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  1. A regular poster on here used to live on Bathley street in the fifties.
  2. denshaw

    Did you do a stupid thing

    I did the same thing at East Midlands airport, I had a good quality Swiss Army knife confiscated. The irony is I work at Trent Bridge cricket ground (part time) and do security checks on baggage.
  3. denshaw

    Albert Brown !

    We used to play football outside the bus depot on Bunbury st in the Meadows, we quite often saw Albert going out for the evening. He lived somewhere around Bathley street.
  4. denshaw


    I call my satnav Sonya, after a while it gets Sonya nerves.
  5. denshaw

    Summer Holidays and Photos

    Don't go into an overnight truck stop and tell them you want knocking up early.
  6. denshaw

    Life's mysteries.

    Just wondering if it's possible to cross breed the wild Haggis ?
  7. denshaw


    His and Hers?
  8. denshaw

    Life's mysteries.

    I've not been drunk for a long time but sure the room always spun clockwise.
  9. denshaw

    How's your day?

    Went to Liverpool a few weeks ago, plenty to see. Saw the Terracotta Army, 2 cathedrals, Albert Dock, Cavern club plus lots more.
  10. I never went in that club even though it was close to where I lived. A couple of mates had "problems " with the door staff one night so we vowed never to use the place.
  11. denshaw

    Life's mysteries.

    It depends which shed they do it in.
  12. denshaw


    Nothing wimp about it Ben, we all have down times.
  13. denshaw

    Travel Tunes.

    I prefer the cherry flavoured tunes.
  14. denshaw


    Ben, just post your shed experience on here and I promise not to tell anyone.
  15. denshaw

    How's your day?

    Something on the news today about people over 65 must eat more cake, where's Carni?