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  1. Favourite tipple? How long have you got?
  2. Booked my booster but it clashed with next meetup. Re- booked for last Weds but when I got there they had Booked people and Drop ins in the same queue which annoyed me. Wasn't feeling great anyway so cried off and have now re-booked for a different centre next Thurs. It's where I had my 4th jab early in the year, which I had to ask for since nobody invited me despite me being firmly in the 'underlying conditions' cohort. Flu jab is also booked.
  3. I've no idea whether I'm fully affected by 'SAD' in the medical sense, or whether I've just developed an increasing dislike of the short dark days. Eitherway, I spend as much time as possible in the sun from spring to autumn and then take Vit D supplements from Oct to March, as well as having a sunbed treat maybe once a week. I think I read somewhere that the rays from Sunbeds don't stimulate Vit D production, but whatever.... they cheer me up.
  4. Yes I did Mrs B! It cheers me up, especially if the weather is rotten, as it was today, or if the winter darkness is getting to me.
  5. Good day today. For the first time since the op, I set out without even one crutch. Drove to a few different shops for assorted bits, then had a few minutes in the tanning parlour and finally a very relaxing swim. Only me and one other bloke in the pool.. I can feel an early night coming on though...
  6. After a lifetime as an avid reader, I only seem to be able to dip into books now. It's not so bad because much of what I read is reference stuff. For novels I now use Audible and get them read to me.
  7. I'd like to add my best wishes to Rob for a speedy recovery. My friend had his prostate treated with chemo and took a while to regain bladder control but he's OK now. For what it's worth the anaesthetist who looked after me while I was having my knee op was excellent. He was very reassuring as he did the spinal block, and gave me a running commentary as he gave me a mix of drugs to sedate me. He kept me pretty much asleep throughout, without resorting to full anaesthesia. He had to keep me in a sort of twilight state while making sure my dodgy ticker kept beating . I
  8. Actually watched all of the funeral on BBC. Impressive choreography etc..and learned a bit about St George's Chapel, which is certainly a very fine building. I haven't set foot in Windsor since I was temporarily transferred from the Wheatsheaf in Virginia Water, to some pub in Windsor during the disposal of the late Duke of Windsor. Anyway, it was tolerable viewing for a lazy day, but as ever the BBC has now, under the guise of BBC News, already started the not very edited highlights. Do they ever give up? I'm off out for a slightly longer short walk than yesterday.
  9. As for the thread title, the short answer is 'not much'.... The longer answer... I've written to BAFTA. I have insisted that they create a few Special Awards in relation to the BBC coverage of the demise of HRH Elizabeth II. 1. Special Award for the Longest Collective AdLib in Broadcasting History. 2. Special Award for Making Every Programme About The Queen and Cancelling Those That Aren't. 3. Special Award for Repeating the Bleeding Obvious Ad Nauseam. 4. Special Award for Hiding Any News NOT About the Queen, in Ten Second Undeclared
  10. Evening all! First off, sorry I missed Loppy's news. Hope your recovery is continuing Loppy. Peveril Peril. You too. . Your positive attitude is an inspiration. As for me, part of the reason I've not been on much lately is because my new knee joint really doesn't like the PC chair and typing on my phone is a PITA. Knee is mostly much stronger and I can push upstairs with it now, but plagued by a clicking tendon on outside which gets sore if I do too much. Also struggling to keep the swelling down. That said, I've already had an initial 'pre-op' for the second kn
  11. DJ360

    The Queen

    Hi Ben. That may be the same event I recall. We all gathered just over the rail crossing at the end of Southglade, so directly opposite the old NCV garage..We stood for ages and barely had time to wave as somebody whizzed past. Could've been the Queen ...
  12. DJ360

    The Queen

    As I understand from the commentary, the service was meant to be open to anyone. There were only a select few invited guests. The rest of the congregation simply turned up and queued in the hope of admission. I don't think there was much advance notice. So, people who heard about it will have turned up in whatever they were wearing, to have a chance of getting in. I dare say there will have been a mix. Some genuinely wanting to pay their respects, some just wanting to be able to say they were there and some hoping to get 'on the telly'.
  13. DJ360

    The Queen

    It's a fair point, but in my defence I was simply responding to an earlier post.
  14. DJ360

    The Queen

    I'm more inclined to feel the hand of the current Govt...via its embedded Tory sympathising majority within the Beeb.
  15. DJ360

    The Queen

    I agree that it is just too much. I recognise the huge significance of the passing of the Queen and would have no problem with the endless repetition of a few themes on one channel each of BBC and ITV. But, to have BBC 1&2 both carrying exactly the same programming, consisting of endless repetition of stuff, and the other BBC channels 'suspended', smacks of compulsory mourning and makes the BBC in particular look increasingly like a 'state' broadcaster, controlling the 'message', rather than a supposedly 'independent' broadcaster. I've long complained that the BBC is too fon