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  1. Just had my first mince pie it’s beginning to look at lot like Christmas
  2. Could be an opening for "The Amazing Untattooed Lady"
  3. Meghan was very dignified yesterday, the Markle Sparkle.
  4. I doff my cap to this old boy, he doesn't muck about, more like a Jerry can
  5. One of the Queens pallbearers Luke Simpson is from just up the road in Selston, you have done you country, Nottingham, family & friends proud. Respect x
  6. I watched the BBC coverage right up until they rolled out Alan Titchmarsh then I cut the grass.
  7. Military discipline is best displayed by marching through piles of horse manure while wearing your smartest shoes
  8. It’s on occasions like this you realise how difficult it is to throw a flower any distance? Apparently if you catch it your next
  9. Waited 57 years to come out, but couldn't wait 12 hours in a queue
  10. I don’t believe she smoked 40 fags a day & couldn’t tell the difference between me & me brother
  11. Whats going on with Charlie & Camillas barnets? Charles got some weird sideburns going on & Camilla some Jimmy Saville type cut.