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  1. Perhaps they think I'm a long lost relative trying to contact them - a sort of 'bat text'? Or perhaps I'm just a batty old woman?
  2. What amazes me about the bats is how fast they are. If you blink, you can miss them as they zoom back and forth in our garden. Standing in the middle of the garden, clicking your fingers seems to attract them even more...
  3. We order our repeat prescriptions using systmonline and they are ready for collection at our local pharmacy after 72 hours. The pharmacy offers a free delivery service but we haven't taken them up on that yet - perhaps when we are no longer able to collect them ourselves, we will! To get an appointment with a GP we use 'Askmygp' where you can request either a named GP or any doctor available. All we have to do. Is type in the problem. The doctor responds via text, email or usually a phone call for a remote consult. If a face to face is deemed necessary, an appointment is made there a
  4. A few years ago, when we'd come to Nottingham for a meet up, Chulla brought us a huge bag of quince from his garden. I made lots of quince jelly that year!
  5. That was very funny! The bit that made me chuckle the most was when she said that Roy always sees things visually. I agreee with that - it’s the best way.
  6. I remember the pulpit looking like a sort-of tan/beige/white marble. And there were blue curtains in the choir stalls. Did you know a girl called Rachel (I think). Her dad was a man with white hair in the choir. We met her when Paul and I were working as hosts for a week in a Methodist Guild hotel in Whitby. She was a member of staff there that Summer. This would have been in the 1990s
  7. Just reread the posts on this thread and what I wrote over 3 and a half years ago still stands. I did feel sad that NewBasfordlad is no longer with us .....
  8. @Winnie6664It was Rev Widdowson who married us (along with my husband's dad who was a Methodist minister!). Does anyone know if the church has been sold yet, and who bought it?
  9. Interesting post @Winnie6664 did you time in the Cubs overlap with some of the other people who’ve posted on here? I’m much older than you as I got married at the church in 1966.
  10. @JohnW I left the school in 1954 so our times at the school would have overlapped by one year. Thank you for posting - I remember some of the teachers you mentioned, including Archie, whom I got to know after I’d left the school. Have you read all the previous posts on this thread because I think you may have been close in age to @Stuart.C who posted earlier?
  11. BK. When you said you did hill starts on WestdaleLane, I immediately thought of Freda Avenue which runs off there if I remember correctly. Now that would be a VERY difficult hill start as I believe it’s the steepest road on the Nottingham area?
  12. I bet that domino lady didn’t have a cat.
  13. @katyjaywe have 3 children in their fifties and most of the time I don’t feel old (in my head that is ... the rest of my body sometimes disagrees )
  14. @nonnaB and best wishes from me, too xx
  15. RR did you join in with sandcastle making?