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  1. Model Railways

    Nope. I remember 'Valerie', which is also pictured in Malcolm Castledine's Book. But I also remember a panier tank loco. I'm guessing more like early to mid 50s when I was quite small.
  2. Model Railways

    Thanks for that Fly. I'll have a look on eBay. I'd also imagine it wasn't GWR, but from looking at Google Images it seems a number of the rail companies and London Transport used similar locos, so maybe bought second hand from one of those? I'll ask around other places too. Col
  3. Model Railways

    Never had a proper 'train set' myself but I love seeing the big layouts. There used to be one at Alton Towers way back in the early '60s.. long before all the fancy rides etc. My Grandson has never seen a steam train in action, but he absolutely loves his little Thomas the Tank Engine sets. Chap over the back fence from me has spent the last couple of years building an outdoor set in his back garden. Brass rails.. proper cement/concrete track beds .. the works. He's intending to have little open days to raise funds in memory of his son, who died of some sort of progressive disease. Not sure what guage it is but lt looks like a couple of inches roughly. He uses an little track cleaner engine on it. I think it was Hornby who made a little black timber sided coal truck with 'Bestwood Coliery' on it in white. I'm told they aren't especially rare and that I should be able to get one for a few quid. If anyone can help me to source one I'd be grateful. It would be a nice little nod towards my Bestwood heritage. Now.. here's a slightly bigger challenge.. A couple of books I have show the types of saddle tank 0-6-0 engines used at local collieries, made by Hawthorn Leslie, or Hunslet. However, I spent many an hour watching the engines on the colliery yard at Bestwood from the upstairs rear window of the Bestwood Hotel and I'd swear they also had what I think is called a 'panier' tank engine. It was similar in general style to the type that seems to have been popular with GWR. Something like this: The Bestwood one was probably a bist smaller. It as green, and had a red nameplate down the side of the tank which I thought said 'Bestwood Colliery', but it was a bit difficult to see properly at distance. Anybody any ideas? Col
  4. It seems we are both very wise Cranky....
  5. Embarrassing Moments

    When I walked away from DJing to try to 'find myself', not to mention the lovely Jenny in Doncaster... .Picko asked me to come back from Doncaster to DJ the 'Manlove and Alliot' ( Sp?.) Football Club Dance. Apparently I'd done it before and they liked me. ( Some people have no taste...) So I was set up just below the stage, playing lots of fab and groovy tunes. I can't remember the name of the band they had booked, but I recall they were supposed to have an ex- Shadows drummer. They were more of a 'showband' than a rock band. They also had a new lead singer. I had a word with the band and offered to introduce them and give them a 'big up'. They agreed. So.. when they were ready I jumped up on stage and as the curtains opened revealing the band, I introduced them, to thunderous applause ( for them.. not me..) The band launched into the 'intro' for 'Puppet on a String'.. as the new singer 'chasse'd' on from stage left singing 'Congratulations'....... I jumped nonchalantly off the stage, skidded on abandoned raffle tickets which littered the floor and glided less than gracefully towards the centre of the dance floor. I finally earned my applause.
  6. Embarrassing Moments

    Same here.
  7. Hello from New Jersey

    Could be lurking though..... More about Robin..
  8. Hello from New Jersey

    Barsleydale. I'm only going on what I read.. but it was probably written by some lying tyke!! As for Robin Hood Airport. Maybe we should re-name East Midlands Airport 'Doncaster, South Yorks and Stolen Bits of North Notts Airport'. That'll confuse em...
  9. Hello from New Jersey

    Some of them Yorkshire 'tykes' from a few miles up the M1 try to claim our Robin. They reckon he was from some forrin place called Baaaarnsleydale... I'm norreyin that! 'He's bin stood outside the castle for as long as I can remember.
  10. How's your day?

