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  1. Another day rained off for the builders. Will the project get done in time? Will Mrs PP stick to her threat that I can't go to Scotland fishing in early Sept if it is not finished? Even when the builders have gone I have to install a floor, decorate and buy furniture.... Anyway, I'm going fishing tomorrow. Bogger the rain!
  2. Bad start today. Implant processor went bang so now completely deaf. Just hoping that Uni Hospital Birmingham can fix it today, otherwise it will be a very quiet w/e. The building project is going well and the walls are now head high. Just hoping that the brick work can be finished by midweek and the skip, mixer and cement removed. Bloody cement gets everywhere!
  3. Stav - for a moment there I thought you had got a badger in the kitchen! You don't mess with badgers.
  4. I used to fish in Fairham Brook in the 50's when Clifton Esatate was being built. The brook was full of roach, chub and dace.
  5. Well, the bricklayer turned up at 7.30 this morning. Don't think he will last very long in the heat today. We are having an orangery built and just hoping for no delays because I am booked for a fishing trip to the highlands early Sept. Just reflecting on yesterdays tram ride from Clifton and seeing the huge changes around Wilford and the Meadows. Dads allotment by the railway embankment, Iremongers pond and Hapenny bridge that we used to jump off as kids.
  6. I used to love the hay making period. Hard work for a few pints. Could tell many stories about those years
  7. Interesting afternoon at Nottm Uni. I was a guest at the hearing science centre. I had several enlightening and enjoyable conversations with the researchers. Hopefully I will be asked to be involved in future research and have something to contribute. I parked at Clifton tram terminal and got the tram to Nottm station and changed for the Uni - what a superb service! Just £2.50 (cons) for a days runabout. Visited my mum's remembrance place and stood for a few moments thinking about us both being there 74 years ago when dad was away with the army. Then had a pint in the Navi, where the AEU meetings used to take place.
  8. Taters? In early spring I planted a few rows of Pentland Javelins and Charlottes. Lifted a row last week and disappointed with the crop. three or four decent spuds from each plant and lots of marbles. I can only put this down to not being able to reach the plot for watering. Is it to late to buy a very long hose and to start watering? Note to Benj - I rode a tandem - my girlfriends had to do half the work while I steered
  9. You have to laugh at where this topic has gone since the Robin Hood cycling club enquiry ...and I won't rise to the bait from DJ or Phil cos I know that they are just envious of us octogenarians that can still get their leg over a racing bike and wear lycra with aplomb (without scaring the children) Anyway - back on topic. The members of Robin Hood cycling club wore lycra tights as was well documented by Richard Green the club captain.
  10. We will just have to learn to get on with it as they do in Holland etc. Most of the cyclist you refer to would not get away with selfishness and bad behaviour over there. Likewise motorists and pedestrians would not get away with it either. I have had a 5 y/o tell me off for walking in a cycle lane in Holland! We should all 'free up' and be less selfish with out public roads and places. We may all rant on about cyclists/motorists/pedestrians and it will get us nowhere. We will learn eventually
  11. I've not heard of the Robin Hood CC but there was a Robin Hood road race held annually up to the 60's and probably later. I only remember because I won it one year (C1960). I think it was organised by by the Sherwood CC or Nottingham Castle BC. By the 50's cycling was way past the golden era and a lot of clubs fell by the wayside. Three clubs that I belonged to just dried up - Nottingham Castle BC, Nottingham Sphere CC and Hucknall Road Club. Thank goodness a new golden era has developed over the past decade or so
  12. To my quite uneducated French interpretation 'Lamouchi' sounds like 'the fly from Italy'. Forest need a bit of inspiration but looks doubtful with entrenched management and players.
  13. I just wonder at some of these claims made by 'eco' specialists. Our house was originally a Yeomans cottage built C1650. The walls are solid red brick, (bricks probably made on site) and sit on sandstone footings. The house was extended and a new roof built in Victorian times. The front, sitting and dining room floors are either wood block on tar or quarry tiles on lime mortar. The loft was insulated 40 years ago and the windows replaced 3 years ago. There is no damp and we are really cosy. There are houses on our road that were built 8 years ago. When we have snow it melts much quicker on those roofs than ours, which indicates to me that heat is being lost faster. In the olden days the materials and building practices allowed a house to 'breath' so as not to collect moisture or damp.
  14. I visited the Nottm Rowing Club about 7 years ago with the ambition of joining a veterans crew. They were starting beginner sessions and I was keen to get on the water. My appointment with a coach went well and I was given a session on an indoor rower. I had just won British gold in the 70+ age group so no problem with fitness. The coach said that due to my age the club captain must be consulted and that I would be contacted about the starter sessions. I heard no more. This was after a lot of 'hoohaa' about rowing being for anyone. A load of balony. One of my few regrets is that I never raced on the water.