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  1. My Father in law Bill Higgins worked for East Coast as a rep, late sixties early seventies.
  2. The haunted museum is now on Derby Road, next door to the hand and heart.
  3. If you throw something away you haven't got it any more.
  4. The bridge on Meadow Lane was very low, possibly about 12ft, lorries used to get stuck under there. Wilford Lane Bridge was used by fleet number 398 and 399 lo deck buses.
  5. My SIL used to be the steward at the Arnold Liberal club, I'm quite sure it's still like the old Railway club with artists and bingo.
  6. I was in Plantfitland today Rog. Doddington Hall, they're not short of a few Bob, belongs to the Birch family, wonder if they are related to anyone on here.
  7. What's all the fuss about Lenton Abbey?
  8. I went to see a film on Friday at Lakeside arts theatre (Highfields). It was about people living in St Anne's during 1969 pre demolition. People went to work full time and were struggling to heat their homes and feed their family. When you see todays news that people are struggling to heat their homes and are going to a food bank to survive you realise that things haven't changed that much in 53 years.
  9. There is an old saying "see Naples and die"
  10. Horse and jockey pub Bulwell, has anyone got any interesting memories in the 70,s ? In 1978 I worked for Cresta taxis on Main street, I could tell a few tales, not suitable for this site.
  11. British Gas, they don't know what they're doing and don't reply to emails.
  12. I used to belong to a boxing club, one lad there was called Picasso because he was usually on the canvas.
  13. There was also an electrical shop called Charles Town.
  14. Google "men in sheds" the nearest one to me is in Daybrook.