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  1. That's what we call a gas guzzler! Perhaps your gas is much cheaper.
  2. Dealers would rather sell on an HP deal or PCP. They talked me into buying my previous car and my wife’s current car on HP. I negotiated substantial discounts for cash but they still wanted me to do it on finance. Three years of no interest finance!
  3. I've never been a touchy feely person. I always recoil from such people!
  4. I remember that back lane. It was cinder track. It's still there. My friend's garden backs onto it.
  5. I used to enjoy working on my cars. I learnt a lot and accumulated loads of tools. I can check most of the 'checkable' things on my current car from my smartphone but it takes the fun away. In the past I've built a Caterham 7 from a kit and totally stripped and rebuilt a Morgan. I'm always looking for a new project. I think I've found one today in that an enormous branch on a big weeping willow in our orchard has snapped. Do I call the tree surgeon or can this be a DIY job? I have all the kit.
  6. A friend of mine lives at the bottom of Woodthorpe Drive on the triangle of land that used to be allotments. There was a small building on the corner of Mansfield Rd. Had that been a toll house? We used to get into Woodthorpe Park after hours through a bent railing opposite the bank that goes down to Woodthorpe Avenue.
  7. ‘RTFM’ I think is the expression!
  8. I've never viewed the hard drive version on my car. I must have a play sometime. I never usually read the manual on anything I buy. I only refer to it if I have a problem.
  9. They do say 'read the manual' but I never do. Its always nice to discover something new!
  10. I’ve turned down the invitation to our village monthly coffee morning today. The first after lockdown. No way do I want to spend two hours in the village hall chatting with a bunch of old farts. I may be 78 in body but not in mind!
  11. Apparently becoming a geriatric starts at 65.
  12. Good age 77. Do you still have all your faculties!
  13. I bet BK’s driving a Nissan Micra. No shame in that BK, lots of the elderly drive them!
  14. I certainly agree that touch screens are potentially dangerous as you have to take your eyes off the road. Even satnav is dangerous for the same reason. As for keys, I keep mine in a Faraday pouch. Some useful things are tyre pressure sensors, auto screen wipers, auto headlights, voice control of certain functions, cruise control and speed limiters, automatic transmission (obviously!), air conditioning, electric seats etc. A lot of these ‘extras’ used to be in the more upmarket cars but I’ve noticed, whilst looking for a car for our daughter, that even the relatively modest small cars are load