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  1. Sunday Dinner Memories

    I know I'm in the minority but I used to HATE the smell of the Sunday roast beef cooking as I couldn't/wouldn't eat any meat or vegetables when I was very young. There was always tension as we all sat down at the table because my Dad kept on telling me to eat up and I just couldn't. It was very soon after the war and I don't think the meat was up to much - it was very gristly. There might have been better meat available somewhere but we never got any! In the end I remember that (thanks to my sympathetic mum) I just used to eat a plate of mashed potato, butter and cheese, or lovely gravy which I mopped up with bread. I now love roast dinners and all vegetables, but I also like potato, butter and cheese. And I even sneak a piece of bread sometimes to mop up left-over takes me right back to my childhood.
  2. Henry's Barber Shop

    Tishanne, what a likeness between the girls and ladies! .... and what a lovely happy photo...
  3. Mountain Lion.

    (I'm sure God DOES know how and why, Phil!!). Do you recite it in the correct accent, though?
  4. Keep it up, Col, you're doing well xx
  5. Mountain Lion.

    Roger peatman ??? I need more details.. Chulla, love the Lion and Albert poem. I remember it was a party piece of one of our friends, sadly now deceased. He used to recite it just like Stanley Holloway!
  6. Ian, I used to work as a nurse with Sandra Hyde Barker from Mansfield and Another girl called Carole who married into the Hyde Barker firm if I remember rightly?
  7. Nice Nave!

    Loppy, Ben's post on here was 14 Feb 2017 !!
  8. How's your day?

    Ian, Can't you add a little fruit juice to the water to make it more palatable?
  9. historical Robin Hood search

    I suppose we'll just never know, Arthur Robin, even though you have done so much research. I just enjoy the films about Robin Hood, even though they are, almost certainly, very inaccurate.
  10. How's your day?

    Ian, so are these 'banned' substances / activities just for now, or for ever? Cliff of Mohor - is this a bit like Beachy Head?
  11. Col, not sure about the Eustachian tube link to your spine..... but sometimes, what happens in one part of our body seems to inexplicably affect another part. To quote from my favourite book... we are 'fearfully and wonderfully made'. My favourite psalm Number 139
  12. Frodos

    Welcome to Nottstalgia, Jandy. Hope we'll hear more of your memories
  13. How's your day?

    I believe you, Lizzie xx. Hope your wrist is now back to normal.....
  14. Good photo of some very smart CLW girls, Lizzie. I hated the berets, too
  15. Sorry you're suffering Col - keep warm and hydrated (preferably water!)