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  1. Odd? Just checked the date when I started at 'big school' Berridge. It was Sept 6th 1949 but I was still 10 years of age! I cannot remember taking the 11 plus and always assumed that it was when I was ill - I was a sickly child. Must have been a clerical error somewhere?
  2. I remember Mr Smith because he was the 'supposed' head who my mother and I saw prior to me starting there. I was 'drafted' to Berridge from the Windley School but did not want to go there. I wanted to go to Cottesmore, where my best friend had been placed. Mr Smith, a small dark haired man convinced mum and I that Berridge was a good school. So that was it. He must have been a deputy head or a teacher? I started there in Sept 1949.
  3. I would look forward to another visit Jill. The Trevor Davis I knew was, like me, of a 1938 pre war vintage (good year that ). I've just checked out my old school reports and it appears that there were three headmasters during my time at Berridge. Mr Smith, Mr S D Bowler and Mr S W P Henton.
  4. Another trip to Berridge Jill? Are you still in contact with my old school pal Trevor Davis? Is so, he may be interested.
  5. What a wonderful day it was today Jill - put on especially for you x
  6. Not really much choice about going in the car Margie. It was a minor emergency with my implant and appt made just before I left in the car. I could have gone by train and bus but no time to plan. Even by train and bus it would have needed a car or taxi to the station. Some Nottingham people don't realise how lucky they are to have such an excellent public transport system.
  7. Aussie Clive - we were both saddened to hear of his demise. Probably his zest and wit kept him going for his last few years. Three for dinner? 1. Asimov.......for his latest take on AI. 2. Ian M Banks......for his take on drugs and sexuality. 3. Kurt Vonnegut jr.......might turn up anytime if his chronosynclasticinfundiblium theory is true....probably already turned up but we don't know about it yet. ..and a forth - Clive himself to bring a little disorder to the party.
  8. Bad day yesterday going to the Birmingham Uni hospital. Rotten journey with road works and traffic but arrived just on time. Drove into the multi story main car park. Gridlock and no spaces! It tok 55 minutes, locked in and shuffling around before I was lucky enough to park - a young nurse collected her car just in front of me. Fortunately I am known to the staff and I was seen. £4.60 parking for 15 min with the audiologist! Why could the parking company not put a FULL sign outside? Maybe because revenue is increased with 10 cars on each level looking for places. They were probably making an extra £100/hour more than capacity for that period.
  9. Heyup BenO12 - welcome to the forum
  10. My all time favourite car was a Toyota Hilux pickup - the indestructible mk3. Everything manual. Even had to get out of the cab to switch into 4 wd. It did have snooze was slowwww zzzzzz..but it had soul
  11. I never got on with LHD. Even a car that was kept in France was RHD. Talking about electric parking brakes - last year I collected Dodge 4x4 from Indianapolis Airport and wondered why it was so sluggish. After about 2 miles entering the freeway I floored the accelerator and notice a trail of black smoke in the've guessed why. Stopped and checked tyres - VERY hot. Rubbish car btw.
  12. Just read your posts SG - we have been there a few times. Pets and people - what's the difference where emotions are concerned? Hope you are OK. x
  13. One for Jill - one of our cat's 'Samson' stood up to the new dog today instead of running off. Amazing how a cat can double it's size when confronted.
  14. Our rescue Jack Russel arrived yesterday - lovely little chap named Patch. We have never seen the cats move so fast! He turned out to be a good dog to walk. Quite affable with other dogs and owners (a lot of dog walker here) and good fun. He slept in his new bed after being shooed from ours. The cats returned overnight but this morning, as soon as they heard Patch coming down stairs they were off at high speed. They went through the cat flap so fast that they smashed it! I hope that one of them is not injured. The acrylic flap was smashed in half and the edges are quite sharp.
  15. That super picture is a 'strata' starter for ten. Thanks for the Watten pics mate. Yes, Watten is a bit bleak but that has it's beauty - like some of the fens etc.