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  1. philmayfield

    My Bike rides

    Only joking Rog!
  2. philmayfield

    My Bike rides

    I think all trike owners need a carer.
  3. philmayfield

    My Bike rides

    Yes it would be muckspreading. Country life is not as idyllic as some people think!
  4. philmayfield

    Boring Repetitive Posts

    Thanks. I didn’t realise they had been reconstituted as ‘Maplin on Line’. Still can’t view in the flesh though.
  5. philmayfield

    Boring Repetitive Posts

    This post has revived my interest. In the past I’ve looked at 3D printers in Maplins but now it’s there no longer I don’t know where to view a selection. I must do some research. I want to make a prosthetic finger tip to replace the one I lost in the veg garden!
  6. philmayfield

    Boring Repetitive Posts

    Printing is the easiest part. Firstly you’ve got to capture the information on file using modelling software or a 3D scanner. Sounds fun but can be expensive to get decent kit.
  7. It was a few years ago. The A/C was a Shorts Sky-van. We used to fly into Milan a lot and it was great to cut out the drive to Heathrow or Birmingham. I don’t know if it still runs. I doubt it
  8. I dislike flying. Not so much the actual flight but the hassle involved in booking in and all the waiting around when you have to be there long before take off. I also wonder about who’s up front driving the aeroplane. When I gained my pilot’s licence back in the 70’s there were others who went on to take a commercial rating. God knows how they managed. There were some real incompetents who failed their written exams first time and one even drove a plane into the hangar and chopped the wings of another aircraft with his prop. He went on to become a commercial pilot! He announced himself over the tannoy when I was taking the Heathrow shuttle from EMA. “Christ not him” I exclaimed to my colleague, “he’s a disaster”. It must have got the other passengers worried!
  9. philmayfield

    Musing on "Making ends meet"......

    Yes, that would be uncle Bob Burton who lived nearby at 4 Greys Road. His son Brian worked with him and when Bob retired Brian bought Harbys Fuels with an office on Highbury Road. He then went on to be the landlord of the Red Lion in the marketplace at Stow on the Wold.
  10. philmayfield

    My Bike rides

    That's impressive Rog but how do you get on? Have you got very long legs or do you use a mounting block like horse riders? Edit. I’ve just noticed a small step on the bar above the rear wheel. Still looks dangerous to me!
  11. philmayfield

    Musing on "Making ends meet"......

    Often the coal came in enormous lumps which you had to attack with a hammer to break it into useable pieces. This of course produced lots of dust and slack. My uncle was our coal merchant but he could only sell what was available from Gedling colliery.
  12. philmayfield

    Musing on "Making ends meet"......

    We were a bit more upmarket . It was referred to as the ‘coal place’. It was next door to the outside toilet though!
  13. philmayfield

    Nottingham Castle

    We do have a Lowry. Not an original but a signed limited edition and Fine Art stamped copy. It was a good find at £160!
  14. philmayfield

    Beekay's paintings

    Well I got an ‘O’ level in art many years ago but I haven’t picked up a small paint brush since then. I did find a painting by numbers set yesterday which must have been an unwanted present so having seen your efforts I’m tempted to have a go with it. It does look a bit fiddly though!
  15. philmayfield

    Musing on "Making ends meet"......

    We’ve got a book exchange and a defibrillator in our village ‘phone box. No telephone though which is a pity because mobile reception here is very iffy.