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    My 2 dogs, animals in general, cross stitch, knitting, true crime podcasts, ghostly things, dragons, avoiding housework and annoying my sister.

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    I Second That Emotion ... Temptations
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    Shopping Centre
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    Band On The Run ... Wings
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    Town Centre
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    How's your day?

    We used to go to Llandudno for our holidays with my parents many years ago in the late fifties/early sixties. Isn’t there some sort of a tram that goes up the Great Orme? I can remember trekking up it quite a bit, I am fairly sure my dad met Randolph Turpin at the top once. Also went to Conway and Caernarvon (spelling?) as my dad had a thing about castles.
  7. Stavertongirl

    How's your day?

    I haven’t seen Brock The Beast for a while so decided to venture into my conservatory. Opened the door announced that I was coming in and then jumped in a bit like Jackie Chan with both hands raised and saying aaaha. Jumped round to face the door and waited. I fully expected to see him reclined on my chair, drink in one leg, fag in another, just chilling but there was nothing. Bit spooky really. Hopefully this means he has either moved out (hooray) or popped his clogs (oh no I hope I didn’t hurt him). Checked around and there are no webs or deceased flies to be seen. There is one other explanation unfortunately, perhaps he has managed to get into the house which doesn’t bear thinking about. So I have hoovered beneath everything I could and moved things I couldn’t to hoover behind them. He is probably sat somewhere safe laughing at me. I am getting quite neurotic (spelling?) about him, keep thinking I see him sauntering across the floor. Can they climb stairs, will have to google that or perhaps not, I don’t want to know. My dad always said they are more frightened of you than you are of them but somehow I don’t think Brock is that worried to be honest.
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    Brown Eyed Handsome Man ... Buddy Holly
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    Keep Out
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    Point Out
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    Street Fightin’ Man ... Rolling Stones
  12. Stavertongirl

    Things our parents used to say

    Not a parent but my nan used to say “I can’t hear you I haven’t got my glasses on
  13. Stavertongirl

    How's your day?

    I don’t kill spiders unless really necessary, much prefer to catch them and let them go outside, they do more good than harm. Killing them is easy, catching is the problem. I take my hat off to you Margie you are far braver than me. Picking them up would be one of my worst nightmares
  14. Stavertongirl

    Anti Semitism

    A long while ago I worked for legal department that had a firm of solicitors who were Jewish. They had an office in our department. They would open out envelopes that mail had come in and use them as notepaper, it became a running joke with both him and the rest of the staff. He did say “how do you think I got all my money”. In other ways he and his son, who was a partner in the firm as well, were very generous, his staff were treated very well. Anyone who had a birthday in the department was always treated to a large bunch of flowers and a cake. Nice people who would also help out with any legal problems which they did once for me. Couldn’t fault them.
  15. Stavertongirl

    How's your day?

    I have been told to put a saucer of water in the conservatory. Apparently Brock (called him after a WWE wrestler) should go and sit in it? Dont know if this is true or not, but what am I going to do with him in it? There is no way I would pick up the saucer with him reposing in it, I just know he would run straight for me (they always seem to do that like a cat goes to someone who doesn’t like cats). He might think he has a jacuzzi and invite his mates. Could end up with a spider party house in my conservatory!