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  1. Jill, probably never...
  2. You'll have more opportunity for that at the meet up! I presume it's still on - we are coming to Nottingham for FOUR nights/five days, so hope we'll see several 'old things' while we're there..... if anyone can't make the arranged date, we'd be pleased to meet individuals on another day as well.....
  3. Been like this for a couple or three days.... I was wondering what was going on! (Or more correctly, why was NOTHING going on!!)
  4. Trogg, I'm sorry that the lawn mower isn't the right one for you, but that certainly isn't YOUR fault... you couldn't possibly have known that it would move too quickly and cause you pain and discomfort in your back, legs and shoulders! I hope your son will be able to cut the grass for you in the future x
  5. Phil, 'never been attacked by a cat' Although they possibly don't plan on hurting you, they can cause nasty scratches when they don't want the flea treatment on their neck!
  6. So sorry about your little granddaughter, Lizzie. It's a fine line teaching children to understand that dogs can bite, while not wanting them to panic whenever they see one. I suppose they have to be taught to respect them (and cats!) and not think of them as cuddly toys. Anyway, I'm pleased that she doesn't seem too traumatised by the experience.... Also, sorry about your wrist. Did anyone else see you fall off? (I always think that's the worst bit!!). I suppose the playground had the usual soft surface which would have lessened the impact and prevented grazing your skin? Anyway, all the best xx
  7. We are thinking of you, too, Col. (and praying!! )
  8. Jill, so what do you use your creamy milk for? Are cats supposed to drink cow's milk? I sometimes mix a little milk with cooked cheap white fish for our two cats.....
  9. We usually have skimmed milk in a glass bottle from the milkman, but we occasionally have semi skimmed in a plastic bottle from the Supermarket. I do prefer the latter on cereal but like skimmed in tea and coffee. We have UHT skimmed milk in a carton for if we we run out.
  10. I can see all 3 photos, but the cat one has the word 'Photobucket' on it...'
  11. Pleased the Rabbi enjoyed the Carols. Perhaps he just enjoyed the tunes and didn't listen to the words?
  12. That was my logic, too, Carni, but only after reading your original post
  13. There are three adults who are connected in this puzzle - is that your thinking too, Carni?
  14. Carni, I've just re read your last but one post and I think I know who the lady is, too
  15. I'm not on that photo! Nonna and Carni, I've no idea what you are talking about, either...