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  1. Oh yes they do, was taken over a good few years ago but stayed with the sos sandwiches. Saying that, they don't spread it on with a trowel anymore! Still good value though.
  2. Bit of 'woof' justice for the PM !!
  3. Hi Mavis, the cafe was on st Ann's Well rd next door to the coachmakers arms and the admiral Dundas was across the road.

    1. mavisbaker


      Thanks Waddo - I am a joint admin of a facebook group - St Anns Well Rd Pre Demoliton - and one of our members has photos - includes Nora's cafe -he is looking for anecdotes to accompany the images https://stannswellroad.weebly.com/peter-richardsons-images.html


  4. Hi - I see you mentioned Nora's cafe - could you tell me exactly where that was?  Was it on St Anns Well Rd?


  5. Michelangelo got it wrong, he was told to paint the chapel cistern !!
  6. Used to go in the Bodega at the weekend and then onto the AdLib used to have a good time at both places. If I remember correctly there used to be a elderly chap there that used to hand out tickets or something in the nearby pubs to the females!.
  7. Don't know about freshly prepared, more like waiting for the veg to grow !!
  8. We do, about 5500miles and i agree , its a lot better than the stuff you get here.
  9. When did you take up windsurfing compo ? Lol.
  10. The 'proper ' stuff overseas, I can testify, is far better than the stuff sampled in ready cooked or whatever you get from supermarket or garages !.
  11. Good question Den, i suspect it's a bit vague judging by some of the stuff dished up at some places !!.
  12. You've done a fine job there AG, well done and the best of luck with it.
  13. Must be a new craze nonna, diy April fools joke!. Albeit a day late!.
  14. Back in the 60s, my auntie and uncle used to run the White Hart pub in Newark, Home Ales pub with lodging above, used to have loads of fun as a lad when we visited. I can always remember that it had that typical pub smell that you don't seem to get in pubs of today.
  15. Has bath hopping gone out of fashion nowadays ?