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  1. #38 Hiya nonnaB. I wonder if your paternal grandfather knew Stan Laurel, he was from Ulverston.
  2. #564 I'm still looking LizzieM. It's just that Carnie keeps getting the better images.
  3. Hats off to the bloke. I don't think my Raleigh racer would have stood up to that.
  4. Was it ammonia? I remember an aunty doing my grandma's hair and it used to make my eyes smart.
  5. I wonder if Trent college, in Long Eaton, remembered one of their former pupils?
  6. Today is the centenary of the death of Nottingham's Albert Ball.
  7. I've just been watching the peregrine chicks being fed. There's just a pigeon's head left in the nest box. It's enough to give 'em nightmares.
  8. I think I'll stick with the old trick of standing facing into the wind, I find that smooths out a few wrinkles.
  9. I notice that I've got A and B buttons on my gas smart meter. Do you think if I push button B I'll get my money back?