    Mary, on my way home last Thurs I decided to drive by 'instinct' from Bestwood Colliery, via Papplewick and Newstead and head accross towards Matlock then up the A6 to the North West. It did not go well. I seemed to get locked into a sort of Heanor-Ripley-Ilkeston version of the Bermuda Triangle.. It's not an area I know well... I went through seemingly millions of villages including Brinsley, Jacksdale, Selston, Pye Hill, Morley, Aldercar and many more. It was a bit like a roll call of all the mining villages that used to get mentioned when I worked for the Coal Board in the 60s. In the end I had to give up and switch on the Sat Nav just to get to Matlock. My car knows the way from there.. We've just had all our local street lighting replaced by those paler low energy things. I like them. They make it more like dusk and they dont make everything seem a strange colour. For some reason, the council have either made a conscious decision to leave one of the old sodium lamps in place.. or they've just forgotten about it. Strange. Looking forward to later. I'm taking my wife, daughters, son in law and grandkids out for lunch. Should be fun. Col
  11. Things that pee you off

    Always called 'crumpets' 'pikelets' when aworralad. But have since discovered that 'Pieclets' ( correct spelling apparently) are bigger than Crumpets.. and different.. Eitherway. Co-op Crumpets are better than Warburtons by a 'country mile'. I've tried jam and cheese and so on on them, but the only really satisfactory way for me is...... Lots of real butter.. preferably Lurpak.. and a very, very light sprinkle of salt. Ooooohhhh...
  12. Students

    Hey Lizzie! We could well have been at the same All Nighters around 67/8. Rod Stewart and Jeff Beck.. Chris Farlowe... Zoot Money and many others.. not to mention all the great records. Amazing times.. We used to stagger out into the blinding daylight and make our way to a newsagent near the old Bus Station in Huntingdon St. Just about the only place open. A pint of milk went down very well. We'd usually then go to the top of the multi story car park in Trinity Square and play cricket with a stick and a pebble until the first bus arrived. I have been known to walk home to Bestwood from town though, both after all nighters or just late.. Not that far.... Even done it from the Boat Clubs. On a similar subject.. I always loved the smell of the Beachcomber. Mix of booze, stale perfume, stale bodies, tobacco etc.. Not exactly a 'nice' smell, but one which just meant music, excitement and good times. Doubt I could cope with it now though... Col
  13. Students

    Sadly, most local councils are very cash strapped these days due to central govt. cuts, plus being loaded with a lot of stuff which central Govt doesn't want to take on because it is only going worse. ( Social Care for e.g.) Bit political though.. so I'll say no more on it. Col
  14. How's your day?

    Had a couple of quiet days to try to recover from the frenzy of meet ups earlier in the week Also though, I've been fascinated by the dawning realisation that Bulwell is partly standing on Magnesian Limestone. I'd always thought that Bulwell, like most of Nottm, is on the 'Bunter' Sandstone, and tha Bulwell stone was simply a slight variation on that.. being a bit harder and coarser. Not so it seems. Must say that I did notice the rocks in the cutting where the tram goes up to Phoenix Park look different to those in other cuttings further south, but again.. it didn't sink in. Part of my ignorance is based on the fact that the Magnesian Limestone is not white, like the Carboniferous Limestone of, say, Yorkshire Dales or the White Peak in Derby's. Also, as I understand it so far, Magnesian Limestone is more resistant to acid that Carbonifierous Limestone so maybe it isn't as prone to cave formation. Might also be porous. not sure. Also discovered that small crystals of a mineral called Wulfenite are found in association with the Magnesian stone in Bulwell. That is a bit special. Anyway, I've spotted this place: I think I'll have a look there, at Ashfield Park and also the little reserve by the Bull Well, but I'll leave it till next Spring. Col
  15. Students

    St Helens is not a university town but it is my nearest town. It too is left in a mess after lots of mostly young people descend on it. They are not generally students. What annoys me mostly is that the owners of the bars and takeaways which sell the stuff which ends up on the pavement outside their premises, make no effort to clean it up themselves. Most of us will have seen the way that continental and mediterranean countries have a very different attitude and simply wash down all 'sidewalks' every morning. Col