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  1. @MRS B The small shredded wheats you can buy are different from the malted shreddies I like.
  2. Was it a footballer on an advert a long time ago who said he had 3 Shredded Wheat for breakfast?
  3. I buy the Tesco cheap version of Shreddies …….. and they are my favourite at the moment but never with hot milk - yuk
  4. Yes I have been thinking about the next meet up - just tried to start a new topic in Nottstalgia Social Functions but failed as I wasn’t sure who to tag, which was a required box to fill in. Kev, could you do that for me please?
  5. We don’t have a fireplace in our little bungalow - wish we did- and there’s not even enough space to fix an electric fire against the wall. We do have radiators though so we do keep warm..
  6. @The Engineer once again, thankyou for posting the Sherwood photos - I used to spend some time in that area when I was a teenager 1956 - c1960
  7. @Gem we enjoyed going round the ‘Galleries of Justice actually in Nottingham (not called that now.?). If you like the macabre, this will suit you !
  8. @The Engineer I enjoyed looking at all the photos of Woodborough Road and Mapperley, even though most of them were after my time in Nottingham when I used to look out of the number 31 bus on my way home from town. I recognised some of the shops and other buildings …. Thank you for posting them.
  9. My mum setting me up with a little ‘kitchen’ in the garden .. I used to mix soil and water to make little cakes which I put on a cake rack to dry in the sun. I decorated them with tiny stones and flower heads
  10. @PeverilPeril what a shock when you heard about the bus accident but pleased no-one was badly hurt. x
  11. I agree. It’s also like when you take an ordinary photo of a full moon (one of those that look big). The photo shows a much smaller image.
  12. … it was quite big then! Very strange …..
  13. How big were these lights compared with the size of the moon or a star? I’m interested…