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  1. Waddo

    Motorbikes of old

    And the gpo
  2. Waddo

    Born ‘58, The Meadows

    Hi bazbo and welcome, also went to Roland green 67_70 look forward to your contributions. There are a couple of members that went to RG.
  3. Waddo

    Would you pass your driving test today ?

    Do you need a gun licence to drive one of those?
  4. Waddo

    Things you don't see anymore

    When I had my mini van, i lost my fuel cap, or more likely,left it at the petrol station. I stuffed a rag in the hole, on the way down maid Marion way I got pulled by a copper on a motor cycle who proceeded to lecture me on the dangers of such a practice, namely driving around with a sick sticking out of a potential bomb!!!!
  5. Waddo

    Enjoying owt on the box lately ?

    I'll admit to liking Benidorm, totally daft but it's my sort of humour, must say though, the first series was the best. Did actually stay at the sol pelicanos many years ago, long before they thought about filming there.
  6. Waddo

    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday Carni and have lots more of em, hope you have a great day.
  7. Waddo

    How did you choose your login name?

    It's just a shortening of my surname, both my father and me have been known as waddo for as long as I can remember.
  8. Waddo

    Yet to change it's name...

    That is the cleanest I've seen the front of the Bendigo, when I lived on the hollows 40years ago it was a right tip!!
  9. Waddo

    Shop/Business Names

    A friend of ours has a horse shoeing business called Only Foals and Horse's.
  10. Waddo

    Ice Cream sellers

    A friend of ours when we were living in Norfolk used to tell his two daughters that the ice cream man played the chimes to let folks know that he had sold out of ice cream.
  11. Waddo

    Nottingham Festival 1970

    Your right there, it was pretty murky, a sort of dark green. Not quite zero viz but it was good training. The pollution side of it is just the same as when you go white water rafting at holme pierpoint!! And at the end of the day, nowhere near as bad as the ganges!!
  12. Waddo


    No worries Melissa, I hope to be at the next meet,so should be able to put faces to names. Pity I couldn't get to do at hucknall but had some pressing things to attend to.
  13. Waddo

    Nottingham Festival 1970

    I used to do a bit of scuba diving many years back,and have dived the Trent a few times. I can't ever remember the Trent being more than 15ft deep at normal levels. Some places near Clifton bridge were shallower than that!.
  14. Waddo


    It was a wonderful service, and a fine eulogy from his friend David. It made me feel as though I knew Dave personally. It was also good to meet Kath, although would have liked it to be under better circumstances. Hopefully I will get to meet more of you all at one of the meets. R.I.P. Chulla.
  15. An old school friend of mine, when we were at hunto school, lived on Shakespeare villas, they were grand houses.
  16. Waddo

    Nottm At War 1939-1945.

    Without seeing the Head an blocking I couldn't say for sure,but the location is near enough.
  17. Waddo

    Bottom end of Woodborough Road

    The new Westminster aka the wessy was at the end of St Ann's well rd near Ransom rd, was a shippos pub. The one at the end of the Chase was the Gate, that was a home ale's pub.
  18. I think the number plate told the pump attendant that the car needed filling with petrol!!. My father bought his first new car from Sharp's, a 1967 Vauxhall Viva SL 90, reg- PRR 97F. What a load of rubbish that was, no end of problems from start to finish.
  19. Waddo

    Trinity square

    Phill, do you mean the 3.5 litre sd1? They didn't do a 3 ltr!. They did a 2.3, 2.6 and a 3.5 v8.
  20. Waddo


    Anyone know why we still keep altering the clocks?, always seemed to be pointless, but maybe that's just me!!
  21. Waddo

    RAOB The Buffs.

    Not sure Rog, never been in the Bull's Head.
  22. I'll go with Freda avenue, had a mate lived in a flat there, it was a nightmare in winter.
  23. Was that from the top of the flagpole?, painted it in 76. When it was a steel one, not like today's fiber glass version.
  24. Waddo

    RAOB The Buffs.

    You want to try the folk's in Norfolk, 30 years there and still couldn't work them out. Mind you, when they think that incest is a game for all the family, what do you expect !!
  25. Waddo


    Do you have to turn up early in winter and late in spring?