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  1. With us both being unfortunately classed as key workers it’s been the old bulldog spirit “Carry on regardless” yes I’ve missed holding my new Granddaughter & my visits to my 87 year old Mum have been via the front room window, felt a bit pissed seeing others tossing it off @ home all day, missed my jollies to Grand Canaries, no problems with getting shopping, missed the football with the lads & my drinks around town, but it is was it is, get on with it shit happens. Fingers crossed Tenerife in July
  2. Bit of gardening to do I will give the album a spin outside Philmayfield, Ain't tintanet great?
  3. Evidence suggests there is a small if any benefit of wearing any type of face covering unless your coughing or sneezing, but if it makes you feel comfortable out & about then so it be.
  4. Just watched Soul Boy on BBC1 about a kid from Nottingham been in care since 6 loves soul music, give it a spin you’ll find it on iPlayer ....... joyful!
  5. Anyone got any recipes for this apart from the bin?
  6. Everyone one I speak to wants things to go back to normal apart from going back to work, lazy boggers
  7. Think this fellow got bored in lockdown?
  8. Noticed folk wearing face masks when driving alone in the car? Who are they going to get this bad flu off? What they trying to prove? Plonkers
  9. Could have been it was called The Clock in 1983 Kenny Dennis was the landlord.
  10. The clock Hyson Green well it was called that last time I was in & Hooter/Hickling building London Road. Next
  11. That chip shop off Vernon Road & Vicky Centre clock, forgot it’s name? that mechanical one. Yesterday under that Zara/Boots clock was a young girl with all her belongings living in the doorway Mrs Red thought she had a baby with her, sad to see, still bothering me, can’t even look after our own.
  12. Second clock Boots/Zara bottom Pelham St