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  1. Or even connected to the Wheeldons from Glebe st in the Meadows?
  2. denshaw

    Songs that stick in the mind...

    Lovely voice, not bad for an ex bus driver.
  3. denshaw

    Buses in Nottingham

    I think they had a Leyland coach Royal Tiger in the late fifties that could do a ton.
  4. denshaw

    Buses in Nottingham

    Of course not, I think they are all governed now to 62 mph.
  5. denshaw

    Buses in Nottingham

    I did a Skeggy trip once using a Leyland Lion, they could do 80 mph and leave a few coaches standing.
  6. denshaw

    How's your day?

    Own up Lizzie, was it really the chemicals that sent it green?
  7. denshaw

    How many early memories do you have?

    I was in a duo once, we were known as the Symbolics, I was Sym and ............................
  8. denshaw

    1979- The Winter of Discontent.

    Anita Ward, was she a cleaner at the hospital?
  9. denshaw

    Whatever happened to......?

    They have developed a camera with a shutter speed so fast it can photo a woman with her mouth closed.
  10. I shall be there for the test match in August, if you can't wait Lizzie I'll check your handbag at the next meet up.
  11. Gives a new meaning to "lollipop lady"
  12. denshaw

    orange street old meadows nottingham

    I went to TBJ and then Roland Green.
  13. denshaw

    A few random photos - 2

    They never worked anyway, they were a deterrent, soon as the vans turned up the Post office couldn't cope with the amount of people wanting to buy licences.
  14. Leslie Grantham was in the Army in Germany and got into an argument with a taxi driver, result was that Leslie accidentally shot him in the head and killed him, he didn't know the gun was loaded. This was in 1966.
  15. denshaw

    Buses in Nottingham

    I reckon it's Parliament st, it looks too wide to be King st. Re the whole in the road, someone is looking into it.