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  1. As the weather is so miserable decided to have an in day, just Kai and I, do some housework and then settle down and watch some telly this afternoon. Kai has recently become an avid telly watcher and we sit on the floor together and watch all sorts of rubbish. Hoovering my kitchen and happened to glance into the conservatory and there was a lake on the floor, surprised it didn’t have a couple of ducks and some seagulls on it. Got my wellies on and ventured in. During the summer my handyman had sorted out 3 leaks, however the water was coming in different ways this time. From what I could see there are now 3 new leaks. (Funny how a lot of things in this house come in threes starting to think it is possessed!) Two of them are either end of where it adjoins the house and the other is in the front either coming from in between the panel and the floor or from the frame. I think I am getting to the stage where I want to take a sledgehammer to it and just demolish it (feel like that about the house very often as well). I don’t use it, too cold in winter and red hot in summer as I darent open the sliding door as it takes ages to get it to shut properly as it is shall we say past it’s sell by date and if you open the windows they are really hard to close and you have to slam them really hard and I have visions of the whole thing collapsing. I have also noticed that the rendering on the unsheltered corner of the house has got a bit of green what I think is algae on it. I dread to think what this could be but just hope it is cosmetic with all the rain we have had. Someone said to get a pressure washer on it once the rain has stopped, don’t think so I have visions of the rendering falling off! When I bought this house I was really excited, it was the start of a new life near my family although without my beloved husband but it has become a bit of a nightmare. It seems as soon as I get things sorted out (or so I think) something else crops up. If I had known at the time of buying what I know now I wouldn’t have touched it with a barge pole. I feel like I was conned, it looks good on the surface but has a multitude of sins beneath. I really want my old house back, it wasn’t perfect but it didn’t leak! It feels like I am in a constant battle with the house, it wouldn’t be so bad if I had money to throw at it but I don’t so it looks like the money I am saving for decorating will have to go on sorting the conservatory out/knocking it down. I think I will try and stick it out for another year then will seriously think about selling and finding something else, possibly a bungalow I think, not getting any younger. Will look into Council bungalows as well but don’t know if I would meet the criteria for them. I am really starting to hate this house Sorry this is so longwinded but feel better getting it off my chest.
  2. I have always hated net curtains, they are just dust gatherers. Did have them though as everyone seemed to. Hated having to take them down as getting them back up you needed arms like Arnold thingymebob (not attempting to spell his last name). I can remember soaking them in glo white as they used to go a dingy grey if you weren’t careful. I got the impression you were judged on the whiteness of your nets!
  3. On Friday evening coming back from Bulwell about 5 in the evening we decided to nip into the cemetery to check on the hyacinths (?) which we had put there a week or so ago. My companion had her phone with a light so we lit our way to the graves, they aren’t too far inside the gates so it wasn’t very far to go as it is a bit spooky. Some of the things left obviously have solar panels as they are lit when it’s dark which doesn’t help really. Anyway we checked the plants, which are starting to open up, and then after a few minutes started back to the gate. (I should mention my companion was wearing a high vis jacket.) As we got near the gate a youngish bloke came through it on a bike (I believe there is a shortcut through the cemetery although why you would take it when it is dark is beyond me especially when you don’t appear to have lights on your bike). We obviously startled him, two dimly lit figures emerging from the direction of the graves, as he nearly fell off his bike and I must admit he made us jump a bit. He then got back on the seat of his bike and disappeared, very quickly I might add, across the graveyard before we could say anything. I must say if it had been me I don’t think I would have continued over the graveyard, he was just inside the gates and I would have turned tail and gone the long way round. After we composed ourselves and got over a fit of laughter we got back to the car and went on our way.
  4. I can remember having candy tobacco, loved it. When I visited Matlock Bath last summer found some in a sweet shop, obviously not called tobacco but still tasted as good!
  5. Treated myself to a box of Black Magic at Christmas. Totally disappointed with them, no marzipan, or the one with the three nuts in or the whole brazil. Won’t be buying them again.
  6. My dad once told me him and my mum were in a queue and he heard a voice behind him that seemed familiar. When he looked round it was Henry Cooper and his wife. Dad was tickled pink to meet him, he always watched him when his matches were on telly.
  7. I have been invigilating, or is it invigalating, again this morning. Engineering exam - nice to see a lot of young ladies taking the exam as well as males. Go Ladies!! I had time to go to my Friday club afterwards for an hour and then onto the pub for lunch. Very nice beef lasagna with chips and salad but passed on the garlic bread. Noticed the puddings, one section was school puddings which consisted of treacle pudding or spotted dick (sorry it is spotted dick not Spotted Richard not bothered how un-pc it is). There was another one, jam possibly can’t remember, was too busy thinking of spotted dick. So had some with ice cream, I know it should have really been custard but just can’t eat it possibly a throwback to school dinners and all the lumps! I must say it was very good, not as good as my mums was, but I really enjoyed it, could have eaten another one easily. Real comfort food. Think I might have a little nap now
  8. I am pleased to say that Kai has started eating properly over the past few days. Before that he was eating very little and I was starting to get worried about him. Hopefully he is now going to continue. He is a lot more settled, enjoying his walks, cuddles and playtime. The only thing he is still doing is when we get back from a walk he has to check all over the house and back garden still, possibly checking to see if Wolf has come back? He has also started barking when the postman/delivery driver knocks at the door, he didn’t do it before as Wolf was the one who did the barking not him. I still miss my handsome boy, especially on walks when they used to play together, chasing and stalking each other. It won’t be the same when we eventually go to the woods and meadow when the weather has settled down a bit. But it seems we are both coming to terms with it and life must go on without my Wolf.
  9. Best thing seen this morning a dauchshund (?spelling) dressed as a snowman.