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  1. katyjay

    Photos to cheer us up

    The only time I made it onto a calendar, I was buck naked.
  2. katyjay

    Facebook page

  3. katyjay

    The Variety Club, Radford

    So sorry RR, he was a grand age.
  4. katyjay

    Home wine making

    I think we called them tongs.
  5. I always figured, from November onwards, don't buy yourself anything till Santa's been. Someone else most likely, after wracking their brain for ideas, thought it was a good idea to buy you exactly what you just bought yourself!
  6. Nonna your typos are making me smile. First you called Loppy, Poppy. Now he's Loopy.
  7. Never thought of that. I forget sometimes what my Tablet can do!
  8. katyjay

    How's your day?

    True. Now men's dart team might be a different story!
  9. I could delete the writing I had put before the video, but not the video.
  10. I pulled that thread up Compo and to try it out, I tried replying to Jonab's post on Cracker Barrel cheese. I clicked on reply to this post and up came an old post of mine about the Concord, complete with video! Couldn't get rid of it, so went out the site and back in again. Other than that, I have had no problems.
  11. katyjay

    How's your day?

    That was quite expensive, LOL. We had 12 days in Yugoslavia, flight, hotel full board etc, for 36 pounds each. This was 48 years ago.
  12. On the website britishphonebook.com there are 4 D. Storers and 3 Dennis Storers in Nottingham
  13. That's called wanting a pee!
  14. I remember getting one of those wooden pencil cases with the sliding lid. I was thrilled to bits. Looking at the shape of the paper bag I think a colouring book too.