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  1. radfordred

    New Tram

    Crikey ...... Forty Eight million pound loss last year! Say I fast It don't sound so much.
  2. radfordred

    Forest Manager

    I can just remember Eaststand could have been TrentEnd Noddy I was mesmerized as a nipper, sure me Dad said don't look at him
  3. radfordred

    How's your day?

    And out won and on 29th March we leave the EU job done. That's what the majority voted for. It will all be good, trust me.
  4. radfordred

    Forest Manager

    Is Keane on board yet? Caption time "Oi you, yes you, you useless b#stard" "Potatoes, potatoes, potatoes, potato"
  5. radfordred

    A quiet Sunday in the 70s

    Getting closer, worrabarrt this one?
  6. radfordred

    Vaping vs the dreaded weed

    Daughters Birthday today 31, she brought all her cards round to show us, had to chuckle, one card I knew who sent it before I opened it, it stunk of fags!
  7. radfordred

    A quiet Sunday in the 70s

    Depends how long your legs are? Heel to toe, heel to toe.
  8. radfordred

    How's your day?

    I spoke to a youth for nearly 20 minutes in the Embankment & he finished up saying tell your Nick you've seen me, when you see him? Ain't seem him for years!
  9. radfordred

    A quiet Sunday in the 70s

    If you walked from Hucknall to where I'm standing take you 2 hours & 23 minutes according to Google maps?
  10. Liverpool 02 Academy 2nd March booked in for the whole weekend, want to give old Antony Gormley's work on Crosby Beach a look on the Monday.
  11. radfordred

    How's your day?

    Ayup @Cliff Ton @denshaw @mick2me six thousand & thirty replies, give it a clip, bit of a trim, touch of pruning youth.
  12. radfordred

    A quiet Sunday in the 70s

    Sorry to post something Nottingham related Where am I standing?
  13. radfordred

    Sneinton Dale

    One for @Bennerley he used to play here, but did he have jellied eels?
  14. radfordred

    How's your day?

    I feel your pain