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  1. They only sell posh folks clothes in charity shops. If I take mine in they take them straight to the recycling centre!
  2. Yes. He was probably a clown. Perhaps you can buy the rest of his costume on Monday!
  3. I do have a yellow waterproof and sou’wester from my boating days and some yellow wellies. The trouble is I’m on the reserve list for ‘Strictly’ so I don’t want to miss that opportunity should it come along.
  4. There was a Harvest Festival at our village church last week. I didn't go.
  5. I’ve only got one pair of shoes. I run them into the ground and then buy another pair. If I were to be invited to a special occasion I might splash out!
  6. I used to know Sir Gordon Hobday, one of the Ibuprofen developers and one time chairman of Boots. He used to sole and heel his own shoes as indeed did I. The way they’re made now makes it impossible and they last so much longer anyway.
  7. Sorry to hear of your problems. Here's hoping for a full recovery ASAP. It just brings home the reality of the situation. Phil
  8. Well I’m keeping away from Rock City - but then I always have done!
  9. That’s why they don’t say “you’re going to feel a bit of a prick” anymore.
  10. Don’t ask the dustbin lady out. It could get dirty!
  11. I remember on a self catering holiday in France when the baton I had bought from the boulangerie the previous day was hard as a rock the next morning.