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  1. The Post Office is the nationwide network of branches offering a range of postal, Government and financial services. Royal Mail is the company that delivers parcels and letters – the provider of the universal postal service.
  2. Tonight Nottingham’s favourite Sons Sleaford Mods packed out the Arena with there homecoming gig, what a fantastic achievement give them freedom of the city, it was mental
  3. Wow ... hard to believe that when we had dogs it was usually given to us out of a litter, lived in the yard or kitchen, me Mam kicked him out in the morning & he ran the street in packs until tea time, sometimes went missing for days, when he did come back he ate our scraps, not even sure vets existed? I was thinking PDSA in Lenton, but I remember me Dad taking a rake of bricks up in the yard & that’s where the dogs ended up? I’m sure Jj will make a full & happy recovery @Stavertongirl I would love to see the mansions & double/triple garages of these v
  4. I disagree, surely a quick tap of a contactless card, watch or phone would be far safer & easier & the showmen will love it, with none of their employees handling any cash, this years Ilkeston fair was rammed everyone was using contactless, I paid my poppy seller yesterday with a swift tap, I've not seen or used any cash for over 2 years. There will be no charges to enter next years Goose Fair & no R.I.P. @mary1947 the idea was a means to control the numbers entering due to covid.
  5. My old Grandad used to say? "You don't look at the mantelpiece when you poke the fire" not sure what that was all about? He did work down Radford pit, we used to get free coal.
  6. Any clever clogs on here come & change me oven clock
  7. Mrs Red had an old Corsa she used to drag out once in a blue moon, used a mate I’ve known for years to MOT it, I think he thought he was doing me a favour, I had to ask him to fail it eventually.
  8. Not sure him far left is dancing or letting one go?
  9. What will the one after the “Booster” be called?
  10. The Sapna was on St.James Street down the steps under The Malt Cross
  11. Last night The Maharaja’s Retreat on Maid Marion Way, outstanding treat yersen