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  1. How's your day?

    You must have converted it to a gap bed by splitting it as I'm not certain the Myford 7 is built as a gap bed lathe.
  2. Car tax evasion

    Well I suppose they’ll have to be revived or better still, put the charge onto fuel so that those who drive more pay more. Or is that too easy?
  3. Car tax evasion

    This has tripled since the abolition of the paper tax disc and is costing the government 10 times as much as it hoped to save. So it’s not just our local authorities who are incompetent in managing finances - it goes right to the top in governmental administration.
  4. Seasonal sausage roll

    Greggs the bakery has said sorry after replacing baby Jesus in a Nativity scene with a large sausage roll, placed in a manger and flanked by three wise men. Oh the joy of Christmas!
  5. I’m in Newark at least twice a week already. I’ve only ever seen one trike rider in Newark in the whole 55 years I’ve lived round here. I know people who’ve never seen one at all!
  6. Nottingham won’t see me this side of Christmas. At least I can drive to Downtown Grantham and park. Probably won’t even go there either though. Sod it!
  7. Fat Children

    I hope it’s one of those recumbent 3 wheel chairs. Don’t get the wheels caught in the tram tracks!
  8. Only Nottingham City Council could decide to demolish a major city car park in the run up to Christmas. Apparently finding a parking space is now a serious problem and people are missing appointments and trains. A spokesman for the City Council said “there is not a parking problem in Nottingham”. So that’s ok then.
  9. Students

    We certainly won't be coming to the Christmas market. That's an event that's been overtaken by its own popularity and it was so crowded last time that we couldn't see anything!
  10. Students

    We used to shop a lot in Lincoln, in preference to Nottingham, twice as far but about the same time to get to. Hardly ever go in now because of the parking. Might try the park and ride sometime.
  11. Students

    Lincoln has leapt in the league table to 50th. out of 129. I still preferred it when it was a car park convenient to the town centre!
  12. Students

    No, I just looked it up! Got bugger all to do at the moment.
  13. Students

    It’s a phrase used during “sexy” times to ones significant other to pleasure and excite them. Not the sort of thing we want going on in this forum. Don’t ask me how I knew.
  14. Fat Children

    Not seen a sign saying “cream teas” on the M6 but I live in hope!
  15. Fat Children

    A Big Mac and Fries can be the nearest thing to heaven on a long car journey when you’re really hungry -so yes, about once a year!