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  1. Pleased your mammogram results are clear, Jill. However, having had one cataract operation 20 odd years ago, I can assure you there was no pain involved! Also, my intra-vitreal injections each month are also painless. I think when it comes to losing one’s sight, most people will try anything to correct this or at least prevent their eyesight getting any worse. A guide dog is a wonderful help for someone who Is severely visually impaired but surely nothing is quite like having one’s own sight….. (I realise you are writing partly in jest but I just needed to say this )
  2. Oz, I remember Monkey on TV but only because my kids liked it - I thought it was a bit strange! I remember the name of Corky the circus boy but can’t bring any details to mind
  3. Strange weather today …. In order, warm but overcast warm and sunny warm with light rain thunder, lightning and hailstones with diameter of a 10p! immediately afterwards - still very hot with bright blue sky and bright sunshine windy with heavy rain hot and sunny with no wind at the moment - warm and very still …. wonder what’ll be next What’s it been like in Nottingham?
  4. My childhood home only had an INSIDE loo but our first married home only had an OUTSIDE loo (until we had one put in tne bathroom)
  5. I knew the video that Ben posted reminded me of something
  6. poor turtle….. I don’t know if you were joking but it may well be the case that it was staged somehow. - perhaps a tame one which is fed regularly by the boat people?
  7. Phil, I loved the school milk at Arno Vale and never minded if it was a bit warm!
  8. Happy belated birthday to Mrs Red - hope you managed to see some turtles!
  9. We watched Eurovision to the very end. I like the Sam Ryder song and also the Ukrainian one. There were generally too many strobe effects in the programme though - sometimes I had to turn away and just listen. We recorded Britain’s got talent because we like it!
  10. Mary, I didn’t notice what you describe but you’ll have to ask him/her? If they were at a fair in a Cambs fen village!
  11. BK. I wouldn't have been able to choose which vehicles to photograph - there were so many! Same with the dogs - there were dozens of them altogether. My favourite car was a lilac Chevrolet - it was such a pretty colour
  12. Been to a fair in the next village this afternoon. There were near on. 100 vintage cars, scooters and motorbikes on display - thought of all you lot who like talking about cars! There was also lots of stalls, music and a fun dog show - including the waggiest tail, best sausage catcher and scruffiest mutt and best child handler. That was interesting as some of the dogs were much stronger than their handlers! (But no-one got hurt) There was a low-flying Spitfire which flew past 3 times as well. However, it was TOO HOT so I feel very tired now
  13. CT that sounds sensible because, as you say, you are only aware of the tinnitus sometimes and it’s not loud enough to be really annoying. Hope it won’t become more of a problem for you.
  14. One drop of olive oil in your itchy ears every day might help?