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  1. I have to get a urine sample tomorrow before we go back to vets. Trying not to think about that!!
  2. Yesterday I had to take Kai to the vets, he definitely wasn’t right always a worry especially at his age. Managed to get an appointment in the morning so we walked down there. They had their lockdown rules again so I had to ring to let them know I was there, the vet then rings you back to find out what is wrong and eventually someone comes out to take your dog in. You have to stay outside. It was freezing on Saturday morning and we had to wait about half an hour for the vet to ring, by that time I was really cold. She came out to get Kai and told me to wait in my car, told her we had walked do
  3. I am always amazed at parents letting their children approach a strange dog. Kai isn’t used to children, not that he would hurt them but he can be a bit enthusiastic in greeting people/dogs sometimes, not nasty just pleased to see them. If asked if he can be petted I always warn of this, but if they just approach without asking I always tell them no. I certainly wouldn’t touch a strange dog without getting the owners consent. But since covoid have said no to all and not touched anyone else’s dog either, just admired from a safe distance especially Fergus a young (7 months old) Irish Ter
  4. I have visions of American Gang members giving the vaccinations. Is it red or blue they wear, would hate to go in the wrong colour Just had an update on my phone that Asda has been picked to give vaccinations. Think it is only the ones with pharmacies in them though so not Strelley then!
  5. Just been on Nottinghamshirelive and they have a list of vaccination centres. Seems like mine will be Cripps Medical Centre which is somewhere near the university I think. I see the Bracebridge Drive Surgery has been mentioned on here but it isn’t on the list at the moment.
  6. When we lived in Doncaster we used to walk our German Shepherd with a friend who had a Rotti. It was the first time I had ever been near one, was always a bit wary of them to be honest because of their reputation. However Max was a big softie, more interested in the treats in my husbands pocket than anything else. He was a big lad though and had a thing for our Shepherd bitch Tess. They did have a good time playing together although sometimes Max got a bit “fresh” with Tess and had to be put in his place by her. If someone else appeared walking their dog you could see the horror in their fa
  7. I think Kai has just about forgiven me for getting him the coat and possibly not buying him the expensive toy, took a lot of treats though! He is a big lad so there is no way I can get him into the bath so this was the other option which I am pleased to say kept him clean especially his belly which always ended up really muddy. Just the bottom of his back legs are still a bit grubby Where he was ankle deep in a mud patch but I will sort them out later today. The blurb about the coat says it is easier to get on the second time, I must admit I have my doubts about that as he will know what is
  8. After Kai getting really dirty the past few weeks, he does love a muddy puddle or any mud at all really I have this morning been to our local pet shop (with him in tow) and got him a dog coat. Not a normal one that just covers the back this is a super duper waterproof one with legs in very fetching black and red with silver piping that glows at night. As usual he had to have XL as the large was a bit too small which cost an arm and a leg. He also picked up a long snake toy, which was as big as him, but when I saw the price tag (£17.99) it was very quickly put back, he does have expensive taste
  9. Wonder if anyone can help. I can remember as a kid (in the mists of time) that there was a sand quarry near where we lived on Huxley Close. We were always told not to go there as kids, so of course we made a beeline for it! It would have been on the other side of Bilborough Road. There was a bridlepath to it as I recall which we called Sandy Lane, don’t know if this was just a local name or not. I think this is the path I walk Kai as I can remember the top of it with a steep bank on one side covered in trees etc. But I could be getting confused, not unusual, as I can also remember going w
  10. I see the area I live in “Bilborough North” has had a spike in cases, 54 in The last 7 days, which means our rate has gone up to over 400 in 100,000 putting us at the top of the Nottinghamshire table, Broxtowe is about the same as well. I presume this is the start of the Christmas Festivities coming through.
  11. Nicola Sturgeon is putting Scotland back into lockdown. Seems like it takes a woman to show some sense
  12. It looks like they are starting to do that anyway. Bet it would be different if children were the ones going to hospital and on ventilators, they would be trying to eradicate it not letting it rip.
  13. I see Keir Starmer is calling for a national lockdown immediately as the virus is out of control. Hooray about time somebody finally realised. Ordered some Taffix spray today, don’t know if it will be any good but sounds like it might help as well as wearing a mask.
  14. I have a relative who is in the teaching profession and I can assure that they were not “doing nothing” during the first lockdown. Who do you think was sorting out the “remote learning”, doing lessons by zoom etc? It certainly wasn’t the government who promised laptops etc for every pupil who needed them which never materialised. It makes me very angry when teachers are vilified by the press and the government. If they are “following the science” as the mantra goes then schools would be closed as Sage have advised. Having a decisive government who could make decisions that are needed would
  15. On the 30 December we went to Wollaton Hall to see the light festival, it was the last night it was on due to Tier 4 restrictions. It was a reasonable evening so we walked there, it was frosty but we were well wrapped up and the walk kept us warm. We arrived at the Hall and there were a lot of people there, we were a bit early for our time slot at 8 but were directed where to go by security. There was still a long queue waiting to go in from the time slot before ours. I must say the social distancing in that queue was non-existent to say the least. We joined our queue and waited until it