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  1. How's your day?

    What's not to like? Going out on a cold morning Church Parties Games Crackers Children I'll leave food off the list - but that still depends on the chef!
  2. That’s amazing. Never thought of doing that. This could be the start of my musical career!
  3. I do have a possible mentor. Bill Brazier, of “The Fabulous Beatmen” is my next door neighbour - well that’s 400 yards down the lane as we are in the sticks!
  4. I’ve got three and a half fingers on my left hand after my “horticultural” accident. This almost gives me heart to pick up the guitar again!
  5. Johnny Hobbs

    I was looking back on this thread and saw Chulla’s reference to Jyll Ball. Does anyone remember when she used to sing with the Bob Hudson trio at the Green Dragon at Oxton on a Sunday evening?
  6. Cigarette cards

    When you see a ready meal paella in a supermarket it looks very attractive. When it’s stirred and put on a plate it looks disgusting. Doesn’t taste much better either! Selling is all about presentation. When you’ve got it home it’s your problem.
  7. Driving habits

    That’s right. I do remember the deconstructed car - it wasn’t me honest!
  8. Driving habits

    I took my driving test in 1960 and had lessons with the British School of motoring. They were on Mansfield Rd. just a few doors up from the Victoria Station. They used to park their school cars in Trinity Square opposite the church. There were no parking problems in those days! I learnt in a Vauxhall Victor which had a front bench seat and a three speed column mounted gear change. I had a prepaid course of ten weekly lessons which were supplemented with driving in my father’s car which was also a Victor. All of my lessons were in the evening after school starting from January. I took a morning off school to attend the test centre on Valley Rd. which I think now belongs to the St. John Ambulance Brigade. The test route was predominantly around BulwelI. I passed but the examiner did remark that I drove rather slowly. Nobody says that now!
  9. Things you don't see anymore

    Yup. They’ll just replace. They don’t know how to repair.
  10. Things you don't see anymore

    I preferred the old handbrake lever and cable system. I think the current method of a servo motor bringing the brakes on an off means another sophisticated thing to go wrong. As a keen driver I prefer a car to be simple and unsophisticated and not loaded with gadgets. They can be fun though - but like I said - more things to wrong!
  11. Linux

    I couldn’t agree more. For the applications you’re talking about they are the ideal solution and it’s not worth spending more money.
  12. Things you don't see anymore

    Try it with custard.
  13. Linux

    I’ve had over 30 years trouble free computing with Apple Macs both for business and private use. I was the first to buy one from the local dealer’s (the M.D. was a friend of mine) when it came out because of the very first spreadsheet “VisiCalc”. They are solid, well built and easy to use. I think they’re a bit overpriced compared to P.C’s but they are so good and have been totally trouble free. My desktop is a 2008 version and I have upgraded the memory. I also use an iPad. I have tried P.C’s as well for comparison but they were not for me. I believe in keeping things simple!
  14. Nottingham Prison.

    I went round Nottingham prison once on an open day. Must have been over 25 years ago. It was a new, unopened wing that I saw. Seeing It certainly deterred me from a life of crime!
  15. Edwardian photo of Lister Gate

    I've walked past "The Tower" many times but never dared to go in because of its reputation of being a bit of a rough house! I have been in the nearby "Sawyer's" though both before and whilst it was a Berni Inn. I believe that was the other pub of ill repute in the town.