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  1. I had a blood test about 3 weeks ago for my overactive thyroid. They only tested TSH, the reading had gone down quite a bit it was only 0.02 over the range, the hospital seemed happy with this but I wasn’t, it is hardly in range and I had been feeling a “bit off” again. Managed to persuade them to do another test to include TS3 and TS4, readings dont really make any sense unless you have these as well to see what is going on. Went for blood test with doctor (didn’t hurt this time, last time I had a bruise that went almost round my arm and it hurt like a b***h goodness knows what he had done) and I ended up having shingles injection as well. Wasn’t sure about it but it was done before I could say anything, I do like to look at side effects before having anything but on checking when I got back they are minor and I was okay anyway. No bruise from blood test as well, must have caught him on a good day. On the way out one of the receptionists caught me and told me she could do blood tests and ask for her next time. Is this usual here, it was always the nurse that did it at my last doctors? Anyway got the results, TSH had gone up and all others were in range although a bit odd so still having tablets every other day. I am wondering if there is anything else going on, pituitary gland was flagged up on last paperwork I got on a blood test although I don’t have any physical symptoms, so it could just be my body is confused (must say I am too) with my thyroid doing its own thing. Getting older is such an inconvenience but retirement isn’t bad at all.
  2. Dedicated To The One I Love ... Mamas And Papas
  3. The last post reminded me of the time my friend and I had a first floor flat on Wiverton Road. We shared the kitchen with the guy in the bed sit on the second floor. He was a nitemare in the kitchen, the only person I have ever known who could peel potatoes and end up with grey coloured chips. He would also help himself to whatever we were cooking and then vehemently deny he had. Anyway one day we heard an enormous bang from the kitchen. He had put a tin of sliced beef in gravy into the oven without piercing the tin. We never did find much of the beef but were finding bits of the tin for ages after. It was a good job no one was in the very small kitchen they would have been showered with shrapnel. Luckily the cooker escaped unscathed. It was quite a relief when he moved out and a new guy moved in who got his meals at work.
  4. Mine is the road I lived on for many years (with happy memories associated to it) and girl is wishful thinking!
  5. I always fancied a little Red Devil on my shoulder. Never got the nerve to have it done when I was told it hurts.
  6. Sorry about that Brew, know the feeling vaping just doesn’t cut it either. Don’t think I have hurt my back, perhaps tomorrow will tell if I have. My hands are sore, my wrist hurts a bit but I was told I have a squashy (technical term from a consultant in Doncaster) wrist so it should ease off. Couple of bruises on my arms, probably from when I was escaping from behind the bed base. Broke a couple of nails which is a pain but otherwise unscathed.
  7. I decided today to change my bedroom. I was in the front one which is slightly bigger but never felt settled in it really, probably as this was the one with the awful smell (covered by a very pungent air freshener when I moved into the house) and I discovered a lot of black mood over the outside wall which has now gone thanks to my PIV unit. Measured up to make sure the double bed would go in and got started. Moving the single bed was easy, got it propped up out of the way in the front bedroom and moved the wardrobe units in the back bedroom (luckily it’s 3 separate units) only one of them tried to topple over but managed to get them where I wanted. Only broke one nail. Managed to eventually get double mattress in, thought at one point it was going to have to stay in the bathroom but after much pushing, shoving and kicking I got it in back bedroom. The bed base however was not as accommodating. I got it out the front bedroom but then it got wedged against the bannister and the wall. The flipping thing would not move forward or back plus I was stuck behind it. B***er. Then I remembered I could undo some screws and it would bend in the middle, so I managed to half squeeze half crawl out and went to get a screwdriver. Decided to make a cup of tea whilst I was rummaging in the drawer for the said screwdriver ( bearing in mind that I was hot, somewhat p****d off and thinking I would have to put everything back) I discovered a ciggie packet with one in it. Found screwdriver and went into front room with tea and ciggie packet. Took ciggie out and smelt it, then put it back and drank my tea. Thought about it for at least a minute and then “chased the dragon”. It was soooooo good, sat back, closed my eyes and relished every bit of it. With renewed vigour I went upstairs, dismantled bed and managed to get it in back bedroom, unfortunately wrong way round so can’t have headboard on, but it is in. Need a nap now, front bedroom can wait I will sort it out another day.