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  1. Line dancing in Lowdham. Good grief, it’s getting closer. Man the barricades! It’s a good job my wife runs our village hall. She wouldn’t permit that sort of behaviour!
  2. I've always called a spade a spade but I imagine someone will decide that could have racial connotations and take offence!
  3. BAME, black and minority ethnic, is being brought into question now. 'People of colour' is acceptable but 'coloured people' apparently isn't. Depending on the company you're with you can be walking on eggshells every time you open your mouth. I'm of an age where I don't give a stuff!
  4. Or, conversely, the Jolly Green Giant. Heightism can be just as offensive.
  5. I hope the black puddings gave them an upset stomach. My Sunday 'full works' breakfast was ruined by not having one.
  6. It's all about money. It always is.
  7. I couldn't get black pudding from our farm shop last Saturday. Someone had just been in and bought 20!!
  8. When my dentist fitted my crowns and bridges he used a two pack adhesive and that was over 50 years ago. They've never come off and I would image adhesive technology is much more advanced today. My wife has been instructed to have them removed when I die to recover the gold!
  9. People who have Covid can infect others two days before the symptoms manifest themselves and for ten days after they have recovered.
  10. Tat is fetching quite high prices. I'll think twice about getting a skip next time I have a clear out.
  11. They did travel in an open top bus on one occasion. An old friend who was managing director of City Transport at the time joined them on the bus for the journey. He told me they drove past Jane Torvill's parents' shop on Valley Road
  12. Why would the NHS contact random people? As Stuart says it's got to be a scam to obtain personal details. It's just like the other 'we were unable to deliver a parcel' scam. There are lots of online scams and, sadly, lots of gullible people - especially we oldies.
  13. It’ll be like Aberdeen on a flag day!
  14. At least Macron says he wants to 'piss off' the unvaccinated. Can't imagine the Queen saying that, although it does sound much milder in French!
  15. I doubt we'll be able to abolish them in the near future so we've just got to treat them as an irrelevance. They do provide a great deal of intrigue and amusement to brighten our lives at very little cost per capita. The alternative would be an elected president and looking around the world at those, no-one outstanding comes to mind.
  16. The Government are relaxing the rules on the follow up PCR tests so it will be easy to submit a fake lateral flow test. Crack open the Coca Cola!
  17. Hot cross buns. On sale today at Morrisons. Just celebrated the birth of Jesus and now they can't wait to kill him off - all in the name of commercialism!
  18. It's easy to fake a lateral flow test. I wonder how many kids will do it to avoid school? The information is readily available.
  19. Lucky bugger! I've had to forgo the usual Sunday 'full works' breakfast as we have family joining us for lunch. Back on for tomorrow though!