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  1. You have opted to be a bloody soft southerner!
  2. I think you would prefer the southern highlands. Some call it the South Downs.
  3. There's nothing worse than those people who pre sugar and milk your tea. Milk and sugar contents are very subjective.
  4. You would think that the developers of pharmacy products for animals would have devised a way to make them palatable. Surely they must know about the problems involved in getting the creatures to swallow them by now.
  5. It’s strange that the French can’t make tea when they claim the gastronomic high ground in other areas (although I much prefer Italian cooking). Tea making in England was a ritual but the invention of the tea bag did away with much of that and as long as the tea has time to brew in pot or mug I defy anyone to tell the difference. I, until recently, had a morning coffee routine where I ground the beans and poured slightly less than boiling water over the grounds in a caffetiere. Since I spotted Taylor’s of Harrogate coffee bags in assorted strengths the ritual has gone out of the window and the brew is simpler to prepare, no loose grounds to flush away and the flavour, with the coffee out of a sealed packet, is indistinguishable from freshly ground. The easy life for me in future.
  6. We have a collection of novelty teapots but they sit on the dresser. We're common bag to cup people here. Sorry to let the side down.
  7. No fun in an ordinary car. This should be an adventure with daily updates and pictures!
  8. Just press the button once Barrie.
  9. Thanks Katy, the mind boggled at the thought!
  10. 11 shuttles Barry, they should get you to Scotland !
  11. From Lewes to Loch Watten. That’s about 725 miles. That will take some planning as motorways don’t allow golf carts. Let’s hope there’s lots of charging points up in the Highlands. You could write a book about it when you return, if you ever do!
  12. My son always carries a 'poachers rod' when out for a walk. Last Christmas the pike were just queuing up to be caught at the local ponds! Never happens for me.
  13. I don't think there are any fish in the Scottish Lochs. Loch Awe is our regular and it's just pleasant to sit there drifting on a late summer's day. It would be nice to have an occasional fish though!
  14. I've reversed a largish boat onto a slipway a few times. Even when there's not a soul around the onlookers appear out of knowwhere to watch you make a cock up. I once got a round of applause up in Scotland.
  15. The Italian guy who was driving me in his Maserati just outside of Milan was pulled over for speeding. When the police noticed his Swiss plates and he produced a New Jersey driver’s licence the policeman shrugged and waved him on!
  16. I’m not bragging but I’ve never had any points on my licence since passing my test. I have had two speeding cautions but I used my charm and apologised profusely!
  17. I am very tempted to have a go Brew - either that or take up Christianity!
  18. I did have a day’s session at Millbrook, the motor industry proving ground, a few years ago. It was part of the package with the new car I’d bought. They have all sorts of tracks and conditions there and you can push a car to its limits and have a session on a skid pan. The most amazing part was driving round their banked, circular test track at 130 mph. It was more of a demonstration of driving skills rather than road craft though.
  19. I’m tempted to have an assessment but I’m sure it would end in a disagreement! I have studied ‘Roadcraft’ the police drivers’ manual.
  20. I took my test at Valley Rd. Basford. The route was around the Henry Mellish area so I knew the roads well.
  21. The only comment from the examiner when I passed my test first time in 1960 was that I ‘drove a little too slowly’. Nobody’s ever said since!