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  1. Ok Mick, I'm sure it is. Still puzzled by those roofs though. I must have a look next time I'm home. What I do recall is that there was a blackened passenger coach in the sidings on the St Alban's Rd side for years. We always thought it was left over from the crash.
  2. Hi Willow. That's the same report I found some years ago and posted on Stuart Frew's blog.
  3. Right.. excitement coming up!! 1. A fellow member of the pinkfishmedia site ( D.I.Y. Section) has already posted some shrink sleeving to me. @letsavagoo Will wait to see what arrives and whether I need to take up your kind offer. 2. I've just made a three egg and cheddar cheese omellette, using a touch of olive oil and a little butter. It was nice. 3. I've just exchanged heated words with 'Er Indoors'.. It seems that I NEVER wipe work surfaces.. and ALWAYS leave the lights on. Such certainty and statistical conviction is impressive, especially coming from someone who NEVER closes any of the upstairs doors, despite us having open plan stairs with the result that we are very public spiritedly heating the street via open upstairs windows. 4. Despite previous lack of success with them, and their apparent 'dead' look.. my Echinacea seedlings appear to be putting out small new red shoots. 5. I may walk to the shops later... Now reader.. breathe... and have a brief lie down..
  4. Ahh.. you say that.. but .... Willow.. I'm shocked.. . Such cynicism is unbecoming..
  5. Because I've bought fabric wrapped 'antique gold' 'retro flex' and I'm paranoid about the cut ends fraying. It looks old fashioned.. but has plastic colour coded insulation over the cores. Also, since I'm ( in my view) a competent, but unqualified person, I always try to do a very neat job. I've searched the B&Q site endlessly but can't find mention of heat shrink sleeving. I'm going into town shortly so will have another look. In other news..oddly, they do seem to stock round pin plugs.. (though not the sockets) There was a school of thought in hi-fi that they had more contact area than the modern 13A and therefore 'sounded better'.. but I'm not convinced. Also, they lack the plastic bit at the base of L and N pins and I don't know if the round pin sockets have a gate, like the modern 13A, or just make earth contact first. P.S. I've just looked again and B&Q do list stuff that 'looks like' heat shrink and appears if you search under 'heat shrink sleeves', but looking at product info reveals no mention of heat shrink, temps, shrink ratio etc.. and there's even a customer review complaining that the stuff is NOT shinkable. Ok Letsav.. If I come home empty handed today will do. Many thanks.
  6. ??? Wigan North Western, which is about 5 miles from here and on the West Coast main line. But we go to Birmingham New Street and change there for Bristol Temple Meads.
  7. Not really Phil as I only need a few inches and would just be stuck with a nearly full reel. Yep. But they charge about 3 times what it costs on Ebay and again.. I'd be stuck with most of it. Hi Letsav.. I've worked out that I need 12 pieces each about 1/2 inch long, to wrap the ends of three cores once in the lamp, twice in the switch and once in the plug...So, about 6" maximinum in total. Short bits would be fine. Or it might only be two cores (4 pieces) in the switch as its double pole so I assume the live and neutral 'break' but the earth just runs through. Haven't looked inside it to be honest. Each core is approx 2-3 mm diam, so any sleeve up to about 5 mm internal with a 2-1 ratio should do. Colour is irrelevant as none of it will be seen when finished and it won't obscure the colour coding of the cores. Yes, but our local place closed couple of years ago as did Maplin etc. RS want to sell too much
  8. I was told it was Lidl, but it seems very much a lottery as to when they have them.
  9. Since I went to the Bristol Hi Fi Show on Friday.. I've been recovering.. I was already knackered from two very early mornings ( by my standards..). so getting up before 5:00 am for a 06:26 train to Bristol and arriving home after midnight was bound to leave me a bit drained.. I did nothing yesterday and not much more today. Tomorrow I need to seek out some electrical 'shrink sleeving' so I can finish the rewiring of 'Jane', who I've already mentioned. Amazing how hard this stuff is to find.
  10. And yesterday.. at the Bristol Hi Fi show, I was reminiscing about the time I played this tune VERY LOUD at a Hi Fi Show near Chesterfield about 1997. I played it so loud via wardrobe sized Tannoy Corner Horn speakers and massive valve amps.. that the chap in the room next door shut his music off. I apoligised later and we laughed about it yesterday... Worth playing loud though... Bloody Youtube isn't playing tonight... you'll have to click on the link!!
  11. Joe's daughter Sam was a fine singer too. If I have this right, she is his daughter from his marriage to Vicki.. one of the original 'Vernon Girls' from Liverpool, who sadly died of cancer a good while ago. I have her album 'Stop' and also 'April Moon'.. which I think is about her Mum.. but I'd have to check that to be sure... haven't played it for many years. I saw her at the Citadel in St Helens, around the time she had 'Stop' in the charts. She had her brother.. and bassist Herbie Flowers in the band. She seemed to struggle with the idea that St Helens was 'Merseyside', but definitely NOT Liverpool. Good show though... A comment from her Youtube' entry for 'Stop' I think it's easy for us to forget that musicians and 'stars'.. even 'minor stars' have lives.