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  1. I do remember the wall of death - the walls used to shake as the motorbikes zoomed round. Thinking of a similar shape, is the Rotor still around? I went on that once and it was a strange feeling ‘sticking’ on the wall as it rotated.
  2. Bet there won’t be a ‘flea circus’ or a ‘Bearded Lady’. And wasn’t there something called ‘Mouse Town?” Are any of you old enough to remember any of these weird attractions?
  3. @Rob.L you’ll be so pleased to have had that sorted, all the best for a speedy recovery
  4. That’s really funny - made me laugh anyway…
  5. Mary, I and my friends used to go straight to the Waltzer just like you and for the same reason!!! Your boys are only 8 months apart? I thought I was bad enough having 3 children in 3 and a quarter years
  6. I don’t mind Charles, but he just has too much ‘history.’ I know a lot of that is because of the ‘firm’s’ restrictions when he was younger and sometimes I do feel sorry for him because of that. However, I’ll be happier once Diana’s eldest is King. Don’t suppose I’ll live long enough to see that though…..
  7. @philmayfield what about cakes made with eggs - do you eat them?
  8. You really have had an unsettling couple of weeks Lizzie! I hope your niece’s daughter will soon feel able to share why she went off like that- what a worry! You are obviously feeling sad for your son, too. I hope he’ll feel a little better when he gets back to the UK. I’m sure you’ll feel better too…… (will there ever be a time when we don’t worry about our children I wonder)
  9. @The Engineer so sorry to read about your mum’s passing earlier in the year. Even though she lived to a good age, it’s still a big thing to lose your mum. It’s sad that she regretted not having the vaccine. Condolences to you and all your family x
  10. MargieH

    The Queen

    Perhaps the Queen was aware that her time was near and wanted to end her days at Balmoral?
  11. @IAN FINN You and your wife were obviously meant to be together …. Lovely x
  12. MargieH

    The Queen

    Yes, I like Anne too because she seems so uncomplicated and I also think she’s a strong woman.
  13. @The Pianomani suppose that’s right what you’ve said, except a knife is sometimes needed for cutting meat. I suppose playing tne piano can encourage a person to be ambidextrous as well ……?