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  1. Just taken Jj out for his morning walk on the park. The fog is quite thick in some places. I must say I always find it quite eerie when you can hear footsteps and not see who it is. Reminds me of an old film, think it was a Hitchcock one, where there was a thick fog and you could hear footsteps as someone was being followed perhaps someone will know the title? Or was it a Jack the Ripper one? Anyway didn’t go to the end of the field on the park, kept in site of the path and gate and kept Jj on his flexI lead so he could still have a run around, he had a bit of a limp yesterday after jumping
  2. Our with a Jj this morning, temperature was -3. Takes ages to get to the park as every blade of grass, hedge, weed etc has to be well sniffed and we are doing more heel training, which slipped a bit whilst he was ill, which involves turning round when he pulls on the lead so sometimes we get nowhere fast. Finally made it to the park and there was no-one on there (if they had any sense they would still be tucked up in bed) so was able to let him off for a run. It was frosty so that had to be thoroughly investigated, by this time my fingers were starting to go dead and I couldn’t feel my face, b
  3. Hope you feel better soon Colly0410. I was supposed to be invigilating exams at the school for the next 2 weeks, but under the present circumstances am not doing them. Shame as a I do enjoy doing it, just hope things will have settled down by March when the next lot are due.
  4. Goodness this brought back some memories, remembered it as soon as a I heard the first few notes. Good times.
  5. My mum was very good at giving a “clip around the ear hole”, never did us any harm. The worst thing was “You can tell your Dad what you have done when he comes home”, He very rarely shouted, spoke very quietly when he was angry, that was when you knew not to go any further. However if you wanted anything the best time to ask him was after he had had his tea and was sat in his armchair smoking his pipe. Never ask for anything before he had eaten!
  6. Just seen a description of a spaniel on a twitter video of dogs at a Dogs Trust picking their Christmas toys (it is worth a watch) as a “vortex of frantic joy”. As an owner of a young spaniel cross I can concur that is an apt description of my boy
  7. Glad to hear your husband had no ill effects from his fall NonnaB, apart from a thorough dog wash! Just had an email from my energy provider to say I have got the warm home grant so £140 has been credited to my account which will pay next months bill and some of the month after. A good day just got better.
  8. Not a bad day today. Had a fuddle at my Friday club, good spread, enjoyed the Indian finger food, bahjis (spelling) etc. Good food and enjoyable company. Got home and had a letter from NHS Bowel cancer screening saying sample was normal. Must admit this always gives me the collywobbles because of my husband, so great relief to get this. Took Jj for a walk and run after his ball on the park, back home fed him & he is asleep with his head on my knee. Life can be good some days despite covoid.
  9. One of my uncles (mums brother) was a special policeman and on one of the Beatles visits to Nottingham he was with them as part of their security detail I guess. Days later he told my mum and got a tongue lashing for not getting myself and my friend in to see them or at least getting their autographs. Not that I or my friend were really bothered, we were die hard Stones fans.
  10. It sounds like one of the transformers!
  11. We decided to take Jj back to the vet earlier this week, not because he was unwell again but we were totally confused by the “advice” we were getting from different vets. We had him on a bland diet but one vet we saw advised us to get him on a Hills dog food, when I got it it said for food allergies and skin conditions and that he could only have it and nothing else. At nearly £24 for 7 tins it was very expensive as he should have 2/3 tins a day, and he doesn’t have food allergies or a skin condition he is recovering from the giardia and all information says it takes a little time for the dige
  12. It can be picked up from a lot of places. Dog poo from an infected dog, water, woodland etc. The infected animal sheds it in the form of cysts with a hard shell. We are not sure where he picked it up from. We take him to Wollaton Park, on some bridle paths and through some woods and meadows where he can be let off to chase his ball could be from any of these places. So many don’t clear up after their dogs which drives me mad especially after this. I added some mashed carrots to his chicken & rice yesterday and he also had some porridge with live yoghurt mixed in (which he wasn’t that ke