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  1. I've found it! It was the Running Horse. So glad I worked that one out because I thought I'd lost it there for a minute.
  2. Adding to the info SFB has already provided, I found this:
  3. Can someone explain how to post a link please? I've tried it the usual way but when I try to paste, it doesn't work.
  4. Hi! Thanks Mick2me (The quote function doesn't seem to work for me) Thanks for the welcome. I hail from Brinsley and now live in Annesley, Cliff. Thanks Michael and loppy, I'm really enjoying reading through this site, it's bringing back so many lovely memories. I'll add bits as it all floods back!
  5. (Tried to quote your post but it wouldn't work). I must have the wrong pub then!! Could've sworn it was the Flying Horse but it was definitely around the time I mentioned. I'm stumped.
  6. Hi caftan, thanks for the welcome.
  7. A friend told me she supported her boyfriend who was on heroin. Extremely talented lady.
  8. That's the version I remember Cliff ton.
  9. Hi, I've just joined I remember going to the busker's bar at the Hearty Goodfellows, circa 1999/2000. Had some really good nights there. Also went to the 'open' nights at the Flying Horse around that time.