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  1. The 10 used to go along Arno Vale, Somersby and terminate on Whitby crescent. It was replaced by the 56 which continued down Gedling Road, up Ramsey drive and down Coppice. Forgive me if that's not quite right, it was nearly 40 years ago.
  2. I used to drive Arnold buses 1980 - 1990 it could have been me driving that one.
  3. My first car was a Herald, it cost me £20 which was half a weeks wages. After 6 months it was MOT time, straight to Podders scrapyard.
  4. Hi Eric, my mates dad (Sid Wheeldon) ran it late sixties.
  5. The flat earth society have members all around the globe.
  6. Humber bikes were made in Beeston Nottingham by Thomas Humber, I think they were bought out by Raleigh.
  7. Phil, I was in Lowdham at lunch time and only saw half the display. Can you arrange for them to come again next week?
  8. Notts County have signed 3 new players.
  9. Also in there was Discount motor spares, Swissnet and some ladies you could talk to for £1.49 per minute.
  10. Goose fair bar was the one at the back, I used to go in there early seventies, can't remember any horses though.
  11. Not seen him for years, he used to be biker, good mechanic.
  12. A chap called Pete Foster, he used to do lighting for outdoor events. He would be mid sixties now.
  13. My Son has just been scammed, he received a call from his bank, the number came up as the one he uses to contact them. If you receive a call from the bank be very careful, scammers can clone the banks number.
  14. CD's got about 40 to give away, all different. Send me a PM.