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  1. PeverilPeril

    My Bike rides

    Plantfit - your solution to making new spokes was exactly the way that I was thinking. As i said earlier I am so pleased that the old ordinary is being re built. It was given to me by a fellow apprentice at the ROF in 1958. I got it in roadworthy condition and a close friend rode it in a 10 mile TT. He was only 5' 1" tall so riding it was possible. He made the low slung pedals to give a bit of leg room. I have not had time to restore it due to being overburdened with various other projects. I have to rebuild a scratter for next w/e cider making and also a special fly rod to use before the season ends. The Petter engine starts up quite easily and it will be driving the big scratter eventually. It will also be in service at next years Staffordshire County Show along with scratters and press.
  2. PeverilPeril

    My Bike rides

    I was delighted to see the part restored 'ordinary' Plantfit talk to you a bit more later. PP
  3. PeverilPeril

    Elston and Hopkin, Snooker tables.

    John Hopkins was a decent church going man and didn't like the 'goings on' in the snookers halls. He did not seem that keen to go back to his fathers business even though he was not directly involved with the halls. Those slate bed tables must have taken some handling. Wish I had one of the six footers for my front room.
  4. Elston and Hopkin were snooker table manufacturers and suppliers. They had several snooker/billiards hall in the Midlands but were based in Nottingham. I vaguely recollect that one of their halls was on the first floor opposite the Theatre Royal/Empire? John Hopkin took over when his father died in 1955. John was my scout master at Palin St. At that time he worked for Stanton and Stavely Iron works as a statistician. Did anyone play in that hall near the Theatre Royal? They are still in business but moved from Nottingham.
  5. PeverilPeril

    How's your day?

    Taking the twin axle to the scrapyard this morning. Safety chain and welder at the ready Had a new combi boiler fitted yesterday. Heating engineer here til 10pm. He took all the copper and left the rest to me Still, got a lot more scrap iron to take to the scrappers. Always think of Jacky Pownall on Alfreton Rd when I go to the scrappers.
  6. PeverilPeril

    How's your day?

    Not a braked trailer (130 kg boat) but even so, the consequences to human life could have been horrendous. The insurance issue was not on my mind - more the damage to people. Yes I was lazy and did not connect the safety chain for a 500 metre run. Never to late to learn and hope others learn from my confession..
  7. PeverilPeril

    How's your day?

    Scared myself to death. Went to collect my boat that a mate has been looking after. He lives within half a mile and his house driveway is onto a busy dual carriageway. His twenty something son hitched up the trailer to my car. I needed to turn right exiting his drive which means having to go through the gap in the central reservation. This is tricky even when the near carriageway is clear because if something is coming from the left I would need to stop, leaving the boat stuck out in the path of traffic from the right. So my mate went out and stood on the central reservation where he could see traffic in both directions. After a while the road was clear and I set off quite smartly, just pausing to glance left when in the gap. OOOOOweeeeerrrrr!!! as I exited the gap I was passed by my boat on my right! It was heading up the dual carriage way into oncoming traffic! I pulled off the road onto the grass and stopped, watching my boat sail down the road, and then a miracle happened. The boat steered itself into the next gap in the central reservation 50 yards away and came to a halt. Amazing, no traffic either way and I was able to hitch up and drive away. I have no excuses and realise just how close this had come to possible disaster. I just trusted the lad to hitch up properly - they keep horses and use trailer almost daily, but I should have checked. As I say, no excuses.
  8. PeverilPeril

    How's your day?

    Great stuff Ben, so good to have you posting frequently again One of our 7 month old cats (Samson)went awol on Sat evening. All day yesterday his brother (Panto 2nd) kept going out to look for him, returning regularly to be reassured by us. He was obviously upset and would not eat. This morning, in walks Samson totally unaware about the worry he caused his brother and Mrs PP. Not seen a bird in the garden since these two started going outside Felt good on the rowing machine this morning. Nice easy session watching telly. Harder session yesterday and tomorrow. Can't do hard/brisk sessions every day these days.
  9. PeverilPeril

    Under our Streets

    No hard hats or yellow jackets in those days. Even a lady in high heels and fur coat on site!
  10. PeverilPeril

    My Bike rides

    Hey up Plantfit. Do you get more respect and care from motorists on the trike than when you used to ride a bike?
  11. PeverilPeril

    Happy Birthday LizzieM

    Have a very lovely day Lizzie Terry xxx
  12. PeverilPeril

    Classic cars

    Just googled it up. It was a Sheffield-Simplex 1908. Only 3 survive. The company intended making cars to compete with the Rolls. The founder died in WW1 and the business ended. It was unusual with a round brass front and cylindrical, almost loco style bonnet. A rare thing of beauty.
  13. PeverilPeril

    Classic cars

    Just got back from the Chatsworth Show. Wow! Classic cars, trucks and military vehicles galore. Could really have done two days there. An awesome car that I have never heard of before was among the Bents, Lambos, RR's, Buggs, and was not outshone by any of them. It was a Sheffield? Sorry no pics (no camera and only have a gas driven mob).
  14. PeverilPeril

    Giant safety bicycle

    Dave, I used to visit the Brough works on Vernon Rd., in the 60's when I was a special steels rep. It looked a bit run down in those days.
  15. PeverilPeril

    Foters Wiv' Motors.

    My first 'new' company car was an 1100. Reg AOF 90B. I got it after writing off on A40 Farina. Unfortunately, a few weeks later I nearly wrote the 1100 off too Descending down hill from Melton in the rain an approaching car overtook a wagon causing me to swerve and spin. Crashed backwards into the end of the railway bridge. Rear end bent into wheel. Being front wheel drive I was able to drive it back up the hill to a farm, dragging a rear wheel. Farmers wife kindly let me use the phone to call out the AA. Brilliant car in it's day.