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  1. Interesting.... I use Virgin Wines and have had very little delay.. even at the height of the first lockdown. Not tried Laithwaites. Also had some decent wine and nice Italian Deli stuff from Fattoria La Vialla:
  2. You need to bite the bullet and go downmarket... Tesco are pretty reliable here...
  3. Which model is it Loppy? I had a very cheap unbranded tablet which worked well enough until Mrs Col trod on it. So, I bought a Samsung Tab A. I think it was £200 and it does all I need. I mostly use it to control music replay and streaming from my Innuos streamer. So, I can sit in my armchair and access my whole collection of CDs and those LPs I've 'digitised'. I could (but don't) just listen via the Samsung's built in speakers. But mostly I use it to 'pull' music back from the Innuos to nice headphones, or to 'push' music through my hi-fi. But, the Samsung also works well online, or
  4. I use Amazon a lot. Only one item..some Carrot Seeds from what turned out to be a Chinese scammer, never arrived. Couple of quid. Everything else..CDs, Books, Booze, assorted spare parts etc..etc.. has always arrived, and pretty much on time. I can't say the same for the Post Office. One day I found a card through my door claiming 'unable to deliver'. I immediately called the local Depot and said that there had been four people up and about in the house since 07:00 and no reason other than impatience, not to deliver. Lady I spoke to told me the chap responsible was just walking
  5. Tom Waits. Little known in many quarters, but a true genius of an observer and commentator.. Dark humour at its best.
  6. I think the 'jangly' guitar is down to a certain Rickenbacker guitar model. The Byrds used a few different but related models I think.
  7. Not an appealing prospect from where I sit Margie. I really hope it helps you.
  8. Lizzie, I too hope all is well. Do you not have access to test results online? All of my routine bloods etc.. get put up on my personal record via 'Patient Access'. I can see the individual components of the blood tests and the comments of whichever Doc has reviewed them. They usually reduce it to 'Satisfactory Result', or 'Abnormal.. Action Required'..which I think has only happened to me once..when I was having all those presumed allergy issues a couple of years back. Also some, but not all hospital tests, such as abdominal MRI, appear there. At the moment I'm checkin
  9. There seems to be a massive rise in dog theft everywhere. It is no doubt the criminal's response to the huge increase in walking as a pastime, along with the fact that some people seem to think that dragging a dog around with them is a necessary part of walking, so that demand for dogs is very high. Add in the fact that people being at home is drastically reducing opportunities for burglary, so the crooks are looking elsewhere.
  10. I'm on Facebook. As with any other online medium.. it is what you make it. I use it for accessing a few local community blogs etc, and for keeping in touch with a few people, including those on the Nottstalgia Facebook page. Is the question mark at the end intended to convey an Aussie style raised inflection or 'uptalk'? Or did you just mean to use an exclamation mark?
  11. Hi BK, When were you there? I only ever went inside the place once. An uncle of mine was a sort of 'live in' caretaker there at one point. I think it would be early 60s at the latest. We had a family Christmas or New Year party there where we sat down for a meal in a big room. I recall it was freezing in there. At one point we kids all wandered into a room where there was an x ray machine, and on a sort of side table there were several huge square shaped magnifying glasses. They were no doubt used for looking closely at x-ray images. There were several different sizes, bu
  12. Swings and Roundabouts I think. Most jobs up to late 60s/ early 70s were a minimum of 40 hours p.w. Saturday morning was a common requirement, and of course Saturday working went with the territory in retail/hairdressing etc. New year's day wasn't a holiday until sometime in the 70's. I worked with a Scottish bloke who flatly refused to work New Year's Day. They didn't sack him. Then again. 'time and a half' was common recompense for working overtime above basic contracted hours. Also 'Double Time' for Sundays and 'Treble Time' for working Bank Holidays. He
  13. I said earlier that Joe Meek had produced the Chris Barber version of Bechet's 'Petite Fleur'. I was mistaken. Joe Meek produced Humphrey Lyttleton's 'Bad Penny Blues'. And Mc Cartney 'borrowed' from the piano riff for Lady Madonna' And here is Sidney Bechet's classic 'Petite Fleur'. Played ..not on clarinet as many think, but on Soprano Saxophone. His power and sense of melody were phenomenal. Peerless.
  14. I think this was Hot Chocolate's third chart single, but it was the first one which registered with me, and it is still my favourite of all their songs.