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  1. Has anyone been watching Jim Al Khalili's new series. 'Secrets of Size'? It deals with some of this stuff and Jim is very easy to follow.
  2. It's no mystery Jim. Mostly he's just a PFM member with good taste. (He uses the same model of phono cartridge as me. ) Earlier in the more dramatic phases of the pandemic he was providing not only statistics, but more analysis than we were getting from for e.g., The Beeb. He's probably getting fed up now, but he is still providing daily figures, which the BBC are it's just a useful bit of info which I decided to put up here, for those who are interested. Saves hunting down the figures. Maybe also as a little reminder to the disinterested/cynical
  3. You always have to spoil it Red. I agree, we don't need a Monkey Pox thread because it is rarely fatal, not new, quite difficult to catch... but also not especially funny. Naturally, as with most things even remotely related to Covid, your assessment of Gav Reid is way wide of the mark. I have a question for you. If you are so keen on people taking responsibility for their own health, why are you so dismissive of people keeping up their vaccine protection and observing other basic common sense measures? And an observation. Your 'Plumber Mate'
  4. Yep Nonna. I missed out the bit about how I don't usually have breakfast but I had a big bowl of Shreddies an hour before going to the dentist. The tooth didn't come out without a fight, but a knee on the chest wasn't necessary. Anaesthetic wearing off now but not too sore. Can have a drink in an hour or so...Fancy a cup of tea.
  5. Polly Brown went on to form a duo called Sweet Dreams with a chap called Tony Jackson. One result was this photograph... Since this appeared before I'd ever heard the term 'cultural appropriation'.. I'll err on the side of charity and just ask 'what was she thinking?'
  6. From PFM. gavreid, Yesterday at 4:19 PM
  7. Raining here today. Yesterday was quite sunny but with a cool breeze from the NW. I've potted up all my vine Tomatoes, but the weather isn't too encouraging. The cherry toms are growing very slowly. All outside, against the back wall, to catch the sun.. I don't usually eat breakfast.. just lunch and an evening meal. But, I'm going to the dentist at 12:30 to have the broken stump of a tooth extracted, so I doubt I'll want to eat for a couple of hours. The tooth was crowned a few years ago. It caused two big painful abscesses before I had it root canal filled at t
  8. Drat..and double drat!!! Hope they re-arrange soon.
  9. Yes, it is not only a word.. but the correct word. 'Normalcy', is for dumb American politicians.
  10. Miracle of Miracles!!! 'Lauren' has just called me back and finally confirmed that I am 'cleared for surgery' and don't need another pre-op. She apparently just needs to find a date when a specific anaesthetist is working alongside the surgeon and that needs to be within the next six weeks...
  11. Almost as many double posts as pre ops...
  12. Meanwhile, in the never ending saga of my knee surgery.... Last Thursday, I fired off a very polite but extended moan to the Secretary of the Surgeon who is supposedly doing my knee replacements at some point, explaining that I am now 6 weeks on from the third pre-op and still no date for surgery and nobody answering their phones. She replied that she will ask the 'Admissions Team' to update me... I decided not to hold my breath.... So..yesterday morning, in the post, I received an appointment... for..... A FOURTH PRE-OP!!! ...on 6th June. I c
  13. By coincidence Nonna, I did my own down market version of that yesterday. I had some left over Cauliflower Cheese, so I mashed that together with a boiled potato and made it into sort of Potato Cakes, each with a few cooked Garden Peas inside. These I fried in bacon fat until nicely brown both sides and scoffed with a bit of bacon for my evening meal. Luvleh...