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  1. SG I didn’t even attempt to set up my new phone. One of our sons and a grown up grandson came round and did it all. They just asked me various questions as they did it - what background, ring tone, alerts, volume and font size etc. They couldn’t transfer anything from my old phone as it wasn’t even a smart phone! Then they synced it with Paul’s phone, Alexa and our iPad which is good until I’m doing a lot of messaging as it sounds like bellringing practice as the alerts go off one after the other. I think you are very talented doing most of it yourself.
  2. I sometimes wonder how accurate family trees are because it’s only absolutely accurate through the female line - the father of a child may not always be the husband!
  3. Perhaps he was asking too much for it? As they say, something is worth worth what somebody will pay for it.
  4. Daleks can now levitate and even ‘fly’ did you know!
  5. At. The house in Nottingham where I grew up we had a lounge, a dining room (but it was mostly used as my playroom) a kitchen, where we ate most of the time except for bigger family gatherings, a pantry and a scullery.
  6. Thought it was just me with NS taking ages to load etc
  7. I think we all have a moan now and again don’t we? ….. and I quite like some of RR’s music videos! Perhaps the heat is making us all complain more? I can ignore bad language as long as it’s not aimed towards a person or a particular group of people in a hateful way. Can’t we just try and be kind?? Love from a woke snowflake x
  8. Carni, sorry you’re still not feeling too good - I hope your hospital appointment will soon come through. Keep looking after each other (as I know you will) xx
  9. Mary, sorry to hear this about your family members. The trouble is that some of the younger generation think they’re invincible and that they won’t catch then virus but, as you say, a positive result affects all the people they live with.
  10. I’ve always thought that a pizza must basically have cheese and tomato (in some form) on it or it isn’t a pizza - it’s just a bread base with a topping on it. It’s like asking for a cheese and tomato sandwich but asking for the cheese and tomato to be replaced by jam!
  11. All th best for this afternoon nonna x
  12. @mary1947 Sorry about your grandson’s troubles. I hope he will be OK , also the rest of the family x It’s good that he wants to speak with you on the phone, though. I think grandchildren are very precious gifts …..
  13. I’m not convinced that animals read our minds per se, but I know they can sense any - even minor- changes in our usual actions and voice. They are always wary of anything different. They are the same with the spot-on flea stuff and we can never get both cats done on the same day! Anyway, it’s all done now for another year (barring illness etc) but our bank balance is over £180 lighter! That’s including the cost of more flea and worm treatment but I can’t help but think that someone along the line is making a huge profit! The cats went in together and were in the room for less
  14. Nonna, I was good at PE too and could shin up and down ropes very easily, also walk on my hands and do back flips. However, I also loved netball and played in the school team. I was goal attack. Nice memories of when I was young and fit! I live my sports life vicariously now through my granddaughter who is 11 and just like I used to be (but she is a footballer and cricketer as well, so that's where we differ)