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  1. philmayfield

    Forest Manager

    I see Freedman's gone. 13 months - quite good for a Forest manager.
  2. philmayfield

    How's your day?

    I think that sums it up pretty well Ben!
  3. philmayfield

    Model Aircraft

    It just takes far too long to get through the thick heads of the people who purport to run this country. No one seems to have an ounce of dynamism. I could never have run a business the way this country is operated.
  4. philmayfield

    How's your day?

    Yes, l carry one in my car emergency bag, which never seems to get put in the car!
  5. philmayfield

    How's your day?

    Did you collect the yellow vest on the way out?
  6. philmayfield

    Model Aircraft

    No, one of his interests is archery. That's how he got the drone down from the poplar tree! I now have the parts in stock to replace the damaged ones on our next visit!
  7. philmayfield

    Model Aircraft

    That's useful info, thanks. Coincidently my son lives in Lancaster.
  8. philmayfield

    Model Aircraft

    Son had Parrot Mambo. I'm looking DJI Mavic air.
  9. philmayfield


    After years of trying they've almost got him. Great news!
  10. philmayfield

    Model Aircraft

    Only if over 250 gms though.
  11. philmayfield

    Model Aircraft

    I think they will have to ban the flying of drones. Because their operation requires minimal skill they have fallen into the hands of the irresponsible. It’s a bit like cars really but it’s too late to ban them now!
  12. philmayfield

    Model Aircraft

    I agree. A medium to large sized drone is a serious piece of kit but sadly, because of the ease of use compared to the skills required to fly a R/C aircraft its become a childs’ toy. I can see much more stringent laws coming along. It’s a pity because used responsibly they can bring visual access for inspection to places which normally require a ladder. They can also spy on neighbours sunbathing - I foresee many problems!
  13. philmayfield

    Model Aircraft

    Even when you are not flying commercially there are strict CAA rules that must be obeyed. They are published for all to see. If you are flying commercially you must get a licence.
  14. philmayfield

    Model Aircraft

    If you do you would have to get permission from the CAA anyway. I’m not anti drones, I bought my son one for Christmas and I’m looking at buying one for myself but it’s important to know the flying rules to stay out of trouble.
  15. philmayfield

    Mobile phones in class!

    I was ace on a slide rule back in the 60's. I still have a play with it just to keep my hand in. I've chucked the log tables away though!
  16. I knew a Frank Mee back in the 60’s. He would have been early 30’s. His mother was a retired nursing sister/matron. I think he went on to be a PT teacher. I believe he was from Bulwell. Nice guy. Ring any bells?
  17. philmayfield

    How's your day?

    And now we’ve got super gonorrhea to contentend with. When I say ‘we’ obviously I don’t include myself.
  18. philmayfield

    How's your day?

    It might cure your cough! I remember the nurse saying ‘I’m supposed to be wiping the surgeon’s brow, not yours!
  19. philmayfield

    How's your day?

    Yes, once perfection has been achieved where can you go from there? There are two little Mayfield’s though. - not so little now!
  20. philmayfield

    How's your day?

    The last time, many years ago, when I went to the doctors’ for antibiotics for a sore throat I came out with an appointment for a vasectomy. I think he was getting kick back from the surgeon on all the patients he could forward to him!
  21. philmayfield

    Drones at Gatwick

    I’m surprised that with all the press present, presumably with high powered cameras, we haven’t yet seen a picture of one of the so called drones.
  22. philmayfield

    The Lost City.

    Stag had a factory at Hucknall but the Head office and the other manufacturing site was on Haydn Rd. On the corner of Quorn Rd. There was no fire at the Haydn Rd. premises during the 25 years I worked in the area. I do remember seeing the fire at Stanley’s, Bulwell, though out of my window.
  23. philmayfield

    Manning Grammar School

    Stopped you from becoming a softie though!
  24. philmayfield


    There are at least 11 subjects that come under the classification of 'humanities' so it requires a collective name to summarise them.
  25. philmayfield

    Vanished shops

    .......... and being a true, adoptive, Scot he’s still watching that TV and using that recorder to this very day. It’s in colour now do you ken.