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  1. Well done Rob.L. I am still waiting to hear, does seem to be taking a long time.
  2. I have thought from the beginning of this that I would like to know which area those with the disease came from, I.e. Bulwell, Bilborough etc. At least if it wasn’t in my area it wouldn’t feel like playing Russian roulette when I had to go out. I would still take the necessary (hopefully) safety measures as outlined, but I could see that there would be some who if it wasn’t in their area would disregard them, as some seem to be doing now. It is a bit of a conumdrum.
  3. Decreasing numbers is such good news gives hope to everyone else. Apparently we have small green shoots starting to show their heads unless winter kills them off!. Hoping that is positive as well.
  4. Had a really nice walk with Kai this morning. Only thing that spoilt it was people racing round on bikes. I don’t always hear them coming and they don’t seem to slow down or let you know they are coming. Don’t bikes have bells now? They could at least shout and slow down to let me know they are coming so I can get Kai on the lead and let them past. I have had a couple of close calls and if one hit Kai they would find they are wearing the bike. It is really starting to annoy me
  5. Yesterday morning I was out walking Kai. It was a beautiful day, birds singing, loads of rabbits frolicking in the sun and I saw 2 male pheasants strutting their stuff across a field. It was so lovely, made me forget the madness that is going on for a bit. Then I got a txt on my phone from the government telling me not to go out bringing me back to reality with a bump. Today I have contacted friends in Doncaster to see how they all are (a couple of them are in the ‘high risk’ category). They had escaped it initially but it is starting to ramp up there now, 3 deaths at the local hospital. Thankfully they are all okay at the moment, either in lockdown or working from home. On a lighter note, had a delivery and the driver took a photo of my ‘doggy’ slippers. We both found it quite amusing!
  6. An expert has said that it may be that some people have a natural immunity to the virus. He was citing one of the cruise ships that had to be quarantined. A small ray of hope possibly?
  7. Different sides of human nature: Don’t know how true it is but I have been told that an elderly lady managed to get some eggs in the supermarket, went to get something else and someone took them out her basket. Words fail me. When I was at the supermarket yesterday I saw an elderly lady and someone younger go for a jar of coffee (The last one). Younger person got it then turned to the elderly lady and insisted she take it. Felt she should have got a standing ovation. My hairdresser is opening up on Monday (her day off) so a relative and I can get our hair done with no one else in the shop. It is only a small shop and I didn’t want to be in such close proximity with so many people. Big tip I think.
  8. I have just been out to go to the chemist to pick up my prescription and have a wander round the shops to admire the empty shelves. Got milk but bread is rarer than rocking horse teeth, tea and coffee about the same. There wasn’t any bird stuff for my bird feeders either strangely, unless someone has recipes to use it? I wore my mask for the first time, felt a bit silly, but then there was someone else in the supermarket with one as well. Gave each other a thumbs up and queued together at checkout. I did get some strange looks, but better safe than sorry and I have read that there are some who don’t have any symptoms but are still contagious which is quite scary. Apparently a fight has broken out at the local Asda, this is really bringing out the worst in people, know now why I prefer my dog! Of course the scammers are on to it as well, didn’t take them long did it, I really do despair of some of the human race they really are despicable. So now I will be self isolating, just taking Kai out for a walk each day to get some exercise and fresh air. Got loads of pod casts to listen to and plenty of knitting etc. Just wish we knew when it will be over, at least the news from China is better, have to hope the virus doesn’t re-emerge when the lockdown is finally eased there. Glad your cough has eased Brew, keep safe NonnB and family my thoughts are with you. Be healthy everyone.
  9. I have had 3 deliveries today. Two of them left the parcel by the front door, knocked and retreated to the street and stood by the fence until I opened the door then took my name. The other handed it to me over the fence as I had seen him pull up, took my name and beat a hasty retreat. Glad they did it that way but did make me feel like I had the plague! Really hoping Boris closes schools in England I am really worried about a relative that is a teacher. Unfortunately words like stable door, horse and bolted do come to mind.
  10. Wouldn’t dare BK would get the German Shepherd “look” from him. Enough to freeze anyone’s blood!
  11. I had a txt earlier about my Iceland order which I do every month. Some of the stuff I usually have is out of stock this time. As I had to go and pick up my prescription decided to go to Heron/Co-op to get what I couldn’t from Iceland as I am going to self isolate from today. Wishful thinking I am afraid, the shops looked like they had been visited by gannets, lots of empty spaces on shelves and freezer. From what was being said the local Asda and Aldi had been visited by them as well. Seems the toilet roll buyers have now moved onto other things as well. I have stocked up on Kai’s food, got 2 bags of his complete arriving tomorrow from my internet pet store along with his treats (wouldn’t dare run out of these) and have a months supply of his beef and chicken to be going on with. We will be having our walks every day to get me out of the house, we don’t see many people where we go anyway, and I have got a load of projects to be going on with at home. I am going to miss my clubs/lunches at the local pub, shopping expeditions to Primark etc, but unfortunately needs must. The next step is wearing the “Darth Vader” looking mask if I do go to the shops for anything although I will try to order online for as much as possible. I was looking forward to the summer after all the terrible weather we have had this winter, had lots of things we were going to do, now it feels like it has been stolen away by this. The worst thing I think is that no one knows for certain when it will end or even if it will become a yearly thing like the flu. Whoever let this cat out of the bag had a lot to answer for!