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  1. Lay down your arms and surrender to mine, was Ann Shelton. Another great song (I think) that tells a story is The Boxer by Simon and Garfunkel.
  2. I have checked my laptop, tablet and phone. Can't see Compo's photo on all 3.
  3. Fire ants is correct, you feel on fire in the area they just bit you. Nasty little buggers.
  4. Welcome John. Please give us more memories, I didn't go to that school, but others did, and maybe someone just Googling the school will come on, who knows you.
  5. Wol hoo. Found some tea biscuits in the Kosher section of the supermarket. Cheap too. Made in Israel. As me mam would say of anything foreign, I'm not going to bleddy talk to it.
  6. Not all cheeses are bland over here. Tillamook, a cheese company in Oregon, make wonderful mature cheddar, sold in 2lb blocks. Much more expensive than supermarket brand stuff, but so worth the money.
  7. Maybe you were right first time, it's Brock you've got residing with you. Now that Big Bertha has come along, even bigger, maybe she is the female and Brock is a bigger than average fella?
  8. Peoria will be our closest, if it ever comes! Does your son live in Scottsdale?
  9. Aldi are finally coming to Arizona, and one will be about 10 minutes away. Not holding my breath for the opening day, everything seems to take so long from planning permission to opening, but I shall be interested to see their selection of off-brand biscuits etc.
  10. Delta airlines have Biscoff as one of their choice of snacks. You can get huge boxes of them at the cash and carry, you've given me an idea! For now though, ginger nuts will have to suffice.
  11. We did a round trip a week ago, of 134 miles, for a Cornish Pasty! Made by a girl from Cornwall, her shop was celebrating 1 year in business, which coincided with our 51st anniversary, so was treated to lunch by our daughter. Ir was worth the drive!
  12. Wafer biscuits are right up there with soft centred chocolates. Coukdn't stand either.