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    Cry Baby
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    College Boy
  3. Stavertongirl

    How's your day?

    I have had many German Shepherds and like most breeds there are good and bad. I know many people are intimidated by them, but I have always found them faithful, loving and protective. My 2 boys are German Shepherd crosses and I feel completely safe in the house at nite on my own. Would not be without them. There are some breeds of dog that I am not fond of, I prefer bigger dogs, but the world would be boring if we all liked the same.
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    Weight Watchers
  5. Stavertongirl

    How's your day?

    I do agree with you Brew about vaping and I think the jury is out on whether it can have harmful effects. It is amazing how many people have the vape pipes, almost like a fashion statement. I have tried them before but could never find an oil that I liked, I thought they tasted like dirty ashtrays smelled to be honest and can’t see the point in flavoured ones when I don’t smoke strawberry cigarettes. Each to his own I suppose.
  6. Stavertongirl

    How's your day?

    Advanced Nostalgian, goodness makes me feel quite important. Thanks everyone for the encouragement. Seemed strange tonight doing my Friday night shop and not getting cigarettes. Saved some money as well, less than half what I normally shell out so will concentrate on that as I want a table and chairs for my kitchen (Ikea here I come). Did treat the boys to a toy each though, lots of running around squeaking (the dogs not me).
  7. Stavertongirl

    How's your day?

    Day 2 of giving up. Yesterday wasn’t too bad (although I did have 2 later on, 1 after tea and 1 later). Kept myself busy this morning, whilst wondering why you don’t wake up in nite wanting your nicotine fix. My sister is bringing me bits for my vaping thingy so I can use that instead of buying any more ciggies, although I don’t really like it but suppose it is the lesser of two evils. Remember reading an article once that giving up smoking is about the same as giving up heroin seemed a bit of an exaggeration at the time, not so sure now. Keeping in mind that it (hopefully) will get easier next week. Must get more munchies when I go to Asda this evening. Not quite climbing the walls yet, perhaps tomorrow?
  8. Stavertongirl

    Christmas lights and decorations

    Found my tree, baubles and lights (in a carrier bag will have fun sorting them out) whilst looking for my laptop power cable (which I didn’t find). Just have to decide where to put it now where my boys won’t be able to investigate it, but not until late December.
  9. Stavertongirl

    How's your day?

    I certainly will do trogg. It is a case of having to give up I am afraid due to a health condition. I have a vape pipe but don’t like them, just not the same so I am afraid it is cold turkey for me.
  10. Stavertongirl

    How's your day?

    Today is my first day as a non smoker. Steam cleaned the carpets, changed curtains in front room and if it doesn’t move have sprayed it with febreeze, dogs got a bit worried and escaped into the garden. Got chewy things in fridge at least I can eat more for time being as my thyroid is overactive and am still waiting for medication to be sorted out so don’t have to worry about putting weight on at moment. I know it is not a good habit but I did enjoy a ciggie especially after a meal but needs must I suppose. It is getting very expensive, my brand had gone up to £8.35 for 20, can remember when they were five shillings for 20 which shows how old I am, so just 20 a day can mount up. On the bright side Phillip Hammond won’t be getting the tax from me which makes up most of the price, sometimes wonder what would happen if everyone stopped smoking he would have to get it back from somewhere. I really want one at moment so I am going to empty the last few boxes from my move, found my laptop but can’t find the cable so will look for that, obviously I have put it somewhere safe but not with the laptop. Perhaps it will be easier tomorrow
  11. Just been to doctors to get the second blood test results expecting to have some medication sorted for my thyroid. He is referring me to the Thyroid Clinic at QMC I presume. The last thing I want is a hospital appointment as for over the last year I was at numerous hospital departments/chemo suite with my late husband, it felt like we went to every clinic there was and were more there than at home. I was hoping I would be able to start some sort of medication to make me feel at least a bit more like myself. Have to go back to see doctor in a month, don’t know how long hospital appointment will take to come through. I suppose this clinic will be the best place to get checked, but wish he had referred me after the first blood test, I had to wait 6 weeks between the blood tests. Feel a bit depressed, think it will be a chocolate day!
  12. Stavertongirl


    I will see how he goes on this week, nothing the matter with him at the moment, he is chasing a fly round the garden! I must admit I miss my vet from Doncaster, he had looked after many of our dogs and I trusted him. This new vet you end up seeing a different person every time. The first one said he had good movement in his back legs and didn’t say anything about arthritis, then the second one did as she had his leg extended fully backwards saying he wasn’t comfortable with it, don’t think I would have been either to be honest. I sometimes think the pet insurance is a two edged sword, covers you against the very high vet fees but sometimes think once they know you are insured they just throw everything at you. It has cost (the insurance company) nearly £300 up to now. Don’t get me wrong I will pay whatever is necessary to make sure my two boys are okay but just dont want unnecessary things done just for the sake of it.
  13. Stavertongirl


    I got up this morning with great trepidation as Kai didn’t have his medicine yesterday and wasn’t sure what to expect. My sister and I did take both boys on a walk on sunday, although the vet said it could make his “arthritis” painful. He was fine being busy as normal, sniffing and enjoying a run about. He had had his medicine but thought he might be stiff on Monday. He was perfectly normal so didn’t give him his medicine on Monday, he should have gone back to vet but I was under the weather so we didn’t go. Got up this morning and he is fine. His eating is back to normal and he is alert and noisey as usual. Judging by this I don’t think it was arthritis (surely it is a gradual thing that would have been noticeable, not him being okay one day and having it the next) wonder if he had pulled a muscle or strained something. When they are playing they do tend to jump up at each other and I had found a thistle in the foot of the leg he was having trouble with, had to cut it out they have such hairy feet. I did tell the vet this but they seemed fixed on arthritis (don’t know if that is the right spelling!) Bit of a quandary really as he is supposed to go back but I am more inclined to see how he goes on this week, don’t want him to go thru the trauma of having X-rays if he doesn’t need them. Am I doing the right thing?
  14. Stavertongirl

    World War One.

    Although I dont usually get involved in political/religious discussions (they can get quite heated), I do think Corbyn and his cronies are quite dangerous. I agree with Fly and dread the thought of him being in power.