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  1. Bell street ran between Orange st and Kirkby st, can't remember any pubs on there. The Plumtree was nearby.
  2. My Bike rides

    Someone told me about using bigger wheels, just wondered if they were any better.
  3. Disgusting school dinners

    When I was at school you had a choice, take it or leave it.
  4. My Bike rides

    Rog, has wheel size changed? When I was a kid most bikes had 26" wheels and racers 27"
  5. How's your day?

    I know the feeling, I have got 3 electric sanders 4 sets of Allan keys and about 6 hammers. All stuff that comes in handy.
  6. My Bike rides

    If it gets too slippery I'll get a trike.
  7. My Bike rides

    Only recced'd the ride a few times, move depots in January, should be fun on ice.
  8. How's your day?

    Try the Savoy on Derby rd, £3.75 with free tea or coffee. Only for over fifties though.
  9. Seasonal sausage roll

    Oh crumb all ye faithful.
  10. roland green

    It was in Wilford near the Ferry pub. Formerly known as the Deering school and later known as Wilford Meadows.
  11. Catfan's Blog.

    A purrfect gift.
  12. Fat Children

    Just checked my BMI, my weight is just right but I should be 6 ft 10.
  13. Famous sayings reworded

    Predictive text said don't beat about the bus home.
  14. Famous sayings reworded

    Don't beat about the bush ?
  15. Catfan's Blog.

    How did he manage to get the recumbent through the ward doors?