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  1. Anybody had a 'result' lately ?

    That's the secret, I was at Craven Cottage a few weeks ago, at half time all me gang brought beef onion, minced beef, chicken & mushroom, balti pies even a cottage cottage pies, they smelt fantastic & looked out of this world, I would loved one, I resisted, I don't eat anything with a lid on
  2. Anybody had a 'result' lately ?

    Me neither, I refused to take the kids when they where little, they now send me photos when visiting. It is a bit of a standing joke with my mates (I refuse to eat sausage as well) after a stag weekend in Magaluf I did join the very long Burger King queue at the airport, when I got to the counter I could not do it, ordered a bag of fruit!
  3. Names from the past

    I was thinking when I was at school we had loads of David & Kevin? Would anyone now call their offspring's David or Kevin? And every David or Kevin I know is now Big Dave or Big Kev
  4. Postage Stamps Increase March 2018

    Your Joking ........ An whole two pence piece! This could or should be in `Things you do not see anymore` it`s now very rare you actually see a sticky stamp on a letter? New topic? This could have sat here with this discussion from the last increase
  5. Mountain Lion.

    Having no more of this shit ........ Roooaaarrr!
  6. Pedigree of Pop

    Gabba (Chaos UK) & Hendrix (Sic Boy Federation) both from Nottm & both also played in the legendary Seats of Piss.
  7. Polishing the step

    I can see me Naan now & all her mates standing on the redoaker painted step proudly polishing their knockers.
  8. St Valentines Day.

    Me card went down well The roses were brown The violets looked nasty So I nipped down to Greggs And got you a pasty
  9. St Valentines Day.

    Good she deserves a rest?
  10. Pancake Day

    Anyone wanna race?
  11. What were you and why /Teenage Years

    You want some? Bet he's a banker now?