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  1. Bank Holiday anyone going?
  2. Crikey ....... Just been on News ... These bleddy garden centres are causing unrepairable problems for the environment & future generations! Using black plastic & bring in peat from Ireland & bugs from abroad , don't blame me I've never been in one! Shut them down, save the planet Tonight Program at 7.30 on ITV
  3. The Valve Shop on the Green will sort you out.
  4. It's a set of steps, nothing special, overpriced shops & restaurants & the star of the show .... McDonalds! Ronald McDonald don't fall into the tourist trap give it a miss, there is much better things to see & do in Rome, have some imagination, be bankrupt soon anyway, off for a sit on the steps of the entrance to Wollaton Hall.
  5. The Embankment Tent Bridge Saturday before kick off drinking some passion fruit hand pulled ale ..... superb!
  6. Spent all yesterday afternoon outside & inside the Bell drinking this, good job day off, head banging
  7. Loving this one "My picture of the day" Hats off to you Cliff Ton for adding this link it to a existing topic, saving space & possibly giving a boost & creating interest in this wonderful Nottingham nottstalgia site. Oooooooooooooooo & Micks deep pockets & pension fund, long my it continue Round of applause for Mick & Cliff Ton, for he's a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good fellow, for he's jolly good fellow & so say all of us!
  8. An old Nottingham return train ticket for a journey between two long forgotten train stations ........ And 3rd class! That would be my gang. I have just noticed there is quite a lot of unnecessary quoting of the previous posts & duplicate pictures in this tread ... Sorry.
  9. Warning this is a Nottingham post! So we took the bridge down & 20/30 years later we put another one up for the tram? You couldn't make it up?
  10. Last night I kicked off with a cloudy grapefruit handpull in Lion in Basford (wish I'd found out who brewed it) ........it was heaven in a pint glass.
  11. Got me Chopper out, anyone coming for a bike ride?
  12. I remember when me & me younger brother used to fight to light me Mams fags! I'd have been about 7