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  1. radfordred

    Things that pee you off

    My daughter does read this site, she reckons the dog don't like me?
  2. radfordred

    Things that pee you off

    Bit of discipline easily rectified, I have my daughters dog for 10 days starting next Thursday, completely different dog when we have him , no going up the stairs, no climbing on settee & no titbits, bit like kids really.
  3. radfordred

    Local shops or beer offs that you remember

    I've been on a few away days with the Stabbo lads from the Old Cross, summit wrong with them not wired up right
  4. radfordred

    Hows your day going?

    Believe it or not we have two "whatever happened to" with 294 replies between them Someone start another one? could have whatever happened in the other whatever happen to thread?
  5. radfordred

    Hows your day going?

    The question could also be why keep starting new topics of topics we have already covered?
  6. radfordred

    Record shops

    There is some massive, massive topics on Nottingham record shops with over 250 replies can you imagine the interest it may create for new & old members, if a moderator moved this question to one of these? New topics are a waste of time & just get lost & buried. Edit: What if someone merged the two topics below together? No wonder I was a factory worker
  7. radfordred

    Hows your day going?

    Just googled this "medicane" first I've heard of it, bit windy on Thursday & woke to rain Friday morning, not seen a paper, news or many English in the last 2 weeks?
  8. radfordred

    Hows your day going?

    Bugger ..... Getting booted out room in next 10 minutes don't fly until 22:20 land 00:50 (2 hours in front) back to work at 06:30
  9. radfordred

    Solving a problem

    Brainwashed we should never have built those bridges & left them all in Leicestershire.
  10. Ended up late last night in this bonkers bar, more than sure we where the only English? Can't say I reconized any of the tunes the DJ played, the dancing was quite raunchy & sexual, I'd did wonder if I had fallen into some knocking shop/swingers club, this track seemed to get everyone on the floor, you'll get the idea.
  11. radfordred

    Solving a problem

    Missed you now get some pruning done youth
  12. radfordred

    Wren's nest

    Toilet graffiti: No use standing on the toilet seat The crabs in here can jump six feet
  13. radfordred


    Yo be careful @carni they may find it was a plastic bag & they'll be contacting you for 5p
  14. radfordred

    Put your binoculars back in their box

    Thought I was getting some strange looks, apparently this is not a nudist beach?
  15. radfordred

    Wren's nest

    One for the twitchers? What type of bird builds this nest?