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  1. When I started nursing I had to work 5 and a half days each week! I seem to think that was 44 hours. (but was often more than this for various reasons) On nights, I remember I worked 9 days on and 5 off which worked out as a minimum of 45 hours/week. i can’t remember how much I earned but I know it wasn’t much! I loved it though - not everyone can say that about their work
  2. Ben, as long as you weren’t dancing at the Grey Goose with Trina on 26 March 1966 because I was there at our wedding reception! (I can’t remember inviting you. lol)
  3. I think that where I live, we must be well ahead in the vaccine ‘race’. as I know several people aged 55 - 60 with NO underlying health conditions who have already had their first jab.
  4. I love this song too. Takes me straight back to the Locarno, jiving in the shelter in Woodthorpe Park, also a certain summer holiday at Ingoldmells! Talking about dance competitions- a couple of years later, I once came second in a Twist competition in a dancehall in Mansfield. My partner was someone that Den knew/came across a few years later ....
  5. Stuart, I presume it was a miniature/ toy poodle that was the cross as Westies are quite small aren’t they. Standard poodles can be very big dogs! Or is it all done like breeding cattle.these days?
  6. Our son bought a cocker puppy a few months ago and he is quite easy to train, but has to be watched as he still wants to chew anything and everything! I hope that when he’s lost his baby teeth that will get better. Apparently, cockers. are quite sensitive and shouldn’t be shouted at - quiet discipline is the best..... suppose that’s true for dogs and children! He has a crate and likes it - it’s his safe place. What has the poodle gene added to the mix? I suppose the nature/nurture debate will apply to dogs, too Are you taking on a male or a female?
  7. Ben, I thought you’d forgotten... Btw, why did you change your name from David?
  8. Wasn’t there a song... ‘Walter, Walter, lead me to the altar?’ I remember my mum saying that.
  9. I knew a girl called Ramsbottom but can’t remember anyone being rude about it - I never thought anything about the name at all. It was just a surname to me.....
  10. I like some clapping - it was just a bit too much and seemed a bit staged. but each to their own .... we’re all different
  11. ....spoiled it a bit for me seeing and hearing the inane clapping like seals by the people watching! it would have been better (I think) if they just clapped on the off beat. Sorry - I do like the song though
  12. BK. I agree, because as they grow up, children can decide what they want people to call them!
  13. @trogg and @AfferGorritt Great to read your stories of young love - pleased it all worked out for you. Paul and I met when we were almost 21 and were 23 when we married.
  14. Geoff, I love these stories of childhood sweethearts. Are you reading this @carni ? I like to read about when the teenage crush develops and matures into true love! However, in hindsight, I think it’s a good job that I didn’t go on to marry some of the lads I went out with when I was in my mid teens (But I still enjoy reading about young love)