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  1. I never have any problem giving our two cats their 3 monthly worming tablets.. I just hold them by the scruff of their neck in my left hand and lift their front legs off the ground. When they open their mouth to protest, I poke the tablet right to the back of their throat using my right thumb and forefinger. I keep holding their scruff and rub their throats and it's done. Not so good at doing the spot on flea treatment though. It needs 2 of us to do that!!
  2. I don't mind when I'm given a mug of tea which already has milk in, but I wouldn't drink it if sugar had been added...
  3. I have a Kenyan friend here in the village and she makes teabag tea in a teapot, but then adds the milk into the teapot as well! It tastes fine, but looks strange seeing milky tea coming out of the spout..
  4. @Beekay we use a teapot because the tea tastes better when you do!
  5. Oz, I know the poem wasn't primarily about humans and the effects on them during the war, but it made me cry thinking of the innocent horses that suffered from the atrocities....
  6. RR it seems to be your mission in life to search the forum for duplicate threads and bring them to light - a sort of undercover moderator. You're giving CT a lot of work to merge them but I'm sure he can cope!
  7. Love that post, Jill. Very imaginative......or could it be true? @colly0410 it must have been horrible when your old friends didn't want to know you when you returned... children can be very cruel until they develop empathy........but sadly, some never do and spend their whole lives not caring about other people unless they're in their particullar group.
  8. I've 'liked' the bonfire photo 4? times now... why ARE there so many Bonfire night threads?
  9. Colly, do you have actual dreams/nightmares about being lost or anxious in unfamiliar schools? Paul does! He says that when he was in a new large secondary school and there was the usual change of classroom at the end of a lesson, he daren't call in to the toilet on the way because he didn't know which classroom to go to. Very stressful. Also, he felt he was always doing 'catch up' in some subjects, for example being put in a Latin class - which he had never done before - alongside students who had been doing it for a year already. Going to so many schools obviously impacted on the friendships he made as well. I still have some friends from Primary School as well as Secondary. He doesn't....
  10. How many schools did you go to , colly? My Paul went to 6 schools, I think. He says it was not good moving around so much as the curriculum was often different in each school and he kept getting lost in the secondary schools. These days, new students are given a ' buddy' to show them around and make them feel welcome but sadly, that wasn't the case 60 - 70 years ago.
  11. That sounds really disgusting, colly! But also funny I always use a teapot, a china mug (don't like cups and saucers) put milk in the mug before pouring the tea in, and I couldn't drink it if it had sugar in! I also don't like strong tea ... I like the "surely you don't like it THAT WEAK" kind of tea.... and it should be decaffeinated as well. HOWEVER, I would enjoy condensed milk straight from a spoon (sticky milk our kids called it) ... used to make sandwiches with it inside!
  12. Perhaps Lizzie is the big boss of Postimage ?