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  1. I used to have my cornflakes with hot milk when I was at school. I have Shreddies with cold semi skimmed milk but like to let them soften for a few minutes before eating.
  2. So, Zahawi has finally been sacked. Not before time and in my opinion if he's not fit to be a minister, then he's not fit to be an M.P. and should be expelled from Parliament. So,..the seemingly endless catal8gue of corruption, lying, misuse ofbpower etc. continues. Without doubt the most corrupt Govt in my lifetime. They must go.
  3. Today after a small bowl of Shreddies, I did knee exercises. Later, I took the long way round to the shops on foot and was totally 'banjaxed' when I got back.
  4. Firstly Letsav, the gold sale may or may not have been unwise. Expert opinion seems divided, but eitherway it had little to no long term impact. Other than that Labour were doing pretty well until the sort of people who are more closely allied to the Tories, I.E. International speculators etc..., brought about a World Economic Collapse. Brown was praised for his approach to tackling that, but inevitably it cost us dearly and the Tories were able to blame Labour and make people believe it. I'd love to have seen how May, Cameron, Johnson, Truss or Sunak would have tackled it. Recent evidenc
  5. Not quite sure whether there's a hint of irony in there Letsav.. Sadly, it will take a long time to repair the damage the crooks have done to our Public Services, our Infrastructure and our economy. It will be Labour who are landed with this. The only way I can see to sort it out will be the 'de-privatisation' of Social Care/Probation/Education/Rail etc. It will cost a fortune, but will at least lead to the money being spent on service delivery and decent staffing, rather than obscene profits for foreigners.
  6. Please open this link: This links to something called West Country Voices, which in turn quotes the Financial Times, in a report into the ownership of Children's Homes, by foreign owned companies. The Times spells out the obscene profits being made by these companies, and how much they are charging cash strapped local authorities to 'Care for' vulnerable children. (It seems typically £250000 p.a., PER CHILD!!) This is what the the obsession with Privatisation has led to. This is not
  7. Obviously, I can do that too when required..
  8. The catalogue of Tory scandal, corruption, damage and failure continues unabated. Every day, it becomes more apparent just how much these criminals have broken, with their toxic mix of privatisation, chronic underfunding of public services and failed inspection, supervision and management. Only today, as well as the ongoing Zahawi and Sharp issues, we have reports of abuse and neglect in Doncaster children's homes, plus the failure of the probation system which led to the murder of a young female Law Graduate. Both of these result from privatisation. Privately run children's hom
  9. Just been for a swim. Did the walking about in the water first, as advised by physio, then 20 lengths of crawl and a bit of floating about to 'warm down'. Always feel better for it.
  10. Spent the weekend helping youngest daughter to move out of her present rental. My role mostly gloss painting a few window sills and other bits which have sustained minor marking from plant pots etc. Also filling assorted holes in walls caused by Rawlplugs and so on, then patching the paintwork. The place was brand new when she moved in, so anything, even normal wear and tear, shows up. Last I saw the place was looking really good and even though the rental Co., have told her not to worry as they know she's been a good tenant, she expects them to find some excuse to withhold at least part
  11. For Mrs B. I think it was Graham Nash who wrote Our House, but whatever, it was the musical synergy of the three in CSN which brought us that magical music This is an early Demo of Our House by Graham Nash, with Joni Mitchell, when they were together. It's available on the Deja Vu 5Oth Anniversary issue which has the vinyl, plus 4 CDs of alternate versions..out takes etc. I saw Graham Nash a couple of years ago and it's obvious he is still besotted with her. And here the story of the song..,_Stills,_Nash_%26_You
  12. R.I.P. David . As someone on another site said 'He lived the life and hated The Doors." That'll do for me....
  13. Re: exercise. It's nor a new thing for me. I was a regular swimmer, walker and weight trainer for years, but knee problems have messed with that. On top, the cardio lot were advising caution..especially re: swimming. But I've had the all clear for swimming and weights, subject to common sense, decent technique etc. I'm walking better since getting one knee fixed, but the other is getting worse and limits me to about 5000 steps max on a good day. According to one leaflet I've been given 'everybody' should walk 10000 steps per day. Blimey!!
  14. Finally got my car back this evening. New ECU..or so I'm told. It's running very sweetly indeed. So after over a month I'll be able to get about again. Yesterday I did my second set of weights. It's already working. Tomorrow I'll be able to go for a swim.
  15. So glad all is OK. The news reports sounded very scary.