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  1. Released today, filmed in Nottingham, name the high street & pub.
  2. On our last full day & it's occurred to me we have not seen or handled any Euros, been tap tap tap, surely the death of the bureau de exchange, I'll let Mrs Red deal with checking out, she got paid today
  3. Been a long while since a Notts manager left & not sacked? Gone to a bigger club?
  4. Point for her two for him ........ but who?
  5. Kids will never experience Monkey Magic on Friday teatime, straight after me & brother would be in the outhouse looking for broom handles to wack each other over the head with, marvellous.
  6. Nottingham City Council should be done for criminal damage. St. Nicholas' Rectory Castle Gate 1957
  7. Think I've got it Oooooo Ooooo Ooo monkey pots, going ape shit, Ooooo Oooo bannana milkshakes, bannana on toast, Oooooo Ooooo jacket bannana, I've got it all right. Oooooooo Oooo!
  8. 27 Your having a laugh, feels like 47, I’m on fire, I have noticed these Greek restaurant & bar owners seem to enjoy the hug & kiss & I’m sure owd Andreas nibbled my ear
  9. Big fat NO been enough scaremongering with this covid malarkey. I have a feeling owd PFM GavReid lives in a flat on his own, keeps the windows closed, watches to much telly, got no mates, don't go out much, got a beard
  10. We used to have a 'Lauren' in charge of customer complaints, in my 25 years I never met her, I did wonder if she paid our Nottingham Workplace Parking Levy?
  11. If anything good comes from this covid malarkey folk may just take control of their own heath & wellbeing, those poor so called "keyworkers" where only able to enjoy the joys of lockdown by catching covid, strange how the self employed seem exempt from this so called long covid
  12. My grandma would lift the drain covers, with vim & toilet brush in hand & scrub the inside of the sewer, popping up round the u-bends of neighbours bogs with a cheery "Don't mind me, duck."
  13. Can't you not get one of your servants or concubines to type it out @philmayfieldI would also like to read it, ain't buying it
  14. The clever design of the toilet duck bottle helped kill off the bidet, if needed, a few short blasts & I’m good to go.