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  1. Phil, definitely not that! I didn't post it on here because the video only gave me the option to share it on Messenger. It was nothing to do with the content!
  2. PP I have posted a creative idea for your tree stump on Facebook messenger. I couldn’t post it on here
  3. Lizzie, Paul says his first car was a 1947 Morris 10. He bought it for £30 from an Auntie in the early 60s
  4. I’m running TOWARDS the vaccination . Sooner the better I reckon...
  5. RR you are obsessed with chitterlings ...
  6. ... but the accidents aren’t the car’s fault - it’s the drivers! ... and I don’t care what they sound like as long as the car gets us to where I want to go, that’s all that matters to me. also it’ll soon be just autonomous cars so people’s attitudes will change about lots of these issues anyway!
  7. OK I don’t know enough about that- I was just thinking of what it’s like for some people now
  8. You mentioned in your other 'electric car ' thread (!!!) that people focus too much on the exhaust emissions from conventional cars. Have you ever pushed a toddler in a buggy along a busy street in rush hour in a city?
  9. I taught 6 hearing impaired teenagers in the 1980s whose mothers had contracted rubella during their pregnancy.
  10. Pleased you cataract surgery went well Loppy. I had one eye ‘done’ 20 years ago and it was brilliant - my eyesight was really good afterwards..... Unfortunately, I now have macular degeneration in both eyes so my eyesight is deteriorating once again. But looking on the positive side, I suppose it would be even worse had I not had the cataract removed all those years ago.