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  1. Signs Of Getting Older.

    Well it's the first time in 37 working years I've turned my clock alarm off & said to myself ....... Yippy! Off until Monday 2nd October ........ Just need to get past today & not get savaged by dogs
  2. How's your day?

    Right off to work hope storm Aileen don't blow me away!
  3. Comfort food

    Come on admit it bet you all picked & chewed on poor poor scabs when you where kid? They did have some flavor bit black puddingy
  4. Bread And Sauce

    I was working with a bloke yesterday, we retreated to the van in a downpour, he pulled out his snap-box to eat his corn dog & branston sliced bread sandwiches, I noticed he left all the crusts, the blokes about 45 he said he'd always done that since a kid, my Dad would have bashed him into next week Don't you want curly hair?
  5. Things you can't stop yourself doing

    Above ............ Laughing at you own jokes!
  6. Pubs closing down

    No you don't have to watch it, when I hear people discussing these shows I have to think to myself 'where was I?'
  7. Pubs closing down

    There's been a train going to Beeston for years? Maybe the tram when it runs is taking business out of Beeston? It always looks empty when crossing that bridge at QMC.
  8. Pubs closing down

    The Greyhound Beeston shuts up shop Sunday 6th November reason business rates doubled
  9. Memory Aid!

    I noticed this black bloke take a good look at me as he passed me in his car while I was up Bilborough, few minutes later he returned parked up spoke to me using my first name & nickname, 7 hours on I still haven't got a Scooby Do who it was
  10. Things you can't stop yourself doing

    It fascinates me that they all die in alphabetical order?
  11. Maid Marian Way

  12. Recycling

    Just so you know
  13. Does anyone still have a cooked breakfast

    I've seen them square sausage in the fridge in Iceland, more meat in a piece of grilled lino.
  14. The Dungeon Club

    Also a few of our members spotted in the photos
  15. Does anyone still have a cooked breakfast

    I can go one better with the salt we do use or have any in the house? Sometimes replaced with a sprinkle of Paprika. They once asked for suggestions to improve the works canteen, my suggestion to have a full breakfast free day, give them fruit instead, also monitor some of the more heavier employees food intake, did not go down to well