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  1. Apparently it is free food every day.
  2. I was talking to a Sikh a few days ago, he told me that the Temple on Nottingham road Sherwood rise give away free meals. Don't know if this is daily or not.
  3. Three shilling and sixpence would have been 17 1/2 pence.
  4. There used to be a drag act that was called Rags to Riches.
  5. Glebe street near Saint saviour's church. My mates dad Mr Wheeldon used to run it.
  6. Just found a glass from 1976 Camra festival, Warrows scrumpy, was it know as a pint of Trent?
  7. Went to the Viceroy last night, meal was average and service poor. The waiters forgot items a few times.
  8. Passed my car test on Chalfont Drive when I was 18, passed my PCV driving semi automatic double deckers, again manual PCV driving coaches, passed HGV with the Army. That doesn't make me a good driver though, had a few minor bumps.
  9. I know that stretch of road quite well, I normally set the cruise control to 70 and most cars fly past me. There is something that sits in the passenger seat and tells me off if I creep up to 75.
  10. It was only a few days work and then onto another company.
  11. I think they were based in Plumtree, they never advertise and I have heard highly of them.
  12. I went in the Blenheim once, that was too many times.