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  1. Are you taller now? I note you specialise in generalisations. Personally, I no longer have faith in cynicism. We men of principle need to stay true...
  2. Just to say I know nothing whatsoever about football, even in Bobber's Mill.. though my Grandfather and great Grandfather occupied the Railway House at Bobber's Mill Crossing for years around the time you are researching. Welcome to the madhouse and good luck with your research!
  3. As you all know.. I've never been one for complaining but..... As soon as I got out of bed this morning I was barely able to walk. Something causing pain in my left leg. No idea what, or whether I've injured it, but I don't recall doing so. Wondered about more serious stuff for a bit but it is only painful when I stand or walk so, probs just a sprain or summat. Whatever, I still had to go out and cover my Runner Beans with fleece for the third time as the wind increases. Rained on and off all day. Managed a bit more decorating until a migraine set in. I tend to just get the 'aura', a slight headache and a washed out feeling so nothing like as bad as many folk. Still.. enough for me to call it a day. See how tomorrow goes.
  4. A further 137 deaths reported today. It seems that getting below 100 daily deaths is not easy. We've been around the 100 mark for weeks. That's about 36000 per year.
  5. Just spotted this. I looked online for compost and was horrified by the prices. I've since had supplieds delivered from a local Garden Centre which is now open anyway.
  6. I long admired and appreciated Martin's 'model' for his Weatherspoon's pubs. Somewhere to meet for a reasonably priced drink, without deafening music or other distractions. Martin's political views and allegiances are well known to those interested. I don't share them but he's entitled to them. And I did not mention them here. That was not my point. I will withdraw the accusation that he is a moron. However. I still believe that for him or anyone in his position of influence to claim that Coronavirus 'does not spread in pubs' when this shows more concern for his profits than for public safety.. is a moronic act. I dont think I need to explore his attitude to his employees any further.
  7. I'll go into a pub eventually.. but it won't be a 'Wethies'. I'm not giving any of my cash to Tim Martin whose treatment of his staff and attitude to CV have been appalling throughout. The man is a moron.
  8. David, your ability to 'Come Up With The Goods'.. is always impressive and much welcomed.
  9. Wouldn't want to encourage 'Chucking Up' BK. Mrs Col finally ordered a Shark 'Powered Lift Away' summat or other. Same as both daughters have. Out of stock everywhere except on Shark's own site for a few quid more.. but we were happy to order. It gets very good write ups everywhere. Delivery today ..1st July.. This means I can carry on with decorating............. whoopee.... P.S. I finally decided to run the old Vax to its end. I took the thing outside, removed the dust can and motor filter then switched on.. It sounded horrible and both sparks and flames appeared. Eventually, it stopped without actually bursting into flames..but I was puzzled how it took so long to die.. or blow a fuse... It didn't trip the house electrics.
  10. Can only report our own findings. A Dyson DC-04 purchased years ago. The on/off switch failed in weeks though it was replaced f.o.c. The whole machine was heavy and cumbersome, and Mrs Col also complained about the amount of heat it threw out, which to me is a sign of inefficiency. The 'pull out' extension was also poorly designed in that it was easy to split the hose against the sharp edge of the tube. We avoided that but a neighbour went through new hoses like smarties. Over time the whole 'cyclone' assembly slowly clogged up with solidified dust and needed stripping right down, washing out, drying etc. But most tellingly.. bits literally started breaking. Assorted clips, removable covers etc. just fell to bits. The Vax we are about to replace has been great value for money. Good suction, very light weight etc. Filters are not great though and relacements.... when I could find them.. seem to have clogged much quicker than the originals. I think that the Vax machines need to be treated very much as disposable. If you get more than 2 years out of them , treat it as a bonus. I'm sure we've had at least 6 years out of ours so no complaints. The G-Tech machines look good but I've heard (unconfirmed) reports that build quality isn't good. I think, as Nonna points out above... a lot depends on your circumstances. Some people have uncluttered open plan rooms which can be whizzed through easily, even more so if you have solid flooring as opposed to carpets. Sadly, that's not us. I have a constant battle to try to keep floors free from piles of records and books etc. I'd like more reecord storage but Mrs Col has it al full of books. Mrs Col likes clutter.. or at least doesn't seem to notice it. I hate it but have to live with it because all of our cupboards etc., are rammed full with stuff which will most likely never get used, but I'm not allowed to 'skip' it.
  11. Thanks for recommendations folks. I'd go cordless if it was my choice but Mrs Col is adamant she wants a corded machine.
  12. Sounds like grounds for a complaint Ben.
  13. In contrast to the real issues confronting Ben and others on here, I do feel a bit wary of moaning. Still here goes... Apart from some very warm and dry weather early in Spring, and last week's 'Two Hot Days and a Thunderstorm', the weather here on the west facing slopes of the Billinge Massif, seems to have settled into a pattern of wind, wind and more wind..since at least Christmas. Regardless of what the BBC online forecast says, it was windy yesterday and windier today. Several times I've had to cover my Runner Beans with fleece to prevent the wind from causing the leaves to spin like propellors until they break off. My experiement with a new location for them has not been a success. I've just spent an hour adding additional staking and support to assorted border perennials. I've also had to stake all of my Sunflowers, which were deliberately left unstaked on the advice of Monty Don..'in order to develop strong stems'... That worked... On the upside. The weather has forced me inside and compelled me to start the redecorating for which I purchased all supplies needed way back in March. I've replastered the corner where the internal soil pipe was removed and am about to start washing down the walls. They were only just decorated when I decided to have the horrible ceiling artex plastered over... The walls only need a quick wash down, but the ceiling and corner are raw plaster and will need thin coats to get started. To add to the fun, after I'd finished rubbing down a layer of 'Easi-Fill' yesterday, I reached for the trusty Vax Mach Air which has been a cheap but effective vacuum for some years now. On switch on.. it made a very sick growling noise. A quick recce showed that the motor housing was lit up like Blackpool illuminations with spectacuar sparks, and a very strong smell of burning. My guess is something along the lines of a brush assembly falling apart. I think it will most likely self imolate if 'fired up' (pun intended) again.. So.. Time for a new machine. I'm well past the days of nursing poorly appliances to save a few quid. General advice seems to be that cordless machines don't really have the power or run time. Many people recommend the Shark range, especially the 'lift away' types. But any recommendations (barring Dyson) would be considered.
  14. Sorry to say it but this knocked the UK version by the Rockin' Berries into a Cocked Hat....