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  1. Sounds dreadful, nonna. I really hope your freak weather will soon stabilise x
  2. PP I think you should take the painkillers - but keep reminding yourself that just because you are pain free, it doesn’t mean you can carry on as usual with your active life. Just give it a bit of time ……. pleased the surgery is now done, anyway x
  3. @MRS B when you me mentioned darning socks it reminded me of the wooden ‘mushroom’ my mum and I used for this purpose. I still have it - it must be around 100 years old by now. Like Jill, we are ‘make do and menders’ but I no longer darn socks as they generally aren’t wool, and the synthetic mixes aren’t as good for darning. I do recycle the socks though, as I tie them together in knots to make a dog toy!!!
  4. It does sound bad weather-wise where you live nonna. I hope it will soon stabilise and not have the extremes of no rain/too much rain. It must be worrying for you xx
  5. @DJ360 We are also watching ‘Without Sin’ and find it quite tense …. The last episode had better give us the real truth but I suppose it won’t.. nice to see one of the lions in the last episode but not my favourite one (the right hand one) which was my meeting place 60 odd years ago
  6. @Annesley Redi’ve never had shingles myself but a couple of my friends have and they both said how painful it was. Hope you get better soon ….
  7. @Jill Sparrow tormenting little boys’ with elastic bow ties reminds me of the annoying habit that boys at my secondary school had - pinging the bra strap of the girl who was as sitting in front of them!!! @philmayfield I officially invite you to the next Nottstalgia function’ - certainly no formal dress code
  8. We may be able to see your happy smiling face at last Phil if we do a tour in your area. Or will you make a request to be ‘blurred’?
  9. Happy Anniversary Lizzie xx
  10. Just got back from a Fair in the next village. Lots of country crafts and stalls selling (I think) expensive Knick knacks. The older I get the more I realise there is so much stuff I DONT need! There was a low fly-past by a Lancaster - it flew 3 times over us and was very loud. There was a fun dog show - prettiest bitch, waggiest tail, dog most like it’s owner, best sausage catcher and scruffiest dog. Lots of fun - there were around 50 dogs taking part and not too many scuffles among the male dogs. There was also dozens of vintage cars , motorbikes and scooters but the don’t reall
  11. Thanks to everyone for the supportive comments. I usually just ‘get on with it’ but the rainbow tipped me over the edge. I’ve had (and am still having) a happy and fulfilled life, for which I really thank God. Margie x
  12. I feel sad today. Paul said there was a bright rainbow so I looked up (I’ve always loved rainbows) but I couldn’t see the colours… I could sort of see where it was but it just looked white and a kind of lemon colour . Must admit I cried as it was as such a shock. . I can see all the colours in most things albeit a bit faded but the colours in the rainbow just seemed non existent. I’m crying again now as I write this because I know I’ll never ever see a rainbow again……
  13. It’s not ‘anybody’ it should be ‘anything’ because AI isn’t a person (yet)
  14. @Beekay it was supposed to. Be the ghost of Saint Benedictus who was murdered in the Abbey in the 14th century by robbers. He’s supposed to be the resident ghost there and has supposedly made appearances at other big state occasions as well as to individual visitors. We saw ‘something’ in a dark cloak and hood crossing right to left during the ceremony and there are several pictures on the internet if you Google it. (He’s actually not the grim reaper but this is what he is referred to in this instance)
  15. Anyone see the Grim Reaper during tne Coronation? He seems to have. been removed from the highlights