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  1. How To Avoid Dementia Tax

    When was it on?
  2. How's your day?

    Its not the very talented Dennis Moss (that was his name) who was also a Nottingham Forest goalkeeper he died about 10 years ago.
  3. Seasonal sausage roll

    I'm betting more folk go to Gregg's than church?
  4. Michael McIntyre

    Saturday night watching telly? No wonder all the pubs are shut?
  5. Rats! Eww!

    Been parking my car on Hillside next to the Leen while visiting, I was seeing 3 or 4 rats a night around the QMC service road, If you have rats & need to block the hole mix loads of broken glass into your sand & cement.
  6. Art Deco in Nottingham

    Don't want non of that Art Deco malarkey in Nottingham .... Knock the bleddy thing down
  7. Smoking - a thing of the past!

    Don't know why but real old people & kids smoking always makes me chuckle
  8. Off to see one of my favorite bands Bad Manners in Chesterfield Saturday night.
  9. Buses in Nottingham

    For all you buses lovers .... Oooooer! What going on here then? Station Street.
  10. Pubs closing down

    Fat Cats in Sherwood formally Chestnut Tree, don't go its shut down!
  11. Pubs opening up

    Castle Rocks new bar Yarn opened yesterday in the former Green Room (that was always empty) between the Theatre Royal & Royal Concert Hall, this will be a welcome addition to Nottingham. http://yarnbar.co.uk/ http://www.nottinghampost.com/whats-on/food-drink/first-look-around-castle-rocks-751967
  12. Fridge magnets

    A calendar I'd love a calendar to write things on, apparently it's all on your phone & iPad now you don't need one?