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  1. Where Siddha? He's renovated a few cars.
  2. I drove along Sherwood rise last night and noticed a place called the Gables opposite Ebury road, it is a fairly new building and is an independent retirement home with 28 one bedroom properties.
  3. Those that had sun dials.
  4. Notts won, played 4 won 1, drew 1, lost 2.
  5. Went a few times to the Regency rooms above the co-op, they used to have a disco on Friday nights.
  6. Drivers that don't read signs, if it says bus lane 07.30 - 0930 you can use it after 09.30 but they refuse to and hog the right hand lane.
  7. Looks like a conductor, they were still used on Clifton routes and 35 to Bulwell until early eighties. Maybe they still used them on all routes until a certain date. It looks like the conductor is wearing a summer jacket, they were light coloured and then in later years changed to green, worn by drivers and conductors.
  8. It's your Yorkshire accent, you've brockit.
  9. Walk starts at 10.30 Phil, pop by and say hello.
  10. Walking around Hoveringham area, refreshments later at Full moon in Morton.
  11. There might be 16-20 of us wanting a shower afterwards.
  12. Walking on Sunday, starting from Gypsy lane in Bleasby. Hope the locals are friendly.
  13. Well done Ben, when are you taking the stabilisers off?
  14. Probably same as the other 3 teachers that came on here, all very similar.