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  1. I had an MRI a few months ago, it took 3 weeks to get the results, luckily everything was OK.
  2. The Typewriter was also used by Dennis McCarthey on radio Nottinghams afternoon show.
  3. I did notice a Needhams motorcycle shop in Doncaster, same family as Nottingham?
  4. My Hyundai electric is £89 for a yearly service. That's expensive for just topping up the screen wash.
  5. I drove that route a few times when it was number 50 route, the commentary was from ex radio Trent DJ Graham ?
  6. I have noticed lots of new Barbers shops too in Beeston, do people suddenly have their haircut every week? Every 6 weeks is normal for me.
  7. It's true that young people want to be rich And rich people want to be young.
  8. Eurovision song contest.
  9. I spotted Smalleys shop the other day, it's on Derby Road just above the old Strathdon.
  10. Forests appeal has been rejected, they remain on 29 points.
  11. Happy Star wars day May the fourth be with you.