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  1. Yes, parish and district councils seem to attract the incompetent and the oddballs. Some go on to become members of Parliament.
  2. There’s a lot of contestants for that title here. Many sit on the parish council!
  3. You can't judge someone by the way they dress. If you looked at me you'd think I was the village idiot.
  4. Yes Barrie, it’s frightening when you think only 23 years!
  5. She was 103 Barrie. Must be the air in your part of the world.
  6. For £18 I won’t be going again.
  7. Sadly they all been eaten but there were more chips than I’ve ever seen before. It was a struggle to finish them. Half of my wife’s chips went in the bin.
  8. My wallet can stand it but it always seems to be me who pays to get others out of difficulties. That’s the problem with being kind hearted!
  9. I thought you were referring to Bert Weedon. His guitar tutor ‘Play in a Day’ was used by all budding guitarists in the 50/60’s. I think the title ‘Play in a Day’ was overstretching it somewhat though!
  10. I doubt she will go there again. Why go 25 miles to a hairdresser?
  11. It was very scary in that car park. Even I felt uneasy as I never venture into Nottingham at night due to the potential of getting mugged. She called us rather than her six foot boyfriend because we lived closer! I did remind her we were both OAP’s!
  12. We had a call at 7.15pm yesterday evening from our daughter whose car wouldn’t start and she was stuck in the Victoria Centre car park on the deserted third floor. She was unable to get a reply from the AA. She was panicking! I grabbed my portable jump starter and we both set off. We arrived half an hour later to meet a rather frightened young lady. The empty floor was very eerie! My starter pack had no effect on what was obviously a very depleted battery. I could get no phone response from the AA either so I contacted them via their app. This produced a reaction and after a wait of over an ho
  13. I ultimately get my own way because I’m always right. It’s called diplomacy.
  14. I think the word ‘cherish’ is used now. I continue to obey though. Anything for a quiet life!
  15. My best price for that car is £1395 with Admiral but I have a clean licence. I pay around £400 for my E350D 4Matic Merc estate and my previous Jag F Type was similar.
  16. In modern parlance it describes hypocritical close-minded people who are are unable to accept other people’s criticism or different perspective. Initially it was used to describe people who became more aware of social injustice.
  17. What are you doing here on social media?
  18. He’s coming back now so we can all rest safely in our beds. I’m usually fast asleep in mine when he’s on the TV so I don’t have to watch the overpaid crisp salesman.
  19. My left hand’s a bit stiff. Nobody loves an 80 year old rocker!
  20. I could rattle that out on the guitar back in my playing days. If only I hadn’t chopped a finger off in a horticultural incident I’d go and pick up my Stratocaster now and give it a whirl!
  21. Yes, I changed the battery on my daughter’s MacBook last year. A fiddly job but it worked well enough to copy all the files. I bought her a new one!
  22. He used to come to my local, sometimes with David Gower, as they shared the same agent, Jon Holmes, who lived in the village. Never liked the guy, even less so since he grew that stupid facial hair which makes him look like a dodgy moneylender!
  23. Must have been waiting ages. You can’t just walk into a showroom and buy a new car nowadays and used ones are going for silly high prices.