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  1. Just nipped in Co-op, still in uniform on way home from work, to pick a few bits up, came to about 15 quid, this bloke lent over & said “Ill get that your doing a fantastic job & tapped his card”
  2. Got the big guns ready for tonight, that should get the curtain twitches out.
  3. Mrs Red been delivering the meals for the vulnerable, made by the Army & processed by volunteers at Harvey Hadden.
  4. There is 358 house our street, then again he could have been just passing, I'm looking for a kid on a skateboard. Come on Rory
  5. I've got to find Rory, my lad said give him his beloved all steal BMX bike, can't see him doing 360s bunny hops & footjams in his suit anymore?
  6. Thought I'd give this online delivery malarkey a go, managed to get a delivery a slot, so I've ordered, turkey, pigs in blankets & sprouts, that's Christmas sorted To CTs post above we did our shop @ the new Aldi on Chatterley Parkway Nuthall on Sunday around 3pm, no queuing, not many in & everything we required was available.
  7. Gave the garage a clear out yesterday, left my Son's well used, but life in it yet skateboard out the front "yours if you want it" note attached, within an hour it was gone, got this pushed through the letterbox last night, Rory you've done me x
  8. Closing down, closing down, closing down you say? I could murder a pint
  9. CT? .......... thought there was a new strain of CV knocking about
  10. Back to the grind tomorrow, don’t know how your lot do it (tin hat on)
  11. My old headmaster told me I wouldn't amount to much when I left school & here I am lying on the sofa saving the world
  12. I have noticed the difference since we finished the Andrex off & started on the cheap stuff that Mrs Red panicked & brought from Lidl, glad it's only 4 rolls I'll end up with an arse like a blood orange. N.B. Mable-Thorpe 2007's post at the top of this page is brilliant, before they joined just to play song & keep one
  13. Our shopping's rocketed since my relative got sack off the checkouts @ Hyson Greens Asda
  14. Oooooo corn dog & Branston pickle I did check my Heinz salad cream after your reply Bew (note I did not quote see it works?) not sure how old it is, but mine says "celebrate 2018" on the main label
  15. After last Thursday's "Clap for the NHS" is it happening again this Thursday? First time I'd seen most of my neighbours in years, I didn't know her across the road had 2 kids & she's lived their 15 year