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  1. As the previous Queen said when the Palace received a small blow from the Germans - 'at least we can now look the East Enders in the face! I bet the G and T's flowed that night!
  2. Letsavago. You village used to be fully self contained in 1962. There was a pub, a church, a hairdressers, a shop, a filling station and car repairs. My wife lived with her parents at the top of Willson's Lane. A bit like the plague village at Eyam
  3. Our local was filled with the overbearing Range Rover brigade as we passed yesterday at early doors. They won’t catch it apparently!
  4. After getting up at 5am I slept through it!
  5. Thanks Lizzie. No visitors due to the virus so making lots of phone calls.
  6. Not with the current state of the pension fund!
  7. I'm just beginning to feel them again. I had a spinal.
  8. No visitors for me sadly. Just emerged from my hip replacement and I'm back amongst the living feeling great. Hope to be walking as soon as I can feel my legs!
  9. My son used to do very passable i/d’s for his sister many years ago. I still have the laminator!
  10. I used to go to those boxing evenings at the Albany. Dinner jackets and a meal. It was called 'The Great International Sporting Club' promoted by Reg King. We used to get a comedian of the likes of Bob Monkhouse and Bernard Manning with some pretty blue jokes! Way beyond 12 years ago though.
  11. A help group is starting up in our village. There are a lot of volunteers already and I see that at least three are/were senior nurses. Good to see the wartime community spirit being revived!
  12. ...... and how can it be enforced? Do we have to carry our birth certificates with us? If it’s a question of relying on people to be sensible, some will, some won’t.
  13. I did an online test of ‘guess your age’ yesterday and I came out as 16. Mental age probably!
  14. It’s not for drinking. It’s to sanitise his hands.
  15. It’s norovirus which requires toilet rolls! I wash my hands whilst humming the Dead March from Saul. It takes longer than ‘happy birthday’
  16. I’ve just read that the French are going ahead with local elections this weekend subject to the proviso ‘bring your own pen’ !
  17. Our village main st. is clogged up with parents’ cars at delivery and collection times. There is a school bus from the outlying villages but in most cases people live within a reasonable walking distance but are just too idle to walk. I used to walk or cycle about a mile to primary school when I was a kid, except on some Thursdays when my cousin collected me on a pony!
  18. The demands of the trade unions pushed up labour costs. That was fair enough as they were doing their best for their members. However the Chinese could make the same products for lower costs so it became cheaper to import. How do you shop? If it’s for a similar product you go to the cheapest supplier (unless you’re a Waitrose customer!)
  19. Latest news - Mount Everest has been closed!
  20. All these things are sent to test our faith.
  21. The Cyclemotor certainly caused the rear tyre to wear rapidly. I think it was a beefed up tyre. I well remember seeing both up close.
  22. Cyclemaster was in the rear wheel and Cyclemotor was the mounted power pack. I’ve Googled it!