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  1. I'm sitting in the car park at that very spot now Loppy!
  2. A roll of self amalgamating tape.
  3. A bit of excitement would be nice on this hitherto uneventful day!
  4. You can buy a roll of self amalgamating tape from many sources for about £3.50. It will do the same job.
  5. Is anything what it used to be? It’s said ‘never go back’
  6. This is why they sell shrink sleeving in various diameters.
  7. Screwfix is probably better as they sell reels in various diameters as opposed to the assortment box of small lengths you would get at Halfords.
  8. Thornton’s are now owned by Ferrero Rocher would you believe!
  9. Halfords stock shrink sleeving.
  10. There is still an Admiral Rodney in Southwell. Quite popular with Brackenhurst campus students I believe. The former landlord now runs the Waggon at Bleasby.
  11. The roots of the liquorice plant I believe.
  12. My only memory of the Rodney was of someone (not me!) drinking eight pints of ale and throwing it up in the car park. A most spectacular performance!
  13. One my earliest memories was of standing outside the Midland station looking at the floods on Arkwright St. I would have been 4 at the time.
  14. Most of the R.O.T flooding was on the bypass and a bit down Nottingham Rd. I don’t think any houses were affected. The worst round here was in Lowdham where 60 houses flooded when the Cocker Beck overflowed. Sadly most of the houses had been built on the flood plane and had been flooded previously. Planners don’t seem to have a clue.