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  1. Actually, it was, and is "HAWAII 5-0". Yes they are making new ones, but they are not very good - or popular. If we are talking American shows, my favorite was "The Rockford Files" - stall available on Netflix!
  2. No, it's called Theakstones because the Theakstone family own it! Yes, I believe the Black Sheep brewery is also owned by the family - and was started when S&N still owned Theakstones. You can read all about it on their website.
  3. Actually, Theakstones is interesting - aquired by Mathew Brown in 1984 and taken over by Scottish and Newcastle in 1987 but the family bought it back in 2003! It remains under family control! The brewery is worth a visit and they have an excellent "tasting room" at the end of the tour.
  4. My dads first car was a black 1957 Ford Prefect TTV 915 - which he bought in 1964. We made many trips to the seaside and on holidays in that car and dad was perpetually washing it or working on the engine! He sold it a couple of years later and bought a Ford Consul - which I hated!
  5. Kev - if she is using the mobile app, she cannot do what you suggest - it is a completely different interface. Hippo Girl - I will switch you to the standard interface - lets see if that works.
  6. Haven't tried the ones mentioned, but I do remember that Castle Rock's "Hemlock Bitter" was very good. It is good to see so many small breweries doing well - and producing a variety of beers. Over here it is not hard to find a "micro brewery", but they all seem to focus on high-alcohol beers, often nothing lower than 5%. I asked one brewer why they didn't do a low alcohol "session" bitter and he told me they tried, but Americans won't buy it. It seems the higher the alcohol, the better it sells - taste and ability to walk out take second place!
  7. I think your problem Hippo Girl is that you are using the mobile skin to interact with the forum. An issue with that skin is you can't get out of it - but I can switch you to another if you wish. I "think" you may be using an iPad or other similar device, in which case you may have to change to accessing the site through a web browser rather than the mobile app. Let me know if you want me to switch your access.
  8. My dad learned his trade painting Midland General buses at the depot in Langley Mill. He became an excellent sign writer and could also put on pinstripes by hand. For many years I had a tin with his signwriting and pinstriping brushes, sadly long gone. His wrist-rest was probably thrown out when the sold our house in Long Eaton - indeed it was a stick with a ball of rags taped to one end! In his later years he did paint a few pub signs, but I think they are also long gone. The one I remember best was at "The Anchor" in Kegworth.
  9. O.K. - So in the "Reply to this topic" area, start typing then look in the top right corner of the box you are typing in - there should be an arrow - click on it!
  10. The "edit box" is where you type your reply. It is typically at the bottom of the screen after the last post. I suspect you may be using a mobile "App" version of the viewer which could be the problem. Let me know how you enter your replies.
  11. The iPad "may" be the issue, but I'm not certain. Maybe Mick has an idea. Do you have a toolbar that shows font choices etc.? If not, look at the upper right side of the edit box - there should be a left-pointing arrow - click on it!
  12. To put a LINK to an article in a post, copy the address of the item you wish to link, then when you are creating your post you will see an "edit" bar above the typing area that has a number of symbols - click on the chain link symbol and past the link address. To insert a picture or image, use the same technique but use the picture symbol. If you hover over the symbols, their use will appear in a text box.
  13. Limey


    I have to wear one almost anytime I am out doors - either to prevent my brain from burning, or freezing. Lack of natural cover, you understand!
  14. I think the threat of it disappearing originated when production was moved to Holland (several years ago I believe). It hasn't gone yet, so my guess is this is just a bump of the old fear-mongering from a few years back. Heck, even Bovril returned to their original recipe!