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  1. PeverilPeril

    A few random photos - 2

    Yes, quite a lot. First time I had seen a tench. Dad had an allotment on the other side of the railway embankment. When he got the allotment it was all pegged out virgin grassland. Had a crash course in digging up turf as a ten year old.
  2. Fabulous Compo Was the Loch with islands Loch cam?
  3. PeverilPeril

    A few random photos - 2

    Ian. That first shot brought back memories. It's where Fairham Brook enters the Trent and I used to fish the in the early 50's. Times were already changing by the late 50's demonstrated by the discarded pram - forerunner of shopping trolley's
  4. PeverilPeril


    All miserable gits who see no good in anything or anybody and are always complaining should be gagged and sent on a corrective course.
  5. PeverilPeril

    How's your day?

    Our kittens are a bleddy nuisance but they have exceedingly redeeming qualities. Have to shut them out of the room when getting dressed. Try putting socks on with a cat hanging on to them. As soon as a drawer is opened they jump in and grab whatever is being brought out. We lost one for four hours yesterday until his brother found him locked in a wardrobe. Have to keep the toilet lids down before one falls in when trying to reach the water. Already had to replace conservatory curtains that the have wrecked; and now they are big enough to jump onto worktops Something Mrs PP said yesterday surprised me - the local cat rescue will not give a single kitten a new home when a sibling is available. They prefer kittens going in pairs.
  6. PeverilPeril

    Come On England !!!

    Be nice to see some of that crowd go through the turnstiles. It is cheering the Nation up a bit though
  7. PeverilPeril

    How's your day?

    Some mates and I have formed a coffin making club. Just hoping I don't ktb before making mine, which will be in the shape of a boat and have optics fitted
  8. PeverilPeril

    Think I'll holiday in Scotland

    It got a bit hectic due to the usual organiser dropping out and I had to step in. With getting everyone booked in, boats, engines and beats booked I was never sure where I would be at any one time. I will probably come up again late Aug, maybe by myself, in which case I will drop off by Loch Watten.
  9. PeverilPeril

    How's your day?

    The early mornings and late evenings have been really enjoyable of late. Breakfasts outside at 6 am with the birds hopping about and no traffic noise in the background. Yesterday evening we had a cider club meeting in our garden. It started with us all getting fish and chips from the visiting F&C van and then sitting down to taste various ciders, a perry and finally the Calvados. A great evening. The meeting did have an agenda but it got lost. No one took minutes. The 'Chair' seemed to move around at random and no one can remember any decisions being made. We will just have to have another meeting.................
  10. PeverilPeril

    Think I'll holiday in Scotland

    Had another fantastic time in the Highlands last month. 8 of our fishing club enjoyed fishing some awesome Lochs. Loch Shin (17 miles long), Lochs Cam, Veyattie, Boralan and Urigill. Took my own boat up which enabled me to enter a very remote Loch that the estate boats cannot reach. Superb wild fishing and great drinking company. The pub we stay at is notorious for running out of beer when we hit the place, but this year, much to our delight the beer was always available and of excellent quality. Our reputation must have preceded us, resulting in a micro brewery being started up locally
  11. PeverilPeril

    Come On England !!!

    Watched it in with Grandson #1 in the local. Drank more than I usually do due to ET and penalties, It was the right result. Harry is gifted, Being so cool under extreme pressure of responsibility and being hacked by the opposition. Oh! buying a waistcoat tomorrow..............
  12. PeverilPeril

    World cup squad

    Benjamin - i was going to ask if you would be wearing a waistcoat for tonight's match? All my waistcoats have gone. Nearest thing is my fishing life vest. Could come in handy at the pub tonight though, because it guarantees to keep you upright when unconscious. 2-1....about right
  13. PeverilPeril


    I would have been eleven when those photo's were taken. The only things that I can remember was the Army HQ (Drill Hall), Morkel & Carnell and the steps. For some reason I just cannot remember a lot about our City. Wish I had to skills to bring up Streetview . I took a 'Streetview' walk from the Forest gates down Bentink Rd., turned left up Southey St., right into Lake St., and then left up Peveril St. Lots of recollections about that area.
  14. PeverilPeril

    How's your day?

    Another great day with the open garden. The director of the County Showground visited and I am invited to display the cider making machinery and press at the next County show There was a village vintage car show too. My mates provided a Jap engined 3 wheeler Morgan, a mk2 LR, a 1960 Bently, a 1930' s Lanchester and a very rare 1920's open top Citroen that was actually made in the UK! and an ex WW2 Jeep that served on Omaha beach. There were the usual MG's and other stuff. Amazing what is kicking around in our village. The organiser of the open gardens invited all participants to a garden party afterwards. Loads of drinks and a privately hired fish and chip van provided food. We also had a fly past! A hot air balloon passed directly over the garden and we all waved at each other. Looked a bit dangerous as it approached with flame on full blast and only clearing the house chimney by 10 feet
  15. PeverilPeril

    How's your day?

    Great day today. Our garden along with another 17 was open to the public. It's the first time we have done this. Very hard work but quite fulfilling - meeting loads of people and neighbours. Our garden is average size but enjoys a pretty courtyard entrance complete with ancient well. Trouble is that some of the garden has been neglected due to our extensive periods away. To make the garden interesting to visitors I set up the cider making equipment , exhibiting the process from apple to cider, finished in bottles and oak barrels. Went down a treat. The stationary engine aquired from plantfit started up easily and ran very smoothly - thanks Rog. Our scarecrow seems to have drawn a few votes in the competition too, aptly named 'Ciderman'.....dadadada..........da.