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  1. There was a lot of police activity in our village at 6 o’clock this morning. Numerous police vans and CID cars. A 53 year old man was arrested and remains in police custody for offences against the Environmental Protection Act. There are the usual public comments that ‘this sort of thing doesn’t happen in our sleepy village’. I can guess who it is but as no names have been released I can’t say. This could become very interesting. Plenty to gossip about at the pub tonight!
  2. I know you’re in Norfolk BK. If you feel a little warm, dive into the limpid waters!
  3. Too hot to sit outside! It’s only around 14C in your part of the world. Wait until it gets up to 20C as it soon will. Time to take your winter woolies off I think!
  4. There was a wine bar in Trinity Square/Forman St. back in the 70’s/80’s whose name I cant remember but it was run by a chap called Jeremy Gisborne who both Margie and I knew as we were in the same class at Arno Vale primary. He used to live on Greys Rd. Woodthorpe near to Joseph Giemza whom Nonna may have known as he had a prestige hairdressing salon on Market St. A bit of what they used to call a nancy back in those days!
  5. It seems I've lost my youthful looks! Still feel 18 though.
  6. I was expecting a package from Amazon today. A barbecue set containing a sharp knife. The message said I would have to prove that I was over 18 to receive it. When the driver arrived I asked him if he wanted to check my age. He looked me up and down and said ‘that won’t be necessary!’ I felt quite deflated.
  7. It’s usually at the ‘ham tea’ when the fights break out. Old squabbles rise to the surface and the distribution of the deceased’s assets can be a bone of contention. It’s virtually guaranteed at Irish wakes. I wonder if there was a punch up at the Duke’s reception?
  8. All of the funerals I’ve attended in recent years have been secular. We’re not even having one. Straight to Crem and no ham tea are our specific instructions.
  9. Who needs a Poet Laureate when Jill’s here? Very good. All my poems start with ‘There was a young lady from ...........’
  10. I though it was prose. We have got a prose laureate. It must be a bit of a pain having to spout a load of spontaneous, appropriate waffle every time there’s a state occasion. You really need time to compose something meaningful.
  11. There have been some outstanding Poets Laureate but this guy just doesn’t do it for me. I like poetry to rhyme in that it shows a certain skill in finding an apposite ensuing line. Prose or blank verse requires much less ability.
  12. I’ve just listened online to the Poet Laureate’s tribute to the Duke. I thought poetry was supposed to rhyme but apparently not! What a load of rubbish! I’ve never rated this guy as a poet but then what do I know about poetry?
  13. Who wants to go shopping in the city with all the hassle of carrying things to the ‘bus or car? Shopping may be a pleasure for some people but, since the lockdowns, I’ve much preferred having stuff delivered to the door. There are certain things like fresh foods that are better selected in a shop of course. Looking at the recent queues for Primark there are still a lot of enthusiastic shoppers out there!
  14. Yes, agreed. It’s the high rise block in Clifton Estate.
  15. We had cobbles in Newark market place and they had become smooth and flattened over time. Some years ago the council, in their wisdom, had them taken up and relaid and people were tripping on them all over the place. Perhaps a cobbled effect could be used in the Broad Marsh scheme without the hazards of proper cobbles. I’m sure the Council will be able to cobble something together.
  16. Posh, but not that posh! They’re all incomers and townies. I’ve been here 60 years in July. I might erect a statue.
  17. No in these parts BK. They all talk posh round here - apart from the farmers!
  18. I do have on ‘0’ level in English but it was in 1959. The language has moved on since then!
  19. If only there was a City Council with intelligence and vision.
  20. The no.10 used to go round Thackeray's Lane island and terminated at just past the old railway bridge. The route was subsequently extended along Arno Vale Rd. as far as Coningsby Rd. The destination said '10 Arno Vale Estate' which upset the locals as they didn't think they lived on an 'Estate'. We left the area in '62 so I don't know what happened after that.
  21. Yes, I've got those plus a timing light, a Gunson's multimeter and an exhaust gas analyser. They will be used if and when I recommission my son's MG Midget.
  22. I felt a bit of a prick when I had my jab on Monday - but that's not unusual!