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  1. MargieH

    If you like soul music

    You were in my neck of the woods then Lizzie! Were you watching a few horses?
  2. MargieH

    Motorbikes of old

    Brew, I always preferred the motorbike boys to those with scooters (despite the photo somewhere on the site of me sitting on a scooter!). And then I met Paul who used to have a scooter before we met... but luckily he'd moved on to cars by then. Nice photo btw
  3. MargieH

    Nottingham hospitals

    In 1968 I was 25 years old and the last photo actually does look like me at that age.... however, I never worked at Mapperley Hospital. If the penultimate photo were me, Jill, then I certainly wouldn't be here now!
  4. MargieH

    Room 101

    Room 101 in the novel 1984 was where you were subjected to your greatest fear - like rats in a cage over your head!
  5. Brandon - Twigdons was definitely near to the top of Woodthorpe Drive, not Westdale Lane. And my mum used to buy iced (bread) buns from Judges... I loved them. Dr Foy was our doctor but I can only remember going to see him once - I must have been healthy!
  6. MargieH


    I was around at that time, but was only a baby/toddler.... I will ask my brother when I see him as he is 7 years older than me
  7. MargieH

    How's your day?

    It must be quite wearing for you, nonna, with the carer going home earlier than previously. Does your mum have any naps during the day to give you a bit of a break? When our parents get old, the roles are reversed - I remember that with my own mum.... it used to make me feel sad that this was the way it had to be from now on. . Mum was a very gracious, gentle lady and tried her best 'not to be any trouble' (her words) and, to be honest, she wasn't hard to look after - it was just that someone had to be around for her all the time during the last few weeks of her life. Do you think you'll feel a bit better when your weather improves and you (and mum?) can be outude in the sunshine
  8. MargieH

    Saturday Night And Sunday Morning

    .....or even the right lion? (My favourite - yes, I'm in the minority!)
  9. MargieH

    Duchess of Cambridge

    By not inviting heads of state I suppose they were able to avoid having the 'anal expletive' gracing them with his presence!
  10. MargieH

    Less Was More?

    I only have a few memories of my paternal grandma as originally she didn't live near us, then she was in a Nursing Home at Worksop, finally dying in the City ? hospital when I was about 11. We used to visit her on Sundays in the Nursing Home but she never shared any of her memories with me - she always seemed quite stern, although she maybe wasn't! I remember visiting her in the hospital a few times and her saying she was disappointed to wake up in the mornings.... I didn't understand that at all as a child! My other grandparents had died decades before this... I hope our grandchildren will remember us as fondly as you remember yours, Ian. I do tell the young ones stories of my childhood but I'm not sure they are really interested, although they like to hear about their dad, uncle and auntie when they were little! But we have always listened to them, played board games with them and done lots of other activities so I hope they will remember all that...
  11. MargieH

    Less Was More?

    I suppose books were like your own secret garden, Ian..
  12. MargieH

    Less Was More?

    Perhaps there should be a topic on 'What film or book best describes your childhood'. I'm fascinated by your posts about this, Catfan, Ian and Trogg. As I've said before, I feel really sad that your childhoods were not all that they should have been or all that you wished for...... but they have shaped you into the people you are now, hopefully sympathetic to hurting and underprivileged children in the world today. I've been thinking really hard about what film or book best describes my childhood experiences and I can't think of any one in particular. I first thought of Enid Blyton but nothing as exciting as the adventures of the 'Famous Five' ever happened to me and I never went to boarding school as in Malory Towers! I suppose people don't write many books about childhoods like mine as they would be considered boring. I was never hungry, I had two loving parents and I had a few toys to play with.... what more could a small child wish for.... I do realise I was very fortunate..
  13. MargieH

    How's your day?

    I don't like/watch football but I got it.... very clever! (Unless it was another sport which uses that terminology)
  14. MargieH

    Online status

    And I do..
  15. MargieH

    How's your day?

    What a long morning for you, Col...... did they say when you'd get the results?