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  1. Keep One Drop One

    Tram chaos!!!
  2. Keep One Drop One

    Eddy lizard
  3. Trackless

    Don't know where they went, but wish we still had them instead of the s#%t that we have now that's cost a fortune. And that's beside any additional costs that will be incurred!.!
  4. Traffic chaos in Newark

    At least it's only for 17 weeks, the chaos is infinite in Nottingham cos of the tram's. Think the sen lucky.
  5. Mods & Rockers

    Yeah me anall, learnt my lesson after chucking me dominator up the road at Gregory Rose's at toton.. Wouldn't dare go out now without all me gear. How times change!!
  6. 'Stalgia Shirt.

    Which one would you recommend? The good quality one or the washable one?.. He,he.
  7. Mountain Lion.

    You mean to say, they have carpets and rugs up streleh? My, things have changed, used to be fitted lino.
  8. Dunkirk - old and new

    Who did he work for Ian? And when/where did he die, I presume when you said lost, you meant that he died whilst at work. The jacking community is rather small, so just wondering if I ever met him.
  9. Model Railways

    Glad that you followed my advice.
  10. Model Railways

    Just a quick one from observation, but would advise that you connect the two baseboards.!!
  11. Mountain Lion.

    Bet they weren't robbed!!!
  12. Mountain Lion.

    Can't wait till the next meet up that I can attend, would love to hear you do a Glaswegian brummie accent.
  13. Things that pee you off

    You'll be in trouble! Your supposed to let them run riot.
  14. Things that pee you off

    Can't tell the kid's off or discipline them, it's not pc.