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  1. There was a Hamilton house on the corner of Hamilton/Hucknall road, in the eighties it was a police station.
  2. Ruling is a local walk, it's a bit vague.
  3. Had a nice walk yesterday around Gotham, started from the Sun Inn and walked around the hills, about 4 miles. Pity the pub wasn't open.
  4. Looks like new i pad time.
  5. Works ok on the phone but not on I pad.
  6. I was told years ago by an old Bulwell gal that the Swinger was so called because Miners taking the day off sick (swinging the lead) used that pub because it was the furthest from the pit.
  7. We won't go until we get some.
  8. Lenton flats, back of Savoy cinema. 2013
  9. 1 Stop the Cavalry 2 David Bowie 15 Not telling ya.
  10. Only until the Twelth Night.
  11. The first person to be vaccinated took place in Coventry today, the second was William Shakespeare from Warwickshire, this is true. Was Richard the third?
  12. They could inject the oldies while they're playing Bingo, they wouldn't even notice.
  13. 6 games now without scoring a goal.
  14. NCT had them mostly on central area, I think they were 6.6 litre with a turbo, they were very light on the steering.