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  1. Go on then, let us into the secret!
  2. Things you don't see anymore

    Plus the fact that when it goes wrong, it will cost a small fortune to put right. Especially now we have "fitters" as opposed to mechanics.
  3. Edwardian photo of Lister Gate

    It was from that very John Collier shop that I bought a very nice jacket, it was about 3weeks old and I left it in a Indian restaurant in Derby on a night out. By the time I realized, ie, you can't come in this club without a jacket, I got back to the restaurant to find, yes you guessed correctly, the jacket gone. But more painful than that was the fact that the key's to my lotus elan were in the pocket. And yes, that had gone too!. I have never to this day, put a key fob on my car keys!!
  4. Palais 70's House Bands

    I don't think he works at Mac Ds , I think you'll find he's driving a tram!.
  5. Have a word with Alton towers Katy, they have one when you get off the "Congo rapids" and I think, the "log plume" I'm sure they will put you in contact with the right people.
  6. Maid Marian Way

    Thank you, oh master of expert knowledge of all things computerish.
  7. The stainless steel washing machine drums are very good plant containers when dug into the garden, with just the rim left at the surface.
  8. Edwardian photo of Lister Gate

    And was John Collier further up on the right hand side ?
  9. Tram losses

    Having points to change direction does not make it flexible by any stretch of the imagination. If the daft thing breaks down, fall's off the rail's or gets stuck for whatever reason, the next tram can't get past. Trolley buses can pass with a simple depole, drive, repole. No problem!!
  10. Edwardian photo of Lister Gate

    The manager at the time, at C and A was a Mr Cresswell Hollyoak, don't ask how I know that, unless you really want to know.
  11. Maid Marian Way

    That wimpeys was the one my sister worked at in 73 she only did the Saturday. But it was handy for me, cos I got my food free and only paid for a coffee.
  12. Rail travel card

    That sounds like hard work, I'll just use the car.
  13. I remember the Day showroom vividly on Mansfield rd and the corner of? Help me out someone, can't remember the name of the St!
  14. I only remember it being on Huntingdon St, but obviously from people who have a better recollection than me, know better. When it was on Mansfield rd then, was it still a jag, rover, triumph dealership?
  15. I think you'll find that Truman's garage was on Huntingdon St next to atkeys that was at the end of Union rd and Huntingdon St.
  16. Things you don't see anymore

    Mobile phones that only make phone call's.
  17. The Future Could Be Bleak.

    My ex said she was leaving me because of all the CCTV in the house, I could see where she was coming from.
  18. Tram losses

    Damm, got it wrong again! OK let's have another game of "why the small business didn't survive" I will try harder next time to get the answer right.
  19. Tram losses

    Was it something along the line's of, oh yes please, can I have the contract because I need to show a loss of earnings to the tax man?.
  20. Things that pee you off

    I think it's compulsory uniform for the Post office, all the postmen in East leaks wear short's all year round!!
  21. Pits Around Nottingham.

    I take it they still had pit ponies up to the closer? The reason I ask is, I went to Roland Green school, and remember the ponies running like crazy in that field next to the happeny bridge. I was told that they were excited by coming out of the pit. Is this right?
  22. Horse statues

    Its funny that you say that, me personally always thought the opposite. If the government spent money on sports, as other countries did, we might have more of a selection come Olympic time or indeed any major sporting event. Instead of relying on one individual to bring home the Bacon.
  23. Rejoined.

    I thought they were male teabags.
  24. Things you don't see anymore

    Good on ya compo, that's the problem nowadays, what with the EU, HSE, and the good old tree huggers, nothing you buy today is as effective as the stuff from yesteryear! And what you can get, costs a damm site more!
  25. Horse statues

    That won't matter, the council have load's of money to waste. The replacements will probably be made in bronze!