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  1. Crikey ..... Didn't see that coming
  2. This was Emma Raducanu playing in Nottingham in June. What a difference 3 months makes. Can I request the 1st post in this tread removed? Anybody agree?
  3. I think watching live TV may be a older generation thing? Everything we watch is series linked or on catch up via our Virgin 360 set top box, I've not seen an advert for years, I just skip though them, technology eh!
  4. Seen this start/stop malarky you talk about on a scooter.
  5. I often wonder if Deejaysly ever sold his signed 7” red vinyl copy of Edwin Starr H.A.P.P.Y. Radio? Apparently American Starr lived in Bramcote & buried up on Wilford Hill, what’s all that about eh?
  6. It was more out of frustration@BrewI do realise that being a nostalgia site we are dealing with an older clientele, we just await the obligatory like to your post & the cycle is complete Zoot suits you say, they did make a comeback early 80s brought mine from G-Force down Hockley, it last outing was Charlie’s Barn in Beeston, almost ripped off me back.
  7. Suppose it's only like driving a longer car https://news.sky.com/story/hgv-driving-tests-to-be-relaxed-to-help-lorry-driver-shortages-ahead-of-christmas-12404161?dcmp=snt-sf-twitter
  8. Loads of Zoot stuff spread all over this site which can be found if you use the fantastic search facility, if Bruce ever comes back here’s a few quoted snippets.
  9. I'm more than sure there's worse things than fag nubs & fag ash in those porky porky pies
  10. We had to fill a online passenger locator form before travelling https://www.spth.gob.es/ strangely does not recognise your final Covid jab if it was over 8 months ago? Some might need a top up? I would like to tell you this QR code it generated was meticulously checked & scanned on arrival, not even a glance
  11. I have a mate who works @ Queens/City for the NHS on equipment maintenance, he's never there, he's told to knock off sick or he'll f'ck it up for the rest
  12. My home insurance claim, the small drip was out of sight behind a kitchen unit & had ran under the laminate flooring which we had fitted for the whole of the downstairs, which was replaced along with half kitchen floorboards, two joists, kitchen units, skirting & painting. The insurance assessor was @ my property for over 3 hours, making video of my roof, brickwork & general maintenance & upkeep & receipts & certificates for jobs undertaken, so just be careful with your DIY & bodging it could come back to bite you, thank me later