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  1. Just watching East Midlands today, apparently today is Brew Monday.
  2. A mate of mine used to work in Price and Beal on the corner of Brightmore St around 1973.
  3. I have had two Christmas meals (so far) both two courses, starter and main course was turkey. One meal was £23 and the other was £8.99 both were good.
  4. denshaw


    I saw two good acts at the weekend, Saturday at the Concert Hall the Bootleg Beatles and Sunday at Southbank on Friar Lane no other than Dungeon Daze.
  5. denshaw


    It's a bit late notice, tomorrow 6th Dec there is a one hour concert by Nottingham Trent University choir and brass band Christmas concert. It's at the Concert Hall at 13.00 and it's free entry.
  6. Are they Bashful and Grumpy?
  7. Hyundai say 193 mile range, the heat comes from a compressor and takes about 5 miles off the range. It's all dependant on temperature and speed you drive, some owners get about 220 miles. We rarely go more than 120 a day so it suits us.
  8. Looking at a Hyundai ioniq full electric, range of about 190 miles.
  9. Looking at an electric car on PCH, anyone had any experience of these?
  10. 2 new cases of the Omicron variant have been found in the UK, one of them in Nottingham.
  11. I think that building was once used by an undertakers.
  12. Me too, I've got a fine head of skin.
  13. This was posted in 2010, the original poster no longer comes on here. I remember it being in the news but have no idea on the exact date.
  14. According to Dodie it opened in 1956.