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  1. denshaw

    How's your day?

    I had the test last week, results came back ok. It's a simple blood test, hope all is ok with you.
  2. denshaw


    Ey up Sue, I lived on Stoneacre, never went to Padstow tho.
  3. denshaw


    My ex worked behind the bar in the Savoy on Mansfield road. If the till was down the bar staff were expected to make up the difference from their wages. If the till was up they didn't get to keep the difference.
  4. denshaw


    It only happened to me once but the meal was so bad that after 2 mouthfuls I refused to eat any more and sent it back. I was offered an alternative meal which would have taken about 20 mins by which time others would have finished theirs so I refused it. When the bill arrived I refused to pay for 1 meal and had an argument with the owner.
  5. denshaw

    You learn something new everyday

    That wouldn't work if it was a Rocket Lettuce.
  6. denshaw

    What colour was the original Santa?

    Maybe her name is Sandra Claus, a woman with a beard? Whatever next.
  7. denshaw


    Maybe Nonna or someone else can answer this, do you have to pay the discretionary charge and if you are not happy with the food and you leave half of it do you still have to pay the full amount?
  8. denshaw


    If you want something different the Cods Scollops in Wollaton are doing deep fried battered Brussell sprouts.
  9. denshaw

    How's your day?

    Hey Loppy, keep off the dog tablets they just make you feel wuff. keep up the good work on here things will turn out ok.
  10. denshaw


    Discretionary to me means take that off the bill please I'm not paying it. If I get good service I will leave a tip on the table for the waiter/ess.
  11. denshaw


    I used to go to Janes, she retired a few years ago.
  12. denshaw

    Coop Christmas milk bottles

    It's harder to make petrol bombs from plastic bottles.
  13. denshaw


    Hey Red, they're starting one in Wollaton.
  14. denshaw


    U3A's, university of the third age is an organisation for retired and semi retired people. Has anyone been to any of their meetings?