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    The lad I am invigilating for does have issues, but then who doesn’t. Just letting him go at his own pace, stopping the clock and letting him have a break if he wants to, been told all about his various pets (he almost has a zoo!). He is taking a lot of exams, more than I can remember taking at that age (but then I am fairly old so could be wrong), so he is obviously stressed out and I am trying to lessen that if at all possible within the rules of course. It isn’t an easy balance trying to be friendly but being in charge at the same time, don’t want to be his best friend but want to make him feel comfortable. Must say it was nice to sshhhh kids being let out of exam while others were taking a longer one. They actually did with a “Sorry Miss”, a pleasing moment of power
  10. Stavertongirl

    How's your day?

    I have done my first week of exam invigilating, I was supposed to be off from today until Tuesday but they rang me yesterday and asked me to do an exam this afternoon, only for an hour so I said yes, wasn’t doing anything until later. It has been quite an experience, especially being called “Miss”! I didn’t realise just how much noise school kids generate, they are standing next to each other but still shout at the top of their voices (I am sure we didn’t make that much noise when we were that age). Also just how tall most of them are, from what I can remember most of the boys in my year were quite small and weedy with the odd exception, the girls were taller, but it was a very long time ago so I might have it wrong. The invigilating over a room full of kids taking exams is quite boring, just sitting with nothing really to do. I am usually on bag locking away and escorting to toilet duties as I am not the senior invigilator only being partially trained on this. I won’t be doing much of this thankfully as I am a scribe so I do one to ones, reading or writing or doing both for the person taking the exam. I now have a young man who I will be with through all of his exams. The first exam was a bit rocky at first, but we seemed to make a connection later on. (Had to read an extract from a Shakespeare play, I hated those at school, not the easiest thing to read.) On the second exam when I collected him I did the “eyes” thing, pointing at mine and then at his and actually got a smile out of him, this broke the ice with him and he was more relaxed with me and also me with him. It isn’t easy to sit there when they are struggling with a question, you get the urge to help but obviously you can’t. I wasn’t sure about doing it but I must say I have enjoyed it so far (apart from trying to find the exam room, the place is like a rabbit warren). I just hope I can get him through all of his exams with as little stress (to both of us) as possible. I must say my hat goes off to teachers from what I have seen so far, not a job I would like to have done.
  11. Stavertongirl

    How's your day?

    I am this afternoon finally starting my casual job as a scribe (sounds posh). It hasn’t been an easy process. Feels like I have filled in hundreds of forms (the application form was a nightmare and as soon as I filled in one form it seemed another 2, 3 or even 4 popped up, can understand why they are desperate for people to do this) making it a very stressful experience and one I do not want to go through again. In fact over the weekend I went into meltdown and nearly didn’t finish the last 4 forms, enough seemed enough. I understand they have to be careful as you are working with young people but it did seem a bit over the top to be honest. I had to do everything by email (which I hate, might be old fashioned but would rather have paper forms), a lot of the information was duplicated, think they know more about me than I do about myself. Anyway it is done now and will be on their “list” so won’t have to jump through the same hoops next year. Now on all I have to do is remember all the rules and regulations, not get writers cramp and not lose my voice (have to read as well as write for some of them or just read). Hopefully it will be an enjoyable experience after all this, if not I will have to grit my teeth and think of the money!
  12. Stavertongirl

    How's your day?

    Second leg ... SG 2 - BlackBerry Bush/Triffid 0. Overall aggregate SG 2 -Blackberry Bush/Triffid 1 Cut down to size with excellent scissor work and very thick gloves. Slight injury to jumper and jeans but will recover in a few days. Celebratory vodka or two this evening
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    Royal baby

    Sorry to show my ignorance but what is gender fluid? It sounds like something nasty.
  14. Stavertongirl

    Bilborough Grammar School

    I got my ‘O’ level English language which was what I needed for my job in Boots offices on Station Street, they trained me to be an audio typist the “new thing” at that time, shows how long ago it was! From what I can remember if you didn’t stay on in the 6th form/go to college the girls were funnelled to Boots, not sure about the boys. I think William Sharp (as it was then) tended to end up at Players. There was a boy in my year who wanted to train as a chef, his parents had to fight to get him into the cookery class as he needed the exam qualification. I can remember a cake he did it was amazing. I think his name was Michael Bowen but could be wrong, it was a long time ago.
  15. Got up this morning and my leg seemed okay. One of my boys was being taken on the full walk we usually do but thought I would take the other one to the nearby park. Waited half an hour after the first one went out and then decided to try half the usual walk just to see if everything was okay (if it was no trip to physio). Did that, sat down on bench and felt okay so have done full walk, Wolf met his brother in the woods, lots of greeting and silliness, would think they hadn’t seen each other for days. The bluebells looked amazing, glad I did it. I am back home now and so far so good, no pain or ache as yet. Just have to wait to see what tomorrow will bring. However on the way back came across dog owners with 2 yappy snappy small dogs, one of which was muzzled. They seemed to think it was okay for their dogs to run up to my two big boys who were both on short leads barking aggressively and the muzzled one would have bitten if it could. It really annoys me, if my boys had reacted and bitten they could have been badly hurt. They didn’t know how my boys were going to react and got narky when we fended them off. Dog owners like that really p**s me off.