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  1. Blimey, just found this post whilst looking at 'activity ', and the photo invokes a lot of pleasant memories as it was the only school i can remember, that I enjoyed going to. Somewhere in the back of my mind, miss Lewis rings a bell. By coincidence, my father went there as well. Also, my father and myself went to Huntingdon st juniors. Not at the same time, I might add.
  2. If oldphil is right,and to be honest, I have similar thoughts, who is going to make them pay for this catastrophe?. And again, when and if it gets 'sorted ' , i can see this escalating to something a lot worse, and I don't mean virus wise!!!
  3. You've got to open up, so that the rest can get in to work !!
  4. We are probably lucky at the moment, but the government has put us on a 4 day curfew, it was going to be just 14 hours today. But it was deemed such a success, they have imposed a further 3 days.
  5. Lovely sentiments, Catfan, Ian and the rest.
  6. Waddo


    At a guess, if one is male and the other is female, then pretty close. But if of the same sex, use your own judgement !
  7. BK, your mention of the 'Finland's mountains reminded me of when I instructed the trainees at the C.I.T.B at Bircham Newton. Some would asked where i practiced my rope access skills, and I would tell them that i was a reserve for the 'Norfolk Mountain Rescue Team' only a few twigged it!
  8. They were called 'Braithwaite water tanks'. Used a lot everywhere, taken quite a few down in my time. Replaced panels in a few as well.
  9. Some posh words there Jill, will get back later, when I've googled what they mean.
  10. Just got stocked up with a few beers and a bit of food ready for Sunday. Nobody allowed out from 9a.m.till 7pm, suits us just fine, hardly anyone here anyway !! Might make it the whole weekend, just to be safe.
  11. Don't eat yellow snow !!
  12. If you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel, your probably in a cave !
  13. I decided to have a go at self isolating, boredom didn't set in as i thought it would, just a bit confused why one box of 'Rice Crispies ' had 6743 and the other box had 6772 in it !!