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  1. A spokesperson for Addenbrokes hospital in Cambridge was on the local news tonight. He said they were expecting their peak to be in around 4 weeks (not that anyone can be sure). They hope they'll have enough ventilators by then . I'm staying isolated so hopefully one of them won't have my name on it! I would like a bit more time on Earth so my youngest grandchildren will remember me more clearly, but if it's my time then so be it.... I'm not being negative... but I am prepared (like Loppy)
  2. Nonna, in these strange times, I think anything can happen! I hope the flowers will indeed carry on growing and brighten up your life xx
  3. Hello Tuller and welcome! I think you must be younger than me - I was born in 1943... how strange that you knew Beverley Abel. I wonder if his ears are burning! I used to attend some Sunday morning services at the Methodist around 1957 - 60 as a teenager, got married there in 1966, and my husband and I would also go when we were over in Nottingham visiting my parents. It was Rev Widdowson who married us, along with my husband's dad who was also a Meth minister... Looking forward to reading more of your memories about your early life.
  4. I've had very diminished smell and taste for about 20 years or so. Occasionally, I suddenly smell something like a flower or the lunch cooking.. but not very often. My brother is the same. i can taste whether something is salty or sour but can't distinguish actual flavours. For example, all flavoured crisps taste the same to me.
  5. @sue B 48 you are one of the 'not so elderly'.
  6. @BrewSo pleased your neighbour has only got a mild dose of CV
  7. I think it has, Matthew.... welcome to the wonderful world of Nottstalgia where many elderly people - and some not so elderly - sit in isolation and post their thoughts and memories (while they've still got them!) Tell us some of your memories of Nottingham to brighten up our day in these strange times ....
  8. Hope he'll be OK Brew and that you haven't been too close to him! Had he been working?
  9. Deepdene, I've only watched the first episode but I expect subsequent ones are on YouTube. I 'm definitely going to watch them
  10. We didn't - we must have more cloud here...
  11. I see this is on the next page now - please everybody look at my post on the previous page. I hate it when I've posted something then it goes on to the next page!
  12. This morning, one of our sons sent me a link to an old TV series from the mid 1970s . I've just watched Episode 1 on YouTube . It's obviously very dated but it's SO prophetic for the situation we're in today. It was written by Terry Nation of Dr Who fame. if we didn't have the benefit of the information, science and technology that we have today, our planet's future could be even more uncertain. It's called Survivors and I remembered watching it all those years ago. I think it's definitely worth watching Survivors : Eps 1. The Fourth Horseman
  13. All our village seemed to come out to cheer, ring bells, honk car horns and clap this evening. It was such a great feeling to support the key workers, many of whom we know. It was very emotional and I had a little cry. There is so much good coming out of this .....
  14. We've been 'digging for victory' this morning. I planted 20 spuds which were sprouting well. They weren't seed potatoes - just ordinary smallish ones from the supermarket. I hope we'll get a few new spuds after a few months. Gave us a bit of exercise anyway, even if they fail miserably!! My exercise yesterday was walking briskly round the outside of our lawn - it's not huge but I did over 2000 steps. Our cats just sat and watched (seemingly) in amazement... it's not something I usually do! I expect they think I've completely lost my marbles - if cats are capable of such analytical thought....
  15. MD. so sorry about your wife having the virus - I hope the symptoms will be mild. I feel so sad for both of you that she can't get back to England at the moment. X