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  1. If it is his he will put it on his Instagram (I think) page.
  2. If I catch it that is the one I want
  3. My dad had TB and was in Newstead Hospital, that is where he met my mum she was A nurse there (very romantic - he liked the nurse uniforms, in his later years when he had to go to hospital he was bitterly disappointed that the nurses weren’t wearing them anymore!!) So I had had a TB jab before the school one. Obviously I reacted to the ring of needles and although my mum told them I had had the jab I still had to go to Forest Dene for an X-ray. Not sure if I had to stay off school until I got the all clear. Not sure from what I have read that having the jab so long ago makes a difference, it seemed a booster might be needed possibly?
  4. The Times They Are A’Changin .... Bob Dylan
  5. I saw a report saying there are now nearly 1500 confirmed cases at the University. (Didn’t realise there are nearly 50,000 students in Nottingham but then everywhere you look there is student accommodation.) Although this is a worrying figure it is good to know they are being picked up, hopefully with at least some of their contacts. I do think the university is doing a good job with its testing and that this will eventually get our figures a bit more under control fingers crossed. I was a bit bemused by Comments by the head of public health In Nottingham who expressed surprise that our figures had suddenly spiked. Hasn’t she noticed what happened in Manchester and other university towns when the students arrived? I think 4 out of the top 5 in the list are university towns, not sure about the other one I have never heard of it!! I am not blaming the students in anyway, their accommodation either in the campus or outside probably isn’t the best for social distancing but I do hope they are sticking to the self isolating protocol. It only takes a couple of people who have no symptoms to spread it unfortunately, plus those who don’t follow the guidelines in the general population of which there are still a few. (can’t understand why standing 6’ away from the person in front of you in the queue is so hard especially when there are markings on the floor).
  6. Seems like we will be in local lockdown from Friday judging by the news. It was surely obvious by what had happened in Manchester and was it Glasgow in Scotland what would happen when the students arrived here. All kudos to the university for doing tests on, I believe all or a majority, of the students whether showing symptoms or not, were tested pity more of this isn’t done. There are outbreaks at 2 prisons as well swelling the numbers, that must be a nightmare scenario to control, wonder if visitors are checked in any way (temperature possibly) before being allowed in? I had a look at the map on Nottinghamlive to see how bad it is where I live, luckily it is the lightest colour, the darkest colours are more centred around Nottingham itself, Radford etc and West Bridgford. The latter used to have a student population way back in the mists of time when I was in my 20’s ( not quite as far back as the dinosaurs but nearly!) presume this will be the reason? The new measures won’t make that much difference to me as I am doing them anyway. It is just a bit frustrating as it seems the original lockdown gains seem to have been frittered away (track & trace shambles being an example) but perhaps it was enevitable (spelling?) this would happen? I do go once a week (either Saturday or Sunday) to a local eating place, we sit outside. This week they had put up gazebo like things around 3 tables so you were sheltered from the wind, so we sat in one of those. We asked if they were reserved first but they weren’t, the other 2 were empty but after we sat in 1 the other 2 got occupied. Noticed they had got patio heaters as well. Someone is thinking forwards. The only thing that is a bit annoying is seeing students on tv complaining they have to isolate for 14 days. For heavens sake it is just 14 days and at that age it isn’t anything, try losing nearly a year at my age then you can whinge.
  7. I had my flu jab at the local Boots Chemist. The pharmacist did it. Must say I didn’t feel it at all. Arm ached a bit for a couple of days and had a slight runny nose a couple of days after which I usually get so that is done and dusted.
