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  1. Jill - I will do a write up about my time there 1949/53 and give it to you to go with your archive material. Some copies of photographs and school reports too.
  2. Phil - I agree with you - as long as you do it! - cycling down the lane, that is and not being hit with a tractor. You will need to be disciplined about exercise after the hip op. The first couple of months are really important. Obviously very gentle to start with. I was riding an easy 20 miles within 2 weeks but I was only 66 and very fit. I took a crank off of the indoor bike to start with due to massif swelling. The swelling had gone in 10 days. There is evidence that exercise on one limb results in fitness being transferred to the other.
  3. I gave Ozt' a like, not because I agreed with any of it - but it was amusing After rowing over 10 miles a day for 19 days it was rest day yesterday. Rowed 8 miles this morning and will do another 8 or so this afternoon depending on what's on't telly. Rowing on an indoor trainer in front of the TV is a great way of keeping fit. Has anyone tried one of those little pedal machines designed for couch potatoes?
  4. In the 50's lot of the cycling community used to met every week at the Ice stadium during Winter. The star speed skater at that time was Tony Bullen who represented England a few times. He used to cycle and come to races with me. I bought my skates from Archie Stinchcomb, ex panthers Canadian who had a shop on Alfreton Rd. The skates were ex Panthers CCM Prolites - the best but very worn.
  5. Thanks DJ. Not really thought much about selling them. I would assume that most are rubbish and not in particularly good nick. Buying a record player tomorrow for Mrs PP and we will have a more careful search through them. Some artists I have never heard of. Quite a lot of trad jazz - Duch Swing College etc. Some belonged to my dad and sister so quite a diverse collection. Even a few 78's.
  6. Another bloody funeral today. Deffo not exciting! I certainly won't be going to mine!
  7. I am one of the lucky ones on here. 1938 vintage and still very active. No medication. I must confess that I work on it though. Regular exercise (5 mile rowing this morning). Out fishing and working on fisheries every week. Dress smartly and kept mentally busy with my new business and ideas. Of all the things that keep us young and well, I reckon that feeling good about ourselves is the most important.
  8. Brilliant Compo. I liked that 'proper' church. And that island in a Loch....gazed at that for a while, just wishing that I was there.
  9. Not listening to anything cos I'm deaf - however I have been rummaging among our old record collection this morning - so DJ, advice please before I chuck them out. Mixture of early pop 45's trad jazz and all sorts. Our son raided the collection a few years ago so all the Pink Floyd, Led Zep, Black Sabbath and stuff from that era missing.
  10. Thanks compo - that puts the record straight. I was fortunate enough to fish with the Lord Leftenant (sp) of Sutherland a few times many years ago. He took me on his beats of the Cassley and let me use his boat on Loch Fauralach. Learnt a lot from him. He didn't give a toss about the upper classes or wealthy.
  11. Compo - I assume that you watched 'Secret Scotland' on channel 5 last night? It came up through Wick on the 500 route. Those Sutherlands were wealthy! The magnificent Dunrobin Castle was not even their main residence! I always assumed that it was the English that profited from the clearances?
  12. Thanks Albert. I've been in long queues under those canopies many a time. Sometimes right around the corner. My dad could only afford seats up in the Gods. Scared me the first time up there. I still have dreams about flying around inside that Theatre, when leaving my wooden seat of a perch up near the roof.
  13. For the past 70 years I believed that the pol hens that I bought were bred for their laying qualities. When reading a book on fishing yesterday I discovered that Rhode Island Red and Light Sussex were crossed because the resulting male chicks were yellow and the hens were brown. Sexing had never been easier! In fact I learnt more about sexing chicks in the pub yesterday. My mate kept Quail and had become an expert at sexing chicks. Apparently Chinese women are very good at it.
  14. Magnificent Compo. There must be a couple of prize winning photo's there. Captures the 'presence' that you feel when out on the moors and Loch's. Do you ever see anyone fishing on those Loch's?
  15. Thought about you on New Years eve compo, just wondering if you would be bivvying up as usual. I only do that in fine weather these days. Second day of the year and second row of the Virtual challenge. Just easing myself into the daily routine with steady 10k rows. The plan is to build up to 20k p/d by the end of Jan. Bit slow these days atb12kph.