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  1. DIL is staying for a few days so last night we watched Love Island, the biggest load of tripe I have ever watched.
  2. Went to the Castle yesterday, the Paul Smith exhibition was closed, it was not worth the entrance fee. The kids hideout was good for under 10s, apart from that it was disappointing.
  3. Yes got to, supposed to be taking 5 grandkids, they'll be disappointed.
  4. We have booked for tomorrow but it's closed due to unforseen circumstances.
  5. Yes,Virginia TV is the same, could be the heat.
  6. If it was an Octagonal shaped building it could have been Beeston youth centre, sometimes known as the Shed.
  7. A vet prescribed some tablets for my dog, they were £45. When I looked on line the same tablets were £12, but you needed a prescription, funnily enough the vet wouldn't give me one.
  8. A few years ago I got a parking ticket for over staying next to the Nisa shop, private company so I just ignored it. My son lives on Revelstoke.
  9. You can't teach an old Leopard new spots.
  10. There's no future in the past.
  11. Last night we went to Fletchers at the new college, its only open several days a week during term time. We had the 5 course taster menu for £20, the menu changes every week, I would highly recommend it.
  12. Your local environmental health officer should deal with noise nuisances.
  13. Test 1 car at Robinswood Road Test 2 double decker semi automatic NCT Test 3 mini bus manual NCT Test 4 manual coach 53 seat NCT Test 5 HGV with the Army Passed them all, had a few bumps since though.