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  1. @JT Wakes the reason no-one responded to your mention of childhood games was possibly because there is already a topic on here somewhere about this (but not necessarily in Bilborough!). Do you ever look at any of the other topics on Nottstalgia? Perhaps a moderator or someone will put a link to where you might find the one about childhood toys and games? Also, why do you have 2 accounts on here? (Trevor Askew is also JT Wakes I presume?). That can certainly cause problems, as it has done in the past!
  2. How long before the road will be completed - are there any estimates? We visit Mapperley coming up on the A1, A52, A46, then carrying on to eventually go through Lambley to Plains Road. When the GAR is completed, I suppose we would use that instead of the (very potholed) road we use at present! I just wondered about the time scale ...
  3. We used to take a Dansette into Woodthorpe Park and once, when someone got fed up with a certain 78, they skimmed it down the steep slope like a frisbee (although I don't think they'd been invented yet) why I should remember that, I just don't know..
  4. Trevor, I will be leaving behind my 'large number of trombones' in March, a bit ahead of you! But I thought I would be entering 'Sunset Strip'... not having anything to do with old LPs because I thought they were 33?
  5. @Beekay re bookmarks.... when I'm on a site /page that I want to return to, I click/touch the star at the top of the page. When I then open Google later, it will appear in a little square under the search space if it's something I'm often returning to... OR if I click/touch the star at the top of the Google page it will appear there - the star creates bookmarks!! At least that's how it works on my iPad...
  6. It's the best park in Nottingham... but then I'm biased as I was taken there most days in my pram, often played in the dell and on the swings etc when I was a bit bigger and had a great group of friends from Mapperley , Woodthorpe and Sherwood when I was a teenager.... we used to meet on Summer evenings in the park .... after I'd done my homework, as I was a good girl! One day, our ashes will be taken there, but not too soon I hope. Lol
  7. I can't remember what lots of buildings in that area look like, so I bow to all you Nottingham based people's superior knowledge.
  8. BK it all depends on where you think the building is, from which the photo was taken! I think it's vaguely looking west so, as Lizzie says, It could be HMP
  9. I was in the same form as Beverley Abel at Carlton le Willows! I remember him as being the form joker - always making us laugh.. Socram, I'm not a believer in such things as lucky black cats, so I doubt that was the reason. I hope you've now found happiness....
  10. Are you a professional writer/author, Trevor? If not, why not? What WAS your day job?
  11. CF you'll get home just in time for the next storm tthis weekend!
  12. Bone is pretty heavy, too but we all seem to manage..
  13. @philmayfield I certainly don't look like a young bride now... when you come to a meet up you'll just see an old lady, but Thankyou for the comment , The path that @Paradiddle mentions does indeed still exist, but the cinder path that YOU are thinking of, Phil, no longer exists. I remember coming down Woodthorpe Road and turning left down the track with a ditch on the left. It then bore right and passed the greenhouses on the left. We sometimes used to buy salad produce from them. Then the track came to the gated entrance to the park on your left and carried on down to Woodthorpe Drive. There was no entrance to the park as now - via a car park! If you travel by google again, there are 2 big trees where the cinder track turned left as you get to the bottom of Woodthorpe Road
  14. Just been looking at our wedding photos. This one shows how the front steps of the church came straight out on to the street. The little girls were giving me a horseshoe and a lucky black cat. I don't believe in such stuff but some would say they worked as we married in 1966 and are still together!
  15. What was the 'British success' that was reported on the stand outside the church, I wonder.
  16. Trevor, you spoke of stumbling into places other than Bilborough while writing your posts... please don't worry about that. Some threads are like magical mystery tours and you never know where they might end up! You could start with the market square and end up hearing about a certain person's escapades in Mansfield or Bulwell or anywhere really. I'm digressing now. I see you've only posted in 'Growing up in Bilborough' and the FFGS threads. Have you explored any others? Just click on Forums. Hope you've turned up that thermostat now
  17. Simplistic is not the same as simple! Simplistic means treating complex issues and problems as though they were much simpler than they really are. For example: A child may say something like "If some people are poor, why can't they (the government) just print more money to give to them"
  18. Phil, I think that's overly simplistic with communities and society in general having become the way they are. You're lucky.... I never even got a christening spoon (or mug for that matter). I am on the Cradle Roll' of a little chapel which is no more, though!
  19. Oz, I really enjoyed reading the poem - it''s descriptive and emotive. But because I've never visited Australia, let alone lived there, I think I'll stick with the Britain of the first verse, which does still exist in some parts of the country, thank goodness. But my country isn't just these things, of course - there is the growing divide between the rich and poor causing unrest and uncertainty about the future... I know I'm getting political again but it's SO sad.
  20. We don't get floods in our immediate vicinity as we are on a hill - well , it's considered a hill in this part of the world! Our nearest proper river is about 2 miles away.
  21. BK The snow hasn't found me! Looking on the BBC Weather app, it looks like there'll be intermittent strong gusty winds here for another week yet. Of course this has nothing to do with Notts as I'm now a Fen woman (Without webbed feet btw) I don't possess a boat, stilts or eel baskets either so perhaps I'm not really a Fen lass? Of course, when the sea level rises - as it surely will - perhaps I'd be grateful for the aforementioned items. I suspect it will affect our children and grandchildren more than me,.....but who knows ?
  22. Really ...snow? It's bright sunshine and very light showers here at the momen
  23. ..... so the grain (or whatever) could be distributed to those in need... bit like taxes, although nowadays the 'farmer' who owns the 'barn' doesn't always do that - he just uses it how HE wants to! Was our PM ever a farmer? Sorry, wrong thread
  24. £475000 doesn't seem a high purchase price to me, but maybe there are things wrong with the structure .....? I do feel sad that it is being sold, though