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  1. That seems to be the way of getting rid of used white goods around here. The travelling community (who don’t actually travel very far) do a ‘collection service’.
  2. We had a woman who lived down our lane. I thought she was a witch. She claimed to know all about mushrooms. I remember the day the ambulance came ............
  3. I knew Bicker quite well when my cousin and her husband used to keep the Red Lion pub there. It was on the A52 but has since been bypassed. My uncle also lived in the village. Funnily enough my other cousin, her brother, used to keep the Red Lion pub in Stow on the Wold
  4. 5 o’clock in the morning! Most of us are just getting home from clubbing.
  5. Fairground entrepreneur. In a big way. Think of Fantasy Island and Goose Fair.
  6. The lady from La Bucca. Haven't changed much!
  7. A friend travelled to Italy and back on his wife's passport which he mistakenly picked up!
  8. I went out of curiosity by train from Llandudno in the sixties. The man in the ticket office said ‘what do you want to go to that bloody fish and chip town for!’
  9. I went to Rhyl once. It made Skegness look like Monte Carlo!
  10. Nonna will know but will be wary about commenting! I believe they still pull a few strings. I once made a joking remark about the Mafia in Naples and was told ’we don’t make those sort of jokes here!’
  11. When I used to go to Italy on business I heard that firms kept two sets of books. One for themselves and one for inspection by the Revenue. Italian revenue officers were armed and could visit at any time. You could never get into an Italian factory without announcing yourself at the gates. They were like a fortress, to keep the inspectors out.
  12. Market traders could use card machines but they are amongst a group of traders that 'prefer' not to declare their full income on their tax returns!
  13. There are a few small shops (fish and chips etc.) that insist on cash only. That just draws attention to the fact that they’re probably not fully declaring their income. Believe me, as one who sat as a tax commissioner for over 25 years, the Revenue have a large fraud investigation section!
  14. I'm all for a cashless society. All transactions are recorded and it prevents those who do jobs for cash from cheating HM Customs and revenue. Can't see any advantage at all in paying in cash.
  15. I knew Susie Fletcher when she worked as a comp.operator at the accountants Hubbart, Durose and Pain. She married Robert Bastow whom she met at Hubbarts. He gave up accountancy to work for Gascoignes in Southwell to train as an estate agent. He was a serious diabetic and died at a young age. Susie was a very 'lively' girl.
  16. BMW’s and Audis are the worst offenders. I don’t know why. I was in my wife’s Jag!
  17. I must confess you are probably right!
  18. I’ve not done much serious motorway driving for a while but yesterday we did a 300 mile round trip to Lancashire. Interesting points were: Overtaking on the left, even at high speed, is a regular occurrence. National speed limits, even the dark and wet, are purely advisory. Signalling to change lanes is voluntary Driving up people’s backsides is a common occurrence Clogging the middle lane when the inside lane is clear is compulsory The thing I can’t understand was that my wife averaged 51 to the gallon on her leg and I only got 45 on the return journey!