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  1. After a couple of shuffles I ended up settling down just 50 miles up river on the Trent. Think the Trent is in my veins. Last week I fished my local stretch and caught some nice grayling and a trout - a bit different to fishing on the Embankment steps 70 years ago for a few humble gudgeon, I keep thinking about travelling over and having a dabble at maggot drowning off the steps.
  2. PeverilPeril

    Remembering Nicky.

    Just read this sad news. Heartfelt good wishes to you and your family Commo. Made me think about my daughter and how lucky I am.
  3. PeverilPeril

    China's Moon Landing.

    When 13 at Berridge I wrote an essay about the dark side of the moon. I imagined the other side of the moon to be hollow and that fierce moon monsters lived there. The exploring space ship from earth was attacked by these monsters but were thwarted by having salt thrown at them. Salt being poisonous to them. The teacher scoffed at my essay, saying that the laws of gravity deemed the moon to be solid. No little gold star for imaginative writing. Just a sort of 'don't be silly'. That was in 1951 and looking back, maybe the teacher was being a bit silly; not about gravity but about imagination. I have my doubts about the US moon landing. Maybe it was a massif step for the US politically, rather than for mankind. It was a long time ago and the advances in technology have taught us how impossible that feat would have been at that time. Had it have happened then, why no further landings from the US? Huge amounts have been spent on other space ventures, so i don't believe that it was just about the money.
  4. PeverilPeril

    Life's experience

    As we approach a 'milestone' birthday I wonder if others, like myself, take stock of where we are and where we are going? I did just that last year when running up to my 80th. Asked myself a whole range of questions about family, health and future plans. How do I adjust to any changes since my last 'milestone'? These things are at the back of our minds all the time of course but for me those 'milestone moments' help crystallise the various issues. Decisions can me made. Action can be taken. It's a freshen up. It gives me a lot of confidence when I have a plan. We often have to wait and hope about the results of family and health issues but it is easier if we have a plan and are able to visualise a positive outcome. Life is good
  5. PeverilPeril

    How's your day?

    Thinking about you and wishing you well Nonna. Looking forwards to seeing you at one of our meet ups this year. PP x
  6. PeverilPeril

    Life's experience

    This is for some of the older ones on here. We all start life as complete novices. We grow up, go to school, work, have families then retire. We learn a lot during that journey - professionally, family wise and about ourselves. We learn even more during retirement. All that experience. We become very good at things. Then we go and die! What a bleddy waste!!
  7. PeverilPeril

    How's your day?

    Fair enough DJ, but at least you did something about your problems and you are still, very much, here among us I just typed up a great rant about my take on GP's, patient's attitudes, funding, salt and sugar abuse etc., but deleted it. I felt better for typing it though
  8. PeverilPeril

    Mobile phones in class!

    There is a difference between intelligence and learning. If these experts see that mobiles can replace the teacher -why have schools at all? I also suspect that the parents need to be in touch with their children at school more than the children need to be in touch with them. And we all know that most texts are to mates anyway. Bleddy stupid. OK I'm old school - still got me slide rule and log tables. Remember the exam papers when we used to put 'SR' behind a calculation, to show that the result may be slightly inaccurate.
  9. PeverilPeril

    How's your day?

    It's a pity that the doctors are not allowed to tell a patient the truth about self inflicted illnesses. If they had the time to discuss issues with a patient and the support support to give honest advice there would be a massif reduction in prescribed medication. Patients are often their own worst enemy.
  10. PeverilPeril

    How's your day?

    It's the first day since Xmas eave that I am clear of cold and hacking cough. Would not dream of going to the Docs for antibiotics....doubt if I would be referred for a vasectomy....
  11. PeverilPeril

    How's your day?

    The Doc took one look at you Phil and decided that there would no more like you if he had anything to do with it!
  12. PeverilPeril


    The mythical Salamander! They are lovely creatures. Had a lot of them in our French place. The myth was due to Salamanders having been seen to emerge from fires. I had an outdoor fireplace in a ruin. The woodpile was just a few metres away. One evening to my astonishment a Salamander scuffled out of a blazing fire. It had obviously been residing in one of the logs. It seemed quite unharmed.
  13. PeverilPeril

    College Scarves

    I had a scarf when at Tech College. Went with the duffle coat. No gay signalling as far as I was aware. We reckoned that the Tech scarf was better than the Uni one.
  14. PeverilPeril

    New Years Eve

    As Joe Davies once said during an exhibition match. "I can't get my leg over nowadays so I do it left handed".
  15. PeverilPeril

    New Years Eve

    Me and Mrs PP have horrid colds. We usually go to a neighbours house for New year and a dozen or so of us have a great time. My duty this year was to supply the cheese board. I took the still wrapped selection of 9 cheeses to our neighbour a couple of hours ago and made apologies for us being to unwell to attend. When I saw the magnificent spread that they had put on and their disappointed looks I felt a bit down. Two hours and a couple of large Jameson's later ....... I am forming a plan