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  1. I can remember and have been in them all. Its just too tedious to type them all out using one finger on my phone!
  2. Dancing is one of the many social graces that I've never managed to master. I went once to a dance school with my fiance above Burtons in Newark. We started with the waltz and progressed to the cha cha during the evening. I kept falling over on the polished floor. Fortunately there was a bar so I spent most of the evening in there much to my partner's disgust. She did marry me eventually though!
  3. I think it was a fashionable but unnecessary procedure back in day.
  4. I’ve got a ukulele. I’m available for weddings, funerals and Bar Mitzvah’s.
  5. Why not black up Jill, take out your ukulele, and give us a chorus of ‘Mamie’?
  6. Black pudding is a gourmet’s delight. White pudding is disgusting. But then I’m prejudiced!
  7. I like whitebait but does that now have have racial connotations?
  8. I remember parking in the Broad Marsh car park in the 60’s. It was just a large open space at the time. I also remember going in the Sawyers before it was a Berni That was quite an education!
  9. Well they'll have to go to the Magistrates Court for failure to pay but I'm sure the amounts will be reduced as they won't have sufficient personal funds. A prison sentence would be possible but I doubt it would get that far. Half the covid fines issued remain unpaid and the courts have an enormous backlog.
  10. It takes time to get the message home apparently. It just shows they will take virtually anyone at university now. Its all about the money.
  11. If you log into you can see the list of schools that Panora photographed. Mundella is one of them. Carlton le Willows is there too.
  12. I hated maths. That’s why I became an accountant. As long as you can add up that’s all the maths you need to know!
  13. Malc was wondering about this as well. He thinks it was made of wood and that Panora took it with them from school to school. There was certainly nothing like it stored at the school. Like the true researcher that he is he’s checking with other contacts for further information.
  14. Got it! Whyche and Coppock. Radford Mill, Norton St. Builders of Merlin, National12, OK’s and Graduates.
  15. As a former dinghy sailor I should know the name of this company but can’t bring it to mind! Yes, there was a constructor of wooden sailing dinghies in the area you state. I’ve walked past the factory. I’ve Googled it but can’t find anything. I’ll report back if the name comes to me.
  16. I think you'll find that the independents have access to the service records on line as well. European ruling!
  17. I think we're ripped off by main dealerships in this country. As soon as my car is out of warranty I will use an independent specialist who charges less than half the price.