  8. I downloaded the app on Thursday, got it going (oh dear the English one has a glitch which is being “sorted out” as I type this, strange the Welsh one works okay - no surprise there then). Yesterday I got a txt on my phone from test and trace about it. Went into panic mode thinking I had been near someone who had tested positive. Then I realised I had only been shopping at Lidl and wasn’t near anyone for any length of time, I had being near someone for 15 to 20 minutes triggered the alert in my mind don’t know if this is right? Looked back at the txt and it was telling me I could download the app now!! I see someone from Sage is now saying there will possibly be a third wave as well. Starting to think they are paid to distribute doom and gloom, at least they could let us try (being the operative word) to get the latest outbreaks under control before saying things like this. Really it is obvious that even if it is circulating at low levels, which it never was here really we used the “running hot” technique instead of going for eradication, there is always the probability of it escalating common sense really. I had a relative who had to go for a test last Saturday, took a while to get one, the test centre on the Forest didn’t even come up. They eventually got one in Nottingham, when they got there they were the only one there just one bay open. Hadn’t heard result by Tuesday morning rang the number given to them, went thru several menus to get to “chasing up test result” pressed 1 to do that and it said “we are not chasing up test results“ and cut them off. Luckily the result came thru later Tuesday and it was negative. Missed 2 days at work and I isolated as well for those days just in case. I don’t go out much, take Kai for a walk, go shopping once a week or so, get most online and an occasional visit to the library which is usually quite empty. We do go for something to eat later Saturday afternoon, sit outside though, took a blanket yesterday to put over my legs, I would not go inside wouldn’t feel safe to be honest. Don’t go to pubs so that doesn’t bother me at all, but do miss my 2 clubs that met every week. I am in touch with some of the ladies that also went by phone every week. It has become my routine now and going into autumn/winter I wouldn’t have been out and about as much anyway. I don’t think I will be invigilating at the exams this year, there has been 1 case at the school I do it, but will see how things are when the time comes. But sad about that as I did enjoy it and if I say I can’t do it not sure if I will be asked again, the money came in useful as well. So all in all I am trying to keep safe, battling with my 8 legged friends and contemplating what colour to do my side room now I have saved the money to get it done. Anyone know a good cheap decorator?
  9. At one time in Doncaster my husband and I had 2 cats, a big male tabby (Sam) who was a bruiser and a delicate female tortoiseshell called Cindylou. They were strays that we had taken in and the lived quite happily with our 2 German Shepherds, although Sam always thought he was the boss. We had Cindylou for a while, She was a knee cat, couldn’t see someone sitting down without getting on their lap no matter what they were doing. Unfortunately she developed female leukaemia and we eventually lost her. A week or so after we lost her I went into the kitchen and looked out into the back garden. There was a street light at our back fence which illuminated the back garden somewhat and there on the lawn was Cindylou chasing moths which one of her favourite occupations. She was as agile and athletic as she had been before becoming ill, I watched her for what seemed like ages, although it was probably only minutes. Then Sam jumped on the top of the fence from the street and when I looked back to the lawn she was gone. I don’t consider myself “sensitive” or anything, but have had other experiences with dogs/Sam that we have lost also with my husband (who always maintained things like that were rubbish) after he passed.
  10. Got my flu jab at Boots this year instead of waiting to be called on by new doctors surgery. Rang first and they said usually you have to make an appointment But they had a good supply so I could just come down and get it. Queued up and then said what I had come down for, there was a whispered consultation behind the counter and then I was asked if I could tell them my age. Said I was 71 and there was a bit of a pause (I was thinking I am not going to be happy if they now say I can’t have it) and the girl who I usually get served by when I go in said goodness you don’t look that old! I skipped all the way home
  11. I realise this is an unprecented situation but it seems to me, although I might be wrong, that we have not learnt by mistakes made by us and others. It seems that precious time was lost after the lockdown to get testing and track and trace up to the world beating or even adequate systems that they are required to be. I appreciate that there has been a surge in people wanting a test, not sure it is all caused by people who want a test before they go on holiday, but surely with the schools going back this was always going to happen especially as our figures were “running hot” and not as low as other countries at that time and with pubs etc, opening up. Whilst not blaming anyone the younger generation have had it drummed into them they either don’t get the virus or only very mildly so of course they are going to socialise, you feel invulnerable when you are young. I do wonder if it had been worse in children/young adults if things might have been different. Would some decentralisation of the track and trace have helped utilising local services and knowledge perhaps? The same with schools going back, which became politicised when the first attempt didn’t materialise, it seemed the determination was there to get them back no matter what. Surely you go to the people who deal with it day to day to find the best solution? It is a conundrum of vast proportions trying to balance the economy with the spread of the virus and I certainly don’t envy those making the decisions. At least now they seem to be grasping things need to be done quickly as things start to go pear shaped so there might be a glimmer of hope.
