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  1. It’s the middle of May and I’ve not yet heard the first cuckoo. The sound always comes from the same direction over the fields; maybe the same bird. Do the children return to the same site?
  2. I'm not going inside a pub until there is official confirmation that my two vaccinations will work against the Indian variant. I've survived thus far; I'm not taking any chances yet. There's still the dreadful hugging epidemic to avoid as well!
  3. The French do that. Before and after.
  4. The definition of a gentleman. 'Someone who has a set of bagpipes but doesn't play them.
  5. My first single record was 'Take Five' by the Dave Brubeck quartet. My first LP was 'The Shadows'.
  6. I don’t think we have confirmation that those already vaccinated will be protected from the Indian variant. Until we know we must continue to be cautious.
  7. Easy Living do a very compact foldable electric scooter for around £1500.
  8. Never quite made the grade. I've been runner up a few times though.
  9. There’s a few nut cases living out here in the sticks as well. It’s ‘care in the community now’. I hold an annual village idiot competition. The entrants don’t know they’ve been selected of course!
  10. I wonder why they call it the 'Holy Land'?
  11. I’ve got a Cuprinol hand pump sprayer. Works well and little to go wrong. Find me something that isn't made in China!
  12. The phantom hugger of Bulwell Bogs. Couldn’t wait ‘till Monday could she?
  13. Not knowing your interests and hobbies it's difficult to advise. It's good to have a project rather than just mooch around. You could get a part time interesting job or do voluntary work. We have a few acres of land so it was easy for me to throw myself into the rural life and self sufficiency and I have now become a full time rustic. A proper workshop is useful if you enjoy fixing things.