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  1. I think most men would be pleased when other people think that their wife/girlfriend is attractive!
  2. I’ve just used postimage to put a picture on ‘Amusing images’ and there was no problem. I actually choose Direct Link from the options
  3. @PeverilPeril I loved reading your post about your chickens. Isn’t there any way you can put more perches in the coop so the younger chickens can have a proper roost at night? How did Queenie escape originally! Is wing clipping no longer considered an option because it’s cruel? (like docking puppy’s tails). If the wings are clipped, can a chicken still jump on a low perch? @DJ360 sorry about your back - hope it will soon settle down.
  4. ’ ....the younger generation have had it drummed into them they either don’t get the virus or only very mildly so of course they are going to socialise, you feel invulnerable when you are young. I do wonder if it had been worse in children/young adults if things might have been different. I agree ... if it were my children and grandchildren at the most risk, I would do EVERYTHING I could to protect them by following guidelines and probably being even stricter than recommended.
  5. Brew and PP. your posts were really funny . Thank you
  6. Sorry to hear of your pains and frustrations nonna. It must be difficult for you. Hope you’ll manage a swim today x PP well done on the fb problem .....
  7. So have you sawn down the yew tree BEFORE you’ve had the permission? Someone I know had a hefty fine for removing a tree which had a TPO. I don’t believe in ‘sacred trees’ myself but always feel sad when any tree is cut down. However, as it is for safety reasons then I reckon that’s OK! i was once told that when a deep rooted tree is removed, the ground can rise because of excess water in the soil (water that the tree is no longer using) don’t know if that is true...
  8. Sounds wonderful , Brew. I could just imagine it all, including the ducks!
  9. Pleased all seems OK, nonna. You’ll sleep well tonight I hope x
  10. Hope it all goes well this afternoon, nonna x
  11. In the future there will almost certainly be increasing use of hydroponics to grow fruit and veg, and much less reliance on meat (which seems to already be happening if what I see in the shops is anything to go by). This must be a good thing as animals use so much land! I’m not talking about sheep and goats as they can survive happily on land not suitable for beef cattle. If we all stopped eating beef there would be less need to keep cutting down so much rainforest! I realise this is overly simplistic but just thought I’d throw in a few thoughts... So, ‘How’s my day?’ It’s good so far... just getting ready for our Zoom church gathering!
  12. @loppylugs I’ve deleted about half of my messages now! (Apologies to anyone who finds they’ve been deleted... I hate getting rid of messages)
  13. When I was about 10 in 1953, my uncle who was was talking to my dad said: "I'm glad I'm on my way out!" He was about 60 at the time. At that time, I thought it was a crazy thing to say but I'm now beginning to understand what he meant... I wonder what it was that caused him to say that. I was too young at that time to ask questions like that to my staid, elderly uncle!
  14. I reckon it’s more likely to be an implanted chip.. God knows! (Not said irreverently btw)
  15. Our flu jabs are booked for 26 September but they are being done in the village hall, not the surgery. We have to attend at 10.25am and have been told to wear loose clothing above the waist and masks, of course. It will be a case of waiting outside until called and then exiting by another door. Ben, just google Revelation chapter 13 verses 16 and 17. A payment card may not be a tattoo or other mark, but I reckon it will soon be going that way!