

    Orchestra pit
  12. Poetry

    That was beautiful. Very poignant Commo.
  13. Christmas Memories

    With my birthday 10 days before Christmas, many a time one gift was to cover both occasions. Always felt a bit cheated. Speaking to other December friends, they say the same happened to them also.
  14. Christmas Memories

    Forgot the Bagatelle. All together now, She's a pinball wizard........
  15. Hooleys Garage

    Alan Cooper. There is a Michael D Cottee living in the NG5 area of Nottingham, in the 60-64 age bracket. Got this from 192.com.