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  1. Priorities, eh Jill?
  2. ube. When I saw Braunston on your boat it rang a bell. Cousin Julie confirmed that that was where we moored for the night. We walked over a bridge and up a steep path to the town and ate dinner in a pub there. She asked what your name was, all I could tell her was Ube! They will be going through Trent Lock, hopefully, mid to late May.
  3. Thank you Tracey for posting the boat picture. i have copied and sent it to the cousins. Muchgigglin' is completely red if memory serves me correctly. They took us on there for a couple of days, just pootling along at 3mph, it was lovely.
  4. ube, what is the name of your boat so they can look out for yo?.
  5. Ube, their engine is a Russell Newbery DM Diesel - 1939. They ask where you are moored, you never know they might know you!
  6. I do believe it is Alvecote, Warks. Their narrowboat has a distinctive engine noise. Julie (of Tone and Julie, the owners) has just had an article published in the Feb edition of Narrow Boat Magazine.
  7. When you can go out on your boat again, look out for hubby's cousins' boat, Muchgigglin'. Lovely couple, say hello.
  8. Hubby's cousin has a cross between a Springer and a Cocker. It's a Sprocker.
  9. I had ringworm when living next door to a dairy farm. I believe I got it from the cows? Had a complete ring in red on my thigh.
  10. There may be quite a few of us in the 'Wise After The Event Club' !
  11. Pfizer-BioNTech, to give it its full name. The alternative is Moderna. Pfizer, the 2nd shot is given 21 days later, Moderna 28 days later. Both are 95% effective.
  12. We got our jabs last night. What a set-up where we went! The football stadium here in Glendale has 24-hour vaccinations. Hubby finally got an appt on-line for last night, 11.42pm. Mine was for Saturday 10.21pm. But we had heard they sometimes gave the jab to the ride-along too, so thought we'd risk it. I took my appt number along just in case. From electronic signs on the freeway, to the same on the side streets, it is so organised. Once in the parking lot, drive through the zigzagging cones to registration. I told them mine was actually Saturday, she said they might do it anyway, and she also