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  1. I just can't see things getting back to any sort of normality for the foreseeable future. If a vaccine is found it will take some time to inoculate 70 odd million people. An oral vaccine would be better. The pills could be posted to us!
  2. It just won’t be worth the hassle to go out. It makes a visit to a pub/restaurant a clinical excercise. I just can’t see the pleasure in doing it.
  3. There's a new one started this week. "Times Radio". Bit like Radio 4
  4. Thanks for that BK. Newark’s my local town and I’ve never seen that in the 58 years I’ve been going there. I’ve just found out where it is and I don’t think I’ve ever walked down that passageway beside the church.
  5. Might it have something to do with the close living conditions of many of the people in those areas?
  6. I got about three. It was very difficult! I went to get the camera half an hour before and got the message 'battery discharged'. As my Nikon was the only one with a proper zoom lens I hastily put it on charge and it filled up pretty quickly. Try tracking a Red Arrow across the sky. It ain't easy!
  7. We’ve got a Sebo as our main wired machine. It’s supposed to be one of the best. My wife said it wasn’t picking up very well last week. No wonder - absolutely every pipe and every orifice was blocked solid! It’s perfect now after a bit of attention. We also have a Bosch battery powered which is excellent and much lighter than the tank-like Sebo. We also have a hand-held G Tec battery operated which is handy for the stairs. We had a Dyson once but didn’t like it. We had the service engineer round twice during the warranty period. All Dyson stuff seems grossly overpriced. No wonder James Dyson is a bigger landowner than the Queen!
  8. No doubt they’ll be coming along the Fosse to sample our curry houses. We could be the next town in lockdown. We’re a bit isolated here at the moment as the level crossing is closed during the working day for a week for road works, so a trip into Nottingham is an extra 10 mile diversion. The joys of Newark beckon, although that’s gained notoriety with a recent shooting at the Gypsy site on Tolney Lane. Just a ‘family’ argument I think.
  9. They were back again at 11.56 precisely. Once again a full display. This time the cloud base had lifted. Two displays in one day and at 500’ above the house at times. Absolutely spectacular!
  10. The problem in Leicester is that a lot of the ethnic families live in very close proximity. In the same room sometimes! Also there are a lot of people who don’t speak English and probably don’t understand the severity of the situation.
  11. Just had a personal display at 9.35 this morning. We live directly opposite RAF Syerston and when we heard the noise we rushed to the front door to see them wizzing over our poplar trees at low level. There was a low cloud base so they performed their low-level display which was spectacular. It seemed like it was just for us! I gather they are doing a round trip over Notts and Lincs including the City Centre. I think they’re returning to Syerston at around 12 noon for another show. Just what we need to bring a bit of excitement to our dull lives!
  12. Keep going up Sneinton Dale until you come to the Cardale Rd. roundabout. Beyond that, up the hill straight ahead is Bakersfield. Quite an Italian quarter I believe.
  13. What is there to go into the Vic centre for? You can buy most things online or at one of the ‘sheds’ surrounding the City without having to pay to park. I think the days of the big shopping malls are ending.