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  1. I bet it won't be a clapped out old junker they deliver in!
  2. Looking at the on-line user list, I see many guests looking at this topic. It's because it was mentioned on a Nottingham thread on FB with a link to it.
  3. Jonab, love your doggie names, reminiscent of Dandy and Beano dogs of my childhood. Lizzie, it is a very very sad kindness we do for our 4 legged family members. It's a pity we can't do the same for humans when they no longer want to live through ill health. My m-i-l, for her last 2 years was not in good health. Her nearby brother and wife had gone and so had every friend she had there, also. She relied on carers to bathe her etc. Everytime we went over to visit, and we did a lot those last couple of years, the first thing she would say is, I wish I could die. It was heartbreaking.
  4. Still have our companion set. My dad bought it for our wedding present. I have not had a real fire in 20 years but will never part with it.
  5. In China the public loos had a mix of regular toilets and holes in the ground. Of course, we ladies wanted to use the regular toilets and there were less of them than the holey ones. It took longer for the ladies, than the men who were in and out quickly. So the guide would tell us to use the men's as well and he stood guard outside. I did notice when older Chinese ladies came in the loos, they'd squat at the holes, with the door open!
  6. p.s. Don't owd ya breath. It's a tricky one, may take me a while.
  7. Are you feeling OK our Ben? The whole memory above has not one girl's name in it!
  8. Definitely got a result today. Checked our mailbox this afternoon, and there was a box in there for me. I had not ordered anything so couldn't think what it was.. Saw the return address label was our friends in E. Sussex. Thought she may have sent a book she'd read and enjoyed. No. Inside was a jigsaw puzzle. Not any old jigsaw puzzle but a Nottingham one. 1000 pieces which I love, and it's a street map of the city centre. It's a Jigraphy Cityscape Map. There are 96 cities to chose from. What a surprise, I am a lucky girl.
  9. Most of the year there is no humidity, but July and August is monsoon season and even though we have had little rain ( first rain since March, 2 days ago and it was wimpy) the humidity is up. Nothing like back east where the temps and humidity are about the same! Roll on Fall.
  10. Yesterday the temperature was 99F. First time it's been less than 100 in ages. Last Friday was day 50 of 110+ deg days, hottest 118. This would have to be the hottest summer, while we are stuck here.
  11. Two of something else as well!
  12. Ben, You may not be able to strike up conversations with strangers like you always did, and you must miss that so much, but with the power of the internet you can connect with us lot and still have the banter, and a laugh. We all love your memories from work and leisure, you have a fantastic memory for names, locations and dates, your op didn't take any of this away from you, thank goodness!
  13. Mine too Brew. He brought several words back with him from his time in India in WW2, like coggage for newspaper. Decko for look and chota pice for small change.