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  1. Interesting history to Embassy Records..all detailed here: They were in my view the worst kind of cover version. Although they used professional artists etc.. they usually didn't achieve the 'sound' that made the song a hit in the first place. Oddly, they have become quite collectable. Whilst it was very common..or almost obligatory for British artists to cover American hits for example, they usually put a different slant on things.. ( Consider Cilla Black v Dionnne Warwick on 'Anyone Who Had a Heart'. or Herman's Herm
  2. Mary, I find a well used stick can alter the way people treat you... You just need to learn how to fake a pained expression as you totter bravely around the shop. But seriously.. I normally only take a stick out for a substantial walk. I was doing that long before I had knee problems. A stick has many uses when you are out and about, from poking about, pushing brambles out of the way, steadying yourself on steep muddy paths etc. Here's a tip. When the pandemic first started, I was bleaching/disinfecting all shopping, my car, my cash card and the wallet I keep it in. When the
  3. Saturday.. yesterday from here... was very rainy.. but that's hardly unusual. It brightened up a bit late afternoon so I tried a walk. I'm trying to walk as naturally as possible and not use my stick.. but I'm very unsteady. Anyway... got home safe after a short walk.. but completely knackered. The weather and the bird song were more like early April than mid May.
  4. Stick with it....
  5. I think I have a different view to many, on what constitutes a holiday. At its most basic, I would not be seen dead fighting for a parking spec in Blackpool or anywhere else on a Bank Holiday. I leave that to others and try to enjoy the relative peace in my garden. I like the weather and the sea in the Med and similar places.. but I can't be doing with crowded beaches.. people who are rat arsed 24/7 for a fortnight.. and especially people who are legless before they board the plane out and spend the duration of the flight being anti social. I'm basically just an old m
  6. It's far from simple.. All of the scientists are saying that any relaxation of restrictions must be assessed over a period of about 5 weeks, to allow for any rise in infections and consequent effects to be fully understood... before moving on ( or not) to any further relaxation. As Stav points out.. the younger bits of society are basically forced into close contact via school, college etc.. and of course the irresistable force of adolescence.. And yet those are the very groups which are as yet the least vaccinated. As far as I can see there is no plan yet to roll out mass v
  7. Anyroadup... There wasn't a lot of music to 'grab' me in the late 70s/ early 80s.. but this cool chick was.. and remains.. a class act.
  8. Me neither.. you could have at least posted the proper version...
  9. How do you spot a Conspiracy Theory or Fake News at present? Much of it is down to intuition, experience etc. It would be a start if ordinary people could gain the capacity to see through the tripe screamed out on the front pages of the DM, Express etc.. We might then move on to getting them to spot the obvious lunacy of most Conspiracy Theories..or even spotting the much more subtle ways in which the BBC fails to hold Govt. to account. Education ( of the proper sort) is the key.. But ..if the Internat became totally controlled by 'Dark Forces' it's not too much of a stretch to
  10. As I understand it, the major difference between an autogyro and a helicopter is that an Autogyro cannot hover. Its main rotor is not powered and only rotates as a result of forward motion caused by the propellor. It follows that since the lift is generated by the rotor, there can be no lift without forward motion.. hence no hovering. I once watched a fascinating programme about..I think.. the chap responsible for modern revivals of autogyro technology, including the James Bond machine used in 'You Only Live Twice'. Ken Wallis? Eitherway.. whoever it was explained that there are some o
  11. I'm sure that is true. But the bottom line for me is that the control of information has a far longer history than just the Internet. Since time immemorial, those in positions of power, or those attempting to gain such positions.. have used information, misinformation, carefully managed interpretations of religious tracts, suppression of new ideas, etc.. etc.. to maintain their ascendancy. The best that we can hope for is that people learn to think for themselves and to question everything.
  12. What is your point? This thread is over 3 years old and I've just posted in it..again..
  13. I still don't get the objection. There is no need for anyone to 'wade' through anything. I've just explained why.