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  1. No doubt it’s doggedly making its way towards my side room. Unfortunately there is a tenant in situ at present so there will be no vacancy until such time as the tenancy agreement expires. Even then the said in situ tenant has the option to renew the said tenancy agreement providing all the conditions of said tenancy have been fully met and both sides are in agreement. So alternative accommodation will be needed for said bruiser. Any offers?
  2. When my husband worked down the pit I once got a phone call to tell he he had been hurt and would be going to hospital. Luckily one of his mates arrived at the door a few minutes later to tell me he was okay. A newby had started one of the trains off whilst he was doing something on the track and although he got out of the way he was stuck between the side of the pit and the train. He ended up with some cuts and bruises. He had one that was just above his ear to right near the corner of his eye, lucky it ended where it did he could have lost his eye. He had the usual blue scar there. Abou
  3. After my various run ins with the gigantic Nottingham spiders (Big Bertha, Gigantic Gertie) I realised as I was sweeping my side room (where they had their tenants agreement) that I hadn’t seen any for a long time. I did become a bit more cautious as I was moving stuff after that. Then I saw movement as something ran up the wall. Yes it was a spider but a “normal” sized one, not hairy, no dripping fangs, wasn’t built like Mike Tyson and it was running away from me and not towards as the others seemed to do. It eventually stopped and pretended it wasn’t really there, as they do, so I finishe
  4. Got a txt yesterday reminding me of my appointment next Friday for my second jab. Couple of hours later they sent me an email .... reminding me of my appointment for my second vaccination next Friday. Looks like I am having my second vaccination next friday.
  5. I certainly don’t intend to stay in “lockdown” all of my life, must say no one I know wants to either, we are all waiting for 2nd jabs and our social things to start opening up again. If there are some that want to then it is their choice, I certainly wouldn’t force anyone to do something they are not comfortable with. As soon as things settle down a bit we intend to go into Nottingham shopping (hooray) and go to our favourite local eating place. Here’s to getting back to some sort of normal
  6. I have suddenly realised that since the first lockdown I have become somewhat of a hoarder of food. Well perhaps less of a hoarder more of a squirrel getting stuff “just in case”. I don’t mean I have got enough toilet roll to last a year or have a room crammed full of tinned goods and bottled water, but when I went into my freezer yesterday I had a bit of a panic when I thought there was only one frozen loaf of bread. I pulled open the drawer above and there were two more in that which was a relief. There are also two 4pint milks in there which I rotate each week when I get another one. I w
  7. Uk are doing a trial about mixing vaccines. Nottingham University is asking for volunteers to take part in the trials at the moment. Just want to get my second jab next week hopefully. Spoken to my friend in Doncaster today. Her and her mother were supposed to have second Pfizer jab last Thursday. They still haven’t had it with no idea of when they will get it.
  8. I can remember going to Roughtons, up near Canning Circus if I remember correctly, to buy material for dresses, skirts etc. They cut off the amount you wanted from a large bale. Also the Rubber Supply Company which sold shoes. I can remember going there with my mum to get my first pair of high boots in the 60’s. I loved those boots wore them until they dropped to bits. Like Mary1947 I can remember the shoe shops on Clumber Street, Saxons, Dolcis, there was one that began with an M was it Manfreds - not sure. C&A for the latest mod fashions, you didn’t want to pay too much as the fashion
  9. That is good to hear I am going there in 2 weeks so hopefully will get mine as well.
  10. Reading reports that some people are having their appointments cancelled for their second Pfizer jab as it is “not available”, I presume they will have to make another appointment which means they will be over the 12 weeks. It is just the Pfizer jab from what I have seen and not the AZ one. It is suggested it is a distribution problem although I would have thought they would have this sorted at this stage of the vaccination programme. Makes me wonder if they do have enough to cover those who have had the first jab. Bit worrying as I don’t fancy being a guinea pig to see if two different jabs w
  11. I was working at Woolworths on Hyson Green (I miss their pick & Mix!) when the girl who worked on the food counter cut her hand on the bacon slicer. It was horrendous never seen so much blood which wasn’t good as it makes me feel faint. Had to go to the staff room to lie down for a while, wasn’t the only one either.
  12. Any death is sad for family and friends no matter who they are. I must admit I do not have any feelings either way about this, I neither knew him nor took much notice of him to be honest. I do agree the award scheme he started has done good work. I do wonder how many other 99 year olds would have had heart surgery but perhaps that is just me being cynical! To those that are Royalist supporters it must be sad but I must admit I am glad I have the Sky channels so I can get away from the terrestrial channels who do seem to be wallowing in it a bit. Sorry.
  13. Perhaps he was classed as “clinically vulnerable” which is why he was being extra cautious?
  14. Although it could be construed as a bit “naff” I love the John Wayne cowboy films (not so much the ones where he wins WWII by himself), The Searchers, True Grit, She Wore A Yellow Riibbon etc. He just epitomised a cowboy for me with that walk, just seemed so right. The original Magnificent Seven is brilliant and the Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns aren’t bad, the shooting of the gun fights are brilliant with the shots of just the eyes. I can vaguely remember Roy Rogers and Hopalong Cassidy, they had tv series I think. Then there was Wagon Train which was on Monday nights at 8 in the
  15. Heaven was sitting on the bench at the edge of the woods, which were covered in bluebells and full of birdsong, watching my two boys playing together on the meadow without a care in the world. Coming back to us for a drink of water and a fuss before going to play again.