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  1. Reg king was a great friend of the family, he bought my fathers shop on st Ann's Well rd (101) and used to get me into the ice stadium for nothing. A very generous man, his son David would be a year or so younger than me, Reg would take us both to Redmayn and Tods to get toys, sports gear or whatever we wanted. He mostly drove Rovers, with the number REG 2. Although he did try a Jay XJ6 once but quickly went back to Rovers.
  2. Your only as old as your body wants to let you be, just go and prove it's wrong!!
  3. Why not book your self on a track day, plenty of excitement. Or even more of an adrenalin rush, nip over to Germany and get a few laps in round the Nurburgring!!
  4. If I had been any sort of intellectual, i wouldn't have gone into steeplejacking 45 years ago !!
  5. CT, you should get some soft of award for your ability of solve other folks dilemmas, genius, just genius. Not taking away contributions from other nottstalgians, but how you come up with the photos and maps just beggers belief, well from me anyway.
  6. Don't know about that Beekay, non ov tha skools i went ta wus posh !
  7. The best cure for insomnia is a good nights sleep!!
  8. Waddo


    Because they are crying and whining!!!
  9. Have i aged well?, People say I look about 65, and I'm only 65
  10. And the good news is, we can choose what we want to read
  11. On this topic, does anyone know if Mick 2me is still running the site, or done a runner ? I liked his occasional inputs.
  12. Hi again Carni, my name is in my profile i am trying to find that list that you mentioned, but struggling (only got my kindle here) but will keep looking.
  13. That's a coincidence Carni, my grandparents lived on vicaridge st before grandad won the cafe on st Ann's Well rd,at a game of cards. Would be about 1950 - 52.
  14. 3 to 4weeks ? Your supposed to drink it, not let it evaporate !