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  1. Whilst not being bothered about the monarchy one way or the other I did by default (had watched something I had recorded and had just gone back to normal tv when Sky News were showing his speech) a bit of King Charles speech yesterday. I must say my heart did go out to him as a man who has just lost his mother, he looked, as anyone would, devastated and tearful. Don’t know why he had to do it but I found the bit I saw uncomfortable viewing.
  2. To be honest BK not much in Nottingham looks like it used to and not necessarily changed for the better. Surprised the lions are still here.
  3. I worked for Times Furnishing, it was their default department that was in Pinfold House. (Sometimes think that is why I am so cynical listening to all the why they were not able to pay for their furniture.) We had a tame squirrel who would sit on the window sills waiting to be fed. It started coming inside but our manager objected so we had to keep it outside.
  4. After living just outside Doncaster for 40 years before coming back home to Nottingham I remembered the city centre as it was then. Loads of shops and department stores, C&A, Chelsea Girl, Birdcage, Debenhams, the market etc. All the shoe shops on Clumber Street, Cavendish Woodhouse for furniture (I worked in their offices for a long time on Talbot Street in Talbot House and then in an annex across the road which backed onto the graveyard). It was a vibrant busy city centre. Doncaster town centre is not good, seems to be mostly clubs, pubs and fast food places. If you go in on Monday mor
  5. After a long hiatus from my gigantic 8 legged nemeses ( google assured me this is the plural of nemesis although my iPad thinks it is nemesis’s) I went in my side room this morning and there was the biggest spider I have ever seen chilling on the wall. Big black thing built like Anthony Joshua. Went in to get my spider repatriation kit. Can you remember the scene in Jaws when Brody is dumping chum in the water and the shark surfaces and looks at him and he (Brody not the shark) says “We need a bigger boat”, well it was a bit like that I definitely needed a bigger spider kit. So went back
  6. Yes she had dark curly hair, don’t know about the rest she wasn’t in our group of friends.
  7. I was in the same year as Taff, can remember him and Elizabeth Clipson, she had really long hair, in the year below us. I had left before his accident as he stayed on, but can remember being told about it. I was told he was knocked out and left on side of field to come round and was then sent home. Became ill later and was taken to hospital where he passed. He was very fond of a girl called Heather in our year, can’t remember her second name, but she wasn’t interested.
  8. Today has been a good day. Had a couple of weeks feeling a bit rough, as I had been invigilating exams I did some covoid tests as some of the symptoms were a bit suspect but they all were negative thankfully. Been feeling better last couple of days, so this morning went out early with Jj for a walk before it got too hot, will take him out again later on when it has cooled down a bit again. Had a nice salad for dinner and then listened to one of my favourite podcasts (Small town murder). After that I settled down with a cold drink (lime & lemon) and my mind wandered (as it is apt to do
  9. I have had recently 2 (1 of which is still ongoing) what I can only describe as bloopers when ordering from the Internet, 1 of then could almost be described as a scam. I do order mainly dog stuff (it can be cheaper than pet shops) but usually from sites I use frequently but have been caught out recently. The first one was a anxiety relieving dog bed from Buddies Pet Store, it was a bit expensive but looked really good in the pictures and reviews were excellent. The bed was priced in UK pounds so I presumed it was a UK site and I ordered it. Got confirmation of order and delivery dates. T
  10. I saw both Water Margin and some Monkey magic. Water Margin was the better of the two.
  11. Had a letter today saying my house is near a designated avian flu area. Only thing is it doesn’t tell you where it is!
  12. After giving it a lot of thought I am invigilating the exams again this year. I did check with the school I go to about wearing a mask and they were quite happy for me to do this. Some of the kids are still wearing them as well. There is some sniffling and sneezing among those sitting the exams but it is hay fever season, I have had to use my spray, so hopefully it is nothing catching. It is good to get back to a bit of normality (is that a word) whilst still being careful. I wear a mask in shops (my choice - it’s up to you what you do which is no concern of mine), the cafe we go to we have
  13. Noticed on that Manfred Mann clip of If You Gotta go that they faded out “stay all night” each time? I can remember my Dad wasn’t impressed with the Stones Lets Spend The Night Together when I first got the record.
  14. Know the feeling Benjamin, can still smell someone smoking a ciggie from a long way away. They smell so good, I really miss it. Still on my vape but have cut down the nicotine content of the liquid now so I’m in the middle of the range. Will be starting to mix with the next lower one soon to get ready to drop again. Sometimes think will just get a pack and just have one, but I know it would start me off again, anyway they are so flipping expensive now don’t know how anyone can afford the habit.