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  1. MargieH

    How's your day?

    I have always cut Paul's hair and also cut my own, but because my eyes are getting worse, I accidentally cut my knuckle when I was doing my own a couple of days ago!
  2. MargieH

    historical Robin Hood search

    I think it would be better on Mansfield Road in Sherwood in full public view, as that might deter any idiots trying to 'improve' what it looks like. If it was in the park, it wouldn't be so protected at night ...
  3. MargieH

    historical Robin Hood search

    I've read you have to prove you've got £3000 before you can even take part in the auction! I read that bit of info on the Woodthorpe Park Fb group who have been fundraising so they can try and get one ...
  4. MargieH

    Things you don't see anymore

    Lizzie, is their dad colourblind, too? My dad was colourblind, and our second son is , too. He's OK with the red/green thing, but when he was younger and finding socks to wear, he couldn't differentiate between maroon and dark brown. I suppose I must be a carrier of the colourblind gene but our other 2 children are OK
  5. MargieH

    New here today!

    Welcome to Nottstalgia, Steve. Hope you'll keep on posting ...
  6. MargieH

    Time Lord!

    So are you now warming to the idea of a female doctor, Phil? Or was it your wife who was watching?
  7. MargieH

    All Kinds of Everything.

    Before we were married, I started making a maroon Readicut (sp) rug, but it took so long, I never finished it and my mum's neighbour offered to complete it. Paul used to do a bit of it sometimes but we couldn't do it at the same time (i.e. One person each end) as the knots have to face in the same direction. When the neighbour had finished it for us, I stuck the backing on, but by this time I'd gone off it, so it was never used. I think my mum kept it...
  8. MargieH

    How's your day?

    It is right what the nurses say about the barrier cream not helping when there is an actual open bedsore..... it is only helpful in the prevention of them. It must be very upsetting for you, nonna - you seem to have had quite a lot of trials in the last few months with other things not going well, too. It sounds as though you could do with a rest or a holiday, but you have the dogs and other commitments I'm sure, as well as your mum.... life must feel very unfair sometimes. I hope it helps a bit to 'get things off your chest' on here xx
  9. MargieH

    How's your day?

    So sorry to hear about your mum, nonna. Is she able to sit out of bed or walk (with a frame?) or is she permanently in bed? A barrier cream can help in the PREVENTION of bed sores caused by urine on the skin, but really, the best thing is to have a change of position every couple of hours, so the ' pressure' will be in different places on the body. Massaging the areas subject to pressure can also help. Does she have an inflatable mattress thingy on top of the bed which can inflate in different sections so the pressure is not always in the same place? I can't remember the modern name for them - in my day it was called a 'ripple bed' Are the nurses attentive to her needs - and not just when you are there? I hope things will improve for her and you xx
  10. MargieH

    Healthy exercise

    I wish this was around when I was young - I'd have loved it. Reminds me a bit of playing 'pirates' in the school gym..
  11. MargieH

    Did you do a stupid thing

    My mum had AMD but wasn't diagnosed till she was in her eighties and was then registered blind. However, looking back I think she had problems for several years before that....
  12. MargieH

    Did you do a stupid thing

    Jill, I have that problem all the time but it's my eye problem (AMD) that is the cause of that, as there are patches that I can't see when I look at things.
  13. MargieH

    How's your day?

    Looking at the autumn colours beginning to show on the trees, I've just wondered what month I am in now if a lifetime was compared to one year!! I suppose if one was generous/optimistic and said a lifetime was 96 years, then each month would be equivalent to 8 years. If that is the case then I'm halfway Into October already. Where are you? of course, it's a different story if a lifetime is considered to be 84, which means each month is equivalent to 7 years..... in which case it's towards the end of November for me... Why am I doing this.... (I know I love maths but this is a bit depressing!)
  14. MargieH

    How's your day?

    It's a bit windy here on the Cambs fens... but pleased we don't get hurricanes like that, Loppy!
  15. MargieH

    Did you do a stupid thing

    Or you have a poltergeist, Jill!