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  1. Ups and downs. Mrs Col's shed of a Punto failed MOT big time and I finally persuaded her she needs something just a tad better. Spotted a tidy Skoda Fabia at a FIAT dealer's I used for years and we got that for her. Meanwhile, I missed the fact that my MOT was running out on't get it in anywhere for a test and ended up asking the FIAT dealership to do it. So.. they failed it on suspension arms.. Corroding evidently.. And yet no mention of this at last MOT 12 months and under 2000 miles ago... Cost? £300 fitted. They are about 60 quid each.
  2. I'd imagine it will be the 'Annual Covid Vaccine', or maybe the 'Bi-Annual Covid Vaccine', until the bug is reduced to similar status to that which Influenza enjoys now.
  3. I'm sure I've recounted on here before.. how we used to be forced into 'Music and Movement' in primary school. In the one I recall.. all of the boys were gardeners with brooms, and all of the girls were Autumn Leaves... in need of a good sweeping up.... Ooo.Err... I found it deeply embarrassing.. and anyway.the girls weren't cooperating with our brooms.... Later, I recall doing the marginally less threatening 'Durham Reel'. About that time we sang 'The Raggle Taggle Gypsies.. Oh' as well. Obviously the basis for my later interest inFolk Music.
  4. The NHS Web Site has been politely telling me to 'Do one..' ...for a week or so until tonight. Our local street Whatsapp Mafia discovered that bookings were open... so I went onto the NHS App. There was nothing on the Mobile App pointing to the Covid Booster.. but a search of the site using 'Covid Booster', took me to a page telling me I could now book. It invited me to select a site. Options included the St Helens RL Ground site where I had my first two jabs, and which was the only site in St Helens for the first jabs... plus a number of other sites. I selected the RL ground, and
  5. I had a slide rule. It didn't make me any better at maths. In the Coal Board labs at Cinderhill, we had one of those big cylindrical 'desk top' ones. I never saw anyone use it. Same difference at the time, as exists now between a tablet and a PC.
  6. After literally minutes of research, I can confirm that 'gas' fridges are technically known as 'Absorption Refrigerators'. The cooling process is purely based on chemistry and oddly, is driven by heat..which is where the gas comes in. They have no moving parts, are less efficient than electric 'compression' refrigerators, but are still used in mobile homes etc.. and in situations where surplus industrial heat can be employed for refrigeration. Below is a link to a simple explanation... so long as you have kept up with your chemistry and thermodynamics...
  7. I worked briefly in a factory in Fletcher Gate Nottm. If I recall correctly, it was called the United Rubber Company. They made surgical stockings with a rubber thread knitted in to give support. I was expected to know how to use the hand operated industrial knitting machines. I mean.. I don't think I'm stupid.. but with no training, I had no chance. I'm not sure who gave up first.... me, or the rather objectionable little man who ran the place. They also had the most Godawful coffee machine in history.
  8. When we moved into this house as a 'new build' in 1976..the kitchen had two gas outlets... one for a cooker and the other for a fridge. Neither of them have ever been used.
  9. Close Kev.. but ITV did not start until 1955. You could often tell if locals had it as there was a different aerial. As kids in the street, we would say 'Have you got 'Commercial'?' We didn't have it early on. There was some sort of converter box, but it never worked with our old 1952 Ferguson 12" telly. We were without TV completely for a couple of years after that died.
  10. So.. instead of us all droning on about how we haven't seen a proper Chimney Sweep, Chestnut Vendor or Hurdy Gurdy Man for ages... I thought it might be interesting to discuss when we FIRST saw things. So.. anything you like that is now 'normal', but had to start sometime.. I'm thinking household appliances, products, services, etc... For starters.. When did you first see Washing Up Liquid? As I recall washing soda was still about when I was a kid. Also, my Mum used to save up all old bits of soap and make it into a sort of jelly, which she used for washing clothes. I first sa
  11. Good on her!! We have a few female Bin Laydees, but I've not seen a driver.. yet..
  12. Kev..I'm not sure what media you watch but BBC News do an update every night in the Six o Clock News. Currently, infections per day are running at about 40000, hospitalisations at about 7000 and deaths at about 150 per day. 50000 people per year are still dying. It is not over.
  13. I know you like to wind us up, but really? Apart from denying all of the facts, can you also confirm that every one of those clowns in that crowd was free of Covid and not infecting everyone else? -New cases today, highest for months at about 40000..and that's just the reported ones. -Deaths running at around 150 per day and rising. That is around 1000 per week, or 50000+ per year, which is about 5 times more than a 'bad' Flu year. -Most deaths are unvaccinated people, but not all. -The vaccines are not perfect, but they massively reduce the cha
  14. As for Southwell..last time I was there would be at least 60 years ago.