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  1. Does anyone listen to it? Some presenters are taking industrial action due to changes in schedules. It is changing to a " local " radio station. I like listening to things about Nottingham not events in Derby, Leicestershire or Stoke.
  2. £950 will buy a decent electric bike that goes up hills.
  3. I see Raleigh are producing a version of the chopper, only £950, I can't see them selling many at that price.
  4. Well done Notts, now the oldest league club in the world after beating Chesterfield, get in.
  5. There was a pub further up Alfreton Road called the Generous Britton, they used to have a drag act called Angela Britvic. This could have been 80s.
  6. I used to be a member of the Croquet Club at the University. They sometimes have open days and instructions to the game. If you are near there pop in and see them, they are quite friendly.
  7. God save the King ( formerly known as Prince )
  8. Happy Star wars day.
  9. I think I'm growing taller, my head is now above my hair line.
  10. My last job was to investigate fly tip incidents. If we found any evidence of names or addresses we would prosecute them, sometimes van loads of rubbish was tipped in fields. They could of taken it to the local tip.
  11. Bistro pub, its same as pub food but more expensive.
  12. Yes, it's called Trent Barton, watch out if they turn up a yellow van.
  13. Silver screen at the Broadway on Thursdays give pensioners discount.