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  1. denshaw

    Taxi Company

    On Fonacar it was £30 a week, made some good money at weekends and could tell a few stories, not on here though.
  2. The original Dunkirk flyover was quite crude, look as though it was in 3 sections, quite narrow too. When we ran light back from Clifton I sometimes used the flyover at Clifton bridge, saved going round the roundabout.
  3. denshaw

    Taxi Company

    Nev greenhoff? Set up a company in Bridgford around 1979 it was A 2 B.
  4. denshaw

    Taxi Company

    In 1978 I worked for MMD on Huntingdon street and then Fonacar.
  5. denshaw

    Taxi Company

    Check a cab were somewhere near Ilkeston road. About 1979 possibly before.
  6. I had a Simca 1100 around 1979, nice little car but like Col said, it went rotten.
  7. Hyson Green Asda, known locally as scabby Asda.
  8. Fortnight is short for fourteen nights.
  9. Bagpipes are like a breathalyser, if you are enjoying them you must be pissed.
  10. Google it. Blood and Offal, it tastes bloody awful.
  11. You can now get black pudding mixed with Haggis, it's called blaggis.
  12. Can't do that nowadays you'd get sued.
  13. It is also Chinese New Year, we can have Chinese Burns.
  14. Congratulations to Cods Scollops in Wollaton for winning the award for the best fish and chip shop in the UK.