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  1. Armed robbers just burst into the local estate agents shouting NOBODY MOVE
  2. Maybe they've cut out the middleman & joined Facebook
  3. Big bag of cayenne pepper off Hyson Green sprinkled around the peripheral should deter the cuddly purring meowing evil ninja little bastards from pissing all over your rattan furniture.
  4. Spotted this 940 in Wollaton today, I’m sure this beast of the road will still at it in another 25 years?
  5. I’ve met the Humpf & his brother who was his double, he lived @ Great Glen he was big mates with Nottingham’s Barry St.Ives, they both played in rival bands when younger & when Barry left the UK The Humpf took him on tour & games of golf, Barry was a good laugh to have around. Bit disrespectful @philmayfield to his family & friends to have this post in obituaries before he’s dead, shame on you, let’s hope God forgives
  6. Taken last night, Queen of the Midlands, if not England.
  7. We used to get the letters of customers complaints passed onto us on the production floor after being dealt with, we’d then leave them in the tea bar to give the rest a good laugh Only skim read it, far to long & monotonous, glad to see you’ve not stitched up the lads on the road, you never know they might have family, mortgages, final warnings etc to deal with
  8. Flags up, time to make it permanent.
  9. Lockdown lovers look away now
  10. Not if you look 3 pages full on here https://nottstalgia.com/forums/topic/1922-albert-brown/?tab=comments#comment-16575
  11. Crikey ....... Glad I shave me head