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  1. #38 Hiya nonnaB. I wonder if your paternal grandfather knew Stan Laurel, he was from Ulverston.
  2. #564 I'm still looking LizzieM. It's just that Carnie keeps getting the better images.
  3. Hats off to the bloke. I don't think my Raleigh racer would have stood up to that.
  4. Was it ammonia? I remember an aunty doing my grandma's hair and it used to make my eyes smart.
  5. I wonder if Trent college, in Long Eaton, remembered one of their former pupils?
  6. Today is the centenary of the death of Nottingham's Albert Ball.
  7. I got the same message earlier this morning.
  8. I've just been watching the peregrine chicks being fed. There's just a pigeon's head left in the nest box. It's enough to give 'em nightmares.
  9. I think I'll stick with the old trick of standing facing into the wind, I find that smooths out a few wrinkles.
  10. I notice that I've got A and B buttons on my gas smart meter. Do you think if I push button B I'll get my money back?