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  1. The old synagogue on Shakespeare St.?
  2. An uncle of mine worked at the Milton’s Head hotel before the war. I have a pair of rather nice etched glass decanters that came from there. Whether they were a leaving present or he purloined them I will never know! I think there are a few items of cutlery engraved MH kicking around somewhere as well.
  3. I agree. It was repositioned in a bit of a wasteland area at the back of the store. I've not been in the Vic.Centre since they hiked the parking charges. Actually, apart from John Lewis, there's nothing much in there. I always look on Amazon now if I want something. No driving, no parking, no crowds, no hassle. It's the way forward!
  4. Put in your postcode and the postcode of your destination on the Gov. site, which is now working. Hotels and guest houses can’t open to the public in tier three.
  5. No chance BK. Hotels cannot open in tier three. Overnight stays away from home are banned. I presume that would include camping in Sherwood Forest.
  6. Nottingham and Notts is in tier three so it’s batten down the hatches except for Christmas when we can continue spreading. So that’s alright then.
  7. You can’t get onto the government web site to see which tier you are in because it’s being swamped by the world and his wife. You would have thought they would have realised this and made special provision. There’s some gross incompetence out there.
  8. It’s a question of relying on people's common sense but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of that around. Scientific advisers and the BMA have warned that the relaxation will cost lives and risk a third lockdown in January and hospital chiefs have said it is premature. However the Government believes families’ needs for contact outweighs this. Many would have ignored any lockdown rules anyway and it can’t be policed. We’re personally not going to push our luck here now that there’s a vaccine on the horizon. The virus doesn’t know it’s Christmas.
  9. The sensible won't but there will many who will take it as carte blanche to party to excess.
  10. Basically it means you can do whatever you like. Many of the misguided will do so anyway and the police want a seasonal break from arresting people. Some clown in Forest Town was arrested for holding a hot tub party! This is going to mean an enormous leap in January infections. Fortunately I’ve already buried my granny, so nothing to worry about there then!
  11. Basically they are pigs' intestines. You can eat every bit of a pig except the squeak.
  12. I've never had them but I enjoy haggis and God only knows what's in that!