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  1. Happy Star wars day.
  2. I've been driving for 50 years and owned about 45 cars.
  3. Sandfield house was for all council employees, I used to go there in the eighties. It was on the fourth floor, disco's on Friday night and live artist on Saturday.
  4. There is a German Shepherd that fouls in our front garden, some days he brings his dog with him.
  5. Nigel Clough is doing well with the Stags, they could be playing Derby next season.
  6. I am looking at getting 8 panels fitted for £6k, due to rising electricity costs and owning an electric car. Anyone in the UK have any opinions?
  7. I'll take that as no, can anyone remember the other terrace off Melton street?
  8. I still can't receive or send PMs, since the downgrade.
  9. That was the Grove, late sixties it was a Bingo hall.
  10. Happy Pancake day.
  11. denshaw


    Can anyone recomend a builder in the Nottingham area, I want a chimney breast taking down. Don't PM me as cannot receive them.
  12. It's a bit black over Bill's mothers.