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  1. I knew Pat Radford. He had a shop at the entrance of the Central Market. He was a friend of George Akins who I also knew.
  2. No Loppy. My only relatives living abroad are in Perth WA.
  3. It’s metal so definitely earth it.
  4. Just Googled Doug de Havilland, or to give him his full title - Douglas Grenville Rudyard de Havilland! He must have been a bon viveur, he was a director of Nottingham Burgundy Suppliers! I think it was actually a property management company with a grand name!
  5. That's right, it was Doug, although I believe he was related to the famous family. He helped me out with industrial electronics on a few occasions. He knew exactly what he was talking about and after a brief description of the problem he could rapidly come up with a solution. When his shop was at the top of Sherwood St. he was very popular with the electronic hobbyists from the High School.
  6. There used to be another electronics shop at the top of North Sherwood St. It was run by a man with the rather splendid name of Geoffrey de Havilland. He subsequently moved to Radford Boulevard.
  7. Didn’t that used to be Bennett’s Garage? There was also a radio/electronics shop in that row. ‘Super Radio’?
  8. BK must have worked up a ‘Head of Steam’ to find that!
  9. You don't need a clue. That's the answer! No.7 to be exact.
  10. High Pavement Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee?
  11. The former chairman of Mandora, Tony Morton, lives in my village.
  12. I may have pictures somewhere. I was a young Conservative - still am at heart!
  13. It certainly had a starting handle. I sold it to a butcher in Coddington but the registration, FBT 20, survives to this day on a modern car. Looking at the original logbook it had been owned by just about every member of the RAF! I resprayed in Rolls Royce metallic blue, my first and only attempt at a respray. It was rather good though!
  14. Probably. I forgot to say I have the leather flying jacket to complete the ensemble!
  15. My MG TC had a fold flat windscreen but you were unable to breathe at speed! I do have a leather flying helmet and goggles but I felt such a prat when I wore them.
  16. She thought I was the mad axeman and that her end was nigh!
  17. My first car was a 1947 MG TC. You could recline the seats but they were held in place by two large wing nuts which you had to loosen by hitting with a mallet. Imagine my girlfriend's horror when I appeared with a large lump hammer to put the seats into a reclining position!
  18. Same with my Defender swb. Nicked whilst I was in Homebase for only five minutes!
  19. .......and from new the heater was a £10 extra!
  20. I'd pop my new hip out of joint trying to climb onto the seat of the Fergie!