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  1. Same here. Sometimes, working on the car was a rewarding learning experience.. or just a plain 'victory'... if you sorted something a garage would charge you a week's wages to do. Other times it was a chore and a frustration.. such as coming home after a day's work with a broken exhaust... knowing you couldn't afford to get it fixed until whenever... but still needing the car.. At that poont.. baked bean tins, bits of wire etc.. were wrestled with under the car in the dark.. the rain
  2. How very dare you? Thing is you are sort of right. I'm not wealthy and numerous factors led to me not ending up with a big stash of cash. So.. if I want to spend £800+ (with trade in) on a cartridge.. (not just a needle) worthy of the rest of my poncy hi fi system.. I have to save it elsewhere. The other point is of course that my elderly car is working perfectly and every day it continues to do so is another day I'm not shelling out for a new one... so my savings increase. There is a very good chance that my car will outlive me.. and it is also becoming increasingly collect
  3. It's a 'thing' with all sorts of kit these days. a few years ago I bought a Panasonic Lumix TZ200 camera. The 'get you started' guide that came with it runs to about 20 pages. The online manual is a PDF of over 200 pages. Despite havng a reasonable working knowledge of the basics of photography.. I despair of ever understanding the menu structure of the camera..
  4. Blimey... I'm surrounded by geriatrics....
  5. Yep.. mine had 30k miles on it when I bought it from my brother in 2012. He'd had it from new .. regularly serviced and with more oil changes than recommended. I've taken it to 72000 in the last 8 years. New calipers all around as they were getting a bit sticky. It's a known issue with the Honda but can affect any car. Apart from an exhaust and the usual 'consumables' that's it. The Civic isn't over equipped with gadgets, but does have cruise control, air-con, remote/heated mirrors etc... and a rather good stereo. Also, with the 2.0L iVTEC motor giving an 'adequate' 160 bhp.. it i
  6. It's a great song David. I have it on the 'Mystery Girl' album.. (vinyl.. obviously..) but haven't heard the version with the RPO. Can't listen at present, but I will later.
  7. Here's the pic I failed to post properly above. My 'banger'....
  8. I've owned numerous new cars. They aren't that special and lose you a fortune. Also there's a big difference between a 'bangers or 'jalopy.. and a collectable classic.
  9. I must have driven through Bakewell hundreds of times, as it is on the 'cross country' route from here to Nottm. My car knows the way. But, I think I've only ever wandered around the town once.. way back about 60+ years ago when I was in the Wolf Cubs. The only other time I stopped was when my car died and I left it at the petrol station just beyond the roundabout on the left, as you head back towards Matlock etc. Next day a friend drove me down there and we towed it back. I later fitted a new engine.. as you do. While in Bakewell we had a decent lunch in the Manners Hotel.
  10. A number of RCs at HP were excused assembly. I never understood that. I was already sceptical about religion full stop, so I found it hard to see how one lot of avowed Christians, would not want to play with the other lot.
  11. Kind of missing the point Mary. I don't want a new car. My Honda only has 72000 miles on it after 17 years and in all probability has another 70000 in it. At my present mileage, I will be ready for scrapping before my car is... There's very little wrong with it and it has cost me around £500 in spares/repairs in 9 years. I paid £4k for it. So.. it has cost me well under £5000 to buy and run for 9 years.. (excluding insurance, road tax etc..) and has never let me down. A quick look at leasing has a similar current Honda costing around £300 per month, plus an upfront payment of
  12. That's where we differ Jim. I have an adequate supply of bottled beer and always keep a few cooling in the fridge. But, I do not drink alcohol in the heat of the day. Even one small beer will have me quickly dozing off..which is never a good plan when pottering in le jardin, or lounging in ray catching attire...
  13. I leave the flies out Nonna.. I also have a deeply held religious objection to paying good money out for alcoholic liquor and then burning off the alcohol.... @philmayfield Sambuca is usually around 36-40% alcohol by volume and therefore in the same league as most spirits when it comes to its power to inebriate. My present supply is Sambuca Luxardo, rated at 38%. And I use a measure...
  14. I haven't commented on my day for a while. I've been trying to tidy up my 17 year old Civic. It's now had a good wash and wax, the wheels done with 'Wonder Wheels' (unpleasant stuff but it works) , a replacement for the broken bonnet release catch and other bits. I'm currently in the process of purchasing new number plates. Both are still legal.. but getting scruffy. I'm going to replace them with what was originally fitted...plates with the blue panel on the left side containing the EU symbol and 'GB'. Original..and in line with my anti Brexit sentiments. This will still be leg
  15. Earth Angel was issued in the UK, on the London label, with the triangular centre and the Gold print..which I have never seen. I can't find out how many copies were produced.. but it is one of the rarest UK singles in existence..especially in anything approaching mint condition. See this auction in 2009 which raised £1800. It was copied by Canadian white group the Crew-Cuts, who also did a version of another early classic. 'Sh-Boom'.. by The Chords.