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  1. hyson green

    Following chulla's farewell we drove down Radford Rd towards Bulwell. Oh dear! Snail pace traffic and held up for about 5 min for no apparent reason, where the Grand used to be. Gave us chance to take in what was around us. Just a snapshot but Afro's were coolest, Asians were busiest and whites were scruffiest. Passed Shippo's now John Pye. Basford gassworks, memories of collecting coke in an old pram. The stone wall on the right and old quarries/clay pits where I remember water coming out of the ground - the first time I had seen a spring.
  2. Chulla

    Next meetup has to be Wethers in Bulwell. A 'chulla' meet Suggest breakfast AND lunch time for those that travel ... gives options.
  3. Recycling ?

    Just cleared out the fishing bag following yesterdays trip. Instead of throwing away the plastic G&T glass I washed it for another day
  4. Hottest June day in 41 years

    Had a wonderful day on Ladybower Reservoir today. Nice and warm for a change. Spent quite a while just motoring around in the boat and exploring. Superb views from the water. We ended up catching 11 trout between us. Others did not fare so well because they took the bailiffs advice which ignored the changing conditions.
  5. Hottest June day in 41 years

    The last time I saw Ladybower Reservoir was about 76 and it was almost empty, following a dry year and heatwave. Oddly enough I am there tomorrow fly fishing from a boat. Should be full after all that rain. Just hoping that this mini heatwave will bring on an early Mayfly hatch
  6. Nottingham Festival 1970

    Sorry for mistake - it was Halfpenny Bridge we used to jump off not Clifton Br. There was a large steel pipe running on the outside of the bridge and we would sit on that a then slide off into space. We also used to nick railway sleepers from near the bridge and use them as boats. Trying to stand on then. Great fun but a long swim/wade back upstream to where our clothes were stashed..
  7. Nottingham Festival 1970

    We used to jump off Clifton Bridge in the early 50's. The water was almost black. It was also much deeper then and large barges would come by quite often. I always assumed that the barges carried coal but could have been any bulk item. The wash made by the barges eroded the banks quite badly. I remember sitting on my fishing basket seat at Farndon when the whole bank gave way, just sort of slid down into the Trent. Got away with a scare and wet feet.
  8. Nottingham Festival 1970

    I remember as a boy seeing a high diver launching himself from a board built up with scaffolding on Trent Bridge. Don't know how high it was but at least twice as high as Trent Bridge itself. I remember he did a swallow dive and it seemed ages before plunging into the Trend which had been set on fire. I assume that this was something to do with a festival in the 40's early 50's?
  9. Chulla

    Only met chulla four or five times but through his posts seem to have known him quite well. I'll miss this likeable man, who brought some of us together. Sincerely hope that he will be celebrated through future meetings and website topics. See you all there on Wed. ps, Nice post Ian.
  10. A few random photos - 2

    Woodthorpe House? Is that now the Sherwood Community Centre? Looks like the same building I used as a teenager (50's) but the grounds were full of trees and shrubs then.
  11. Things that pee you off

    I just don't like old people. Some of them are not even middle aged yet
  12. Nottingham Boxers

    May have mentioned this before - I saw Johnny Carrington quite often when he was out running. He would come down Southey St., or from the Forest, into Lake St and then up Peveril St. I ran alongside him a few times for a minute or so. I would be about ten and he was probably 20. He never told me to bugger off, just nodded, like saying eyup. I asked him if he was boxing on the booth at Goose Fair, he said "they won't let me", whoever 'they' were.
  13. Bulwell

    I used to visit Sankey's regularly to supply parts for their plastic moulding shop. Remember one day I asked if they would donate a few plant pots to the Home Farm Trust - my boss was a govenor there. Before I knew it my Cortina was filled with boxes of plastic plant pots. Had to drive around in what was a virtual two seater for a week before able to deliver them to HQ in high Wycombe.
  14. Bulwell

    Ian! - i just love this post Yeats would have bought you a drink.
  15. My Bike rides

    That Bobbies on bicycles pic mad me chuckle - the bikes all had dropped racing handlebars - they must have been 'speed cops' One had very aggressive track bars - must have been the chief super's.