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  1. Didn't get that far in the film. The singer put me off!
  2. Not bad here in the valley. Warmish, occasional light rain. No hail or thunder. 42C in the greenhouses. Fantastic tomato, cucumber and pepper growing conditions. All the grass was cut on Thursday and it’s almost due for another.
  3. Yes, there are lots of similar anecdotes. Go on, spend 70p and buy it from Amazon.
  4. Thanks Jill. I found your anecdote on page 62 of Nottinghamshire Privies. For anyone who wants to read it there are used copies of the book available on Amazon from 70p. Too long to type out and fiddly to copy.
  5. Thanks. I'll wade through the 60 pages and report back!
  6. Bidets seem to have gone out of vogue. However there are toilets available that blast you violently with warm water up the backside. The first bidet I ever saw, many years ago, was in Paris where you could sit on the toilet and dangle your feet in after a tiring day of sightseeing. The French are keen on personal hygiene and even wash their hands before going to the toilet!
  7. Personally I think the best place for a toilet is outside. We had one here before we extended the house. You could sit and watch the cattle grazing and listen to the birds. Very bucolic!
  8. Our first house in Woodthorpe had an outdoor loo built into the house. Both the houses I've lived in this village had outdoor toilets in addition to the indoor ones.
  9. My cousin had a house on Beech Avenue in Mapperley where the outside toilet was a two seater. I have two books somewhere in my library about the old privvies of Notts and Lincs. The definitive work is a book called 'The Specialist'. The story of Lem Putt the champion privy builder of Sangammon County
  10. Over the wall into the girls' was a favourite at our old village school so I was told. At Mellish it was on the coke brazier which was installed to prevent freeze ups in winter.