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  1. PeverilPeril

    Faith In The Lord.

    You voted to leave Phil!? I am astonished.
  2. PeverilPeril

    Faith In The Lord.

    I am an agnostic - just in case... I turned from the incense and sacrament to the Baptist church as a teenager and felt much closer to God's teachings as a result. Palin St Baptists was a poor church and we had Lay Preachers visit each Sunday. One or two of the Preachers were old school 'fire and brimstone' and they did not console, teach or love anyone. We looked for our own Preacher and set up a Manse fund. We eventually got Rev McCarthey a young Welsh ex miner. His Manse was a very modest terraced house in New Basford. He, through the Church was a strong influence within the community. It was as a Church should be and I still try to live by those standards that were set. Think I have just received a message. I kept spelling incense incorrectly so looked it up in my old dictionary. I opened it up and the pages fell to 'Jesus'
  3. PeverilPeril

    Faith In The Lord.

    We don't get many Mormons knock on the door these days. We used to when we lived on a new housing estate. I kept a hand sized fossil of a sea shell handy for the occasions. I would explain to them that I found this fossil in a cave 300 feet up in Derbyshire and that it was formed over 100 million years ago. This (the fossil) is the real world that we live in while your world is purely imaginary. I didn't get any converts either.
  4. PeverilPeril

    Faith In The Lord.

    Love and fear. Kindness and cruelty. Generosity and greed..........all tools of the trade for organised crime, religions and power. I only believe in nature and our place within it.
  5. PeverilPeril

    Hidden gems of the Shire.

    We had lunch in there yesterday. The council have done a great job keeping it open and helping small and start up enterprises to keep the place alive. A little gem and an example of how councils can and should preserve the heritage of a town. If only Nottingham.......... Newark is a super place to visit
  6. PeverilPeril

    Boring Repetitive Posts

    I promise to not talk about fishing again. However, last Friday..................
  7. PeverilPeril

    Southwell Workhouse

    It was closed today when we visited. The place looked so foreboding and left us with a feeling of dread. So worth a visit really. Without going in, it left us with an awareness of what the workhouse period was all about.
  8. I raced in the Harvey Hadden league for the first few seasons. Although I had won the league on Melbourne Park grass track I just did not have the speed when we moved to the hard track. OKish but not a winner. Got a pic of me racing there somewhere. More than likely that Rob L's dad took it.
  9. PeverilPeril

    Black holes & quantum physics.

    Fascinating program. The volume of data was truly stunning - millions of gigabytes on a lorry load of hard discs. And the atomic clock that was developed! Accurate to within 1 second over 10 million years!! Mind boggling. Old Albert will still be smiling....
  10. PeverilPeril

    How's your day?

    Just recovered from Saturday's birthday bonanza. Three birthday parties one after the other starting at midday. An 80th a 50th then on to a 70th...phew! Thankfully I have been training for such events Heavy gardening / landscaping again today. Potatoes and broad beans went into the new veg plots yesterday and the cats have been digging them up already....
  11. PeverilPeril

    Newark and its history

    Thanks guys - I got it wrong - I meant Newark on the Sat as being bad for parking. Our hotel in Lincoln has it's own parking.
  12. PeverilPeril

    Classic cars

    Gould get a look at that Rog. We are in Lincoln that day for Mrs PP's birthday.
  13. PeverilPeril

    Keeping Fit

    James Cracklell in the Boat Race today! Stunning performance from the fittest 46 y/o around. I was interested in the heart rate recordings of some of the crew members = resting 40 HR bpm and rowing in the 190's just 2 or 3 below their max!! These guys are so fit that they can sustain power when in the red.
  14. PeverilPeril

    Newark and its history

    We are visiting Newark on Sat on the way to Lincoln, where we will be staying for the night, I understand that Lincoln is one of the worst places for visitors parking?
  15. PeverilPeril

    Musing on racism

    Well I'm a mongrel! A bit Cornish, Irish, Jewish and a sprinkling of other bits. So I like all races and hybrids like myself. Most English people are mongrels and better and stronger for it No 'us and them' with me.