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  1. Following on from Deepdene's post about his parents having first met at the Palais, I just wondered where YOUR parents first met.... My mum and dad met at a dance held in a North Notts village hall around 1920. They saw each other regularly after that but didn't get married until 1933. My maternal grandmother was ill for years and my mum ended up being her primary carer. Apparently grandma asked my mum not to leave her to get married, so my mum waited... and waited ....and waited. I wonder if anyone would do the same these days.
  2. Lizzie, I think we didn’t do country dancing at C le W because there would have been no space in the curriculum to do such a thing! Another reason might be that because the school was co-Ed we didn’t need to meet with other schools in order to socialise with the opposite sex… The time at school was filled mainly with academic stuff most (but not all) of which I have never found a use for in my whole life, except to teach to other children! I enjoyed all the learning though, so that’s a positive.
  3. Sorry Phil, I can’t remember a girl like the one you describe l. Obviously she wasn’t in my circle of friends….
  4. Was it Diana Lane? I can’t remember her storytelling talents but I think she went to Brincliffe (or perhaps it was Hollygirt?). Also Sally Fremantle? I just know they didn’t go to C le W ….
  5. I’m afraid you are correct Phil. Fen people have a strange sense of humour….
  6. Strangely, I can’t remember many of the country dances we did at school. … it’s very odd as I’ve always loved dancing. Obviously they didn’t make a lasting impression on me. It may have been because we had to hold hands with BOYS and at that point in my life, I didn’t like doing that! (Made up for it later, though lol)
  7. Sort of linked to Jill’s post above …. Paul is taking a funeral today and the song that’s been requested as the coffin leaves the church is one by the Everly Brothers. Can you guess the first name of the deceased lady? This is true!
  8. Having done a First Aid course a couple of years ago, including practice on how to use a defibrillator, I was disturbed to find out there are only 2 in our village and a code is needed to actually get them. Apparently you have to call 999 to get the code. The security is needed to stop mindless vandalism apparently. By the time I could access it and get it wired up on to the patient, it might well be too late!
  9. That made me chuckle, although the anatomical comparison isn’t strictly accurate…. (but who knows lol)
  10. Colly, I think it’s good to keep active but don’t overdo it!
  11. I remember doing the Sailors’ Hornpipe in my dance class …. Haven’t thought about that for about 65 years!
  12. I brought our children up guided by Dr Spock!
  13. Colly, all the best for your radiotherapy sessions starting in 10 days’ time. I feel sure many on here will be thinking of you… Let us know how you get on x