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  1. I’m on Facebook but I show no personal details. Everyday I get pictures of alluring women wanting to befriend me. I delete them.
  2. I’ve always enjoyed my work. Everyday something different, everyday a new challenge. Obviously I was fortunate in never having a repetitive routine. I’ve just come in from working today, both in the workshop and out in the field with a brushcutter and chain saw, attacking brambles and over growing branches in the hedges. After a cup of tea and a bun to I’m going over to the greenhouses to prepare for the new season. I love to go to bed feeling really tired.
  3. Was that the pub in Gedling known as the 'Mucky Duck'?
  4. We’ve stopped buying supermarket sliced bread during the lockdowns. We only eat wholemeal but we now get Atherleys of Farnsfield bread from Fiskerton shop or the local farm shop. It’s ‘proper’ bread from a small bakery. We even slice it with the bread knife just like in the old days.
  5. I think it’s one of the many silly rumours put around by halfwits about the Covid vaccine. I’m sure if it was relevant it would have been made clear at the time of the vaccination.
  6. PP Payne were on the corner of Hucknall Rd. and Haydn Rd. until they moved to Giltbrook. I passed it at least twice a day for 25 years as our factory, Moore and Company, was further down Haydn Rd. opposite Stag Furniture and formally occupied by Cooper Bros. Thomas Forman were right at the top of the hill on Hucknall Rd. towards Nottingham. Teasdale Garage was next door to PP Payne.
  7. The Beeston is a wide canal, like the Grand Union so it will take boats up around 15’ beam.
  8. I’ve got a 1950’s Fergie tractor which ain’t broke. It would cost me a lot to buy a new one and it would be so sophisticated that I couldn’t easily tinker with it. I do have a 1960’s Ford Dexter which is ‘broke’. It needs a new hydraulic pump. I could get the parts and repair it but it would be a pig to reassemble - if you’ve ever seen the internals of a hydraulic pump!
  9. My first ‘mobile’ was a unit that clipped into a cradle in my car. It was about the size of a car radio. It could be slid out and put into a leather case whereby you’d could carry it over your shoulder. It was referred to as ‘the talking handbag’! A friend in the motor trade had one the size and weight of a house brick. He would take it to car auctions. It had an ‘in use’ battery life of about 20 minutes. I currently use a Galaxy S3 which is just over three years old. I could upgrade I suppose but whilst it’s working well there doesn’t seem much point other than a more sophisticated camera set
  10. Mobile ‘phones are person to person though. On CB you could communicate with a much wider audience and advise other users of what was happening on the roads.
  11. What caused CB radio to die out? I never got involved but it always intrigued me.
  12. We've had two standard poodles in the past. They're really great dogs. We would have another but it would probably outlive us and our four cats wouldn't be happy about it!
  13. I read that Mr. Potato Head is being rebranded as Potato Head to become gender neutral. It’s taken a long time for them to discover that a potato is a sexless vegetable. Goodbye Mr. Chips!
  14. Very many years ago I did the audit and accounts of The Amalgamated Society Society of Operative Lacemakers and Allied Workers. They had opulent premises on Derby Rd. near to Canning Circus. The boardroom where I worked was especially luxurious. The general secretary was Councillor Flewitt, a Labour member. It was certainly ‘jobs for the boys’ at the higher level. The lace operatives were called ‘twisthands’. I didn’t see any French bulldogs though!