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  1. Watching owd “Rick Stein’s Secret France” anyone noticed he declares the food is delicious the moment it passes his lips & he never ever chews anything, just swallows it his digestion must be buggered?
  2. You should have read the title of this thread Mary? Says snooker not billiards
  3. If any kid was lucky enough to have a apple at Sidney Pearson Hill at playtime, we would beg twos up on the core, sometimes it was retrieved off the playground floor.
  4. I have old one piece cue also given to me many years ago by an old fellow in the Wollaton British Legion, it’s hanging from a beam in the loft, I’m sure it’s made by Elston & Hopkins, it’s in a long black tubular metal case, he recommended I had a new “Blue Diamond” tip fitted, which I did at E&H in Sneinton.
  5. I had a Saturday job at Texas Records on Weelergate A lady asked me if I had jingle bells on a 7" I said I got dangling balls on a 10". She said is that a record? I said it's not bad for a fifteen year old.
  6. Yeah need to amend that "Soon to be" Esme came early 3Ib 12oz & doing well.
  7. Bugger, spoiled me plan, I was going to post in both later, that would thrown a few what if some clever clogs merged all 3 ... good thinking batman!
  8. I have noticed that the 6 or 7 left that still post here are nearly always quoting the previous posts? Need a example just look above. The political thread seem to be the biggest culprit, some massive lines of drivel then being quoted again with just a one line reply, the over quoting does make this site hard to read, especially if using a phone, which I’m sure our younger readers do, why would you use data to read it twice? Any input put from the moderators or the bill payer, on what we can & cannot do regarding quoting or is the site now unmoderated?
  9. I wasn’t asking The title of this thread is catchphrase one word?
  10. Knickers, Knackers, Knockers. Anymore?
  11. My Great Auntie Nora coming back from a visit from Clifton, pity we ever built that bleddy bridge?
  12. A walk along Trent Embankment over the suspension bridge & back over Trent Bridge. My favourite place in Nottingham.
  13. A Nottingham Post warning & why do we have two Market Square topics? Do we post in both?
  14. The stage name was actually Vicky La Plume & still preforming now living in Blackpool, did a lot of charity work for Woodlands school on Aspley Lane. One half of Rags to Riches won some serious amount of money & packed it in. Worrabarrrt Angela Britvic at the Generous Britain? Terrifying