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  1. Not really clear yet here but it may be that Merseyside is tier 2 now. Makes no difference to me. I volunteered for Tier 4 last Feb and I'm staying in it till I get the jab.
  2. If you've based that on the link I provided. . .then you have misread it. Re: Flu. Completely different species of virus and completely different approach to vaccines
  3. Hi Loppy.. Glad it's going well. I too have cataracts diagnosed.. but nowhere near needing ops yet. ( Or so they tell me..) Stay well and stay safe.
  4. From:
  5. Interesting read for anyone who can manage more than two lines of text.
  6. My day.. (yesterday) was good. I don't have any cats for a start. .. Long walk.. including my first ascent of 'Shaley Brow' for many many years. It's the only vehicular road which can lay claim to being a way up Billinge Hill. It's maybe 30-40 seconds in a car... It's more like 30-40 minutes on foot. Very steep and no pavements. It was dark as I was ascending, so the added issue of trying to avoid being mown down by a motor vehicle. Still.. I made it, then splodged and squidged my way through deep mud to the top of Billinge Hill and then back down to home via a more usual route. As I descended the 'tip road'.. (once a track, but upgraded to take traffic when the quarry on the hill was filled in with waste) I spotted two ghostly disembodied lights ahead of me. As I got closer I made out the silhouettes of two young ladies dressed in black.. heading up the hill towards me. Each was accompanied by a blue, or red light... floating in he air around them.. Were these Witches? Err.. No.. Each young lady was accompanied by a black dog, wearing a red, or blue light up collar...
  7. Generally speaking, British Steam Locomotives were far more attractive than those from other countries because their designers did not clutter their lines with external pipes/devices/bits and pieces. The German Loco above may well have been highly efficient.. but it was a visual mess. British designers managed to produce locomotives which were mostly both efficient, AND attractive.
  8. Further to my post 'upthread'. News on vaccines gets better by the day. It is looking like the most vulnerable and maybe some 'front line' NHS staff will gets 'first dibs'.. which is how it should be, and maybe get the 'jab' before Christmas. Difficult to predict beyond that, because in my opinion the present Govt could be presented with an open goal.. twice regulation width.. and still miss.... But hopefully, the need to farm the Vaccine Distribution out to somebody who just happens to be closely related to a Tory Donor, won't slow things down too much. Meanwhile.. I'm prepared to wait, and to continue with all the precautions I've taken since last Feb. With luck, we'll all still be here chatting tripe in a few months, but looking at a much more promising future. Stay safe Folks.. and don't kill 'yer Granny for the sake of a shared Turkey Dinner!! What kind of weirdo likes Turkey anyway?
  9. Carni.. I was thinking about you and Chris while I was jet washing the back patio today... I'm sure that means you are both getting better. Love from Col and family.
  10. Here's a video wot my brother found on You Tube. It covers Great Central form London Marylebone to Nottm Victoria and beyond.... up to Hucknall, Annesley etc. Most of the local excitement comes in the last 3rd of the film. Shots of Boowul Common are especially nostalgic to me. Can even see the 'old' 'new' Golden Ball pub. I saw it built during my early adolescence.. I replaced the old, old Golden Ball in Boowul Town Centre. All gone.
  11. Thinking of you both Carni. I'm sure you'll feel better soon. X
  12. Another 'Heads Up'. No Room At The Inn is on again at 18:00 today on Talking Pics.
  13. As per usual, I won't be relying upon the Govt. or 'social pressure' to tell me what to do for Christmas. The following facts remain facts (unless you are some sort of weirdo Covid Denier) 1. The Virus is still out there. 2. It is still highly contagious. 3. Few..if any.. have any immunity. 4. It affects the elderly and those with 'co-morbidities' in a disproportionate fashion. It follows. in my World. that Christmas does not negate the risk. I cannot express how much I miss seeing and hugging my Grandkids. I also miss seeing my daughters. One of them in particular needs a hug right now. But. One hug now could potentially be the last. I don't like those odds. I will not mix with my own kids and Grandkids over Christmas. We have all remained safe for 9 months by seeing lock downs etc.. as a protection.. not a burden. We will have to restrict our Christmas meetings to virtual ones via WhatsApp etc. Realistically, this is simply the difference between staying apart, and spending a few hours together. I'm sure we can all cope. We are in daily contact as it is.. Until a vaccine provides individual protection..and also begins to limit the spread of Covid.. I'll stick to these principles. Look up 'Deferred Gratification'. It's a worthwhile principle.