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  1. ....and is the policewoman he’s handcuffed to Penny Lancaster?
  2. Just been to one. Fiskerton Village Shop.
  3. We both had one today at Southwell Leisure Centre. The only problem was finding a parking place! A friend of mine who's 89 has just caught Covid after a weekend in Harrogate. I'm not sure whether he's up to date on his vacs though. Even his wife is avoiding him!
  4. .... to the god of mammon. Sadly he’s another deity that doesn’t exist but I live in hope.
  5. A republican atheist BK. Just when I thought the mawkish behaviour was over and things were getting back to normal the papers were full of it again this morning. The lucky royals have a further week of mourning whilst the rest of us have to get back to work. Not me of course, I never stopped.
  6. Who paid for it? I doubt the royals dipped into their extensive reserves.
  7. I polished two cars and cut a hedge.
  8. I have shelves of encyclopaedias and reference works which are totally superfluous now that information can easily be obtained online. If you've got a tricky problem you can be sure that someone has solved it and put it on YouTube. I would hate to lose my internet connection.
  9. Substitute one failure for another? What’s Allardyce doing these days?
  10. Yes, I’ve found her lacking on a few occasions. Has anybody tried saying ‘Where’s Brew?’
  11. I looked it up! Google is my friend.
  12. A hankie and 4d for a ‘phone call home. I wasn’t in the Brownies!