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  1. Meanwhile.. I'll just leave this here for anyone who is interested... › politics › 2022 › aug › 01 › righter-than-right-tory-conservative-hardline-drift-public-opinion Righter than right: Tories' hardline drift may lose the public 1 Aug 2022"The centre of gravity in the Tory party has shifted to the right quite considerably," he said. "It's no surprise that whether candidates privately supp
  2. I'm behind my veggie schedule this year. Firstly, I wanted to get my patio completed before my next knee op, but also the weather here has been cool, despite the strong sunshine many parts have seen for the last week or so. My tomato plants are only about 6" high and in the middle of 'hardening off', but I'm potting them up to 5" pots today and they'll go into final pots in a week or so. Cucumber get similar treatment. I don't have a greenhouse. For the last couple of years I've given away bucket loads of the 'Bella' Cherry tomatoes. They are very nice, but surplus doe
  3. Or.. 'then clearly, in one case I posted something which was incorrect and ackowledged the fact.' Are you sure that quote is from Wiki? I've extensively searched articles on the Guardian in Wiki and cannot find that exact phrase. I found it here though.. Difficult to 'get behind' the origins and motivations of 'Bowl Functions', but it looks rather US oriented. And if you continue with that article it quotes the Guardian as the 'most trusted' mainstream paper in the UK.
  4. Excellent Nonna... No figs here but beans Cucumbers and tomatoes on the way. Earlier I finally laid the last paver on my 'new improved' patio. It's only a boring rectangular thing, but at least it's now level and safe. Can get on with the rest of the garden now.
  5. I think, as we discussed at the last meet up.. we've all aged a bit in the 60+ years since Stax began churning out hits. It's a bit complex and I can never recall the full details but basically.. Booker T Jones formed the Memphis Group ( MGs) along with Steve Cropper, guitar,Al Jackson drums and another chap whose name escapes me who was fairly soon replaced by the late Donald 'Duck' Dunn,bass. In addition to their own work, they also formed the basic backing band for Stax records. They were also at times augmented by the Memphis Horns, Wayne Jackson and Andrew Love on sax and
  6. Soul Limbo was the title of an album and single released in 1968 by Booker T and the MG's, who first scored with 'Green Onions' in the early 60s. Soul Limbo was a popular dance tune when I was DJ'ing, but it lost a bit of its 'underground coolness' when adopted later by the BBC, so I played it a bit less. . The follow up hit was 'Time is Tight'.. a film theme, released in 1969, which again was standard fare in the soul clubs and 'discos' of the time.
  7. Well it's comforting that you find them 'terrible', but you still can't bring yourself to admit, or at least consider, that they are qualitatively different to earlier Tories. Why is that? It was interesting to listen to Chris Patten, an 'Old Style' Tory, on last night's Question Time. Especially his assertion that he was 'a member of the Conservative Party when there was one.' No offence, as you say, but I see that as a convenient 'cop out'. Of course the 'scandal' was an extremely unedifying episode. We are agreed on that. And yes, it seems that a few are st
  8. That was incorrect and I held my hands up. So why drag it up? Are you also busy taking the UK National Press to task for the lies they propagated about Corbyn? Whether I make a difference or not, is my problem. Let me worry about that.
  9. In a rare righting of wrongs, it seems that we here in the North West are getting the brighter warmer weather at present, but even here we are not getting quite what the forecasts promise. Anyroadup... Today was mostly dedicated to seeking help for Mrs Col, who has been in severe pain since her eyelid surgery 8 days ago. After hours on the phone yesterday, I secured an appointment for Mrs Col with the surgeon who did the work. Result, he decided she has a Corneal Abrasion in the left eye, which 'never happens'.. Clearly.. The treatment is a 'bandage contact lens', which is
  10. Gosh! That's very nearly an endorsement! What keeps you from robbing banks?
  11. What would be my motive if I ran into a building shouting 'Fire', if there actually was a fire. Would I be trying to warn occupants, to leave, or just 'proselytising'? Over the last few years I have watched numerous Democratic countries turn to the political right, some still just about Democratic, such as the US, Italy, India and Hungary, some already clearly authoritarian and dictatorial, like Russia, and some teetering on the edge, like Turkey. This country, under this Govt., is showing clear signs of the same process. If we both live long enough, and if my 'bit', can help av
  12. Entirely different. What the JWs, and in my estimation ALL religious groups offer, is their version of a fiction, for which there is no proof whatever. What I'm offering is verifiable, factual, but obscure info, which people can choose to factor into their decisions once they are made aware of it.
  13. Why do you choose to speculate around those four, essentially negative and selfish motivations, despite what I have said? Of course people can and will think for themselves, but they will only think about what they know about. The stuff I'm trying to bring to the fore doesn't make the mainstream news, and is hardly likely to be trumpeted in the UK press, which is dominated by a mix of Right Wing populist stuff (Mail, Sun etc.) and 'Establishment' stuff such as The Times. It's also unlikely to make the mainstream TV News, because the News rarely probes beneath the superficial veneer