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  1. Loppy. what would happen if you wore it back to front.. as is often the fashion with 'Da Yoof'? TBH, I regard the typical baseball cap as possibly the most useless garment ever devised. -It doesn't protect the back of the head or neck from Sun. -It is rarely waterproof. -It has almost zero insulating qualities -It doesn't cover the ears... or even most of the head. In short, it is a sun visor attached to a skullcap. Almost totally useless. Now this.. is a hat!!
  2. Enjoying owt on the box lately ?

    Great stuff. Just been thinking.. It could be funny to see some of those old Steve Reeves films too. 'Hercules Unchained' is the one which sticks in my mind, but there were others. I recall seeing some hogwash about Atlantis, where thy were making sort of solar powered death rays a couple of thousand years ago... They could be a handy source of clean energy nowadays...
  3. Thanks Margie. Yes. I have a few hats but I lost my favourite one. One of those 'Thinsulate' things. I don't much like woolly hats. They make my head itch. I have plenty of scarves. Went out to the shops yesterday evening jand wore a hat, plus a scarf around my head and cotton wool in my ear. Seems to have preventing things getting any worse.
  4. Enjoying owt on the box lately ?

    Indeed Kev. I've still got 'What a Crazy World' which presumably is the one with Joe Brown in it. I think I have seen that one but many years ago. One I'm looking out for it 'It's Trad Dad! , which was one of those 'Old people trying to ban pop music' films. Hilarious.. The Sci Fi stuff can be pretty cool too. Last week I skipped through 'Earth Versus the Flying Saucers' and 'The Strange World of Planet X'. I've got 'Forbidden Planet' in my stash but seen that loads of times and it's a division or two up from the B movie stuff. Another classic I'm looking for is 'This Island Earth'... It's a long time since I saw an 'Interocetor'... I'm also looking for a few of those old Japanese made Earth v Godzilla/The Space Aliens type films that always featured close up shots of the insides of Transistor Radios, doubling up as 'futuristic' Space Ports etc. The overdubbing into American English was pretty special too.. For the sake of a Nottingham connection .. I used to see lots of those films at the Mechanics Cinema which as I recall was somewhere opposite the old Vic station. Can't properly recall now, though I do recall an adjacent Mechanics building which was exported to the US and rebuilt as a Hunting Lodge. Col
  5. Repeat performance of the above today. I was out for an hour yesterday on the bus into 'Sent 'Ellins'. Wasn't even that cold. But this morning I woke up feeling a bit groggy and by the time I was downstairs I was convinced I was going down with flu. No classic cold symptoms, just felt rotten. Then it dawned. Left ear again... Only thing to be done is to keep warm, put some ear drops in and take it easy. It's really annoying, but it could be worse.
  6. Enjoying owt on the box lately ?

    Been watching the latest Spiral, though not seen the first few series. A bit under the weather today so I dug into my little recorded 'stash' of films and thought I'd have a look at 'Live It Up'.. one of those cheap tacky pop films from the early 1960s. Many of these are so bad they are good and this was a corker!! The best musical piece in it by a country mile was Aussie Patsy Ann Noble singing and dancing rather well to 'Accidents Can Happen'. ( I've posted it before in the music thread..) All a bit 'twee' though. It, and the rest of the music featured was already 3-5 years out of date when the film was released in 1964. Tacky ballads and poor relations of The Shadows doing inconsequential guitar tunes. Also, Kenny Ball doing his usual 'over syncopated' facsimile of jazz. There was a mention of the Beatles but nothing even approaching the 'Beat' or 'Merseybeat' stuff which was taking the World by storm in 1964. Even more amazing for me, in a typical "Why Don't We Do The Show Right Here?" type plot.. was that the lead was a young David Hemmings on guitar, with Heinz Burt on lead vocal, some other bloke on bass and a very young looking 'Stephen Marriot' on drums. This must have been little more than a year before 'Stevie' Marriot and the rest of the Small Faces took the UK charts by storm with a slew of cracking tunes. Also featured as Hemmings' 'Love interest'.. was the late Jennifer Moss, who also played 'Lizzie Hewitt' in 'Corrie'. Funny old world. Col
  7. Things you don't see anymore

