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  1. I'll eat almost anything especially if I don't have to cook it or clear up afterwards!
  2. Nonna, wish I could be there x
  3. BK you have the image, I can still remember the smell. Afterwards, we had to forcibly hold him under the tap in the field where our caravan was! (And even that didn't work too well). Another time, when we were staying on Sea Bank Road in Chapel St Leonard's, my previous dog disappeared when we were packing up to go home. Eventually he arrived back looking very pleased with himself, covered in yuk.... he'd obviously decided to get into the open drain at Chapel Point which takes effluent into the sea there. He, too, had to be held under the tap in the field and we all had to endure the smell as dad drove us home.
  4. Our dog once rolled in a decomposing seagull lying on the beach at Ingoldmells..
  5. We have a dyson and find it very efficient. It's the second one we've had. The only negative is that it is heavy
  6. Ben, do you wear a mask over your stoma?
  7. @Nicko1Have you read the posts on this thread that you started? I wonder if we met there?
  8. Great post nonna. You are so right about short term memory becoming less efficient as one ages. I know some people seem to cope with it better than others, but I suspect most people experience it more and more as they age. Most just make a joke of it but it can be annoying and embarrassing when you can't remember names of people you've known for years, amongst other things. Recently, I've been helping a friend of mine with Maths ready for her NVQ Functional Maths Level 2 exam. I love Maths (passed my O level Maths at the end of the 4th form) and I like explaining how to do calculations - I did this for nearly 30 years working with special needs students in main stream Maths classes at secondary school. I can still remember exactly how to do everything, but this Functional Maths consists of what we used to call 'problems' and there are about 8 parts to each of 3 question (up to 40 minutes is allowed for each question ). There is a lot of cross referencing and I found a few parts of the practice papers quite difficult to get my head around! I suspect this is because of my age. 10 -15 years ago, I think I would have found it much easier. Now .... where did I leave my cup of tea?
  9. The space would have possibly been referred to by the locals pre 1870 as 'the lower field' before it became another settlement...
  10. As I said to you on Fb, in about 63 days there'll be a few more kitties around. Aaaah lovely !
  11. SG. You wrote about climbing plants..... when my runner beans came through and started growing their little tendrils, some of them were desperately trying to hold on to something - anything - except the canes. I caught one 'holding hands' with a nearby potato plant and another two hanging on to each other like best friends. I gently disentangled them and showed them where they needed to go and they seemed quite happy to oblige! I had a picture in my mind of their being scared little children trying to find someone to hold on to.... why am I telling you all this - I think I'm losing it .
  12. Happy birthday SG. Sorry I'm late but I've only just looked on Nottstalgia cos I'm a bit poorly today (not virus poorly I hasten to add!). I love you long posts btw
  13. Just had 3 friends round for a 'spaced out garden chat'. They came round at 7.30 and have only just left! I love summer evenings when the air is still warm from a hot day... The local bats came out as usual about an hour ago and we had fun standing in the middle of the garden and clicking our fingers. They were swooping really close over our heads. They are so fast, blink and you miss them!
  14. You look very distinguished BK...... but I miss smiley little 'Jim'
  15. BK. I've still got hair so I don't need a knotted hanky! But a bigger bucket might be good