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  1. Horse statues

    Looking forwards to seeing them. I am pleased that the council are not a completely dour and unimaginative lot. On the way to our village from Nottingham we pass through the cattle market and racecourse town of Uttoxeter. We are made welcome to Uttoxeter by a lovely bronze, larger than life bull on the first roundabout, then a horse on the roundabout to the racecourse. Uttoxeter is not a boring little town but some would have Nottinghan to be a boring city.
  2. Rejoined.

    If it's who I think it is ( the true son of Nottingham) then welcome back - we have missed you.
  3. How's your day?

    Another letter from the Criminal Justice System containing a cheque for £34. This is the 5th or 6th cheque for compensation from when my pick up truck was stolen 4 years ago. A gang of 8 were convicted for organised theft of Toyota pick up trucks. During the past 3 years all have been convicted for different levels of culpability and for how they pleaded. As each case is settled I get a share of the compo. Taking a long time but I am hoping that they have saved Mr Big for last. This gang stole 200 trucks before being arrested! Often wondered if my truck is still in use in some nasty micro war, maybe toting a machine gun. My grandchildren jokingly called it the Taliban wagon - who knows?
  4. Hucknall High Street 60s/70s

    I've just used streetview to find the car park mentioned earlier. Could not recognise Hucknall at all. So much bigger. The car park was the Market park by St Mary's. There are no steps there now? Any memories or old photo's of the Market car park?
  5. Gerrin betta

    Hmmmm. Mam's buttered soldiers and hot milk
  6. Hucknall High Street 60s/70s

    My strongest memory about Hucknall was in the late 50's. I drove one of my old Morris 8's onto the car park at the side of the church and went for a few pints - can't remember any pubs now. Got back to the car in the dark. The headlights on that car were like fag ends and my eyesight was not so good either. Anyway I drove off, BANG, BANG, BANG!! Oh bleddy ell. I had not seen the steps, just thought it was a wide exit from the car park. Driving cautiously home I realised that the car seemed more comfortable and was not slightly tilted as it had been for a few weeks. Checked it out the following morning and found a front friction damper dangling loose. Ah! I then remembered that I had knocked the other one off a fortnight before on some poorly lit roadworks. Hence the softer ride and even keel. Got away with murder in those days. What a stupid youth I was Hmm.. I've just had a private cringe ...........
  7. Gerrin betta

    We both spent an hour in the garden today. Just a bit of tidying up in the sunshine. Definitely gerrin betta Got a face full of cold sores so hope that is all gone by next Tuesday - don't want to frighten anyone. Gerrin betta though
  8. Gerrin betta

    Thank you for the likes friends. I hope that others post on here when 'gerrin betta'.
  9. Gerrin betta

    Several topics about being ill - so here's a more positive one. Mrs PP and I have almost got over a very nasty period and will be going shopping together today Just hoping that my car starts - been standing unused for two weeks. Not been to a pub yet this year but I'm gerrin betta
  10. Were you at Berridge?

    No pics turned up Beni but nice to have you back.
  11. NC500 route in Scotland

    Compo - search as I may, I cannot find a spot from where that picture was taken? Must be somewhere on the A832 but I cannot find an islet as shown in the foreground. The loch is over 250 feet deep just there. Don't forget BBC2 at 8.30 tonight. Bound to see a similar scene from the loch side. Gairloch and Poolewe are also featured - places where we took our children for several Summer holidays. Revisited all those places June 2017 so looking forward to the programme.
  12. Plastic waste

    What gets me is the packaging used for non perishables. Things like computer leads, electrical plugs and sockets. Cosmetics are one of the worst. Perfume and other toiletries - 95% packaging, 5% product. Any bike or motor part from Halford - must be a few ton of plastic hanging on those little hooks.
  13. Plastic waste

    I earned my living for 45 years in the plastic industry. Although I started to feel uncomfortable about the waste issue about 20 years ago I never imagined that the Global impact would get so serious. To most people 'plastic is plastic' but there are so many types that separating them for recycling is almost impossible. You put what looks like a 'simple to recycle' water bottle in the bin but that is two types of plastic straight away. We really do have to change our habits where there is a choice and attempt to stop using 'single use' plastic products. Now that China have closed it's doors on our waste plastic we are in a serious predicament. The dreaded landfill and burning will start up again and the resulting pollution will eclipse any savings (if any) made by electric cars. It will take a cross party political will and higher taxation to invest in new recycling methods and plants.
  14. NC500 route in Scotland

    Looks a good website compo. Have you become a member? I'm thinking of doing so - just the basic membership £15. Planning two trip a year so could be worth it.
  15. Question about the Header Picture

    I spotted that when first joining the forum and asked if Robin was left handed.