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  1. philmayfield

    Club at Tollerton Aerodrome

    Can't remember seeing a name outside. It was run by a chap called Arthur (?) Bingham and his wife. His brother ran the Edwalton Hall Hotel. I'm seeing a couple of my old flying friends tonight. I'll see if they can remember. Edit. Just had a thought - I think it might have been Tollerton Country Club or the Tollerton Flying Club - not to be confused with the Sherwood Flying Club next door.
  2. philmayfield

    Newball and Mason , herbal beers

    Maville Works on Beech Avenue used to be occupied by Gold and Dunn the furnishers. I remember my parents buying from them when we lived in Woodthorpe.
  3. philmayfield

    Last gasp!

    I knew a chap in a nearby village who, amongst other things, maintained all the clocks at Players. Bob Coote. Long gone now of course but did anyone know him?
  4. philmayfield

    The Lost City.

    Same to you Margie!
  5. philmayfield

    How's your day?

    ‘She keeps a good step!’ That was the highest accolade given to a housewife!
  6. philmayfield

    How's your day?

    Those were the days!
  7. philmayfield

    How's your day?

    Not my strong point I must confess!
  8. philmayfield

    How's your day?

    It looks like you’ve had relations in lots of places Ben - not to mention lots of relatives.
  9. philmayfield

    Facebook page

    Join but don’t make any of your details public.
  10. I think the Wheelhouse you were referring to might have been Chick Wheelhouse the car dealer. He had a sales pitch and filling station on The Plains almost opposite the Gedling Miners' Welfare. He tended to specialise in sports cars and the more exotic. I used to fuel up my Healy Sprite there on my way home from work in the 60's and we talked cars. He later moved to Gorse Hill Garage further along the road near to Spring Lane where he had a Lotus dealership. I recollect a test drive there although I never actually bought a Lotus until I was 70! (my birthday present to myself). He then moved to Lortas Rd. at Basford and subsequently to Nuthall Rd. I knew him well but never actually bought a car from him. He's no longer alive but I believe his son Nick is a motor trader.
  11. philmayfield

    Honey trap

    I’m sure even the elderly would succumb to your charms!
  12. philmayfield

    Honey trap

    I’ve just read on the BBC Nottingham site that you can earn £60 an hour to be a professional honey trapper over the festive season. I’m a little too old for that sort of thing myself but I thought that some of you might be interested!
  13. philmayfield

    How's your day?

    I hope he washes his hands first!
  14. Last time I saw Peter Wright he was landlord of The Air Hostess at Tollerton and Ant was a plumber. Joseph may have started at Canning Circus but he definitely was at the bottom of Market St. later. I remember his neon sign. He and Hans were friends of my aunt and uncle. Joseph was gay before it became fashionable!
  15. Yes, Margie, I remember all of those people. The last time I saw Julian Packer was when we both ran for Notts in the national cross country championships around 1960. We reminisced about primary school days on the coach to Birkenhead. My aunt and uncle, the Burtons lived at no.4. He was a coal merchant. At the very far end was a chap called Langford who was a scoutmaster and Sunday school teacher. He worked at Leyland Office Equipment. Also along there was Henry Swain, the County Architect. Next door to the Packers lived two Polish immigrants, Hans and Joseph. Hans repaired timepieces and Joseph Giemza was a somewhat ‘gay’ ladies hairdresser who had a salon on Market St. I’m racking my brain on this one. My uncle Bob Burton had about an acre of land next to the house and kept pigs, chickens, bees and at one time a goat. My father and I used to lend a hand at weekends. I half thought Peter and Anthony Wright also lived there but it might have been Fisher Avenue, behind Arno Vale.