    I was just watching the excellent 'A House Through Time' programme on BBC2. If you haven't watched it you should. Fascinating on so many levels and might adjust a few people's preconceptions about Liverpool. However.. what I'm posting about is horses. Tonight's program focused on the rapid decline in horse drawn transport around 1900. How many of us recall horse drawn transport in our lifetime's? My wife's grandfather was a 'Carter' in Liverpool around 1900. Almost lost a leg when the horse slipped on icy cobbles and the wheel ran back over him. Never worked again. For me, in Nottm, first off, I think I've mentioned Gervaise Goddard from Southglade Farm, who used a pony and trap to take his milk to the railway daily. Old Mr Sanderson.. who had a horse drawn 'veg cart'. I think he had a yard of some sort down Park Lane. Must have been late 1950s/early 60s at latest. Maybe Ben recalls. A couple of old 'rag and bone' men still using horses.. late 50s. And of course the 'Shippo's' Dray Horses. Col
  8. Midland station

    Speaking of announcers.. There used to be one at Midland who sounded like he ought to be refereeing a wrestling match or summat. "Aaa Nottinghammmmmmmmm a Midlaaaand....... aa Staaaaaatttionnnnnnnn aaa.." Used to make me chuckle anyrowdup...
  9. I was playng that Chuck Wood song long before it was called 'Northern'. A great song. i was talking to Paul.. (Benjamin) about this the other morning. We both get very wistful when we visit old haunts.. because they aren't the same. We were happy there and they are now lost... Today I re-visited my small collection of Beth Neilsen-Chapman CDs and this song sort of sums it up... Beth also wrote this beautiful song as ( I believe) a tribute to her late husband. The imagery is quite stunning, and the chorus is writing worthy of Shakespeare, telling us how we arrogantly 'own' the world for our short span........... 'We hold it all for a little while..' We hold it all for a little while, don't we... Kiss the dice, taste the rain Like little knives upon our tongue We can do no wrong when the lights come on And the music plays And we take the stage like we own the place As if time were cheap and the night forever young ... Wow.. Col
  10. Rail travel card

    I like trains and I have plenty of time. As it happens, today I have booked from Wigan to Nottingham for a family meeting/lunch in a couple of weeks time. Return, price £20. Journey times maybe 30-40 minutes longer than in the car. ( And that's assuming no hold ups on the M6.. a big assumption these days.) And.. about half the cost of the petrol for a car trip.... And.... I can have a couple of pints with my meal... Win win...
  11. Rail travel card

    I have a Senior Railcard which I've only used twice this year, but it's already paid for itself. Well worth having. If I recall it costs about £30. You can save that on one journey. Only yesterday I booked a return trip to Bristol for the Bristol Sound and Vision Show. I saved a third of the already quite low fare of £60 I got via 'Split' So it's cost me £40. Well worth looking at split ticketing. My journey to Bristol from Wigan will always involve a change at Birmingham, so we can ignore that. With split ticketng, I have a single ticket to Birmingham. Then a single from Brmingham to Cheltenham. Next, a return from Cheltenham to Bristol ( I stay on the same train..) Then use the other half of the return from Bristol to Cheltenham and stay on the train using a single Cheltenham to Birmingham. Change at Birmingham and a single to Stafford. Change at Stafford and a single to Wigan. Only about 10 minutes lost during changes. You can't beat it! Col
  12. The Future Could Be Bleak.

    Difficult to disagree with the general thrust of this thread, but I for one think that we have much more pressing issues in the short term. They are largely a result of the same ''unholy' alliance between international finance/banks/corporations and the state, but will have more immediate and damaging effects if not stopped. Just for one example it is obvious that any future transatlantic trade deal after Brexit is bound to include ways for American corporations to raid our healthcare system and 'strip mine' it for every last cent. Oops. Almost politics. I'll say no more. Col
  13. How's your day?

    As I understand it Mike, they don't start serving booze until 9:00 am, which is still a bit early for me... My mate Picko is usually in there before 9:00 with his gang. They call it their 'coffee club'. They have a coffee and a natter and then leave when the beer starts flowing at 9:00.