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  1. I have had recently 2 (1 of which is still ongoing) what I can only describe as bloopers when ordering from the Internet, 1 of then could almost be described as a scam. I do order mainly dog stuff (it can be cheaper than pet shops) but usually from sites I use frequently but have been caught out recently. The first one was a anxiety relieving dog bed from Buddies Pet Store, it was a bit expensive but looked really good in the pictures and reviews were excellent. The bed was priced in UK pounds so I presumed it was a UK site and I ordered it. Got confirmation of order and delivery dates. T
  2. I saw both Water Margin and some Monkey magic. Water Margin was the better of the two.
  3. Had a letter today saying my house is near a designated avian flu area. Only thing is it doesn’t tell you where it is!
  4. After giving it a lot of thought I am invigilating the exams again this year. I did check with the school I go to about wearing a mask and they were quite happy for me to do this. Some of the kids are still wearing them as well. There is some sniffling and sneezing among those sitting the exams but it is hay fever season, I have had to use my spray, so hopefully it is nothing catching. It is good to get back to a bit of normality (is that a word) whilst still being careful. I wear a mask in shops (my choice - it’s up to you what you do which is no concern of mine), the cafe we go to we have
  5. Noticed on that Manfred Mann clip of If You Gotta go that they faded out “stay all night” each time? I can remember my Dad wasn’t impressed with the Stones Lets Spend The Night Together when I first got the record.
  6. Know the feeling Benjamin, can still smell someone smoking a ciggie from a long way away. They smell so good, I really miss it. Still on my vape but have cut down the nicotine content of the liquid now so I’m in the middle of the range. Will be starting to mix with the next lower one soon to get ready to drop again. Sometimes think will just get a pack and just have one, but I know it would start me off again, anyway they are so flipping expensive now don’t know how anyone can afford the habit.
  7. As I have written on here before I had a lot of problems with the house I brought in Nottingham. The previous owner thought he was a DIYer but unfortunately he wasn’t. Everything looked good on the surface but as my nana would say it was all fur coat and no knickers. I am invigilating exams again (such joy) so was going to get my floorboards on the landing sorted, they are a bit like the Himalay, you could build a rollercoaster on them, and then hopefully get a bit of decorating done. But, isn’t there always a but, I had a leak under my sink which needed sorting so my handyman nipped in to
  8. I have always gone to Bilborough Library, never been to the one in Nottingham city. My Dad used to take me there when he went and we were all encouraged to read. My dad had a lot of books, can remember reading Three Men & A Boat amongst others. We also had a lot of the classics like Black Beauty (which I didn’t like), Moby Dick and after a teacher at primary school (Miss Walton) read The Lion, Witch & The Wardrobe my Dad got us the full set. I go to the Bilborough Library now to borrow books, I have a kindle but it isn’t the same reading a book on that. I also attend a book club
  9. We had solar panels on our house in Doncaster. We didn’t buy them, it was from a company who “leased” your roof for 25 years, can’t remember the name. We got to use the electric that came from them and the company got the money from the government. They did all the maintenance, etc and after the 25 years they either removed them or you could keep them. When we sold the house the lease was transferred to the new owner. After we had them I had to give the electric company a meter reading for my bill and noticed that the meter was going backwards, very fast I might add. Did a double take and i
  10. Just heard from my friend in Doncaster. Her mum had to be rushed into hospital on Friday with a possible stroke. Tested negative when she went in, luckily it wasn’t a stroke as they had to wait 7 hours for an ambulance. Came out on Monday positive for covoid.
  11. So got up this morning feeling like one of the walking dead. Did another test just to be sure it was a cold, it is. We have taken Jj out for a good long walk, taking a copious supply of hankies along with his ball, poo bags etc. Now ensconced on the settee, gas fire on, with my hankies, Vaseline for my nose, a library book and blanket for a quiet afternoon whilst Jj has a sleep. I had dark chocolate with almonds last nite and watched a Stephen King film, tonight it is fruit and nut and will listen to one of my podcasts. Hopefully by tomorrow I will be back in the land of the living.
  12. After having done 2 (stressful) weeks of mock exam invigilating dishing out tissues to a few snotty sneezing pupils I can now confirm that I do not have covid (after a couple of very uncomfortable negatives) just their flipping cold! Just hope they are all recovered before we start again in May for the proper exams. Me? I am going to curl up on the settee, feel sorry for myself and eat chocolate
  13. Today in Aldi there were Guinness flavoured crisps. I had to go back to take a second look as I thought I had misread the flavour!
  14. I applaud all those who are volunteering to help Ukrainians who have fled the war in their country. I am not in a position to help in that way but have donated what I can to help a bit. Whilst not insinuating this will happen, I can remember when Doncaster volunteered to take in Kossavan refugees from the fighting there, housing them in what was once the barracks for the former RAF Finningley. They were warmly welcomed and donations were made to help them. We were told as soon as the war there was over they would all return. However actually none of them did, and there were quite a few, a