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  1. radfordred

    North or South

    Never south
  2. radfordred

    North or South

    I can confirm north
  3. radfordred


    Wonder if the title should be Morley & not Morleys? Anyway back to Denise, cracking hot baps.
  4. Same thing init? How do you feel about being chucked in boiling water? Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhh
  5. radfordred

    Get Down Snenno !

    Billy the pot man
  6. radfordred


    When I seen Morleys in the title I'm thinking bread shop? Lass called Denise, bit older than me, worked in the Alfreton Road shop, fancied the pants off her, never looked my way
  7. Not sure I could eat a lobster? When I see them alive in them tanks waiting to be boiled alive, it destroys me! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
  8. radfordred

    Worst actor(s) on TV and film

    I would normally agree, until I watched 'A Very English Scandal' whatever awards they give out old Hugh deserves one, outrageously brilliant, if you missed it, it's on iPlayer.
  9. radfordred

    Old Streets of Nottingham

    Anyone else find the above link DaveN posted not working? Or my iPads jacked in?
  10. radfordred

    Most Popular Nottstalgia Topics?

    Cheers for the last few days you've made my tea breaks fly by some very interesting reading & posts & no word or keep one games to fcuk it up.... fantastic stuff, wonder if we could see some returning AWOL members? Wonder if it will convince Mick2Mick part with his hard earned cash to keep the site up & running when the bills next due?
  11. radfordred

    How's your day?

    Don't swallow any
  12. radfordred

    How's your day?

    I sometimes get my Tesco paddling pool out, even that goes a bit slimy after a few days.
  13. Our walking football is more like Kung fu football most leave injured.
  14. I have trouble watching it, but used to love playing it, my plan was to find a over 50s team & sign up, I'll tell you about my walking football another day!