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  1. Passing the High School entrance exam was just the first stage. This was followed by an interview with the headmaster. The parents were also interviewed. The High School was my first choice at the 11+ stage but there were only a few non fee paying scholarships. High School, Mellish, West Bridgford and Carlton le Willows were my options. Mellish was the most convenient as it was only a short walk from Woodthorpe to Daybrook Station. Woodthorpe boys had their legs pulled by the Arnold lads as they thought we were posh but we then lived in a semi just off Buckingham Rd. so not that posh. We lat
  2. I’ve known plenty of 11+ ‘failures’ who’ve gone on to shine in their careers. One intelligence test at such at early age isn’t appropriate for everyone. We all develop at different rates academically and some of us are more practically inclined. I know academics who can’t mend a fuse or, as I know currently, a retired doctor who can’t change the washer in his toilet cistern and has asked me if I can recommend a plumber!
  3. There are stringent academic entry requirements for the Nottingham High schools. Anyone falling behind academically or in the expected behavioural standards will be asked to leave. With the public boarding schools, from what I’ve experienced from some of their ex pupils, all that is required is the ability of the parents to pay the fees.
  4. You bring joy to my heart on this grey morning Barrie!
  5. At one time you had to be Church of England to go to Bluecoat. I don’t know if that’s still the case. I’m very much against religious indoctrination in education. Our village school is C of E. Our son went there for a year but my wife, a former schoolteacher, was not happy with the standard of education and we moved him to a prep school where he ultimately passed the entrance exam for Nottingham Boys’ High. Our daughter followed him into the prep and ultimately the Girls’ High School. Our son has a PhD and our daughter an MA. I had to pay to give them the quality education I received for free
  6. Even grammar schools were selective, dividing the entrants into A,B and C forms. This was presumably on 11+ results. There was the ability to rise through the ranks dependant on exam results over the years. The C’s and most of the B’s left in the fifth form at age 16. Those with 6 or 7 O-levels went into the 6th form and either down the arts or science routes. I was fortunate to start and remain in the A stream. I believe we were split into arts and science groups at the fourth form stage whilst the ‘also rans’ were either B or C’s.
  7. It’s gets more like ‘1984’ each day. Being careful what you say to avoid causing offence. We’ll all be microchipped soon so the ‘thought police’ can detect us. I’ve always been outspoken so being offensive comes naturally to me.
  8. They will be doing a detailed forensic accounting examination. Each commissioner will be accompanied by a staff of experts.
  9. There was a similar shop on Churchgate in Newark. It’s now gone but I think it was called Brunnings. The stock was kept in wooden drawers behind the counter and the staff wore brown warehouse coats. Another delight was Maltby’s, the agricultural merchants, based between the Wharf and Northgate. It was a rambling shop where you could buy everything for farm and garden. They moved to the industrial estate on Brunel Drive but went out of business some years ago. There is a country store on Maltkiln Lane, Mole Country Stores. I was in there yesterday but it’s bright, modern and soulless. Even the
  10. We’ve just been to Newark. Kelham road is closed so we had go down the Old Gt. North Road. It was just like the seaside. Water for miles on both sides. It’s well over the bank at Fiskerton on the far side but the road is passable.
  11. That's so true. A lot of our teachers were ex military officers and we were treated like erks. Thats why I didn't join the CCF. I don't like being told what to do. That's not the way to foster good employee relations.
  12. Well I’ve just returned from the butcher’s with two enormous pork chops and two enormous Barnsley chops. All far cheaper than fish and chips for two from Burton Joyce chip shop. I like the butcher’s at Muskham. The owner knows his trade and he looks like a proper butcher as well!
  13. I’ve never seen our grass so long, green and lush as it is currently. It desperately needs cutting but it’s much too wet and some areas are ponded. The lake at the end of the field has reappeared with a vengeance. We’re in need of a period of drought to bring us back to normality. There’s a lot of flooded fields with winter wheat struggling to grow. The Trent is once more up to the top at Fiskerton and well over the fields at Kelham. I went out to the workshop to do some chainsaw maintenance as I’ve got a large fallen willow branch that needs chopping up but it was cold, miserable and windy ou
  14. In my day there was a craze for luminous socks. Those caught wearing them had to stand outside the staff room over lunchtime with their trousers rolled up. Not me, I hasten to add!
  15. You can use it to line your hanging baskets Rog.
  16. Religious studies, quadratic equations, French (grammatical, not conversational), Rugby, country dancing (at primary school).
  17. I’m reminded of the man who was shipwrecked on a desert island. His first words were ‘what’s the government ‘cause I’m agin it!’
  18. It's said that vegetarians can't resist bacon. Do you have a secret desire? You don't have to confess obviously!
  19. Nut cutlets, veggie sausages, soya fish fingers. I don’t knock vegetarians, I respect their choice. It’s just like religion but it’s just not for me.
  20. Our daughter and her boyfriend are both veggies. She went veggie some years ago when we kept a few sheep and they became pets. They both look extremely healthy on their diet. She works for the NHS specialising in eating disorders! I’m very fond of fresh veg but I don’t think I could live without meat. The large ginger tomcat sitting on my knee agrees with me.
  21. I’m intrigued. What do you carve in a ‘meat free’ carvery?