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  1. Why not have a tractor with a windmill/ wind generator stuck on top of it?
  2. It's what's known as a meaningful overnight relationship.
  3. Hi Steve, I did some agency work for H &S mid seventies, bathroom supplies to West Midlands. Not much fun delivering a cast iron bath on your own, it took four of us to lift it.
  4. Carni, get in touch with your local Environmental health officer at the council about the dog.
  5. Used to see a Chevy Impala parked on Arkwright street late sixties, it was white with a red interior, a car I always wanted.
  6. Polony. Can you still buy it Granville?
  7. If you don't like Alexa, they've just introduced a male version............ It doesn't listen to a single word you say.
  8. Beekay, Morrisons sell potted meat. It's made by Binghams of Sheffield.
  9. Jill, do you mean Grantham Gingerbread?
  10. So that is why Ben is getting new employment, Bens cock on a stick stall.
  11. Hi Don, I was there about 1965 also in Miss Mcartheys class.
  12. Nonna it's that Rocket lettuce, it tends to go off.
  13. I work in a Police station, lots of gossip but I can't repeat it. Lots of swearing too, the women are the worst.