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  1. We used to do all the Buddy Holly stuff when I played in a group when I was 17/18. Our greatest success was at the Girls’ High School where the girls were getting overexcited at our performance and the Headmistress closed us down!
  2. I wouldn't think that the army are doing anything more than Amazon Prime do everyday. My Amazon orders are coming faster than my vaccination.
  3. @davep5491I don't think the army are to blame.They're doing the best they can with their limited experience of such a task. It's whoever disseminates the information who's at fault. I'm sure the army would rather be out shooting our enemies!
  4. Do you have a 'trophy' cabinet Ben?
  5. I’ve just heard on the lunchtime news that my junior age group has been put on hold. There’s a vaccine shortage apparently and they still haven’t finished jabbing the ‘proper’ oldies.
  6. I‘ve got my letter saying ‘book now’. I satisfy all the requirements but when I log in it tells me I’m not eligible to book. Why is the system being run by bleedin’ idiots?
  7. Most of the houses in the area are above flood level. Even the care home, old Star and Garter pub is built especially high and doesn't flood.
  8. The care home at Hazleford has been evacuated and the inmates taken to an ‘empty’ home in Carlton. The main Bleasby/Fiskerton now flooded at Gibsmere crossroads so the hamlet and Hazleford are isolated except by tractor. The old residents down there are used to it but there must be incomers who wish they hadn’t moved there! This is not an uncommon event. The problem is that the traffic diverts down our narrow lane to avoid the floods and mostly there’s nowhere to go if someone’s coming the other way! I don’t think it’s time to inflate my dinghy yet, it was much more severe in 2000 and we
  9. We have a flood alert round here primarily down the lower end of the village and at Gibsmere. The only people seriously at risk of being cut off are the residents of the care home at Hazelford, although the building itself is too high to flood as are the houses at Gibsmere. The last time it flooded the old folk were brought out by tractor and trailer. The village hall down the lane from us is the designated refuge until they can be rehoused. I have a boat in the garden and an inflatable in the garage but I'll leave it to the professionals to attempt a rescue. Having lived round here for 59 yea
  10. The problem with a haggis, being round like a ball, is you don't know whether to cook it or kick it. When you've cooked it you'll wish you'd kicked it!
  11. Funnily enough in this part of Notts we do have a mini hotbed of Liberals. At elections there are lots of 'Vote Liberal' posters, especially in Southwell. It never produces any positive results of course but I just wonder who these people are. Southwell is a fairly affluent town and I would expect people to be Tory as Newark and Sherwood is a strong Conservative constituancy
  12. The farmshop have got piles. I think there's a cure for those though!
  13. It seems you like neither the Tories or Labour. That leaves the Liberals. I hear they're looking for support!
  14. Just been to the farm shop and bought a haggis. Don't forget it's Burn's night on Monday 25th. They're well stocked. I've never seen so many south of the border!
  15. Used to pass the Moo Cow every morning in the early '60's walking into town from the station before I had a car.
  16. I've just discovered it was over the Three Tuns pub on Fletcher Gate.
  17. I vaguely remember something of a similar name. Was it above Bells, the stationers shop and didn’t those shop premises subsequently become a restaurant whose name escapes me?
  18. I know that in my area Marshall’s coaches are running a free half hour shuttle service from Newark ‘bus station to the show ground vaccination centre, which isn’t easily accessible by public transport but you’ve got to get to the ‘bus station first. There must be lots of over 80’s who no longer drive. Do they have to rely on the goodwill of friends and neighbours? I though you weren’t supposed to have people out of your bubble in your car.
  19. Like the two men in the adjoining hospital beds: 'What are you in for?' 'I've been castrated' 'What are you in for?' 'I've been circumcised' 'Oh bugger, I knew it began with a C!'
  20. I may be willing to have a go at most things but even I wouldn’t attempt that. As I don’t have a basic first aid certificate I doubt if I would do it for anyone else either.
  21. It's a painful thing to have. I operated on my own some years ago. There was a lot of blood but it was a success. I don't think I would be flexible enough to do it now!
  22. It's my wife who likes them. I call them weeds. If I were a bit younger I would plough it all up and plant vines. Every year its mown for hay. If you leave it to nature it becomes matted. Even nature requires some help.
  23. I had an epidural and thought I could watch the operation as I'm not squeamish but I must have dozed off.
  24. 'Alternative religion'. I might join. We have the Riverside Church in our area but it seems to attract the oddballs.