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  1. A slight assault on the ears by the boys, featuring Chris (The Mouth) Ashley.
  2. Thanks very much for that, K. Some interesting shots of the locality. I'm intrigued to know what the wording would have been where the 'T' is on the building to the right of Eassom's chip shop in Redhill (another shot below for comparison) That building as I knew it was Mr. Holmes' grocery store. Ref No: NCCG000738 Town Village: Arnold Location: Redhill Road Title: Easom's Chip Shop, Redhill Road, Arnold, post 1946 Further Information: The Roxy cinema poster is advertising James Mason in 'Prison Breaker' (1936), as well as Red Skelton in 'Merton of the Movies' (1947). Date of Image:
  3. Not a bad assessment. There was no way on earth that Archie Gemmill was past it though.
  4. A few more would be Davie Gibson, Frank Mclintock and Alan Smith.
  5. That's interesting, fownesey. I've been to Kelowna many times, sometimes staying there for up to a month. My previous partner's parents lived there, firstly in Westbank then down in the town. Absolutely love the place, it's just a jewel and I once had hopes of living there. I wrote on many occasions of my times there: https://stuartfrew.wordpress.com/tag/kelowna/
  6. I think that's a smokescreen from the owner to take a bit of pressure off himself Considering the state that Forest are in I think it would take more than persuasion to coerce the likes of Martin O'Neil to take that particular poisoned chalice. Yes, it would take a lot of persuasion - and much more - to get anybody of any note, especially someone with a decent job already, to come and risk their reputation at a shambles of a club and then be sacked in three months. In my view they can forget about O'Neill anyway - I could be wrong but I don't think he would touch them with a barge pole.
  7. A friend mentioned to to me that Bobby would bring a big box of apples in the boot of his car to training sessions and allow each youngster that lined up for an autograph one each! He'd instruct them not to take a bruised one! Perhaps Bobby had access to an orchard somewhere. Can you imagine some of the modern game's conceited and self-centred individuals doing something like that? Interested to hear more about his strengths and abilities on the pitch. I do remember him but was quite young. I know that many have said that he could count himself unfortunate not to have earned international ho
  8. There'a a mention of his first booking in the blog. It involves another Forest legend!
  9. Thanks for your memories, Catfan! I have never heard a bad word spoken about gentleman Bobby McKinlay.
  10. A few words about a much admired former local stalwart of the Forest rearguard, Bobby McKinlay. I as a young laddie I but caught the last part of a Bobby's excellent career at the City Ground, nevertheless one of those seasons being the highly significant and exciting one of 1966/7. There will be many here that saw much more of him over his years of sterling service for the Reds and I'd be interested in thoughts. Still much revered by many, he appeared the most decent of men and a most player for the club he played for. Bobby McKinlay - a Portrait of Loyalty
  11. Exactly. Although not particularly a fan of Dougie Freedman's 'style' of football, I see no good reason to have sacked him at the point the owner did as opposed to waiting until the end of the season. It has left Forest, by all accounts, flailing around like a rudderless ship. With respect to the caretaker boss he doesn't appear to be suitable to have taken the position whilst his assistant, Reid's appointment as temporary coach appears to have no basis in qualifications or experience. With the latter it almost appears that they wanted to find him a useful job to do as they have singularly fa
  12. Thanks for posting, Mark. Really enjoyed seeing the old but ultimately sad footage. The Victoria Station is only just in my memory so it's good to compare with that.
  13. Keep putting one foot in front of the other, Ash - that's all you have to do. I'm sorry to hear of the things you've been through but glad to see you back here. Stu
  14. Here's an image of it with the dome: http://www.calvertonvillage.com/ramsdalehouse.html And here's one sans dome.
  15. Some information about it on the below thread, Graham. http://nottstalgia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=10990