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  1. I once dreamed I was eating Shredded Wheat and when I woke up I’d eaten the mattress.
  2. A chap I knew in the packaging industry had the contract to supply Shredded Wheat with the cardboard for their boxes. He did very well!
  3. Ah! The grocer’s breakfast.
  4. I eat muesli six days a week. It's only Sunday when we have a full English. It's a sort of religious experience!
  5. Not a breakfast cereal but my ideal breakfast, not every day though, is bacon, sausage, tomato, black pudding, saute potatoes, beans, fried bread and lots of Worcestershire sauce. Followed by toast with Cooper's Original marmalade and coffee. Perhaps a couple of kidneys as well. I don't eat eggs!
  6. We used to enjoy Guinea Fowl but haven’t seen them in Waitrose for some time. There was a flock in the village once but I’ve not seen them recently. They used to roost in the trees. Canada geese fly over regularly though and I spot loads of them in the fields.
  7. I enjoy fishing when I can eat what I catch but I don't understand so called 'sport fishing' where you just throw them back.
  8. I just don’t get Ant and Dec. What have they got to offer? They appear to pick up showbiz accolades every year though so there must be a load of half wits out there who vote for them.
  9. I just don’t understand why people find either of them remotely amusing.
  10. I believe Horne Brothers, the gents’ outfitters on the corner of Long Row and Clumber St. had such a system.
  11. Sounds like a euphemism to me.
  12. Out first TV was a Pye, nine inch console model with a black screen. We had it in 1953 in time to watch the coronation. We must have had it on hp. Our next door neighbour, who was a bit of an electronics whizz, was building his own tv at the time! I remember our first colour television which would have been around 1970.
  13. A friend of mine, many years ago, worked for a television rental company doing tv repairs in homes. He has some hair raising stories to tell of his experiences!