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  1. PeverilPeril

    Were you at Berridge?

    The toilet seat centres were given to the school as were lots of off cuts. The seasoned Red Deal was a pleasure to work with but is no longer available. I have a stock of old timber salvaged from old doors and frames. Can't buy that quality of wood nowadays. There was a glass case in the woodwork shop showing timber sample from around the world. The importer was Fitchett and Wollacott, a Nottingham company. In my days at Berridge 1948/53 the woodwork shop was next to the railings. My best memories of Berridge were the woodwork and science lab wooded buildings. I can recollect the interiors quite vividly.
  2. PeverilPeril

    Were you at Berridge?

    Yes Jill, us boys were on the upper level. Ah! the wooden huts. They were the science lab with Mr Cheesman and the woodwork shop with Mr Kendrick. I will also bring a bread board that I made in that woodwork shop. We still use it 66 years on. It was made from the centre of a toilet seat So, a storey to tell the pupils.
  3. PeverilPeril

    Were you at Berridge?

    Well done Jill. I look forwards to the visit. I will bring my school reports and photo's. All of my old schools are still standing. Bentink Rd, The Windley (not a school now), Berridge Rd., and Nottm Tech (now Trent Uni).
  4. PeverilPeril


    Thanks for the link WB. We let our boat drift past the pump house pictured. In April I was catching fish in the area that the Lancaster was flying over. The reservoir was full then. When boat fishing close in to the bank it was hard to imagine that there was over fifty feet of water underneath. Access to the boat was tricky yesterday. Quite a slope when carrying fishing clobber. The view from a boat is so different than from the bank. The abandoned, sometimes almost vertical bank sides are a little sinister and a stark contrast to the surrounding countryside. Hopefully the res will fill up again over Winter and I will be back for the Spring fishing.
  5. PeverilPeril

    Were you at Berridge?

    Hey Jill. Count me in if you want to visit the Berridge. It's 65 years since I left. Not a star pupil but won the school colours, played cricket for school and was a prefect (cos I was a big lad).
  6. PeverilPeril


    The ancient valley's, shrouded in mist. Decades had passed since the ghost's had shown. Gliding on, they slowly appeared, the water's tryst. Now Rainbow's live here, so not alone. The ghost's emerge as stone and fence, Homes and sheep, long gone. Breeze drift us towards remembrance. But there will be no song. The City's needs for endless water. Valley's gone? Not for ever. Ladybower may lose it's daughter. For Mother Nature has no tether. You can tell that it is the first poem I have ever written. Managed to catch four rainbows from among the ghosts today
  7. PeverilPeril

    Wollaton Hall History

    Trying to remember the name of an Argentinian man who lived three doors up from us. If I remember correctly he was a curator at Woolaton Hall. He looked like an academic and had a gentle air and presence. His wife was very kind to us when dad was away in the army. His two daughters lived with us for a while before following their parents back to Argentina....must be an interesting story there.
  8. PeverilPeril

    Three words to sum up your day

    2013 vintage cider
  9. PeverilPeril

    How's your day?

    Just a steady 35 min on the rower. Shower. Porridge. Dress nicely for the service at the war memorial at the end of our road. Super day yesterday with all four generations of our family celebrating grandsons 30th.
  10. PeverilPeril

    Whatever happened to......?

    Where is Catfan? - I owe him a pint. Hope he is in good health.
  11. PeverilPeril


    Just been talking to Panto the 7 month old cat that had a new hip 9 days ago. His fur is growing back nicely and he is zooming around chasing his brother as if nothing has happened. I'm getting rather fond of him. The brothers are quite useless though. Left the pantry door open over night so that they could catch the mouse that has been nibbling the veg. No evidence of mouse being caught. All they did was pee'd in the pantry Ungrateful boggers.
  12. PeverilPeril

    Where would you live today in Nottingham

    Life was so free and easy in the'Pleasure Park' era. I learnt to swim there as a 4y/o. Big kids were jumping off the landing stage into the Trent. It looked fun so I jumped in too and was way out of my depth. I somehow dog paddled back and was lifted out. My auntie nearly had a fit. It was also possible to hire a rowing boat from the Embankment steps. Wish we could do that now. If I were single I would consider one of those flats or something close to Trent Bridge. Plenty there to keep one fit and active. Cycle paths, fishing and the gym and bar at the Rowing club. Can't say anywhere else would interest me in the City.
  13. PeverilPeril

    Things you don't see anymore

    Mileage indicators. Those sliding cards with little windows that show place to place distances. Just found one given as a freebee by Seaspeed Hovercraft. It bears a map of Europe with distances between all major cities. It has conversion table on the back and instructions of what you need when motoring abroad....Hmmm....could be up to date again next year There is an interesting little box to fill in at the bottom . TO SAVE TIME AT CUSTOMS. Engine No................................................. Chassis No...........................................
  14. Sorry, her grandma's shop was on Calverton Rd. A S Stimpson, general grocers. I'm looking at a photo now and it is a red brick corner shop with large Lyons Tea and Colmans Mustard signs above the shop. And yes, the breakers yard was on Cross St.
  15. PeverilPeril

    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday Loppy. Hope the dogs take you for a birthday walk.