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  1. I did look to book the booster before I got the txt from my doctors surgery but there was a big banner telling you not to book until you are contacted. I was surprised my doctors, well the nurses really think our doctors have gone into hibernation, are doing them. I know they did AZ in the initial vaccination push but it makes it easier being local. it means I will have had it just over a week before I start invigilating at the school again. I have read that some are getting a reaction the day or so after the jab, some mild but some quite severe. I just felt a bit “off” for a day after the
  2. Got a txt and have booked for my booster on 23 October. Our doctors surgery which is about 5 minutes walk from me is doing them so saves trailing to the Forest again. Just hope it isn’t the nurse who did my last very painful blood test!
  3. Finally got a quote for the work on my side roof (hooray). After the original person who quoted passed away suddenly a week or so before it was going to be done I was given a recommendation for a local firm.Rang them and they came out to do a quote. It isn’t an enormous job and I got the feeling they weren’t really interested, they didn’t take any measurements etc. just had a look and said they would txt me a quote. I waited a week, rang them and they assured me they were going to do a quote but had been “busy”. If they weren’t interested I would rather they said instead of messing me around.
  4. Jj is now getting quite big So we are able to take him on longer walks exploring new paths we find. On Sunday we went through Strelley village past the pub and Strelley Hall but as the wood seemed busy we carried straight on past the Mulberry, a way we haven’t been for a while. Jj was on his flexi lead which means he can sniff to his hearts content but we still have him under control. Everything was fine when his tail suddenly dropped and he didn’t want to go any further, after much coaxing we did manage to get him going again, although reluctantly, and after a bit he was back to normal. We fo
  5. A relative asked me if I had applied for the “Warm Home Grant”, something I had never heard of. Checked with Octopus and it was on their website. Usually I don’t meet the criteria for things like that as a I don’t get Pension Credit etc. but gave it a look. Amazingly I could qualify as I get under £16,000 a year so that was section 1 filled in and surprise surprise I am over 62 so that was section 2 taken care of. Pressed the submit button and off it went into the ether. I then got an email from Octopus telling they had received it along with how it works. It is £140 and if I get it it wi
  6. Do you have a brother/other relative called Alan?
  7. Probably not sure if it will need a fascia as well.
  8. Can anyone recommend someone who can sort out my side room roof (the things that hold the panels in place keep slipping out and I have to hammer them back in), and put guttering on it etc. The person who was going to do it this month has suddenly passed away and I want it doing before the bad weather comes in.
  9. I find the ad of the singing baby quite creepy. The roller skating tortoise is my favourite at the moment advertising a train company I think. Think the best one was the drumming gorilla, loved that ad.
  10. Must admit I have never heard of Zoot Money at all. Does anyone remember Geno (think that is how you spell it) Washington. I can remember seeing him on quite a few occasions, can remember chanting Geno, Geno at his gigs. Think he had one hit called Michael. Sorry to highjack the subject and go off on a tangent.
  11. Finally managed to get a blood test to check my levels for my thyroid medication today. Already had to cancel a hospital appointment because of the shortage of the blood vials. I must say it was the most painful blood test I have ever had which is saying something as my last doctor, who retired during the pandemic, could bring tears to your eyes when he did them. Think my head nearly hit the ceiling as the “small scratch” felt like she had put a red hot needle in my arm, don’t know if perhaps she hit a nerve when she did it if that is possible. I had it done over an hour ago and it is still ac
  12. Didn’t Chris Montez have a song with the same title or at least similar? Very often played at Goose Fair?
  13. I noticed Asda is giving £10 discount to encourage younger people to have their jabs, Uber and Deliveroo are doing the same. Umm hang on a minute what about those of us who had the jab when called without an incentive? (Is the site running slow at the moment or is it my broadband? Took ages to load up today.)
  14. Jj at the moment is teething. He is feeling a bit sorry for himself which includes a lot of snuggling, frozen treats and only soft food. His front ones top and bottom are through, canines on the bottom have pushed the baby ones out but only one at the top at the moment, the other one is staying put, hopefully it will come out soon. Just the back ones to cut now by the looks of it. Hes had weepy eyes, upset stomach, all the usual stuff plus he was scratching his ears and shaking his head so a trip to the vet ensued. Luckily I managed to get an appointment without having to go through the p
  15. Yesterday I decided to bite the bullet and get a new mobile phone. The one I have is getting on a bit (it’s a Samsung S7, the latest one is S21 is I have had my monies worth) and is starting to be selective as to which texts/phone calls it lets me know have arrived and is getting very hot when used. So off we went to the EE shop. Had a browse round the phones, came out in a bit of a hot sweat at the prices (some up to and over £1000) but finally narrowed it down to 2, stayed with Samsung found the other old one was okay and didn’t want an iPhone. Sorted out a contract, 2 years then will g