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  1. It's sowiing time again...

    Don’t get your hopes up. We’ve got at least another week of this miserable cold, wet weather.
  2. First cuckoo

    Just heard the first cuckoo of spring. I’m not trying to be offensive to other posters! Has anyone else heard it yet?
  3. Mia House ,Derby Road.

    The accountants, Hubbart, Durose and Pain rented an upper floor(s) back in the 60’s as an overflow from their main office at 18, Park Row.
  4. Nottingham Festival 1970

    Just when I thought Spring was here I’ve had to put a sweater on - and now the radiators have switched back on!
  5. How's your day?

    Perhaps William will get a proper job to help support them. How about flying a helicopter and rescuing people?
  6. How's your day?

    I’ll get in and say it before Catfan does - ‘another royal mouth to feed!’
  7. Super inflation in the garden....

    I must say we occasionally ‘borrowed’ items from the chemi. lab at Mellish for our private experimentation but as the school has since been demolished and the senior chemistry master ‘Pablo’ Atkins died last month aged 100 it will be difficult to pin the blame on anyone! Pablo, as he was known, Mr. J.R. Atkins, was an inspirational chemistry teacher and is fondly remembered. Incidently he was a Bulwell resident who lived on Rock St.
  8. Super inflation in the garden....

    I did A level chemistry but I don’t recollect having to buy our own stuff. I did go into Boots once to buy the ingredients for gunpowder but they must have put two and two together and denyed me the purchase!
  9. April 23rd

    That’s the hymn to which the answer to every question is NO!
  10. Super inflation in the garden....

    I think they were on George St. There was a similar one in Newark on Kirkgate called Brunnings. Men in brown smocks climbing ladders to reach the multitude of drawers.
  11. Scenes which haven't changed so much.

    Our nearby town, Newark, is very interesting architecturally. Probably the nicest town in the county. Lots of places to eat and drink and some good antique shops. Avoid it at the moment though. Severn Trent are installing a necessary new sewer system and the town centre is chaotic. I feel sorry for the traders. Only those directly on the roads adjoining the works are getting compensation for the disruption but the whole town is affected. The work is scheduled to finish in June. Please come and spend lots of money after then - you will be very much welcomed!
  12. April 23rd

    I thought they were going to crucify someone until I saw your picture!
  13. Notts County

    I get the impression that the club’s owner, Allan Hardy, may not be able to afford to keep hold of the club with all of the win bonuses he’s had to pay out. Perhaps he’ll be looking to offload it next season?
  14. How's your day?

    Volvo SUV’s are very popular in our neck of the woods. I was impressed when I drove one last autumn. Didn’t buy it though!
  15. How's your day?

    She obviously wants you to slip up your a***e then.