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  1. I expect there will be dozens of charging points installed at each service station on motorways, which will be good for the food providers there as people will plug their car in and then go for a meal while it charges up.
  2. @philmayfield you are a very kind man x
  3. Of course they didn’t like sledges speeding over those manicured pitch and putt greens!
  4. @catfan have the kids got their. Sledges out or isn’t it deep enough. I used to sledge down the hill on my red wooden sledge nearly 70 years ago!
  5. No snow at all here! It’s just very cold. Maybe - as my mum often said - it’s too cold to snow!
  6. If 2 Omicron variants have been found, I expect there will be lots and lots of people who are also infected but just aren’t aware of it yet…
  7. Col, that sounds promising - hope it will be soon x
  8. I use WhatsApp a lot. I am part of 2 WhatsApp groups and communicate to several individuals via WhatsApp as well
  9. @Gem congratulations Great Grandma! x
  10. RR you mentioned the PDSA and that reminded me that we took our dog there in the early 1950s, when he couldn’t put weight on one of his front legs. The lady there bandaged a splint on his leg. He managed to walk around on 3 legs while wearing the splint and was fine after a few weeks. I too had never heard of vets at that time - maybe they were only used by farmers or the ‘well off’?
  11. I knew what a croggie was many’s the time I’ve heard the lads call to each other “Giz a croggie” I never accepted whenever I was asked if I wanted a croggie!!!!
  12. Sorry to read about all the troubles with Jj (and the vet!). I hope everything will settle down completely now. Where do you think he picked up the parasite? I hope your test comes back clear as well!
  13. @mary1947 I found it on YouTube but, like BK, I found it a bit dark (that may be the fault of my eyes) I have given it a like anyway as it sounded good
  14. Happy birthday Barrie. Enjoy your dayx
  15. Just found out that our 10 year old grandson has caught Covid. His mum, dad and sibling are going for a PCR test tomorrow. He has only got a slight sore throat. We haven’t seen him for a week so I expect we’re OK. He’s been doing a LFT twice a week as this is what the school requires and they have all been negative! He had to have a PCR yesterday as a couple of the other young choristers he boards with had tested positive. He’s isolating at home now and no doubt delighted that he’ll have lots of screen time for 10 days! We often look after their puppy so hope she won’t pass any
  16. Happy belated birthday Loppy x
  17. I did say ‘most’ not ‘all’ But we were in the same year group so we are the same, really
  18. I remember DANCING the dashing white sergeant but never sang it.. I had to look up arbutus …. A strawberry tree? Never heard of that song. I suppose it’s because I’m older than most on here and times had changed a bit …
  19. CF. I have some yellow stickers with big black letters on my laptop keys. They make it a lot easier to use!
  20. As most people seem to pay for everything instantly by card, and don’t carry cash, they would need to have card readers at each entrance. Or would it only be a tiny amount to pay?
  21. CT. Did you get your appointment on the NHS - most dentists round here seem to only be accepting private patients. We are still getting NHS treatment but Paul’s appointment for a filling has been cancelled twice in the last few months. He phoned them this morning and the earliest they could do is. 29 December! (He had to pay for the filling straight after we’d had our check ups a few months ago) We wihave to try and be polite though or they may chuck us off the NHS list….
  22. I’ve just read a Facebook post that said the following… ‘Dancing is a vertical movement to music with the intention of a horizontal movement’ Do you agree? That was never my intention when I was dancing- perhaps it applies more to the male gender? Ben?
  23. @Annesley Red I hope your wife will soon start feeling better and that you’ll continue to be symptom free. Look after each other …..
  24. Probably volcanic rock?
  25. PP. I love your creative writing …..