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  1. Used to love hot milk on Shredded Wheat.
  2. Didn't Frankie Laine sing Champion the Wonder Horse?
  3. Same for me with Lassie and Champion the Wonder Horse. The barking and whinnying got on my mother's nerves.
  4. Torchy, Torchy, the battery boy.
  5. I remember getting our first colour TV a few years after we married. Not many programmes were in colour though.
  6. There's a joke about that. 2 Jehovah Witnesses rang a door bell, the old fella opens the door to them. "Good morning, we want to talk to you about our religion " one says. Short on visitors, the old man welcomes them inside. He sits them down on the settee, sits opposite them and says, "OK, what do you want to tell me?" They reply, "We don't know. We've never got this far before!"
  7. The same happens over here. No end of friends, over the years, have sent cash or a gift card to grandkids, inside a card, and they never get it. Sometimes the card comes, opened. As my mother would say, thieving gits.
  8. Lizzie, I correspond with Trevor S regularly, and Michael Booth is a FB friend, so both are still above the grass, so to speak!
  9. Here it will reach 70 today. No complaints about that, it has been a cold (for the desert) 3 weeks this December. Merry Christmas one and all.
  10. Loppy, hubby has a friend in Athens GA and said, he knew it would get cold but not this cold!
  11. Now I'm jealous, Mrs B. We used to have Long Clawson Dairy for our milkman, and Fridays, he would bring either blue or white Stilton with the milk, if you had preordered it. White was my favourite cheese.
  12. Did it seem to everyone else that the doctors were either Irish or Scottish? Mine were Scottish, the last one definitely liked a tipple. My mum would occasionally drink in the Red Lion. She'd say the doctor and his wife would be drinking whiskey, she would get 'legless' , he would hoist her over his shoulder and take her out to the car. Put her in there then go back in the pub and carry on drinking. Thankfully he only lived along Nuthall Rd, I'm sure he was way over the limit when driving.
  13. And for those that speak English? Ha ha.
  14. We flew on a Court Line plane once. Either they were turquoise, pink, green or yellow if I remember correctly. The stewardesses were dressed to match.