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  1. Dick a dum dum, they don't write them like that anymore, thankfully.
  2. I went to Stadium leisure in Basford on Tuesday, 3 course meal for £7.25. The menu is on Stadium leisure facebook page.
  3. My current insurer LV went from £250 to £350, Santander quote was £180.
  4. I just got a good deal with
  5. I knew a bus driver called Ann Shelton on NCT, she would be mid/late seventies now.
  6. I had a couple of mates who lived on Sutton Street, it was in the Meadows.
  7. I was listening to radio Nottingham this morning, they were interviewing a chap called Philip from Bleasby about his flooded garden. He sounded a bit familiar somehow.
  8. There could be a Santo clause.
  9. We have got solar panels and an electric car, this is cheap to run but the outlay is more expensive. We have also had an air source pump installed recently so not sure on running costs yet. Our bills are quite low especially in summer. No more gas bills so hope this is lowering our footprint.
  10. In the olden days was washing clothes only done on a Monday?
  11. Our 13 year old boiler packed up recently so we have decided to install a heat source pump, it's being fitted today and tomorrow. The government grant is £7.5k which brings down actual cost to £5.5k. I'll let you know what running costs are when it's been in a while.
  12. What's your favourite Motorway junction ?
  13. Don't mention cooking fat.