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  1. My admiration goes to all but especially Paul and Trogg, for 'keeping on keeping on..' As for boredom though. I'm never bored. I'm usually happy enough with my own company and if I have nothing physical to do I can be happy listening to music or whatever. I try to achieve one useful thing every day. Might be as small as tidying summat up, or cutting the grass, or whatever. The rest of the time I potter, or go for a short walk, or whatever. Incidentally I'm seeing the Doc tomorrow about why my legs seem to be failing me. Still awaiting tests for the other stuff. And Trogg.. I've not forgotten about trying to get a trip to Henry Whipple for a look around. That would be fab. If I can sort it, I'll pick you up etc.
  2. Let's have another from Eddi Reader. Apart from the gorgeousness of her voice and the fab lyrics... listen right through and marvel at Eddi' s astonishing vocal range.. I don't know how many octaves she eventually reaches but it's a lot..
  3. We booked them into the 360 club at least once in the late 1960s. The place was rammed.
  4. @oldPhil Hi Phil and thanks. I've been here 22 years since my heart attack and 'got away with' two small strokes since. One way I look at it is that my Dad only made 56, so any day over that is a bonus and I'm now rapidly approaching 71. My present symptoms.. such as they are, could actually be related to my ongoing heart condition.. which, apart from the direct Right Ventricle damage from the MI, seems to be slowly progressing Left Ventricular failure. Thing is.. I'm sort of resigned to that anyway. As my Mum's Doc famously said when she complained about developing Angina despite her 'healthy' lifestyle. " Something's got to kill you Joyce!" On the other hand, there's potentially something serious.. or something very serious going on and I can only be sensible until I know more. Still.. 'Hey Ho' as they say.. All part of life's rich tapestry..
  5. I'm presently in the middle of 'tests and referals'. I'm saying no more at present, because the possible outcomes vary hugely in significance. Bit scary though.
  6. I dunno. I have a completely blocked right ventricular artery in my 'ticker'. I'm only still here, because there are smaller 'alternate' routes ( called 'collaterals') for blood to get to what remains of my right ventricle. I was told that the more I excercise and get my heart working (within reason), the more those 'collateral' arteries will develop and the better off I'll be. I was being considered for surgical intervention, but it was eventually decided the risks outweighed the benefits. I agree. Although I recognise it's an anticlimax for Margie and Paul.. I think it also indicates that the 'experts' think his leg is not in immediate danger.
  7. My day so far is OK. Not brilliant.. but OK. I'm about to do some pruning and tidying, followed by going for a swift walk. Later I'll continue cataloguing all of y CDs to my new music server. I'm also intending to convert much of my best vinyl to digital and putting it on my 'server' for 'casual' listening. Also, either later today, or tomorrow, I will resume weight training. Next week I will also resume my regular weekly swims.
  8. In the few years before I left Nottm., I was the DJ at the 360 Club. It's that simple.
  9. Rothera Dowson handled my Mum's 'estate'.
  10. Quite a few of my remaining relatives in Nottm are regulars ( one might even be called a 'fixture') at the Park Tavern.
  11. I don't recall those Ben. But now you mention it, I recall that we used to walk some way from Henry Whipple to football fields somewhere up around Padstow school. I recall being very upset when I was dropped from the school team.. but there's no doubt that I was rubbish at footy. I had no idea of tactics and only barely understood the rules.
  12. Could be. I know the name Rozalex but can't be sure that's what the pink stuff was.