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  1. philmayfield

    Moon landings

    Despite conspiracy theories I’m certain there’s sufficient evidence to confirm that the Americans visited the moon. They did try to open a pub there but it failed to attract customers because there was no atmosphere.
  2. philmayfield

    'How does your garden grow?'

    Not me. Never had a scooter, never wore flares.
  3. philmayfield

    'How does your garden grow?'

    She does look extremely scruffy, even for working in the garden. She is presenting on television and it’s an insult to the viewers to appear like an unmade bed.
  4. philmayfield

    'How does your garden grow?'

    No! It's not a case of disrespect. She needs to seek medical and psychological help and get herself sorted out. She's only 52 and she won't keep going for much longer in that shape.
  5. philmayfield

    'How does your garden grow?'

    I try to stay in trim. I’m not obese. She’s probably had some psychological problems over the years plus a few drops of the demon drink.
  6. philmayfield


    You’d need to be Charlie Dimmock sized to wear that on your wrist!
  7. philmayfield


    Just discovered it could be a ‘sermon timer’ made from a large recycled bobbin
  8. philmayfield


    My wife has to take an ‘unusual timepiece’ to the next ‘show and tell’ at the Womens’ Institute. She’s just appeared with a 15 minute antique ‘hourglass’ from our vast collection of strange objects. I can’t think what would last for 15 minutes which requires timing. Any suggestions?
  9. philmayfield

    'How does your garden grow?'

    She does look a bit ‘Bulwell Wetherspoons’. Not very televisual.
  10. philmayfield

    Tips And Tricks.

    The neck’s probably too narrow!
  11. philmayfield

    Stop-Start on cars

    This is creepy. I’ve just had a buying suggestion from Amazon. A t-shirt with the slogan “Never underestimate an old man with a Mercedes Benz”.
  12. philmayfield

    How's your day?

    Well I'm just looking at 25 acres of it from my landing window. It's only a relatively recent crop around here. It's generally beet for Newark sugar factory, potatoes for Walker's crisps, barley for the breweries and oilseed rape. I did see a field of blue flax nearby last week which looked most attractive.
  13. philmayfield

    How's your day?

    The simple country folk round here practice ancient black arts. Its probably some fertility rite to encourage growth. There's certainly a fine crop of maize in the field over the lane. Don't suppose a few cobs will be missed.
  14. philmayfield

    Things that pee you off

    He's still changing his pants!
  15. philmayfield

    Things that pee you off

    Nippon no. That's an Ant - Ihistamine