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  1. Deepdene, I've only watched the first episode but I expect subsequent ones are on YouTube. I 'm definitely going to watch them
  2. We didn't - we must have more cloud here...
  3. I see this is on the next page now - please everybody look at my post on the previous page. I hate it when I've posted something then it goes on to the next page!
  4. This morning, one of our sons sent me a link to an old TV series from the mid 1970s . I've just watched Episode 1 on YouTube . It's obviously very dated but it's SO prophetic for the situation we're in today. It was written by Terry Nation of Dr Who fame. if we didn't have the benefit of the information, science and technology that we have today, our planet's future could be even more uncertain. It's called Survivors and I remembered watching it all those years ago. I think it's definitely worth watching Survivors : Eps 1. The Fourth Horseman
  5. All our village seemed to come out to cheer, ring bells, honk car horns and clap this evening. It was such a great feeling to support the key workers, many of whom we know. It was very emotional and I had a little cry. There is so much good coming out of this .....
  6. We've been 'digging for victory' this morning. I planted 20 spuds which were sprouting well. They weren't seed potatoes - just ordinary smallish ones from the supermarket. I hope we'll get a few new spuds after a few months. Gave us a bit of exercise anyway, even if they fail miserably!! My exercise yesterday was walking briskly round the outside of our lawn - it's not huge but I did over 2000 steps. Our cats just sat and watched (seemingly) in amazement... it's not something I usually do! I expect they think I've completely lost my marbles - if cats are capable of such analytical thought....
  7. MD. so sorry about your wife having the virus - I hope the symptoms will be mild. I feel so sad for both of you that she can't get back to England at the moment. X
  8. MD. We have no choice but to go through this together! But I think it has brought out the best and sometimes the worst in people
  9. MD I'm pleased you'r feeling a bit better, hope your wife will soon get over things soon as well
  10. Lovely positive post, Carni .... I felt I was there with you x
  11. One of our sons is planning to fetch his eldest boy from Newcastle where he's at Uni. There were 5 of them in the student house but his housemates have all gone home now so he's stuck there by himself... and definitely not very happy. I expect our son may be stopped a few times on the A1 to explain where he's going.. hope he keeps his cool.
  12. @mercurydancer I agree he looks worn out. I've never voted Conservative and never much liked Boris, but I think he's done well as a front man during this crisis.
  13. We've been doing the same in our village .... my old teddy loves it!
  14. Thanks for confirming that... we presumed you wouldn't be going x
  15. We've just done a bit of gardening together - only about an hour - but it was really good and it's sunny as well. I told Paul this is what retirement SHOULD be like - no rushing and not having to go out anywhere. Wonder if I'll still be saying that in 12 weeks time ....... Anyway, even if 'it' gets us when we emerge from our isolation, at least we'll have had a few months of proper retirement with each other. Love it... We get regular communication from our kids and the youngest grandchildren. The latter are being kept inside for a sort-of home schooling, which they are really enjoying at the moment. They started the day with a keep fit session on the internet, which looked fun ...Their mum filmed them and forwarded it to us. After that they were doing some work sent home from school, a bit of model making, then lunch. I think it was going to be baking a cake after lunch. Luckily their mum can work at home for some of the time... and dad gets home around 4pm so he can take over the primary childcare. They are really sensible children most of the time and there's always their tablets to keep them amused! Usually we go over to their house for some days in school holidays, but of course we can't do that now as we are staying at home. I'm missing that .....
  16. I wish that the guidelines about self distancing could be enforced, but obviously that would be very difficult to do. It would be easier in a way to enforce a lockdown and maybe it will come to that soon.... it's a horrible thought but it's the same for everyone. We really need to slow down the spread of this CV by whatever means!!
  17. Thinking of you MD and hoping you'll soon start recovering x. btw, how rough IS a badger's bum?
  18. Pleased you have someone looking out for you x
  19. Poohbear, How are you getting food and other supplies as you should be staying at home all the time? Are you ordering from online supermarkets? We have a doorstep milk delivery which also delivers milk, eggs, yoghurts, cheese, butter and bread. Is there anything like that where you live? Stay safe x
  20. We have used Tesco, Sainsbury, Morrisons and Ocado for home deliveries for over three years and prefer Tesco - I suppose it's because I've used that more than the others and am familiar with their website for ordering. I always go to 'favourites' as it's much quicker than scrolling through everything. The first time you order takes a bit of time but subsequent orders are much quicker. If you are ordering at a busy time of day, it takes much longer... We usually use 'click and collect' but that's no longer an option for us as we're staying home now On a brighter note, our village pub is now doing a really good takeaway menu and one of our sons has ordered a roast dinner for both of us for Mother's Day. He will bring it round at 12.30 and will hand it over on the doorstep. I think I'll have a couple of trays ready for him to put them straight on to.
  21. Thinking of you both, Den. Hope Margaret's symptoms will turn out to be innocent xx
  22. I think it will only change when people they know in their local area become hospitalised... As for Ant and Dec, they should have set an example like the newsreaders who now sit well apart on the couch.
  23. @mary1947Sorry to read the news about your grandson. But as you say, age is on his side. Does your daughter-in-law's mother live in a village? I know lots of villages round here have started a volunteer group on Facebook and each volunteer (about 50 of them, in our villageI think) has about 20 houses to look after. We have put postcards through each door with the name, address and phone number of 'their' volunteer. People can ring if they need help in any way, mostly if they are running short of any food or other supplies, or even if they just want to have a chat. It has been very much appreciated.... i expect other villages or neighbourhoods have a similar scheme. Anyway, best wishes to all your family xx
  24. This photo of me and my brother in about 1945 was hand tinted but it has faded quite a bit (like me )
  25. @denshaw Had to google it to find out the name of the island kingdom in Tangled.