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  1. Had a friend with Parkinson's who had aids but managed to shake it off
  2. Bobbers Mill Road area

    What do psychologist's know? Folks like us need to be taken more seriously. My aunt Peggy, (every one was an aunt or uncle) used to take me to the end of st Ann's well rd in a pushchair to see the conductor (her husband) at the terminus.
  3. Vanished shops

    Don't have the same Ring to it, used to love that toy department in g and s
  4. Bobbers Mill Road area

    I tell you what Jill, just found this thread and until then, thought that I was the only one that can remember stuff like that. I can remember being pushed in a pushchair and nursery, most significantly because my mother cleared off when I was 4yrs old. I could describe the layout of our home in detail, but what did I do last week? I will have to count back the days.
  5. Vanished shops

    Griffin and Spalding, what happened to them?
  6. Whatever happened to......?

    Unfortunately that's one of the Downside's of requesting equality..
  7. Keep One Drop One.

    Monitor lizard
  8. Keep One Drop One.

    Wollaton Hall
  9. Christmas Presents

    Yep sure have, in fact two, one is a two speed with 1/2" Chuck same colour as the picture. Me other one is a single speed with a 3/8" Chuck green and cream body. Both work fine but they don't get used much these day's thanks to cordless drills.
  10. Keep One Drop One.

    Present company
  11. Forest/Mansfield Road

    Not many girls of horizontal pleasure to be seen, mind you, the copper on point duty probably had some thing to do with that....
  12. St Anns in the 60s

    hi commo I wuz there about 58 59 can't remember who the head woz. Does remember that far back with names. Although some things are like yesterday. Ode age!!
  13. St Anns in the 60s

    Nice one Cliff Ton, was this an aerial shot? Can't think of anything tall enough round the area to take that shot!!
  14. St Anns in the 60s

    I went to Shelton st infants, also the temp buildings on Huntingdon st doubled as the dining room for Huntingdon junior. (Went there as well).
  15. Snow

    Not only stronger stuff , but you've got the health and safety geeks now!!!