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    My 2 dogs, animals in general, cross stitch, knitting, true crime podcasts, ghostly things, dragons, avoiding housework and annoying my sister.

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  1. Stavertongirl

    Origin of School Badges:

    I went to Bilborough Grammar and after reading this thread looked the school badge online. It was (and I quote) the arms of William Peveril, first lord of the manor of Strelley and Bilborough combined with the book of learning and sword of justice! The school motto was Summa fire ac probitate (scholar of highest honour and integrity). The badge was designed by someone at Nottingham Castle Museum. Oower just about sums up the pretentious little twit who was headmaster during my time there, always felt he had delusions of grandeur, it was after all just a school on a council estate. One good thing from looking at this have found the address of a website for the school to have a look at, other than that my time there was mostly boring and at worst excruciating.
  2. Stavertongirl

    Song Association

    Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me ... Elton John
  3. Stavertongirl

    Keep One Drop One

    School Gates
  4. Stavertongirl

    A famous Moustache?

    It is a shame really, I have always thought comedy is a way to show prejudices for what they are, as long as it is the prejudice that is being laughed at and not the recipient. That is a bit profound for this time in the morning, will have to go and have a lie down now!
  5. Stavertongirl

    Boring Repetitive Posts

    I find 3D printers fascinating. Hasn’t someone done a bionic arm for his son with one? Absolutely amazing.
  6. Stavertongirl

    Boring Repetitive Posts

    Of course you can BK, I like loads of colour, the more cheerful the better. Whatisname could be entwined with flowers and twiddly bits
  7. Stavertongirl

    Song Association

    Lay Lady Lay ... Bob Dylan
  8. Stavertongirl

    Song Association

    Lady Jane ... Rolling Stones
  9. Stavertongirl

    Boring Repetitive Posts

    Drawing pins or the proper picture hanging “thingys” (note the technical term), hate having screws & nails sticking out of walls such a pain when you decorate. Only the best for Johnny.
  10. Stavertongirl

    Nottingham General Hospital

    I am still struggling with being a non-smoker. I must admit I have caved once or twice. The thing is I enjoyed it and have to give up because of a medical problem not because I wanted to. Using a vape thingy just isn’t the same, just doesnt feel right and I can’t see the point in having flavoured oil in them, I didn’t buy strawberry cigarettes. I can smell someone smoking from a long way away and, like Ben, miss it continually. I envy those who say, rightly or wrongly, that they just stopped and it didn’t bother them, never sure whether to believe them or not, perhaps it is just that I don’t have enough willpower.
  11. Stavertongirl

    How's your day?

    I always felt sorry for paper boys/girls at weekends in the shop I worked in. All the supplements in the papers over the weekend, especially on sundays. Don’t know how they managed to carry them on their rounds.
  12. Stavertongirl

    Song Association

    Working My Way Back To You .. Four Seasons
  13. Stavertongirl

    Song Association

    Have You Seen Your Mother Baby (Standing In The Shadow)... Rolling Stones
  14. Stavertongirl

    A famous Moustache?

    I can remember my dad watching that, he always seemed to have a cane in his hand, Jimmy Edwards not my dad. Don’t think it would get made now, very un-pc!
  15. Stavertongirl

    Boring Repetitive Posts

    Not a Wendy house BK it will be a lady cave, complete opposite of a man cave it will only have useful gadgets and gizmos in it with loads of pictures of Johnny Depp and other assorted eye candy! Beautifully decorated and not a tool, screw or nail in sight.