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  1. philmayfield

    How's your day?

    I’ve got a croquet set BK. Another of the things that seemed a good idea at the time but never went any further. I must hire a skip, there’s so much junk to get rid of!
  2. philmayfield

    Foters Wiv' Motors.

    Yes, you can’t buy two stroke outboard motors now, except for certain commercial users, due to emissions. They had much better performance when compared to the power to weight ratios of four strokes. I do have a 15’ boat with a 90hp two stroke which I bought on eBay about four years ago. I’ve never got round to putting it in the water but the engine runs up beautifully in a large water tank. I bet it’s good for around 40 knots which feels like 80 on the water! Too old for such excitement now!
  3. philmayfield

    Foters Wiv' Motors.

    Being a car freak I did have a test drive in an RX8 a few years back. It was impressive but I couldn’t pluck up the courage to buy one. There are rumours of an RX9 so they haven’t necessarily given up on the idea. I would imagine the patents on the Wankel engine are long expired but no other manufacturer has produced anything. The principle is sound but fuel economy and rotor seals have got to be much improved.
  4. philmayfield

    How's your day?

    My trout fishing career has been a total failure. I had a casting lesson on Rutland Water and my hook impaled on the back of my hand. I bought a Greys rod and the tip section snapped off on my first cast on Ladybower. I fished Lock Awe from a boat around ten times and I’ve never had a single bite. The last time the line got caught around the propellor of the outboard and had to be cut off. Not giving up I’ve just bought a new line and I’m going to have a final go. The closest waters are Notts Fly Fishers at Gibsmere or Trinity Lakes at Thurgarton but I think it’s ‘dead man’s shoes’ to get into those clubs. Perhaps Colwick or Rutland again. I’ve got plenty of room to practice casting on the grass so I think I’ll start there - once my sprained wrist has healed!
  5. His father, Chick, used to live nearby in Ravenshead. Frank Sytner used to live at the top of Richmond Drive before he moved to Woodborough where he had an enormous garage containing his Aston Martin collection. I don't know if he disposed of them before moving to Monaco, garaging would be expensive there!
  6. Frank Sytner was an accomplished racing driver, earning the nickname ‘Fearless’. I’ve been in a car with him on a few occasions and it was quite an experience - even in town. He once had a customer day at the Water Sports Centre and we could hurtle along the road next to the rowing course. That was pre ‘health and safety’! I believe he lives in Monte Carlo now.
  7. I bought my first BMW, a 320, from Frank Sytner at that showroom when he was just starting out in Nottingham. He came from Liverpool where his elder brother Alan used to own the Cavern Club. I think that was before the club’s glory days.
  8. His son Nick carried on as a car dealer and worked from home at Oxton. He specialised in Merc. G wagons. I can’t find any trace of him now though.
  9. philmayfield

    Nottingham Childrens Hospital

    The Firs maternity was on Mansfield Rd in Sherwood, just up from Woodthorpe Park. The Childrens’ Hospital was also on Mansfield Rd but set back and was opposite the Forest and cemetery. I had my tonsils removed there many years ago. Like so many similar places I think it’s now a Muslim girl’s boarding school.
  10. Yes, definitely a Miura but if still living it must be on a private plate by now. I did once spot Chick doing a deal on a piece of exotica at Trowel Services. A bit strange I thought - but what do I know about second hand car dealers?
  11. philmayfield

    Foters Wiv' Motors.

    I knew Chick Wheelhouse quite well from when I used to fill up at the Plains garage in the 60’s until he vacated his place on Nuthall Rd. In between he had Gorse Hill garage on the Plains where he sold Lotus and then larger premises on the corner of Nottingham Rd./ Lortas Rd when he sold Bitter and Opel. The last time I saw him him was at B and K Thomas at Mansfield around 2000 when we were both collecting our cars from servicing. He didn’t look too healthy at the time. He always had lots of interesting machinery for sale and although I had a few test drives I never bought anything from him!
  12. It's when you come to take the plug out that the problems start!
  13. I had an eczema rash on my right ankle for about 4 weeks and it was driving me mad especially at night. I tried E45 cream to no avail. I was recommended Eumovate cream which I got from the pharmacist at Boots. It appeared to work right from the first application on Tuesday; the rash is disappearing and there's no itchiness. It is available on prescription but you can buy it over the counter if you can prove you're of sound mind!
  14. philmayfield

    Speak Nottinghameze

    It’s a feast every December to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Originally a pagan festival but stolen by the Christians. (Thou shalt not steal, so they say)
  15. Depends where you live BK!