  12. To be honest the UK has lurched from crisis to another during the pandemic starting with PPE for health workers, too late lockdown, not testing enough at first as we didn’t have tests, letting people from abroad come back and not make them isolate (they were just politely asked to do it) and seed the virus all over the country, track and trace which is woefully inadequate and seems to be getting worse. The list goes on and on. The testing situation is the latest in a long list of abysmal failures of seemingly inept politicians who seem to be completely out of their depth or are totally incompetent. (I would point out I am not at all politically minded so have no axe to grind with any political party.) It would seem now all the gains we made having a lockdown have now been thrown away, (personally I think an extra 2 weeks lockdown might have helped, the number of infections still seemed rather high when it was lifted but what do I know) starting with the Dominic thingy debacle (spelling?). Having badgered people to stop home working and go back to the office etc. It now looks like they might be encouraging home working again, curfews are being bandied about by the newspapers/tv along with some things being shut down again or even a 2 week lockdown being bandied about today. I can see panic buying rearing it’s head again. The schools going back has been a complete shambles with cases starting to take off in them. I understand they needed to be reopened but surely rotas would have been better than having all kids there all the time? I am really concerned about my relative that works in this environment having to deal with the shambolic guidelines. I just despair at times when I see politicians on tv, waffling, fudging, defending the indefensible, manipulating figures etc. What the answer is I don’t know but I think the next few months are going to be really tough. Someone needs to get a grip, take control and sort this mess out.
  13. I never had this problem with spiders in my old house in Doncaster and I swear they are bigger here as well. As I have said before they make me shudder but I don’t kill them just evict them as quickly as possible. I am getting a bit better with the smaller ones but the really big ones still make me dither. The washing machine one hasn’t appeared yet today, don’t want to think about where it might have wandered during the night. I really need to find a spider catcher that keeps me at least 2’ away from them at all times!
  14. As a lot know on here I am not at my best when it comes to evicting spiders at all. I did manage to evict a medium to large one a couple of days ago as usual into my neighbours garden, or so I thought. This afternoon there was a small to medium one sunning himself/herself on the window ledge in my side room and an enormous one on the wall. That one had really long legs and was sort of waving them around especially the very long 2 front ones, possibly dirty dancing? I decided to tackle the smaller one first, bigger one needed building up to. I managed to sneak up on it and got it into my plastic beaker quite easily but then suddenly realised the one I thought I had released a couple of days ago was actually still in the said beaker, cheeky b*****r had even had a halfhearted attempt to spin a somewhat ramshackle web and I had just thrown a smaller spider in with it. I ran into the kitchen, don’t have a clue why as the open door to the back garden was just as close, and as I didn’t really want an act of cannabilism (spelling) in my house I shook both spiders onto the floor. I then realised I now had 2 spiders loose in my kitchen, both going in different directions at the speed of light. With my lightening reflexes (I wish) I put the plastic beaker over the bigger one and picked up something to put over the other smaller one (it turned out to be the dogs bowl) but it scooted under my washing machine before I could get to it. Looking at the bowl I thought I might have to use this for the enormous one on the wall in the other room. The medium to large one is now, definitely, in next doors garden. I decided to tackle the enormous one, hoping the small to medium one might come out and have a wander round it’s new gaff giving me a chance to evict it. The enormous one was still waving its legs about, but it did make it a bit easier to get him into the beaker without trapping its legs. Unfortunately after I got it into the beaker it suddenly popped to the top with said waving legs nearly touching my fingers. So did I make a frantic dash for the back door to be rid of him ...... nope I threw the beaker on the floor. (At least this was in my side room and not the kitchen.) The spider landed on all 8 legs, bit like a cat, and started to run I managed to get the beaker in his way and finally got him in it properly. He now resides in the ivy at the very top of my garden. I have been sitting in my kitchen all afternoon, with my trusty beaker at the ready, in case the one under my washing machine makes an appearance. Just hope it doesn’t grow into a monster whilst it is there.
  15. So sorry to hear about Jack Lizzie. It is a heartbreaking decision to have to make and never gets any easier. My thoughts are with you.