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  1. Not sure what this was at the lights at the Wheelhouse earlier today? When I caught up with it side by side at Crown Island it had a machine gun mounted on the bonnet? Sunday drivers eh?
  2. Balloon ride you say? Anyone?
  3. Mate of mine just got sent down for stealing daffodil bulbs from Wilko, he'll be out in the spring
  4. There is a fantastic 3 pages & 64 posts 'London Road' topic (see below) can you imagine if this 'New Topic' was piggybacked onto this old 'London Road' topic? Not only boosting views & may encourage old & new member to add their memories? Bet some clever clogs switched on moderator could sort it? Maybe we should just start a new topic for every post made? That would be interesting Can you imagine a perfect place where all the information was in the same place? Not hard is it? No wonder everyone's F'd off! ......... Just saying .... Sorry
  5. Some fabulous poetry on this thread, well worth a bump.
  6. I think maybe you should stop posting these blank pictures for the sanity & future of the site, it obviously something you are doing wrong your end,, pictures of dogs, cats, food, cakes, pasta & milk churns leave than on FaceBook where they belong
  7. John Players old pitches on Grassington Road, It was also a very posh school, Nottingham High School, Waverley Mount, maybe?
  8. Do find out Margie, my car is redder than red, I would even say it's the most red-dished car in Nottingham, only a few days ago I was told that's the best red I have ever seen!
  9. Don't encourage him Margie, life's far to short. I'll type this slow so you can hear me, press that button there, no not that one, the one on your remote control, the one in your hand
  10. If BeestonMick ever comes back Bernie Marsden is doing a talk & book signing at Rough Trade Nottingham https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/events/rough-trade-nottingham-bernie-marsden
  11. Interesting! I thought it was 2 promoted - top 1 automatic & next 6 via a play-off winner? Wonder if there is any change with Bury dropping out of league 1?
  12. Us youngsters have to go to work.
  13. Top tip - Ice pole up the jacksy, keep it in the wrapper, back in the freezer.
  14. Looks like the half a million quid did not stretch to fixing the clock, but at least it right twice a day? Anyone remember when you turned right at the front door & up the stairs, there was a full sized naked brass lady, I always gave the bare breasts a feel/stroke on entering, I think most did because the breast where highly polished due to all the groping? Anyway that's gone, but the clocks there. NB. The topic title is wrong it's Yates's