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  1. There is a bin lorry driver at Broxtowe Council that used to be an Ice road trucker and also a motorcycle stunt rider, she is also female, one of 2 female bin lorry drivers.
  2. It was demolished about 6 years ago, there is a thread on here about it.
  3. Late 60s I knew Elaine Blood, she lived on Dunstan Street possibly number 11.
  4. D*rby now bottom on -2 points.
  5. I never drove one of those "pride" buses but would image they are difficult to keep straight.
  6. All odd numbers contain the letter E.
  7. The Carousel club was upstairs at the rear of 48 Wilford crescent East, the building is still there.
  8. Hughton has now been sacked.
  9. A friend of mine had an older brother who lived at 125 Dunstan Street just round the corner from Asper Street. In the late sixties we used to go to his house, I can remember the chip shop on the corner with all the fittings, but can't remember it being open.
  10. Ask David if he remembers Dennis from Glebe Street.
  11. Not sure where he got it, he had headaches and reduced sense of smell.